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Break up sex with a twist
Bernice was a revelation. I had been seeing her for nearly a year since splitting from my wife and I had never met a woman so totally liberated sexually. She used her hands, her sweet mouth, her ample tits, her hot pussy and her tight arsehole to milk cum from my cock at every opportunity. I would often slide into bed behind her and before I could get too close her hand was already reaching out for my cock and pumping it to full hardness, imploring me to fuck her. There are many horny stories that I could tell about but I want to start with this one.

Let's start with some details. Bernice is a tall girl, mid thirties with tumbling brunette hair. I guess she has what you might describe as a fuller figure and has lovely big tits. Her pussy is partially shaved and always wet - seriously, all the time! I am six foot with a medium athletic build, brown hair and a 7 inch, uncut, thick cock.

A week or so earlier we had agreed to split up. I was ready to move on and had started seeing someone else. I think Bernice was still hoping for a change of heart. We had stayed in contact and had met up a few times on a “just friends” basis. It was a warm sunny, Sunday afternoon and Bernice had asked if she could come round for a chat as she was feeling lonely. I said sure but was wary about her motives. Having slept with my new girl I really didn't want anything to happen between us.

Bernice arrived and let herself in to my house as I was out in the back garden. Living out in the country this was fairly normal but when she came out she surprised me a little. She was wearing a light brown summer dress which was doing a poor job of containing those fantastic breasts, and a pair of flat shoes. I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts - typical bloke summer attire!

We chatted for a while and tidied the garden. Everything seemed perfectly normal and innocent until she snapped the waist band of her panties. I don't know if this was premeditated, but my mind was immediately transferred to a close up image of her sopping pussy, my tongue jabbing at her hole whilst she frantically rubbed her clit. She was building to a wild climax......then there was a tap on my shoulder "hey, you were miles away" she said smiling, and I was back in the garden. “Not so far away” I answered and she looked puzzled. We spent a little longer in the garden but the whole time I was acutely aware of her cleavage and the outline of her underwear.

After a while we went back indoors and made tea. We chatted a little more whilst we sat on the sofa and watched some TV. I was leaning back slightly. She asked if she could have a hug. “Sure”, I said so she lay down and put her head on my chest and I put my arm around her. She smelled good. "Ok, this fine" I told myself, "I'm being a good guy and I'm not thinking about fucking her". Shit, now I was thinking about fucking her!

We lay there for a while then Bernice slowly moved her hand towards my crotch. I had plenty of time to stop her but didn't want to seem a prude. I also wanted to see what she had in mind. Was she teasing or was she serious? She walked her fingers over the material of my shorts and I let her trace the outline of my cock and then moved her hand away. “Owww” she said, like a child not getting her way.

Ten minutes or so passed. “Hmmm” she said as she walked her fingers back across my shorts. I felt that familiar tingle at the base of cock as I started to harden as she grasped my shaft through my shorts. I was torn. I really didn’t want anything to happen but my cock had other ideas. “No” I said and pulled her hand away again, “we shouldn’t”.

Just as my semi had waned she tried again. This time she started by tracing the skin along the waistband of my shorts and slowly slipping her hand in. The feeling in my groin was electric and I was stiffening rapidly this time. I let her continue until her fingertips slipped in and caressed the naked shaft of my cock. God it felt good! It took all my willpower to stop her again. “Please stop” I said trying to sound convincing. “Why? She replied. “I don’t want to”.......she looked at me and raised her eyebrows. “I don’t think your cock agrees” she said reaching back into my shorts and pulling it out. My sensitive cock tip feeling the cold rush of the air in the room. I pulled away and stood up, my erection bouncing out in front of me. Bernice looked pissed off. I had a dilemma. I knew I shouldn’t take things any further but this prolonged cock teasing had really turned me on. Here I was with my cock standing to attention, in front of a girl who wanted only to empty my balls of spunk.
I looked down at her. She was staring intently at my glistening cock head and she had one hand pressed closely to her crotch. This had already gone far enough – imagine trying to explain this away if we had been disturbed right now. I had a decision to make....................”come on” I said dryly. “Really?” she said disbelievingly, clearly having resigned herself to masturbation. She rose, grabbed me by the cock and led me upstairs to the bedroom.

My shorts fell to the ground as I sat on the bed. Bernice sat down next to me and immediately lent down towards my cock and took it in her mouth. It felt so hot and wet as she bobbed her head up and down on my erection. It felt incredible. “Oh god” I muttered. “What?” replied Bernice, her lips at the tip of my cock, hot saliva running down my shaft and around my balls. “You’re going to make me cum!” I said. “Not yet” she ordered and got up pulling off her dress. When she turned to face me the dark patch at the crotch in her underwear was very obvious. I reached forward rubbing the damp area then as she moaned I grabbed a handful of underwear and tore them to one side ripping them open, exposing her cunt.

I pushed her back onto the bed, intending to let my cock recover while I got to work on her pussy with my tongue. I lapped at her engorged clit and slid the two middle fingers of my right hand deep inside her. “mmmm” she whimpered. Clearly as turned on as me she was soon grasping the back of my head and pushing her mound into my face. “Uh......uh......yeah......uh.....ooooo” and she relaxed.

She moved back onto the bed and spread her legs wide. I didn’t need any encouragement and was soon kneeling in position with my swollen cock in my hand. I rubbed the head across the nub of her clit and slowly and forcefully down through the folds of her soaking pussy until I found her hole. I slipped in easily, bucking forward and grinding our pubes together as leant forward and kissed her. I drew back, almost taking myself completely out of her then launched into a series of long, hard, powerful , thrusts. She grunted her approval and I quickened my pace.

Soon I felt that familiar feeling in the root of cock and I knew I was passed the point of no return. I pulled out and grabbed my balls. Pulling them down hard so that my foreskin peeled right back exposing my deep red cock head. I placed my shaft into the hot folds of her pussy just as I fired my first string of cum into the air. It spiralled up, over the full length of her naked torso and landed on her right cheek. I pulled down hard again sending the second shot after the first but this time landing across her tits. The following bursts thoroughly coated her stomach and mound. There’s nothing hornier than a girl covered in your spunk!

A knock at the front door snapped my attention away from admiring my cum trail. I stood up just as I heard the front door open. “Hi Barry love, are you in?” a voice called out. It was Suzanne – my next door neighbour. She would often pop round when there was some gossip to be shared. I quickly pulled on my t-shirt and my shorts. I tucked my erection into the waistband so that it wouldn’t stick out and be too obvious. “Just hang on here a minute” I said to Bernice who wasn’t looking too happy.

I ran down the stairs and met Suzzanne just as she was coming into the kitchen from the lounge. We went on into the kitchen and I offered her a glass of orange juice from the fridge. I leant against the sink facing the door and the bottom of the stairs and Suzzanne was facing me. “Need to cool down?” she asked. “er ....yeah” I replied. I was aware of some movement upstairs and I was worried that if Bernice came down it might be pretty obvious what had been going on. That turned out to be the least of my worries.

Bernice came stomping down the stairs shouting “is this her? Is this the little slut you’ve been fucking?” She had thrown her dress on and looked quite a mess. As she strode closer it was clear that she hadn’t bothered to wipe the spunk from her body and there were tell tale dark patches where the dress was obviously sticking to her body. She was clearly determined to cause a scene. Now Suzzane is an attractive lady. Blonde with dark brown eyes and a cheeky, flirty way of chatting to you that makes you wonder “what if?” but she’s just old enough for it to be clear that she’s not my new girlfriend. Bernice must have realised this at the moment Suzzanne turned to face her because I’ve never seen anyone look so embarrassed. I watched, as if in slow motion, as Suzzanne’s eyes followed the trail of spunk stains from tits to pussy and then all the way back up to the white glob of cum at the bottom of Bernice’s cheek. Suzzanne gasped. A mixture of shock, disbelief and something else. Bernice turned and stormed off towards the front door.

I quickly followed her and stopped her just as she reached the door. “Hang on – don’t go”. “Fucking hell Barry, you’re a bastard”. I shrugged. “Don’t do that” she snapped. “Come on, stay” I said “we can carry on” I whispered gesturing upstairs with my head. “Oh fuck off” she yelled “I’m hardly in the mood now”. “And look what you’ve done to my best knickers” she said stuffing them into the collar of my t-shirt. With that she turned and left slamming the door, and trying to un-cling her dress as she walked away.

I hadn’t noticed, but Suzzane had followed us, on the lookout for a good story to tell the girls no doubt. “Dear dear Barry” she said tutting. “That’s no way to treat a lady”. I smiled sheepishly. “But does a lady get herself covered in spunk? And leave without her underwear?” she continued, stepping in too close and disdainfully pulling the shredded panties from my shirt and holding them up between thumb and forefinger. “Hmmmm don’t worry, she’ll be back. Judging by how wet these are and the state of that dress I’d say she had a good time”. I blushed. She slid the panties into her bag and made for the door pausing to firmly grab my cock on the way. “The girls are going to be so jealous!”.

That’s the end of that story. I’d love to add more but we’ll have to move from reality into fantasy. I’ve often daydreamed about Suzzane and the girls (Jane – a fine figured brunette cougar, and Andrea – a petite blonde with a reputation and a fascination with my large hands). I‘ve started wanking in the back garden, kind of hoping to get caught.

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