The ongoing sexual saga of a dad and his twin daughters.
This is the missing chapter 4 .

Chapter 4

10 minutes later the girls were waiting for me in the kitchen and drinking a glass of water each. Janet was wearing the same red skirt but this time with a white sleeveless top with spaghetti straps and definitely no bra her tits were clearly evident behind the white material. Jane had a black mini skirt on and the same white sleeveless top as Janet, also her tits were clearly showing through the top too. On their feet were matching pumps and they had matching purses.
"Very slutty girls, now turn around and bend over and spread your legs." They did as they were told and I walked over to them and first inserted a finger into Janet’s cunt. Janet gave a slight moan. I pulled my finger out and smelt it. Good it smelled of cunt and cum. I did the same to Jane, same result. They had also done their make up and tidied their hair, they looked sexy and fuckable and older than their 13 years.
"When we’re out don’t call me daddy, call me Jack."
"Ok Jack." and the girls laughed and so did I. I pulled out my wallet and gave Janet $500 and Jane a credit card and told her the pin number. I warned her not to lose it and reminded them what to get.
"20 minutes later we were at the mall and parked up. The clock in the car said it was just after 9 am and told the girls to be back here at noon and not to be late then we would go for some lunch and we went our separate ways after I gave each of them a kiss on the lips and gave there naked asses a squeeze and my cock twitched a bit.
I decided I should do the boring stuff first and did the grocery shopping and an hour later I was back at the car unloading a large shopping trolley. Once finished I found a coffee shop and sat at a table with large cappuccino and a bear claw and watched the world go by. I had to pinch myself a couple of times as I thought back to just a couple of hours ago to Janet and Jane on my bed and my cum dripping out of their sweet young cunts. The pinch was just to be sure I wasn’t asleep or living a fantasy. Well I was still here chewing on a bear claw so it definitely happened. I fucked my two 13 year old twin daughters. Not only that they wanted me to fuck them, no they practically begged me to fuck them, life was sweet.
I guess it was inevitable really, sitting here and thinking about it. I was in denial really when I said I didn’t know why I all of a sudden wanted to fuck them because when their mother was just a year older at 14 and I was college senior, that’s what 7 years older than her, I fucked her too. My daughters are the spitting image of their mother. The same slim body, petite is what you would call them. Their mother never grew beyond 5ft 1 and 85 lbs. The same long straight auburn hair that grew pass their shoulders and their skin always soft and easily tanned. Their oval face with large brown eyes. Beautiful.
I met their mother at the beach near my home town while college had finished for the year. I knew she was underage and I knew that with in 30 seconds of meeting her I wanted to fuck her and within 10 minutes I was in love with her and knew we would one day get married. She was on her own at the beach, her parents were visiting friends and wouldn’t be back ‘till late. We chatted for a while then went for ice cream and chatted some more. She told about herself, her likes and dislikes, her family and friends and I told her likewise. A while later we went for a walk and I took her to some dunes with no one around for miles. She took off her swim suit and took off my shorts. I stepped up to her and kissed her long and hard and then she begged me to fuck her and take her virginity. We fucked for an hour, every position, any way we could in any and every hole. When we finished she needed to piss and instead of finding another dune to do her business she pushed back down on to the sand, straddled me and pissed over my cock and chest and was pulling on her nipples as she did so moaning with ecstasy. When she finished pissing she turned around and sucked on my piss covered cock until I came again. She was a fucking dirty slut of a whore and we fucked as often as we could for the next 4 weeks until I had to go back to college. 7 or 8 times day usually. She was adventurous as well in other ways, she found out she liked fucking in public and by the end of the first week again at the beach we were just sunbathing and either side of us were other couples and a few single people near by when suddenly just got up straddled me pulling her bikini bottoms to one side while her other hand pulled out my cock from my shorts and pulled it to her cunt hole and pushed down filling her cunt and rode it like bucking bronco until we both orgasmed. She then rolled off me and fingered her cunt for half an hour licking off my cum from her fingers. When I saw her away from the beach she never wore a underwear with mini skirts or a bra with low cut thin and flimsy tops. I pretty much had a permanent hard on. It was a great summer.
We didn’t see each other again until I had graduated the following year, her parents had gone away for a week leaving her on her own. We never got dressed or left the house for the whole week where she loved us fucking in the back garden in full view of any neighbour looking out a window. The following week would be last week I’d see her for 4 years and on the last day at the beach she had brought 2 of her friends from school, Alice and Heather. They were all the same age, 15. Both were hot and sexy, and within 20 minutes of meeting we had an orgy in the dunes. Loads of me fucking the girls and the girls not being fucked had fingers ,tongues and mouths in each others holes. And drinking each other piss like spring water and licking out my cum and piss from Alice’s ass after I had given Alice a piss enema then cum in her ass. After a couple of hours we all got dressed and went back to the beach swam in the ocean for a while then rested up for an hour then headed back to the dunes and did it all over again. That was a good day.
I looked own and saw an empty coffee mug and my bear claw was eaten. I checked my watch, just after 11 am. I left the coffee shop and headed downtown towards where I hoped there would be an adult store or two. I got back to my car at 5 to 12 and the girls were already there with what looked like at least 2 dozen bags, maybe more. I opened up the car and they loaded their bags in the back. Janet then sat next to me reached across and kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back slipping my tongue in to her mouth. We pulled apart.
"Thank you dad.. Jack we have loads of surprises for you when we get home." and she looked over her shoulder at Jane and they both giggled.
"Can we just go home and forget lunch?"
"Sure" I said and we got home a lot quicker from the mall that it took to get there. Once there the girls grabbed all their bags and rushed inside while I was left with the groceries. I got them all unpacked in double quick time. I went to the family room and dropped the 2 extra bags of stuff I got from a sex shop on the sofa and set up the tv amongst the myriad of boxes and sat down on the sofa flicking through the channels until I found a repeat of last nights game. Bottom of the 4th. Then rummaging through another couple of boxes I found the video camera. I switched it on to make sure the battery had enough charge and the memory card had enough space, both were fine and I switched the camera back to off. Where was the camera tripod? The garage, with the video camera in hand I quickly got there and saw the tripod leaning against the wall in the far corner. After attaching the camera to tripod I took it all back to the family room and set it up. Then I heard the click clack of high heels on the marble floor. I looked around to see the girls walking towards me in matching fuck me red high heels. Sheer black self hold stockings, no panties, no bra. Their make up was a bright red lipstick, black eyeliner and mascara, their cheeks looked blushed with a colour I couldn’t make out. The they stuck their tongues out to show the studs they both had done.
"Is this slutty enough for you daddy?"
"Fuck me girls, you both look like the sexiest fuck dolls I ever saw." turning on the video camera and pointed it at the girls.
"Kiss each other, really mean it, smear that slutty lipstick." the girls turned wrapping their arms around each other and kissed passionately tongues flicking. I checked the view screen and found it was just a little bit too dark and rather than fiddling with the settings on the camera I thought we could take this poolside.
"Let’s go outside by the pool girls." they stopped kissing and arm in arm turned and went outside.
"On your way, drag one of sunloungers over to the pool."
"Ok daddy."
Before following them out, I turned off the camera and went to the 2 bags from the sex shop and pulled out two black six inch dildos and put them in my pants pocket. Picked up the camera and tripod and headed poolside.
I saw that they had moved one of the loungers over to the poolside and that Janet was stretched out on it and Jane was bent over and kissing her. Jane had her back to me with her ass and cunt in full view. What a sight it was. I walked over to them and set up the camera so the sun was at my back and set it up so it could video the whole of the lounger and started recording.
"Girls, I have 2 little presents for you." pulling out the dildos and handed one to each of them. They giggled as they held them.
"Use them in your slut cunts, just do what comes naturally to yourselves and each other. I‘m just going to watch"
Janet shuffled herself over the lounger a bit and Jane stretched out next to her. I quickly ran over towards the house and picked up a sun chair and brought it back and placed it next to the camera. Before sitting down I took all my clothes off , leaving them in a pile near the chair. Needless to say but my cock was rock hard and standing to attention and standing over the girls I said.
"You see what you 2 sex sluts are doing to me, this is all your fault. It’s your fault I had to fuck you earlier and your fault you are going to abuse your cunts with bit’s of plastic and make each other cum. So be good girls now make me happy and let me see those dildos in your cunts"
"Yes daddy, we know it’s our fault and we’ll make you happy." They were smiling as they said this.
I sat down and watched.
In unison they both sat up a bit and brought their legs up, bending at the knees. Their cunts in full view. They licked the dildos, lubricating them slightly then rubbed their cunts with the rounded end of their dildos. Then they with gasps and moans coming from their lips both pushed the full lengths of their 6 inch dildos deep into their cunts.
"Yes, that’s it sluts, now start pumping them hard."
They started slowly at first but soon the plastic cocks were a blur.
Their gasps and moans were getting louder and louder. Janet let out a long Fuuucckk! And was pulling at one of her nipples and rubbing it between a finger and thumb. Jane’s head was rolling from side to side, eyes closed. The a few moments later she let out a loud scream as raised her hips off the lounger to meet a final thrust of her dildo and was obviously having her orgasm and cunt juices were running down to her ass. A moment later Janet followed suit, also screaming with her orgasm. Their breathing was ragged, faces were flushed. So was mine. And watching your own daughters dildoing their own cunts to orgasm was a fucking beautiful sight.
When their breathing became more normal, they each slowly removed their dildos, each of them covered in sticky cunt juices.
"Suck on your dildos girls." I ordered. They brought them to heir lips and their tongues licked their dildos length like they would an ice cream cone. Janet had absent mindedly started to finger her cunt as well. Her forefinger glistening with cunt juices. Jane was pulling at a nipple, stretching it and twisting. They carried on like this for several more minutes until I gave them another order.
"Janet, turn around and get on all four’s, ass in the air. And Jane use your dildo in her cunt, abuse your sisters cunt." A few seconds later Janet was in position.
"Jane before you use your dildo on the slut, lick her cunt taste her and get your tongue sticky." before long she was licking out her sister like a cat licking a bowl of cream. Jane’s lipstick was smeared over Janet’s cunt lips.
"Good slut, now fuck her cunt, lose that dildo force it all the way in so I can’t see it anymore bury it deep." Jane’s face was pure lust and without a seconds hesitation her dildo was lost in Janet’s cunt. Janet screamed a painful scream as Jane’s thumb was still pushing on her dildo and a tear was running down her cheek, black with mascara. I definitely couldn’t see the dildo and also very little of Jane’s thumb. Jane was enjoying making Janet cry.
"Does it hurt Janet? Yes good, cry you slut the more you cry the more it’ll hurt." and then Jane slapped her sisters ass cheeks hard leaving a red mark.
"It’s your own fault you fucking bitch, it should have been me that daddy fucked first not you!" Jane was shouting. The grabbed at one of Janet’s tits and roughly twisted the nipple. Janet screamed in pain. Fuck this was good. I stood up went over to Janet’s head her face was black with mascara stained tears, my cock was copiously dripping pre cum and an inch from her mouth.
"Open your mouth, slut." she obeyed, and with my hands on the back of her head I forced her mouth around my cock and started to face fuck her. The head of my cock hitting the back of her throat causing her to gag. But the stud in her tongue was doing it’s job as it was rubbing the length of my cock as I fucked her mouth. The sensation was electric and with in 2 minutes hot streams of sticky cum was hitting the back of her throat causing her gag again. My cum oozing out between her lips and my still pumping cock.
"Drink it down you fuck toy, drink my cum." Janet tried to swallow, not easy with a fat cock in your throat so I slowing pulled out and then wiped my wet sticky cock all over her face. Janet then collapsed, her arms and legs giving way and again she burst into tears, big heavy sobs. The dildo in her cunt was no longer being pushed deep inside her so it was now very slowly inching it’s way out. I bent over Janet and kissed her forehead.
"It’s ok baby, it’s just sex." and looked at Jane
"Fuck me daddy, stick your fat cock in my cunt." Jane pleaded.
"No, not now, maybe later." she looked disappointed. "Get yourself and Janet cleaned up and we’ll have some lunch.
I stood up and turned to the camera and switched it off, picked up my clothes and walked back to the house, whistling. I went upstairs to me bedroom, dumped my clothes in the washing basket in the bathroom and had a quick shower. A few minutes later standing naked at the bedroom window and towelling myself dry I thought I noticed movement at my rear neighbours top bedroom window but I couldn’t be sure so I found my binoculars that were in the wardrobe and focused on the neighbour. The powerful lenses brought the house much closer and I could easily see a blonde girl of maybe 15 or 16 staring back with her hand over her mouth and slightly wide eyed. Had she seen what happened by the pool? I knew that our garden was over looked from there. I wasn’t sure if I should be worried or not. And was that the person I waved to earlier this morning? Dropping the binoculars from my eyes I averted my gaze to our garden pool and saw the girls laughing and splashing about in the pool. 2 pairs of fuck me shoes and stockings in piles next to the lounger. Lifting the binoculars back to me eyes I focused again on the neighbour, she was still there looking out but her hand was no longer covering her mouth. I looked around the rest of the house, peering in through windows and checked out their garden but I didn’t see anyone else. A smile spread across my lips and I put the binoculars down left my bedroom and walked naked down through the house and out to the patio. I looked up at the neighbours house and she was still at her window looking out. I was pretty certain it was the same person I waved to earlier. I walked towards the pool my eyes still focused on the neighbours house and when I got to the lounger I waved to the blonde girl in the window. She didn’t wave back, maybe she didn’t see me wave or didn’t know whether to wave back.
"Who are you waving to daddy? Jane asked.
"The neighbour in her bedroom window, come and see girls." they got out of the pool and standing by me, 2 wet and naked girls and their naked daddy, we all waved to the girl. This time she waved back then turned and left the window.
"Daddy! Did she see us earlier having sex!" Janet exclaimed and looking up at me slightly worried, but her face was now clean of tears stains, cum, mascara and lipstick. Jane’s face was clean too. The pool water doing the job.
"Don’t know baby, she might of. I don‘t think it‘s anything to worry about though. If she was gonna tell anyone or the police they would have been here by now." I sounded more confident that I actually was. But I was turned on by the thought of her watching us too.
"Lunch in 15 minutes girls." I said and waked back to the house, the girls jumped back in to the pool.
I made a selection of sandwiches a bowl of chips and placed them on the patio table along with some cans of soda, plates and paper napkins. The girls didn’t need calling over as they seated before the plates were put down.
“We’re starving daddy." So was I as it happened and we demolished everything in record time. After clearing everything away, I found the sun cream and I set up another 2 loungers next to the one already by the pool and I noticed the 2 dildos were on top of the messy pile of stockings. The girls chose a lounger each and I sat down on the one left.
"Let me put some of this sun cream on you first before you get comfortable girls." They both walked over to me, Jane was first in the queue. I quickly looked up at the neighbours top floor window and I saw movement and blonde hair. I smiled to myself. I covered Jane from neck to foot in sun cream but paid special attention to her tits, ass and cunt. And even slipped in a finger in to her cunt, she moaned and bucked her hips. Janet was next and was the same routine, Janet bucking her hips and letting out a quiet moan too.
"Before you lay dawn sweetie, put some cream on my cock." Janet smiled taking the sun cream bottle. I lay down on the lounger and Janet kneeled down beside my cock, squirted some cream on to her hands and gently massaged it into my quickly growing cock.
"Mmmm that feels good baby." as my cock head got special attention. Her small hands working their magic.
"I love your cock fucking me daddy, it feels so big." she said smiling.
"I love fucking you too baby, your cunt is so tight and small. Better stop now baby any more rubbing my cock and I‘ll cum."
"Ok daddy." she stopped then leant over and kissed my cock head. Stood up and went to her lounger and laid down closing her eyes. Picking up the sun cream I then covered myself in it and laid back and closed my eyes too and dozed off, but not until I quickly checked on the blonde in the window, she was still there.

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