Young girls getting sexy and painted up for a party.
This is an older story I wrote sometime back. Figured I would post it and see how it does.

We had a softball game in the morning humidity. A few of the girls were sitting around talking about having a BBQ, but nothing ever came of it. They joked that they would come by my house for a surprise BBQ and dip in the pool. I half joked that they could, not thinking that any of them actually would. I was home for about an hour in a T-shirt with my thin shorts that did not hide much, with the legs opening to show my goods when I wanted them to. I heard a buzz and someone calling my name.
I hit the button on the control. Tianna, DeDe, Maura, Bayley, and Anna came into the gate still wearing their uniforms.

Tianna (T) is a beautiful 14 year old mix of white and black with a juicy yet athletic bubble butt, dark hair, C cup breasts, exotic dark skin with freckles, and blue eyes.

DeDe is young, thin, and athletic. DeDe has braces, brunette, blue eyes, A cup breasts that were probably still developing.

Maura is young as well with strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, a seductive smile, D cup breasts on a swimmer’s muscular frame. Her smile is seductive as she has great lips and is yet the innocent “looking” type.

Bayley is a tall thin brunette with braces and DD breast that really stand out on her thin model type frame.

Anna is cute, but not as attractive as the others. Her body had already developed into a womanly figure and she liked to wear clothes that show it.

The neighborhood was having a Carnivale type of block party. The Carnivale was a South American Carnivale theme. The girls decided that they would do body and face paint. I told them to get ready outside and not get the paint and crap in my house. I had no idea what this all entailed. I mean I had seen people with body paint, but never saw it being done. The girls came out of the house in little thin white thongs and stars over their nipples.
“What the hell are you guys doing like that? I think that is a bit too racy for a neighborhood party. I mean I can see just about everything.”
Bayley responded “We are in the land of topless and thongs. Plus, once we are all painted up then we will probably be more covered up than the rest.” This was strange coming from the normally kind of shy geeky type. Seeing her body like this made me wonder how she could be shy at all.

The girls coupled up each with a pallet of paint. Maura was odd man out and asked me to help her out. We looked at the other groups to see how they were doing it and set our selves up the same way. Basically, she had a mirror in one hand both of us sitting with our legs open facing each other on the sun bed. Maura was sitting with her legs up to her knees on my thighs like the girls receiving paint in the other groups were. The mirror was so that she could tell me what color to use and where to put it. The pallet of paint was down on the seat between our legs.

My lord does Maura have an amazing young body with her ample breasts poking out from her muscular frame. A swim team member with well defined muscular arms and legs. I could see her little camel toe through the almost transparent bottoms with a small tuft of reddish blonde hair just above it. As I was starting to get an erection that I would not be able to hide I tried to focus on her face and the painting we needed to do.

She described what design she wanted and the color green. I looked down having to move the tent from my partial erection to get the color. As I looked up I noticed her grinning at my actions. Knowing that she had noticed my predicament started to make me harden a little more. I believe she noticed as she asked for green again. I decided to play her game pushing it out of the way so that the head peeked out of the short leg of the shorts I was wearing. This time her face was red as I looked back up acting as nothing was going on.

Maura then asked for blue, which was just to the right of her mound against her inner thigh. I brushed her thigh as I dabbed my finger in the color. I could see that her labium was swelling little by little. Her next choice was red, which I actually had to grasp her thigh pulling it up to get to giving me full view of her slit through the fabric, but even better her ass cheeks peeking from underneath. This pushed me to become rock hard poking even further out of the leg of my shorts.

As we got to work on her nose she asked for yellow and purple stripes. I had thought about this color earlier seeing its location. I reached down and forward pressing the top of my finger against her swollen slit while I whisked my finger in the paint. I could feel the heat through the fabric and noticed her not moving as I touched her. I brought my hand up painting one side of her nose. I went back down and to get yellow, which forced me to lift up so that I could move the pallet. This forced her to adjust as well. As we settled back in my erection was totally exposed and laying in the paint. I acted as if I did not notice painting the yellow on her nose. It was hard as she was now looking straight down focused on my exposed cock.

I went down to get the purple acting as if I was surprised at the fact that my erection was exposed. I grabbed it like I was going to put it away finding a rainbow of paint on it. I calmly asked her to hand me one of the handy wipes behind her for which she obliged. I held my shaft with one hand and used the handy wipe with the other stroking it as I wiped it clean. The stroke enough that the excitement of her watching and my touch caused precum to start to ooze from the head. As I let go it plopped against her thigh and she twitched a bit. I noticed that a glob of my goo had formed on her leg. I brushed her thigh with it as I tried to cover it up with my shorts leaving the head exposed. Surprised as I watched her take the gob of goo up on her finger and roll her thumb against it to feel it. This caused my erection to twitch and more to flow out. I knew that I was ready to blow with even the slightest touch.

Moving my hand now further under her crotch to get the purple for the other side of her nose I could now feel the wetness of her bottoms. Once again I took my time in covering my finger with the paint using my knuckle to split her swollen slit. She actually adjusted sitting down on it so that it was up against her swollen little nub. I continued for a few seconds then reached up putting the paint on the other side of her nose. I could tell that she was frustrated by my stopping, but felt awkward about saying anything.

Maura’s nipples had hardened which had loosened her stars. “Your stars are popping off” I stated nonchalantly.
She blushed “I am not sure how to get them to stick again. Can you help me?” I jumped at the chance reaching up cupping her right breast rubbing my thumb around and on the star to press it down. As soon as I let go it popped back up.
“Ok, this may get a bit weird” I said smiling. She smiled back at me and nodded as I wet the tips of two fingers on my tongue cupping her breast lifting it up a bit. Her pert D cup breast filling my hand as I pressed my fingers under the star against her nipple wetting the star. Pulling out and then wetting my fingers again and rubbing her areola as well as wetting her nipple. I could feel her slouch giving into me resting her breast into my hand and noticed her shiver as I touched her nipple. It started to pop off again so I reacted quickly putting my palm against her breast cupping it pressing on the star. She did not seem at all uncomfortable with me holding her mostly naked breast in my hand.

I left my hand on there and started working on the other breast licking my index finger wetting the inside of the star. Then licking it again wetting her nipple and the area around it pushing the star back down. Once in place I grabbed her other breast as well. I sat there for a minute “well, this is a bit awkward” smiling. She shook her head to say it wasn’t but her face was red and it was spreading down her neck. I started to squeeze and rub and her breathing quickened. I let go of her breast cupping her left breast with my right hand using my left to check the star and around it. Then doing the same with her right breast.

Maura asked that I outline the star in purple. I looked down and could now see a visible wet spot between her legs as I went for the purple paint. I more blatantly ran the top of my finger against her camel toe spreading the wetness. Getting the paint and quickly moving out rubbing my knuckle splitting her toe and back down as if I did not get enough paint. I could tell that I was driving her crazy with the teasing. I carefully outlined the star without bleeding paint onto it then outlining the purple in yellow. Once again rubbing her slit as I got the paint for the other breast making the same pattern.

She then asked that I make her a purple one piece kind of design with straps up the front tying behind her neck then a full bottom. She handed me a jar of purple paint which I spread on my hands building the front. I used my fingers pressing her breasts to not cover up the yellow I had used then finger painting the rest of her amazing tits. I had her lean back so that I could get her belly with her nicely formed six pack. Her hips were pushed up making a bridge of her bottoms. My cock was aching as her legs were spread displaying her full crotch. The wetness was driving me crazy making me want to just suck it into my mouth. As we shifted my cock became exposed once again, which I could see but she could not from her position.

I ran my fingers down her belly and just below the line of her bottoms watching as her camel toe swelled with her labia flowering out peeking out of her slit. She sat up and I started to hand her the paint “I need you to do it, I can’t very well see well enough not to miss spots. Just the thought had me close to exploding with my balls twitching releasing a bit of pre-cum once again. She looked down “your erection is out of your shorts again.” She was getting bolder now making a statement to let me know that she knew my level of excitement. I looked down at my hands covered in paint and holding the jar of purple. “Ok, I’ll fix it” she said with a seductive smile on her face. I just nodded in agreement as she quickly reached down grasping it. She ran her hand on it feeling the shaft and lubricated head. “I have never seen one this big and hard, much less felt one” as she ran her hand from shaft to tip pulling the leg of my shorts back over it and the lubrication flowed freely and it was quite a bit. She took a wipe wiping off the liquid on the head.

She went on “Ok, well the bikini needs to be finished. The cloth and the back need to be the same color.”
I reached out handing her the jar of paint. Her response “I can’t see well enough not to miss spots or screw it up.”

Just as talked about it the other girls came up with their paint as well. I did notice that Tianna had an orange stripe and a wet spot on her little camel toe and DeDe has a blue one. Even stranger was the fact that DeDe had orange on her finger and Tianna had blue. Tianna realized that I had noticed blushing and dropping her hands in front of her crotch.

The other girls sat talking while I finished up on Maura. Having permission to touch her total undercarriage was sending my hormones into over drive. Taking the paint and putting it on my fingers I had her turn around starting on her muscular ass. I bent her over spreading her cheeks apart as I painted her crack running my finger through it. Since I was already there I put some more paint and started on the fabric covering her slit. The angle was awkward so I dipped my thumb in the paint rubbing it on the crotch of the fabric. She pushed against my hand as I rubbed my thumb against her pussy through the fabric. Noting this I spent extra time as I felt her nub under my thumb. I could actually see her ass start to sway in unison with my touch. She turned around and stood in front of me with her legs opened while I colored the rest of the fabric.
She asked “is it all the same color?”
“Almost” I responded. She watched as I put paint on my middle finger. She smiled coyly as I reached between her legs placing my finger directly on her wet slit.

The next girl was DeDe. “Are you sure that you want me to paint you?”
She handed me the color “Yes, I really do” as she turned her ass to me. I had never realized how nice her body actually was. Flat stomach and a meaty ass. I began rubbing the paint on her ass cheeks and couldn’t help man handling her ass as I did. She bent over to allow me to paint the rest. I found that she had pulled her bottoms up so that the string was splitting her labium. DeDe’s little pussy was swollen and slick as well as now split down the middle. I could make out her lips as the string split them. I ran my finger down her ass crack and on each side of her pussy lightly rubbing her wet pussy. My cock aching to be pulled out and shoved into her wanting twat. I pushed forward so that I was cupping her pussy in my palm and rubbing it as I wiped paint on the front of her bottoms. On my way out I pressed my finger against her swollen clitoris rubbing it in a circle. Reaching down I hooked my finger under her bottoms un-wedging them from her pussy and pulling them to cover her properly. She turned around locking eyes with me. Her face was flush and I saw her look down locking her focus onto my erection as I rubbed the paint into the fabric of her bottoms. I pushed hard splitting her camel toe her knees seeming to buckle as she pretty much gave in sitting into my hand until I was finished.

I did the same to Tianna, Bayley and Anna. It was too much for my senses and I was to the point that I thought I would just pull out my cock and take care of the overwhelming pressure. They were ready to go and a sight to see. DeDe all of the sudden says that she is not feeling well and that they should go without her heading inside the house.


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