A Violator’s view:
Peering over Dian’ ass I could see a shadow of her husband, whose name I had forgotten, or never knew. I kept my face hidden from his view while I used my peripheral vision to peer through my coif; which I colour blonde.

HE kept peeping through the partially open door at the goings on in his bedroom, aka... me molesting his lovely wife. I had suspected he was a man of that ilk through subtilties I picked up on in various conversations with Dian.

Dian to me is an absolute peach of a woman, and well deserving of my attentions, as with any tasty peach she needs to be eaten.

About ME:
I am a male masquerading as a female, and have done so successfully for many years. I am 37 as of last August and except for well planned vacations I always play the woman.

I have legally changed my name and all other documents needed in today’s world. I am legally Miss Ann Thorpe... I have Irving Layton to thank for my choice of names.

Unless you catch me in the shower you will never know my secret. I live alone and am very good at being a woman. I take various herbs, etal, to help enhance a woman’ bosom. In this regard I was born lucky as I’d been given small breast’, which some men have, and a nearly hair free body... thank you gene pool.

I look young for my age; add to this wide hip’s for a male built into a slight frame and ‘Presto’, I am a natural for this game I play. I am I suppose an effeminate male, but I am all man inside...

I suppose you’re wondering how I can get away with masquerading as a woman with a cock between my legs. Again Mother Nature, a female, helped out... My cock in all its glory is at best five inches, and I might be bragging some there... when at rest “Mini-Me “is less than two inches cuddled up with my smallish sac... Once again my gene pool deserves the credit...

I wear BVD undies / panties which I have especially tailored putting a pocket in them to hold a male pad securely in-place. The kind used by men with pee-ing problems. This affords me the protection needed in case of accidental contact with anyone.

However, I do show my tits some... they are really quite cute even if I say so myself.

If I ever have a problem I fall back on a trumped up medical condition...It always works.

You may ask yourself how a straight male got so fucked up...

My History:
I am the middle child in a family of three children, my older sister Megan, then myself Dan and my younger sister Krystal.

My older sister Megan is about five years my senior. I loved her deeply, but got my lights punched out several times for peeking in on her when she was naked or nearly so. Damn, she just would not give in.

Krystal was a different story... me being older by two years certainly helped in her seduction. I surely loved finger fucking her. I managed after several years of this to convince her to let me fuck her... Both our cherry’s popped at once... I only fucked her once though because it hurt her so much.

We had a very chilly spell after that fuck. In time our relations warmed. I quit the incestuous shit with her and we became very close again.

Krystal was very fashion conscience in her teens; at times I was her clothes rack. Holding pieces of woman’s apparel in front me to help her chose. This is where my journey into womanhood began.

One Halloween we went to party together, Krystal as a man and myself as a woman... I knew from that night that I was going the cross dressing route, at the very least.

Dad was killed in an industrial accent when I was 19. Mom was involved in a class action law suit and benefited to about 150,000 bucks. Mom was crushed at the loss of her husband and spent all her time with me and Krystal. Megan had left years earlier marrying some Australian dude.

In time Krystal got married and that left me and mom. I was ok with it, we got along very well and she is my mom and I had no intention of leaving her alone.

Life for mom was just getting pretty good when she was diagnosed with Cancer. Mom died about two years later.

My sisters returned home to get their share of the inheritance... I begrudged Krystal not one dime but Megan is a cunt and I told her so... So much for family reunions!

It didn’t take me long to come up with a plan to utilize my looks. I had a friend with a bad habit, and it just so happens she worked at the University. (Go figure)

I bribed her to get me all the accreditation I would need to be a certified Phys-Ed teacher, fake marks and all. I told her it was for a ruse and I needed the documents to be authentic looking. I also insisted that my accreditation remain in the Universities system in case of further need. She didn’t care, the ten grand I gave her bought her soul.

In less than six months I was ready to assume my new identity as Miss Ann Thorpe. Would you believe not one single person picked up on my humour! The shit you get away with boggles the mind.

About one year after my friend, Sara, who’d registered me in the University system, died tragically from a drug overdose. [The expression: Some must die so others may live; was never so appropriate. That be as it may I wish she had not died...I really like Sara]

I started slowly by going to nearby neighboring cities... With each successful venture my confidence grew.

Part way through my first semester as a Phys-Ed teacher and after saying, ‘’I am sorry but I’m busy”, at least twice, I agreed to go out at night with three of the single female staff members from the school where I worked. One was in admin... the others were teachers.

We went to this ‘happening’ place were all the action was...or so they thought. Personally I thought it was kind of a drag. But I liked these women so I did my best to help the evening along. Julie, Anne and Gillian were my escorts this fine night, as I called them... which earned me a laugh.

Around mid-night Anne went for a pee... some asshole intercepted her on her way back and this caused a kerfuffle. Anne was rescued by the males close at hand but oh no, this guy had to come over after and call her down... I stepped in as the protector and he pushed at me... bad move on his part. I did not hurt him much but I raised the ire of several males who did not like a woman humiliating a fellow male.

NOW, my gene pool had very little too do with my success in this short lived battle. NOPE, dear old dad... who had the foresight to put me into Karate in my second year of elementary school and keep me there until he died, some eleven years later. I am not an avid practitioner of Karate but I am good enough at it to look after myself, and in this case Anne and the other girls...

This incident made it into my teaching record, which I had not expected. I had no problem from then on getting a job teaching Phys-Ed.

Because of this incident in which Anne was accosted, she began to hang around me some...making me nervous a bit..., maybe more than a bit!

After awhile I realized she was looking for a little girl on girl experiment. I suppose my somewhat dyke-ish apparel led her to believe... I try to balance my look between the two; female / male.

Anne was and I suppose still is a babe, I personally wanted to drop the masquerade and fuck her brains out, at least until she couldn’t walk. But alas, I was not able to formulate a plan to get this lovely creature into bed.

After careful consideration I decided to adopt the wait and see option. Anne and Ann (me) went out several times during late April and on into June. It was the end of school year and I had given up on bedding her. [We were joking referred to as the ‘A’ team]

On the 20th of June, a Saturday, we went out again...this time to a place of my choosing. There were many different characters in this establishment, gay, straight, what-ever. Anne had a blast and got herself a little more than tipsy.

She insisted on coming to my place. I broke my hard and fast rule and took her home with me. I had fallen in love with her, there was no doubt about that...

She wanted to pick up some booze but I have plenty at home I told her; the truth... so to my not so humble abode we went...
Anne fell in love with my place. She went thru-it like a kid looking for Xmas gifts. She found my men’s clothes hanging in the closet and that raised a question;
“Why do you have men’ apparel in your closet Ann”?

“Sometimes I dress up like a man Anne”, I answered.
[I only have a few bits of men’s clothing]

That answer satisfied her and also seemed to get her a little excited.

Anne was nervous so she kept drinking... I had slowed my drinking appreciably. My need to keep my wits about me being a prime motivator...

As luck would have it Anne stumbled, I caught her...without thinking I kissed her...passionately. It only lasted a second or two, damn it felt good..., and I immediately apologized. I was actually embarrassed.

She looked at me and said;
“Yes please, I want too”. [In her drunken slur]

God I loved that woman!
[---She’s a natural blonde. Anne stands about 5’5”...she was of slender build, but not skinny. A lovely deposition, a soft voice, and well manicured... and from the little I had seen a great body. Pretty much any man and I suppose many a woman’s dream---]

So, it took less than three minutes for Ann and Anne to be involved in bedroom antics. I was down to my panties and Anne was naked. She asked about my bottom and I explained my ‘problem’ to her, a.k.a. trumped up medical condition. She was disappointed but not by much.

Anne loved my tits. She could not keep her hands off them. During this time I opened the drawer to my bed-side table showing her my sex toys, of which I had a few; and had paid dearly to learn how to use them correctly on a woman.

Her reaction was something I will never forget, even though I couldn’t understand a single word she said.

It was only a few minutes until I was using my clitoris vibrator on Anne. I never actually touched her clit; I kept away from it but stimulated the surround of her little bud...which had grown slightly under my direction.

Anne had told me she had-had little experience with sex earlier in our friendship. So, I wanted to give her the best I could as far as orgasms were concerned. I could see she was very sensitive and planned a minor tantric sexual experience for her.

The attempt at delaying her orgasm did not work. She was far too sensitive and climaxed quickly.

Anne lay there pretty-much passed out while I moved my face in close to her crotch and licked her pussy. Her pussy was right out of a centre fold, she was that beautiful. This action on my part aroused her again and she cam- several minutes later.

I take little to no credit for this but give the credit for her orgasm to her pent-up sexual needs.

I lay with her, my head resting on her lower abdomen with my crotch near the foot of the bed. Looking up I ask her if I could fuck her. She smiled, turned to look at the open drawer of the night table, and nodded yes.

I lay with her for at least half an hour; I cherished every moment with her as she is a true Goddess in my estimation. After a bit I looked up again and saw she was sleeping. I carefully moved into position, panties gone...

Pressing ‘Mimi-Me’ against her opening I entered Anne, the feeling was unimaginable. She was so small it took a little effort to get inside. Slowly I moved inside her, fucking Anne. Slow gentle stokes, opening her up as I did so.

I was busy enjoying myself and didn’t notice Anne looking at me. I was far too horny and having far too much fun to think about my identity.

The first I noticed of Anne being awake was when her arms suddenly moved up and around my neck, holding me. She pulled herself up;
“I just knew it; I just knew you were a man”.

“Ooops”, I said. Not feeling any remorse or guilt at being found out.

“Fuck me Ann, fuck me”. [pause] “What’s your name any way”, she asked?

“Dan”, I replied; not missing a single stoke.

She laughed; “Dan, eh”!

I looked at her and smiled. I was far too busy to carry on a conversation at this time.

“Fuck me Dan, fuck me all night long”.

“With pleasure “, I said...picking up the pace and rambunctiousness.

Anne managed one orgasm after my masquerade had been exposed. I managed two very energetic orgasms as I practically raped her. She really enjoyed being fucked.

She fell asleep, I was still awake. I think it was 4AM when I fell asleep cuddling Anne.

In the morning Anne ask me if I would dress like a man for her, which I did... She thought it was so cool that I could and did play the female. She also thought I was a very good-looking man. Hair pulled back in a tail.

I made us a good-sized breakfast and told her my story, and she told me hers. Anne was to be married in July to a childhood sweetheart from her home town. Both of which she loved dearly. She’d wanted to experience one wild fling and this night with me was way beyond her wildest dreams.

Her only regret, she said;
“Had I known earlier you were a male I’d have loved to help expose unsuspecting woman”.
“Ya know”, she said with a wink. ”Facilitating the removal of some, at the very least, of their clothing in front of you”.

Being somewhat on the outside of normal behavior myself I replied:
“Week have a little better than a week left in the school year Anne, let’s give it a try”.

We really never had a chance though... no functions of any sort going on and very little outside of grading and end of the school year work. So I suggested a year end gathering at my place;
“Let the chips fall as they may; with the help of alcohol”. [I grinned from ear to ear she told me]

Allot of people were leaving for vacation so I held it on a Friday night, debauchery has no preference.

Some came early and the party began. Anne showed near 9:30 --- fashionably late she called it. I was busy with my guests so I actually miss her entrance. But, she is fine social animal and made herself at home.

I am proud to say more than 20 people showed. More than I anticipated. I am also proud to say that things went off without a hitch. Unfortunately there were no opportunities to undress any woman in front of me. I guess even debauchery has the right to a night off.

Last day:
Anne and I went for a coffee that day. WE sat in a nice cafe and chatted about our friendship and all it entailed. It was fairly fucking crowded so we had to watch ourselves.

On our way to our cars Anne ask me to her wedding.

“Who are you inviting”? I asked.

“Whoever you wish to be”, she answered. “But I must tell you I’ve invited other People who will know you as Ann”.

“Then I’ll come as Ann dressed as Dan”, I told her.

Anne threw her arms about me in the parking lot:
“I am sure going to miss you Ann”, she said with a smile.

“Maybe when you're all settled in to the marriage thing two friends could meet at a neutral location to renew old times”. I said with a wink. I thought she was going to have an orgasm right there in my arms in the parking lot.

Back to Dian:
It was at about this time that Dian’ ass moving brought me back from my reminiscing. I’d buried my face in her crotch, sniffing her initially and enjoying the warmth of this woman.

Keeping my face buried in her crotch whilst I reflected back, and peering thru my hair periodically I kept an eye on Mr Dian. Ya see, I had fashioned a piece of ginger and pushed it in Dian’s ass. It takes a while before the reaction sets in... She also had a clamp on her clit, creating pain.

Peering over the throw thru my coif I could see the husbands face moving excitedly to and fro...looking-in-on-his wife's violation. I could tell he loved it, more than love it.

I knew it wouldn’t be long, and sure enough I saw the heel of a sock move away from the door toward the other end of the hall. I heard a creek which I knew from previous visits was the back landing flooring.

I waited to be sure that he had left me alone with Dian. It came in the form of a moan heard thru the duct-work. I do not know where he was in the basement but he was near enough to a vent for his moans to come clearly into the bedroom where I was with Dian.

Her husband is masturbating to her violation. Damn, is there anything finer than that I thought.

I looked at Dian and watched for a few seconds. Her ass moving, it looks so sexy watching that magnificent ass of hers. Humping like a crazy woman.
Ah the ginger..., the ginger in her bum, and her reaction to it. The pain caused by bumping the clamp I had on her clit against the bedding... God what an ass Dian had. I wished I had more time but I didn’t.

With hubby out of the way I moved her by pulling on the bedding. Her ass was close to the edge of the bed now. Pushing her legs wider and using my own legs to keep them spread, I entered Dian easily. 'Mini-Me' was in his glory.

I fucked her for a bit, she had such a nice warm pussy. I watched my cock in her. I stopped to savour the sight of me in her. I was confident because I could still hear her husband... Wow I thought did I ever turn him on.

I knew time was running out so I pulled out of Dian, removed the clamp and the ginger... I spit on her ass hole and popped her cherry easily as it turned out. I’d never bum fucked anyone before so this was new to me.

Getting Dian’s cherry was the icing on the cake so to speak; her ass was tight. I gave her a couple of dozen stokes in all, stopping twice to enjoy the tightness of her, what a sight.
--- Looking at my cock in her ass; feeling her move, and her ass-hole squeezing my cock, trying to get rid of me. I kept watching ‘Mini-Me’ fucking her ass, and when I came in her ass... I really shot a load into Dian’ ass, God it felt good. [I could not cum- in her cunt because the shit would leak out]

It took about five, maybe six minutes to clean up, move Dian and cover her. Put the medicinal cream on her ass and clit, replace the pillows, adjust the sheets, and double check to see that I left nothing behind.
--- I made sure I had my vial of her pubic hair. [Smile] I’d shaved a small area of Dian between her ass-hole and her cunt... for my personnel collection. I even trimmed the hairs near her anus, for my collection and for the ginger. Damn I love the perversion.
--- I also looked closely at Dian to make sure she was breathing properly; making sure she had no adverse reactions to the shit I’d given her.

I put myself together and headed to the front door, knowing the husband had the back door covered;
‘At least the one belonging to the house’, I said to myself. I smiled at my own humour.

My car was nearly a block away from Dian’s house. I sat there for perhaps ten minutes before I saw the lights in the bedroom go out. I wondered what was going on in that bedroom right now. It never occurred to me to hide some hi-tech device in the room to overhear what might or might not happen after I left.
--- Damn, I was getting a hard on just thinking about it.

I’d see Dian on Monday, what would she say if anything. I wondered.

What I didn’t wonder about was me. I knew I would be doing this again, and as often as I could get away with it...
---I love it more than life itself. ---

"Since I no longer expect
anything from mankind except
meanness, and mendacity;
I have stopped
being a

-Irving Layton
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