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The joys of switching
As the Sugar Cane Plantation story continues to unfold, each day brings new revelations to our charming heroine.

The Sugar Cane Plantation - Chapter 3

The two men, one leading the other by a leash attached to the thumb cuff imprisoning his cock, followed Cynthia back into the playroom. Sharon beamed as Eric was led in since he had clearly chosen the cock whipping over a night in the fiddle. As Cynthia thought about it, he had probably made a wise choice. As painful as what the women planned for him might be, it would at some point be over, while being locked in the feared fiddle would be a relentless torture that lasted all night.

As always of late, her arousal both confused and thrilled her. She was still very much June's submissive for the night, but going with Robert to make Eric choose his fate had just been hot. There was no other word for it. June had given him an option of torments and while still locked to the bars of his cell, he had had to choose. Once he had elected to have his cock whipped, Robert had proceeded, while Cynthia watched to bring him out of the cell. First wrists had been released, then cuffed behind his back. Next the end of the thumb cuff holding his penis to the bars had been opened, but the other end left tightly locked just behind the head of his cock. Finally, with probably some unnecessary stroking and teasing of the prisoner's cock and balls, Robert had attached a leash to the available thumb cuff and proceeded to lead Eric from the cell.

June knew from her own experiences how humiliating and at the same time exciting all this was for Eric. First just to be naked and restrained in front of another man. Then to be freely handled by him, and finally, to be led, cuffed and exposed on a leash that he held the other end of.

Cynthia had long since stopped being amazed at how all this aroused her - she just now accepted that she was a hopeless bondage slut and loved it!

Back inside the playroom June beckoned her over. Cynthia quickly made her way to June's side and remembering her instructions, presented herself in the obscene way she had been instructed and offered her Mistress her ass, mouth or cunt. June declined for now, telling her charge to sit and pay attention.

While out of the corner of her eye she saw Robert putting Eric on the whipping bench, face up, she directed her attention to what June was telling her. As she turned around in response to June's hand motion, she felt the cuffs being unfastened from her wrists.

"Don't misunderstand love" June told her. “You're still my slut for the evening. We're just going to have you interact a little differently. On the floor and on your back love."

As Cynthia complied she wondered what awaited her next, and she was wondering how long she would be like this since it made it impossible for her to see what Robert was doing to Eric. What she had seen before she laid down was just hot.

Robert had fastened Eric backward over the whipping bench with his wrists pulled over his head and his ankles fastened to the base, widely spread. After removing the thumb cuff from his captive's cock he had fastened a plastic shield over and around Eric's scrotum, effectively protecting the man's balls. Just as Cynthia had lost sight of what was happening she had seen Robert stroking and rubbing Eric's cock, watching it begin to harden. Obviously June firmly believed that punishment inflicted on an erect penis was more effective.

Having only recently been similarly fastened with her own genitals exposed and prepared for the whip, Cynthia could empathize - remembering the emotional rush - fear, apprehension, arousal, embarrassment. It was heady stuff.

June startled her out of her daydream by ordering her to grasp the backs of her thighs, pull her knees up as close to her tits as she could and to spread her legs as far as possible. The effect of this position was not lost on Cynthia as she pulled her own legs back and wide open.

We'll call this position one" explained June, "and of course, there is a position two. We'll practice." With that she directed Cynthia onto her hands and knees, and coached her into the desired and predictably obscene position. Finally with numerous adjustments Cynthia found herself on her knees, elbows and forearms on the floor, her cheek resting on the backs of her hands, her back arched and of course her legs gaping as wide as she could tolerate. The arching of her back had the effect of thrusting her pelvis backward. She did not have to be told how obscenely she was presenting her cunt and ass in this position.

Just within her field of vision she caught sight of Sharon sitting just behind, her but off to the side. She watched as the young woman began to idly stroke herself, first her breasts through the blouse and bra she wore, then letting her fingers dance lightly around her crotch. Cynthia could see how the combined scene confronting her - Eric being prepared and groomed for his cock whipping, and Cynthia naked and splayed before - would be arousing.

June fetched her from her reverie as she explained an embellishment to both positions, and that was the added order to spread. Just as Cynthia was wondering how any position could possibly spread her any more, June cleared up the mystery. “When ordered to spread in either position you are to use the fingers of both hands to spread your labia apart as far you can. If it doesn’t hurt, you’re not spreading enough. Verbally you are to respond with ‘yes sir or ma’am please enjoy the view of my slut cunt’. Now don’t fail me love – I want you to learn how thoroughly slutty you can be for me.”

Cynthia had long since gleaned that the entire lifestyle that was being explored was 99% mental. Was all sex mental? She fully understood what awaited her. It was one thing to be strapped and restrained in an immodest position. You were helpless and completely out of control. It would be far different to have to put herself in position on command. To acknowledge the command, then lie back, or get on all fours and expose herself as obscenely as possible. To hold the position as long as ordered as others freely inspected, fondled and teased her most intimate parts. What a rush!

June then surprised her by handing her a red satin robe to put on. For just a microsecond Cynthia was confused - wondering why the act of kindness. Then she realized how thoroughly diabolical her friend was. By being clothed and interacting with others, each time she was summoned, or ordered into position, would be a new exposure. From always naked to exposed was one step. From clothed to naked to exposed added another level. As she donned the robe she looked around the room.

Eric was by now fully erect . It made her wonder. Robert was not, per June bi-sexual, but he certainly appeared to enjoy playing with Eric's cock, getting it ready for some intense punishment. Maybe it had more to do with the sadistic side than the homosexual. Something to be explored.

Sharon had moved to Eric's side and was whispering in his ear.

"In case you're wondering, she's telling him how wet she's getting thinking about hearing him scream” June whispered in her ear as she stood behind her. Sure enough, almost as if on cue, Sharon moved to the top of the whipping bench, maneuvering so that Eric's strapped hands could reach her crotch. Lust overcame modesty and she raised her skirt, pulling her panties aside, and rubbed her swollen pussy against Eric's fingers. He responded by stroking and probing as much as his restraints allowed. Sharon surrendered herself to the moment. Letting her head fall back and moaning softly as Eric played with her pussy.

It was obvious that June had not lied, because when Sharon finally backed away from Eric's reach, his fingers were glistening with her wetness.

June motioned for her to follow as she headed for the bar. Eric was obviously going to be waiting in his restraints for a while, naked and on display for the room.

Since Cynthia and Eric had returned, a few other people had wandered into the playroom. Apparently some of the locals had joined the party.

As she stood to follow her Mistress, Cynthia was reminded that it fastened only at the collar. As she moved it would flow open, displaying her body to varying degrees. While she supposed that she could simply hold it closed around her, she knew that was neither expected nor allowed. She stepped out following June, aware of the glances of some of the others she had not yet met as a breast, then a hip was exposed.

At the bar they were joined by a couple that Cynthia had not met. While introductions were made, Robert joined them. They were in their forties, the man slightly graying, appearing fairly trim, was John. . His wife, introduced as Sheila was blonde, a few years younger than her husband, and slight of figure.

Cynthia found herself wondering what roles these two enjoyed, when the question was answered for her as John, noticing her red robe, glanced at June. At her almost imperceptible nod he turned to his new acquaintance and softly directed position one to Cynthia, pointing to a couch beside the bar. By now Cynthia was well aware of the interplay among the various members and knew what was expected. She slowly but without hesitation unfastened the clasp holding the robe closed at her neck and let it drop. Enjoying the unabashed gazes of the four people around her, she proceeded to the couch, reclining on her back and pulling her legs up and back, exposed herself as much as she possibly could.

Even though she had found herself distracted and aroused at the sight of Eric restrained and exposed, this appealed to her submissive side. And for that side of her this was a new and incredible rush. She knew as the others glanced at her that as she lay there in what June had affectionately called the diaper position, every part of her was open and on display. No lover in the privacy of a bedroom had ever seen her like this. Now everyone that walked by was invited to her display.

And of course her first impression of John had been correct. He reveled in imposing control and humiliation, and followed with the order to spread. Cynthia was heading into her own little world of submission and almost eagerly reached down, taking the fingers of both hands, spread the lips of her pussy as far as she could, then pulled a little more. She knew that every minute detail of her vulva was open and on display. She felt the cool breeze of the air conditioning on her tender inner membranes, and knew that the others watching her could see the tiny drops of lubricant beginning to collect and could smell her arousal.

Sheila took the liberty of stroking the offered treasure. Then she held up her fingers, displaying the wetness, before touching them to Cynthia's mouth. Cynthia knew what was expected and craved it. She eagerly sucked and licked the preferred digits, tasting her own arousal while at the same time demonstrating the availability of her mouth.

“Love, one day you are going to learn to ask permission," John said, almost casually to his wife. "Go and fetch me the quirt" he ordered. Cynthia watched her start for a second but then Sheila's arousal was apparent as her breath quickened and she left the group. Not having been released, Cynthia remained in her position one, even as others came and left the bar, glancing at the exposed pussy and ass of the woman presenting herself.

When Sheila returned, John pointed to the floor and told her simply "position two." Sheila presented her husband with a short leather whip that split at the end into two short tails, each ending in a knot of leather. She started to unbutton her blouse but John stopped her - "just the shorts and panties dear. This won't take all that long."

Cynthia watched as her new acquaintance quickly slipped out of her shorts, then peeled her panties down, standing before the other three for a moment naked from the waist down, fully clothed from the waist up.

She obediently got down on all fours, her hindquarters angled toward Cynthia who could easily see the woman's charms through her own widely spread legs. She knew she was getting wetter. She could feel her sex begin to swell and throb and need. Sheila presented a truly erotic sight. The practiced arch of the back thrust her pussy back between her legs, and her legs being spread caused the labia to pout apart a bit. The picture imbedded itself in Cynthia's mind, since she knew that before the evening was over, her own cunt would be presented like that.

John wasted no time. He stepped behind he obscenely displayed wife and said simply “ask for it.”

Sheila responded immediately – this had obviously played itself out before.

“Please Sir this disobedient slut requires discipline. Would you please punish my cunt?”

Cynthia did not need an explanation of what was happening. Shelia had transgressed by touching another woman's vulva without permission - her own would now be punished.

Without warning John brought the quirt down diagonally beginning at her left hip, with the two knotted ends snapping between the widely spread thighs.

Cynthia felt a sudden mini gush of her own fluids as she watched the two knotted ends bury themselves in the soft, tender flesh of Sheila's pussy. It took just an instant for the tender inner lips so spring apart as a result of the impact, almost exactly the same amount of time it took for the scream to erupt from Sheila lips.

John waited patiently as Sheila gasped sharply a couple of times before she managed to rasp out "one thank you Sir. May this worthless slut have her cunt punished again please?" To emphasize her sincerity as she made the request, Cynthia saw her lower her shoulders even more, giving her back more arch, and thrusting her vulva backward.

Cynthia was impressed. She had been firmly restrained for her own whipping. All she could do was scream and jerk in her straps This was different Knowing from her own experience how badly the whip hurt when applied there, she frankly wondered if she would be able to do what Sheila was doing. Bravely offer her pussy for another searing stroke.

John obliged his wife, sending the knotted whip ends splitting into the exposed vulva once again. The scream, the jerking of the ass back and forth at the overwhelming pain, but then again, the thank you and request for another.

After ten strokes, one more intensely painful than the next, John left his wife in position. Not allowed to touch or soothe herself, just kneel there with her ass in the air showing her bruised and now swollen pussy to everyone that walked by.

Finally John released them both from position. Cynthia had only the robe June had given her, while Sheila redressed herself.

June had wandered over to where her husband was tied, and others, sensing festivities were about to begin, gathered around.

That June was a loving sadist was clear. She softly and gently stroked her captive husband's cock caressing it lovingly. She let her fingers tease the soft underside, enjoying his reactions and moans. "Sweet love I need you to scream for me tonight. I do hope you understand. I also hope you understand how much I love you. It just doesn't change that I need this. So be brave for me. You'll scream sooner or later, but try to hold out for a while. I think there's a pool going around on how many strokes you can take before you scream."

Still stroking and teasing she continued. "I had Robert put a shield around your balls. We don't want you injured - just in incredible pain. And the fact that I decided to protect your balls should give you some idea of what I have in mind for you. We'll start with the soft cat, go to the quirt, work on you with the whippet and finish with the single tail. Doesn't that sound delightful love?"

All Eric could do was beg and plead her not to inflict such pain, but she needed this - they both knew it.

Picking up a soft cat 'o nine tails, with lightly braided strands she began working on the exposed penis. Even the relatively light whip was vicious on such a tender part of the anatomy, and soon Eric was gasping at each stroke. His cock began to redden and swell but different swelling than an erection.

Putting down the cat, June stopped to again stroke and caress his penis while whispering in his ear - telling him that he was doing fine, that she was proud of him, and to get prepared for the quirt.

Cynthia was so absorbed by the unfolding spectacle that Sharon had to call her twice, beckoning her over to the settee where she was semi reclining. Cynthia had been so engrossed she almost forgot her role.

Quickly recovering she stepped in front of Sharon, pulled the robe back to expose herself and asked Sharon how she could be of service. The question was unnecessary, even though demanded by her protocol

Sharon lay back, completed exposed with her legs spread and simply said "lick."

As. Cynthia buried her face in the woman's sex, Sharon stopped her briefly, shifting the both around so that she could easily see, and Cynthia could catch glimpses of Eric's cock whipping

"God this turns me on so incredibly much" gasped Sharon as Cynthia probed deep with her tongue, then flicked the clit just starting to peek out from its hood.

"Couldn't even tell you why, but there is something about watching a man tied naked, experiencing pain and abuse to his cock. Maybe it's the same mindset that makes men enjoy watching us get our boobs and pussies abused.

So intense. Who cares why. And don't your dare stop licking you wonderful slut!"

Cynthia needed no encouragement. Her own pussy was sopping, and she was thoroughly enjoying licking Sharon's pussy. She twirled her tongue all along the outer lips, then used the tip to spread them, exploring the tender inner lips, nibbling gently, then back to dancing around the swollen clit. She could sense the woman getting close. The deep rapid breaths. The hips thrusting up trying to get more pressure.

Finally when she knew Sharon was getting so very close she thrust two fingers deep inside her vagina. The result was immediate and electrifying. As soon as Sharon felt herself being penetrated, felt her pussy stretched open and filled, and felt the finger tips massaging the upper portion of her cunt, she came incredibly hard, then again, then finally taking deep, ragged breathes, straining for oxygen, she pushed Cynthia's face from between her legs. Her pussy was now just too sensitive.

Without being asked, Cynthia crawled up to lie next to Sharon and just held her, knowing herself how good it felt after such an intense orgasm.

The two women, holding each other directed their attention back to the whipping bench. June had finished with the quirt, and was just picking up what she called the whippet. Very thin fiberglass - no more than an eighth of an inch in diameter it was obviously brutal.

Her thoughts were confirmed when Sharon shared with her that Steve, when she topped him, absolutely dreaded it. "When he's tied down and I get to work on his dick, there is nothing that makes him scream as much.

He says that because it's so narrow, it cuts down deep. He says that it feels like someone has taken a knife to his cock. I know that when he uses it on my tits it feels like they're being branded from the inside."

Sure enough, June had started in on Eric's cock in earnest. The thin fiberglass rod was burying itself in the flesh of his dick with each stroke. Eric himself was moaning loading, pulling futilely at the straps holding him open and exposed.

"He'll be screaming soon and that drives me crazy," Sharon murmured in Cynthia's ear. "Be a good girl and get your mouth back where it belongs.“

Obediently Cynthia moved back down, using her lips and tongue to gently kiss and tease the still swollen labia, and inner thighs. She felt Sharon shift down in the settee and pull her legs further apart and back. She did not need to be told what was expected of her when she was presented with Sharon's asshole.

Making every effort to pleasure her, Cynthia licked and probed, rolling her tongue to a point to penetrate. Sharon moaned and thrashed into still another orgasm, then pulled her back up.

"Finger fuck me and watch" she hissed as she pulled Cynthia to her. Cynthia began to stroke and caress, noting the sensations she enjoyed in her own pussy and trying to give those to Sharon. She almost came instantly when she unexpectedly felt Sharon's fingers probing her own folds.

The two women were holding each other, lovingly stroking each other's pussies when Eric screamed for the first time. He couldn't help it.

June had brought the whippet down his cock vertically catching the whole shaft and embedding itself in the swollen and distended head of his penis. It looked like his poor abused cock would split.

All he could do was thrash in his restraints and scream. He was begging and pleading for her to stop, yet all that June did was to say again that she loved him, and inflict another identical stroke.

Steve had come over and standing behind the two women reached down and was teasing his wife's nipples - rolling and lightly pinching them. "Harder Love" hissed Sharon as she started bucking against Cynthia's hand.

Just as the third brutal stroke threatened to split Eric's cock lengthwise, she put her hand own top of her husband's on her breasts and gasped "I'm gong to do that to you love. One day I'm going to hurt your cock until you can't stop screaming!"

Cynthia almost came herself as she heard those words, with the mental picture of Steve tied helplessly as Sharon , sweet, demur Sharon lashed at his cock.

The sound of Eric’s newest scream sent Sharon over the edge once again as she succumbed to the sensation of Cynthia’s fingers in her pussy and her husband abusing her nipples.

Having dutifully insured that Sharon had had at least a half dozen orgasms, her own frustration was unquenched. She could smell her own arousal. She could feel her labia swollen with a dull ache that signaled the need to be filled. As submissive as she was feeling tonight she still too recognized how incredibly turned on she became at the sight of a restrained man being tormented. She glanced over at Robert and wondered if she would have another opportunity while she was here to see him naked and restrained. She wondered what it would be like to make him scream like Eric.

In the meantime, June had increased Eric's torment even more if that was possible. She had stepped back and with accuracy that was impressive, was catching the poor abused cock with the tip of a single tail.

The pain had to be intense. The skin had broken ever so slightly in a couple of places, so each new stroke had to be excruciating. One thing was certain. Eric for the next several days would not need his chastity cage. His cock would be far too sore to even think about sex or masturbation.

Finally his ordeal was over. Released from his restraints, and led to a couch, he allowed his wife to hold and comfort him. To tell him again how much she loved him.

Sensing that she had almost broken him, which was her goal, she told him that she had changed her mind about his fate for the rest of the night. He would not spend the night in his cell - he would be allowed to sleep in the bed, but would have to spend some period, to be determined by her, in the fiddle.

Eric simply nodded. The prospect of being allowed to sleep with his beautiful Mistress, unrestrained, almost overshadowed his dread of the forthcoming restraint instrument.

All this was having its effect on Cynthia. She knew she loved submitting. She also knew a naked restrained man being tormented drove her nuts. Finally watching June's aftercare of Eric reminded her that all of these people loved each other.

More turmoil in an already overwhelmed mind.

But she was still hot, aroused and very frustrated.

She did not know though and June had not told her whether in her role she was allowed to orgasm or even touch herself without permission.

Her pussy, excited as it was, still burned and stung from her earlier cunt whipping. She did not want a repeat.

She recognized that she had a dominant streak, but tonight she had so very much enjoyed submitted body and mind to June – she didn’t want to lose that edge.

Before she could began to feel anxious about losing her submissive rush, her rescue, or so she thought, came in the form of Sharon, who ordered her into position one.

Nothing quite takes away a woman's notions of dominance like lying naked on the floor in the middle of a room full of people, holding her own legs up and apart to make sure her pussy and asshole are on display and available.

Her submissive rush came roaring right back. When she felt something cool and hard nudging her labia apart, she realized she was being penetrated by a dildo while everyone watched.

Sharon took her time, stroking and teasing, using just the very tip of the vibrator, then slipping more inside. Cynthia felt her arousal growing along with her embarrassment. The room was full of people, most of them, fully clothed. Many she had never met before. And they were watching her naked and spread, being masturbated with a vibrator on the floor.

As mortified as she should have been, she felt her heat growing. The realization that Sharon was doing June's bidding hit her like a brick when she was ordered to assume position two. Now she was on all fours, naked, with her ass thrust into the air, her cunt open and inviting.

That others were finding her predicament exciting was obvious. One woman had gotten down on her knees in from of a man and was sucking his cock. Another woman made no effort to hide the fact that was playing with her own pussy through her clothing.

As she knelt there, she felt Sharon playing with her exposed sex, teasing her, getting her more and more aroused. She thought of what the others must surely be seeing – her labia swollen, engorged, slick, ready and needing to be fucked.

And Sharon had obviously been carefully instructed in her task…. She would play and tease, then stop, each time, building Cynthia’s arousal a little higher.

She stopped to lean over and whisper in Cynthia’s ear, removing all doubt. “June wanted me to tell you that if you cum without her permission she’ll put you back on the whipping bench for another session and leave you in the cell all night.”

Cynthia experienced both a thrill and dread. The idea of another pussy whipping, even though she knew it would be awful on top of what she had already had, strangely thrilled her engorged pussy.

No, it was the cell that terrified her. She had been locked in the cell during the day and it had been arousing. The thought though of spending all night locked in the dark lonely cell, not being able to touch or feel someone next to her, actually terrified her.

Before she could give it much thought, she felt Sharon continue to play with her pussy, and was fighting unsuccessfully to keep her arousal under control

It did not help when she watched June beckon Robert and Steve, who left and returned with a metal contraption that Eric looked upon with dread.

“Time to get you fastened in my love,” June told her husband as she led him to another room. Still visible through the open door, Cynthia watched from her position as Eric obediently sat down on the floor.

His eyes were almost tearful as he looked imploringly at his wife. She simply nodded to Robert and Steve, not being mercifully inclined.

The two men quickly fastened Eric into the simple contraption. A metal collar locked around his neck. From the collar a steel bar extended about four feet. At the end were rigid cuffs where Eric’s ankles were fastened. About a third of the way down the bar were rigid cuffs for his wrists.

Cynthia realized that the bondage was relatively strict, but could not understand the dread Eric had displayed. Nor could she understand the heavy padding on the insides of the collar and the cuffs holding his wrists and ankles.

All the while she had been watching, Sharon continued to play with her, teasing her with fingers as well as the now slick vibrator. She alternated between stroking the tip of the vibrator up and down her gaping slit, and penetrating first her vagina, then her asshole, bit by bit.

The arousal built and built and it was not long before Cynthia found herself unconsciously rocking her hips back and forth against the caresses. The thought suddenly hit her that that was not correct. She was actually trying to impale herself on the vibrator.

She had been reduced to a bitch in heat, trying as hard as she could to fuck herself. The combination of the picture she was giving everyone watching, along with her own arousal almost sent her over the edge.

She did not know how much longer she could keep from coming. Sharon had turned on the vibrator. The sensation on her clit, then along her labia, now nudging just inside, teasing, when she needed so badly to be filled.

Just as she thought she would lose her battle, she felt, sensed and heard June all at the same time whispering in her ear that she could cum.

It was instantaneous. No more had Sharon slipped the plastic shaft inside her than she felt every muscle in her being start to spasm, and she came as she had never come before.

When she regained her composure she was lying on the floor, with June holding her head in her lap, stroking her face gently, and telling her how sexy and special she was. She surrendered to the sensations and just lay there, oblivious to everyone else and bask in the afterglow.

Later, much later it seemed, the two women made their way to the bar. Cynthia did not realize how thirsty she was until she downed the first bottle of water and reached for the second. June had taken her open robe and given her a more practical one, letting her know that her submission was over for the evening. Until they left, she was free to mingle and interact as she saw fit.

Just June conveying that was so strange and unnerving. It was as she had been released from some kind of prison or confinement. She was in the same room with the same people that she had been earlier. Yet now the dynamics had suddenly changed, and it had been nothing more than June’s instructions that had changed them. More food for thought

Having quenched her need for water, June led her back to the room where Eric was confined on the floor. Cynthia again studied the bondage, but was now beginning to see some of reasons for Eric’s dread. He had been in the device for almost two hours, naked and unable to move to any extent. The strain was beginning to show.

June took her over to a nearby couch and explained that from here she would need to watch Eric carefully. This would be the end of the punishment they had agreed to before they came, even though he was supposed to have been kept confined the whole time.

June explained that she had rethought it and instead of just leaving him in a cell, which was perhaps unpleasant but certainly tolerable she wanted to break him of any desire to be disobedient. She also wanted to move him along to truly being her slave. She had started tonight with the cock whipping. She would finish with the diabolical device he was fastened in.

June went on to explain what would happen. And why he needed to be closely watched. The body cannot be immobile for a long period. We have to stretch, to scratch, to stand or walk.

“Watch him closely” June instructed her friend. “Keep an eye on his leg muscles, and the muscles in his forearms and you’ll see them start to twitch.”

Sure enough as Cynthia watched she could see almost involuntary movements – like trying to extend a leg, but not being able to.

June had pulled her close and she returned the embrace, feeling a special warmth for this woman that had tormented her so, and who she was now watching torment her husband. Cynthia sighed and turned to give better access when she felt June’s hand cup her breast. As she caressed her erstwhile submissive June continued to explain Eric’s fate.

“For now, he can control those twinges – they’re irritating but manageable,” she said, as she let her fingers continue to explore, to caress.

“After a while, they won’t be. The need to extend the limbs will overcome any ability to control it. He will try to shift positions – almost impossible, though he will probably end up on his side. That will give a temporary respite, but only for a couple of minutes.”

Cynthia was staring at the restrained man sitting across from them. He could see them sitting there watching, could tell they were conversing, but could not hear what they were saying. He could clearly see them caressing each other, enjoying one another’s pleasure while his own discomfort increased and he sat there naked and helpless.

“Finally he’ll just thrash out with all his strength trying to extend his limbs. It’s uncontrollable. That’s why the restraints are padded. I want to torture him, but I certainly don’t want to injure him.”

It made perfect sense to Cynthia. It was crystal clear to her that while this woman was intent on reducing her man to a crying victim of her torments, she loved him dearly and would never want to see him injured.

“When he runs out of strength after about five or ten minutes of thrashing around, he’ll relax for a while before it starts all over. Finally after a few of these cycles he starts begging. He’ll promise and offer anything to be released. There is no release, and finally he’ll break down.

That’s where I want him and intend to have him. That’s when I have to be here to be the one to release him and hold him. It’s why we’re in this room. When the time comes, it cannot be a public scene.”

Cynthia nodded, understanding. She had come close in her time with June, but never to the extent that was being described to her now. “Tell me when you want me to leave,” she said as she looked into June’s eyes. “I understand what you are saying.”

“Actually lover, I don’t think you do understand – at least not completely. I don’t want you to leave. I want you, if you will, to stay. “

Cynthia nodded and replied as June held her. “I’m flattered and of course I’ll stay, but why?” Why would you want me here when what you describe will be such a personal time for the two of you?”

June looked into her eyes, stroking her face lovingly.

“There are three reasons love all of them very important to me, and I hope, important you as well.

First, and simplest, it will be very humiliating and embarrassing for him. You being here will add to that – when he breaks down in front of another woman. But I don’t want anyone else around.

Second, I want you to understand. You don’t yet, but you will very soon. We’ve played pretty hard over the last few days, but this will be a new level for you.

Finally, I want him to understand that you are a part of my life and our lives too. You are a part of my life now aren’t you?”

Cynthia was so overwhelmed it was all she could do to keep from sobbing herself. All had happened so quickly. It had all been so overwhelming. Yet there was no doubt in her mind that she had developed deep feelings for this woman.

She new that when her vacation was over, they would head in different directions, but she also know that without a doubt they would be spending much more time together, wherever it might be. Holding her tightly now seemed like the most right thing in the world to be doing.

She and June caressed and hugged each other, the intensity building as it always seemed to when they were in each other’s presence. Cynthia glanced nervously at Eric who was watching. June seemed to read her thoughts. “Don’t worry about Eric. He will have to deal with you and I and will do so. Right now he has his own problems.”

Cynthia needed no more encouragement. At this moment all she wanted was to make her lover feel better than she ever had – to bring her as much pleasure as she could handle.

Slowly opening June’s gown she began to worship the beautiful breasts, teasing around the nipples before licking and sucking them. The effect was not lost on June, - her sex was already at a fever pitch. She slid down on the couch so that she was sitting at the very edge and opened her legs, her wants being clear.

As Eric helplessly watched, Cynthia worked her way down to her lover’s belly, licking and teasing before working lower. Then deftly avoiding her pussy, she licked up the tender insides of June’s thighs, the tongue always flicking higher until just as she was about to reach the groin, she moved back down.

June loved the teasing –the growing frustration and tension, but it was becoming unbearable. When the tongue finally grazed her slit she cried out freely.

Despite the intense lingering pain from his cock whipping, Eric felt himself beginning to harden at the beautiful sight unfolding. He almost forgot for a moment how badly his legs were cramping and how much he needed to stretch them out.

He knew what June was doing to him. He dreaded it and craved it. He wanted to be everything to her. The addition of Cynthia likewise frightened and thrilled him. Knowing that whatever their relationship it would have him in some way subservient to both, excited the submissive and the masochist in him.

But the thought of someone coming between he and June scared him. He could only look longingly at the sight on the couch.

His beautiful and demanding wife lying back, enjoying the attention of another woman. And she was enjoying it. Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed and her hips beginning the unconscious thrusting and rocking that signalled her arousal.

His cock twitched even a little more as he watched Cynthia move even lower, knowing that her hungry tongue was teasing the so sensitive area between June’s vagina and her asshole. Damn she loved that. As if on cue he watched June slide herself down a little further at the same time spreading her legs a bit more.

That was all the encouragement Cynthia needed and she began to twirl her tongue around the tender bud of June’s anus. Eric knew as he watched June thrash around and heard her cry out that it would not be long. June loved ass play and could orasm from anal stimulation alone.

Seeing that June was getting close, Cynthia tried to prolong it. She withdrew her tongue, moving to June’s thighs briefly, before renewing her assault on tender rosebud.

June was having none of that – she was too close and. Her hands on the back of Cynthia’s head pulled her back to her target. Understanding her lover’s need she decided that it was time.

Curling and pointing her tongue she penetrated the tender asshole and at the same time slid two fingers into the fevered pussy, now gaping with the need to be filled. Curling her fingers she massaged that special spot right inside and at the top of her lover’s vagina, the spasms of June’s internal muscles telling her she had found it. She rubbed the inside of June’s pussy for a very short time, then, while letting her thumb massage the clit, now swollen and free of its hood, she spread her fingers apart, stretching June’s pussy.

The result was predictable and almost immediate. June had been trying to hold back, savouring the sensations, but the tongue in her asshole, the pressure on her clit, the stretching of her vagina and finally the touch to her clit were all just too much.

To poor Eric, helpless and beginning to really feel the effects of his position, it might have seemed that his lovely wife was having some combination of a heart attack and an epileptic seizure. He knew better. He knew the pleasure she was experiencing and was happy for her. In spite of the terrible sensation he knew he would be experiencing soon at her hands, he loved her and thrilled at her pleasure.

The scene on the couch was much subdued. Cynthia was holding the still gasping June, cradling her head against her shoulder. She had cupped one hand over the drenched pussy – avoiding contact with the ultra sensitive clit, but exerting a comforting pressure as the sensations slowly wound down.

After what seemed like ages, as they relaxed and reclined together on the couch, enjoying being in each other’s arms, the first spasms hit poor Eric.

Cynthia had seen others in restraints and been restrained herself, loving it. She was not prepared for the effects of this kind of rigid and prolonged bondage.

Eric began jerking against the restraints, trying to kick his legs out straight and spread his arms. Of course the fiddle was not yielding. His efforts became more violent and Cynthia now understood the heavy padding on the cuffs.

June went over to him, standing so that her pussy, reeking of lust and arousal was just beside his head. She reached down and stroked his face gently, trying to calm him.

For a moment it worked. His struggles stopped and he turned his face, almost directly in front of her sex, and tried to catch his breath and control himself.

“I love you so much love” she told him as she stroked his head. “I love you for what you’re going through for me.” She thrust her hips forward, putting her sex within reach of his lips. “Lick my pussy for a minute. It will make you feel better.”

Gratefully he stretched his head to allow his tongue to make contact with her offered slit. Licking feverishly up and down, straining to reach it, Cynthia could only watch in awe. Here was June, causing her husband intense discomfort, and he was greedily worshipping her musky pussy as though his life depended on it.

June moved back to the couch, leaving Eric craving and wanting, helpless in the cruel device.

The next spasm and thrashing came much more quickly. Cynthia was overwhelmed. This was more than she had been exposed to. More than she had been prepared for. This man was in obvious pain and distress, trying frantically to free himself.

Her instincts told her that enough was enough – he needed to be released. But deep inside, another emotion was boiling to the top. The same one that made her pussy drip when she whipped Eric.

This man was under complete control. Whether he was free or restrained, whether he was naked or clothed, whether he was allowed to touch his own body or not, and most important of all, how much and how long he suffered, were all at the whim of his wife.

The dark emotion won out and she found herself watching and getting aroused as June once again went over to comfort the gasping victim.

Cynthia was enthralled as the scene evolved. Obviously June loved her husband. Obviously he was in increasing distress and pain as his muscles cramped. Clearly June could easily end the suffering just by releasing the cuffs. She did not and Cynthia understood there was a reason. She did not know exactly where this was going, but she knew June well enough by now to know that there was a method to the madness.

When the third spasm hit Eric he responded with fury and anger.

“Enough already. You’ve made your point. Let me out” he yelled.

June just sat on the couch with Cynthia lightly stroking her lover’s hair as the intensity ramped up.

Infuriated by the growing pain, frustration and helplessness, Eric began screaming at her again.

“Goddamn it you stupid bitch don’t you know when to stop. You’re killing me. This game is no fun anymore it’s time to stop!”

June did not respond at first, then, as Eric sat in pain, gasping and realizing that his outburst had been in vain, she again moved to his side. Stroking his face gently, she spoke softly to him, a contrast to his recent yelling and screaming.

“Love this is for both of us .You have no choice. You will stay there as long as I want you to and what you want makes no difference whatsoever. You are suffering for me and make no mistake. While I love you dearly, I really, really do need you to suffer for me.”

Eric resigned himself to his fate and tried, in vain of course to relax in his restraints.

“Here love, just to show that I’m not completely inconsiderate, you can enjoy a little distraction for a minute or two”. With that she pulled her robe aside, and bending over, legs spread, pushed her ass backward into the restrained man’s face. With an enthusiasm the belied his recent outburst, Eric buried his face in the cheeks of his wife’s ass, tongue burrowing, seeking and finding her asshole.

Like a man possessed he worshipped her ass, licking and probing. Cynthia found herself again, incredibly turned on at the interplay. The man was in a lot of pain. His wife was causing it and could end it at any time. Yet here he was feasting on her offered asshole.

Stepping away from her husband, June decided that as the torment progressed, it was time to escalate just a little more. She retrieved a blindfold which she applied. Whispering in his ear she explained to her husband that this would allow him to focus on more important things. Left unsaid was that more important things consisted of his ever increasing pain and distress.

With Eric blindfolded, June walked over to a shelf and retrieved a warm blanket. Placing it on the couch next to her as she sat back down, she explained to Cynthia that it was almost time – not much longer.

Both women sated and relaxed, simply reclined and enjoyed each other’s company, gently stroking each other, as they waited for the inevitable. It did not take long.

With the next round of thrashing and trying to get free, Eric managed to fall over sideways, so instead of sitting, he was lying on the floor in a fetal position.

Attempts to kick and free his arms were of course just as futile as when he had been sitting.

A brief pause, and more jerking.

Finally it was over. He began sobbing and crying. Begging to be released. Promising anything, pleading with June to please let him go, his body wracked by spasms and sobs.

Cynthia realized finally what June had sought and that she had gotten it.

He belonged to June completely. He only wanted to please and obey her. His fate was hers and he understood that it had always been meant to be so.

June, blanket in hand got up and motioned Cynthia to join her as she moved to Eric and began unfastening the restraints. As Cynthia moved to help her, June warned “Be careful, especially with his legs. He’s been restrained a long time and he may unintentionally kick out.”

The two women cautiously unfastened all of the restraints but there was no need to worry. Eric was spent and exhausted. He just lay there – gratefully extending his legs and arms, and allowed June to cover him.

Motioning to Cynthia to help, they pulled him to his feet, holding him when on the first try his cramped legs gave way. Finally he was on the couch, covered with the blanket, still sobbing in surrender. The two women hugged and comforted him, but all three knew that this was much more than just the end of a scene.

Everything had changed. He belonged to June.

Later, much later as she lay in the huge bed with Eric and June, Cynthia contemplated the events of the day and the night.

By the time the three of them had left the play room, everyone else had left. Wordlessly they had made their way back to June and Eric’s room. No arrangements had been discussed – there was no need.

The three of them found their way into the huge king-sized bed. There was no urgency, no frantic groping.

Just languid caressing and loving. It seemed perfectly natural to be in bed with June and Eric. Still too sore from his cock whipping to tolerate any contact there, it was obvious that Eric thoroughly enjoyed pleasuring both women.

As she lay there thinking she realized that in a few days she would be back in the city. Back at her desk very much the proper young professional.
She wondered idly what it would be like when she spoke to another attorney, or a client, wondering if in their wildest dreams they could conceive of her naked, on hands and knees , offering herself.

More importantly, she knew her life would never be the same.

Never again would she be content with what had been.

A “normal” date, something like dinner, perhaps a show, or a club later, capped off with a romantic interlude at her, or his apartment, would just never again get it.

In the midst of pondering how she might explore the newly discovered side of her, she finally drifted off to sleep.
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