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William and John had just discovered a new dimension to their friendship. When precarious circumstances threaten their school rep, how far is John willing to go for his best bud?
Poster's notes

This is a series originally posted on Nifty by a friend of mine. On his behalf (because for some reason, he couldn't get an account here), I'm posting it here. He reckons people who read here might like it too. The tags for this story aren't specific to any one chapter, but are general for the entire series. It's a work in progress, with currently 8 chapters and counting. Chapter 1 serves as a prologue. Chapter 2 is the actual start of the story, with Chapter 3-8 containing the real meat of the story.

I will be posting each chapter exactly as it is found on nifty sans my friend's author's notes. He highly appreciates feedback, criticism and encourages people to spot any typos or errors and if you wish to email him he's at I hope you enjoy his story.


Chapter 4: Tricks and Traps

John Watson was still bleary eyed as he awoke to a fine Saturday morning. It took him a while to get his bearings and dispel the disorientation that waking from a deep sleep usually brings. It didn’t help that he was still wearing his glasses, straining his still-tired eyes; evidently he had slept with them on. He wondered why he felt so tired. What could he have possibly done last night that made him too tired to even remove his glasses?

“Last night…” he thought to himself, just as he became aware of his bare thigh lying across something warm and fleshy. “That’s right, last night, I…I touched William’s dick.” he thought again, as more of his senses started to work properly and promptly deduced that the dick in question was part of the fleshy mass his right thigh had been lying on.

With a blush that had nothing to do with the cold morning air, he sat upright on the bed with a sudden motion that woke the sleeping boy beside him. William James stirred from his blanket and gave a resounding yawn.

“Oh, hey, good morning, bro.” William said as he yawned again.

“Mornin’.” John was currently in the process of reliving last night’s events and couldn’t give more than a curt reply.

“I had this crazy dream…like there was a bear chasing me and he took out a large piece of wood and put it on my crotch so I couldn’t get away…and it was so heavy he was practically crushing my balls…”

“Oh…uhm, yeah…that sucks. Funny how the weather’s so cold, eh?” John said awkwardly, partly because he’d rather that William didn’t find out that he had been the one who inadvertently smothered his crotch and partly because of barely concealed laughter at having induced such a dream on his friend.

“Well, yeah, it does feel chilly…and we ARE still naked.” William said with a grin.

“Hey, Will…last night…was it okay, what we did?” there was hesitation in John’s voice.

“Huh? Yeah, well, of course! It felt great for me! I thought it did for you did too?” William said, his smile faltering slightly.

“It’s just that…I haven’t done anything like that before…and well, we’re boys…”

“Yeah we’re boys…” William frowned and thought about the current situation. “Do you think we did something wrong?”

“I dunno, well I liked it but…it was also weird…”John said, unsure of himself.

“Hmm…dude, honestly, I don’t think we did anything wrong. All I remember is having the best time of my life last night. And even if we did do something weird,” William said a bit more pointedly since he saw John about to retort. “I wouldn’t feel bad at all because I did it with my best friend.”

John was at a loss for words, and just looked up at William. Of course, William made sense. He always did when giving one of his speeches. It was one of those traits that John admired about him. Then, after a few seconds of awkward silence, John voiced out the real reason he was hesitant to pursue this line of thought.

“Hey, Will…would you mind if we…uhm…do that again? Wanking each other?”

“John…” William’s face softened into what could be best described as a caring, emotional look. “Dude, of course! That was the best thing I could ever do with my best bud, and of course I’d love to do it again!” he said with a sincere smile.

John smiled as well and said, “Thanks, bro.”

“Anytime.” William replied as he raised his fist to meet John’s. For some reason though, he had an inkling that this wouldn't be the last time he’d have to deal with the issue. “But, uhm, can we do it some other time though? I’m still kinda tired…”

“Wha-of course! I mean, I didn’t mean right now! You horny bastard!” John exclaimed. Flustered as he was, he was still laughing and gave William a playful jab on the shoulder.

“Hey, I’m not the horny bastard. Remember you’re the one who brought it up…” William retorted along with his signature smirk.

John’s reply took the form of a fierce pillow throw at point blank range, which in a few seconds, evolved into an all-out pillow smacking war between the two laughing boys. They were so concentrated on their roughhousing that they almost didn’t hear John’s mother knock on the door.

“Boys? You’re awake now? Can I come in and get the laundry?” Sharon Watson asked.

“No! Wait, don’t come in!” John said in a panic. Both he and William became painfully aware of the fact that they didn’t have any clothes on.

“Ooookay…. Well, come down in a while, breakfast is ready.” she said with the barest hint of suspicion in her voice.

“Yeah, sure thing, mom!” John replied with a rather shrill voice.

There is a saying that goes similar to “mothers never miss a thing”. Sharon Watson was a living example of that maxim. She shook her head in amusement and made a mental note to have her husband talk to John about the kind of things only fathers can talk to their sons about.

The boys, for their part, were still and quiet with cold sweat running down their foreheads despite the fact that the door was locked. They didn’t move or say a word until they were sure that John’s mother was already down the stairs. Though they were both comfortable with being naked with each other now, being seen by a fully grown woman, John’s mother specifically, was still a different matter altogether. It was a common unsaid agreement between the two boys that being seen naked together would not be comfortable at all.

“Will, you can come out of the blankets now.”


Time passed rather quickly for the two best friends. Their weekend together found itself becoming a dreary Monday morning and with it came the regular trifling matters of everyday school life. John was pleased to see that William was back to his usual self- still lazy to be sure, but at least back to being cheery.

Their history teacher, Sir C.J., was in his usual sadistic mood. He assigned the class a project that involved making a creative presentation covering various parts of history, from the Crusades, to the Italian Renaissance to the American Revolution. He nonchalantly imposed a deadline of one week.

“But sir, I think that’s too short for a project that covers a lot of topics?” piped in one student timidly.

“Are you kidding me, Rogers? A thing like that only takes a short time, what with your iPads and touchscreen laptops. In my day, we didn’t even have internet-“

“-did you even have electricity during that time, you old geezer?” whispered John loud enough for William to hear. It was none too apparent that this was John’s least favourite subject next to geography. And it was an unsaid agreement in the class that Sir C.J. was not their most liked teacher.

“The presentation is entirely up to you, you could make a diorama, or do a video presentation…that sort of thing. In any case, I’ll allow you to work in pairs. Oh, and if anyone tries to put in any more nonsense about assassins or Templars or anything like that, I’ll fail you immediately! Seriously, you kids are too easily influenced by the media.” said the aged teacher with a hint of bitter disappointment in his voice.

The class went on with a few more disgruntled complaints from students and Sir C.J. reminiscing about his own schooldays. Finally the bell rang and the students filed out of the classroom in low spirits. William kept on a litany of unsavoury names for Sir C.J. all the way to the cafeteria, until John gave him a none too gentle smack on the back of his head.

“Dude, we get it already. Sir C.J.’s a bitch. Now just eat your lunch before I eat it for you.” John said. He was also in a sour mood because of the project and coped as usual by eating generous portions of pudding.

“What is with him anyway? It’s like he hates life and tries to dish out his frustrations on us!” William said through a mouthful of spaghetti.

“Dude, I heard that he used to be from Switzerland and wanted to become a psychology professor abroad. But all he ever managed was to be a middle school teacher. They say he’s been at it for something like twenty years…” supplied Carl Rogers, one of their classmates who questioned the project earlier. He was a mutual friend of the boys and while he didn’t always sit with them at lunchtime, having him there was a normal occurrence.

“Where’d you find that out?” asked William.

“My older bro, naturally.” Carl said proudly.

“Oh right, he’s like in college now isn’t he?” inquired John.

“Yeah, he studied here too, but that was ages ago and he still got that bastard as a teacher! Sir C.J. is ancient!” Carl exclaimed.

“Yeah, I doubt anyone actually knows his real name. What’s C.J. stand for anyway?"

“I forgot, but I think the ‘J’ stands for Jang or Jung or something. But never mind that dude, I need to ask you something.” Carl said in a serious manner.

William was somehow worried by Carl’s sudden change in behaviour and cautiously replied, “Okay, about what?”

“So I hear Jim Masters has some serious beef with you.” Carl said with hushed tones, looking side to side as if afraid of eavesdroppers.

John and William glanced at each other nervously. As far as both of them knew, the conversation between Johnson Masters and William was known only to the two boys, and of course John. Now though…

“Well, you know, I guess he’s still pretty upset about that fight we had last week…” William offered meekly.

“No, I mean something else, something personal. It’s not just because of the fight. Jim really hates you right now.”

“What made you say that?” John asked testily.

“Because, duh, he’s my friend too. And I asked him to be partners with that stupid project and he, uhm, sort of mentioned how angry looking at you makes him.”

“Oh…is that so…” William said stiffly. John, on the other hand, was just plain silent.

“Dude, chill. You know me, I hear all sorts of things from all sorts of places. It helps that I’m friends with practically everybody. So don’t think for a sec that you can lie to me on this one. All I want is the truth. Don’t worry, I can keep secrets.” Carl said with a conspiratorial wink.

“Why do you want to know so badly anyway?” John asked.

“Like I said, Jim’s a friend of mine too. And well, we’re buddies aren’t we? It’s tough to see your friends have a go at each other. I want you guys to kiss and make up.”

“I’ll pass on the kissing, thanks.” William said offhandedly as John laughed.

“Pft, you know what I mean! Dude, it’s not just that. Just before you and Jim had that row I noticed you were being a bit bitchy. Well, I just passed it off as a random mood swing, but get this…you weren’t the first to be a bitch.” Carl said, in hushed tones.

“What do you mean?” William asked nervously. Just how much did Carl know about him? It was common knowledge that Carl Rogers was the kind of boy that was always in the know. He was the rumor mill and the spy; he was the kind of boy that knew a lot about the people around him. It was a scary thought to be the subject of his interest, considering his inclination for “data gathering”.

“Me and Jim are friends, right? Well, I noticed this like a month ago. He’s been more secretive and stuff. He'd suddenly disappear then I find out he’s already at home. It’s like he’s a ninja or something! And apparently he’s always just at home shut in his room. And when he’s at school, he’d be more stiff, like serious. Gets angry at the smallest things. If you were friends with him, you’d notice.” Carl said solemnly.

“Er, so you never found out why he was like that?” William asked hesitantly.

“Nah, he wouldn’t tell. But thing is, I saw you the same way last week, and then bam! You got that fight. Something about you ticked him off, like, you touched a nerve. I want to know what that is. I want to know so I can fix Jim already. He’s an ass when he’s like that.” Carl said with a hint of concern in his voice.

“He’s just an ass, that was it-“ William started, but Carl cut across him.

“-no. I know that’s not it. I can tell. Look, dude, you know why everybody went along with the story that it was all Jim’s fault last Friday? Well, remember us boys were there too, so I saw what really happened. Everybody just wanted to believe Jim was an ass because he’d been an ass for some time before then. He’s my friend, bro. And I don’t want to see Jim making himself look like an ass-more of an ass.” Carl said frankly.

William was at a loss for words. He looked to John, but the younger boy was still tight lipped and nervous. Neither of them considered the possibility that Johnson Masters had his sad side of the story as well. They weren’t quite sure how to react.

As if reading the looks on their faces, Carl said, “Look, I think I can understand that asking you won’t make you tell me what I need to know. That’s fine, I can’t force you. I know Jim isn’t your friend, but he’s mine…and you and me, we're friends too. So please, do this for a friend. I’m not asking you for anything you don’t want to tell me. I’m asking you to help me out.“ Carl adopted a tone that would put Steven Spielberg dramas to shame.

“What do you want me to do?” asked William with a faint sigh.

“If you can’t tell me what went on between you, then go and talk to him yourself. I’m not asking you to apologize, just talk sense into him. And if he won’t listen, tell him I talked to you, tell him I was crying on your shoulder and reminiscing about the good old days in his room when he was a good ass.”

“Wait, what?” That last part caught William off-guard.

“Trust me, just tell him that if he tries to brush you off. Don’t ask why.” Carl said with another conspiratorial wink, making him seem like some ingenious evil mastermind. And with that rather enigmatic ending statement, Carl drifted from the table to sit with his other friends.

John saw Johnson Masters look angrily at Carl; it almost looked like they were arguing. He was silent throughout the whole encounter and resolved to process everything Carl Rogers just said. The other boy definitely suspected that something happened between Johnson and William, something personal. How much did he suspect? And what he said at that last part…he knew it must have some deeper meaning that seemed to elude him. Thankfully, William broke his reverie.

“Dramatic fellow, isn’t he?”

“Quite. So, what do you reckon?” John asked.

“It’s really not on my mind right now. Besides we got that project.” William replied rather crossly.

“He does have a point, Will. Having Jim as an enemy wouldn’t do you any good.”

“Okay, okay, I promise to talk to him…someday.” William conceded.

“After the project?”

“Okay, fine, whatevs.”

“Cool, so anyway, what should we do about the project?” John asked, changing the subject. As much as he’d like to help Carl out, their history project was definitely a larger priority topic.

“Hmm…I think we’d have an easier time if we did a video. I’m thinking of great music to go with it, and maybe a few gameplay videos from Youtube. You can edit those together and put in the stuff you learned playing around with Aftereffects. All in all, it shouldn’t be too hard, but it would take loads of time though.”

“We can do it at each other’s houses, dude, we got nearly all week.” John said hopefully. William noted that John let out a slight smile and thought if he could have been implying what he thought John was implying.

“I can’t on Wednesday though, we sort of got this dinner thing with my dad’s boss. You good on Thursday?”

“Well, Granpa’s visiting that night until Friday. Yes, Will, it’s the guy who gave me my stuffed toy frog. But anyway we can still do stuff up in my room, it’s not like he needs me every second.”

“No way dude, I don’t want to get in the way of that. Family’s important.” William said firmly. “Besides, having too many people around makes it hard to do stuff…” William added, knowing full well what “stuff” they might end up doing in John’s room.

“Oh, okay…” John said with an exasperated sigh.

“That’s Wednesday, Thursday and Friday down, so all we got left is today, tomorrow and Saturday. Of course our parents wouldn’t let us go out on Sunday, church and all that.” William recapped.

“True. So, whose house today?” asked John.

“Mine, since I got yours last time. After school, yeah?”

“Sure, it’s set.” John hoped he didn’t sound too giddy.

When recess ended, the two boys made their way back to the classroom. Before they could enter though, an ominous figure stopped them, in the form of Mr. Skinner, the disciplinary officer. Tall, gaunt and with sunken cheeks, his appearance was considered by all to be an ill omen, as a visit from him usually meant you were in trouble.

“Good day, sir!” both boys automatically chanted, their apprehension notwithstanding.

Mr. Skinner merely nodded and looked over at William. “Mr. James, it has been decided that you will serve your detention tomorrow, Tuesday, after class. See me when the last bell rings. That is all.” And with another curt nod, he left.

“Dude…bummer.” John said dully.

William could only slap his forehead as he entered the classroom amid whispered murmurs from his fellow classmates.


Monday night was not as eventful as John had hoped. It dawned upon the two boys just how tedious their project was going to be, and after this stark realization over some snacks and a brief PS3 multiplayer battle, they got straight to work. William was in charge of gathering the raw material data such as videos and music to put in their final output. John was beside him with his laptop, splicing together what William gathered into something presentable.

“Dude, this one looks sweet, it even has that cool National Geographic narrator voice!”

“Will, I think it IS from National Geographic…but dude it’s like the guy was just camcording his TV, it even has those moving lines and stuff.

”Crap, you’re right…”

It was anything but the easy task that William had predicted earlier. After four hours of honest to goodness work, the two boys were suffering from acute burn out.

“Dude…my eyes hurt. This blows.”

“Will, my whole head hurts…that’s it, I give.”

“How much did we already do?”

“Considering everything I cut…we have a solid two-minute vid.”

“Did Sir C.J. say anything about a minimum?”

“He said five for videos.” John said with an utterly defeated tone.

Both boys shared expressions of frustration and decided to continue the work after school the next day. William tried to lighten the mood by optimistically highlighting the fact that they were almost halfway done, only to be countered by an irate John who emphasized the hard work that had yet to be finished. William wondered briefly, if John was also annoyed in part because they didn’t have any time to mess around as the younger boy had hoped. He honestly thought John needed that particular stress reliever.

After all was said and done, both boys retired dejected and frustrated. John went home at nine, and after he left, William couldn’t’ help but fall fast asleep, partly due to his tiredness. He fell into such a deep sleep that he dreamed of nothing, and forgot almost everything, including worrying about his detention the next day.


Nothing much of note happened over the next school day, what with most of the students in the class preoccupied with their history projects. John arrived at 6PM at William’s house to continue their project. It had been their agreement, though only after several objections from John, that William would suffer his detention alone without his best friend having to wait for him.

“So, dude, how was it?” John asked a while later when both of them were already in William’s room.

“What should I say? It’s detention. Of course it sucks!” said William with bitterness. “Although something weird did happen. I met someone. Sort of.”

“Okay, what about him?”

William motioned for John to sit on the bed with him. John understood that William had much to tell and listened with rapt attention.

“So, of course, it’s the usual. All I got was an hour of doing absolutely nothing in an empty classroom. I had to pretend to read or do homework or stuff occasionally though, otherwise the teach would glare at me.

“Anyway, there was only this one other kid there. Well, not really kid, he’s like, a tenth grader or something. If I remember correctly, he was on the swim team. You’d know him if you saw him, he’s not exactly hard to spot. He’s the one with curly hair, sharp cheeks and uhm, well, he’s got nice arms-don’t laugh, John! That’s the best I could describe him!

“What I wanted to say is, he didn’t look the type to be a detention regular. I mean he looked nice and he also seemed smart and stuff. So anyway, I kinda couldn’t help staring at him because of that, and-get this- he was staring back at me sometimes too! He even smiled a couple of times! I know, weird huh?

“So then suddenly, the teach asks me what homework I’m doing and I didn’t really have time to make stuff up so I just said Math and I tried to do that algebra exercise we did earlier. He bought it and didn’t ask anything else, but then he got up and said he was going to get coffee or something and that he’d be back.

“I dunno if I made a show of being stupid in Math or my face just showed it a lot, but then the next thing I know, the swim team guy comes up to me, looks at my book and says ‘you’re only supposed to switch signs when you put the variable on the other side of the equation’. Then he said his name was Peter McMahon and that if I’d like, he could help me with my homework.

“It was really weird, I mean all of a sudden this older guy starts being friendly for no apparent reason. But I guess it’s okay. He’s real nice and he was awesome with the Math exercise, so I guess I was right that he was smart. He also talked to me about random stuff too, like what my fave subject is and my least fave teacher, and yeah I told him about Sir C. J. and his stupid ass project. He even offered to help, but I said you were already gonna help me out later.

“That’s not the end of it. Suddenly he asks me if I want to hang out sometime, and well, I gave him this funny look and I think he got nervous cuz he started clamming up. It was funny, the way he looked, it’s like he got caught with his pants off or something. Well, just to be nice, I told him that maybe we could, and he looked real happy about it and he said ‘it’ll be cool, like having an older brother’.

“So yeah, after the teach came back, he let us go. Then Peter walked me all the way to the intersection until he had to go the other way. Well, we said goodbyes and I walked ahead, but when I looked back he was just at that same spot, looking at me. Feels weird…but yeah that’s what happened.” William finished with an eerie tone.

John was silent as he pondered on William’s story. After a moment of thought he said, “For a really random encounter, it sure is weird. You know, it’s almost like that guy has a crush on you.”

William was thoroughly taken aback at this statement as he replied, “What, dude, no way! I mean how could he? We just met! He was just really awkward, that’s it….”

“I think I’ve seen that sort of cliché before though. It’s the kind of nerves you get when you try to ask someone out, someone you don’t know yet but really like.” John said knowledgably.

“What, how do you reckon that?”

“I have to wait for my mom to finish watching her soaps before I get to use the TV downstairs. Sometimes I get to watch a bit of her shows.”

“Wow, you think? An older boy having a crush on me? That feels…really weird in so many levels.” William replied, trying to feign a shiver, but instead producing a visible blush that John didn’t miss.

“Don’t flatter yourself too much, Will. You don’t want to be an airhead do ya? Or maybe…you do. Didn’t you want men to admire the way you look?” said John teasingly, with mischief in his tone.

“Wait, what?!” William blushed further still. He didn’t think John would ever bring up their talk last weekend, and while he knew John didn’t mean any harm, it still sort of hit a sore spot. “Anyway, man, enough about that, let’s just get the project done already. We only got about three hours tonight.”

And they worked. For some inexplicable reason – though John wanted to attribute it to divine intervention- after only two hours, they were almost finished. William was done on his end while John only had a few more finishing cuts and rendering to do. Both were in high spirits, especially, John.

“I can’t believe we actually managed to do that all in one go…Will, we’re finished and with time to spare!”

“That’s it, we are officially awesome.” William replied from his computer desk. He was looking through his Facebook account and he wasn’t at all surprised to see a friend invite from Peter McMahon.

“Hey, Will, since we uhm, finished early, you think we could…er, you know…” John asked meekly. Though his face was still buried in his laptop, William was sure John was blushing rather intensely.

“Haha, sure thing. I could use that stress relief.” William replied with a smile. He felt a little spark of anticipation in his loins; it was none too apparent that he was excited to jack off with his friend. “Are you gonna be finished there soon?”

“Well, I just need to sync some of the background music a bit more, gimme ten minutes.”

“Ayt, I’m just gonna play some Dragon Sorcerer Kingdom Wars while you finish up.”

It had been approximately five days since William had last played his beloved online game. For some reason now though, he felt a sense of apprehension as he started the program, as if the game was now synonymous to something he didn’t want to remember. William wondered if it was because of his emotional breakdown concerning his transactions with PBear. What would he feel when he saw his mysterious benefactor once more?

‘Willy12’ the level 69 Aggro Knight Pirate was running along the heavily guarded Abstergo Industries Dungeon. The enemies, though strong in their own right, were no match for him. Most fell after two hits from his Fatalis Gun Lance. William smiled wryly. With his exclusive equipment, the game was getting too easy for him. Grinding was losing its charm and unless something interesting happened in the next ten seconds, he seriously considered quitting the game for an extended period of time.

Well, probably not. By some fated coincidence, he received a quest invite just as that thought crossed his mind and a new character entered the screen. A blue Mind Sculptor Planeswalker entered the same floor where William was and made short work of the various enemies with a myriad of mind magics. Of course, William knew this character well. It was PBear.

“Hey, Willy12, long time no see.” typed PBear in the in-game chatbox. His Planeswalker character stopped in front of William’s Aggro Knight Pirate as if talking face to face.

“Hey,” came William’s curt reply.

“Busy with school projects, eh?” typed PBear.

William was slightly taken aback. For a guess, PBear was awfully good at it, uncannily and unnervingly so. “Yeah, how’d you know?”

“Got some myself.”

“Oh, cool.” William typed automatically, though he wondered if that was the right kind of response.

“Check out my new stuff dude. It lets me extend the time I can summon creatures like bears and pigs. And if you don’t have that ability, equipping it lets you have it!” PBear typed.

“Wow, awesome.” William knew that so far, his replies to PBear were rather short and cold. Did he actually feel a bit of animosity for the other player? Though, after what PBear just said, he suddenly became genuinely interested despite himself.

“Hey, I can give you some…but you gotta cam. I miss seeing that cute face of yours.”

William’s apprehension peaked. PBear was asking him to take off his pants now? “Er, I don’t think I can right now…” he typed.

“C’mon! Kk, look, I just wanna see your face on cam. I won’t ask you to wank if you don’t want to this time. I’ll give it to you either way as long as we Skype.” typed PBear rather quickly.

“Well, okay…no wanking, alright. I’m going to sign in to Skype now.” William replied. His curiosity was getting the better of him again. He was going to cam for this stranger again with John in his immediate vicinity. It felt dangerous, scary and reckless despite not having to take off his pants. For some reason, it was kind of getting him excited.

William paused the game, prepped his webcam and turned on Skype. Immediately after he signed in, he got a video call from PBear. Though familiar alarm bells were ringing in his head, William accepted and a moment later, he saw his face staring back at him from the video feed.

“Nice. I’ve missed seeing your cute face. Hey, who’s your friend?” PBear typed.

William was a bit shocked. What did PBear mean ‘friend’? At that moment, he noticed his webcam was angled so that it saw him on his chair and part of his bed. And on that visible part of the bed…was John.

“Is he helping you with your project? What’s his name?” typed PBear again after William didn’t reply. It was apparent through the video that William’s face was currently adopting an “oh-shit “ expression.

“Uh, that’s John and yeah he’s helping me out.” typed William a bit hesitantly. But just as he finished typing it he instantly regretted it. He just bit his lower lip; maybe he shouldn’t have been so quick to tell PBear the truth.

“Hey, Will, watcha doing?” John asked from the bed. It was obvious that William was camming since his webcam had a bright blue LED indicator whenever it was active. John already had an accurate guess what his friend was doing and his question, while neutral, was meant more to mean, “what the hell?!”

“John there has a cute voice. I bet he’s also as cute as you.” typed PBear. He suddenly remembered that his microphone was on by default. William felt chills down his spine for some reason. He was still unsure how to reply.

“I want to see him. Tell him to come closer.” Typed PBear.

William didn’t need to ask John. The younger boy had already walked to his side, his face rather cross. When John saw his face also caught on the webcam he couldn’t help but cuff William’s shoulder.

“Dude, what gives?” asked John in an annoyed voice.

“Er, well, we uhm, kind of met again and he’s offering me this one item if I cammed…” William trailed off. Under John’s stern gaze, his sound reasoning evaporated.

“Ugh, couldn’t you at least wait for me to leave before you…you do stuff with a stranger?!” John said irritably as he left the webcam’s line of sight.

William was sort of panicking right now. John was now obviously upset and William was sure it was because the younger boy thought he’d rather mess around with PBear than with him. And John had been looking forward to that too…

“Wait, no, I wasn’t going to-“ William started, but he was cut off by a chime signalling that PBear had typed another message.

“-whoa, wait! John there knows what you do with me?”

“Wait no, I didn’t, well he-“ William said aloud, almost pleadingly to PBear, but he was cut mid-sentence again, this time by another forceful cuff from John.

“Shush! Will!” John was motioning for William to stop talking immediately. The younger boy was more in tune with his internal alarm bells, and right now they were telling him that they were caught in a dangerous situation.

“Oh, so he does know…hey, so has he ever seen you wank before?” typed PBear again. William read on with a mingled sense of fear and panic; he was afraid John might get dragged into this. To his side, John apparently read the message as well.

“Will, turn off the cam, now. And quit that thing already!” John asked a little more shrilly than he intended.

“Sorry dude, I have to-“ William typed, but he was again interrupted by PBear.

“Wait! Hey, you know what, I bet John would love to see you wank. Maybe even wank your dick for you.”

William was blushing really hard now. He looked to John, who was now looking daggers at him. He turned off the video call, though the chatbox was still active.

PBear typed another message as if unwilling to accept defeat. “I want to see both of you naked and wanking each other.”

“NO!” William typed instinctively. Over on the bed, John had already buried his face in his laptop again and was resolutely ignoring William. But before William could even speak a word of apology, another chime focused his attention on his Skype.

“Dude, c’mon. You’re both cute boys. It feels great to wank with a friend, you know. I’m just helping you out there. But since John doesn’t seem to want to cooperate, here’s a little incentive.” PBear typed. Immediately after, he sent William a video file named “capture005.avi.” “Open it.” PBear instructed.

William did as he was told and opened the video anxiously. What was in this video? Why did it make him so nervous? And as the first frame flashed before his eyes, he knew. William could only gape in abject terror.

John was rendering their finished project and staring at his laptop as he waited for it to complete. Just then, he heard the tell-tale sounds of a video playing on William’s computer. Was that…panting and moaning? In spite of being upset with William, he looked up from his laptop and glanced at William’s screen. He saw his best friend watching the video, as still as a scarecrow. What John saw in the video itself, made his heart skip a beat. He lunged from the bed and strode over to William in the hopes that he mistook what he saw.

As a matter of principle, John was not one who easily gave in to profanity or vulgarity. After seeing the video though, He couldn’t help himself. “Holy shit…”

The video was one of William, his eyes shut and his head thrown back, as he furiously jerked on his hard three and a half inch dick.

Another chime brought both boys out of their stupefaction. “So, I have some hot videos here of William enjoying himself a bit…I like to keep these things private, but I dunno, I might slip up and ‘accidentally’ post this on Youtube or something. Maybe you could convince me to, uh, be more careful?”

Sensing that both boys were still at a loss for words, PBear added, “Look, I’m just helping you guys out to be more friendly with each other. And well, I enjoy two cute boys going at it. Just cam for me, show me what I want to see, and I’ll never have to bring this up again. Don’t worry, I’m a man of my word.”

Both boys looked at each other. John was more composed, but William seemed to have lost all pretence of calmness. He was almost crying.

“Will…” John whispered softly. He put his hand on William’s shoulder and let the older boy put his hand over it. John was afraid as well. They were basically being blackmailed. As John saw it, they didn’t have a choice. If they didn’t follow PBear, William’s reputation would be smeared beyond repair at the very least. He could fathom a few more horrible outcomes, but chose not to dwell on them at the moment. If they did follow PBear…then there’s a sure chance that he would be recorded as well, and face the same dilemma as William. That and PBear would have more material to blackmail them with, and he could repeat the cycle as much as he wished. They were well and truly trapped.

“John, I know what you’re thinking...don’t. I don’t want you…this is my fault!” William said, blinking back tears.

“Will, shut up. You are the biggest idiot I know, yeah, this is all your fault and I am so pissed off at you right now! But you’re also my best friend. So…shut up.” John had never known he could have ever said those bold words. And here he thought that William was the more courageous.

Another chime signalled PBear’s new message. “Open the cam again, and I want to see both of you undress each other.”

William looked at John again as if saying “do you really want to do this?” John simply nodded. William heaved a deep sigh and did as PBear asked. The blue LED light flicked on as the video feed showed the two boys, both looking grim and unsure.

“Good boys. Now, just read my instructions as I type them. No need to type your replies, I can hear you both anyway. I’ll just be watching you. Now, I want you to undress each other.” typed PBear.

With one last miserable look at John, William stood up and faced his best friend, who had his eyes closed in resignation. He put both his hands on the hem of John’s shirt, but he couldn’t bring himself to lift it off. All of a sudden, John hugged him.

William gasped in surprise. John’s hug felt warm, reassuring and safe, as if the younger boy wanted to say “it’s okay”. He wanted that hug to last longer, but John’s hands were already moving to remove his shirt. He raised his arms so that John could take it off completely. After a nod from his friend, William reciprocated. Perhaps it was nerves, anxiety or that they were too engrossed in what they were doing, but they didn’t even notice PBear type “Wow! I didn’t think you boys would get all mushy like that. I like it!”

Now, both topless, the boys looked at each other again. William saw John’s resolve through his eyes. The younger boy was not going to back down and all because of their friendship. This seemed to strengthen William’s own resolve as he made the first move this time around to remove John’s shorts. It was a no nonsense affair, with John helping by kicking it off, and a while later he just as smoothly removed William’s. It didn’t even take them thirty seconds.

“Go on. Move a little closer to the cam.” PBear typed. The webcam feed was currently showing John and William’s nearly naked bodies from their heads to their waists. Complying with PBear’s direction, they both moved closer to the webcam. The view was now filled on both sides with the two boys’ underwear, one of which showed a modest bulge, while the other seemed to be constraining a steadily growing erection.

“Someone’s getting excited!” PBear typed again, but the boys didn’t seem to notice it.

“Will, you’re getting hard…” whispered John.

“I…yeah. I’m sorry…it’s just that… I can’t help it dude…” William replied softly.

“Do you like doing this?” asked John. His tone was stoic and neutral, though William could just imagine a hint of accusation.

“I guess…even if I did get us into this, I’m still excited. I mean, I’m still going to do it with you right? It…well, as long as it’s you, I think I’d like it…” William stammered.

John blushed. He couldn’t help but be flattered. Did William really like him that much? It was a bit confusing, flustering, but at the same time…he felt a surge of emotion for his best friend. Before he knew it, he was getting his own erection.

PBear evidently liked what he saw and heard. After a few more encouraging side comments he typed, “Ok, now take off each other’s underwear.”

After both boys read it, they put their hands on each other’s underwear and tugged gently. William’s came off first; he helped John take it off completely, his dick bobbing up and down as he went. Next, he completely removed John’s, lingering slightly as if afraid any sudden motion might hurt the younger boy. PBear now had a perfect view of two fully erect boy dicks.

“Awesome! Both of you look very cute indeed! Really cute cocks!” PBear typed. Judging from his words, it would be an understatement to say that he was beside himself with glee. “Good, now, William, you sit on the chair while John kneels down and wanks you. I want to see both of your faces. Let’s see how he likes to make his best friend feel good. Oh and if I say stop, you’ll stop.”

After another nod from John, William sat on the chair, his legs spread wide. John on the other hand, knelt down to William’s left. His upper torso, along with William’s entire front was visible on the video feed. A moment later, John’s hand was stroking William’s boner.

“Good! Keep going!” PBear typed, as he watched William squirm slightly at John’s touch. John had a look of pure concentration, even perhaps, reverence for the dick he was now manhandling. His gaze never once left William’s boy dick as he kept on stroking steadily. William was again feeling that otherworldly pleasure he felt the last time John masturbated him. A couple of minutes after John started, his squirming got more intense. His hands started gripping the edge of his seat and his legs went rigid. John kept on stroking with his steady pace as William reached his sexual plateau.

“Go faster!” William moaned. Coincidentally, PBear typed the exact same words at that moment. William was close. He just needed that extra burst of speed, that sudden burst of pleasure. He was panting regularly now. John responded by increasing his pace. The webcam, with its somewhat low frame rate, could only register a blur where John’s hand and William’s dick were. John also seemed to double his concentration, edging his face closer to William’s crotch as he tightened his four-fingered grip on the dick in front of him.

Before William could reach his climax though, they were rudely interrupted by another chime: a message from PBear typed in all caps: “STOP!”

John noticed the message and stopped abruptly. William on the other hand, was visibly let-down for having been denied his orgasm. He didn’t have time to argue though, because PBear was typing his next instructions.

“John likes that way too much! I told you! That was really hot. Well now, it’s time to repay the favour to your friend, William.” PBear typed rather quickly. The speed of his typing seemed to indicate his extreme excitement.

William took a moment to regain his breath. He looked at John, and stood up from the chair, his boner still painfully stiff. The webcam now saw John and William’s positions reversed, with John on the chair, his legs splayed and hard dick in full view, while William knelt down to the side, his face hovering over John’s crotch. He looked straight into the webcam for a split-second, and then started to stroke his best friend’s three inch dick.

It would seem that between the two boys, John was the more physically sensitive. It was only a short while through William’s hand job when he started squirming uncontrollably, his hands gripping the armrests and his eyes closed shut. In all appearances, John appeared to be convulsing heavily. William even had to stop a few times just to get John to calm down before he started again. Unlike him, John didn’t moan as much, but his breathing was heavy enough to be audible, with occasional, grunts of pleasure.

William kept on stroking, increasing his pace every minute or so and tightening his grip on John’s dick every time the younger boy would thrash around on the seat. He kept on looking at John’s face and he couldn’t help but smile when he saw John with a look of pure pleasure. William was starting to feel a bit happy inside, knowing that he was making his friend feel so good, despite their current situation of being blackmailed into having sex.

Expectedly, John was reaching his climax faster than William. His breathing was now ragged panting, his grunts were more and more frequent. There were occasions when he would say “Oh, Will!” followed by a rather seductive moan. William was jacking him off faster now, and he couldn’t help but jerk off his dick at the same time. The situation was getting too hot for William to resist touching himself.

But again, as before, another chime interrupted the two boys from finishing. PBear stopped William, and John was now the one who felt a great sense of frustration. He put on a grimace that wished PBear a slow, painful demise.

“You boys know how to get it on! It’s like you’re used to this! Hey, maybe you are! Well ,then, maybe we can up the ante. Do as I tell you now. All of us will like it.” PBear typed.

The boys, now fully resigned to their predicament, obeyed PBear’s next instructions. They stood up so that the webcam could only see their crotches. John knelt down and held William’s knees. He inched his face closer to William’s dick so that the webcam could see him clearly, but he couldn’t bring himself to do what PBear typed next.

“You want me to what?!” John said out loud.

“You heard me. Suck his dick. It’ll make him feel real good. Go on, his dick’s still hot and hard.” typed PBear.

“Hey, don’t make us do stuff like that, it sounds gross!” William said.

PBear replied with a quickly typed message. “You don’t want to see your naked video all over net do you? The whole school might find out…and anyway, you’ll like sucking. I promise.”

William was mortified. He couldn’t even begin to think of any apologetic words he could say to John. Because of his mistakes, John now had to suck his dick, and frankly speaking, he thought of the idea as gross and obscene. Aren’t dicks dirty or something like that? Why would anyone put it in their mouths? He wanted to tell John that he didn’t have to do it. But before he could even say a word, John had already engulfed his entire shaft.

“John!” William said in a high pitched tone that he was sure wasn’t entirely his own. The feeling was unimaginably different from masturbating, and so much more pleasurable. If what he felt before was otherworldly, then this was…something a hundred times better. His dick felt warm in John’s mouth, he could feel the underside of his glans lightly touch John’s tongue.

“Ahh, dude, that feels..ah!” William was having difficulty breathing and talking at the same time. The intense pleasure was getting too much for him to bear, so much that his knees were shaking. John was literally sucking on his dick as he would a drinking straw, and the suction was so overwhelmingly pleasurable. It was as if something was getting sucked out from his dick, but what that something was, William didn’t exactly know.

Two minutes, then three, John just kept on sucking. He had his eyes closed, but his grip on William’s knees was tight, as if he was holding on to them for dear life. He didn’t bob his head; rather, he just kept literally sucking on William’s dick. He was still unused to the feeling of a dick in his mouth and kept swishing his tongue around, unwittingly enhancing William’s pleasure. William for his part, couldn’t help but put his hands on John’s head, as if he wanted John to stay there and suck him forever. Every other breath he took was a high pitched squeal of pleasure which sounded most like John’s name over and over.

It took about three chimes before PBear got the boys’ attention again. “STOP! STOP! STOP!”

By then William –again - almost had his orgasm. Both boys ruefully stared at the screen, wondering if PBear was a sadistic bastard who got his kicks from not letting them finish each other.

“That was way hot you guys! Well, you know what time it is. Time to switch over. William, it’s your turn to suck your buddy there.”

William didn’t want to admit it, but he liked that idea. If he could make John feel as good as he felt a while ago…well, it would be fair of course…and well, yes he did want to know what it felt like to suck John. The webcam briefly saw the two boys exchange glances, John with a nervous face and William with a more mellow expression, as they switched places. John was now only visible from the waist down, and William’s upper body with it.

“Will-“ John started, but William cut him off.

“John, it’s alright. I want you to feel this, bro. Everything’s fine.” And with that, he took John’s twitching boy dick into his mouth.

William concentrated on the task at hand. John's dick felt like a slightly chubbier finger in his mouth. It didn’t taste particularly like anything, except for maybe a hint of saltiness. The texture of John’s dick was entirely new in his mouth, his tongue explored the younger boy’s entire shaft, from the root, to the curves of his foreskin-covered glans. He tried jabbing his tongue at John’s slightly exposed piss slit, and he was pleased to know that it apparently made John squeak like a mouse.

The younger boy was, to put it bluntly, going crazy. As soon as his dick entered William’s hot, moist mouth, he was sure that he had died and gone to heaven, if only heaven was actually a room full of boys willing to service hot and horny dicks. The feeling of pleasure was insurmountable, completely astounding and, well, mind blowing. Did William know how to suck dicks before? It seemed to John that his best friend knew how to stimulate his dick in the best of places. He would suck occasionally, and loll his tongue around, feeling through the entire fleshy tube as though he were some curious child sampling a new sweet. John’s moans consisted of long, overdrawn ‘uuggghhhhhhhh….’s and ‘ahhhhhhh’s, and It was already overwhelming without William’s constant prodding of his extremely sensitive glans. In fact, after an extended rubbing from William’s tongue, John quite literally fell down on the floor and out of the webcam’s sight.

“John! Are you okay?!” William asked in a panic, fearing that he did something wrong and hurt his best friend. He leaned down on where John was and helped him to a sitting position.

“Ughh…” John could be heard moaning in discomfort off screen. “Yeah, I’m okay, I guess…ugh. Will…that was, wow…”

The two boys just sat there on the floor speechless. They stared into each other’s eyes, struggling to find words although none would come to them. What does one say to someone who had just sucked your dick? It was the most awkward and embarrassing two minutes the boys ever had with each other. They were both flushed and blushing, but despite the tense atmosphere, they slowly broke into a smile.

It was a while longer when they heard a chime from William’s computer. They were both so caught up in the moment that they had momentarily forgotten all about PBear. For what it was worth, PBear seemed to have allowed them that brief interlude.

“Guys, that was the best show ever. I’m proud of you boys, you know how to be good sports. At least there’s something else you can do now during sleepovers, eh? I told you you’d enjoy it. Here, a little souvenir from me.” PBear typed. Immediately afterward, he sent a video titled “capture006.avi.” When it had finished loading, the boys opened it and saw that it was a video of them, wanking and sucking each other just as they had been a moment previous.

“John…” William said with guilt clearly in his tone. With this video, John had been officially dragged into PBear’s snare.

“It’s okay, dude. I expected as much.”

“You knew, but even then, you…”

“You’re my best friend.” John said with finality. William felt a rush of gratitude for his friend.

Another chime from PBear returned the boys’ focus to the screen. “I just love sweet dramas, don’t you? You two boys are perfect for each other as boyfriends! Hey, you guys liked it right? I mean, c’mon you were way into it. No hard feelings, okay?”

Boyfriends…both boys looked at each other and seemed to be thinking of the same thing. Were they…boyfriends? At the same time, did it seem like PBear was…trying to sound apologetic, even remorseful?

“Well, it’s been fun. Really, thanks you guys. Will, I’ll see you in the game. I just gave you that item and then something extra. I’ll keep my word; nothing gets out. See ya!” and with that, PBear ended the video call and signed out.

William and John looked at each other again. There was so much they both wanted to say but neither knew where to start. William was the first to say something intelligible.

“John…I’m really sorry about all this…I got you dragged into it…and now, we…I…dude…I mean, it’s not like we’re boyfriends or anything…”

“We sucked each other’s dicks, Will…doesn’t that…doesn’t that make us gay?” John said, clearly afraid and confused.

“I dunno. Maybe…but well, do you feel any different? I mean, so what if we sucked each other’s dicks. So what? It’s…it doesn’t change anything. I mean, you’re still my best friend John, no matter what…I…I care about you.”

Though it was an awkward statement, John felt William’s indefatigable confidence. It was the kind of support he needed from his friend right now. “Will…thanks…I mean, it’s okay, everything that happened. And well, I don’t know if we’re gay, or maybe it’s just me but…I need to tell you something.”

“What is it?”

“I really did like sucking you.” John said, blushing but holding William’s gaze.

“I…well, uhm, I did too. I mean, I liked sucking you too.” William replied, still awkwardly.

“Will, I really liked it. And well, I liked it too when you sucked me. I want to do it again. But that’s…it’s gay. I’m gay. I think I’m gay, Will!” John was chanting a bit hysterically.

“John, it’s okay! I don’t care! So what if you’re gay? You’re still my best friend! I don’t care what we did as long as it’s with you. I liked it too, I guess that means I’m gay too. I don’t care, really! I’m gay and I want to suck your dick again!” William declared with a defiant gleam in his eyes. John had to shush him out of fear that his parents might overhear them.

“Will…you’re serious? You don’t mind? I mean, if I’m gay?”

“Not at all…you’ll always be my best friend, whatever happens, forever. You’ve been there for me through everything dude.”

“Then…is it okay if we…”

“Dude, let’s go to the bed.”

A moment later, John was gripping the sheets with all his strength as William sucked his three inch dick. William was hell-bent on making the younger boy reach orgasm. John was panting and moaning for all he was worth. William kept on sucking, this time with a renewed focus on the force of his suction. At the same time, he was furiously jerking on his own dick. Both boys urgently needed to reach orgasm since PBear kept interrupting them.

John opened his eyes long enough to see that William was jerking himself off. Feeling a sense of unfairness, he tapped William until the older boy stopped sucking him.

“Dude, what is it?”

“Dude, stop wanking yourself, I want to suck you too…”

“How though? I mean, we have to take turns.”

“Well, can’t we suck at the same time?”

It had just dawned on both of them that if they faced each other at opposite ends, their dicks would be perfectly aligned with each other’s mouth. And so it was that John and William discovered the practical application of a 69; it would seem that such things were naturally learned in the heat of passion.

Both boys sucked frantically, humping each other’s mouth in tandem with the bobbing of their heads. Their moans reverberated through each other’s dicks, increasing the pleasure tenfold. Both of their tongues danced around each other’s shafts, their eyes closed in pure ecstasy. In a matter of minutes-it wasn’t clear who was first-both of them reached their explosive orgasms. Neither was sure when the other climaxed, they just kept on sucking until both their mouths and dicks were sore and tired.

“John…I can’t thank you enough…for staying with me, for going through that…and well, sucking me…” William said dreamily after they had both regained their composure.

“Will…I’d do anything for you. You’re my best bud…I…I love you.” John said, impulsively hugging William.

William smiled widely, amused that John said something like that. And yet, in all honesty, he felt the same thing. “John, I love you too, bro.” he said, returning the younger boy's hug.

They stayed like that for a while until they heard the clock strike ten. John panicked: he was supposed to be home by nine. Indeed, when he checked his phone, he had about a dozen texts from his mom to go home. The boys dressed as quickly as they could, and with their finished project safely in his laptop, John made his way outside the door, escorted by William. He couldn’t help but notice that Mr. James still wasn’t home from work, and Mrs. James was still in the living room, talking to someone on the phone and typing on her laptop at the same time. Apparently, he needn’t have worried being overheard by William’s parents on account of them being so busy. He doubted Mrs. James even saw him leave.

“See you tomorrow!” William said fondly as he hugged John one last time as they stood on the porch.

John returned the hug, squeezing slightly and smiled as wide as he could to his best friend. A moment later, he was practically skipping on the way home in spite of his tiredness.Though he was filled with happiness and love after what just went on with him and William, he still worried about PBear. They were victims of blackmail; it was a problem they had to tackle, and soon. For now though, John was content.

Just then, a thought occurred to him. Right now, PBear had a video of him and William doing gay things together. That in itself was worrisome but the most tantalizing of his threats was, “the whole school might find out”. The only way he could’ve said that…was if…

Of course, it would make perfect sense now, thought John, if this mysterious PBear, was actually someone from their school.

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