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A new day. It was a sunny day so Ari and Azura decided to go to the beach to get a tan. The city's biggest beach was in front of the mighty city's boulevard. When the two arrived it was quite crowded so they walked along the shoreline to find a spot to lay down. Sunbathing wasn't the only activity going on they saw. Many shemales were receiving blowjobs and likewise the same amount of pussies were being licked. Pussies were pounded and assholes received delivery from outside too. Now if that didn't get the girls itching genitals it was a girl in front of them who did. She had brought her dog with her and with no shame at all he was fucking her wild on public display.

Ari giggled when Azura's penis got stiff. She bent over and kissed the top. "Welcome back my dear!" Azura smacked Ari's ass: "Thanks!" The girls laid down on the sand. They had a good view of the dogfucking girl. This made both young women hot as hell. Ari climbed over Azura's face and put her pussy over Azura's mouth. "Lick! Now!" Ari ordered. Azura started lapping furiously while Ari bent over, taking the tip of Azura's hard cock in her mouth. Feeling the new sensation Azura pushed her dick in Ari's throat. That place felt like heaven to park a cock. She kept pushing until the tip of her dick almost reached Ari's stomach. This meant her balls were near the latter's lips. Ari seized the opportunity and started to massage them while her own pussy was being licked. Azura came first. Big spurts of semen filled Ari's belly. If she was hungry before she definitely wasn't now! A minute later Ari orgasmed too and Azura eagerly slurped up the fresh pussy juice.

A moment later the girls again attempted to relax and laid down again. "Oh shit I forgot the sunblock!" "Don't worry," said Azura, "I got one". With that she started masturbating and soon covered Ari with a layer of cum. She massaged it all over her breasts, her body and her arms and legs. Laughing Ari said: "Silly you! Now I have to clean up first!" So Ari walked to the ocean, leaving a trail of semen behind. 

She dived into the warm ocean. Azura's semen became a white cloud in the blue water. A school of garra rufa-like fish appeared and swam around to take a look. They were small sleek brown fishes, not longer than two centimeters. The school decided the cloud was food and sped up into it to eat. There was some sperm left on Ari her body, and about half of the school swam up to her. They started nibbling all over her body. To Ari this felt very sensual, feeling small mouths caressing her. The fish soon found her sensitive spots. Three fish started working on her left nipple. Soon five joined their colleagues on her right nipple. These unknown stimulations were very pleasurable to Ari. 

One curious fish had the courage to dive deeper and attached itself to Ari's clit. This has two results. One was that it drove Ari over the edge, giving her her second orgasm that day. The second was that while being underwater she just had to scream out, which meant she was out of air. She had been floating underwater for a while now and unknown to her she had drifted quite offshore now. She was trapped, far underwater. Well, if she had to die, it was a nice way to do so. Her mouth started to fill with water. But, instead of drowning, she found herself breathing like she was used to do. Ari could breathe underwater! She didn't have much time to be grateful for that. There was a reason why Ari had drifted away. A thunderstorm had been developing and while Ari was underwater it created strong winds which made the sea move. You could guess the beach was empty now. Ari couldn't swim back either. The fish were gone so she was alone 10 meters below sea level moving towards the big dark ocean again.

The sea circled around her, taking her deeper and deeper downwards. While she was getting used to her new-found ability, she also struggled to orientate. She tumbled further and further away of the sea surface. She became a bit frightened when she heard a high-pitched squeal. Again she heard it. It was like someone was singing to her. The sound was familiar too, she thought.

The maelstrom around her luckily had faded away. Now Ari wanted to find out what had caused the strange squeal. The sea surrounding her was darker than just below sea level. So it was quite hard to recognize any objects. She looked around but saw nothing. So she looked around to behold her surroundings. All around her it was dark blue. No ocean floor could be seen. Above her she could only see a light blueish color where the surface must have been.

Suddenly she heard the noise again. Now she recognized it. It was the sound whales made. And indeed, a big form drifted into view. It appeared to be a blue whale, the biggest creature that ever lived on the planet. It seemed it had spotted her already, because it came closer. Now more details could be seen. Its head came into view with the baleens in front of its mouth. Behind it its massive body came into view with the small dorsal fin and the last piece was the tail. But what shocked Ari the most, was its size. It looked to be something like 40 meters, as big as a flat. But its behavior was calm so she relaxed while the whale swam underneath her. It drifted away in the darkness.

Ari didn't feel entirely comfortable in the deep so she set off to the surface. She swam towards the light above her. Somehow it had something spooky: being naked and alone in the dark sea. She was delighted when the sun could clearly be seen underwater and the water temperature rose. It became even better when she felt her head leave the water. She gasped with relief. Although the shore was not to be found, she felt it was a relief to have at least some fresh air around her. She thought that she could use the sun for orientation and then, well, she would see where she would go.

Out of nowhere came a big noise of splashing water. 'What the fuck was that?' Ari thought. Turning around she saw it was the whale she saw earlier coming up for fresh air. In the distance, some hundred meters away, it let out a fountain of water from its blowhole. It continued to drift on the surface, slowly coming towards Ari.

Then it dived underwater again. Slowly it sunk away. But when Ari thought it had disappeared, she suddenly felt something under her feet. Did she see a dorsal fin in front of her? Yes it goddamn was one. The whale had dived just under the surface and now the redhead stood on it. It slowly moved upwards. Ari was lifted from the water and fell on its back. What was it going to do? She could no nothing but holding on, laying flat with her belly and her boobs on the rough surface of the whale's back.

It started swimming again but while Ari thought it would dive again, it stayed at the surface and slowly swam away. It almost behaved like a boat. 'This is not scary at all. It's like I'm on a cruise' the girl thought. She moved up on hands and feet and crawled over the whale. It was really going slow, so she carefully attempted to stand up. Now she could see how big the whale actually was. In front, the viewable part of the whale ended where his head was. It's eyes were underwater, only the blowhole was visible. In the back, it's tail gracefully moved slightly up and down the provide the thrust needed to calmly travel further. The whale's body moved up and down a bit, but Ari could walk around.

'What the fuck is this. I'm walking on the back of a whale and it just lets me. Why would it do that?' Ari wondered. She decided to make the best of it. She laid down to relax, and maybe get a tan.

Her memory started to drift away to the animals she had fucked earlier. 'Mmm Azura's robot horse was definitely a good fuck. I wish I could go back...' Unknowingly her hand found her pussy and she slowly started to finger herself. In and out her fingers went, caressing her insides and clitoris. She couldn't stop thinking of the giant horse cock she had earlier. An orgasm seemed inescapable.

But then the whale jumped out of the water. 'God damnit what is this!?' Ari woke up from her daydreaming. She was launched in the air. While the whale dived under water for the first time it had carried her, Ari landed with a splash in the water. She sank underwater and saw the whale again. It now swam right over her. It's massive body blocked the sun from Ari's view. And there was something else that came into her eye. It hang from the whale's sheath, was 5 meters long, thick as a big tube and confirmed the whale was male. It was his giant erect dick.

“You want a reward big boy? That can be arranged” Ari spoke, knowing that the whale couldn't react anyway. When the massive cock hovered above her, Ari grabbed it by putting her arms around it. It was so big her fingers could barely touch each other on the other side. Ari tried to wrestle herself around it. She managed to climb on it, so her body was positioned between the whale's torso and the free-hanging cetacean penis.

Now how to fuck a enormous whale? Ari decided to start grinding first. She grabbed the penis at its flanks and pushed her pussy on the organ. The contact of her clit with the giant cock sent a pulse through her body. Then she started humping. With her arms and legs firmly around the penis she grinded her tits and cunt along and against the whale's tool. It was so erotic. Never had she thought that she would have to fuck a dick that was more than two times as big as her. 'Ah, ah, aaah' the feeling was so intense. 'Hmmm I love you big free willy' and she kissed his dick. At the same time she felt a familiar feeling in her loins. Her first orgasm hit her while she was humping the whale furiously. She collapsed on the penis but managed to hold on.

Being the horny beast she had became, Ari was soon in for lap two. This time she would be a bit more daring. It was unfair to let the whale not come too, she thought. So she climbed along the penis to it's tip. Can you imagine a girl climbing a tick like it is a pole? She reached the tip. It was pointy with a big hole in the middle. She could easily stick a finger in it. Maybe even her whole arm. So she pointed her hand at the entrance and started pushing in. But then the whale shocked. It didn't seem to like it so Ari pulled out as fast as she could.

Then a naughty idea came into her mind. Ari turned around. She put her feet along the shaft and as far as was possible she grabbed the penis with her hands. Going through her knees she was able to set her pussy up right at the tip. She pushed down. Slightly the enormous cock started to enter her. 'Ooooh yes you are even better than that bloody horse' she screamed into the sea. 'Fuck me!' She pushed down hard and managed to push an impressive 40 centimeters inside her. She couldn't go further because the penis was too wide after that. But it was impossible to hold on. She had to let the penis go. 'Fuck...'

Ari did not have to fear that it would slip out. Suddenly the sea once more acted like it was a person. As if many hands suddenly grabbed her, she found herself being impaled on the whale by an unseen force. She was now pushing in and out, not even by herself. 'Oh yes, oh yes, OH YES!' It stretched her to the max, but she didn't care. The eighteen-year old was in heaven. Soon she felt a second orgasm coming. 'Aaaaaaaaah!' she screamed without any shame. 'Ugh oooh yeeeaaahh....' Then she felt the cock in her shivering. It seemed the whale was to come too. And there came a massive flood. The whale's seed spurted out with an incredible speed. And it wasn't the least that came out. Ari was launched by a powerful jet stream of semen. She was covered in a white cloud now, containing millions of what could had become young whales.

Swimming through it to reach clear water was a strange feeling. The slimy semen felt foreign on her body, but erotic at the same time. When Ari swam out of it, the whale already was out of sight. So she swam to the surface, to find a way to recover from this great fuck. When she emerged from the sea, she saw an island at the horizon. So she set off to it, ready for new adventures to come.

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2016-01-11 14:42:41
How about Cerberus, complete with three dicks?

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2014-03-13 09:14:05
Lol yeah totally you saw the video for sure


2013-09-05 18:04:52
Minotaur idea is on the list - although with a different character. Maybe it's going to be Lara Croft style (ruins, old stuff) or maybe I'll set it in ancient Greece

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What about she bumps into a Minotaur that takes her as a prisoner and she has sex with it to make it pass out when it uses all its strength on fucking her over and over?

And i would love to have more cum into the story, the thing with the cock making a bulge on her stomach was really cool that you wrote about before! ;)

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Maybe Ari can grow a dick, that would be very cool.

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