The ongoing sexual saga of a dad and his twin daughters.
Chapter 5

I was woken to my mobile ringing in the house, by the time I answered it the caller had rang off but had left a message which I listened too. It was the girls new school, just confirming that the new school semester starts on Monday and any problems just give us a call etc etc. Today was Friday, 3 more days away. I checked on the girls, they were still on their loungers and asleep by the look of it. I left them to it and decided I should really get on with some more unpacking. I trotted back to my bedroom to get some clothes on. I checked once more on the blonde girl, I couldn’t see her anywhere. I pulled on some shorts and polo shirt and went back down to the family room and opened a box marked Family Room 2 of 7. It only took about an hour to go through all 7 boxes and put the contents away. The removal guys had done a good job with the furniture placing it in the room where I wanted it to go. The boxes just contained things like DVDs, BluRays, books, Cds, framed photos, which were now all on their rightful places. The last box contained various electronic players for all the DVDs etc which were all wired up to the TV and in place in no time. After clearing up and pushing the vacuum cleaner around and finishing tidying up, the only things left were the contents of the 2 bags from the sex shop. Sitting down next to the bags on the sofa, I tipped the bags out. There were doubles of everything, the sex shop salesman gave a "Sweet" comment and a knowing wink when ringing my purchases through the till when I said "Twins". There were dildos and vibrators of different sizes, shapes and colours, anal beads, nipple clamps, handcuffs covered with pink fur, massage wands, duo balls, remote control eggs, anal plugs, double dongs, and even a couple of shower attachments for enemas. $700 worth. The best sale the guy had all week, so he threw in a couple of Sex DVDs on the house, Handjob Heaven and Anal Orgies. Might be worth a look at later. I refilled the bags and put them away in a cupboard under the book case. I could hear shouting and water splashing coming from the garden, the girls were awake.
There was just one more job to do for today, sort each of the bathrooms out. They didn’t need cleaning, that was done before we moved in so that won’t take very long. I went upstairs to mine first and sorted it out, took 5 minutes. In my bedroom and glancing out of the window in to the neighbours garden someone was stretched out on a lounger next to their pool. Picking up the binoculars and pointing them next door I saw it was the blonde girl, she was in a dark blue bikini her eyes closed. Looking at her I guessed she would be 5ft 5 or 6, 110lbs maybe less, not more. Athletic body. No idea at tit measurement but her cup size I’d guess at no more than a B. Scanning down her body her legs were slightly apart but enough to see a camel toed cunt. She’s been fucked quite a few times I thought, or at least uses a dildo a lot. I was right first time I think about her age, 15 or 16 but not as sexy as my 2 girls, saying that though if she offered her cunt on plate I’d bury my cock in there quicker than saying fuck me. I saw her hand swat away an unseen fly and she opened her eyes shielding them from the sun by her free hand then reached down to a tall glass to her left and picked it up. Seeing that it was empty she sat up and swung her legs off the lounger and stood up, turned round and headed indoors. I watched her ass all the way in and it filled her bikini bottoms very very nicely and her hips swung seductively from side to side as she walked indoors. Yep, I thought if she offered me her cunt on a plate nothing on this earth would stop me filling it up for her.
Putting the binoculars down I left my bedroom to finish the other bathrooms.
20 minutes later I was heading to the pool with 3 tall glasses of lemonade and ice. The girls were back on their loungers and took the proffered glasses and each took a long cool sip.
"Mmm, thanks daddy." they said in unison. And I sat down on the edge of the empty lounger.
"Daddy, what are you doing?" Janet asked me. "Don’t you know your own rule about clothes in the garden?" and both girls laughed.
"Doh!" I said mockingly and slapped my forehead. I stood up after placing my glass on the ground and undressed.
"Is that better, you little sluts?"
"Yes daddy." they answered giggling. I sat back down and finished off my drink and placed it back on the ground, stood up and was about to jump in the pool when Jane asked.
"Daddy, is your cock always hard like that? I smile and looked down at it and placing my hand around it as if I was going to jack off.
"Only when I am near you 2 fuck dolls or I am thinking about you both. I’ve said already to you this is all your fault. The only other person this happened to was when I was with your mother. It‘s like looking at a photo of your mother when she was about your age, when I look at you 2"
"You knew mommy when she was our age?" We’d never told the girls about when we first met when she was 14 but from when she was almost 19.
"Yes, we actually first met when your mommy was 14 and I was nearly 21."
"Did you fuck her, when she was 14?" Janet asked mater of factly.
"Yes I did baby, she loved sex and fucking and couldn’t get enough. So when I fucked you both it felt almost like I was fucking your mother."
The girls stood up and ran to me and hugged and kissed me.
"We miss mommy, daddy."
"Me too my babies." and I hugged and kissed them back.
"Fuck me daddy." Jane said as she let go of me and was on all 4s, ass in the air on the lounger.
"Fuck me like you fucked mommy."
Janet let go of me, sitting down on next lounger along. She then spread her legs and started rubbing her cunt.
"Fuck her daddy, fuck her good."
I kneeled behind Jane and taking my cock I rubbed it along her cunt slit and with a single thrust in entered her and her cunt took half my length. A second thrust and she took the whole of my cock.
“Yes daddy, yes." Jane hissed. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."
I fucked her, grabbing her hips for stability I pounded her tight little cunt.
"You like that you fuck slut, you like daddy fucking your tight cunt?"
"Yes, yes, harder daddy, fuck me harder." and she started to thrust her hips back match my thrusts.
"Yes, yes, yes, oh daddddyyyyyy, thaaats sooooo goooood."
I could see that Jane was having trouble keeping upright, her arms were going to collapse.
"Janet, Jane lie down next to each other." I said as I slowly stopped fucking Jane then slowly pulled my cock out. Jane collapsed onto her stomach and turned over onto her back then Janet joined her. I stood up, my feet either side of the lounger, their faces were directly below me.
"Open your mouths" they did and I started to jack off. A couple of minutes later I came shooting a long hot stream of cum over Jane’s face half hitting her chin and the other half went in her mouth.
I came again, the second stream of cum hitting Janet’s right eyes and cheek. I finished off my wiping my cock over Janet’s face.
"Lick each other faces, clean off my cum." They turned to face each other, tongues at the ready. Jane cleaned Janet’s face first and finished off by spitting in Janet’s mouth. Followed by Janet licking Jane’s face and spitting in her mouth they then French kissed, swapping saliva and cum. I absentmindedly looked at the neighbours house, I saw blondie at her window and she must have seen us fucking. I smiled and with one hand still wrapped around my cock I waved at her with the other. She waved back but in her other hand there looked to be something black or at least a dark colour.. Binoculars maybe? Or just a book? Or something else? I had to find out.
"Carry on girls, I’ll be back on minute." I heard muffled ok’s and I went o the house and to my bedroom. Picking up my binoculars, blondie came into clear view standing at her window. She still had her bikini on and in her hand was a pair of binoculars, she was looking through them and it looked like she was watching the girls who were still laying down on the lounger kissing and also now fingering each others cunts. With my free hand I started to slowly jack off, watching blondie in her bikini watching the girls kissing and fingering each other. After a couple of minutes I decided to go back into the garden but I would be taking the binoculars with me. After a short time I was standing next to the girls who were still busy with each other and I was through the binoculars looking at blondie who was now looking at me through hers. I had my cock in my hand slowly jacking off and we stood like that for at least 5 minutes until she lowered her binoculars and walked away from the window. I also lowered mine but stood still looking at her window with my cock in my hand. After another 5 minutes I was just about to give up, she wouldn’t come back to her window, when all of a sudden there she was. She didn’t seem to have her binoculars in her hand but something white and square looking which she then placed against the glass. Raising my binoculars again I saw what the white square thing was. It was a sheet of paper and on the sheet of paper was a row of numbers, a telephone number? I turned and rushed inside and grabbed my phone and rushed back out side looked again at the numbers and called. It started ringing, with binoculars still firmly fixed on blondies window I saw her walk away for a moment then come back with her phone in her hand answered it and placed it to her ear.
"Hello." Was it blondie?
"Hello" I said back. "Am I talking to the blonde girl in the blue bikini?"
No answer for a moment, then.
"Yes, yes it is." she replied. Then she hung up and walked away from her window.
By now the girls had stopped with each other when they heard me talking on the phone.
"Was that the girl at the window daddy on the phone?"
"Er yes it was."
"How did you get her number?"
"She told me."
"Call her back daddy."
"No, I’ll send her a text."
Don’t’ be scared, call or text me when u r ready. Is the text I sent blondie.
"If she wants to speak she’ll call back." I said to the girls.
The clock on my phone said 6.10 pm.
"What’s for dinner girls?"
"McDonalds!." was the shouted response.
"Hah, ok, but you’ll have to get some clothes on, we can’t go out naked like this, " the girls laughed. "get showered and dressed you have 20 minutes, but remember, something sexy, something you bought today."
"Yes daddy." and they ran into the house. I followed at more leisurely pace. I suddenly remembered something. Fuck! I forgot to switch on the video camera. Dammit. Too late now worry about it.
20 minutes later I knocked on Janet’s bedroom door and entered.
"Are you ready?
"Yes I am. " Calling from her bathroom. She came out wearing a white denim skirt so short she didn’t have to bend over for me to see her ass and a matching white sleeveless denim waist coat with 2 buttons at the front and which was cut short showing plenty of her stomach, It was almost just a denim bra really just with much wider straps. On her feet were white cowboy boots.
"Do you like daddy?" Stupid question really, it was fabulous.
"Damn girl, wow it’s amazing."
She slowly lifted the front of the skirt and underneath she was panty free, her cunt bald and smooth.
"See, no underwear daddy."
"I see darlin’"
"Would you fuck me while I wear this daddy."
"You betcha, wow, you’re so hot."
Then Jane burst into the room. She had on the same outfit but just in black. She saw that Janet was showing off her panty free cunt and did the same.
"You girls are so fucking sexy, the boys will be drooling when they see you 2." The girls smiled.
"Just as long as your happy daddy."
"No fear there girls." I knelt down in front of Janet and licked her cunt then gave it a quick rub with a finger, then did the same to Jane.
"Thank you daddy."
Jane sat in the front seat of the car, with the extreme shortness of the skirt sitting down caused it ride even higher so her cunt was fully exposed for the drive to McDonalds. Like wise for Janet on the back seat. I could barely concentrate on my driving but managed to keep under the speed limit as I didn’t want to be pulled over for speeding, otherwise the Officer would get an eyeful of 2 young sweet cunts.
McDonalds was quiet and we chose a table in the corner with one nearby, the girls told me what they wanted and I went an ordered the food. Cheeseburgers, fries and a strawberry milkshakes for the girls and a Big Mac, large fries and a Root Beer for me. I sat next to Janet and placed the tray of food and drink on the table and we all tucked in.
When we had finished eating and were slurping the last of out drinks my phone beeped that it had got a text message. Pulling the phone from my pocket I saw it was from blondie. It said " Call me tomorrow after 9am" I told the girls.
"Maybe she wants you to fuck her too daddy." said Jane.
"Maybe darling, what do you 2 think I should do? And remember to call me Jack when we‘re out"
"Sorry Jack."
They both thought about it for a moment or two and said.
"Yes you should fuck her Jack, as long as you still fuck us too that’ll be ok." I smiled at them.
"Of course I’ll still fuck you both, you’re my little sex toys and I love you both."
"We love you to Jack."
We left our seats and each of the girls to one of my hands as we walked out. It was a little busier that now and the girls were being stared at by a couple of guys in their late teens, but I don’t think the girl noticed.
I was wrong, when we got back into the car, Janet sat up front with me and said.
"Jack, did those 2 boys want to fuck us, do you think?"
"What makes you say that honey?"
" The way that they stared at us."
"Well honey, every boy at that age wants to fuck girls, it’s just natural. So yes they probably did want to fuck you both."
"Should we let them, then?"
"If you had asked me that 2 days ago I would have said definitely no and I would have killed any guy that tried to, but now I’m fucking you both it seems a bit like double standards. So now, at the end of the day the choice is yours. If you don’t want to you don’t have to no matter what the boys say or do, its your choice. Do you both understand?
"We understand Jack."
"There’s two more thing first though."
"What’s that Jack?"
"Well you both started your periods about 6 months ago, which means you can get pregnant and have babies because I am now fucking you both. So we need for you two to go on the pill and that stops you having babies, ok? I’ll call the doctors and get an appointment. And the other thing is if you decide to fuck boys then you must use a condom, just in case the boys might have an STD and you don’t want one of those, ok girls?"
"Yeah we know , we did that in sex ed classes."
I started the car and drove home.
The girls wanted to watch a TV show so I let them get on with it. I went out to the garden and collected their red fuck me shoes, stockings and dildos as well as my binoculars, video camera and my clothes. Back in the house I left the camera in the family room and dropped their red shoes, stockings and dildos between them on the sofa and told then to put them away when their show was over and I went to my bedroom. Dropped my clothes in the laundry basket and out the binoculars near the window. Blondie wasn’t to be seen at her window. But I was looking forward to calling her tomorrow, maybe I will get to fuck her, who knows.
I was at a lose end, the girls were watching their show and I didn’t fancy any more unpacking, so I picked up my laptop and sat on the bed. I logged into the daddy fucking daughter forum. I was surprised to see a private messages. A reply from the guy I sent a message to.

Hi, I read your message with interest last night and if you are a genuine guy, then I might be able to give you some ideas to help you. I also see that according to your profile you live within a reasonable distance from me and know the area well where you live. So if you do want my help the best way would be to meet up and chat face to face about it. But to prove you are genuine and not some FED trying to trap me I’m going to ask you do something that FED wouldn’t do. ( Don’t worry you’re not gonna kill any one or rob a bank , LOL ) I viewed those couple of pics you sent me ( which are fucking hot man and I admit to jacking off over ) , you say shes one of your daughters. So to prove shes your daughter and your genuine then take another pic of her with a piece of paper saying "hello Kent , how are you?" with todays date underneath and send it to me.
Also to prove im genuine for the same reasons, Ive sent you a pic of me fucking one of my daughters. Her face is clearly shown so along with the pic you will send me ask me to do the same thing. You know ask me to write something on a apiece of paper and take a pic with my daughter holding it and I will send it back to you .
Look forward to hearing from you.

The message sounded reasonable enough and he was right I guess , we both could really be anybody. I checked the pic he sent me and it was indeed a pic of a young girl getting fucked. Although I couldn’t see the guys face , her face was very clear an would be hard to fake the pic I was going to ask Kent to do. Putting my laptop to one side I got off the bed and took a piece of paper and a marker out of the bedside draw and wrote his message on it and the date and went downstairs to the family room. The girls were glued to the TV.
"Jane honey, Jane."
"Yes daddy"
"Come in to the kitchen for moment honey, this’ll just take a moment."
She stood up and followed me. I had her sit on a kitchen stool and she held the piece of paper in front of her. Taking out my phone I snapped a couple of quick shots.
"Thanks honey, you’re the best." and I kissed her on the cheek. She gave me back the paper and went back to the family room.
Back in my bedroom I uploaded the pics and attached one to the message I was going to send back to "Kent".
And added the following.

Hi Kent, thanks for your reply, I have done what you asked and have attached the picture. If you could do the same for me with the name Jack instead of Kent and todays date, that would be great. .
Lots of things have happened since yesterday and if we can arrange a meet I would be happy to tell you all about it.

That message would do and I hit send.

I spent the next half hour catching up and answering emails. No I didn’t was a penis enlargement or any Viagra, ( well not yet any way ) then closed my laptop and went to the family room. The end credits were running on the girls TV show and the girls were asleep at either end of the sofa. Their skirts had ridden up and their cunts were exposed, their perfect cunts. Man I was a lucky fucker, those cunts are mine all mine. Well until they decide to fuck some lucky spotty, skinny fucker from school anyway then I’ll have to share them. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I switched on a light and got the video camera and took it off the tripod, switched it on and pressed record. I took some close-ups of their cunts then stood back and took some wide shots of both girls asleep. Stepping closer to Jane and holding the camera with hand undid the 2 buttons on the waist coat pulling the flaps of denim back exposing her tits, then did the same with Janet’s. I let the camera roll for a couple of minutes more then switched it off and replaced it back on the tripod and left it back against the wall. I stepped back to the girls and but the waist coats back how they were and woke the girls up.
"Come on you 2 get to bed. " with groans of effort they got themselves standing and I pushed them in the direction of the stairs.
"I’ll be up in a few minutes to tuck you both in." and I got a sleepy "Ok daddy." in return. I watched their sweet peachy asses walk away and up the stairs until they were out of view.
I picked up the TV remote, flicking channels I found a movie I liked. Dropping the remote on the sofa I headed for the kitchen and grabbed 2 beers from the fridge, opened one and drank it down in one go ( it tasted good ) then opened the other and took it back with me to the family room and sat down.
I woke up to the sounds of explosions and gunfire, somewhere there was the sound of a helicopter flying around. I was slightly confused for a second until I saw Arnie shoot a bad guy dead. The Governator doing what he’s best at. I sat upright and my neck creaked in protest and I fumbled around for the remote and turned off the TV. The house was suddenly in darkness and very quiet. Bed was the order of the day and I stood up and headed out. My first step send the beer bottle scuttling across the floor, I just about remembering finishing the beer so luckily the bottle was empty. I couldn’t see where it went so I just left it, I’ll look for it later and went to bed via a quick look in on the girls. Both were fast asleep and I left them to it. I was tempted to go in and have peek at their cunts but my furry and sleepy brain said otherwise. The last thing I remember was my head hitting the pillow then a blissful dreamless sleep.

Chapter 6

The following morning after showering and shaving I found the girls in the kitchen making breakfast. The coffee was made and a pancake was burning in the pan. ( it’s not just looks the girls take after their mother, she couldn’t cook for toffee either ) But at lest the coffee tasted good.
"Morning babes" I said kissing each of them on the top of their heads.
"Morning daddy, daddy you didn’t tuck us in last night."
" I know , sorry girls I fell asleep on the sofa. I’ll make up for it tonight." and gave them a wink and gave Janet’s ass a squeeze. I sat down on stool and Jane presented me with the burnt pancake on a plate with a fork.
"Mmm yummy." I said without a hint of sarcasm while drowning it in maple syrup and taking a bite.
"Delicious." I said and Jane beamed a big smile. I swallowed with a mouth full of coffee. I enviously eyed Janet’s bowl of Fruit Loops she was spooning into her mouth.
"What are we doing today daddy?" Jane asked.
"Shopping again girls."
"Yay!" they cheered.
"Shopping for your new school on Monday."
"Boo" they hissed. I laughed.
"Books, stationery and gym stuff."
"BOOOO!" they weren’t impressed.
"And," I continued. "how about some new school outfits as well and how about new cell phones and an iPad each.
The screams and shouts almost deafened me and Janet dropped her spoon in her still half filled breakfast bowl splashing milk over the table top. And both girls came rushing over with hugs and kisses.
" Can we go now daddy?" the girls said excitedly.
"No not yet, let me finish my breakfast. Anyway you two are still in your PJ’s." I’d not sooner said this and they rushed off upstairs and left me to the cleanup. My unfinished pancake went into the waste disposal.
After clearing up and with another mug of coffee in hand I headed for the patio and sat down. My eyes immediately focused on blondies window, there was no sign. I checked the time, 8.30, to early to call her. It’ll have to wait until we get back later today.
10 minutes later I heard the excited chatter of the girls from my seat on the patio. They came bounding out and both were wearing identical outfits in pink of vests, skirts and pumps. The skirts while still quite short they weren’t as short as the ones they wore yesterday for dinner at McDonalds. The couple of days in the sun had tanned them both to a nut brown, the pink clothes a very obvious contrast.
"Is this ok daddy?" They looked like Barbie in miniature, but without her big tits.
"Very pretty in pink, girls." They lifted their skirts to show they were not wearing any panties. I asked them to come closer and stand either side of me. I licked both my index fingers and placed one on each of their cunts and gently rubbed.
"Who are my sex sluts girls?"
"We are daddy." they said through gentle groans.
I pushed half a finger length into their cunts, I could feel the moistness within and gently wiggled my fingers and then removed them. Both girls gasped. And then offered them a finger each, which they took sucked their dampness off my fingers.
"Good girls, but today you better put on some panties as I’m sure we’ll be going into lots of clothes stores and trying on stuff and it wouldn’t be a good idea for the sales lady to see your naked cunts when your daddy is with you. She will rightly I guess get the wrong idea"
"Ok daddy." and they each kissed my cheeks and rushed inside.
A few minutes later they came back outside and showed the panties they had put on. They had continued with the pink theme with tiny pink string thongs. I’ve seen bigger bus tickets than the V shaped pink material covering their cunts and when they turned around I saw that the string was just barely visible between their ass cheeks. But the girls were happy with them and who am I to disagree.
"Let’s go girls." and we headed for the car. Both girls sat on the back seat, excitedly chatting about what they wanted to buy and 20 minutes later we had parked up at the mall walking to the first store.
"We’ll get all the boring stuff first girls, then you’ll have more time for the good stuff, eh?"
"Ok dad.. Er Jack."
It took an hour to get the boring stuff and after dumping the bags back in the car we headed to the same coffee shop I was at yesterday and I ordered a large cappuccino and bear claw, the girls had iced tea and a cream filled doughnut each.
"Where to next girls, which store?"
They thought about it for a while, like it was the most important decision they would ever have to make. Which for two 13 year olds going to a new school was really. They wanted to make good impressions and be accepted if possible by the so called cool kids and be popular. So things like the latest fashionable clothes, designer labels and phones I guess does help a lot. At their old school that was pretty much the case with lots of friends along with good grades their old school life was easy for them. Leaving their old school and friends was hard for them, for days after there were plenty of tears and tantrums about moving and saying goodbye to their friends and moving to new city and state. But with Facebook and Twitter the girls were still in contact with their old friends.
But kids that age get over things like that quite easily and the new city and state bit at well as the new house was me really being selfish. The old house, city and State held many good memories and would probably never have moved if my wife was still alive. But after her sudden death everything changed and I had to get out of there I couldn‘t face it alone with the girls there with out her. The compensation obviously made that easier and the move and new life has finally happened. But I would give it all up and move back if I could have my beautiful wife back.
"Macy’s first!" was finally the reply.
"Ok girls, you lead and I’ll follow with the credit cards."
"And carry the bags too and if we max out your cards we‘ve still got the card you gave me yesterday.” they said laughing and I joined in.
After looking around making sure no one was within earshot I leant in and in a half whisper I said.
"You better get plenty of underwear for school too, unless your going to flash your cunts at every boy in class." and winked at them.
"Dad! We do that just for you, oh and the boy with the biggest cock in class." I feigned being shocked.
"Girls really." setting off fits of giggles from the girls.
After several hours and 3 journeys back to the car to unload, the girls were just about shopped out after buying enough clothes to see them through to college. The last store to go to was the Apple Store and I bought iPhone 5’s and ipads with enough airtime minutes and data for teenage girls, I even bought an iPad for myself too. Then we headed home. Thinking back to a couple of clothes stores we went in to I was glad I had the girls wear panties even if they were miniscule pieces of string, as I did get a few sideways glances from a couple of sales girls when the twins were trying on different items and had nothing on other than pink string and they were calling me Jack, they must have thought I was some pedo or something. But I brushed it off and was actually happy they were there because between seeing the girls virtually naked in those changing rooms and my boner trying to bust free of my pants I would have been sorely tempted to fuck them there and then.
Between the 3 of us we unloaded the card and dumped everything in the family room, it looked like an upmarket garage sale. I was too tired to make lunch and ordered pizza which arrived on time. We ate on the patio and after clearing up I set up the video camera, so it would record the sofa and the girls, switched it on, hit record and even switched on some lights then flopped down on the sofa and watched the girls excitedly going through the bags of clothing they bought and giving me a sexy mini fashion parade of skimpy tops, skirts of various lengths, dresses, jeans, blouses, t shirts, pants, leggings and underwear. Needless to say, but of course my cock was rock hard and half way through the fashion show I had taken my pants off to free my cock. The last thing they wore were a black lacy underwear set and I gave them a round of applause and the girls gave a bow and then jumped on me showering me with kisses and "Thank you daddy" Janet had straddled my lap and had pushed my cock tight against my belly with her cunt and hugged me tightly around the neck then she slid her right hand down and gripped my cock and slightly shifted her ass back along my lap and slowly started to rub. Her tiny hands working their magic. I placed my hands either side of the waist band of the panties feeling her hips through the lacy material through my fingers. She then half stood up and letting go of my cock she pulled the panties to one side exposing her cunt then slowly sat back down.
"I’m gonna fuck you daddy."
I let go of her hips and held my cock moving it slightly so it rested on her cunt hole and she continued to sit down impaling her self on my engorged cock. She threw her head back and let out a groan and sitting back down on my lap taking all my cock that she could and stopped. Jane stood behind her sister and reaching around her slim body she took hold of the black lacy bra and pulled it over her tits exposing them for me to see then she cupping one in each hand she massaged her sisters tits. Janet then started to ride my cock with the surprising skill of 20 year veteran prostitute she knew just how far to raise herself before thrusting back down on my cock and grinding her crotch into mine before raising her self and back up and repeating the move. Each thrust getting harder and more urgent with Jane’s tit massage getting harder and harder and pulling on her sister’s nipples and encouraging her sister to fuck me harder.
I could feel her cunt walls clamping onto my cock sending waves of pleasure along it’s whole length along with her cunt getting wetter and wetter. I had hold of her hips again helping Janet with her rhythm. I’m not sure how long she went on like this for but I could feel my orgasm building and breathlessly and repeatedly I was saying.
"I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum." I didn’t think she could fuck me any quicker but she upped her tempo grunting with the exertion until I said that I was cumming and with her scream of her own orgasm and the whole of my cock deep inside her cunt I shot spurt after spurt of cum into her mixing with her own cum juices. With her cunt walls still firmly gripping my cock not a drop escaped. She then fell forward her arms tightly around my neck her tits pressed against my chest and both of us breathing heavily she kissed me deeply her tongue flicking around my own. My god for someone so young and inexperienced this fuck toy could fuck.
My cock twitched slightly and had slightly deflated I could feel the cum / cunt juices running down my cock and soaking my balls. Janet slowly lifted herself off me still panting and rolled over the seat next to me, her cunt shiny and wet with our mixed juices. Jane knelt down between my legs and bending over with one swift movement she took my cock in her mouth and sucked and licked. My cock head was tender and her tongue and tongue stud sent wave after wave of pleasure through me from every lick and flick of them. Her mouth was like a suction pump as her lips sucked hungrily on my sticky cock and she made quick work of cleaning it and finally releasing it she licked her lips. The she turned her attention to her sister who was propped up against the arm of the sofa, knees bent and spread apart with her feet near her ass Jane moved over to Janet and bent at the waist she started to lick the love juices running from her cunt to her ass hole drinking them down like a drunk and his first drink of the day. After mopping up the flowing juices she clamped her mouth around Janet’s cunt sucking out it’s sticky contents and jabbing her tongue as deep as she could get it. Janet’s head was thrashing from side to side, her obviously tender cunt sending out waves of pleasure. Jane’s noisy slurping and sucking sounding sexy as hell to me. Jane eventually came up for air, her top lip, mouth and chin shiny and wet her tongue licking them as best they could. Then after getting off her knees she squeezed her self in between Janet and myself turned her head towards me and passionately kissed me, I could taste the salty cum and cunt juices from her lips and her tongue and I greedily kissed her back savouring the taste.
About 15 minutes later when we all had caught our breath back, the girls ran out naked to the pool and jumped in, making noise and splashing about.
I switched off the video camera removing the battery for charging and I also removed the memory card to download the video on it to my laptop and picking up my pants I went to my bedroom.
After dumping my pants in the laundry basket I found the battery charger, I fitted the battery in it and switched it on and left it for the few hours it would take to get it back to full health. Next I opened my laptop and inserted the memory card and started the downloads of various video files to it.
I didn’t see blondie at her window or in the garden and decided rather to call her I sent a text making sure it was ok to phone her. I didn’t get an immediate response so logged onto the Daddy fucking daughters forum website. I had a message from Kent. I opened it up and saw an attachment and opened it up. It showed a picture of a girl holding a sign with the right message and date, I was sure it was of the same girl I saw being fucked but to make sure I opened that picture and confirm it was..
I read the accompanying message.

Hi again, thanks for the reply and confirmation pic and I’m happy that you are genuine and after looking at that pic and the others you sent me I’m not surprised really you want to fuck her. I am surprised it’s take 13 years because if she was my daughter im sure I would have been fucking her at a much younger age. Anyway I hope the pics of my daughter has confirmed for you that I’m also genuine.
I’ll leave it up to you if you want to meet or not, as I said it would be easier if we did. Think about it and let me know.

I had already decided we should meet and told him so in my reply, along with a couple of possible public places, dates and times and asked him to choose the most convenient and also how I would recognise him and hit the send button.

The videos files had finished downloading and I deleted and emptied the memory card. I opened the file from yesterday in the garden and the twins were clearly burst into view. I watched my 2 young fuck dolls for few minutes pounding their dildos in their cunts. Then opened the family room fuck file, Janet was pounding my cock, ecstasy on her face. I shut them down, I’d edit and put them on disk some other time. The closed my laptop and plugged in the power cord to charge the battery. My phone beeped, a message. From blondie, "ok to call now" it said. I could see her in her room and picking up the binoculars she was looking at the girls in the pool. She had on a white sleeveless top and either white panties or bikini bottoms. I called her while still looking at her through the binoculars and I heard ringing and she answered.
"Hello" she said.
"Hi, it’s me , your neighbour." I replied. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to say and nerves suddenly kicked in and I could feel my heart beating a fast drum.
"What’s your name?" I asked. "I’m Jack"
"Hi Jack, I’m Kelly."
"Hi Kelly."
Kelly was pacing around her room.
"Kelly why did you want me to call you?"
More silence. She was still pacing her room, nervous like me.
"Erm I saw you.. Erm in your garden.. You know with the girls and erm.. You were naked and um.."
I smiled.
"Kelly, how old are you, 15 or 16 is it, I’m a lot older you know."
"I know you are, but um.. I’m 14 any way those girls are young too and I’ve seen what you do to them and um.. Well you know.."
14! Wow.
She continued. ".. I like your, your.."
"My fat cock?"
"Erm .. Yes." she whispered.
"What do you want from me Kelly, you have to tell me." My heart was beating so fast as I asked this. I lost sight of Kelly, she must have left her room.
Silence, then a barely audible.
"I want you to fuck me." I smiled, a 14 year old slut school girl wants me to fuck her.
"Don’t you have a boyfriend?"
"No I don’t, not at the moment."
I saw Kelly step into her garden and walk over the same longer I saw her on yesterday and sit down.
"I can see you Kelly, I’m at the top window." she looked up.
"Can you see me?"
"Yes, just about, not clearly though your too far away"
"I can see you fine Kelly, I have binoculars and if you are serious about wanting me to fuck you then there’s something I want you do first."
"Um ok , what’s that?"
"Are you alone in the house?"
"Yes, that’s why I said to call after 9, coz my parents would be out, they won’t be back until 7."
"Ok , good."
"Then take your top and panties off then, Kelly."
"What, take my clothes off, now?"
"Yes Kelly, now. I want to see you naked. If you‘re serious about this, getting naked is the least thing you should do.
"Um.. Ok."
YES! I exclaimed to my self. I saw her put her phone down, then stand up and she removed her top revealing a nice pair of B cup tits. Then she slipped off her panties. I couldn’t tell from here if her cunt was bald and smooth or her pubes were too blonde to see. The she sat down and picked up her phone.
"Your very sexy Kelly, do you shave your hair around your cunt?"
"I wax it." Sweet.
"Very nice, now lie down on the lounger and spread your legs wide, I want to see your cunt." she did as asked. I could see cunt lips and her slit was a lot wider than the girls.
"Mmmm very nice indeed Kelly, are you a virgin?"
"Um.. No I’m not, but I’ve only had sex once." I was wrong about her being fucked a lot as I had previously thought when I saw her camel toe yesterday.
"Do you masturbate, do you finger your cunt?"
"Um.. Yes I do."
"Do it now Kelly, finger your cunt for me." I saw her hand slide down her body then pause.
"Do it Kelly" her hand slid down the last few inches and rested it over her cunt.
"That’s it, now rub and make yourself wet. My cock is rock hard here, imagine it deep inside your cunt fucking you Kelly. If you finger your cunt for me then I’ll fuck you." her hand I saw was moving over her cunt, a gentle up and down movement with her middle finger rubbing her slit.
"Quicker Kelly, get your finger wet with your cunt juices make yourself cum." I heard her breathing getting more erratic as I saw her hand move a lot quicker over her cunt.
"Good girl, that’s it. I bet you do his lot don’t you Kelly. I bet your fingers are nearly always in your cunt." She didn’t answer, not that I was expecting her to say anything.
I saw her hips bucking slightly, her cunt must be getting aroused and tender.
"Is your cunt aroused? I bet it is, stick a finger I your cunt Kelly, finger fuck your cunt." Kelly was now panting and I’m sure I heard a groan as I saw a finger get deep in her cunt.
"That’s it Kelly, you’re such a good girl, fuck your cunt, make yourself cum , do it Kelly!"
Her finger looked a blur as she finger fucked herself, then I heard a muffled scream down the phone and Kelly was wildly bucking her hips, Thrusting them as her finger buried itself in her cunt.
"Tell me your cumming Kelly, tell me."
"I..I..I..I’m cum..cum.cumming! She shouted as she said cumming.
"YES IM CUMMING, fuck!" she was almost breathless as she said this. Her bucking hips were slowing down as was her finger fucking.
"Tell me Kelly that you want to fuck me, tell me to bury my cock deep in your tight cunt. Tell me that your cunt belongs to me."
"Please fuck me, fuck me. I want your cock, I need your cock. Plea…."
"Good girl , Kelly. Are your parents home tomorrow?"
"No they will be out all afternoon, fuck me."
"I will, text me when it’s safe and I’ll come to your house, OK?"
"Yes ok."
"Good girl, before I go. Take some pics of yourself for me, naked pics of your cunt and ass hole and tits, with you fucking it with a dildo if you have one or a candle or something. I’ll text you my email address in a second, send them there Ok?"
"Yes I will I promise, I promise."
"Bye Kelly, see you tomorrow."
"Bye" and I hung up, put the binoculars down and quickly sent her my email addy and added to see if she would do it. Take pics of you pissing. And sent it.
I sat down on the edge of the bed and a thought went through my head. There’s no 2 ways about it, I’m a paedophile. Shouldn’t be a surprise to me really, after all while at college I fucked 3 15 year olds. I’m now fucking my 13 year old daughters and tomorrow I’ll be fucking a 14 year old. That’s more underage partners than legal age partners. I exhaled noisily, ho hum shit happens.
I took a beer out of the fridge on the way to the garden, opened it and took a quick pull and went in search of the girls. The family room was still a bomb site of exploding bags of clothes and after threading my way through them I found the girls sunbathing naked with their eyes closed and I sat down on the empty lounger. They opened their eyes and asked what I had been doing and told them I spoke to the blonde girl telling them her name and age and tomorrow I will be going to he house and fucking her. They didn’t bat an eye lid.
"Are you sure it’s ok? " I asked. "You both don’t mind me fucking her."
"No dad, really we don’t mind."
"She might even go to the same school as you as she’s only a year older than you both. So your daddy might be fucking a future school friend."
"Apart from mommy and us have you fucked any other school girls?" Jane asked.
"Yes, I have." and told them about mommies 2 friends.
"So mommy didn’t mind you fucking them then and they were her school friends?"
"No she didn’t, not at all and they were her best friends I think" Jane thought about it for a second and just said.
"Ok then"
I stretched out on the lounger and finished off my beer and closed my eyes and relaxed for a while. I had some catching up with the girls regarding my sun tan, in comparison I was a bottle of milk to their chocolate shake.
About an hour later I felt my skin tingle a bit and as I didn’t have any sun cream on sunburn was the last thing I needed, especially on my cock. So standing up I roused the girls up and told them to get the new stuff into their rooms and put away.
The kitchen clock said 6 and my stomach rumbled. I didn’t fancy going out for dinner or take out so I settled on making some steaks, baked potatoes and salad. By the time the girls finish getting the family room back to normal dinner will be ready. I dropped my empty beer bottle in the trash and went to the fridge pulling out all I needed for dinner and made a start.
"Dinner in an hour girls." I assumed they were girls, they were both so laden down with shopping bags, pack horses was a better description.
I got muffled affirmatives and turned the oven on.
Half an hour later the weather suddenly turned cold and grey, rain was in the wind so dinner would be in the dining room. But before setting up the table I ran upstairs and got some clothes on. Sticking my head into Janet’s room.
"Looks like rain girls and it’s gone cold too, so get something on we’ll be eating inside."
"Do we need panties daddy?"
"Up to you girls" and headed back downstairs. I went through to the garden and moved the loungers back to the patio where they would stay dry should the rain come.
In the dining room I set up the crockery and flat wear ready for dinner then checked the potatoes and finished off making dinner.
"That was soo yummy daddy"
"Thanks girls. Ice cream?"
They both let out very unlady like burps.
"Girls really" I said tongue in cheek.
"Maybe later daddy, we’re so full."
"Mmm me too." Patting my belly and I burped a manly burp."
"Daddy really" they said mockingly. And burst in to a fit of giggles.
"Come on help me clear up and then I’ll get your new phone and iPads sorted and working for you."
The girls moved with the speed of Superman, everything was cleared away in no time and the dish washer started it’s dish cleaning.
"Ok, get your phones and pads and I’ll need your laptops too." And still in Superman mode they both ran to their rooms. Jane was the quickest so I sorted out her iphone first, then did Janet’s and finished off with their ipads and left them to play with their new toys and I went to my room. Picking up my phone I saw I had some new emails but rather than use my phone to read them I fired up my laptop and clicked the email icon. Most were junk except one. I didn’t recognise the address but it did have the name Kelly in it so I opened it up.
It read,
I hope you like them, more to come. J

There were 24 picture attachments I quickly opened them up.
They were all taken with her mobile phone which I could see because all the pics she took were a reflection of her in front of a mirror. She was naked in all of them. The first 4 were similar pics of her sitting down facing the mirror and her legs were spread wide and she was fingering her cunt. Then in another 3 she was sucking on a small red dildo then the next 4 she had the dildo fucking her cunt. Then in 5 pics she was laying down on her side with her top leg in the air also fucking her cunt with dildo. 4 more pics she was on her knees with her back to the mirror and her ass in the air and her hand between her legs fingering her cunt and the last 4 she was on her back facing the mirrorand her legs in the air and spread wide and she had a finger in her ass hole.
My kind of teenage slut and there were more to come.
I texted her back saying.

I loved the pics, my cock rock hard looking at them, send lots more. I can’t wait to fuck your sweet young cunt and bury my cock deep into to you.

And sent it to her then opened the web browser. I had another message from Kent.

Hey, I glad you would like to meet, I know the mall and coffee shop you mentioned and this Monday at 10 am would be great. I’ll be wearing a black 49ers cap with red stitching See ya then.

I sent a quick reply.

Hey , I’ll have a Red Sox cap on , see ya then.

It could be interesting, I’ll see I guess.

I went to the family room and the girls were still busy with their new toys. I showed them the pics that Kelly sent me using my phone, they both sat there wide eyed looking at them.
"Wow daddy she really wants you to fuck her doesn’t she? Said Jane looking up at me from the sofa.
"I think so baby."
"And you just asked her to make these pictures and she did?
"Yep I just asked and now I‘m gonna ask you to take your clothes off Jane and lie down on the floor because I‘m gonna fuck you."
Jane smiled up at me.
"Yes daddy" and she started to get undressed.
"What about me daddy?" asked Janet.
"Get undressed and when Jane lays down you then kneel over her face and squat down on her mouth like you did when you sat on my cock, but don’t suffocate her, ok? And Jane lick out Janet’s cunt ok?"
"Yes daddy."
By the time I was naked, Jane was on her back her legs spread wide and Janet was sitting over her mouth facing Jane’s feet and she had already started to lick her sister out.
I knelt between Janes legs and picking up both legs and lifted them off the floor and told Jane to spread and keep them in the air. I then slightly bent over at the waist, my hands on the floor either side of Jane’s tits holding my weight and positioning my cock at her cunt hole I lowered my cock in to her cunt and fucked the sex toy. I had Jane rest her legs on my shoulders so she was almost folded in half. There was nothing loving about it , I was fucking a hole , a sex doll and the sex doll was licking a cunt sitting on her face and having her cunt fucked and taking the whole of my cock evrytime I pounded away.
"Jane you’re a slut a fucking slut. Your daddy is fucking you and your licking your sisters cunt. You a worthless little fuck toy and you deserve to get fucked. I should get some winos in here and let them fuck you too."
All I heard from Jane was a throaty growl.
"Squeeze and twist her nipples hard Janet, make the slut scream."
Janet smiled.
"Yes daddy" and roughly grabbing a nipple in each hand she twisted her sisters nipples and Jane screamed in pain, even with a cunt on her mouth it was loud.
"That’s it baby, keep twisting them." Jane’s screaming grew louder and my fucking got harder and even harder.
"Yeah baby, I’m gonna fill your cunt with cum."
And with a final plunge I buried my cock balls deep in her willing tight cunt and emptied my balls quickly withdrew and telling Janet to get off her sisters face and then finger fuck Jane’s cunt. Jane was crying, I moved out between Jane’s legs and they flopped to the floor and I sat over her chest I bent over so my cock was over Jane’s mouth.
"Open your mouth you cum slut!" I shouted, she did and I face fucked her mouth, I could hear her gagging and choking but I continued on. I looked round and Janet had 3 fingers in her sisters cunt and was pumping them furiously, the cum making a squelching sound. I fucked her mouth for another few strokes then took my cock out of her mouth, sat up and jacked off until I cum over Jane’s crying face. Janet was now licking cum out of Jane’s cunt her mouth shiney with cum.
"Lick clean the slut’s face Janet."
"Yes daddy."
As I stood up she hungrily licked clean her face and spat over her face several times and gave one of her nipples just one more sharp twist then took my cock in her mouth and licked and sucked it clean of any cum. I needed to piss. Taking Janet’s hand I lead her to the downstairs bathroom, I opened the shower cubicle door and told Janet to sit down in it. The I stood over her .
"Hold my cock and point it at your face." Nervously she took hold and aimed.
"Look up at me, Janet." She did and I let my piss flow and splashing her head and hair and she closed her eyes shut, gravity was taking the piss and flooding all over her.
"That’s it daddy, piss all over her." I turned to the voice. Jane was standing there, her face tear and spit stained. I must have pissed for over a minute and when I finished she let go of my cock. Janet was piss soaked, her hair looked like she had been in the pool and most of her body was wet and shiny. She stood up wiping some piss away from her eyes.
"Jane come her and hug and kiss your sister." She slowly came over and stepped into the shower put her arms around Janet’s waist and pressed her body against Janet and kissed her piss covered lips.
"Good girls, my perfect sex slaves. You better shower before you leave." I turned and left the bathroom and picked up my clothes and phone and went to my bedroom

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2013-09-07 11:01:54
The story started out very sexy,you were making gentle love to your daughters and the sex was very erotic and you were fucking them like a lover, but all of a sudden you were fucking them like a rapist.go back to fucking them like a loving father would.

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you have turned an interesting story into an abusive marathon of rape and a father who does not give a fig about the welfare of his daughters, also your formatting sucks. for me this has turned into a very disappointing story.

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Post pictures or it never happened.
Pissing is awesome, and when it comes from a 13yo pussy it's delicious

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Post pictures or it never happened.
Pissing is awesome, and when it comes from a 13yo pussy it's delicious

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kinda akward with da pissin but good story

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