The start of my story with Raymond
If the world existed for eons and we can only experience it for a short time in our lifetime, then why not live life to its fullest? – Roby Harris

I was always pressured to perform in every field I tried. My parents were proud of me in every aspect. As an only child, I had all the responsibilities of keeping the family name high. My father was the town’s mayor, who happens to also run for state senator. My mom was the foremost respected psychologist of the state. Pride was a very strong aspect of the family. I always tried to distance myself from it and be like any other normal guy in school. Although my father would always want the family together when ever he is making a public speech or doing a debate with another candidate.

With a city/town of about 200 000 people, I was pretty well known around as the “first boy of the state” some would call me. How I hated that line with a burning passion. All I want is to finish my senior year and go to a college some 9000 miles away. The further it was away, then the better. My mom is a kind lady with a strong English accent. She was the one who always listened to me and told me her point of view whenever I asked. Dad on the hand was a strong willed man with a passion for politics. Nighttime dinners were always boring, as my father would rand on about how the opposition were always slack and not taking the needs of the state at hand. I would always just look at him and listen to him going on and on. After dinner was my favorite time of the day. I would always go either to my room and listen to music or I would go outside and walk into the small patch of woods behind our house. There I would sit beside the small stream and think of how college would be in a year’s time.

It was a normal day in autumn. Warm, dry and full of red/orange plant life everywhere. There were 5 days left of the holiday and I intended to get as much out of them as I could. I woke up the morning to the sound of a leaf blower out side. Mom was always a gardening person. She loves spending time in the garden and planting new flowers. Though I don’t know why she would persist working in the garden with winter on the way. I got up and walked into my build in bathroom in my room, ready to do all my morning rituals like brushing teeth and taking a pee. I had a massive mirror on the left side of my bathroom that literally showed you everything in the bathroom. I looked at myself and admired my slightly cut muscles. I’ve been working out in the gym since last year to try and get some good looking biceps and triceps, but the only thing I seemed to be able to do was put some meat on my body and cut the muscles to be more define. Either way I looked good. I brushed my brown hair out of my eyes and looked closer in the mirror for any pimples or something. Nothing, skin is as white and blemish free as ever. Standing at 1.89 meters tall I wasn’t a small guy. I played rugby and football at school and performed well. My girlfriend, Christine broke up with me 3 days before my 18th birthday. That was about 3 months ago. Took me bit of a surprise, but then again we were only dating as her parents were my fathers campaign managers. She was a decent girl, but she soon showed her true colors. I felt like she was parading me around like a trophy.

I finished up in the bathroom and put on a pair of sneakers, jeans and black Volcom t-shirt. Walked into the kitchen and grabbed myself bottled water and apple. Determined not to look into the direction of the freshly baked muffins. The sun felt warm and there was a slight breeze in the air as I walked over the mowed lawn and towards the woods behind the house. I waved to my mom and she gave me a smile and continued to blow more leafs.

I followed the thin trail that I have ben walking flat since I can remember. It takes me past some of my favorite part of the woods. One place in particular was where 2 massive willow trees hang like umbrellas over the stream. There is a massive pine tree just next to them that I loved to climb. When you reach the top you can see over the city, but I have limited myself to only climb a few branches as I once almost fallen out of the blasted tree.

Today the stream was crystal clear and you could see some trout swimming in the water. I climbed the pine tree again and thought to myself I should really try and build a ladder with wooden planks, but then college would come in a few months and the idea seemed stupid. I quickly find the spot where I loved to sit and settled in for some nice quiet time with the sounds of leafs and birds in the air. My eye caught something moving down below and saw a young guy, maybe my age or so walking next to the stream. I haven’t seen him here before and was curious as to where he came from since people from the city don’t come here. He looked to be about the same height as me, with shiny blond hair and wearing a black hoody.

He walked a few more meters and then sat down on the formation of rocks I build when I was 15 years old. He looked at the water and started throwing rocks in the stream to try and make them skip over the water. He was throwing his 3rd rock when he stopped, got up and walked into the opposite direction. I sat in the tree and thought that was weird, but quickly moved it out of my mind and looked up thinking I should go a bit higher. I suddenly changed my mind when the second branch higher I tried to climb made a loud cracking sound. I climbed out the tree again and looked around for something to do. When I was young I tried to block the river with stick and rocks, but that failed dramatically.

I decided I’m going to walk a bit further into the woods. I was walking near some large trees following a buck’s foot print trail hoping to see it, when I heard a sound of some one swearing. I followed the voice and nearly walked into the same guy from before as he was struggling against a tree with his right ankle in the air.

“Shit sorry man!” I quickly exclaimed as he nearly fell over. I grabbed his shoulder to stop him from falling over. “ I didn’t see you.” I said while still holding on to him. “ Its ok, I busted my ankle when I tried to jump over some rocks to get to the other side of the stream.” He said as he sunk to the ground and sat next to the tree with is foot still half in the air. He started removing his shoe and white sock to reveal a small cut on the side of his ankle. Though it didn’t look serious it sure did look painful. “Ouch man, that looks sore.” I said as I looked at his foot. He was wiping away the small amount of blood with his sock and tied the sock over his foot. “Hurts like a bitch, I twisted my foot as well. Such an idiot for thinking I can jump over. That must be like 4 meters to the next rock.” He said while rubbing his foot and looking at the stream. I laughed while pulling his arm up to helped him to stand.

“My name is Robb by the way.” I told him as I hold out my hand to shake his.
“Raymond. Nice to meet you man.” And grabbed my hand in return while shaking it firm. “Shit! How am I going to get out of this place with this foot?” he asked while trying to limp his way over rocks and roots. I quickly grabbed him again when he almost tumbled over. “I can always help you and support your body over mine?” I suggested. “Wow really man?” he asked in disbelief. “Yeah sure man, I live just on the other side of those trees over there and my mom has some medical supplies that we can use to clean the cut on your foot.” I told him as I pointed in the direction of my house. He removed his hoody for better support over my shoulder. I pulled his arm around me and lifted on his right side so he can lift his foot higher and support his weight on me.

30 Minutes later we were both lying on my lawn breathing hard as we were both out of breath from the limping between lush plants, roots, rocks and soft sand. “Geez man you sure are heavy!” I said while blowing out air and falling flat on the soft grass. He laughed and apologized again. We got up and limped to the house so I can get some supplies for his foot. I told him to pull up his jeans so I can wash the area and to my surprise he started unzipping his jeans and removing them. Now leaning against the lower floor bathroom cabinet in nothing but a t-shirt and jockey underwear. I looked at his defined legs and moved my eyes up to his bulging crotch revealing a rather large penis behind the thin fabric. I realized what I was doing and quickly looked away, thinking to myself what the fuck? Why was I looking at his crotch? I turned the hot water on and took a cloth to dip it in the water.

I helped him wash his foot and put a Band-Aid on his cut. We limped back to the kitchen and I told him to sit on the couch just outside the kitchen on the patio while I get us a drink. He was wearing his jeans again, but was bare feet and holding them out in the sun to warm up. I poured us some coke and sat opposite next to him. We then started talking and I quickly learned a lot about him. His parents moved here a few days ago and he was actually living a few houses down the road from where I was staying. He will be attending the same school I was in and he was the same age as me as well.

The next day he came over to my house real early. I open the door to see him standing on the porch. He had a pair of black shorts, flops and family guy t-shirt on. “What sup man?” he asked while shaking my hand and entering the house. “All good ey, was just about to go outside to the woods again. Want to join me? How’s your foot?” I asked while closing the door. “It’s fine ey, not sore anymore, but still have a band aid on.” He replied as we walked to the kitchen for something to drink. I poured us some lemonade and we walked to the back patio. We sat on the couches and drank our drinks while talking about last night’s movie that was showing on paper view. He was such a cool guy to hang with. Always making me laugh with his snappy comments and obscure view of things.
We were walking towards the woods and I found myself looking at his legs again. Well defined with a light tan. He was a really attractive guy and the girls are probably falling all over him. His bubble but swayed a bit as he walked. I mentally smacked myself for looking at another guy’s ass. What the hell was wrong with me? I’m not some fag! I moved my sight towards the woods and started thinking about what we should do. We could always try and fish in the stream, but that’s not such a great idea in autumn as the fish were more up stream this time of year. We could try and do some animal track hunting I thought and was about to mention it when he stops all of a sudden next to a huge elk tree and said, “You know what would be so cool man? If we had like a huge tree house here in this tree.” I looked at the tree he was pointing at and thought his eye for picking a tree for a tree house was awe full at best, but the main thing that shocked me was, why would a guy his age want a tree house? “Why this tree?” I decided to ask instead of why the hell do you want a tree house?

He told me how he always wanted his own tree house, but his dad never had time to help him and his sister was younger then him with no interest of such things. I was linking Raymond more and more every minute we were spending time with each other. He was making me feel like a 14 year old again outside in the woods. I told him that the elk he was pointing out was rotten at some of the base branches and that we should rather try and find a huge pine or oak tree. We walked a little bit deeper in the woods and found a huge oak that would be able to support the main flooring of the tree house. We decided that we would have to climb the tree to see what the branch layout was like higher up. Only problem was that the first branch was too high for any of us to reach, so he had to get up on my shoulders. I squatted down and he lifts both of his legs over my shoulder and I could feel his dick pressing against the back of my neck. As I stood up he nearly feel forward and squashed his balls against me that made me laugh so loud he had to quickly grab the branch as I was on the verge of collapsing with him on me. He broke a small twig and threw it at me aiming for my crotch area, but I moved quickly out of the way still laughing. “Fuck man, that was sore like a bitch!” He said while rubbing his balls with his one hand. I laughed and held out my hand for him to lift me up so I could get on as well.

We were discussing for the next 30 minutes or so if the tree was good enough and if it will support the weight of all the equipment and wood. We decided that everything seemed cool and will start the next day, as I needed to ask my father for permission to use his power tools. Eventually the conversation moved to girls, cars and video games. He told me about his previous girl friend that sounded a lot like a certain bitch I knew. I told him about my previous relationship and how Christine used me like some show pony or something. He laughed at that one. His girlfriend was kind of the same as he was the star line backer for the football team. She on the other hand was the high school slut, who generally opened her legs for almost everyone. The breakup was pretty scary if you ask me. He walked in on her with one of the guys from the football team and the whole school found out of course. “So you think you would date some one from Willow Forks?” I asked him while adjusting myself more comfortable on the branch. “Nah, just need to focus on improving my grades man.” He said while looking up the tree. I looked at him and admired the way the sun was shining on his green eyes. He looked back at me and smiled. “Want to climb higher?” He asked with a grin on his face. I tilted my head backwards and look at the daunting tree branches going higher in the tree. He moved a little for more comfort and his leg brushed against mine, but he didn’t move it away. I moved my leg over the branch and said, “I think we should get down. This branch is eating up in my ass and its getting sore as hell.” We laughed and started our climb down the tree, which was more difficult then it looked. I ended scraping some skin on my leg and he scraped his elbow. Deciding that we should next time bring a ladder, we started our walk back to my house.

45 minutes later we were sitting in my room and I was showing him my collection of PS3 games. We were both sitting on the floor with our back against the bed looking at the games when he asked me a very random question. “Have you ever kissed a guy before?”

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