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Introduction: this will be a collection of short fantasy stories that may have some truth in them the following characters names have been changed to protect myself and the people involved..if you enjoy PLEASE leave comment negative comments will be noted
December time has arrived and we are on a three hour drive to my uncle Cordon's farm
to visit him and my aunt and three girl cousins.

Looking out of the window at the farm lands and passing traffic I just can't get the invitation out of my head. Imaging my cousin playing with herself while I stand and watch but did she really meaned it?

arriving at the farm as usual I greeted quickly and bolted to the pool to cool of and secretly hoping that carol would be sun bathing...and she didn't disappoint...There on her towel in a new bikini white of all colours..... HI CAROL I Yelled looking up she smiled and replied HI you.....running towards her I suddenly stopped with a glance of someone new at the farm puzzled I stood there drooling over this seventeen year old brown hair green eyed beauty with her 34 B breast snug in her red bikini top.... suddenly a soft sweet heavenly voice asked and you maybe? that smacks me back to reality...Caught off guard I just replied V....VV..Viper! ah that's a cute name I am Lindy Carol's cousin

I could not't help but stare at her breast and she must have notice because her nipples started to get rock hard...and so did my dick

I caught her eyes looking downwards to my crouch area and a sinister smile grew on her a surprising moment Lindy yelled at Carol come here cuzz.

Carol like the Goddess she was had my attention the minute she stood up and I realized she has grown! She sprouted a perfect 32 A over the past year and her body has taken a curving change

yes dick liked and got even harder

With Carols arrival the said What Lindy? Lindy didn't say a word but Carol followed Lindy's eyes.....WOW!!!!!that grew allot in ten months....

I did the only thing I could think of grabbing my problem and try and hide it with no luck......Carol and Lindy just smiled and they just had a SINISTER LOOK IN THEIR EYES
HONESTY it scared the shit out of me...

Lindy called depts and Carol yelled no fair!!!

What the hell just happen why are you guys calling depts and fighting? puzzled look ON my face I mumbled out

SHIT your an idiot Lindy shouted we are fighting over you!!!

Flattered that two cousins were fighting over me I turned around and deciding to go watch tv

Walking into the livingroom my problem has calmed down.Taking a seat on the single couch I turned on the tv and the flattery thought poped into my head about fighting cousins....smiling it downed on me ...they were fighting over my dick...
and yes my problem started again ...

Night time arrived and all the adults were outside next to the open flames drinking and having a braai..

Inside it was bath time and Carol jumped the bathroom first followed by Lindy. While all the bathing took place I wondered into the playroom puzzled like usual and I just got lost in my thoughts.Reaching the bathroom kitchen hallway I didn't notice the bathroom door opening and I crashed into Lindy in a reflex I grabbed the towel as I fell ripping off Lindy's towel and exposing her heavenly seventeen year old body.

WHAT THE FUCK!!! CAN'T YOU WATCH WERE YOU GOING??? she yelled covering what she could. Sorry sorry I pleaded and looked up and my eyes grew huge like plates taking in everything I can....Seeing her breasts pushed with her arm and hand against her tied body....I could see her mound hair fighting against her hand trying to cover them and her sweet pussy...

GIVE ME MY TOWEL!!! she yelled

Slowly I reached up handing her the pink towel
as she wrapped it around her amazing body I cought a glimpse of her light brown erected nipple and her sweet silky shame hair.....Sorry again.I APOLOGIZE sincerely
it's ok she replied did you enjoy the show? she uttered
All I could get out with a rock hard cock was "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL'

Laughing she said thank you and walked off to her room brushing past me and my hard cock....turning her head looking over her shoulder she smiled and said You really enjoyed it I see. What? I MUMBLED and following her eyes I realized I shamed myself again with my problem....embarrassment on my face I turned to hide my she slipped into her room closing the door....

Running into the bathroom slamming the door in embarrassment...
I took of my cloths and got into the bath....
Doing my breathing and relaxing to calm the problem down

It's not working I thought to myself....a thought poped into my head masturbate!!!

Standing upright and taking a seat on the side of the bath....
With my experince with Lindy running throw
my mind I started rubbing my shaft slowly
feeling her soft skin on my shaft .....MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM OH YES LINDY TAKE IT ALL....GOD YES .....YOU ARE SO Minutes I EXPLODED load after load shooting into the bath water Looking like white blobs of goo swimming with the tide.... my manhood still drooling I get out of the bath and dry off with the nearest towel and going out the door my eyes cought a slim glimpse of Lindy existing her room and moving towards the livingroom....Going to my room to get dressed I spotted her on the double couch .... contemplating my next move I forgot my door was to the left...opening the door still in deep contemplating mind set I Looked up and there on her bed Carol was laying with her hand down her once my dick poped up as if it had to take a look two.......Frozen and drooling with a hard on that pulled my towel so tight there were no space left....SHOCKED Carol yelled WHAT THE HELL VIPER????
Standing frozen all I could reply was don't stop please

smiling she say ok I did invite you last time

drop your towel it is suffocating your mmm..big meat...
she requested in her soft insisting voice...

AS I stood there pondering about the request my towel just dropped the pressure on the towel loosen cousin almost fell of the bed in shock...WOW!!! is huge and wow...

Not having an idea what just happened my cousin stood of from her bed and moving towards me with a devilish smile on her face ever step she takes she slides her panty lower and lower till she stood face tot face with me...Both our bodies naked feeling a light breeze in the room....slowly she reach down and ever so gently starts stroking my erected shaft....mmm it's nice and hard just for me...she said in a seductive whisper....still stroking my shaft she grabs my hand and guids it between her silky legs dragging my fingers through her wet virgin slit....feel that? she moaned she's wet for you VIPER.....I am dripping pre-cum all over her soft hand....moaning OH THAT FEELS AWESOME...I moaned out...letting go of my shaft she moves back slowly and slides onto her bed....smiling she whispers wanne watch me come? YES!! almost yelling...I replied...

Slowly she opened her legs as wide as possible so that I could see ever detail of what she was doing....

READY? she asked loudly

yes I whispered back..

With a slow movement her hand flowed over her night shirt exposing her rock hard pokers....slipping down to her belly moving down to her panty less bottoms.

My cock rock hard begging to be touched..taking my hand down stroking it slowly feeling my pre-cum oozing out of my cock tip.

She reaches her arm out towards her mound till her hand reach her clit ....seeing I am busy playing and arosed like crazy...she slips out a soft passionate moan out AH THAT FEELS GREAT.....going slowly not missing a beat of her rhythm....looking at me she get an eye full of me jerking like there's no tomorrow....turning her on like never before....she EXCELS her rhythm...faster and slipping her index finger in and out of her dripping pussy ......moaning AH FUCK YES..VIPER DEEPER HARDER!!!! OH GOD I AM GOING TO CUM....I moaned loudly Me two before I could I Let out stream after stream of my white sticky cum on my towel in front of that moment when my first load hit the towel she grabs a pillow screaming in it I AM CUMMING!!!! Her pussy oozed her love juices out all over her sheets....falling backwards on her soft out of breath whisper left her lips...thank you!!!

Smiling I moved towards her planning to get a feel of her soaking sex hole...
slowly moving step by step contemplating my next move....suddenly a yell from the kitchen..DINNERS ON THE TABLE!!! OH fuck I said thinking I am dead if they catch me here....grabbing my towel with one hand and bolting to the door in two steps I am in my room...just in time....hearing Carols mom knocking on her door...Coming Carol yelled....VIPER YOU TWO!! She almost screams....

Just got dressed and leaving my room then a soft whisper in my ear Loved it! Carol slap my butt and smiled And moved to the kitchen....Thinking to my self this maybe the beginning of something yummy...

TO BE CONTINUED.............

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2013-06-19 00:24:30
context is great. but can be proof read

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-18 12:23:40
This is next to the worse written story I have ever seen. Sure the author doesn't know how to Proof Read his material. Start over, think what you want to say and then slowly write it down. Make sure all words flow together and then when you are finished, Proof Read it from start to finish !!! Good Luck !! (countrycadillac)


2013-06-17 22:43:25
Very nice but could be longer...

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