The ongoing sexual saga of a dad and his twin daughters.
Chapter 7

Looking out the window I saw dark clouds overhead and a light rain was falling. Looking at Kelly’s room I sw her light was on and I could just make out her head, she must be sitting down. Picking up my phone I texted her.

I can see you, stand up and come to your window topless and play with your tits for me.

And sent it. I picked up my binoculars and my phone beeped and read the message.

I will, just for minute , my parents are home.

I saw through the binoculars she had come to her window topless she had a tit in each hand and was squeezing them. She did that for a moment then blew me a kiss and waved good bye and slipped on a tshirt and left her room.
I took a shower and threw some clothes on and headed for the family room, the girls had also showered and dressed. The Tv was on and the girls were back playing with their new toys, sending each other texts, downloading aps and the suchlike.
"You both ok girls?" I asked.
"Yes daddy,thanks. We love our new phones and iPads ,thank you."
"Your both welcome, darlings. Have you added my number?"
"Yes daddy."
"Good, both of you send me a text so I have your new numbers, ok"
"Yes daddy."
"And if some pervert wants you to send him a naked pic of you let me know first before you send it."
"Daddy, really!" I laughed at their mock indignation.
"Your both beautiful sexy young girls, there are plenty of pervs out there that would love to have sex with you and see you naked."
"We know daddy, does that mean you’re a pervert too daddy?"
"Well let’s see, well I do fuck you both, I have seen you naked, you have been videoed when I fuck you. Erm, I fucked your mother when she was 14 and 2 of her friends when they were 15 and tomorrow hopefully I’m going to fuck our 14 year old neighbour Kelly. So I guess that does make me a pervert as I love fucking young girls, so yes girls, I suppose it does make me a pervert and a paedophile too.”
"That’s ok daddy, we don’t mind, we love you."
"I know you do and I love you two as well." and I kissed them on the top of their heads.
"Daddy, why do you like fucking young girls?"
"That’s a good question, I guess it’s because…" I stopped and thought about for a minute.
"..Because, if I’m honest about it I guess its your nice tight bodies, smooth skin, wonderfully tight cunts, small tits and asses and the taking of your innocence, knowing I could be the first guy to fuck you. I mean what guy really wants to fuck a fat old wrinkly woman that has had 50 different cocks inside her. Yuk, it turns my stomach just thinking about it." I make a yucky face making the girls laugh.
"Will you still fuck us when we’re fat and wrinkly and old?"
"Girls, there’s no way you 2 will get fat and wrinkly, I’ve told you both that you take after your mother and she didn’t have an ounce of fat or a wrinkle to her name. And I’ll fuck you now matter how old you get, ok?"
"Thank you daddy. Did you call the Doctors for an appointment for us, to get us on the pill daddy?" Fuck it , I forgot.
"I’ll do it Monday girls, any one for ice cream?"
"Me, me, with sprinkles please."
After finishing off the ice cream we all settled down to watch Shrek for about the 1000th time, but it was the girls favourite and admittedly in my top 10 too. By the end credits, the girls were half asleep so I shooed them off to bed.
I took a quick wander around rest of the ground floor, we’ve only used the kitchen, dining room and family room. There are another 2 lounges to use and a large office space as well plus a laundry room and 2 more bedrooms. But they were all empty, devoid of furniture amd fixtures except the laundry room which had at least a washer and dryer in it. I better get to a furniture store and order some, I thought. Then headed for the girls rooms.
I knocked and entered Janet’s room first.
"Hey babe." She was as snug as bug and all wrapped up in her quilt that was up to her chin. I sat beside her stroking her hair.
"Last day of freedom tomorrow before school."
"Yuk, school." said Janet sticking her tongue out and making a face.
"You and Jane will knock them out, you’re beautiful and intelligent and will do great and you’ll have lots of new friends in no time, you’ll see."
"Thank you daddy." she said sitting up and gave me a hug. She was topless and her nipples were hard like pencil erasers. I could see a faint bruise on the right one.
"Baby you have a bruise on your tit."
"Jane did that when she squeezed it."
"Oh sorry baby." and I bent down and kissed the bruise,then flicking the nipple with my tongue.
"It’s ok daddy, really. I like it. I like the sensations I get, I feel tingly all over. When I cry it doesn‘t mean I hurt, not really. it’s all the sensations, sometimes they‘re too much for me to bear and I don‘t know what to do about them."
"Just enjoy them baby, that’s what they’re for, to give pleasure. I get similar pleasure too, sometimes my cock feels like it’s going to explode and all the other sensations too even gets too much for me as well. It makes fuck you both harder or say things, but it’s just sex and fucking and it’s to be enjoyed by everone."
"I do enjoy it daddy, a lot. Thank you, thank you daddy, I can’t imagine not fucking any more. " Then she kissed me on the mouth, pushing down hard. Then she pulled her quilt off her legs, stopped kissing me and layed down, spreading her legs She was naked.
"Fuck my cunt daddy, fuck me hard and make me cry."
I stood up ripping my clothes off and practically jumped on top of her showering her with kisses while my fore arms took my weight. My cock was nestled against her cunt hole and I pushed my hips and entered her, causing Janet to gasp.
"Yes daddy,oh daddy fuck me fuck me fuck me."
I didn’t need to be told. I was quickly into a fast rhythm and Janet had her legs wrapped around mine pushing me deeper in to her. Her own hands pulling hungrily at her own nipples.
"Your such a good girl Janet, good girl. Feel my cock deep in your cunt you slut. Tell me what you are Janet, tell me."
Through heavy breathing Janet was saying.
"I’m your fuck slut daddy, your sex play thing, My cunt is yours daddy, do what you want with it I don’t care. Oh yes yes, oh daddy daddy fuck me."
Janets cunt was wet, wet with her juices and my cock was sliding very easily in and out of her tight hole as I fucked her.
"I think I’m gonna cum daddy, make me cum."
My orgasm was.nt that far away either, I could feel the pressure building up with in my cock.
"I nearly cumming too baby, I’m gonna fill your cunt up with so much cum baby." My own breathing ragged and gasping.
"Daddy, daddy! I’m cumming." she was almost squealing like a stuck pig as she said those words and as she did she lifted her hips off the bed, trying to get my cock even deeper in her cunt, her arms now tightly wrapped around my back pulling me in tightly to her body as if she let go she would drown or fall off a cliff.
My orgasm was a second later and 2 quick strokes later I grunted out my thick sticky cum. It didn’t seem to end.
"Here it is baby, I’m cumming too."
"Fill me up daddy."
Our orgasms subsided, we were both breathing heavily, panting. Looking at Janets beautiful face I saw a single tear had streaked her cheek running to the jaw line. Neither of us said anything for while and her arms and legs were still tightly holding me to her. I didn’t want to move anyway, I was happy just being there.
After a few minutes Janet slowly let go of me and I shifted my weight onto my hands and knees and my cock slurping it’s exit from Janet’s cunt. Then sat down on my knees I looked at her cunt and saw the mixture of cum and pussy juices oozing out. My own cock was shiny and wet. Stepping off her bed I bent over and gave Janet a deep loving kiss and her hand found it’s way to my cock her fingers gently wrapped them selves around it and very slowly ran her hand along it’s length and back again, sending shock waves up my body. Her other hand lazily found it’s was to ther cunt and she was dipping a finger into the wetness between her legs.
"Shall I lick and clean your cock daddy?" almost pleading.
I wanted her to, I really did but.I told her I better go and see Jane before it got too late. And with her bottom lip pouting I stepped away and Janet let go of my cock bringing it to her mouth and licked it.
"Mmmm, that tastes yummy daddy." Fuck! I thought, she’s going to be such a teaser.
I bent down to pick up my strewn clothes.
"Night baby, you’re such a good fuck"
"Love you daddy."
"Love you too baby." I turned and left the room.
I quickly dressed then knocked and entered Jane’s room. She was asleep, a mixture of relief and sadness. A relief because I wasn’t sure I was physically able fuck her at the moment and I was sad she was asleep so I couldn’t fuck her. So I just stroked her hair and kissed her cheek and left her room.
I went to bed.

Chapter 8

All was quiet in the kitchen, Jane, bless her heart, thankfully wasn’t around ruining breakfast. I fired up the coffee pot and made a bowl musili and cold milk. The bad weather was gone and it looked like it would be another fine day. The coffee was ready and I poured some in to a "Worlds Greatest Dad" mug the girls had bought me last fathers day and headed for the patio and sat down and ate my breakfast and enjoyed the peace and quiet of a Sunday morning.
The peace and quiet didn’t last long though, I could hear the girls in the kitchen chatting away about something or other and cupboard door being opened and slammed shut. Was that a frying pan I heard being dropped on the cooker? I picked up my empty bowl and half finished coffee and got to the kitchen before Jane made me pancakes.
"Morning girls. " I said chearily. "Sleep good?"
"Yes thanks daddy." they both said.
"Daddy," said Jane "you didn’t tuck me in last night, again."
"I did sweetie, but you were already asleep and I didn’t want to wake you up. I promise I’ll take you to bed myself tonight, ok sweetie."
"Yes daddy." she said smiling at me, but it wasn’t a convincing smile. Not Jane’s usual smile. Or was I imagining it? "Panpackes daddy?"
"No thanks sweetie, I’ve already had breakfast." Showing her the empty bowl as I put it in the sink.
Sitting down on a stool, I saw the girls new iPhones and picked one up. They had both chosen the white model.
"The phones ok girls." putting the phone back down.
"Brilliant daddy, did you get our texts?
"I hav’t checked yet but I’m sure I got them both." I then remembered that Kelly will be letting me know when I can come around and fuck the ass off her.
"I’ll check now." and went to get my phone.
I entered the kitchen again with my phone and sat down.
"Whose number ends in 98?"
"That’s mine daddy" replied Jane.
"Thanks babe"
"Mine ends in 66,daddy."
"Yep, got that sweetie, thanks." saving their numbers and adding details.
I noticed Jane was eating a bowl of Fruit Loops.
"What are we doing today daddy?"
"Nothing girls, it’s your last day before school , so just relax and do whatever." they nodded their heads.
I kept checking the time on my phone, 10.20am. Kelly said she will text me in the afternoon. I had time to kill.
"When you have finished eating girls will you go and get all the dirty towels and drop them off in the laundry? Don‘t forget the pool house."
"Will do."
"I’m off for a swim." walking across the still slightly damp grass and taking off my boxers at the waters edge I dived in. I did about 20 of the 15 metre pool, the water cool against my skin. I saw Jane walk in the pool house and then walk back out with a handful of towels and headed towards me.
"That’s a clean one daddy." holding it up for me then dropping it next to my boxers.
"Thanks, sweetie, very thoughtful of you." she didn’t immediately walk away but was just standing there like she was unsure what she should do.
"What’s wrong baby?" I asked and swam to the edge of the pool and got out, sitting on the edge. I patted the spot next to me, inviting her to sit down. She dropped the dirty towels and picked up the clean one and wrapped it around my shoulders and sat next to me.
"What’s up baby?"
"I know it’s silly but…"
"But what?"
"But…Last night when I had just gone to bed and waiting for you to tuck me in." I hadn’t imagined her weak smile this morning.
"Yes" I prompted.
"Well I kinda felt jealous."
"Jealous, baby? Jealous of Janet?"
"Yes daddy." That threw me a little, I had hadn’t even considered that either of the girls would feel jealous towards each other. The I remembered something that Jane had said on Friday when the girls were fucking each other with the new dildos. ""It’s your own fault you fucking bitch, it should have been me that daddy fucked first not you!" "Oh my god, I just put that down to the sex and things get said during sex and not some underlying jealousy towards her twin.
"Oh baby, baby." I turned to embraced Jane, a tear was forming in the corner of an eye.
"Why did you feel jealous?"
"I thought you liked Janet more than me."
"Why would you think that, baby? Come on you can tell me you know we don‘t keep secrets." Jane sniffed and I wiped away the tear that had ran down her cheek.
"On Thursday night, when I pretended to be asleep and you touched me and then you cum over me. I wanted you so much to fuck me daddy I really did, it hurt so much when you didn’t. Then the next morning when I saw you fuck Janet first I nearly cried. The you didn’t come to tuck me in that night or last night and I heard you fuck Janet when you went to tuck her in." Then the tears really started.
"Oh baby, shh." I hugged Jane tightly.
"I really don’t know why I didn’t fuck you that night, I guess I was scared to really, I thought you were asleep I really did and I didn’t think in a thousand years I would ever really fuck either of you. And I think I fucked Janet first was because when she came into my room that morning all she had on was a tiny pair of panties and I was naked and seeing her nearly naked like that made my cock so hard and I got so randy I couldn’t help myself I‘m just a weak man. I wasn’t scared for some reason and in reality I just raped her. Last night I didn’t plan to fuck Janet either, it was just supposed to be a quick chat with both of you, you know like I used to do every night, a quick chat and a kiss good night You must know that I love you both equally, I’m sorry Jane, I really am. Don’t be jealous of Janet it’s not her fault. It’s mine." I wiped away her tears with the towel.
"I’m sorry daddy, I know I was being silly really, but I do love you so much and Janet."
"I know you do, so does Janet too."
"Yes I know, Jane" Janet’s voice surprised me, I didn’t even know she was there.
"I love you too, silly." and Janet sat down next to Jane and cradled her twin in her arms, kissing her fore head." I let go of Jane and she turned and tightly hugged her sister back.
"I’m sorry Janet."
"Don’t be silly Jane."
I left the girls to it and I picked up the dirty towels and walked to the house

Chapter 9

From my bedroom I could see the girls were still poolside with their feet in the water and chatting away, they had been there for over an hour. I was happy to see there didn’t seem any animosity between them and they were both laughing and playfully pushing at each other.
My phone beeped and I read the text message.

Parents are going out at 1pm. K xox

I replied.

Good, I’ll be around just after, I’ll come over the wall between our gardens. Can’t wait.

It’s true I couldn’t, I felt like a teenager going on his first date.
I had about an hour to wait. I showered and dressed in a plain pair of chinos, a polo shirt and boat shoes.
The washing machine had finished with the towels and taking them out I loaded the dryer, chose the right drying temperature and pressed start. In the kitchen I took out 3 cans of soda from the fridge and added a straw to 2 of them and headed to the pool.
They took a can each and took a long pull on the straws and smacked their lips in appreciation and resting their cans on the ground.
"Thanks daddy" I crouched down behind them and rested my can of the ground as well and before they had a chance to protest I pushed them both in to the pool screaming as they went in. Bobbing back to the surface they tried to splash water over me, laughing while trying. But I had moved out of reach and the water fell short. They then turned on each other, pushing each other underwater and chasing the offender.
I left them to their playing and walked to the wall separating my garden with Kelly’s just to be sure I would be able to climb it, no problem.
I sauntered back to the house, just for something to do, to kill time, 20 minutes to go. The girls were both out of the pool and stripping off their soaking PJ’s and jumping back in the pool. I changed direction and walked to the pool.
"Girls, girls, listen up. I’ll be off to Kelly’s shortly and I just want to doubly sure that you are both ok with that. "
"Yes daddy, we’re fine with that, you know that. You go fuck her daddy have fun."
"If you get hungry order a pizza or something, do you have any money?" They both shook their heads.
"Ok, I’ll leave some on the kitchen island. "
"Ok daddy." and Jane dunked Janet. I picked up my can of soda I left earlier, drank some and belched.
I left some money on the island and went to the bathroom had a piss and washed my hands and checked in the mirror that I looked half presentable. My once blonde hair over the last year had turned slightly into salt and pepper and maybe there were a few more lines around the eyes but all in all not bad for someone this year hitting 43 even if I say so myself. I still had all my own teeth, but I did need a check up at the dentist. ( add it the long mental list of stuff that needs to be done ) I had caught some sun over the past few days and was no longer a milky white colour. More a light cappuccino colour.
I heard my phone beep.

Parents have left, please cum over. K xox

She is keen, I thought. Too keen?

I replied that I was on my way and putting my phone in my pants pocket as walked out. I stopped by the pool just to let the girls I was off and told them to call if anything happened.
"Bye daddy, have fun" they said, both winking. I smiled and headed for the back wall. I cleared the wall and landed on soft a soft green lawn. I saw Kelly in a red bikini standing by the patio doors. Even from this distance she looked fucking hot. And steadily getting closer and closer she looked hotter and hotter. Finally I was just a step or two from her, the porno pics she sent me didn’t do her justice, in the flesh she was sex on legs. How she didn’t have a boyfriend was beyond me. Her legs were longer than I thought, it might have been the cut of the bikini bottoms which were cut higher than the blue ones I saw her wearing through the binoculars.
"Hello Kelly." I said.
"Hi" it was a shy response and she looked slightly shy too. I stepped up to her held her waist and leant in and kissed her. There was nothing shy about her response back as her hands flew to my head pulling me in and pressing her lips tightly onto mine. My hands travelled down and took hold of her ass cheeks pulling her hips into mine and her crotch into my throbbing cock.
I pulled back from the kiss.
"What do you want Kelly? Tell me."
"Screw me Jack, take your cock and fuck me senseless." Good answer.
I pulled down her bikini bottom.
"Not here, my room." after pulling them back over her ass, she took my hand pulled me indoors. Her ass looked as good as it felt and her swaying hips were hypnotic.
As soon as we reached her room, she turned to face me and took off her bikini top and dropped it. Like everything about her, her tits were so much better in real life. Perky, sprang to mind and her nipples were hard like bullets. I pushed her down on to her bed and roughly pulled off her bikini bottoms. Like she said, her cunt was smooth, the lips were puffy.
"I waxed my pussy this morning." she said and spread her legs.
"You like what you see Jack?"
"I love what I see Kelly." and she proceeded to rub her cunt.
"Just tell me what to do Jack." her previous look of shyness had disappeared and was replaced with what’s best described as "Fuck me eyes "
I pulled off my polo shirt and slipped off my shoes.
"Take my pants off." she sat up and undid the single button and started to slowly pull down my zipper while her other hand rubbed my cock through the cotton pants then taking hold of the top of my pants she pulled them over my hips and down my legs and I stepped out of them.
"Your cock is much bigger than I thought." she purred.
"Will it fit in me?"
"Oh yes, I’ll make sure of that." she was using both hands on my cock and balls, stroking and kneading them both. She knew what she was doing and not some first timer.
"Suck me Kelly, suck me in your school girl mouth." Grabbing her long hair and pulling her head closer to my cock." She opened her lips and kissed my cock head then licked it around and around the head, her hands still working on the cock base and balls. She looked up at me while doing this, her baby blue eyes were hungry, hungry for sex, I wasn’t going to disappoint.
"Take it deeper, baby. Suck it, work that tongue." Inch by inch my cock disappeared in to her more than willing mouth, her tongue a soft, warm and busy bed. She was sucking on over half of it, then started moving her head back and forth and each time her mouth took even more until she could only hold my cock with a single finger. I could feel my cock hit the back of her throat, but she didn’t gag just kept working her magic on my engorged rod.
“Yeah, that’s good, mmm , just like that. I love school girls sucking my cock, it’s so fucking hot." She carried on working on my cock. It’s head sending waves of pleasure through me. I didn’t need to move at all, she was doing all the work and I just stood there letting my cock get all the attention. Then pulling her head back until she just had the head still in her mouth, she wrapped a fist around the shaft and started to pump. The she stopped sucking a second and said.
"Cum over my face." she pleaded. "Please, like you would a $20 whore. Treat me dirty, I’m a cum slut for you." then got back to work on my cock head.
"You bet, you schoolie slut, it’s all you deserve. Your gonna have so much of my cum. Yeah jack me off slut, make me cum all over you."
She started to quickly pump, she was getting desperate, frantic almost for my cum. I could hear groans from her throat becoming a single continuous graon. Her lips silently moving, her eyes fixed on the end of my cock willing for cum to gush out. She wouldn’t have long to wait, I could feel the pressure build up and I was almost ready to pop.
"Oh baby, your gonna get your wish , I’m nearly cumming, pump my cock pump it." she licked the head and that was enough.
"I’m cumming slut." and with a loud gasp from me, hot strings of cum were fired as if from a cannon. She left the first few strings hit her face and she moaned with contentment. Two even lines of sticky cum stretched from her mouth to above her eyes, Then clamping her lips around the head the final spurts of cum were willingly taken by her mouth and she swallowed them. She finished by sucking on the head like a baby suckling at a mothers milk filled breast. Her tongue licking the slit for the slightest droplet of cum she was trying to pump out of my cock. She was making very contented noises, even if my cock was slightly muffling the sounds. She carried on for several minutes more, determined to milk me dry. When she finally pulled my cock out of her mouth and released her grip of the shaft, she licked her lips.
I bent my head down and licked some cum off my face and offering my tongue to her she greedily sucked at it. Cum was definitely nectar to her. We continued until her face was free of cum and with my last of my cum in my mouth I spat it in to her open mouth, she swallowed it.
"Are you sure your 14?" I asked "because you can suck cock like someone much older." she smiled and pulled open the bedside drawer that was near my leg and reached in an pulled out her passport and handed it to me. I opened it the last page and read her date of birth. She was 2 weeks past her 14th birthday. I handed it back to her and she placed it back in the drawer.
"Happy birthday. You have a smoking hot body for someone so young."
"Thank you." she replied.
"I told you the truth when I said I’ve just been fucked the once, but I have sucked off loads of boys from school." I could more than believe that. She went to close the drawer, but I caught sight of a smallish red dildo, the same one she used in the pics she sent me. I reached in and pulled it out.
It was about 5 inches long and quite smooth with a rounded end. I lifted it to my nose and sniffed, then I sucked it covering it in a film of my saliva and I handed it back.
"Let me see you use this in your ass."
She moved some of her pillows about and laid back on them and swung her legs in the air, almost over head so that her ass cheeks were off the bed. I sat down with a good view of the scene in front of me. She also sucked on the dildo and first off she grunted as she inserted it in her cunt and worked the plastic, fucking her cunt with it. Her cunt was obviously very wet, a slick sheen quickly covered the dildo.
"How many boys have you sucked off and let cum over you?" she didn’t hear me at first she was getting busy with her cunt.
"How many boys have you sucked off and let cum over you?"
"Erm,er.. Don’y know maybe 20."
"Do you suck them at school?"
"Yes, in the bathrooms."
"Dirty slut."
" I bet you suck off teachers too, you little cum slut. Do they all cum over your face or do you suck all the cum and swallow it"
"Both, really."
"How old where you when you had your first fuck?"
"I was 13, my ex boyfirend, he was 17." Kelly’s breathing wagering a little ragged, and she pulled the dildo from her cunt. She changed her position to her lay on her side. Almost in the foetal position and had the dildo at her entrance to her ass hole and with 2 fingers on the end of it she pushed it in about 2 inches. The with the palm of her hand she pushed down on the dildo, it almost disappeared. She grunted with the effort and her body tensed up.
"Oh fuck that’s so goood." It was beautiful sight to see.
"You know I’m gonna fuck your ass, Kelly."
"Oh god yes, fuck my ass , please , please, please cum in my ass, fuck" She was ass fucking her ass the red plastic.
I moved and knelt in front of her face.
"Make my cock nice and wet." and pulling her face over my cock she started sucking again until it was dripping in her saliva.
“Lay on your Stomach and spread your legs a bit." she did and I moved down to her ass, getting my leg’s either side of hers. The dildo was still in her ass. I took hold and pumped it in and out of her ass.
"Yes, yes yes yes like that oh my fucking god."
"Tell me to fuck your ass, to pound it with my fat cock, tell me."
"Yes do it, fuck my ass please please, I want your cock in it I want your cum in my ass , do it please do it." I pulled put the dildo and replaced it with my cock and my hands now on her hips I pushed .
"Fucking hurts doesn’t it?"
"YES it does, don’t stop, please please don’t stop." I continued to push feeling resistance from her ass but her ass hole slowly gave way and stretched wide as my cock and my cock head entered her ass. I could feel my cock being gripped tightly and just as I thought I couldn’t get any deeper suddenly her ass hole relented and her ass was filled with half my cock.
She was screaming.,her face buried in her pillows
"FUCK ME!" over and over. I started to fuck her an after a few thrusts it became much easier and I started to fuck her ass and she kept on screaming, it was such a fucking turn on for me. After a while her ass was taking most of my cock and Kelly started to scream on every down ward thrust. The tightness of her ass was a firmer grip than any hand jacking me off and it wasn’t long before I felt my balls told me it was ready to fill her ass with cum.
"I’m cumming you ass slut."
"Fill me up , cum in me cum in me do it now please." and with one final push I buried my cock deep in her ass and my balls exploded, my orgasm was so intense.
"Feel my cum , oh god so much."
I couldn’t really tell how much cum I ejaculated, but it felt like gallons and her ass must full. None escaped as her ass hole had an air tight fit around my cock.
"I wanna suck your dirty cock, stick it in my mouth, I want the cum." I left my cock buried for the moment catching my breath.
With my breathing just about back to normal I withdrew my cock, it slid out easily. Kelly quickly moved around and had my cock in her mouth, she was like the possessed licking and sucking my cock clean. I crashed out on my back and let her get on with it and every time she sucked or licked my tender cock head it caused my hips to jump. We Kelly was happy it would pass an inspection. She let it go and stretched out beside me and kissed me, deeply. The taste of her tongue an odd mixture of cum and ass.
"Thank you , thank you, you missed out on my pussy virginity but you definitely took my ass hole’s, thank you. OMG THAT WAS FUCKING FANTASTIC!" and kissed me again.
"No, I should be the one thanking you, a sweet, sexy, fuckable and definitely a cum slut 14 year old school girl letting me do that to her." Then she did something unexpected. She found her dildo and pushed it back into her ass, pulled it out and it was slick with my cum and she sucked it clean.
"Fuck girl, you really are a fucking dirty bitch."
"Mmmmm" she said with the dildo in her mouth then did it again., laughing.
A little while later, I was propped up by the pillows and I had an arm around Kelly and she had her head my chest. She asked me about the 2 girls she saw me fucking.
I swallowed.
"This might freak you out but.."
"They’re your daughters aren’t they?" she more or less finished my sentence for me.
"Yes, they are. Does that freak you out?" she mulled the question over.
"I’ll admit that it does a bit, but I’m more surprised that I find that I don’t care really."
"Ok, Jane and Janet, they’re identical twins, 13 years old."
"No mom on the scene?"
"No, she died in a accident getting on for 2 years ago now."
"Oh wow, sorry."
"It’s ok, how could you know, we’ve only just moved here and 3 days later I’m fucking you, which coincidentally is only the same amount of time that I have been fucking the twins… " and I went on to tell what happened.
Kelly remained quiet.
"It does freak you out doesn’t it?"
"No, no, it’s ok, really. It’s just that I’ve never met someone that does it, that’s all."
"Do you want to meet them, the girls. They’re probably gonna go to your school tomorrow as your just less than a year older than them. " I told her the school name and she confirmed they would be at the same school.
"Just say hi to them, I’m sure you’ll like them. Perhaps you can give them a few pointers for tomorrow."
"Yeah ok. She said "I will, but not just yet." And she rolled on top of me and while she was kissing me, she was rubbing her cunt over my cock. I got hard…

I jumped back over the wall, the girls were sunbathing naked on loungers they had dragged over to near the pool.
"Daddy! " they exclaimed. "You were gone ages, you must have fucked her a lot?"
"I’ll tell you both about it later, but Kelly is on her way around she wants to say hi. She goes to the same school as you do. So get something on will ya."
"Is she nice daddy?
"She is very nice, I think you will like her, She’ll give the skinny about the school as well. Just one thing, she obviously knows that we fuck, she won’t say anything to anyone else, but if she asks you about it don’t lie just tell her the truth Ok?"
"No problem daddy."
"Get dressed she’ll be here shortly." and they ran inside and I followed.
I trashed the empty pizza box that was left on the counter and opened a beer from the fridge. The door bell rang out "Dixie", that’s is definitely going to be changed. I answered and let in Kelly. She smelt of coconuts. Not only was she good enough to eat, she now smells good enough to eat. She shyly kissed me on the cheek and lead her to the family room, shouting to the girls on the way through.
She sat down and she also accepted an offer of a drink saying her mouth was still a bit salty, grinning. I made some fresh lemonade and handed one to the girls when they walked through.
"Hold up girls, I’ll introduce you all." I carried another 2 glasses of lemonade in to the family room with the 2 girls at my heels and handed a glass to Kelly as she stood up.
"Jane, Janet, this is as you know is Kelly, Kelly meet the girls." All 3 of them stood almost toe to toe, I got the feeling it was a bit like a gunslingers face off. But these were barely teenage girls, so it could be a lot worse. I wondered if the house had an old bomb shelter ready for any fallout. But the smiles broke out and rather formal handshakes and hello’s and we all sat down.
The conversation was a bit stilted to start with, but Jane asked Kelly about what music she likes and five minutes later all 3 of them were like old friends. I imagined my self mopping my brow in relief. I then excused my self and in the kitchen drank a beer in one go and opened another and headed to my room.
After a shower, I stretched out on the bed, I had lot to think about regarding the last few days but I couldn’t get a coherent thought straight in my head. I took a long pull from my beer bottle. A stray though wandered about my brain, then I rubbed my groin area. - yep you’re right, I think I have pulled something down there, but it’s had a busy weekend and I’m not as young as I used to be " I made a silent toast to growing old disgracefully and I finished my beer.
I threw on some shorts and t shirt and finished off some chores. Starting with the laundry and towels, then emptying the dish washer, kitchen trash anything to keep busy really. Afterwards sitting in the kitchen with a notepad and pen , I transferred all the mental notes floating around wrote them down. It ended up being quite along list and I attached it to the fridge with a "Welcome to Jamaica" magnet that had been left behind by the previous owners.
There wasn’t any noise coming from the family room and looking in I saw the room empty. But I saw all 3 of them out down by the pool sitting in the lawn when I was at the patio doors. All 3 waved me over when I they saw me. I walked over.
“Hi daddy.”
“Hey Jack”
“Hi everyone, everything ok? Any one hungry?”
“No daddy”
“No thanks Jack, I better be going mom and dad will be home soon.” Standing up.
“See ya tomorrow at school girls, but the front gate at ten to eight, right?”
“Yeah, see ya tomorrow Kelly”
“I’ll walk you out.” I said.
Just inside the front door I took Kelly by the waist and we kissed.
“Can we do this again?” Kelly asked.
“Sure come around and see the girls anytime you like.”
“No silly” she said giggling. “Can we fuck again?”
“If your sure you’re not too weirded out by all this.” Kelly leant in and kissed me.
“No I’m not, really and I think your girls are fantastic too, I’m sure we’ll be great friends.”
“Then I think, I might just be able to squeeze you in sometime.” winking at her. She hit me across the arm.
“Just one thing, your parents are they ever likely to see me and the girls in the garden?”
“No, they sleep in one of the front bedrooms, the 2 looking over the back are unused and empty. I can’t remember the last time either were in my room and they’re out 90% of the time anyway.” That put my mind at ease about that anyway.
“Sweet. Call me or text or whatever, when you can, I don’t need to work so I’m easy to get hold of.”
“Definitely I will” Kelly confirmed and lent in for a final kiss.
“Bye Jack”
“Bye cum slut” and winked. I opened the door and she was gone.
This has been one wonderful, sexy, fuck fest weekends ever and also one of the strangest too plus I think Kelly who is admittedly a really great fuck might turn round and bite me on the ass, not in sexual way but in a trying to fuck up one‘s life way. I should have had a crystal ball.
Food is definitely next for me , I thought when the belly rumbled like thunder.
I pulled out my iphone and Siri gave me the details for a Chinese restaurant that delivered. Called and placed an order, 30 minutes.
I flopped on to a sofa in the family room, found the Tv remote and flicked the TV on aimlessly going through the channels, depressing news, more depressing news, Beyonce shaking’ that ass, crap movie, another crap movie, game show, crap movie, game show, this is more like it a replay of a Sharapova tennis match. She has legs that eventually get to a peach of an ass, an ass that I can look at all day long. And if she grunts like that hitting a ball, imagine how she grunts when two balls are slapping her chin.
“Daddy, we’re hungry, not Sharapova again daddy?”
“I’ve ordered Chinese, enough for everyone it’ll be here soon. And yes Sharapova, can’t a man day dream?”
“Daddy! Really” and right on time, the Dixie door bell rang.
“Daddy you must change the door bell”
“ You know it girls”
Through a forkful of rice Jane said.
“We like Kelly daddy, she’s really nice, funny too.” Janet nodded in agreement.
“After eating we’re gonna add her as a Friend of Facebook.”
“I’m glad girls, what did you all talk about?” And I was glad too.
“Er music, fashion, you, school, her parents, shopping…”
“Stop!” I said. “Me?”
“Yes daddy, she really likes you.”
“What did you tell her?”
“Nothing bad daddy, just stuff you know.”
“When are you gonna see her again daddy?”
“Not sure yet, we’ll see. Did she ask about our fucking, girls” I asked popping a prawn into my mouth.
“Yeah she did, but she seems really cool about it and as you said to us, we just told her the truth about it all.”
“That’s the best way. What did she say about her parents?”
“Well, they have their own business and are rarely home apart from late at night and to sleep. The they’re back out early. They’re about the same age as you. Her daddy is not her real daddy, her real daddy left when she was 10 or 11 and doesn’t know where he is and hasn’t seen him,” That’s interesting. I thought. “ she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, just her.”
“So, your gonna meet her at school tomorrow?”
“Yeah, she’s gonna show us around, we’re not in the same grade but she will introduce us to her school friends.”
“That’s good, at least you will know some one there.” The girls both nodded. A few minutes later out of blue said.
“Come on daddy you haven’t told us about your afternoon fucking Kelly and you did say you would tell us. That was on e thing she wouldn‘t talk to us about other than she really enjoyed it, really enjoyed it”
“Yes girls I did, didn’t I?” I told them, not leaving anything out.
“Wow daddy, we’ve both a lot to learn haven’t we?”
“Girls believe me, you both are doing just fine. No complaints from me there. Just carry on as you are, there’s plenty of time and no rush. Ok?”

The rest of dinner passed with out much being said and after clearing up the girls went to their rooms. Back in the family room, the Sharapova game had been replaced by a Serena Williams match, I turned the TV off and stepped out onto the patio. The air was cool and dark clouds were forming, probably more rain on the way. But it was quiet and peaceful.
Hot tub, we need a hot tub. Quite why I was suddenly was thinking of Hot Tubs I don’t’ know, but it was a good idea and it’s not as if we don’t have the room. I’ve never had one before, could be fun. I would add it to the top of my to do list attached to the fridge. I’d be having busy day tomorrow.
My phone beeped and taking it out of my pocket I read the message.
Hey Jack, I wish u were here cant stop thinking about our afternoon together . Check you email in 2 minutes for some more pics I said id send you K xox

I replied.

Can’t wait we’ll have more fun soon, I promise. Jack

The another beep, showing I had an email. I opened the it, the email text had 4 words.

Do this to me

I opened the 7 attachments.
The pics like before were self pics taken in front of a large mirror.
The first pic and Kelly was laying down on her back away from the mirror and her pussy was on display. In the second and third she was pissing and the stream of piss was hitting the mirror, in the next 3 she was fingering her cunt, still pissing. And the last one showed her sitting up licking her piss from the floor.
My own 14 year old, school girl cum slut and toilet, 2 of the sweetest 13 year old fuck toys daughters ever. am I the luckiest guy in the world or what?
I was woken out of my reverie by my 2 fuck toys. They sat down with me and were tapping away at their ipads.
“Hi girls, you both ready for school tomorrow?”
“Yeah, we guess so, we just need to choose what to wear.”
“Just make sure you wear underwear and you both better have an early night so in bed by 10.”
“Yes daddy. What are you going to do tomorrow?”
“I’ve a busy day myself, furniture stores for the empty rooms, loads of phone calls to arrange things like a lawnmower guy and pool guy. Get a doctor sorted for you guys, erm, and I thought we’d get a hot tub too.”
“A Jacuzzi! Really! “
“Yeah it can go between the pool and the patio, just over there?” I pointed to the spot.
“Anything either of you need when I’m out and about?”
“No daddy we’re fine thanks.” Yes they were, they definitely were.
At 10pm exactly Janet declared she was off to bed. She hugged me around the neck and kissed my cheek. The looking into my eyes she then looked at Jane for a moment, who was still tapping away at her ipad. Then Janet looked back at me. I knew what she was silently saying.
“Night daddy, see you in the morning.”
“Night baby, don’t forget to set your alarm clock.” and off she went.
“Come on Jane, bedtime.” I said and then stood up. She tapped the tablet’s screen a couple of times.
“Ok daddy.” she said and also stood up, I held out my hand which she took.
“Come on, I’ll tuck you in sweetheart?” she smiled and we headed to her bedroom?
While Jane was in her bathroom, I fluffed up her pillows and pulled back her quilt. A brown teddy bear that was nearly as old as Jane took pride of place in the middle of the bed. I picked it up, fingering an ear that was becoming unstitched. It already was missing an eye and it’s fur had lost it’s sheen and was becoming a bit matted and worn. But it was her favourite toy, her mother had bought one each for the girls on their first birthday. Janet still had hers too, but that was in a cupboard along with other stuff Janet never used or played with any longer. But Jane still loved this old brown bear. I turned around and place it on the dressing table which also was looking past it’s best with it’s chipped mirror and the dark wood had dinks and scratches. The matching wardrobes and bedside cabinets were equally looking tired. Some new bedroom furniture was in order.
The bathroom door opened up and out padded Jane, her long dark hair shiny and brushed. She was wearing red cotton panties and a tight red vest. I sat down on the edge of her bed, my feet on the floor and as she walked passed I pulled her into me. And I hugged her tightly smelling her hair. Her arms wrapped around me tightly hugging me back with her head turned and her cheek resting on my shoulder.
“Everything ok sweetheart?” I asked.
“Yes daddy.” squeezing me a little tighter. “I love you daddy.”
“I love you too, very much” And with that I cupped her ass. She let go of me, then stood up straight and I one swift movement she took off her red vest, dropped it to the floor and looked at me expectedly. I bent my head down to her right tiny mound and licked it across the nipple, repeating the action on her left one too. I pulled down her panties and she stepped out of them licking them away. I had her turn around and bend over, gripping the dressing table for leverage. She then spread her legs. I placed my hand between them and rubbed her inserting my middle finger deep in to her cunt. It slid in easily as her pussy was already quite moist. Jane let out a moan of satisfaction when I continued rubbing between her legs and my middle digit tenderly fucking her and she lowered her self urging my finger deeper.
I stood up behind her, ceasing my rubbing. I licked my middle finger, tasting her juices.
I pulled off my shirt and pants and standing closer to her with my legs slightly bent, I had hold of my cock and placed it at the entrance to her cunt.
“Push onto my cock baby, skewer your cunt.” And she pushed her ass back and she took the first inch of cock into her cunt and I held on to her hips helping her. Jane grunted as she was slowly impaling herself. She stopped after nearly half of my cock slid easily into her. And taking her by surprise in a swift single movement I buried the rest.
Jane yelped by the suddenness of finding her tight wet cunt full of cock, then moaned in pleasure. I held it like that for several moments, savouring the feel of her soft taut fuck tunnel, enveloping my cock.
“Guys are so gonna love fucking you Jane once their cocks are inside you. I’ve never fucked a better cunt.” I hissed in her ear.
“No one will fuck me better than you daddy.”
I started to fuck her, an even rhythm, steadily getting more and more urgent, My groin slamming into her ass cheeks and my balls slapping her belly. Jane grunting with every deep and quick thrust and breathlessly repeating. “Daddy, daddy”
I was near the point of no return, but Jane was already there. Her right leg buckled as she let out a long “Oh yeeeees” as she had her orgasm.
I stopped her from collapsing and few strokes later I let out a “Fuckk yess!” as I came too but missing my stroke, my cum slashed her ass and pussy lips. Large drops of cum dripping off her and pooling on the floor.
I let go of Jane’s hips and stepped back to the bed, flopping onto my back. Jane turned around and on unsteady legs she go onto her bed then straddled me. She ground her crotch onto my shrinking cock sharing the cum from her ass and pussy with it. And with her hands in my hair she passionately and deeply kissed me. I responded in kind meeting her tongue with mine, my arms wrapped around her pulling her in tightly.
We held each other until she fell asleep. I untangled our bodies, stood up and picking up Jane I placed her down where she sleeps straightend out the her quilt and placed it over her. I pulled a few hairs out of her eyes and bent down and kissed her fore head and left her room, picking up my clothes and turning off lights as I went.
I stepped into Janet’s room and saw she had been fighting with the bed there was a mess of arms, legs and quilt and a pillow on the floor, so I untangled Janet and straightened everything up, gave her kiss good night and left and went to my room.
I showered , dried myself and hit the sack.

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