The ongoing sexual saga of a dad and his twin daughters.
Chapter 1

Finally after several months of waiting for all the legal stuff that goes with buying a house, today I can pick up the keys and move in to the house I had always dreamt of owing. It’s a big 5 bed, 4 bath place over 3 floors with loads of other living rooms, office and a kitchen/diner that my old house could have fitted into with room to spare. There’s also a triple garage and workshop. The house sits on about an acre of manicured lawns and a tasteful selection of easy to look after plants and a great sized pool with a small pools house and a covered patio area across the whole width of the rear of the house. The house was a frickin’ steal as it was a bank foreclosure. I only have 3 neighbours with similar houses on similar plots on a quiet dead end road. 2 across from me and one to the left if you look at the front of my house. Our places are separated by a 6 foot high brick wall and tall mature tress that surround our properties so the house and garden aren’t over looked by my neighbours and I can’t see into theirs either. At the rear of our gardens on similar plots are 2 more houses again looking very similar to mine and my neighbours. But the house that’s parallel to mine I can just about see into their garden and all o fhteir house as the trees at the rear of both of our gardens are a lot younger and still quite short, but it’s no great drama as out houses are quite a distance apart.
All in all I love where I now live and love the house. But there is a tinge of sadness that went into buying the house as a 18 months ago my wife of 15 years was killed by a truck driver that ran a red light as she walked across the road and was DOA at the hospital. Long story short the trucking company admitted liability and the compensation paid for the house with plenty to spare so I could leave my job to look after my 13 yo identical twin girls, Jane and Janet. I wanted an easier time for them both as the it has been tough on them since their mothers death.
On arriving at the house with a removal truck full of furniture and opening the front door my 2 girls stripped down to matching red bikinis they both wore under shorts and t shirts as I unlocked the patio doors that lead to the pool and they jumped straight in laughing and splashing about. I smiled and left them to it while I spent the rest of the day with the removal guys shifting boxes and furniture to their respective rooms. After removal guys had left I called out to the girls asking what they wanted to eat.
"Pizza, daddy!” was the shouted reply in unison from the pool. It’s uncanny really, they still nearly always manage to answer a question, any question with the same answer in unison with out missing a beat. I’m used to it, but for a few others it can be a little weird.

After finding a local delivery pizza store phone number I placed an order then went to a nearest bathroom and opened a box marked towels. After grabbing a couple I went to the pool.
"Come on girls the pizza will be hear soon and any longer in the pool and you’ll look all wrinkly like a prune. "

They were splashing about, laughing and screaming. It was something I hadn’t seen them do in long while and it brought a big smile to my face. They both climbed out a few minutes later and ran over to me and each took a towel and wrapped them around their shoulders.
"Come on lets see the pool house, then you can grab a shower in there.”
I said. They ran ahead of me as far as the pool house door but had to wait as I was locked. I pulled out some keys from my pocked, found the right key and unlocked the door and we entered. The pool house had a small kitchen with a living area large enough for a couple of sofas to the right and to the left was the bathroom. It would need some new furniture but it was clean. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower to make sure there was hot water and opened a window.
I called out to the girls and they both trotted in naked giggling with their towels over their shoulders. Although I have often seen them both naked in their 13 years since birth and indeed they have seen me naked too, and not once did I think anything of it before as nudity in our old house was never a taboo, something that shouldn’t be done or dirty in anyway. Don’t get me wrong it’s not as if my wife and I went around fucking in front of the girls or anything like that just nudity wasn’t at all sexual. But suddenly for some reason seeing them happy and smiling and seeing their naked bodies shiny and moist from the pool I did something I had never done before, I was staring at their nakedness and it was very erotic. Their very small breasts with their nipples hard and pointy, firm flat stomachs and slim perfect legs. But my eyes fixed them selves on their sweet hairless pussies. As they passed me hanging up their towels I was now staring at their sweet peach asses and watched as they both got into the shower which was almost a blessing for me as the shower glass was frosted and I couldn’t see them any longer and it shook me out of my inappropriate staring. I turned to leave the bathroom and as I did my left hand brushed my rock hard cock that was straining against my shorts, the bulge was obvious and not subsiding. Fuck! I thought to myself. What are you doing staring at their naked bodies and getting a hard on? I couldn’t answer myself, I didn’t have any answers. I left the bathroom and picked up their wet bikinis they had left in a pile by the pool room door while my brain demanding my cock deflates to it’s normal soft self. It wasn’t paying attention and was staying hard. Then I found myself staring at their bikini bottoms and then was thinking about their hairless pussies that they had covered just a few minutes before and I felt my cock harden even more. I felt ashamed and horny at the same time and ran to the house before the girls came out of the shower and saw my hard cock. I ran to my bedroom at the top of the house and realised I was still holding their bikinis, I dropped them as if they suddenly became burning hot coals and sat on the edge of my unmade bed and covered my face with my hands in shame and shook my head trying to clear my thoughts of my 2 daughters naked and suddenly horny bodies. It wasn’t working not even slightly, my cock was still rock hard and all I could see in my minds eye was the picture of them wet and naked. I tried to distract myself and thought of the pizza that would be delivered soon and looked at my watch but saw that the pizza would be at least another 15 minutes away. So I stood up and went to a unopened box and ripped off the tape and started to empty it pulling out some of my clothes but I could feel my hard cock hitting the cardboard box as I bent over to pull out the last of it’s contents and out of the corner of my eye I saw the 2 red wet bikinis on the floor by the bed and the picture of their wet naked bodies still in my minds eyes focused on their pussies. I dropped the clothes back into the box and rubbed my cock through the shorts material. Dammit, I thought why is it that today, all of a sudden I find that my twin daughters are suddenly the sexiest 2 creatures ever to walk the earth, when yesterday they were just my daughters who I love but never thought of in any way like sex objects? Well, I’ve not fucked in a long while, that could be it and anything with a pussy is suddenly fair game for fucking. Maybe.
Ok cock you win this one time if it means you deflate and go soft. I undid my shorts and let them drop to the floor and I stepped out of them. As soon as my cock was released from the tight confines of my shorts it sprang to attention pointing straight up at me. I took hold of it and started to jack off closing my eyes seeing my 2 daughters wet and naked. It didn’t take long before I could feel myself almost cum. I opened my eyes and saw the wet bikinis on the floor and stopped jacking off to let the feeling of cumming subside a bit and walked over to the bikinis with my cock still in hand, bent over and picked up one of the bikini bottoms. Then rubbed my cock with the bikini bottoms just where one of the girls pussy had been rubbing against the material. It felt so good and seconds later I shot my cum onto the bikini moaning Janet and Jane‘s name and saying I wish I was cumming in their cunts. When I finished shooting my load I massaged my cum into the material with the head of my cock until my cum had been soaked into the bikini and couldn’t be seen anymore. My cock was finally going soft and I felt more ashamed at what I just did and the still image of my daughters in my minds eye, but that wank did feel so good.
"DAD, where are you?" the query came from ground floor and I almost panicked as I still had the bikini bottoms wrapped around my cock.
"I’m up here, you both OK?" I managed to shout out and rushed to get my shorts back on.
"Where are our red bikinis gone, have you got them dad?"
"Er yes I was gonna put them in the wash."
"It’s ok we’ll wear them again, it’s warm out here so they will soon dry out and we can eat the pizza out here too."
Oh crap! I thought. One of them is gonna wear a cum filled bikini.
"Are you sure you don’t want dry ones." I said as I rushed down the stairs, bikinis in hand.
"Nah it’s ok"
As I got to the bottom of the stairs, they were both standing their with their towels thankfully wrapped around them so I couldn’t see their nakedness. Then the door bell rang out. The pizza guy. The girls grabbed their bikinis and ran off. Oh fuck fuck fuck, one of them is definitely gonna be wearing cum filled bikini bottoms. The door bell rang again and I went and opened the door, paid off the pizza guy and after closing the door went out to the patio area. I found the girls had their red bikinis back on and one of them seemingly none the wiser that she had on bikini bottoms soaked in my cum. They were seated around some patio furniture that had been left by the previous owner. They were looking expectantly at the pizza boxes I was carrying but I was just standing there not moving thinking about what one of them was wearing.
"DAD!" Wake up, pizza we’re hungry"
"Oh sorry, miles away there." I said and put the pizzas on the patio table. The girls attacked them as if they hadn’t been fed in days and I sat down and joined in too pretending everything was just fine.. thank you very much. It wasn’t not by a long way, my cock was getting hard again. I was more ashamed now than I was before, ashamed at what I did, ashamed at the thoughts that I had and have now and those thoughts now consisted of me fucking them both and that was the cause of my cock growing in my shorts. But worst of all was I didn‘t care that I felt ashamed anymore, I felt horny and I did really want to fuck them both.

Chapter 2

After the pizzas were demolished we just sat there for a while, anyway I couldn’t really stand up as my fat hard cock was just too obvious in these shorts. The girls were quiet with their thoughts as I was with mine. My thoughts consisted of how the hell I was going to be able to fuck my girls, I had no idea and no plan was forth coming.
After a while I began of thinking of more mundane things, such as the thousand and one boxes need unpacking, beds need to be made…etc etc. Coming up with such a plan would have to wait.
"Ok girls, there’s loads of boxes that need unpacking in your bedrooms and they won’t unpack them selves, get to it."
"Oh dad! Can we just go in the pool for a bit, pleeeaaase?" They both gave me their best pleading faces, eyes wide and full of hope. I pretended to think about it for a moment.
"Ok, just 30 minutes, then unpacking and you have to make your own beds up. Deal?" Their faces broke in to huge smiles and they both rushed up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss. I had to cross my legs, I still had quite a hard cock.
"Thanks daddy!" they exclaimed. "Will you come in the pool too, it’s great?"
"Nah, I’ve got a lot to do." Then I had an idea. "Sure why not, why should you two just have fun. You two jump in, I‘ll be there shortly, I just need to find my swim shorts."
"Yay!!" and they ran off and jumped in the pool.
As I said I had an idea and that idea was to maybe try and feel their them up, accidentally of course and maybe try and rub my cock against them. It’s just an idea and not as yet a plan. I’ll just see what happens.
I quickly went to my bedroom and searched through 4 boxes of clothes before I found a pair swim shorts. No these won’t do, they’re too long. In the 5th box I found some white boxer shorts, perfect. I quickly changed into them and headed down to the pool. I found the girls shouting and laughing and splashing each other. My cock was by now quite soft but seeing them in the pool and the thought of me touching their sweet supple bodies I could feel it get hard quite quickly so I ran and jumped into the pool.
As soon as I hit the water the boxers became almost transparent and were baggy enough so my cock was free and exposed. More squealing and laughing from the girls as they started to splash me but were just out of arms reach so I quickly swam towards Jane shouting "I’m gonna get you!" She squealed and tried to swim away but I quickly caught up with her and managed to grab her around the waist and pulled her towards me with one hand and the other I managed to slip one hand between her legs running a finger along her pussy slit through the thin material then pushed her underwater so her face must have seen my hard and free cock. Janet in the mean time had come up behind me and managed to push me underwater as well laughing as she did so. Letting go of Jane she swam to the surface and I turned around in Janet’s direction and stretching out both arms around her I took hold of her ass cheeks, gave them a squeeze, let go and broke for the surface where they both launched themselves at me and again I found my self underwater where my face was staring at one of the girls sweet pussies so I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her towards me so my mouth was touching it and gave her pussy a lick. What I wouldn’t give to do that on dry land with her bikini anywhere else than covering her.
The splashing, dunking, screaming and shouting and me touching both girls at every opportunity went on for about another 5 or 10 minutes and I was a randy as I’d ever been with a rock hard cock obvious outside my boxers and my balls were ready to burst. I was getting a little worried that I was overdoing the touching a bit.
"Ok girls that’s enough for me, you can stay here for a bit longer but I’ve got lots to do."
"Aww dad." they both said unison.
"Sorry, I’m off to get a shower then do some unpacking." And I climbed out and headed towards the pool house not caring if they saw my hard cock as I padded off.
The hot water from the shower felt good as did gently stroking my cock as I remembered how it felt touching my girls pussies and tits. This caused me to quicken my stroking to a climax and as I came I called out my girls names.
"Mmm this cum is for you Janet and Jane. One day soon it will be spilling out of your cunts." Just as I finished saying that, Jane walked into the bathroom and started to take off her wet bikini.
"What did you say dad?" Fuck! Did she hear what I said?
"Nothing important Jane." I quickly replied. At least she didn’t see me cum.
"Have you got a towel there?" I asked.
"Yep." came the reply. My cock was soft now and made sure my cum had been washed away by the shower then I stepped out of the shower and Jane handed me a towel. Her bikini was in pile next to where I had dropped by boxers and she stood there wet and naked. Fuck, it took a lot of self control not to just fuck her there and then. She smiled and turned and went in to the shower.
"Where’s Janet?" I asked.
"She’ll be here in a sec." Came the reply.
I left the bathroom towelling myself dry and Janet came through the pool room door with a couple more towels in hand. She smiled as she saw me and headed for the bathroom. I heard some muffled chat and a some giggles while I finished off drying and wrapped the towel around my waist. I re-entered the bathroom and picked up 2 wet bikinis wondering which one had worn the cum filled bottoms then my boxers and rung them out over the sink as the girls were both in the shower.
"Don’t be long girls." I called out.
"We won’t dad." came the reply.
"Got a deal for you two." I said. "If you both get all your boxes unpacked tonight I’ll take you both shopping tomorrow, how’s that?"
I heard squeals of delight then the shower door burst open and my 2 wet naked twin girls came bursting out. They rushed towards me and hugged me. 2 sets of arms wrapped around me. I dropped the wet swim wear and hugged them back my hands drifting towards their asses. And 2 sets of young pert tits were pressed tightly against my chest. I was in heaven.
"Thanks dad." they both said and each gave me a peck on the cheek then let go and took their towels and started drying them selves. I picked up the swim wear reached into the shower and switched it off, left the pool room and headed towards the main house thinking that if I keep seeing them naked like that I’m not going be responsible for my actions.
2 hours or so later I had finished unpacking my boxes that were in my bedroom and I was walking down stairs with the flattened empties with the intention of going to the garage to drop the empties off. But dropped them on the landing and headed towards Jane’s room where I was hearing giggling and whispering behind her closed bedroom door. I couldn’t fully make out what they were saying so I turning my head I had my ear as close to the door as possible. There was more giggling for a bit then I heard Janet say.
"Did you see dad’s willy in the pool?" then more giggling.
"Yeah," Jane replied. "It was so big and hard! Did you touch it?"
"No, I was scared to. Did you?"
"No,I was scared too but I wanted to, I’ve never seen daddies willy hard before."
"Me neither."
A smile formed on my lips, a big smile. I stepped back from the door and went to Janet’s room next door. I saw all of her boxes had been emptied and her bed had been made, then went to Jane’s door, knocked and entered.
"Finished unpacking yet?" I asked. They were both sitting on the bed and both were wearing matching thin white cotton baggy shorts and thin white cotton tops with spaghetti straps and were looking a little flushed in their cheeks. And staring me in the face were 2 pairs of hard nipples poking through the thin white cotton.
"Yes dad, we’re both finished, see." and they both were pointing around the room. I glanced around quickly.
"Good, well done girls. Just grab the empty boxes and leave them in the garage will you then bed it’s getting late and you both don’t want to miss our shopping expedition tomorrow." I said this leering at their stiff hard nipples.
"What can we get dad?" they asked.
"Anything you like girls, as much as you can carry." To squeals of delight they both ran up and hugged me and gave me kiss each while I cupped their asses, one in each hand and gave a squeeze. They felt so good.
"Come on, empties, garage, bed." Janet ran to her room and came out with her empty boxes, Jane followed suit and I met them at the stairs and off we all went to the garage dropped the empties against the back wall of the garage. As the girls ran off I said.
"I’ll be up in a sec to tuck you in."
"Ok dad."
I headed towards the kitchen and to grab a cold drink then realised that we had nothing to drink or eat even. We’ll have to do a grocery shop as well tomorrow. I dug out a glass from one of the packing boxes and pored some tap water and took a long drink then went upstairs. All was quiet as I knocked and entered Jane’s room. She was on her back and already asleep. Her thin quilt was just pulled up to the top of her white shorts, her legs spread forming a V shape underneath. Her top had ridden up her body showing her flat, slim belly and was bunched underneath her pert and small tits. Her nipples had softened and were no longer poking through the thin material. Her arms were bent at the elbows with her hands either side of her head. She let out a gentle girly snore as I got to the side of the bed she was laying on and stood over her, just watching her for a moment. I bent over and I took the end of the quilt ready to pull it up and cover her with it, but instead I folded it back a foot or so I could see all of her shorts. I felt myself getting hard and my cock was straining against my own shorts as I moved my hand from the quilt and gently placed it between her legs with my middle finger on her cunt slit, Jane didn’t stir. So I gently started to rub with the whole of my middle finger running the full length of the slit. It felt so good and my cock was hurting being so strained in my shorts so with my free hand I pulled my cock out through the leg hole. Free of it’s confines it stood to attention and rock hard and I started to stroke it while I continued gently rubbing her cunt slit for moment or 2 more. I stopped stroking my cock for a moment to gently pull up Jane’s top some more so I could see her tits then continued stroking my cock. The I stopped rubbing her cunt slit and licked middle my finger and slipped it underneath her shorts between her legs and rubbed her cunt slit, skin on skin. Her bald cunt was as smooth as velvet and my breathing started getting a little ragged. Jane stirred and I panicked, quickly pulling up the quilt and covering her while putting my aching cock back into my shorts. Then gave her a kiss on the forehead and quietly left the room closing the door behind me. Back in the hallway my heart was pounding in my ears, I took a deep breath and steadied myself. I then took a long deep sniff of my middle finger, I could just make out the sweet scent of Jane’s cunt. Fucking gorgeous.
Knocking on Janet’s door I entered. She was still awake. Laying on her side facing me as I walked in. Her quilt was tightly tucked up under chin so all I could see of her was her head and face. I sat down next to her, my semi hard cock not too noticeable.
"Hello daddy."
"Hello pumpkin, are you ok?
"Yes thanks daddy. Daddy?" She asked.
"Thank you."
"What for?" I asked enquiringly.
"Thank you for being my daddy and thank you for this brilliant new house and the pool too."
"My pleasure sweat heart and I’m glad you like it. I do to."
"Love you daddy" she said and sat up and gave me my third hug of the day.
"Wow so many hugs today." I said.
"I love you daddy."
"I love you too Janet." and kissed her on the forehead. And I would love to fuck you too, I thought to myself.
"Come on now, sleep. We’ve got a busy day tomorrow." I told her and she put her head back on the pillow.
"Night daddy."
I stood up and left the room, quietly closing the door behind me.
I went back to Jane’s room, just to check on her. On opening the door I saw she was just as I had left her a few minutes before, on her back hands by her head. I gently pulled back the quilt to the bottom of her bed, her legs were still spread and I could plainly see her cunt as her shorts had moved a bit and her top was still pulled up showing her tits. If I wasn’t her daddy and she was just some other 13 year old girl I would have raped her there and then.
I had my iphone in my pocket and I took it out and got the camera function working, turned on her bedside lamp which was bright enough not to need the flash working and framed Jane on the screen and took some photos. Firstly of her face and tits then a couple of full length shots. Next were a couple of close ups of her shorts with her cunt in view. Next was a bit tricky but I put my iphone down for a moment and gently as I could pulled Jane’s legs almost together and taking the waistband of her shorts I slowly pulled them down her legs and took them off, dropping them on her bed by her feet. After pulling her legs apart I got a full and unobtrusive view of her oh so sweet cunt. I picked up my iphone and took some close ups of it. Needless to say but my cock was again rock hard and straining at the leash.. I took off my shorts and positioned my self so my cock head was just next to her mouth without touching her. One good thing about an iphone is that it has 2 camera lenses so I could position it so I could view the screen and frame the shot and took some pictures. I also did this with my cock near her tits and my cock head just millimetres from her cunt. Although I wasn’t going to fuck her tonight I was going to jerk off and cum on her. I set up the phone for video recording and started to record myself jacking off and some video of a near naked sleeping Jane. It took a few minutes to cum as I had already jacked off twice today. With my right knee gently placed between her legs and the other on the edge of the bed my cock was right over her cunt and pushing it down so the cock head was just a few inches away from her smooth velvet skinned cunt and I cum, all the time videoing it. My cum hit her cunt slit perfectly with a blob of cum running down her slit. There was a dribble of cum hanging from my cock like a not quite frozen icicle. So gently getting off the bed I stood with my cock over Jane’s mouth and lips and let the dribble of cum hit her lips making them shiny like she had used a lip balm. After a moment or 2 I stopped the video recording and put my shorts back on but I couldn’t risk trying to put Jane’s back on so I just left them where they were on the bed but I did pull her quilt back over her body and quietly left the room.
I went to my bedroom, found my laptop and USB modem as I didn’t have a working landline yet so no DSL and downloaded the pictures and video to it. While this was happening I fired up the modem and web browser and did a Google search. After about 20 minutes I found a website I was looking for. I had never searched for this type of website before I had no need of it. The site was basically for guys that fantasised about fucking their daughters and until today the thought had never crossed my mind but for what ever reason, today it was all I could think of doing. The site was a forum and I had to register to view it and add posts. But first I set up an anonymous email address and registered and after replying to the email they sent me I began to browse the site.
There were hundreds if not thousands of guys like me and all wanting to or do indeed fuck their daughters. A hell of a lot of posts to me anyway sounded like rubbish and lies, fantasy mostly but nothing wrong with that. But one particular user caught my eye, his posts somehow rang true and also his posts seemed very popular, plus there were a lot of similarities in his situation to mine. He had 2 girls 12 and 14, he had brought his daughters up alone since his wife passed away about 2 years ago and like me he went from not even once thinking about his daughters sexually to one day for him about a year ago suddenly seeing his daughters differently, sexually and the urge to fuck them was all he could think of.
I checked the users profile to what information was there about him ( if any ), there wasn’t much but he does appear to live not that far from me. He didn’t give his whole address just the area and that area I recognised as not far from my new house, maybe a 40 minute drive at most.
I switched the page to my blank profile and filled in the area I lived and a few other bits too. Then clicked on a link so I could send a private message to this user. But what should I say? I thought about it for a few minutes while I checked out the photos and video of Jane. I felt a bit guilty about taking these pics and the video of her like that, she was my daughter after all and if anyone else had done anything similar to Jane or Janet he would be dead with his balls cut off. But the guilt didn’t stop me from wanting her and her sister impaled on my cock and to become my sex toys. I switched back to the private message screen and started typing my message to him.
I started off by giving him my situation with my daughters and a little history. What happened today, such as cumming in the bikini , touching them up etc and ended off by asking for any help he could give me. I even attached a couple of pics of Jane, one of her naked and one with that dribble of cum on her lips. And clicked send. I checked the time, nearly midnight. I switched off my laptop went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth then climbed into bed and was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.


The next thing I knew was Jane and Janet were bouncing up and down on my bed waking me up, it was 7am. Jane was back in her white shorts, through bleary eyes I looked up at them bouncing away, their tits not moving as they were after all very small but I could see a perfect outline of them against pressed against the thin white cotton and just a hint of nipples too. Jane didn’t seem any the wiser about last night, but who knows?
"Come on daddy, time to get up, we’re going shopping! Yay!"
"It’s too early girls, the stores don’t open for another hour."
"No, get up now, now daddy come on." Stopping their bed bouncing to jump all over me.
"Ok, ok I’m getting up, I’m getting up. First things first girls, showers and get dressed and get ready, you know you both take ages. Go on scoot." Jumping of the bed and me they ran out of my bedroom. First thing for me though.. Coffee. I know I have some of that packed along with the coffee maker. I got out of bed, stretched and headed downstairs to the kitchen. 10 minutes later I was sitting outside with a steaming mug of coffee. From where I was sitting I could see the most of the house that sits directly on the plot of land at the end of my garden, well I could see the top 2 floors anyway. And on the top floor standing looking out of the wide window I could just make out someone. I couldn’t tell at this distance if it was male or female, young or old but I gave a wave to them and they waved back. I finished off my coffee and headed back to my bedroom for my shower and to get ready for the day ahead.
In my bathroom I turned on the shower and let it get hot stepped back into the bedroom and got undressed. I had no sooner got naked and Janet burst into my room, I had no chance of covering up but at least I didn’t have a hard on. But when I saw what she was wearing… she just had on a little black thong that left little to the imagination and a black tiny trainer bra that barely covered her tits. OMG !! My cock was twitching. She had in each hand 2 different outfits, a cute red skirt with a white blouse and a pair of black opaque leggings. And it hardly even registered to her that I was naked with what she had on was in serious danger of giving me raging hard on while she stood there.
"Dad, should I wear the skirt or the leggings with the white blouse?"
"Erm, what’s Jane wearing?"
"She will wear the skirt if I choose the leggings or the leggings if I choose the skirt."
"Oh, ok, you wear the skirt then."
"Ok, daddy, thanks." she dropped the leggings and blouse on the floor and stepped into the skirt, pulled it up and fastened it. It was shorter than I thought, barely much more than a mini skirt, but she looked good in it. She then grabbed up the blouse and put it on, did up the buttons and tucked it in to the skirt. My god she looked so sexy in it, my cock agreed and was more than twitching into life and was way passed being soft and small.
"Is this ok daddy?" She held her arms out wide as if on a crucifix, but so I could see her outfit in all it’s glory. I wanted to say that she looked like a sex doll and please bend over and pull your thong to one side while I fuck your tight hairless cunt with my hard cock. And do you know how much of a tease you are you little slut?
My cock was hard and I didn’t try to hide it, I wanted her to see it. I wanted her to see what she does to me, how horny she makes me feel.
"Daddy?" she said "Is this ok?"
"Erm , yes Janet you look sexy, darling," I swallowed "can’t you tell I think you look very sexy." There I said it, I wanted her to know that my hard cock was because of her. Her eyes went to my cock. She was blushing. But she stood there and didn’t flee the room crying and screaming.
"Is, is that why your willy is big coz you think I’m sexy?"
"Yes darling, your very sexy and when a man sees a sexy girl his willy gets big like this. I heard you and Jane yesterday say you wanted to touch it when we were in the pool, do you still want to touch it now?. It‘s ok darling you don‘t have to now, but I want to show you something" I took hold of my cock and started to jack off. Janet looked at me wide eyed and her mouth open in shock, her face a deep red with embarrassment.
"This is what men also do when they see a sexy girl, it’s call masturbation. You would have been taught this in sex ed classes. And after a while they ejaculate, do you know what that is?" she shook her head "no.
"It’s ok I’m going to show you, but first close the bedroom door." she stood still.
"Janet, please close the door." this time she did as I asked.
"Now lay down on the bed." She faltered for a moment then went to the bed her legs from the knees down were hanging over the side. I walked over to her and stood in front of her.
"Pull up your skirt." I said "Men like to see what is under your skirt." she did as I asked. The tight small triangle of black nylon barely covered her cunt. I continued to jack off.
"Men like to see girls panties, they like what is underneath them, between your legs. One name we call it is cunt and your cunt is beautiful. I like that you have no hair down there, very sexy. Now move further up the bed." she sat up and shuffled backwards a foot or so.
"That’s it darling, now lay back down." she did.
"I’m gonna take off your panties now don’t be scared." I bent over slightly grabbed her thong at the waistband and pulled them down and off then I got on the bed kneeling between her legs and continued jacking off once more. Janet closed her eyes.
"Janet, Janet open your eyes and look at my cock. Do you know what fucking is? She half opened them.
"That’s better but look at my cock, well do you know what fucking is?"
"Yes." she quietly replied.
"What is it then, tell me, tell me what fucking is."
It’s, it’s when a man puts his willy in a ladies private part."
"That’s right, but it’s not called a willy it’s called a cock and it’s not a ladies private part it’s called a what? I’ve told you already."
"A cunt."
"Yes that’s right, darling. So fucking is what?" I asked again.
"When a a man puts his cock in a cunt."
"Good girl, have you been fucked yet Janet? Has any boy from school fucked your cunt yet. You’re a beautiful sexy young girl Janet I bet you love cocks in your cunt, I bet loads of boys have fucked you." She was shaking her head.
"No daddy, no one has fucked me yet."
"Good girl, I’m glad you’re still a virgin because that means I will be the first one to fuck you, I will be the first man to put his cock in your cunt. I know you want me to, I know you want me fuck you Janet because you said you wanted to touch my hard cock and when a girl says that she wants to be fucked so you and Jane wants your daddy to fuck them. It’s the same if you wear sexy clothes like you have on now, your telling guys that they can fuck you. So when you wear sexy clothes for me and sexy slutty underwear you’re telling me to fuck you, to stick my cock in your tight slut cunt and fuck you until you beg for me to stop. You’re telling me to fuck you aren’t you Janet, Janet beg me to fuck you, tell me you want my big hard cock in your slutty young tight cunt. Tell me you slut!" I was shouting at the end.
"No daddy, no." Janet started to cry.
"Tell me you want me to fuck you, you know you’re a slut, you dress like a slut. You’re dressed like a sex doll and sex dolls are only good for fucking. Tell me you’re a fuck doll you slut and want me to fuck you, NOW"
"Dad…Daddy, f.f.fuck me, fuck me." it was a whisper.
"Say it louder."
"Fuck me daddy!!" she shouted the words between sobs.
"No , you don’t mean it, I’m gonna fuck Jane instead, I know she really wants to."
"Noo daddy , please fuck me , fuck me, I really want you to. Put your cock in my slutty cunt and fuck me. FUCK ME!"
"Good ok, slut, spread your legs wide apart." she did.
"This is going to hurt Janet the first time always does." I positioned my cock at her cunt hole and in one thrust I pushed the whole of my 8 inches of cock into her cunt and started to fuck her.
"Aagghhh" Janet screamed. I just pounded her cunt, fucking her.
I could feel her cunt wall gripping my cock milking it, squeezing it.
"That’s good slut, mmmm your cunt is so tight. Tell me you’re my fuck toy Janet, tell me I can fuck you when I want and where I want."
"Yes daddy, I want you in my cunt always, I will always dress sexy for you daddy, oh daddy , fuck me, FUCK ME!" Janet was still crying , but she had now wrapped her legs around me and was tightly hugging me too.
I felt my orgasm boiling and my cock felt ready to burst.
"I’m gonna cum in your cuuunt!" One last thrust and a thick long spurt of cum filled her tight cunt. I fucked her for a few more stroked making sure her cunt was coated fully in my cum. Then I pulled out and sat astride her chest.
"A good fuck toy daughter has to suck her daddy’s cock clean, now open your mouth." as she did I slid my cock in.
"That’s it, now lick and suck it clean of my cum, mmmm yes that’s it." her head bobbed up and down the length of my cock her tongue licking furiously.
"Daddy, fuck me now!" my head spun around and Jane was standing at the bedroom door. I don’t know how long she had been standing there and how much she had seen. But all she had on was an identical black thong that Janet was wearing and nothing else.
"Daddy, I’ve wanted you to fuck me since you fingered my cunt last night and cum on me. I pretended to be asleep." I smiled.
"I nearly did, Jane, I wanted to, I wanted to so bad. Do you want to be my sex toy too then?"
"Yes daddy, please fuck me too, fuck my cunt."
" Come here then." she came over, I took my still hard cock out of Janet’s mouth and stood up next to Jane.
"Kneel on the bed with your ass in the air and your face over Janet’s cunt and lick her cunt, taste my cum." Jane got into position and went to work on her sisters cum filled cunt. I stood behind Jane and pushed her legs apart and guided my cock to Jane’s cunt hole and pulled her panties to one side and pushed all the way deep into her cunt like I did with Janet. A muffled scream came from Jane’s mouth as I pushed and started to fuck her.
"Get your tongue deep in her cunt Jane use your fingers to finger fuck her cunt as well. Really fuck her cunt , fuck your slut sisters cunt. "
I was pounding her cunt as hard as fast as I could and I couldn’t believe my luck. In less that 24 hours I had gone from not thinking of my daughters as anything other than my beautiful daughters that I love with all my heart, to now thinking of them as sex toys to be used for my pleasure.
"Girls, just to let you know, every time I fuck you or you 2 put on a lesbian slut sex show for me I’m going to video it, so make sure you always have the sluttyest underwear on or none at all and wear sexy short and skimpy clothes too. You can get all you need when we go shopping and there is a sex shop I want to go to as well as there’s lots of sex toys to get."
"Yes daddy" After another 5 minutes of pounding Jane’s cunt I came, filling her cunt with my cum too. I pulled my cock out. Jane suck me clean, she got up and turned around sat on the edge of the bed opened her mouth and slid it around my cock. I put both hands on the back of her head and I pushed my cock deep into her mouth. I heard her gag as my cock hit the back of her throat.
"Janet, put 3 fingers in your sisters cunt and finger fuck her. She got off the bed and knelt down beside me pushed her sisters legs apart so she could see the cum filled cunt and pushed 3 fingers deep in her cunt.
"Mmmm that’s you 2 sex sluts, you both have a lot to learn about sex and fucking but it’s gonna be fun. There’s something else too, every time you go into garden or the pool you must be naked, the same for me too. No clothes in the garden."
"Yes daddy" Janet said and smiled. Jane was doing such a good job on my cock I came again.
"Swallow it slut, swallow my cum." she swallowed.
"Good slut. I’m gonna take a shower now then we will go shopping. You 2 get dressed but no underwear or bra and wear short skirts, both of you and a tight top and don’t shower I want to smell sex on you. Go on scoot be ready in 10 minutes"
The girls smiled , turned and left my bedroom. I turned to my bathroom opened the door steam flooded out as I had forgot to turn off the shower earlier.

Anonymous readerReport

2015-02-06 13:59:29
No woman is a "fuck toy," whether she is a "slut" or not, and that goes double for 13-year-old girls, and triple for 13-year-old girls who are one's daughters. This is a bad beginning, and I'm not reading any more of your stories.

anonymous readerReport

2013-08-10 21:21:49
I have ready way better, gotta love the little girls not hurt them.

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-21 06:21:21
I agree with the 7th comment, with the exception of getting them pregnant,it was definitely rape,, not love for the twin daughters, still a reasonable start.....

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-20 00:00:23
i agree the sex was rushed and the father should have been more caring and tender. i would still like to see the story continue with the father getting his daughters pregnant.

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-18 22:05:40
It was good n the beginning, but you rushed the actually fucking I think he should of took one of them somewhere alone abd slowly talk them into letting him fuck them. Then do the same to the other make them love it, then get them to make out with each other. Just a thought

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