took a long time to finnish it and there probly will not be abother one for two years at least.
Day- 2
Once I had gotten home form the Doc's office, I walked into the living room and crashed onto the sofa. I had meant to watch some TV and then go check on Julia ~ no to check on my new pet~ but, and I assume this was because of some of the pain killers, as soon as I hit the couch I was sleeping like a baby.

When I woke up I was very unhappy. It was 3 pm and the effects of the pain killer had mostly worn off and my face stung like hell. I was also very hungry. It was not a pleasant way to start the day. “hell I doubt that Julia even knows what time it was. Probably didn't even sleep.” that thought cheered me up a little for some reason.

After I ate breakfast I went over to my gear bag that I had left next to the front door. Reaching in side I grabbed my duck tape and my blade. I didn't know what kind of stuff I would have to work with downstairs, and duck tape always works. The blade, well its just useful and elegant in many ways. I would give her a chance to be submissive and if she wasn't then I would start using the tape and whatever else was downstairs.

Making my way to the door to the downstairs dungeon I started thinking I needed to give Julia a new name. Well I didn't need to, it would just break her faster. When I got to the door the I hadn't made up my mind between Bitch or Cunt. Both would work for my purpose but I couldn't decide. ~o well, I've got all the time in the world.~

When I opened the door my I was immediately assaulted by new sensations. There was Julia robe mostly undone, a hint of curved pale flesh teasing me, bound to that same X restraint, her face a mix of terror, anger, and desperation, her legs were buckling like she had to piss. At the sight of me she started yelling at the top of her lungs every insult she could think of, her voice cracking a little like she been yelling all night and there was a pungent smell of sweat and fear in the air. I was all at once turned on, annoyed , sympathetic and amused. In the end anger won out.



Walking up to her and smacking her smooth face I said “QUIET PET, that wasn't the answer I was looking for. Now I'm going to have to punish you.” Taking the roll of duck tape, I could see that she was going to fight being silenced. Not that that scared me at all, she was tied up and and over 100 pounds lighter then me, I just needed to be careful of my pet's health, couldn't risk hurting her so much that she need to go to the docs, at least not until she had no will to resist me.

Once I had the tape in place I had an amusing idea. “The first part of your punishment was the removal of your ability to talk, the 2nd I know I will enjoy.” at this I flicked open the knife and brought it close to her check.

She stared at the knife, held about an inch form her face, trying to say something through the tape. I stared at her face, that beautiful face, changing from shock to that look when you think a bad joke is over, then to terror. Simple terror. Her eyes began shifting between me and my knife begging me not to do what she assumed would happen, they were so wide that I could see a complete ring of white around her eyes. I could feel my self getting more and more excited as I slowly brought the knife closer to her smooth skin.

As the flat of the knife touched her cheek she violently shuddered. She began to stare into my eyes trying to understand what I was going to do to her. I just smiled and began to run the knife down her cheek. When I got to her neck, the knife changed direction tracing a line from one side of her neck to the other, making her cry once again, but not daring to make any movement of her neck. Bringing the knife down once again I brought the tip down between her soft breast reaching up my other hand and softly groping one though the robe resulting in another shutter at the sudden contact of something other then the knife she had been concentrating on. Bring the knife down past her stomach I carefully slipped it between her and her panties.

With a sudden quick movement, I watched as her now useless panties fell to the ground followed by both a sound that would have been a scream if she didn't have duct tape on her mouth and a quick stream of built up piss.

“LOOK AT THE MESS YOU JUST MADE, PET. Now you are going to have to clean this floor up.” taking Julia off the X, I bound her hands behind her with some tape and ripped off the tape that was covering her mouth.

“OWW! OK, we've had our fun you can stop now” she said weekly trying to look at me over her shoulder.

“No. we aren't done until I say so.” I said “but now you have to clean up your piss.”

“And how am I going to clean this up asshole, you bound my hands dumb ass!”

“No hands OOOO No” I replied with sarcasm, causing her to look at me questioningly “well I guess you will just have to use something else.” With that I forced her to her knees and shoved her face in the puddle of her own piss. “Now clean it up.”

“DISGUSTING BASTARD! LIKE HELL I'D DO THAT! NOW LET ME UP AND LET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!” as she scream this at me she tried to get out of the puddle.

“Your my pet now Bitch and when you make a mess you will clean it up.”i said calmly. “You don't know your place yet do you, your life is mine.” with that I placed my knee on her neck and forced her face back into her piss “Its mine and if I want to, I will take it away I will.” slowly I started to apply more and more pressure to her neck until she started to turn red.

“J.. J ...a...g…. . pl” I eased up a little on her neck to let her catch her breath. “OK... OK ill clean it now” somewhere around the second OK she had started to cry again, tears where starting to drip into the puddle she was cleaning.

After a few moments I started to notice her ass swaying in the air. Petite, round and beautiful it was now all mine. Getting up off her neck I walked around behind her to get a better view. For a moment she thought that this meant that she could stop her cleaning, a thought that she discarded after I slapped he ass. “You can stop when I say you can stop my little slut, stop with out my permission again and your punishment will be much worse then a slap on the ass.”

“Jagger please” she sobbed at me. She didn't know it but this was exactly the excuse that I was waiting for. When she was begging she had stopped cleaning in express contradiction to my last command.

“You are not very good at listening to you master yet are you slave. Well your punishment will be my pleasure. Now get back to work!” With this I raised my hand into the air like I was about to slap her. That got her moving.

During this entire time I was getting more and more excited. The control I had over her, the terror in her eyes, watching her gorgeous body squirm, the whole piss thing disgusted me, but hay she was doing what I wanted now so some good had come out of the whole situation. And now it was time for me to claim what I wanted for the past year. Not exactly the way I had originally hoped but this might be better.

Pulling down my pants I released my dick from its imprisonment. I have no idea how big it is compared to others but its proportional to the rest of my body and looking at her body only made it look bigger. And now wile she was distracted, crying and in need of punishment was when I would take her.

Grabbing her by the waist I lined up myself up with her pussy and started to push into her slowly until I felt her hymen. “So you were telling the truth about being a virgin.”

“no please not like this, not like this” she whimpered at me, a new stream of tears rolling down her check.

Smiling to myself, I yelled “WHO SAID YOU COULD STOP BITCH” as I shoved all of myself into her, destroying her wall and rewarding me with a ear piercing scream and a strangle hold on my dick.

After the initial thrust I began to ram into her as hard as I could. She tried her hardest to escape my grip on her waist, all it did was make me more excited. She was so tight and I had been aroused for so long, it didn’t take long for me to cum. With one last thrust, I buried my dick into her and sprayed the first of many loads of cum into her formerly virgin pussy. It felt great to turn this snobby bitch into my personal cum dump, and this was only the start.

With cum and a bit of blood dripping form her pussy, she seemed to break down and curl up into a ball muttering to her self. “he cam in me” “pregnant” “what has he done to me” where some of the few words I heard coming form her before she fell asleep, or fainted I'm not sure which. She was right tho I did have to think about her getting pregnant. I wonder how hard it would be to get her on the pill. Never thought about it before. Well I can think about that later, now I have a dungeon to explore.

First tho, I had tomake sure when she wakes up she cant escape when I have my back is turned. Reaching down I removed her robe, revealing the entirety of her body for me to see.

Her face was calm and tear streaked. Her wrists and ankles were bruised where she had been struggling against the X. Her chest was pale and her nipples where a light pink. Her waist was slim. Her pussy was shaved and leaking, my cum and her blood mixing. She was the most amazing sight I had ever seen in my life.

Tearing away my eyes I looked for a new place to bind her. I didn't have to look far. Once she was safely stashed I started to look around and see what I had to work with.

There was a lot of stuff. Stuff Is the best way to put it, I didn't know what half of it was, or what it was used for. All of it looked unpleasant. There where whips and gags, shackles and stockades, dildos and vibrators, and other bdsm type things. I even found a grate in the floor that had words around it saying “punishment box”. I shuddered a little at that because it was a very small hole, barely able to hold a person in.

Around the room where also some doors. The first door I looked in was a closet with cleaning stuff in it. The next few where locked and needed a key. The next seemed like a lounging area. The last was where I found the keys and her plans.

If the room hadn't already been open I wouldn't have been able to get in. The room seemed to be her privet sanctuary. There was a set of keys on a hook. A marked up calender on the wall. A clock. A lounging couch. And a large desk with a computer, that wasn't the one she used normally, on it.

After I grabbed the keys I went over to look at the calender. Yesterday's box read “arrival and training of my loyal dog 4:00 pm”. That really pissed me off, she lost the last bit of pity I had left. But It was today's box that caught my attention.

“Arrival of cow 6:00 pm ”.

~cow?~ I thought to my self ~who's this she's talking about. Well who ever it is I will find out who they are in~ looking at the clock ~ 20 minuets. Till then whats on that computer.~

Turning it on I saw that the dashboard had few different folders on it. Some of the more interesting folder where “bdsm porn”and “stuff to try out”. Opening up the porn folder I found a huge amount of porn videos, all of it bondage. And to my horror a lot of it was bondage on men. I closed that folder quickly. I didn't even bother to open up the “stuff to try out” folder.

Moving on to the desk's drawers, there was the normal stuff, and then I found a package labeled black mail. In side was a journal and some flash drives. Plugging in a flash drive into the computer I saw that I had about 8 minuets until 6:00. the flash drive was full of videos. Bring one up I got a very bad quality view of the back side of a girl who was naked and bent over a bed fingering herself. I was about to turn off the video when the girl started to say something past just moaning.

“Aaaaahh Jagger!”

~My name? Who is this girl and why is she moaning my name.~

Opening up a few more of the video files on the flash drive rewarded me we more of the same girl always masturbating and always saying my name but never once could I tell who the girl was. Looking back at the package I noticed that the word cow was on the back. Whoever she was I was about to meet her.

Grabbing the the journal, I started to read it as I as I went up stairs to wait for whoever this “cow” was. Julia was still bound and asleep, not going anywhere until I let her. I grabbed a snack and started waiting near the front door. Who ever this girl was, it appeared that I knew her, or at least that she went to the same high school as me. She would write in her journal any time that I even looked in her direction. Even more amusing this girl seemed to despise Julia with a passion.

I was still waiting near the front door when I noticed a knocking at the back door. Putting down the journal I made my way to the back door. If I was confused when I got to door, I was shocked when I opened it.

There was a completely naked girl on her knees both hands out stretched presenting the handle of a leash that was connected to her neck. She was blindfolded and her head was bowed. As soon as the door was opened she said in a trembling voice “ Thank you mistress for allowing me time to organize my life before I... became … your cow.”

This was going to be an interesting night.

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