On the night before leaving for college, four teen girls have a wild night with a single dad.
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"Goodnight Daddy!" I yelled out as the four of us ran upstairs to my bedroom.

"Try and keep it down, I'm going to bed," he yelled back.

"Kay!" I yelled before closing the door to my room. He'd asked if I was a little too old to still have a slumber party, but this was the last night we would all still be here before leaving for college. Summer was over now and this was the last hurrah before we all flew the coop for our new lives as adults. Sure it would still be to school, but now we'd be out away from home, able to do whatever we wanted.

"Gods! I cannot wait to be out of here!" Missy exclaimed as she flopped on her back onto my bed. We'd been friends since forever as she's lived down the street from me since we were in preschool.

"No way! I'm gonna miss you guys terribly!" Hanna whined. It was almost funny since she'd known us the least amount of time, having only known us during high school when she moved here. Her dad was in the military so she didn't have any friends when she moved here and I'd been one of her first. She was kind of a shy girl, but was nice if not overemotional when you got through her shell.

"Well Ginger and I will still be together," Jennet said happily as she threw her arm around my neck. "We're going to Siena together!" Jennet was kind of our black sheep friend. She was kinda punk goth, smoked, and claimed to have had sex with at least five different guys.

"Yea, we know. You've only told us a hundred thousand times…" Missy droned.

"Wasn't my idea," I excused myself. I liked Jennet, but she wasn't my best friend. I'd miss Missy the most, but it would be nice to know I had a friend upon leaving home for good the first time. I'd lived in this same house and had these same friends my whole life and the thought of leaving was almost scary. But if things went as planned then at least I'd be leaving tomorrow in a new car.

"So Missy, are you staying with Jimmy for a long distance relationship?" I asked innocently.

"Naw, we broke up yesterday," she sighed. "He was so nice when we were going out, but after I told him we needed to break up he asked for break up sex. Can you believe that?"

"What a jerk!" Hanna said utterly shocked.

"I'd have boinked him," Jennet said casually and Hanna turned on her accusingly. "What? He was cute."

"He was really cute," I agreed.

"The sad part is I was actually going too until he asked for it," Missy continued. "I was building up my courage to ask him to be my first, but then he just went and treated it like the least I could do for having wasted his time and that just pissed me off."

"Ohhhh, angry sex is the best!" Jennet teased. That brought on the pillow fight and soon we were all laughing and breathing hard from being so childish again.

Once we had the giggles out of our system I got back on track for the night's festivities. "Time for everyone's favorite game," I said holding up a large empty bottle.

"Aren't we a bit old for that?" Hanna asked.

"Only if you don't have something to drink," Missy laughed. The others joined in laughing as a I pulled out another bottle, same as the other, but full. We got out the decorative glasses I collected, and my dad knew why I did. He was a pretty cool father letting us drink here as long as we at least pretended to keep it a secret and not get so drunk that he had to get involved. But today was the last day I'd live here, other than vacations, so I was ready to break all the rules tonight.

We got in a circle on the carpet and filled our shots as I spun the bottle first. Hanna got the chance and said simply, "Truth."

"How far have you gone with a boy?" I asked knowing it wouldn't be very far.

"Just a kiss on the cheek," she answered proudly.

"I heard you were making out with George Franko behind the gym after school," Jennet called her bluff.

"No way! That's a lie!" she protested.

"Hey, this is just us, and Jennet and Ginger are leaving tomorrow," Missy said to Hanna. "No secrets, friends forever, right?"

Hanna twiddled her thumbs and sighed, "Fine, yes. But just that once! How did you know?"

Jennet smiled, "I was goin' to grab a smoke and there were you two going at it crazy like a pair of weasels."

Hanna blushed furiously and almost reached out to spin, but I stopped her. "You lied, now you gotta drink!"

She looked at me about top argue, but the other two started chanting, "Drink! Drink!" We all knew she hated the taste, so it was always funny to watch her down her shot quickly and then stick out her tongue as she shook her face in disgust. Then she spun the bottle while I refilled her glass.

Missy got the next one and also choose "Truth", and Hanna just repeated my question. "Well I was going to be stupid and give up the big V to Jimmy, but thankfully I lucked out there. I did suck him off once and let him cum on my boobs." I was impressed. I knew she'd been pretty serious about Jimmy and thought she might try and make it work with them at different schools, but the rest of us told her it wouldn't work.

"Gross!" Hanna touched her chest thinking about it.

"Just once?" I asked Missy with a grin. She stared at me for a moment, didn't answer, then just took her shot as we all laughed. Missy got me next, but to change things up I said, "Dare."

"Alright…" Missy considered for a moment. "Call Jimmy and invite him over. Maybe I'll give you guys a show."

I downed my shot and shivered from the strong alcoholic shock to my brain, then said, "That's not in the cards for tonight."

Missy and Jennet seemed depressed thinking that was a great idea, but Hanna was thankful until I spun the bottle back to her. "Truth," she said again.

"I was talking with my dad earlier and he didn't believe he was still good looking enough to pick up ladies. Do you think my dad is hot?" I asked.

Hanna was slow to answer, "Umm… I guess. But he's, like, ancient!"

"No way!" Missy jumped in. "Your dad is a stud muffin Ging. Remember when he took us to that water park last year?" Everyone nodded, "I'm not ashamed to say I was looking at his crotch in that wet swimsuit all day."

Jennet laughed and felt she had to one up Missy, "I bet he's experienced and not just a quick-shot like the boys I've banged. He's still got all his hair and is in good shape. I bet he could make a girl happy all… night… long." Missy and I laughed while Hanna just blushed and spun the bottle again.

It ended finally at Jennet and she chose to be dared. "If Mr. Patterson is so hot, why don't you go sleep with him right now?" Hanna said, expecting to get back at Jennet and make her catch up on drinks.

All eyes went to Jennet, "I would, but it'd be rude to leave Ginger's party."

She then grabbed her glass to drink, but I surprised her, "It's alright. He's been alone since Mom left us for her boss five years ago. I bet he would appreciate some company."

Jennet froze with the glass at her lips, "You sure? I don't want to piss you off."

She was a better friend than I thought. "One condition; you have to come back and tell us all about it."

She smiled and downed her shot and didn't shake it off like the rest of us, but licked her lips. "For courage," she explained and then stood, and looked in the mirror. She had on a mesh tee shirt that allowed you to see her neon pink bra and black shorts. Her short curly hair which was brown naturally was always dyed now for the last three years was a bright fire engine red this week. She smoothed a couple of loose hairs in place into her style so that it all went up almost to make a spike at her forehead. Then she turned and said, "Bee Are Bee," and walked out my bedroom door.



It was past ten o'clock when someone entered my bedroom. I'd not really been going to sleep, despite saying so to my daughter. The conversation we had this afternoon still echoed in my brain. She couldn't really be serious, could she? Instead of sleeping I pulled out one of the porno mags I'd bought over the last few years after becoming a single dad and just paged through it.

I have to admit, I've always had my share of fantasies with a bevy of barely legal girls, but that's all it ever was, fantasies. I loved my daughter and going through the divorce where her mother left us was a nightmare. She'd been sleeping with her boss at her real estate job and ended up getting pregnant by him. The sad part was we still had sex at least once every few weeks, so I blamed myself for not being attentive enough, or not satisfying some desire she'd had. It was Ginger who really got us through it saying she'd seen her mother flirt with guys all the time. Looking back I remembered it was usually her who declined my advances, claiming headache, or her period, or she was too tired.

That was the only reason I knew the baby she carried wasn't mine. When she came down with morning sickness we hadn't had sex in over a month. When she was caught she never even denied it and left our home that day and only came back for some clothes a few times. I think it hurt Ginger more that her mom never once came back only to see her. She ended up marrying her boss after he divorced his own wife that he too had been cheating on, but last year I heard someone say she was already divorced again and ended up giving her child up for adoption since she was more often drunk at one of the local bars and picking up one night stands.

I put all that out of my mind and just perused the glossy photos of twenty year olds undressing and touching themselves. It was just a soft-core magazine, but did have a few girl-on-girl pictorials. I was lying nude in bed since it was a warm late summer night and thought about grabbing a paper towel from my bed stand as I began considering jerk off when there was a knock at my door. I shoved the magazine under my pillow and said, "Hello?"

The door opened and in walked one of my daughter's friends, Jennet. She was often the most lewd of her friends, often making nasty jokes which seems mostly to shock her friends to get attention, much like her brightly dyed hair colors. She was still wearing the same outfit she came in with, again meant to shock being able to see her bright pink bra through her shirt. She was pretty and exuberant, but seemed self conscious deep down. She strolled into my bedroom and said, "Hey Mister P. We were talking and we had a question."

My heart was beating out of my chest with how lucky I'd just gotten. I felt like I was living in a porno and my erection which had been only half-way from looking at the magazine was already painfully hard with this nubile young woman alone in my bedroom while I had only a thin sheet over my naked body. "Sure, anything," I said, sitting up a little and turning to try and hide my erection from tenting up the sheet too much.

She smiled, "What's it like to have an orgasms during sex?" she asked as if it was no big deal.

I cleared my throat, "I'm not sure I should be discussing that with you. You're too young for such things." I said it mostly as cover for myself, but I'd known her for several years. She always whined and yelled to get what she wanted, and I wasn't disappointed tonight.

"I'll have you know I'm eighteen now, and haven't been a virgin for three years now," she huffed like a kid trying to prove she was an adult. I could tell it was more of an act for just that purpose and it kind of made it hotter.

"Well then, I suppose it feels really good, but I'm not a woman," I said evasively. "Are all the other girls..."

"You mean is your daughter still a virgin?" she asked playfully and stepped closer.

"Well, I…" I hadn't really wanted to ask that, but I was worried Jennet might be a bad influence on her that way.

"Don't worry, I'm pretty sure she still is," she assured me as she came to sit next to me on my bed. "I'm positive she'd have told me if she'd done it so we could talk about it." That did make me feel better. "As for the others, Missy almost lost it with her boyfriend who decided to be a jerk at the last minute, and Hanna will probably still be a virgin when she's dead," Jennet laughed and pushed her pointed neon pink chest out as she squeezed her breasts together near me to enhance her cleavage, which was also faintly visible through that mesh shirt.

"But since I've only been with boys who do their thing and then leave me, I've never experienced an orgasm that didn't come from rubbing my pussy with this hand." Then she held up her hand and touched my nose and rubbed it gently like it was her clit and I could see her doing it in my mind, breathless and sweaty. "So we were saying that you were married for a long time, and must have a lot more experience, so could probably tell me and I'll go back and tell them."

I was deciding what to say next, but she wasn't willing to wait. "But now I've decided I want a firsthand experience," she whispered as she bent forward and kissed me on the lips. She was a wild one and was making out with me as she pulled the sheet down and mounted me, still fully dressed. My hands grabbed her ass in those skintight shorts and I could tell there wasn't anything underneath them as I started tugging them down off her hips. Once they were bunched around her crotch and butt cheeks she broke our kiss so she could get on one knee and pull one leg through. I let her and then she grabbed my cock and just tried to mount me then and there.

"Not so fast," I said and pulled her over across me to the empty side of my queen-sized bed. "You said you never came from anything but your hand?" I asked as she was now under me on her back. She nodded and I continued, "Then no one has ever eaten this cute little pussy of yours?" I asked now putting one hand on her damp fuzzy folds of her womanhood.

"Well, I've never cum from it," Jennet explained.

"Probably because you never let the boy take care of you," I answered. "You were always in too much of a hurry." Then I wiggled my own finger on her sticky clit like she had my nose and gasped in pleasure as I crawled back down her body on my bed. She was still fully clothed from the waist up, as least as much as she was when she came into my house this evening. But once I got to her pussy I could see her only slightly trimmed dark brown pussy hair curling above her wetness as I sank my face down into it.

She giggled like the little girl she almost still was as I blew my lips playfully into her pubic mound, but that quickly changed to moans as my mouth went lower to her vaginal lips and my tongue parted them and danced on her clit. I went down even more to lap at her wet folds and rubbed my nose on her clit before coming back up to work on her clit full time with my hands squeezing her ass and fingering her folds gently. In only a few minutes she was gasping and thrashing on the verge of orgasm.

Given how much she claimed to have had sex, I figured it would take a lot more to get her off, but maybe she really had never let a guy do this for long enough to get her off before. Or maybe I'm just that good, I thought to myself, but somehow I didn't believe that given my past experience. Either way she groaned wordlessly as she came to my tongue vibrating over her clit as I raked my fingers through her pussy hair with one hand and pushed up on the finger that was halfway poked into her pussy with the other.

I kneeled up and let Jennet catch her breath as I licked off my finger of her sticky girl-cum and rubbed my hard-on looking down at the panting teen splayed before me. She was breathing hard, making those big pink chest balloon heave, and her wet cunt looked like it was breathing as well with her pussy lips sticking out slightly. I moved into position as I got on top of her and asked quietly as I got over her face, "Are you ready?"

She grabbed my head and pulled me down to kiss her again. We made out again for a few moments before she broke it and said simply and directly, "Do me."

Who was I to argue. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it around her pussy lips for a moment as I lined up, then pushed my shaft into her. She was also tighter than I would have thought from a girl claiming to get around so much, but maybe it was just me since I hadn't had anyone else for many years now. Her womanly sheath clutched and gripped at my spear and I only got about halfway in before I couldn't go in anymore. I then pulled back a smidge before thrusting back and getting almost all the way in, and finished embedding myself in her womb fully with another thrust and she gasped as my cockhead kissed her cervix.

She was wet enough so my cock began to easily glide in and out as I slowly sawed into her as I set a slow rhythm to make sure I jumpstarted her sexual engine again, despite my body's desire to just pound the crap out of her and release my painfully pent up load. As such, my cock was extremely hard as I tried to make sure I found her pleasure spots and gently get her hot again. I kept that slow pace up for several minutes of fucking and it paid off when she started moaning again and she put one hand on my back and her other on my ass trying to pull me in more.

I could feel her vagina pulsing and knew she was getting close, but after several more minutes she still hadn't cum, while I was getting perilously close. I have her cunt a couple hard, quick, and deep thrusts before I pulled out and ordered, "Ride me," as I laid back down on my side of the bed, almost as she found me to begin with. She wobbly got up and back on top of me, again, almost as she had intended in the first place, but now I let her take me. My torpedo slid right up into her and she went to town bouncing away on my cock, hard and fast. I grabbed onto her ass to hang on and pushed up to grind my pelvic bone into her clit and in seconds she started cuming buckets over me.

I saw Jennet's face twist up and she bit her lip as her vagina seized up again, this time with my cock planted firmly inside it. She stopped breathing and just shook, almost looking like she was in pain as she endured this orgasm, that I could tell was much bigger than the one before. After almost a minute she released her lip that she'd been biting on, leaving read marks where she'd almost broken the skin, then gasped, "Oh fuck that was a good one!"

I looked up at her and smiled, "You're welcome."

She shifted just a bit before saying, "You're still hard inside me and it feels so good." She churned my swollen cock inside her a moment then said, "Finnish me up from behind." Then Jennet pulled up off of me, leaving my wet cock to smack against my belly as she turned around and put her hands on the baseboard of my bed with her naked ass up at me.

I was happy to indulge and jumped right up and slotted easily into her cunt once more, stuffing her full of my manhood and grabbing two handfuls of her sweat tight ass. "Fuck me hard this time, Daddy!" she cheered, and I didn't hold back. I swear I almost bust a hip as I battered her tight young pussy open with my desperate pounding, and she just kept yelling, "Fuck me Daddy! Harder!"

I lost my mind, but it must have been less than a minute before I felt my balls trigger and knew I was cuming any second. I almost came right in her hot tight pussy, and Lord knows I wanted to, but I had just a sliver of sanity left and pulled out just in time. The first few spurts landed on her back as I jerked off my orgasm, but she turned around and got the last few on her face and extended tongue. I swear I added two more spurts just because of how hot that was.

When I'd spent my entire load Jennet happily swallowed down my cum and then scraped the gobs off her face to devour them as well. I collapsed back into my bed and dribbled cum onto my leg as my cock shriveled. After a second she turned to me and asked, "Have a towel I can borrow?" I leaned over and grabbed out the heavy duty soft paper towels I buy just for myself to clean up from when I masturbate and she took them and happily went about cleaning her face and back off.

The cum that had landed on the back of her shirt had seeped through the mesh holes of her shirt, but mostly stayed there, while one shot that had landed on her lower back had run down her butt crack. "It just wanted to get where it belongs," she laughed. "Next time I'll make you cum inside. A lot less clean up." Then she picked up her shorts and pulled them back on. I was about to say something like there would be no next time, but she jumped up and bounced out with a simple, "Thanks Mister P."



We'd all heard Jennet shouting even through the floor so knew she was doing it with my dad. We couldn't talk anymore as soon as we heard it, and after that it was only about five minutes before Jennet came jumping up the stairs. She sat back into our circle and we all gathered around, "Well that was fun. Mind if I smoke?"

"No way!" I scolded her, but she knew better and it was just a joke. "Come on, you gotta tell us about it!"

"You want me to kiss and tell?" she twisting her face in shock, then changed to a devious grin. "Or you wanna know if your dad is a good lay?"

I picked up a pillow and smacked her, "Both silly!"

She laughed and said, "First you all gotta take a shot since I took one before I left." Hanna groaned, but since Missy and I immediately downed ours she grudgingly followed suit. Once that was done she got down to it, "So I went in and he was naked, with just a cotton sheet over him in bed, but he was already hard. I think he was looking at some porn or something when I knocked because he took a second before saying anything, probably to hide it, and he had a roll of paper towels by the bed for cleanup."

"Is it really messy?" Hanna asked with a little bit of fear. Then, as if on cue I heard the water from my dad's shower turn on. The other's heard it as well and we all laughed.

"Well he pulled out at the last second and was spraying cum everywhere. You can still smell it on my shirt on the back," She pulled up her shirt and there was a glossy area in the mesh and Hanna and I both took a turn to smell the salty residue caught there.

"I've smelt it before," waved off Missy.

"So anyway," Jennet continued, "I asked him what a real orgasm feels like, and he told me to ask you guys." She laughed, "But of course none of you have had sex, so I told him I'd need a demonstration."

"Get out!" Missy said unbelieving.

"Then he…" I started to ask, but stopped unsure of how I should phrase my question.

"Laid there while I jumped his bone," Jennet bragged, continuing my sentence. "Well at first, but once I got my pants off he made me cum with his wonderful tongue first." She closed her eyes and almost purred, "It's the best orgasm I ever had. Well… Until the next one. He then fucked me missionary position, slow and gentle until I about to explode, then he had me ride him cowgirl and I almost blacked out when I came."

We all stopped talking as we heard the shower downstairs turn off and grinned. "Was that when you were screaming?" I couldn't help but ask.

She grinned, "No. He hadn't cum yet so I got on all fours and had him fuck me doggy style. He fucked me so hard I think I'll have bruises on my uterus, but damn it felt good. I might have cum again if he'd cum inside me, but he pulled out as I said, but at least I turned around fast enough to get some of it in my mouth."

"Gross!" Hanna said reviled.

"It's not so bad," Missy said off the cuff.

"Wait," I stopped her. "You said the furthest you've ever gone with a guy is letting him cum on your tits!"

"Well I did try a taste afterwards," she tried to weasel out of taking a shot. "It was right there!"

"All those who think Missy takes a shot?" I said, and all three of us put up our arms in quick unison.

"Fine," Missy grumbled as she poured herself another and downed it with a sour faced, "Gaaa."

"So, my spin?" Jennet asked as if she didn't know. She spun the bottle again like nothing had ever happened and continued our game with Hanna getting the next challenge.

"Truth," she said.

"Chicken," Jennet accused. "Alright, did it turn you on?"

"What?" she asked incredulously.

Jennet leaned forward, "Did your panties get wet listening to me tell you about how I fucked Mister P.?"

"No," Hanna said cautiously.

"Shenanigans!" Jennet shouted to indicate she wanted to challenge the veracity of her claim.

"Well, not technically," Hanna insisted. "I… I was already wet from the time Missy was talking about Jimmy doing it on her boobs."

We all laughed. "I thought you said that was gross?" I asked once I could breathe again.

"Well, it is, but I kinda got wet anyway. I don't know why," she explained.

"'Cause you're a pervert," Jennet jumped in. "No worries, we all are."

"No way!" Hanna exclaimed.

"You're spin Little Miss Pervert," Missy laughed and Hanna spun it to me.

"Truth," I responded.

"If you could have any one guy you know sleep with you, who would it be?" Hanna asked.

I thought for a second then said, "Well, I wasn't looking to give it up yet, as much fun as it sounds, but I'd have to say Jimmy."

"My Jimmy?" Missy asked shocked.

"Well he's hardly your Jimmy anymore," Jennet corrected her. "You broke up with him and never even fucked him. You really have no claim."

"You know what I meant," Missy spat back. "Jimmy Anderson?"

"Yea…" I confessed. "He's really hot, but I never hit on him because he was your boo," I told Missy before I spun and got her right back.

"Truth," she said.

"Same question, barring Jimmy," I said.

"Well… to be honest… I cannot think about anyone but your dad right now," Missy confessed. "I always thought he was hot, but was way too old for me. I actually had a crush on him all Freshmen year."

"Well, I wore him out a bit, but I bet you could suck him back hard if you wanted to," Jennet laughed.

Missy didn't have too since it wasn't a legal dare from the game, but she stood up and walked right out the room and down the stairs.


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