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*Hi, I'm Josh. I'm 18 and I love reading sex stories of other people's lives and fantasies. This is the first story I've written so please be nice. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Tell me if you want more and what type you would like to read in the future. Thank you and enjoy the story.*

It's a Friday night and my parents just left for the weekend. An awesome thing for a 17 year old teenage boy, right? Wrong. I was going to have the house to myself but my 14 year old sister decided not to stay at her friends house because of some recent arguing between them. Boom. Just like that, plans ruined. I planned on having a small party with some friends from school but now I couldn't.

So now I'm sitting here in my room bored, playing xbox. My sister is talking on the phone and probably on Facebook, like always. A couple hours pass and I get a little hungry. As I'm walking to the kitchen I notice the door to the restroom is partly open and the light is on. I peak in and see my sister getting undressed. I feel my dick growing hard as I continue to watch. "Stop. What are you doing? That's your sister!", I tell myself in my head, but I keep watching. Her skin looks so soft. Her blonde hair reaching down to her lower back. She removes her shirt and I feel like I'm going to explode in my pants right there. She takes off her bra and I stare at her small, perky b-cup tits. I slowly undo my pants and begin stroking my cock slowly. I watch my little sister pull her panties off. I see her small firm ass. I sit there stroking myself, waiting for her to turn around so I can see her pussy. As my sister turns around and I see her tight pussy lips, I blow my load into my boxers. I sit there as she turns on the water to the shower and gets in. I walk to my room and change my boxers, "I can't believe I just watched and jacked off to my own sister undressing.." I say to myself quietly.

As I sit in my room thinking about what I did I hear the water turn off and my sister yell, "Could you get me a towel?!". I jumped up fast and grabbed a towel. As I walked to the door I stopped and knocked, "Come in.", my sister says from the other side of the door. I step in and see her peeking her head out from behind the curtain. I put the towel on the sink and turn around to leave, "Thanks!", she says as I walk out. I walk to my room and lay on my bed. I see my sister walk into her room with the towel wrapped around her. I look, hoping the door is open but its not. I lay on my bed, desperate to see my little sister naked again. I have an idea...

It's around 6 p.m. and I just finish making my sister and I an oven pizza. I pour myself a drink and then I pour get a drink, dropping ground up sleeping pills in hers. I mix it around with a spoon then call get to eat. I hand her a plate with pizza and her drink, "Thank you". I grab my food and drink and sit at the table with her. We eat and talk about school and our friends. As we're talking I'm wondering "When are these pills going to kick in?". As we finish eating I ask my sister,"Want to watch a movie?". "Yeah sounds fun.", she replies. I go to our small movie library and find the most boring we have. I put it on and we watch it together.

At about halfway through the movie I turn and see my sister asleep on the couch. "Finally" I think to myself. I walk over to my sleeping sister and sit next to her. I brush her hair out of her face and kiss her lips. I pull up her shirt slowly and unclip her bra. "Wow.." I say quietly as I massage her small tits. I feel myself getting hard again. I move down to get shorts and pull them down. I rub her ass through her panties. I grab her ass and kiss it softly. Making sure she's still asleep, I pull down her panties, exposing her tight little pussy. At this point I'm as hard as a rock. I spread her tight lips apart and rub her inside, her body twitching a little bit. I pull down my pants and pull out my dick and begin stroking it. I put the head of my dick in her mouth. Feeling her lips touch my dick makes me shiver slightly. I try to push my dick in further and my sister wakes up, "What the hell are you doing?!" she screams at me. I rush to put my hand over her mouth. I look into my sisters scared, watery eyes. It's too late, you're caught. Might as well finish.

I climb on top of my sister, my hand still over her mouth. "Just let me finish" I say in a soft voice. She squirms and wiggles to try to get out from under me. She hits me and kicks me. "Stop hitting me" I say in a loud voice. She continues hitting me. I pull my hand back and slap her face hard. The punches and kicks stop as my sister looks at me in terror, tears coming from her eyes. "Are you going to stop now?" She nods her head in agreement. I move up and sit on her chest. I remove my hand from her mouth and push my dick into my sister's mouth. I feel her tongue and teeth touch my dick softly. "Oh yeah.." I moan as I pump in and out of her mouth. I push my dick far and she gags and bites down on my dick. "Fuck!" I yell, slapping her again. "I'm sorry!" she pleads as I pull her hair. "Please stop brother." I ignore her and grab my phone. I set it to record and climb off my sister. "What are you doing?!", hiding her face. I pull her to the floor and pull her shorts and panties all the way off. Spreading her pussy lips I push my dick slowly into my sister. She moans softly and closes her eyes, not wanting to see anymore. I push further in and feel her cherry pop. She yells in pain and blood trickles out of her pussy onto to carpet. I slam into her as hard as I could. "Oh.." I moan slamming my dick in and out of my sister's pussy. She lays back moaning loudly and rubbing her breasts. She's beginning to like the feeling of being fucked. I rub her clit and keep fucking her. Her body twitches, her pussy and ass tighten, her toes curl, and she moans uncontrollably, as she orgasms. Feeling her tighten around my dick and her warm juices surround me, I feel myself about to explode. I grab my sister's hips and slam myself into her, cumming in her pussy, filling her up. Pulling my dick out, I see my cum leaking from her pussy and running down to her asshole. "Are you done?" she asks sternly. I look at my sweaty sister. "Yeah.. I am.." I say getting up. "Next time you're horny call your girlfriend... Or at least let me know before you rape me..", she says with a smirk. She gets up, walks to the restroom, and starts the shower. I sit on the couch, out of breathe. I grab my phone and press stop recording. I watch the video with a smile and decide to send it to my best friend, who's liked my sister since we were small. A couple minutes pass and I receive a text back "When are you gonna let me hit it?", "Come on over." I reply.

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2013-06-18 21:55:00
it was ok till he txt'd his mate the video. just because of that i rated this negative

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2013-06-18 21:54:49
it was ok till he txt'd his mate the video. just because of that i rated this negative

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2013-06-18 09:14:23
If u r going to fuck yr sisteru cun have least fuck her in her ass

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2013-06-17 23:26:04
Gang bang her and knock her up


2013-06-17 23:22:28
Learn how to spell and write better then put another story on here

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