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Seth looked outside. It was a rainy drizzly day; befitting his mood. Walking back into the kitchen Seth poured himself a large cup of java, black; darker than his mood but still fitting.

HE stood looking out the kitchen window for several minutes before sitting at the table. He perused the headlines on the morning paper. Had those headlines read;
‘The World’s gone to Hell in a Hand Basket’, Seth would have had no argument.

He pushed the paper aside and sat sipping his morning coffee. Seth thought about making some toast but moved into the living room instead and sat in his recliner, coffee in hand.

Feeling a chill he pulled the throw over his legs. The heat from the coffee migrated through his hands and up his arms..., soon adding to his comfort. Seth held the coffee in his hands, resting them on his chest..., whilst he looked out upon this dreary day.

Closing his eyes Seth thought of what is, and what might have been. Or should have been...

His beautiful niece Sara was with him now, actually sleeping in her own room some thirty feet away. She was safe living with him, that he knew; but something’s are just out there he mused and their arrangement was just that; out there.

She’d moved in some months back... family and health issues. Sarah’ family lived in the country, he, Seth, lived in a rather large city. Not only that but his residence was less than a mile from a University Hospital were world class health care was available for his niece. All this is on the up-an-up, as Seth liked to say.

---- Seth’ niece Sarah, the middle child and only daughter of his sister Rebecca... Sarah is a seventeen year old with all the tools needed to do well in this society... Plus a couple of minor ailments and one lousy illness..., CANCER!

Seth smiled as he thought about her, and especially her feistiness. She certainly flew in the face of convention. She wasn’t a Goth – girl or EMO for that matter, she was just a teenage girl who wore long patterned stockings, and a variety of shoes, skirts, blouses, shirts, ties, gloves and pants that at times made you wonder if she was not colour blind.

ADD to all that her light purple hair, which was normally dark, and you have Sarah.

Her hair is soft to the touch, fine in texture. Her body is slender with longish legs and beautiful ‘large B’ cup breasts. Painted toe and finger nails... loud lip gloss...rogue often.

Sarah has the body of a teenage girl that looks after herself. Until recently, he..., SETH, would not have known or commented on her body..., but she is very sexy...very sexy indeed!

Hence enter the need for my term; ‘out there’... Seth mused.

Sarah has two brothers, Seth, and Adam. Yes, one was named after Seth. As you can surmise religion plays a large part in this family. Her brothers are both conventional in their ways, bordering on timid by nature. Boring compared to Sarah!

Seth opened his eyes and beheld his lovely niece standing at the end of the hall. “Uncle Seth I’m Horny”!

Seth placed his coffee on the small table he kept beside his favourite chair and got up. Sarah turned and walked down the hall toward his bedroom; they always or almost always fucked in his bed, it was much larger. Sarah’s teenage enthusiasm for sex required space for her antics...she likes to experiment.

Seth reached the room and Sarah was already under the covers, wide eye and bushy tailed, well not bushy tailed...but definitely wide eyed...her lust was in full bloom.

Dropping his laundry to the floor Seth crawled under the sheets with his trim sexy niece. Seth insisted they keep at least one sheet over her so she didn’t catch a chill...illness being of great concern to him, and to her. There was enough light coming thru the windows to give them both a clear view of the other’s body..., and Seth was very appreciative of that light. Sarah had a gorgeous body.

Seth craved eating Sarah as much or almost as much as she craved sucking on his cock. They had only been having sex for a month plus... 69 was their favourite position.

No sooner had Seth gotten under the sheet than his niece was atop him, legs spread wide as her beautiful young pussy hovered over his face.

Seth felt his cock being consumed by Sarah’ sweet mouth... My God she had a way with her mouth that Seth had never experience with any of his previous five girl she sucked on his cock Seth eyed her young pussy...

Her lips were hulls on a Catamaran, and that pretty mauve-pink-flesh color many girls have. Sarah had very little hair, and what was there was black, no light purple dye down here Seth thought... She did surprise him once with sparkles on her mound once, what a little rascal.

“Uncle Seth please”, she said. [She did not like to be kept waiting]

Seth licked her young pussy. Sara liked her hole tongued first...then her clit sucked on...then tongue fucked; as per Sara' instruction. Seth did it this order and with a little nibbling increased her libido enough to enhance her sucking of Seth’ cock, which was her favourite, by far.

Seth took a moment to nibble on the inside of her thighs, first one then the other quickly returning to Sara’ pussy, pulling on her swollen lips...

By now Sara was deep throat-ing Seth’ cock, something she learned to do quickly.
--- ‘I love your cock Uncle Seth’, she would say. ‘I cannot get enough of it. God I love it so’.

“...UNCLE SETH...”!

Seth licked her faster and harder. Any straying from the task at hand got him a terse; ‘Uncle Seth’. Seth smiled to himself; not letting the smile interfere with is licking of her.

Sara’ hips were in overdrive now, her swollen pussy crashing into his mouth and lower jaw. Sara’ sucking was frantic as she neared her climax. She pulled his cock deep into her mouth touching the back of it...gurgling and moaning at the same time.

Sara started to shake, her hips thrusting spasmodically as she cam-. She never said a word but Seth new to cum in her mouth. HE had plenty of experience with her now and controlled l himself until the need was there.

Her thighs were squeezing his head and her pussy was grinding into his face; Sara pulled back some so she could swallow.

Seth bent his knees, moving his legs up and squeezing Sara’ head between his thighs...holding her teenage head he fucked that sexy mouth of hers and did not hold back one iota...Seth loved fuckng her mouth.

Seth shot several mouthfuls of creamy white liquid into Sara’ pretty, sexy mouth; much to the delight of his energetic niece

Lying together after their athletic romp, Sara looked to Seth;
“I love the taste of you Uncle. I am so lucky to have you”.

I love you too Sara”, Seth said, hugging this slender sex kitten.


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you just went right into sex, how did you start

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