The ongoing sexual saga of a dad and his twin daughters.
Chapter 10

I was rudely awoken by the girls as they crashed through the bedroom door and launched themselves on to my bed and were shaking me my the shoulder.
“Daddy, daddy, daddy.” was their chant. I looked at them with one eye and tried to pull a pillow over my head.
“5 more minutes girls.” I said sleepily.
“No daddy, get up, get up. You have to take us to school today.” and Jane took the pillow out of my hands and threw it on the floor.
“Tell you what girls, I’ll stay in bed and you two can walk,ok?”
“Daddy,it’s 5 miles away.”
“That’s ok, if you leave now then you won’t be too late will you?”
And with that sentence bearly out of my mouth they both pulled the quilt off the bed and pushed me out of bed. Admitting defeat, I rubbed my eyes with the palms of my hands. Looked up and saw the retreating naked ass of Jane replete with dried cum stains.
10 minutes later, after a quick shower, dressing and getting my bedroom back to normal I was in the kitchen with a my morning mug of coffee and a bowl of musili. The girls hadn’t appeared yet, but I didn’t expect them for at least another 20 minutes at least while they debate and try on every piece of new and old clothing that have before they settle on what they will wear to school. Some things never change.
Almost top the second, 20 minutes later arm in arm they walked into the kitchen with their bags over their shoulder. I did a double take, because something had changed. Since they first went to school until the last day at their old one they always wore the outfits. But this morning, it was chalk and cheese even their hair was different. Jane was dressed in pink skinny jeans with a pink loose fitting blouse with black short boots, her hair a pony tail style. Janet had hers braided and wore a deep red sweater dress that went to her knees and had a high turtle neck and wore a thin black leather belt at her waist and white pumps.
“Wow girls you both look amazing ,what happened to the twins, I thought I had twin girls that usually went to school dressed the same.” smiling as I said it and toungue firmly in my cheek.
“We’re 13 daddy,we don’t go to kindergarden anymore, we’re growing up.” the irony of their statement washed over the top of their heads.
“Yes girls, you definatley are that.” and kissed them on the top of their heads. “Breakfast?”
They had juice and cereal each.
“Have you got everything you need, girls?”
“Yes daddy,just need lunch money.” I handed a $20 bill to each out of my wallett and pulled off the To Do list from the fridge, folded it and placed it in my wallett.
“Ready? Then let’s get you to school.” The trip was unusually quiet, they were probably a little nervous, I know I was on their behalf. We arrived at the school 10 minutes later, I found a spot to park as just this morning I would be going into the school with them, just to the office as there were a few forms to sign. We all piled out and headed towards the school gate. We saw Kelly leaning up against a wall and stood upright when she was us and walked to meet us. She had blue skinny jeans on her long legs looked perfect in them and bright red tight fitting blouse through which I could see an outline of her bra containing her pert B cup titties.
“Morning Jack, Jane, Janet.” she blushed ever so slightly. A trio of hello’s back and she lead us to the school office the 3 girls chatting.
The office was busy with other new students and parents, Kelly said she’ll wait in the hallway for us and the 3 of us stepped in and waiting our turn.
10 minutes later the girls had their timetable, a school map and assorted other bits of paper and leaflets. Kelly was waiting as she said she would. I told the twins to call me at lunchtime. The corridor was noisy and busy with students and I could see the twins were being checked out by both sexes.
“Where’s your home room girls?” Kelly asked them. They checked their timetable and replied.
“4B, Mr Watson”
“Come on then I’ll show you were that is.”
“Bye girls. Thanks Kelly, for doing this” I said and they all walked off. After a few paces Kelly half turned around and gave a little wave to me. I winked back. After they turned a corner and were out of view I left.
Back at the car I opened the trunk and dug out my Red Sox cap for our 10o clock later, but I had 2 hours to kill before that and sitting in my car I took out my list. Find a furniture store.
I found just what I needed, 30 minutes later near the mall and entered.
When I told the salesman, what I was after he nearly wet himself when he mentally worked out his commision. His name was Tom , and he was good and efficient at his job and the the furniture onsale all looked to be of a good quality and well made. Tom helped me make some good choices and just over an hour later I had bought 4 new queen size beds, 4 new complete bedroom sets, 2 big leather corner sofa’s, 2 smaller leather sofas. Cane furniture for the pool house and everything I need for the office, from a comfy leather office chair to a rug. The salesman did the paperwork and I handed over an Amex card. He then made a phonecall to his head office to confirm stock availability and we arranged delivery for mid day Tuesday, they would even remove the old furniture. There was normally a charge for that, but the salesman waived it. I was then handed a credit card check to sign for $87,000, I gulped and before I changed my mind I signed on the dotted line.
“You’ve just made me salesman of the month sir, thank you.”
“What do you win for that?”
“An extra weeks paid vacation.”
“Not bad, what your commision for this sale? If you don‘t mind me asking?”
“Not at all, 10% sir”
“Not bad for an hours work.” I shook his hand after he handed me the paperwork and my Amex card. The other salesmen eyed Tom enviously as I left then drove to the mall, parked up and picking up my Red Sox cap I made my wasy to the coffee shop it was nearly 10.
I had my usual coffee and bear claw on the table next to my cap. When I entered I scanned around for a 49ers cap didn’t see one and in the 10 minutes I was sitting here no one had even entered let alone with a cap. I finished my coffee and claw and ordered another coffee. If he’s not here by the time I finish this one I’m outta here. I thought to myself.
5 minutes later Kent was standing at my table, full of apologies about his tardyness. Car crash on the freeway, he explained. I stood up and we shook hands. He ordered a coffee and sat down. He took off his cap and placed it on the table.
I put him in his late 30’s, short and well barbered dark brown hair, brown eyes and clean shaven. He was a couple of inches shorter than my 6 foot but lean and no hint of fat. He wore a black well made shirt and black pants, his shoes looked expensive.
The coffee shop was large and mostly empty and the table I chose to sit at was in a far corner was well away from listening ears so we didn’t have to speak in hushed tones.
“So, “ he said, “ you wanna fuck your girls.” He said it matter of factly and with out a trace of prejudice or malice, like he said that sentence everyday. “ But one of your messages said something had happened.”
“Yes, “ I said , taking a mouthfull of coffee. Then I told him about the twins and what happened over the weekend, but I didn’t mention anything about Kelly.
He sat back and blew out his cheeks. The he said.
“If you had left all that as a meesage on the forum, the first reply would have the word fake in big capital letters and a row of exclamations after it, but sitting here with you I can tell that your not lying and anyway why set all this up just to lie. Wow, you are one lucky fucker. So they not just let you fuck them, they really enjoy it and look forward to it as well?”
“I was going to add something to the forum about me and the girls, but I don’t think I will now. But yes that’s right they do and I‘d know if they‘re faking it, I know it does sound like something I could have made up, but I swear it’s all true. I have video to prove it as well”
“I believe you.”
“So tell me” I asked, I’m all new to this and other than a quick scan of the forum, do you know of many other guys that fuck their kids?”
“I’ve actually met 4 guys that do and I share pictures with maybe another 12 or 13 guys as well, but you I’d say are the only one that doesn’t have to coerce or just plain rape their kids, for the want of a better word. I have as you know from the forum, 2 girls Eva who is 12 and Debra who is 14. Well Debra I’ve been fucking since she was 10 and the first 3 years to fuck her I just either raped her or drug her and rape her basically Then threaten her to keep her mouth shut. Eva I started to fuck when she was about 10 as well and at the moment it’s basically rape and threats. It’s the same with the other guys too. Does that shock you at all.? “
“No, I was imagining having to do the same thing and I was going to ask where you got your drugs from which was why I really contacted you in the first place. Do you fuck any other girls, young girls I mean?”
“Your asking if I’m a peadophile?”
“Yes I guess so.”
“Well I don’t go around and take girls off the streets, rape them then kill them and I’m quite certain the 4 other dads I know don’t either. But we do share our kids between us, if you know what I mean. Is that something you would be willing to do.”
“That’s something I would have to have a long think about before I amswer that, tell me more about it”
“That’s a fair answer” he said. Once a week we’ll all go to one of the dad’s houses, it’s my turn this Saturday and we’ll have ourselves a gang bang with the girls. Tell you what, as it’s my house why don’t you come round and join in, meet the other dad’s. You don’t have to return the favour, just see what it’s about, fuck my girls have a beer. Chat with the other dad’s see if you get on alright. Then make your mind up, ok?”
I mulled the offer over.
“No pressure.”
“No pressure, I promise”
“Ok then , sure thanks. I‘ll bring the beers, least I can do.”
“No problem, I’ll PM you my address” he said. He checked the time as did I, we had been talking for over an hour.
“I gotta Jack, is Jack your real name? Mine is really Kent.”
“Yes Kent, it’s really Jack” we stood up and shook hands.
“See ya Saturday Jack, it‘s been a revelation. Perhaps bring some video of you fucking your girls as well as the beer” he said grinning.
“Will do Kent” Kent picked up his cap and left.
I sat back down and had a think. Not whether I should let Kent and the other dads fuck my girls, but whether I want to get involved at all with them. I saw Kent get into a black BMW , he likes his black I thought. It had out of state vanity plates which I thought was odd but my car has out of state plates too, 1KENTT. The sunshine state. It read.
I got the to do list out of my wallet and my phone out of my pocket and asked Siri if she could find a place that sold Hot Tubs.
20 minutes later I was shown aroud a showroom full of them. I didn’t buy one straight away, but I had arranged for someone to come round to the house and measure up where I wanted one, not just for the tub it’s self but also for how I wanted it fitted, type of surround I wanted, plumbing, electrics etc.
I had a lot of calls to make and thought it would be easier doing those at home, any way I had seen a medical practice not 2 minutes from home so that’s where I headed.
I was home,munching my way through a Big Mac and large fries. I had got appointments for the girls at the Doctors and obviously detoured to Maccers for the food.
My phone was ringing, it as Janet.
“Hi Janet.”
“Hey daddy” she sounded happy, that was a good sign.
“How’s it going baby?”
“Great daddy, really great. Every one is so friendly here, even the teachers.”
“So far so good then?”
“Yeah, here’s Jane she wants to say hello”
“Hello daddy.”
“Hello Jane, you having a good day too?”
“Yes daddy, it’s just as Janet said, it’s really great here.”
“Good I’m happy for yoy both.”
“Ok daddy, better go see you at 3.”
“Bye babe.”
Quick call,but at least it seems to be ok for them at school.
An hour later, I had finished all my calls, arranging a pool guy and a lawn guy to come by tomorrow. Called the gas and electric company and my mobile phone company. Also a TV satellite company for a new package and installation which would be Friday pm, ( “Sorry sir can’t be more specific than Friday PM, between midday and 5 pm ad installation may take up to an hour sir” ), typical.
The girls were already out of school waiting for me, I didn’t see Kelly about though maybe she had already left?
The girls piled on to the back seat, laden down with books in their arms and big smiles on their faces. Both were talking but were saying different things. Each eager to tell me about their first day at school, people they met and the beginnings of new friendships. Even their homework assigments.
They were still talking by the time we got home, walked through the front door and were dumping their stuff on the kitchen island. They were still talking non stop over each other 20 minutes later, only stopping to take a sip from a soda can they each had taken out of the fridge then carried on. There was no point trying to stop them, they were too excited. I just sat down and tried to listen to them both with a big stupid grin on my face and hoping I was nodding in the right places.
“How was your day daddy?” the question took me by surprise it was so unexpected and I started to laugh a big belly laugh, my eyes streaming with tears. The girls looked at each other, then at me as if I was a nut case.
I wiped the tears from my eyes and finally calmed down enough to tell them about my day. I left out the meeting with Kent, I still hadn’t really made my mind up about him yet. So for now I thought it best not to mention it until I had to.
“So later on empty all your wardrobes, cupboards, drawers and stash it all in your bathrooms, if you need showers or anything then use either mine or the one down here, or even the poolhouse bathroom. By the time you‘re back hone from school tomorrow you will both have new bedroom furniture to put it all back into and new queen size beds as well. But first your home work”
The girls launched themselves at me, showering me hugs and kisses.”
“Thank you daddy, thank you. You’re the best daddy in the world.”
“I know girls, you bought me the mug on Father’s Day saying so. Go on now scoot, home work first.” And with a final kiss from Jane they then picked up their books and bags and went upstairs.
I had an hour peace and quiet stretched naked out on a lounger by the pool, topping up my still weak tan. A couple of beer bottles were empty on the ground.
“Daddy, daddy.” The twins racing to my side with a book in their hands.
“Yes girls, what is it? Have you finished your home work?”
“Nearly daddy, but we’re doing Trigonometry and we’re stuck and we know your brilliant at math.”
“Yes,yes, stop trying to butter me up, what’s your problem?”
“Thanks daddy…” They told me what they were stuck on. Easy peasy.”
“Ok girls, remember this, Some Old Hags Can’t Always Hide Their Old Age.” And taking Jane’s book and a pen from her I wrote it down.
“So, Some Old Hags means Sine equals opposite over hypotenuse. Can’t Always Hide means Cosine equals adjacent over hypotenuse. So what does Their Old Age mean girls?”
“Tangent equals opposite over adjacent?, daddy?” They weren’t quite sure they were right.
“That’s it. Brilliant girls, well done. Have you got it now?” It was a light bulb above the head moment for them and wide grins spread across their faces.
“Thanks daddy, yeah we got it now.” Jane gave me cheek a peck and Janet gave my flaccid cock head a quick peck too before they ran off reciting the helpful mnemonic. I went back to enjoying the sun and my cock wasn’t quite as flaccid as before Janet’s little peck on it.
The next thing I knew was that they were splashing about in the pool after being woken up by a very deliberately aimed splash of water that landed across my legs. Seconds later I had jumped into the pool and I was tickling Janet under her ribs and was laughing and trying to squirm out of my grasp. But my grip was firm and pulled her into me and her back thudded in to me. My quickly hardening cock slid neatly between her ass cheeks and between her legs, She was naked as was Jane who was climbing over my back and her arms were around my neck. I kicked off towards the shallower end of the pool and when we all got the side of the pool and my feet could also touch the bottom, I turned Janet around to face me and pushed her back against the pool wall. Then cupping her ass cheeks I lifted her slightly up. She spread her legs wide and I got in closer to her, my cock was pointing straight out and Janet took hold of my swollen member and helped to guide it in to her cunt as I got even closer and I grabbed the edge of the pool . Finally I was pressed tightly against her and my cock disappeared easily in to her wet pool watered cunt. Janet had wrapped her legs around me and Jane who was still hanging off my neck and now urging me on and telling me to fuck the slut, daddy. Between Jane on my back and the water I could only make quick short thrusts with my cock, but my quick stabbing cock was still having the desired effect on Janet who was panting, drawing short breaths.
“Oh daddy yes yes.”
The water in Janet’s cunt was having a vacuum effect on my cock and her already tight cunt was even tighter and pulling me in deeper and deeper. My cock felt like it was in a vice and I almost couldn’t fuck Janet any more, my already short and quick stabbing was getting even shorter. But Janet didn’t seem to notice or care and her breathing became even shallower, she was trying to speak trying to urge me on. Trying, but her words were lost until she screamed out.
“FUCK!” and all of her body shook and her legs unwound from Jane and myself and straightened out as taught as an iron bar. I pushed in deep as I could and Janet lips locked onto mine in a desperate need to find my tongue, she pressed down hard throwing her arms around me and Jane. She held on as if her life depended on it.
Janet’s legs softened and she let them sink back down, she withdrew her lips was now breathing heavily.
“Thank.. You.. Daddy.” Each word she said was between a heavy breath.
“You don’t have to thank me baby girl, not ever, I’m your daddy and I love you.” I kissed the end of her nose. I shifted my hips and with a little effort I pulled my cock out from Janet’s sweet pusssy. Held her under her arms and lifted her out of the pool and sat her at he edge. Jane had let go of me and pulled herself out and sat next to her sister, they’re feet absentmindedly alternatively swinging in the water. I also pulled myself out and sat next to Jane, my feet in the water too. I wiped thick strands of hair from her cheek and let it fall. She turned her face to me. She then stood astride my legs, facing me with her heels close the edge of the pool. She took half a step forward. Her glistening pussy was an inch in front of my mouth, I cupped her ass and leant in and kissed her pussy lips running my tongue along the slit, wiggling it up and down then jabbing at her cunt hole then circling my tongue around her clit. The chlorine was sharp on my taste buds, but her skin as always was smooth as I greedily ate her up. Her fingers were running through my wet locks then held my head for balance and purchase. Janet sat in closer to me and took hold of my cock, slowly rubbing it’s length then gently teasing the head with her thumb. A little drop of pre cum pooled in my cock slit and Janet bent over and licked it out still gently stroking.
Jane was roughly massaging my head and grinding her crotch into my mouth, then suddenly stopped and now was lowering herself down towards my cock, squatting, trying to sit. Janet held my cock upright readying it for Jane’s advancing cunt but was massaging it’s base with a finger and thumb. My hands still on Jane’s ass, balancing Jane’s advance downwards.
With grunts from me and Jane my cock head slipped easily in to her cunt. I took her weight and Jane straightened both her legs out, her arms around my neck I lowered her further onto my cock that Janet was still holding but her gentle massage of my cock was now a full blown wanking motion that only stopped when Jane had taken my whole cock deep into her cunt. The wave a pleasure shooting along it hinted that it would n’t be long until I came.
With each inch of my cock that entered Jane she gasped, but telling me not to stop lowering her , she wanted all of me in all of her. She got what she wanted and was now pinned to my lap and couldn’t move off but bucked her hips as if riding a bucking bronco at the State Fair . Her ass grinding back and forward, back and forward. Jane threw her head back, mouth opened and let out a deep contented moan that came deep from with in her belly.
Janet had stood up her fingers furiously working at her pussy, her sex hole stretching for the 2, then 3 fingers she was pushing in and fucked her self.
Jane’s grinding of my cock was working it’s magic on my cock and continued to edge me closer to my orgasm that had started when I was fucking Janet earlier but eased when I didn’t cum and then when she was wanking me
Jane’s grinding was getting more and more urgent and she was swearing under her breath.
“Fuck…cunt… fuck…cumming, nearly cumming.”
I was nearly cumming too, I tried to hold it back. I would have had more success standing in front of a freight train and holding out my hands to stop it.
“Baby girl, oh baby girl, I’m cumm…” I didn’t finish the word and my cock started to cum instead, I felt 2 long ejaculations flow deep into her grinding cunt and on the third Jane’s final grind pushed deep into my cock and our pubic bones met and my third spurt of cum hit when her orgasm erupted and she let out a gurgle from her throat and her body was shaking as if she had a chill. Her head shaking from side to side, her long dark hair swishing behind.
Janet let out a contented groan as her thighs were clamped together, around her hand that was tight against her cunt where she still had 3 fingers deep in her pussy. Her eyes tightly shut.
As Jane’s body spasm subsided, she caught her breath and tried to move her now stiff legs but they worked as well as a new born foals does just after it’s birth. So with a giggle, she tried to push up from my shoulders and I pushed her up by her ass and she just about managed to get her legs underneath her and get her balance. She bent and restreched her leg kicking away her cramp and with a slight hobble joined Janet and sat down next her on a lounger.
With stiff legs of my own, I stood up walked up to the girls gave them a kiss each and went to the pool house.
The hot water felt good as I closed my eyes and lifted my face to meet it, I rubbed my face feeling the roughness of my 5 o clock shadow at my finger tips.
The hiss of the shower and splashing of the water on the shower floor must have masked the noise of the shower door being pulled open and the girls quietly stepped in with me. I turned around.
“Surprise!” I feigned shock and pressed my hand to my chest.
“Daddy, you weren’t scared.” and Janet weakly punched me on the arm.
“OW!” I said and made a show of rubbing my arm, pretending it was sore. Then taking a bottle of shower gel, I tipped it and began to squeeze out the soapy liquid.
“Here girls, have some shower gel.” and continued to squeeze the bottle. The girls shrieked and tried to get the bottle away from me, by jumping up with outstretched hands but I held it out of reach and the gel hitting covering their heads. And running down their hair and with the hot water bubbles started to pop into view. The last of the gel was squeezed out and the bottle made a fart noise.
“Daddy don’t fart in the shower.” at which the girls thought that was hysterical and had a fit of the giggles. Leaning against the shower wall as if they would otherwise fall down. Janet made an attempt to wash the gel out of her hair but her giggles kept interrupting her and she would drop her hands so I helped out and took over. A thick foam appeared after a few seconds at the top of her head and I dragged some of it down her hair and continued to wash her it. We giggled around so Janet could have the shower stream and rinsed her hair while I also washed Jane’s hair as well and when Janet has rinsed off the bubbles they swapped places.
Somewhere between me getting in the shower and Jane rinsing her hair, my cock got hard. I hadn’t realised it had until Jane started to stroke it with both of her hands. I hadn’t planned on any more sex with the girls that evening to be honest and it really was the last thing on my mind. By I remember part of a saying, something about “Gift horses” or was it something about “Greeks and presents or gifts or something else” any way I let her continue and leant back onto the wall underneath the shower head because I think I would have definitely fallen down.
Jane had slightly shifted her stance so Janet could stand in front of me and Jane was slightly to her right. Janet didn’t do anything other than stand there with her hands behind her back except look at Jane’s hands working on my cock. Jane was also intent on what she was doing and was looking at her expert manipulations of my manhood while the hot water ran down my body and lubricated Jane’s hands.
As far as I know memories or experiences cannot be passed down from a parent to a sibling, each human starts as blank slate and every moment they are alive they learn, memorise and gain experiences and when some one dies everything they learnt dies with them. What Jane was doing with my cock was disproving that, I had allsorts of memories flood back to when their mother was alive and how she used to just take hold of my cock and jack me off. Whether it was alone watching TV, standing at the sink or like now, standing in the shower. Because it was just as if she was also in the shower with us and telling Jane what to do and how to do it or in fact, it was her mother who was now jacking me off.
Every stroke, twist, tickle or squeeze that Jane was administering to my cock felt like déjà vu and so very familiar.
I don’t’ know how long Jane had been working my cock, but it had a spasm like little electrodes had been attached to my cock head and a light electric current was passing through it. Janet must have seen it happen and taken it as a her cue because she sat down on her haunches and opened her mouth just inches from the end of my cock. Jane also must have noticed or felt my cock spasm to as she was now also on her haunches and just her right hand was wanking me with a fast and furious blur while keeping the end of my cock pointed directly at Janet’s mouth. Looking down I saw the sexy and slutty sight before me and with
both girls looking like they were willing me to cum. I didn’t keep them waiting too long and my first shot of cum landed directly onto Janet’s tongue which she lapped up and were followed by several more that missed her mouth and splashed her cheeks, chin and even her fore head. When the shots of cum just became dribbles of cum Jane waved my cock over Janet’s face rubbing my cum into it as if it was face cream from a jar.
I didn’t moan or groan when I cum, but seeing Janet have my cock rubbed all over her face like that I certainly did. I did again after Jane had let my cock go and turn to face her sister and licked the cum off her face, swallow some and then they kissed like a couple that were really in love and lust at the same time.
With a final slow and lingering kiss, the girls stood up with their hands behind their back looking a bit sheepish as their eyes met mine.
“Wow.” is all I said to them. I was overwhelmed.
The girls broke the long silence that had followed by getting me out of the way so they could properly shower and ordered dinner like I was a waiter. They were back to being typical 13 year old girls again. I didn’t mind in the least.
I had my phone to my ear placing my food order to an Indian sounding guy, which was good as I was ordering Indian food. I would have been worried if I was ordering Chinese or Mexican. When the girls walked by with damp towels around their shoulders and they gave a little wave to me.
“Yes, mango chutney and a mint cucumber dip as well.” The Indian sounding guy, took a moment to add up my check, tip not included. I gave my card details and he said it would be about half an hour.
“Half an hour girls till dinner!” I shouted to them.
“Ok daddy.”
When I had got back to the house, dressed and picked up my phone there had been a text from Kelly.

Hey you, I just saw you fuck the twins, it made me wish u were my daddy too I fingered my cunt watching u K xox

3 girls full time? That’s a laugh, I can barely manage the 2 I have.

Hey kelly, I wish I had been there to do it for u J.

I put my phone on silent, I didn’t want to get into a load of texting with her or should that be “Sexting” I was too tired and too hungry.

Dinner had been full of good food and full of chat. The curries had been expertly spiced and not too hot so your tongue gets welded to the roof of your mouth. And after the near debacle of trying to listen to the girls earlier this afternoon, I did manage to get some info on their day and seem to make a new friend called Tina. It was also her first day at the school too, she had been living in Denver of all places but moved a few weeks ago because of her dad’s work. They had a lot of classes together and as all 3 were the new ones to area they sort of latched onto each other for support as the other kids seemed to know each other. Kelly had been great, she had shown them around so they wouldn’t get lost and they even eat together at lunch. Most of the classes were quite easy as they had covered some of the stuff already last year.
They also got a lot of Friend requests on Facebook, ( None from boys, yet ) and few exchanges of phone numbers. ( None from boys, yet ) that would happen soon enough though. They think there maybe a few after school sports clubs they want to join, ( swimming and tennis, neither will be tall enough really to see it through to college, but they are good at both ) They think Mr Davison their English teacher is a hottie. ( their words ) .
“ I may not be able to pick you up from school tomorrow. It depends on the delivery guys or the pool and lawn guys. I’ll give you enough money for a cab home just in case and if I can’t come an get you, I’ll send you a text and let you know.”
“That’s ok daddy no problem.”
“If you have to get a cab, explain it to someone in the office and they will call one for you. They have a cab office they always use and trust.”
“Yes daddy.” they said. “Daddy?”
“You can stop fussing now.”
“Yes girls.” I said, suitably chastised.
Yes they were growing up and kindergarten was along time ago, they are now Junior High school students.
The girls got off to bed just after 10 and I tucked them in and kissed then goodnight without incident.
I had the TV on a 24 hour news channel. Depressing as it is, I thought I’d catch up the local news. There was an item about government cutbacks, a police shootout at a bank ( do they still rob banks ? ) 2 bad guys dead and a cop injured but not life threatening. And a 20 kilo haul of heroin was found in a car that was stopped for speeding. Then an item that peeked my interest and had me sit up and listen

“… And back to lead news item from the top of the hour, this news station has just had confirmation that the dead body found this morning by construction workers starting work demolishing an old strip mall 2 miles outside the city, was that of 12 year old Lisa Mcain. Lisa Mcain had been missing since Saturday from about 8pm when she left a birthday party at a friends house to walk the 200 yards that would take her home. She never made it and her worried parents contacted the Police 9 pm that same evening….”

It’s just a coincidence it has to be, but my stomach churned over and I swallowed down the taste of my chicken tikka I had a few hours ago. I hate coincidences, thought back to what Kent had said, a throwaway reply to my question.

“Well I don’t go around and take girls off the streets, rape them then kill them and I’m quite certain the 4 other dads I know don’t either .”

Fuck! Was I being stupid, over cautious ? Maybe, I didn’t know, not really. A little paranoid about the whole situation with the girls? Probably, why did I contact Kent in the first place and send him those couple of pictures? What a stupid fucker.
I got myself a beer and had a think and a panic chaser while I listened to the rest of the report.

“…Police have not released any details on how Lisa was killed or whether she was sexually abused until the autopsy has been completed. And Police and Forensics teams are still at the Strip Mall combing the area for any vital clues or witnesses….”

Just out of camera the newscaster was interrupted and was handed a sheet of paper.

“ Sorry everybody. The Police, after further investigation of the streets surrounding Lisa Mcain’s home tell us that they are now looking for a black or dark blue BMW 4 door sedan after several witnesses from the local neighbourhood came forward and said they saw such a vehicle on or around the time that Lisa Mcain was abducted. Unfortunately none of the witnesses could recall any of the licence plate details . But the Police do confirm that no one with in a 6 square block owns such a vehicle so the car was not local to the neighbourhood They also tell us that the car contained 2 or maybe 3 people including the driver but witnesses could not give a description of either the passengers or driver as the car had tinted windows. Police are appealing for any information the public may have regarding the car, the abduction of Lisa Mcain or where her body was left at the strip mall and should call the dedicated number at the bottom of the screen or dial 911…”

I turned the TV off, I knew what I had to do, I just had to recall his license plate number. I ran upstairs taking to steps at a time and into my bedroom. I picked up my laptop and ran back down to the family room. I fired it up and logged onto the forum too check to see in Kent had sent me his address details, he hadn’t, I was Pm free. It wasn’t to give the Police, I was in covering my ass mode. As long as he hadn’t sent his address to me it was less likely that he could put it together that I ( if I could remember his license plate number ) gave it to the Police. As far as I can remember he didn’t see me looking at him when he got into this car, as he had his back to me the whole time and I know I didn’t see him parking up.
There were a few other thing to consider too. Such as if and when they do investigate Kent, his life is going to be turned upside down a thousand ways which will mean they will find out he is a paedophile that drugs and rapes his daughters so his computer will be forensically examined and they will find the 3 pictures I have sent Kent. The police will to no doubt check out very website he has ever visited and see the messages we have sent to each other. At least I signed on to the forum using a disposable email address and the for the internet for my laptop I’ve been using a disposable and unregistered PAYG 4G USB Modem, so I think I should be ok if I stop using it.
I had realised this is one pedo squealing on another pedo, and what he does with his girls is what I had originally planned to do to mine.. He might be innocent of Lisa’s killing and I could be missing out on fucking his girls and the other 4 dad’s kids too but this fucker might be a fucking murderer that is something I can’t condone in any way.
This might be all for nothing anyway if I can’t remember his fucking licence plate number. I thought it something to do with his name - Kent. KENT! That’s it, 1KENTT. An out of state plate, which state was it? Florida. I made a note of it.
Now what do I do? Or rather how do I give the Police the plate number? Pay phone? Are there still any around? Disposable email address and email them? Write it on a bit of paper and stick it under the front door of the local station? Which ever I have to do it now, tonight anyway. What was the dedicated phone number that had on screen? I turned the TV back on. The number wasn’t there. Shit!

“.., if you’ve just joined us here’s the latest on the Lisa Mcain murder. Details are unclear at the moment but approximately 20 minutes ago Police received a call from a woman claiming to be the wife of the murderer of Lisa Mcain, She gave them further details and local Detectives and Uniformed Police were dispatched to an address approximately 20 minutes from the city centre. On their arrival 5 minutes later they found the house at the address had been set ablaze . The woman that had made the original call to the Police was found sitting in the back of a black BMW car sitting on the back seat with 2 girls which we have learnt are her daughters. They were taken to the local hospital suffering from shock and smoke inhalation but Police were told by the woman the murderer was her husband and he set the house ablaze with her and the 2 girls locked inside before he shot himself. It’s not clear how she and her daughters escaped from the fire. Fire fighters are currently in the process of getting the blaze under control and it’s not known how long before there will be any confirmation of any body in the house and Police so far haven’t released the name of the suspect or any further details. We have a camera crew on the way and hope to have some further information very shortly…”


It’s going to be a late night, I thought, there’s no way I’ll be able to sleep until I know whether or not it’s Kent. I took a pull from the beer bottle, it was warm but I finished it and thought it better I not have any more as I’m driving the girls to school in the morning.
For the next hour I didn’t learn anything new there was just a rehash of earlier reports. Then..

“… we go to back to Tom for some breaking news regarding the murder of Lisa Mcain, Tom. Thanks Russell, firefighters 10 minutes ago entered the badly burnt house of the suspect in the Lisa Mcain murder after it was declared safe to do so . They were only in there 5 minutes before coming out only to go back in with the Medical Examiner. So we can assume there is indeed a body inside the house. There’ is no word from the Police regarding the identity of the body yet but I’ve learnt from neighbours that the owner of the house is one Kent Burnett aged 39 an accountant his wife is Allison Burnett aged 37 and their 2 daughters , Kim 12 and Debra 14. They told me that they are a quiet family and rarely saw them or even spoke to them and are very shocked at what has happened here…”

I turned off the TV and went to bed.

Chapter 11

The girls were at school and I was sitting on the patio, coffee in my hand and enjoying the sunny day. My thoughts drifted back to Kent Burnnett, he had been positively identified by DNA as his body taken from his house had been too burnt to make a visual ID. Police had also arrested 2 other men in connection to Lisa Mcain’s murder and are looking for 2 more. The 4 other dads I had assumed. Investigations are still taking place into Lisa’s murder but they are convinced that Kent was at least involved and may have been the leader of the gang of 5.
Kent’s wife and 2 girls are still in hospital but they are safe and well and will be moved to a secret location later today.
I felt that I had a narrow escape myself, but it was twinged with guilt when I thought of poor Lisa. I’m not a religious man but I said a silent prayer for her.
I didn’t say anything to the girls about Lisa’s murder, and I still hadn’t told them about Kent, no point now but I hate keeping anything from the girls normally I do tell them everything. This time though I didn’t see any reason to and it might have unsettled them.
I was still in ass covering mode, if truth be told and I admit I was scared of telling them how close I was to becoming involved with him and his murderous ways and how I could be linked with him through the forum.
I had destroyed the USB Modem and I called AT&T to get the phone line and DSL working, an engineer will be out tomorrow morning. On the kitchen island was my laptop with a reformatted hard drive and Windows 7 getting reinstalled. There was nothing more I could do.
I was following a butterfly that was aimlessly flying around, I think it was a Falcate Skipper, a black butterfly with 2 white stripes when I heard “Dixie” ringing out. The first of a few visitors I was expecting today.

The pool guy was doing what a pool guy does. He had added some chlorine to the pool, cleaned out the filter and now he had a net on a long pole scooping out a few leaves and other detritus floating on the water’s surface. He wasn’t what I had expected to look at. In movies and TV shows, the pool guy is usually some bronzed Adonis with muscles on muscles aged about 20. And watching him work is a frustrated cougar lounging around in a tight and revealing bikini and trying to catch his eye. My pool guy is Dave an overweight and balding guy in his 50’s, in shorts and tshirt that are blue and baggy. But he had a cheery disposition and friendly chat. When Dave had finished I paid him and he accepted a chair and a cool drink and for 10 minutes we talked about this and that then left and headed to his next job. I’d see him again in a month.
I took out my phone to check the time; just after 11. I had forgotten to take it off silent and saw 4 text messages I missed. All from Kelly.
Did I need this added complication in my life at the moment? I thought about it for a moment, yeah why not I’ll play it by ear, anyway, she’s a great fuck.
I read the first text.

Hey, yeah I wish u were here too, but on Thursday u can be , my parents will be out until very late. Please cum round and fill my holes. K xox

The second asked me let her know. The third asked if I was there and the 4th asked why I wasn’t ignoring her.

But something made sense now, she ignored me this morning. I had dropped the girls off near the school gate, Kelly was waiting for them
And smiled when they got out of the car, Kelly looked at me, I winked at her and gave a small wave. She didn’t wave back and walked off with the girls. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but now I realised she had what’s known as the “Hump”. Not to be confused with “Humping”. The hump is what happens when your girlfriend, wife or in my case an under age fuck buddy are annoyed with you for some slight against them, real or imagined and you get the cold shoulder and they stop taking to you.
If your married or in a long term relationship, a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates more often than not, turns the Hump into Humping and they forgive you and you get your cock wet. In my case, Kelly is a stroppy teenager that I have fucked the once and is still an unknown quantity.
I sent her a text.

Hey kelly, sorry I didn’t get back to u last night I had left my phone in another room and I didn’t check it until just now. Of course im not ignoring u and im looking forward to Thursday ,my cock is hard just thinking about u J

I wasn’t expecting a reply just yet, if at all.

“Dixie” the doorbell sang, Fuck I must get a new one. It is on my list. 30 minutes later the lawn guy had finished and had left. We had agreed on weekly cuts for the lawn starting a week on Saturday.
I had an early bite to eat, before the furniture guys arrived. They arrived a little late at around 12.30 and announced their arrival by knocking on the door. I had pulled out a couple of wires to disable the door bell. I had also sent the twins a text telling them to get a cab home as it didn’t look like I would get there in time to pick them up.
I took the furniture guys around the house, showing them the empty rooms, bedrooms and the girls bedrooms. The girls had emptied all the furniture of all their stuff and stripped their beds. Their bathrooms full to the brim.
There were 4 delivery guys as I was having a lot of furniture delivered and promised them good tips if they did a good job. Money can be great motivator and the once empty rooms all had brand new furniture 2 hours later and all the trash had been removed. They were just loading up the girls old bedroom suites. I thankfully didn’t have to lift a finger. I had spoken to the girls for a few minutes, but mostly I kept out of the way except to let the guys know where a certain piece of furniture was to go. I gave them each a $100 and after handshakes from each of them they went.
The girls were home and excitedly they were in their rooms opening and closing wardrobe doors and drawers and bouncing on their new beds. I was with the guy outside measuring, checking the available plumbing and electrics and writing stuff into a little notebook. We then sat down and said everything is ok for the hot tub to go where I wanted it and then pulled out brochures and price lists. I chose what I wanted and after to-ing and fro-ing on the price we shook hands and I signed the order form and handed over a cheque. He’d call tomorrow and confirm the installation date.
I went upstairs and standing in the door way of Janet’s room I saw she was bent over the bed tidying a fitted sheet that was over the new mattress. She was still wearing the clothes she went to school in, a dark blue shirt and skirt that was riding up the back of her legs as she bent over her bed. Her ass looked good. I quietly stepped up behind her. I wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her towards me, grinding my crotch into her ass. My free hand went between her legs and was rubbing her panty covered pussy. She squealed with a mixture of surprise and delight but didn’t try to pull away so I carried on rubbing the soft folds of her pussy through the slightly courser material. She held her breath for a second at the sudden massage between her legs.
“Does that feel good baby girl?”
“Mmm.. Yes daddy, don’t stop.”
“Do you want to cum baby, shall I make you cum in your little school panties and make then wet like you pissed yourself.”
“Yes, yes daddy, do it, do it. “
My middle finger was pushing down on her panties, forcing the them in to her cunt between her folds and sliding up and down. Then I made rough circular movements around her clit, then back to rubbing her cunt. Her ass was pushing back into my grinding crotch.
One of Janet’s hands had joined mine and her fingers were pushing down on mine in an attempt to get them inside her. Her other hand also now was between her legs but pulling at her panties so she could free her cunt and have my fingers inside her love hole. I heard the material rip slightly in her eagerness to pull them aside and finally her cunt was free and I felt her push my middle finger into her very damp cunt the her thighs locked tight around my hand. I moved the hand I had around her waist to the half ripped panties she had in her fingers and took them from her grip and with a quick tug I finished the tear she started and tore her panties in two. Janet let out a yelp.
I let go of her flimsy panties and slipped my hand to her breast and worked my fingers underneath her training bra and feeling the small and soft mound in the palm of my hand I squeezed.
In spite of her vice like thighs I managed to slip a second finger in to her cunt and moving my hand I worked my fingers easily in and nearly out of her silky hole and she was still pushing down on my hand. Her dampness was becoming more wet and my fingers were becoming slick with her juices.
Janet’s breathing was short and noisy through her open mouth and mouse like squeals from her throat that matched my fingers penetrating her cunt. Each squeal was getting shorter and higher in pitch and the dogs in the neighbourhood probably had their paws over their ears to muffle the sound as I thrust them inside her quicker and quicker.
The squeals then became a single shriek as her body tightened, every muscle and sinew became stiff and rigid then seconds later she was a floppy as rag doll, the only thing stopping her from falling forward was the fingers in her cunt.
Taking her around the waist again I slowly removed my fingers from her wet and slippery pussy and brought them to my nose and breathed in the sweet smell of her sex. Then offered my fingers to her mouth where she sucked and licked the slick coating to my fingers.
Janet now sitting on the edge of her bed was caching her breath, her blue skirt bunched around her hips and stomach, her torn panties doing a bad job of covering her shiny pussy. Her shirt somehow had lost a button and the gap it produced exposed her black and white flowery bra her breathing obvious through her heaving chest.

I checked in on Jane and she had both her arms inside a wardrobe pulling and pushing clothes along the rail. Then she would pull an item out and replacing it somewhere else along the rail. She had made her bed, her old brown teddy bear back in it’s rightful spot.
“Hello daddy.” she said as I wrapped both harms around her waist and kissed the top of her head.
“Hi baby, everything ok here?”
“Yes nearly finished here. We got an A in math, it was your some old hags rhyme that did it.”
“No you did the math, I just remembered some silly saying. Any homework for tonight?”
“Not much daddy won’t take long.”
“Ok,I’ll sort out an early dinner and you can do it after that, I have an office to sort out.”
“What did you do to Kelly daddy? I saw you wink and wave to her this morning then saw her just about ignore you.” Doesn’t miss much this one.
So I told her about the texts she sent last night and how I didn’t send a reply until the middle of this morning.
”She’s just being silly then.” and went back to her wardrobe tidying.
I left her to it, she can suck me off later.
I cooked some pasta and a tomato sauce and a bowl of salad and we ate on the patio. I told them about the Hot Tub and that it should be installed in the next few days and about the fat pool guy. And they told me about their day and how embarrassingly they came last at the 400 metres out on the track this afternoon. A boy named Pete said hello to them and later blushed as he walked passed them. Then Jane and Janet bickered about how cute he was. I took the dirty dishes to the kitchen.

It took me an hour or so to get the office squared away and set up how I wanted it and a further 20 minutes trying to get the plush office chair adjusted this way and that so it fitted my ass and back like a glove. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with an office, it’s not like I work any more or have my own business that I could run from there. But after getting all my chargers, laptop, ipad, video camera any anything else I could think of to have in an office that’s where they ended up. A TV , I need a TV in here too, I thought.

All 3 of us were on the sofa in the family room watching the Big Bag Theory, the girls love it, I just want to punch Sheldon in the face.
My phone beeped and there was a message from Kelly. Jane looked up and I silently mouthed who it was.

Hey, Im happy you are coming round on Thursday evening, you can show me how sorry you really are then. Bring lots of cum K xox

I showed the girls the message.
“Do you like her daddy?” Janet asked.
“I like fucking her, kitten”
“No, daddy, like boy friend and girl friend, daddy.”
“We can never be boyfriend and girl friend, it’s not as if we can go to the movies and start kissing on the back row is it? I’m just a weak old man that likes fucking teenagers .But I suppose she has been good to you both with school, so yes I do like her I guess.”
“Daddy you not weak and old.” Janet assured me. “She likes you too daddy, she likes your cock any way.” and they burst into a fit of giggles.
“She told us yesterday.” I eyed them both suspiciously.
“Did you say anything back to Kelly?”
“We agreed, we definitely like your cock too daddy.” and they continued giggling.
A few minutes later their giggles subsided, but Janet had hiccups and went to the kitchen for a glass of water.
“Daddy?” Jane asked.
“Yes baby”.
“Stand up a minute.”
“Daddy, stand up, I’m going to show you how much I like your cock.”
As I said, I’m a weak old man and I stood up. Jane sat on the edge of the sofa seat and fumbled with the button and zipper, undid one and pulled the other down. I had loose fitting shorts on and they easily fell to the floor.
I had the same déjà vu all over again as I did yesterday as her two hands again worked their magic and got my cock rock hard and straight as a flag pole. Only this time she wasn’t working it for her sister it was for herself, She moved her face closer to it and opened her mouth and took the offered engorged head. Her soft hands tightly gripped around the shaft, her stroke even and quick.
Her tongue made circles around the head, her stud occasionally flicked the base of the head, which caused me to grunt each time it grazed that very sensitive part of my cock head. Jane said the stud cost $50, I would have paid a thousand for it. Another couple of time an edge of a tooth, which caused me to slightly jump.
“That’s it baby, mmm, like that yes. Oh fuck .”
Jane’s eyes were closed, letting touch and feel guide her hands, mouth and tongue, responding to my jumps or any cock twitches. I closed mine too, for much the same reason and it seemed to increase the sensitivity of my pole from Jane’s handiwork. On reopening them a few minutes later, I saw that Janet was sitting behind her sister, whispering words into her sister’s ear I couldn’t hear. She had pulled Jane’s top above her breasts and her hands were cupping and kneading Jane’s tits. Her whispers, what ever they were ,were having an effect, her long strokes of my cock were quickening and more urgent.
“Daddy, cum on Jane’s tits, cum on your slutty daughter’s tit’s.” And pulled Jane’s top higher, her nipples looking hard against the soft skin of her tits.
“You want daddies cum on your tit’s Jane, don’t you, you slutty cock sucker. That’s all you are, a little cum slut, isn’t that right?” Jane slightly nodded her head.
Janet whispered something else in to Jane’s ear and Jane looked up at me and took her mouth from my cock.
“Daddy cum over my tits, I want your cum splashed over me like the slut I am.”
Janet sat back and Jane’s hands let go of my shaft and put her arms in the air. Janet pulled her sister’s top over her head and worked it up her arms then dropped it onto the floor. And Jane sat back against her sister.
“Do it daddy.” Janet hissed.
I straddled Jane’s legs with my knees and straightened my back, and took my cock in my hand. I’ve had 30 years of practice at this and not long after I was cumming over Jane’s tits, chest and belly. grunting out each long spurt.
“Yes daddy, more more , I’m your cum slut.”
Janet’s hands was scraping up my cum with the edge of her hands against Jane’s body, the white sticky cum was pooling in the palm of her hand. And when she reached her sisters tit, she pushed her palm against flat against Jane’s nipple and slowly massaged my love juice onto it.
“Suck the rest of my cum out of it slut.” Pointing my cock at her mouth, she bent forward and greedily took half it’s length into mouth sucking and slurping the last dregs of my seed, while I quickly wanked my cock.
I could see her throat swallowing as if drinking from a soda can.
Jane sat back against her sister , licking her lips the same was she does after biting into a sugar coated doughnut.
Jane half turned her head towards Janet, their lips almost touching. Janet seductively slipped her tongue out between hers and Jane did the same and they toyed with each others and Janet moved in closer and they kissed.
While they were still kissing, I went to the bookcase cupboard and pulle out one of the bags containing a selection of dildos and vibrators. I picked out a bright red rabbit vibrator, took it out of it’s packaging and went back to the girls.
I pressed it into Janet’s hand and she took it and held it tightly and moved out from behind Jane with a wicked grin on her face and I pulled down the briefs Jane was wearing and pulled at her legs so he slid nearly off the sofa and spread her legs. her back flat down on the sofa seat and her head propped up against the back and Jane’s pussy was fully exposed. Janet kneeled down in between the spread legs and pressed the end of the rabbit to her lips, kissed it and then licked it then pressed it against Jane’s pussy, teased it playfully then pushed it deep into her sister’s cunt.
Jane arched her back, as the cold hard and ridged plastic quickly disappeared and she let out a deep guttural groan.
“She likes it daddy, she likes it a lot”
“Yes baby she does but I think she’ll like it more if you fuck her with it.”
Janet didn’t need telling twice and she slowly pulled it out until an inch was remaining in Jane’s cunt hole, Jane whimpered then another deep groan as Janet slammed the plastic back in deep. Janet repeated the same over and over, twisting, pulling and pushing hard . Jane’s back almost permanently in the arched position.
The rabbit now had a sheen to it, a sheen from Jane’s wet and slurping cunt. Janet’s hand was getting tired, so she swapped and continued anew.
Jane’s body finally succumb her sister’s rabbit fucking and she let out deep loud pants as her overcome body thrashed about. Her eyes were full of tears and her pussy tender and soaked with her own juices. When Jane calmed down and was finally still, Janet slowly pulled out the rabbit. Jane was whimpering as if her cunt was on fire and Janet placed the plastic on to the floor leant in and brushed her mouth and lips over Jane’s tender pussy and kissed it. Jane arched her back one last time as if electrocuted.
“No, no , no , don’t don’t,” she was begging Janet to stop her kiss and trying to brush her sister away with her hand.
Through all of this I had just stood there like a drooling idiot, watching my two beautiful twin girls, I think, slip neatly in to their sexual roles in their life with each other. Jane was more submissive and Janet well I think she liked to be more dominant. At least when together any way.

I carried Jane to her bed, otherwise I think she would have crashed out where her body was lying down on the sofa. She had her arms around my neck and her head on my shoulder. By the time I tucked her into bed , she was asleep.
Janet was buzzing.

( More chapters to follow )

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