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This is my first story! Hope you enjoy! - A teen finds a common latex fetish in his neighbour's mother.
I discovered masturbation around age 11 or 12. My grandfather had some Playboys hidden away in his workshop. I would sneak in to have a better look on weekends when we visited. This new found interest in my cock lead to searching the internet for more porn, which isn’t a difficult find. I eventually got bored of regular sex scenes so I started to look into the other, kinkier, categories: BDSM, Foot Fetish, Pregnant, Tranny, etc. The BDSM videos peaked my interest as they were varied and often included this clothing made of shiny latex material I had never seen before. After a little more searching, I had found my new fetish. I jacked off to every video and picture I could find. I devoured these fantasies like a ravenous black hole. My favourites were the highly polished black latex and any kind of feature obscuring hood and mask. I watched the outfits being unzipped with lust, revealing the flesh underneath, tits spilling out, pink pussies slowly being revealed.

I looked into purchasing any latex outfit I could but anything beyond a pair of brief’s or two was out of my price range. They felt so good against my skin that I had to stop wearing them to school. I couldn’t concentrate with a pant full of wood. I aways wondered what everyone else at my highschool was hiding under their clothes. Did anyone walk around with a buttplug in their ass or crotchless panties on? This is around when I met someone who shared my shiny fetish.

I met my neighbour Troy when he and his mother moved in next to us. I was around 16 at the time and we became fast friends. We both shared an interest in comics, video games, and had similar theories as to what was going on on Lost. Troy was black, around 6 feet tall, and typical build for a sporty teen. He was an attractive guy so the girls at school had more interest in him than they did in me. I was around 5’ 7” and a bit gangly. Limbs too long, feet too big; all elbows and knees. It’s safe to say that Troy got a lot more pussy than I did. I was okay with it as I didn’t know any girls that would have much interest in sucking my cock through a shining black latex sheath.

Spending time at Troy’s house I learned that his mother was a pretty cool lady. Her name was Alice and she was about as tall as Troy, built like a volleyball player. Her arms were a bit muscular, legs up to her neck, and judging from my long hours staring at tits on the internet, I’d say she was around a 34B. Her skin was much darker than Troy’s giving her a bit of an exotic look, and her hair being buzzed quite short made her look young. She couldn’t have been much older than 38 or 39. I don’t think she was quite 40 yet.

She didn’t care if we played video games for an entire weekend, burning an image of Mario into our retinas. I think being a single mother she was just happy to have the free time.Troy’s father lived about an hour away and he’d only see him one or two weekends a month so she pretty much raised him alone.

One weekend at his place and I came across something that made my heart stop. It was mid afternoon and I was heading to the upstairs bathroom. The hall wound past the office and his bedrooms before hitting the bathroom. I’m a bit of a nosey guy so I made a quick stop in his mom’s room and began poking around. She was always very tidy so it was no surprise that the room was in ship shape. Not much of any interest on the dresser; lipstick, glasses, a copy of a Stephen King book. The usual mom fare. I noticed that the closet door was open so I stuck my head in. Still not much. She had a few slinky dresses that I briefly imagined wrapping around that tight body of hers and started to get a little half chub. Pushing the thought aside I continued on to the bathroom and did my business.

Washing my hands I opened the door to find their cat, Greg, sitting outside waiting for me. He was a small grey cat with a smooshed in face. Pretty cute and friendly. I bent down to pet him and he trotted off into Troy’s mom’s room. I followed and found him sitting in the open closet. I scratched his head and saw that he was sitting on a dark wooden box with a latch that I hadn’t noticed before. Picking Greg up I flipped the latch on the box and opened the lid.

If this had been a movie, right here is where the angels would have sung and light would emit from the box in a radiant discovery. Instead, my pulse quickened and I dropped the cat. I quickly looked over my shoulder to make sure Troy wasn’t standing behind me with an accusing gaze or his mom hadn’t come home early and was about to smack the taste out my mouth. I truly couldn’t believe that I was staring into Troy’s mom’s sex toy box.

Inside the box, a blue vibrator and a bottle of lube lay atop something made of shiny black latex. I couldn’t believe that I was staring at that beautiful black latex and it wasn’t one of the cheap pairs of briefs I bought online. This belonged to a woman. A hot woman. I was instantly hard.
My fingers trembled as I picked up the toy and lube, placing it beside the box, and gently took out this shiny object. Turning it over saw that there were holes on the front. The large holes were surrounded by a red latex to make the shape of eyes and lips. This was a hood. The kind that I had imagined sliding my cock into the mouth of time and time again. With my jaw on the floor I somehow noticed there was still more in the box. Setting the hood aside I saw there were more latex panties, a bra, a red ball gag, another vibrator and some assorted condoms. I started to dig in the box when I heard the front door open and Alice announcing she was home.
Panicking, threw the lube and vibrator back in the box. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play with that hood, so I made a quick decision and shoved it down my pants, closing the box.
Downstairs and said hi to Alice and told Troy that I should head home for dinner.

That night I laid my briefs and this new hood on the bed, standing naked at full mast, gazing in awe at my luck. I shined up my briefs and slid on the hood, zipping it down to cover my neck, snugging it up tight. I looked at myself in the mirror wearing just these 2 items and saw that I had been transformed into something out of my imagination. My cock peaked above the top of my underwear and dribbled precum down the front. Playing with my throbbing member I came quickly as my head swum in

Walking home with Troy the next day, he told me his dad was waiting to take him to his house for the weekend. I was really hoping to get the hood back into his mom’s closet tonight before she noticed but another few days to play with it was also an appealing thought. I said goodbye to Troy and went inside to have dinner with my parents. Around 6pm I was in my room playing video games but my gaze kept drifting the the drawer beside my bed. Inside contained that black encasement that made my cock so ironhard. It was as if it were calling out to me, its siren song the pulsing throb of my cock. Standing over the drawer I was willing my parents to go out for a walk or to the movies. Anything so I could wear it and pound my dick into blissful oblivion. Reaching my shaking hand into the drawer, my cell phone rang and I jumped with a start. I had a small chuckle at thinking I had been discovered and picked up my phone. My heart dropped into my stomach when I saw that it was Troy’s number. I knew full well that he was already gone so it had to be Alice.

“Hello?” I answered.
“Hey Dale, it’s Alice.”
“Hey, what’s going on?” I said as casually as I could muster.
“I found some of your little DS games stuffed in the couch and thought you may want to come get them.”
“Oh that’s ok, I can just get them after the weekend. It’s no big deal.” I sighed with relief.
“Alright,” and her voice became more serious, “Well then why don’t you just come over and bring what you took out of my closet.”
I felt flush and a sweat broke out on my forehead. “I..uh..” I stammered.
“I won’t call your mom if you bring it back. Now.” She said before hanging up.

I sat on the bed, head between my knees and felt sick. 'I’m so screwed.’ I thought.
After a few minutes of panic I worked up my nerve and threw the hood in a backpack, heading out the door and shouting to my mom that I was going out for a bit.

The Sun was going down and the air was brisk which didn’t help my cold sweats one bit. I darted across the driveway and around the fence, looking back to see if my parents were at the window. No one was there so I crept up to Troy’s front door and rang the bell.
Seconds later the door was yanked open and Alice stood there glaring at me as only a disappointed parent knows how. Pulling me inside, she shut the door. If I hadn’t been staring at my feet in embarrassment I would have noticed how dark it was. Only a few soft lamps illuminated the main floor giving the house a warm feeling.

“Well?” Alice said, staring me down. Stuttering I reached into my bag and pulled out the hood. Handing it over I finally got a good look at her. She was wearing a short sleeve grey knit cardigan with a tight white shirt underneath. Her breasts were bursting over the top of the shirt and the knit was done up with one button stretched across her tits. Below she wore a high waisted knee length red skirt with grey stockings underneath. On her feet were black leather heels with little laces. She looked hot. Really hot. I couldn’t think of anything.

“Nothing to say?” She said with a bit of an edge.
“Uh..sorry,” I mumbled. “I just, I’ve never seen one in real life so I took it. It was dumb.”
“Did you wear it?” She asked.
“Did I wha..?”
“Did you put it one? Is that why you took it? To wear?”
“Uh..yeah. I did.”
“It’s not a costume, you know.”
“Yeah, I know. It’s, I guess.” I stammered, trying to avoid eye contact.
“Sexy? Hm.” She looked thoughtfully at me.
“I’m going to go put this away, and while I decide if I’m going to call your parents, you go wait in the living room. We’re going to have a talk about stealing my private items.”

I slunk into the living room and saw that it was just as dimly lit in here. All the shades were drawn and only 2 lamps were emitting a dull yellow glow. In the middle of the room was a chest that certainly wasn’t in there the last time. I looked at it quizzically but resigned to wait on the couch. I was already in enough trouble to go snooping again. There was something going on however. Alice was dressed more provocatively than she ever had around me and she didn’t really seem that angry over the hood. More like she was feigning anger.

I heard the clack of her heels coming back down the stairs which grew louder as they approached. When she entered the room I was stunned at the sight of her. Alice had replaced her outfit with glistening black and red. Her body was covered in tight latex that hugged every inch of her body. On her feet were dark red boots that reached halfway up her calf, pulled snug with a row of straps and brass buckles. The heels flared at the bottom giving them a victorian feel. The black latex stockings hugged her legs as if they were painted on. Garters attached to high waisted panties that squeezed her form and ended an inch below her breasts. Red with a black panel down the middle. The black bra had large straps leading to a tight collar, forming a wide, roughly heart shaped opening exposing the dark flesh of her cleavage. Her hands were wrapped tightly in shining gloves that stopped just below the armpit, exposing her lightly muscled shoulders. To top it all off, the hood I had returned was stretched across her head, blood red lips protruding through the mouth hole. My gaze lingered on those lips.

Stopping in the doorway to give me a good look, she stretched an arm up the door frame and said;
“Is this what you imagined when you were snooping in my closet? When you were wearing this mask and playing with your cock?”

“Uh..a..” was all I could manage.

She walked over like a lioness stalking it’s prey and stood over me, towering in her heels.
“It’s interesting that of all the toys in that box, you took this hood.” She caressed her cheek. “I haven’t had anyone to share my fetish with in a long while, Dale. When I saw that you had taken this particular item last night, I knew you shared an interest with me.”
She ran a finger along the edge of a stocking, sliding past her tightly wrapped pussy.
“I thought about it a while and decided to check. I hope you don’t mind but I peeked in your window last night and saw what you were doing.”

She sat down on the trunk and leaned back, stretching a leg out to rub my expanding crotch with her boot.

“Wearing the mask and jerking that cock of yours," her gaze fell to my crotch, "I thought you might like to share my collection with me.”
Alice bit her lip slightly as she continued to rub my now solid cock. My eyes drank in the sight of her and my heart raced. Instinctively I began to grind a into her foot and she smiled.

“I have been building this collection for sometime. Most men won't wear clothing so tight but I think I may have found something special in you. Would you like to see inside the trunk?” She rapped a few fingers on the wood beneath her.

My hand stretched out and started to caress her smooth leg. Deftly nodding my head at her while feeling the cool smoothness of the material, my cock twitched in my pants.

Turning around and bending at the waist, her gleaming ass full in my face, she flicked the latch and opened the trunk. Standing to the side she waved her arm across it like a magician’s assistant showing the audience the set up to a trick. Inside were all manner of latex items as well as toys of all shapes and sizes. Masks, corsets, gloves, dildos. Too much to take in all at once.

“I’m sure there will be something in there that will fit you. Now lets get you out of those clothes and into something a little more...appropriate.”

I didn’t have time to answer as she straddled me and my face found it’s way between her breasts. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her ass telling me it’s okay to touch and in fact, she prefers it.
Suddenly my stupor subsided and I pushed her back enough to speak.

“Wait a minute, this is a little too fast. I mean, it’s just a bit..weird is all. I’ve never even..”
“You want me to stop?” She cut me off. “I can stop if you like but I can see the lust in your eyes. It’s the same I saw last night when you were dressed like this.”
“No, no, that’s not it. I really don’t want you to stop, trust me. This is all really...I just have know.”
“Fucked.” Looking me in the eyes, “You’ve never fucked anyone.”
Alice smiled saying, “I saw that you know how to handle this thing last night.” She reached down and grabbed my cock through my pants. “And Mmmm, I can drive if you like. Just follow.”

Pulling my mouth to hers, she unzipped my pants and reached inside. The cool touch of her gloved hand made my cock twitch and jump. Her hand stroked my member and I moaned into her mouth. Pulling my shirt off and tossing it to the side, she slid down my body and onto her knees, the latex creaking softly. I lifted my hips as she slid pants and briefs down to my knees, my cock springing out to greet her.
A wet tongue found its way to the head while her hands gripped my throbbing shaft. It was an incredible sight to see this latex lined mouth working away on my hard dick. Red lips wrapped tightly, my cock disappearing inside. She took me deeper into her hot mouth as she looked up at me with willing eyes, small moans escaping from her. Her touch was like magic and soon I had my first orgasm that I wasn’t the purveyor of. I moaned and grabbed her head, my cock exploded and I thrust in as far as it would go. My hot load shot down her throat. She let out a loud satisfied groan and swallowed every drop.

Licking her lips clean she said, “Now that that one is out of the way, we can get you suited up.”

She picked out a few items and told me to get dressed while she got us something to drink. Excited, I took inventory. There were a pair of glistening black pants with molded feet, long black gloves, and a full hood with a neck that went down onto the chest in a point. The face of the hood was pure black with simple holes cut for the eyes and mouth. Working the pants on was harder than expected but they eventually slid on. Pulling them up I found that the crotch had a sheath molded to look like a cock that my still hard dick eased into perfectly. My cock looked like a jet black dildo. On the tip there was a tiny hole that precum oozed out of. I slicked the head up with some of the sticky fluid and smiled at the sight. I pulled on the gloves which ended mid-bicep and flexed the fingers. They were a little tight but still a good fit. Pulling the hood over my head and adjusting the neck, I zipped the back up, snugging it tightly. Looking down at my body, the black against the pale of my skin, I felt incredible.

Looking in a full length mirror to the side, I didn’t even recognize myself. The hood totally obliterated my identity and the thought made me even harder. Thinking of anonymously fucking my rubber whore made my dick pulse and jump. Running my slick hands over my body I gripped my black cock and began to stroke it.

Alice entered the room, drinks in hand, eyes hungrily taking in the sight of my transformation. Placing the drinks on a table she came up behind me and reached around, grabbing my cock.
“Everything fit?” She breathed into my ear giving me mild a shiver.
“Quite well.” I whispered back as she ran a hand up my chest and onto my jaw, sticking a finger in my mouth. I closed my eyes and sucked.
“That shiny black cock makes my pussy so fucking wet.” She moaned and squeezed my dick, spinning me around. Her tongue explored my mouth and she pulled me by my cock across the room. Handing me my drink she shoved me onto the couch. I tasted it while Alicethrew hers back. It was fruity and alcoholic, so I drained it.
"Do you like your new skin?" She asked while leaning back on the trunk and slowly running a hand between her breast and down to play with the zipper just above her pussy.
I nodded and slowly stroked my cock.
Turning away from me, Alice closed the heavy trunk lid and leaned over it saying, “Unzip me. My pussy is dripping.”
Reaching my hand between her legs for the zip, I began to pull.
“Slowly.” she breathed, so I obliged.
The zipper came easily and inch by inch revealed the first real pussy I had ever seen. It was shaved clean, her lips small and tight with only a little bit of pink showing. Her pussy glistened with her juices and a little dribbled over he rosey clit. A hand reached around and spread those lips revealing the bright pink interior. In stark contrast to her dark mocha skin, the pink hole practically glowed.

“I want you to lick right here,” she placed a finger on her clit, “and stick your tongue and fingers in here.” She instructed, plunging two fingers into her pussy and spreading the hole open to give me a good look.

Following instructions, I tasted my first pussy. Licking the sopping juices from her clit, I shoved a few shiny fingers into that tight hole. My lust overtook my nerves and I finger fucked her pussy hard, lapping at her clit like a dog. I rammed fingers in and out as she moaned and leaned further over the trunk. Ravenously I sucked at her clit and pussy lips, pinching her clit while stuffing my tongue as far in as would allow. She tasted of strawberries with an acidic tang like a tomato. I loved every drop of it.
“Shove your cock in me Dale. Fuck my tight pussy. Fuck me now.” Alice moaned between gasps.

Feeling brazen in this outfit, I stood up and aimed my twitching cock at her bright pink hole. It slid home and pleasure like I’d never felt exploded in me. I thrust in and out, pulling at her hips and slamming her against the trunk. Her slick hands grabbed at me to pull me further inside. My head swirled.

“Fuck my cunt, Dale! Break your cock off in me!” she shouted and drooled onto the wood, smearing her lipstick. My head was swimming in pleasure and my thrusts became less rhythmic but deeper and harder. Not knowing what to do with my hands, I grabbed her arms and pulled her elbows together behind her back, forcing her to arch her back. “Oh god don’t stop! Yes! Yea..uhh..UNH!” she breathed as an orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. Legs shaking, hips slamming against me, she collapsed on her chest. She pushed me back with a heel, my cock sliding free, sending me stumbling back onto the couch. I sat down hard panting.

Straddling me and pulling at the latex of her top, her tits fell out as she impaled herself on my cock. They were gorgeously round with small dark nipples to match her glistening skin. A hand viciously grabbed my head and Alice licked up the side of the latex before forcing a firm tit into my mouth. I sucked.
“Fuck...” She moaned softly as she ground her hips. Her forehead rested against mine and she breathed heavily. Hands on the back of my head, forcing my mouth to her swollen nipple.
My cock thrust deeper and deeper with each bounce, feeling like it was going to rip her pussy in half. She slowed her movements and brought her knees up, crouching on the head of my cock. Gently but quickly she moved up and down three or four times before slamming down suddenly. My eyes lolled in their sockets as pleasure ripped through me. She did this over and over as an orgasm built in me. Each time she slammed down, a small “unh” escaped from her lips. She stick my fingers in her mouth before placing it on her ass, sliding my middle finger into her asshole. I moaned and she gasped.
“Fill my holes, Dale. Fuck my ass and shoot your cum into my tight pussy. Fill my whore pussy.”
Whispering dirty nothings into my ear, her pussy gripped me harder as my finger slid in and out of her convulsing asshole. She slammed down onto me again and again until finally the next thrust brought an orgasm bursting from the tip of my cock. I groaned as thick ropey streams shot through the hole in the sheath, filling Alice’s pussy. The pulsing pumped more and more through the tiny hole in my black covering. My cock buried itself in her cervix as Alice started to grind fast and hard. Her clit rubbed up and down against the slick latex, sending her over the edge. She sat hard on my finger, arching her back and screaming “AAHHFuck!” Legs quivered as her cum gushed around my cock and she collapsed against me.

Panting, she climbed off me and laid back across the cool trunk, legs spread. Cum dribbled out of her cunt, dripping onto the floor. I sunk into the couch and gazed at her twitching pussy. I felt exhausted, my face was numb, but my cock ached for more. I stared into that swollen pussy and stood overtop a spent goddess. I grabbed her collar and pulled her up, shoving my cock into her still dripping pussy. Her eyes widened and she gasped into my mouth as my dick split her open.

Biting my lip she said, “Next time you wanuuuuhh-t to borrow somethUHN!”
I pounded deeper into her.
“J-uuh,” she whimpered and my cock throbbed against her cervix.
I stuck three fingers into her mouth and then slid them up into her asshole, working them in and out.
“Just ask,” she moaned.

A smile spread across my latex face.


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