My nextdoor neighbour is called phil and we both live in illinois. He has two daughters one 12 called jasmine and one 15 called Vanessa. Vanessa has the body of a 20 year old and i dont think is a virgin. She is about 5'9 with a lovely tan and the poutiest lips you are ever likely to see. I am 43 and have a wife and a son of 12 called Harry (harry and jasmine love each other) how cute. Any way me and phil often talk from eachside of the fence and are like brothers, but every now and then i see Vanessa and end up instantly erect, i hide it by 'going to the toilet'.

Every saturday phil and his family came round for a roast dinner (im 1/2 english) and chat and watch the soccer on tv (harry and jasmine run upstairs to flirt or something). One night when i 'went to the toilet' i ran into Vanessa and she asked me where i was going and i replied
"Going to the toilet wbu" she was going to come sit with us as we watched soccer. I stayed on the toilet for about 5 minuets looking through my perverted pictures of just seeing through the curtains in Vanessa's room when she got dressed. Then went back to the couch and tv. Just as i sat down phil got up to get another beer. And Vanessa quickly blurted out...
"I really want to have sex with you Lewis" i think it was one of those accidentally say what you are thinking moments because we both looked shocked. But it was painful to say "yeah same with you". But i didnt...

But Vanessa kept hinting at it all night so as i "went to the toile"t she jumped out of the2 way dining room and grabbed my arm and pulled me up stairs with a horny/relieved look on her face.

As she quickly started to take her dress off i hesitantly argued with her saying it wasnt right and id phil found out our freindship of 15 years would be over, butshe won when the words 'oh come on Lewis i see you checking me out all the time so i locked the door closed the curtains and she continued to strip but slowly this time teasing me, it really hurt not to just grab her and fuck her brains out that instant but if this was going to work and phil was t to find out i assumed we had to do it her way.

When she finally finished we started to kiss we muttered slutty remarks back and forth like 'i have wanted to fuck you since i first saw you' and 'you want it inside you, you want big old Lewis to put it inside of you'.

I started to play with her clit as she rubbed my dick under my worn jeans. I kept kissing her and carried on the horny remarks but i slowly moved down kissing her neck then onto her perky tits flicking her nipple with my finger and massaging the other. While i did this she skillfully undid my jeans and pulled them down with her long beautifully tanned arms. Then she grabbed my head and shoved it down into her shaved little pussy which was really wet by now. She tasted so young and fresh, and i could not belive my eyes as she menuvred herself into a 69 and started sucking my 11' monster. I ended up nearly jizzing in about 3 minuets so i explained to her and she stopped and let me continue digging for treasure in this unexplored cave, all she could do was groan and grab my hair so i assumed i was doing a good job, but i could only be sure when i started to properly have sex with her...

So guess what i did next..
You got it i stopped moved up and started kissing her perfect lips againg and pounded that pussy and it was the best 20 minuets of my life testing new and exotic positions and of course the usual doggy style, missionary etc.

She wanted my load in her mouth so i delivered letting her have a suck. At first just my cock eye but as we advanced turned into deepthrought lickong every ounce of precum of my cock eye until...

BOOM a ful load of about 1000 gallons of jizz explored her mouth and down her throught. We quickly got dressed and tryes not to look suspicious which didnt work as we were both missing for at least 30 mins and phil asked us both were we were and Vanessa said she went home to check on her make up and i said i has to quickly go out to the shop to get extra beer and food.

Next sunday when they came round again phil was suspiciously watching both me and vanessa very closely, when the oposite team scored and we went crazy and hugged paul looked pissed at me so i quickly stopped but soon me and Vanessa were at it again upstairs in the guest room having the time of our lived until there was a knock on the door.. It was phil and i pretended it was my mom beatrice. Who supposedly lived up there because she was part def. so he went back downstairs and we got back at it. On the bed 69ing going for a record and me sucking her juices out while fingering her then her licking my fingers and then squeezing her c cup titties, she was squealing really loud so i dug further in until her hips suddenly jolted forwards hitting me in the face trying to wake me up from this dream. But this wasnt a dream this was paradise and paradise was never going to stop. We explored, played and fiddled with eachother every sunday from then on and she always swallowed my load so there was no clearing up to do.


P.S this is my first story so please rate fairly thanks


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2013-06-19 15:08:02
It felt rushed but I quit reading at the 11 inch dick description. Went from fiction to stupid in an instant. Negative vote for idiocy.

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2013-06-19 10:31:06
A little rushed, like the saying wham bam thank you mam. It's never really that good.

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