Not Sexual at all really, just a poem about a girl i've always wanted since i met her, but we;ve never really gotten close. This just sort of came to me one night, so i wrote it down, if you have enough patience to read this boring thing, give feedback.
To Katherine

She is as a little hummingbird
Right beyond my reach
And thought you may not see
Our love is like a leech

For when i reach to grab her
She flits beyond my hand
And from the cliff i dare not jump
For fear of Reprimand

For if i were to catch her
I think I'd surely fall
And to the valley floor i'd tumble
The happiest of all

So I stand upon my little cliff
My precious bird with me
But to grab i do not dare
As a quick end i'd surely see.

As a quick addition, due to positive feedback on "My First Time" I'll be penning up something else in the next few days. Thanks for the feedback!

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2014-07-19 10:24:46
CrwKZv Really enjoyed this post. Cool.

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2013-11-20 22:33:53
Not boring at all seems like your scared to try anything so you are happy to just watch your hummingbird

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