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Sam hated prison, he hated his 6 by 8 cell, his narrow uncomfortable bed with it’s paper thin mattress. The toilet in the corner always stank no matter how often he tried to clean it and get rid of the 30 years of someone else’s shit stains. He hated the food, what is that brown stuff? He hated the guards, especially that fucker the Captain who would have done well in Nazi Germany as Commandant of a concentration camp.

Sam never slept well at night, it was the noises. The guards whose thick and heavy soled boots echoed off the metal walkways and the moans and crying of the other prisoners.

He had heard of the stories shower time rapes of the weaker prisoners, but Sam has never been subjected to it not because he is some man mountain that all the other prisoners are scared of, but because he was in a segregation block and not part of the regular population of prisoners. Sam is in the pervert wing, as it was imaginatively nick named.

Sam was on his back, staring up at the ceiling and thinking of the injustice of it all, the unfairness. I shouldn’t be here, not really. He thought. I’m a fucking a accountant. I was good at my job. I have a family, it would have been our anniversary last week, 15 years. I had a family…

Sam was now divorced, his wife wanted nothing to do with him after his arrest and when she found out what he had done, the divorce was inevitable. He never heard from her or their 2 kids, a boy and a girl. 10 and 12 , again.

… I had a life. It should be that stupid fucking bitch in jail, not me. It was her idea, after all she lead me on, she initiated it all. If she just kept her fucking mouth shut.
At least she didn’t know about the other 2, they kept quiet at least, but they were just as bad, it was their idea as well, it wasn’t my fault. I’m not to blame.

Chapter 1

Sam liked to watch them, he could watch them all day if his mom hadn’t told him to be home for lunch at 1o’clock. Playing in the ocean, just sitting on the sand or playing with a Frisbee.

Sam was 15, a shy spotty kid who wore glasses and was a bit of a nerd who loved math and chess and watching them at the beach. He loved their bikinis and swim suits of all different colours, shapes and styles. He loved their long hair swishing in the wind and their long shapely legs. Their slim bodies and tanned skin.

He also liked to watch them at school as well, in their mini skirts, tight jeans or Cheerleader outfits. The same long hair, the same long legs and the same bodies, just different outfits and clothes.

He couldn’t speak to them, he way too shy, anyway, most of the girls at his school didn’t even know he existed. Except Jenny in chess club, but she didn’t count, not really. Any way Sam thought she was too fat, he didn’t like fat girls he liked then slim or even better skinny.

Sam sat on top of a sand dune that swept up from the beach and was covered in rough long grass. He could see them all from his vantage point high up above them, they didn’t see Sam though the long grass kept him from view. This was Sam’s favourite place anywhere in the world, it was Sam’s Spot.

He checked his watch; half twelve. He thought be better go soon if he was late for lunch his mom wouldn’t let him back out in the afternoon. But he lifted the small black binoculars and moved them until he found her. He always came to his spot with them, they were almost a permanent extension to his eyes and kept them in a small canvas rucksack that always carried with him. .

Sam saw that she was now just lying on the sand, her feet pointing at the water. Her arms were at her side and she had on Sam’s favourite bikini, a white one that against her dark tanned skin easily flattered it’s shape. She was 15 and in the same English class as Sam. She was a cheerleader. They sat on the same row with just one desk in-between them and if he slightly moved his head towards her without making it obvious, he could see her long slim legs and the short skirt they came from.

He adjusted the focus slightly of his binoculars trying for a clearer view. She burred for a second, then came into crystal clarity. Sam got onto his knees, undid his zipper and tugged out his cock and masturbated. His eyes never left her.

It didn’t have to be her, although she was his favourite. Any of the skinny or slim girls from the same Junior High School he went to would do. Sam had masturbated to all of them.

Chapter 2

When Sam was 17 and had started High School a few years later, he was excited at all the new girls he would see. All the new legs and bodies and maybe, just maybe one of them would speak to him,
But it soon became clear to him that wouldn’t be the case but he also found he didn’t care, he didn‘t seem to like them much anyway.
Sure, he thought, they are nice and slim and everything, but it’s just not the same.

When Sam went to his spot, it was the first time he had been in a few months. He had too much homework to do during the evenings and at weekends, he worked at the Supermarket.

He pulled out his binoculars and scanned the beach. He saw some of the girls from high school playing volleyball and wearing teeny tiny bikinis, but he didn’t linger on them and continued to look around.

Sam finished looking. He found 3 girls that he liked. They were sitting down, crossed legs in a loose circle facing each other and just chatting away to each other. One was in a flowery yellow and red bikini and the other 2 were in one piece swimming suits. One in a dark blue and the other pink. They each had their hair tied into pony tails. They were slim, tanned and they looked about 13 or 14.

Sam didn’t recognise them, although if they had been to beach before he must have seen them. I wonder if the go to my old Junior High. Sam thought.

He kept his binoculars firmly fixed on them and rubbing his cock through his shorts, he felt himself go hard. Sam had a year ago that he liked to just rub and squeeze himself, he liked to do it for a long time and when he did masturbate and cum it felt really good. So Sam looked at the girls and rubbed his cock and an hour later he was still looking at them and still squeezing his cock.

The girl in the bikini stood up then walked towards the dunes, she had something white in her hand which Sam couldn’t make out. Sam followed her with his eyes. She was climbing up a dune maybe a hundred feet away, her feet gripping on the tough grass so she could climb. When she got to the top of the dune she looked around, then headed towards Sam.
What’s she doing? Wondered Sam.

He knew she couldn’t see him and he lifted his binoculars back to eyes. She continued on for a dozen paces, she was in a slight dip in the sand and stopped walking. She looked around again. She was side on to Sam and Sam was admiring her slim body and chest, her bikini top was barely showing any bumps through them. Sam hated big chests.

The girl after finishing looking around her then squatted down, her right hand went between her legs, the white thing she was holding, Sam made out was some tissues. Sam couldn’t see what her hand was doing, but he guessed that she was peeing. Why didn’t she just go into the water? Sam thought. Maybe it was too cold.

Sam pulled out his very hard cock and masturbated, his past hour’s rubbing and squeezing of his cock and the site before him of the slim young girl, peeing made Sam cum very quickly, but it felt very good.

The girl had stood up and was adjusting her bikini and kicking the sand to maybe cover her pee and the tissues she left behind. She then headed back to her friends.

Sam admitted to himself that he preferred to look at younger girls. Girls just into their teens. I’m only looking, he thought, what harm is there?

Sam couldn’t go the beach again for another few weeks. Apart from being busy, the weather had turned colder there wouldn’t be any girls there anyway.

But one Saturday the bad weather relented and it was very warm sunny day. Sam finished work early and headed for his spot.

He was walking through some trees, a lot of tress , more like a wood really that ended where the dunes start and ultimately the beach. The trees were packed tightly together and quite dark, with tree roots and loose stones that made the walk through it difficult. But Sam had been walking the same path through it all for years and could almost walk it blindfolded.

He heard them before he saw them, 2 voices. Sam stopped and twisting his head to find out where they voices were coming from. But they were too faint and distant. So Sam carried on.

The closer Sam got the where the dunes started, the louder the voices became. 2 female voices. Sam thought.

The trees were thinning out slightly and in a gap that Sam was heading for, he saw who was making the voices. He edged closer trying not to make too much noise with his feet on the broken branches and twigs.

Close to the tree line Sam stopped and half hid behind a tree. He knew that if someone looked into the wood at where he was standing that no one could see him. But he hid anyway.

The voices were 2 girls about 5 feet from the tree line and about 20 feet from Sam They were both wearing shorts and a vest. 2 large bags were at their feet.

Sam liked what he saw. If he were in his spot and he saw them on the beach he would be looking at them through his binoculars and squeezing his cock.

Sam cocked an ear to hear what they were saying.

“Are you sure no one comes this way?” She looked around slightly nervous.
“Yes, you know everyone takes the coast road to the beach, it’s the easiest and quickest way from town. No one walks through the woods.”

She’s right. Thought Sam. I’ve never seen another soul come this way in years.

“If you sure then?”
“I am, definitely. Come let’s get the towels out.” They both bent down and pulled out large towels with a scene of an unknown coastline to Sam from their bags and they laid them on the grassy sand. After straightening them out to their liking and pulling out bottles of water and laying them down next to their towels. The girls started to undress.

Moments later they both stood naked. If Sam had been a cartoon character his jaw would have hit the floor at his feet and his eyes would have come out on stalks from his head, all to the sound of an air horn or siren.

Instead, Sam’s cock grew quickly hard and was pushing at the fly, almost begging to escape.

Sam had never seen a real life naked girl before, not even his mother. Sure he’d seen naked lady pictures in a magazine and once in a movie but never in real life.

Even though Sam was 17, he has never had a girlfriend so the likely hood of Sam seeing a naked girl in the flesh as it were, was non existent.

Sam didn’t need his binoculars from here, he saw every inch of them. The slightly nervous one was blonde and had straight long hair half way down her back. Narrow shoulders and skinny arms. Her chest had budding breasts and her stomach was flat with a thin waist and narrow hips. Her legs were skinny too. Sam’s eyes darted to between her legs and saw her pussy has a light coating of blond pubic hair.

Her friend had darker longish and curlier hair to her shoulders. A few inches taller than the blonde. Sam had no idea how tall she was. At a guess he thought maybe 5’4 or 5. She was slim all over but was slightly bigger in build. And between her legs Sam saw a thin strip of dark hair that ended at the top of her pussy.
Sam estimated their ages at 14 or 15. Perfect, he thought, and wished he had a camera.

The blonde was still checking out her surroundings to make sure there was no one about. Then they sat down on a towel facing each other and side on to Sam. The blonde crossed her legs, the other straight out but in a V shape and lent back onto her hands that were slightly behind her on the sand.

They were still talking but Sam wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying. All of Sam’s brain computing power was busy with the sight of 2 naked girls and whether Sam’s cock had enough blood in it to keep it hard. His hearing was temporarily disabled.

Sam just had enough brain power left to quietly place his bag by his feet and step out from behind the tree. His feet didn’t make a sound. His hand was firmly on his cock through his shorts. But Sam wanted to masturbate, fuck playing with it first. He wanted to pump his cock so bad. Just in case the girls decided to pack up and leave.

He slid down his zipper and his cock was free. Sam took hold and started to wank his cock.

Sam wasn’t under any illusion that he had a big cock, he measured it enough willing it grow when it stopped at just over 6 inches when fully hard. So when his backward stroke of his hand kept bumping into his zipper which got on his nerves and he decided to do something about it.

Once his shorts and underwear fell to he ground and stepped out of them, he bent over and dropped them on top of his bag. Then Sam retaking his cock started wanking again his eyes glued to the girls 20 feet away.

He had no sooner got his cock back in his hand when the girls decided to shift round and now they were still sitting down, but now had their backs to him.

Sam decided he need to move around to the side of them. He picked up his bag, shorts and underwear and moved to a place in the trees he could go which meant he could see them better and be closer too, so off he went.

A few minutes later of careful steps and tip toeing he was behind and slightly to the right of the blonde girl but now less than 10 feet away. He could almost reach out and touch them. The ground under his feet was now sandy and Sam was getting a bit brave now and thought he could get even closer to the tree line as the sand would mask any sounds he feet would make.

He put his shirts and underwear inside the bag and placed the bag at his feet and stepped closer and closer.

Sam was just barely inside the tree line, the blonde girl was maybe 7 feet away, with the angle he was to her and half behind the very last tree he could use. They were still talking and oblivious to Sam being so very close. With his cock back in his hand, he masturbated.

Although he couldn’t see their pussies, which Sam really did want to most of all. He could see the side of their tiny bumps of their budding breasts, skinny arms and legs. It was enough for Sam and he pumped his cock hard.

Sam either didn’t realise or care, but he had moved from behind the tree that was half hiding him. His legs were spread out and wanking like his life depended on him cumming.

Sam was so very close to his orgasm when the girls must have heard something. Whether Sam had made a noise like a groan or moan he, didn’t know. But suddenly the 2 girls were looking directly at him, then he came. It was his best ejaculation ever in the life of Sam and his masturbating. His cock and balls were tingling and he didn’t think he had so much sperm shoot out of his cock, it seemed never ending. And Sam let out an involuntary groan of contentment.

The girls both screamed, loud ear piercing screams, the kind that can cause ears to bleed. And on jumping up they took their towels with them trying to cover their nakedness.

Their scream woke Sam from his orgasm, quickly gained his composure and ran into the woods, picking up his bag and clothes on the way. The girls screams still ringing in his ears. He ran until it felt like his lungs would burst. He took a moment and had his shorts back on in no time, not bothering with his underwear. The after taking a deep breath he ran all the way home. He rushed into his bedroom and locked the door behind him then checked out of his bedroom window, just in case the Police knew what he had done and who he was and were about to kick in the front door and arrest him for being a flasher. Mom would kill me.

Sam was still panting 5 minutes later, a runner Sam wasn’t. he was a math nerd not a Kenyan middle distance runner. He was sitting on the edge of his bed he started to laugh. My adrenalin is kicking in,. Sam thought, and relief too.
He wasn’t hearing any sirens or shouts to “Come out with your hands up” Sam calmed down and his breathing was just about back to normal.

He could see the naked girls in his minds eye like a photograph, their sweet tiny breasts, their pussies he could only imagine touching and having sex with. Sam’s cock grew a little. Oddly though, it was when Sam remembered when he got caught by the girls and was cumming right in front of them and they saw it all. That was when his cock became like rock, that’s what really turned him on and for the second time, Sam masturbated playing that bit in his mind over and over and cum. He had to do it again.

Sam didn’t go back to the dunes that year, finally the weather was too cold and winter was well on the way.

The following couple of years Sam went back to his spot to spy on the girls and he even had a few wanks but the opportunity to wank in front of girls never really arose again.

Chapter 3

Sam was 19 and at college, Sam lost his virginity at a Freshman’s party.

Sam was drunk and so was the co ed, but they had sex, it left Sam unsatisfied and with a bad taste in his mouth. That may have been the booze, but when she stripped off and was naked, Sam should have been whooping and hollering from the roof tops, even when she had his cock in her mouth and bringing it to life, even when she straddled him and was guiding his cock inside her, even when she rode him like a cowgirl riding a bull.
She had though, offered herself on a plate and Sam was keen to lose his virginity and he even thought he might like it, he might like some one roughly the same age as he was and had bigger breasts, hips and a bigger ass than the girls he usually spied on and wanked over. He didn’t.

He wasn’t disgusted by her and he was sure most guys would have been drooling over her had they been having sex with her, but she, her age and her bigger body didn’t float his boat. Give me a young skinny body.

It was Spring break and Sam went back to his home town.

The next day was a Saturday, the weather was perfect when he looked out of his bedroom window. Sam threw on baggy shorts and t shirt and sneakers on his feet and picking up his ruck sack he headed to the beach and his spot.

When he walked out of the tree line of the woods, Sam smiled, remembering.

Sam’s spot hadn’t changed much, not that he expected it to but some of the grasses were a bit taller which didn’t hurt and helped him out a little. Out if his ruck sack he pulled his binoculars out and a camera. An SLR with a largish zoom lens already attached. A smaller widescreen lens he left in the bag with a few rolls of film. And several bottles of water and a paperback. The camera had a new 36 exposure roll already in it. He bought it just in case he saw a girl he liked, he didn’t want to miss out again like before.

In fact he had taken a lot of pictures of girls he liked, he used a negative scanner and scanned the pictures into his IBM computer and then transferred to a floppy. Once done Sam destroyed the negatives. It was easier that way than getting the negatives printed and have to carry them around.

He had the camera at his eye and was looking at a single girl on her own just below him, he snapped the shutter a few times as Sam zoomed in on her pussy that was tightly covered by an orange bikini. She was on her back with her legs bent at the knees and spread apart. There was also a gap between her bikini and her flat stomach and Sam took a few more pictures.

Sam then moved his camera around and looked at who else was around and in about half an hour he had used 2 rolls of film.

Sam switched to his binoculars after putting his camera away. And he refocused on the girl in the orange bikini. She was still on her back. It was a bit unusual to see a girl of her age on her own, they normally are in packs of at least 2 or with parents. So Sam expected her to have some one with her soon. But another 30 had passed by and she was still on her own, just changed her position to her front and her face facing to her left.

Sam suddenly felt brave.

Sam went to the beach, the proper beach.

Sam could count how many times he actually stood on the beach, it wasn’t many. 6 times.

I’m not a 15 year old speccy and spotty kid any more hiding away in the dunes. I go to college now, I’m 19. He thought. Then Sam admitted he wanted to go because he wanted to get closer to the girl in the orange bikini.

Sam jumped out of his hidey hole and walked in the opposite direction to the way she was facing for about 20 paces then he half walked and half skidded down the dune. When Sam hit the beach, he turned towards the girl and walked about 10 paces and sat down.

Sam pretended to read the paperback, while at the same time checked out the girl near him.
No more than 12 or 13, very skinny and non existent breasts. Her hair was short, dark with a hint of red in it. Her bikini had ridden slightly in to her butt crack.

It had gotten a bit quieter at Sam’s end of the beach as some of the crowd had maybe left to get some lunch or moved else where along the beach. It was quiet and peaceful.

Sam saw the girl move her head around and her face was facing him, but her eyes were closed. Sam saw a few freckles that the camera lens had missed, he thought they looked cute on her. Somehow making her look even younger.

Sam shifted his weight slightly and bent his left leg bringing his foot close to his ass, his right leg was straight and pulled down his zipper and freed his cock. He left it hanging out but she couldn’t see it from where her head was.

Sam took a long drink from a water bottle. He felt hot but wasn’t sure whether it was from the sun or the orange bikini clad girl.

She didn’t stir and Sam looked around to make sure there wasn’t any one coming on to the beach. He started to masturbate while looking at her. She moved her arm across her body but didn’t open her eyes.

His wanking felt good and he shifted his eyes from her face to her flat chest. She didn’t move again.

If Sam felt brave stepping down to the beach, then now he felt superbrave because he laid down on his side facing her and continued to masturbate. When Sam cum, he kinda hoped it would reach her and land on her belly. He knew it wouldn’t but he wished it all the same. But he did manage a few feet and quietly he grunted.

He quickly put his cock away and sat back up. And in a day of brave things for Sam to do, he had a dip in the ocean. Only the second time ever.

He didn’t stay in the water long and padded back to his bag, sat down and took a drink from his bottle of water.

Sam heard an “Excuse me”. It came from the girl. Surprised Sam said a stuttered , “Yes?”

“May I have some of your water? Sam was still shy talking to girls of any age, but he managed an “Of course” and took an unopened bottle from his ruck sack and got up and handed it to her.

“Keep it, it’s a hot day” That was probably the most Sam had said to a girl sober, for a couple of years anyway.

“Thank you, my name is Kim.”
“ I’m Sam” Sam replied, blushing.

Sam went back to his ruck sack and sat feeling his cheeks burn while staring at his feet.

Not so brave really, are you Sam? He thought to himself.

He saw a shadow fall across him and looked up, Kim was standing in front of him.

“Bye Sam I am, thanks for the water.”
“Bye Kim” and she headed off the beach. Sam watching her pert ass wiggle in her bikini.

Sam gave it 5 minutes and went home.

Chapter 4

Sam got to the beach a bit earlier than he did yesterday. He didn’t go to Sam’s spot, he sat on the place near to where Kim and he were yesterday. He hoped to see her again. He still had his ruck sack of full of binoculars camera, book and water which he dug into and took one out opened it and took a drink.

Sam had his book open but didn’t read it, he felt at a loss at what to do. In his spot, he would be busy with his camera or binoculars and maybe a wank. He felt cocooned in there. But out here in the open he was exposed, on show.

“Get a grip Sam, for fuck’s sake” he said to himself.

After a bout 30 minutes, gave up on Kim and stretched out on his back, tucked his hands behind his head as a pillow closed his eyes and dozed off.

Sam woke up, stretched and let out a yawn, he didn’t know how long he had been asleep. He didn’t have a watch on, so Sam looked up at the sun. Gone midday thought Sam. Maybe an hour or so.

“Hello sleepy head Sam” Sam froze, taken by surprise.
“Hello Kim” he finally blurted out and turned his head. Sam saw she was in a bright pink bikini and also that she was much closer than yesterday. In fact if she had been there yesterday his cum would have landed on her belly. Sam swallowed even though he mouth was dry. He picked up his bottle of water and took a mouthful then offered some to Kim.

“I’ve got some of my own” she said while patting a big straw bag next to her, smiling.

She has a nice smile, thought Sam, cute.

Kim pulled her bag closer and dove in, Sam could have almost put all of Kim inside it it was that big. She was looking for something. And came out with a pair of sun glasses and put them on. Pushed her bag back, turned over onto her stomach and rested her head on her arms. Her face was towards Sam.

Sam was getting hot and he knew this time it was nothing to do with the sun. He headed for the water. Sam had to cool down he had to. He wanted to wank again in front of her so bad, but not with her so close.
The cool ocean water did it’s job, for now, he didn’t stay in the water long, Sam wasn’t much of a swimmer. Sitting down where he left his bag he ran his hands through his hair stripping some water from it.

“How was the water?” Kim asked. Swallowing, Sam said it was a little cold but refreshing.
“Will you please keep any eye on my bag, I’m gonna have a dip too.” she said while sitting up and removing her sun glasses.
“Sure, no problem”

Sam watched her walk all the way to the waters edge, his eyes never leaving her ass.

He watched her swin along the waters edge, turn and swim back, then get out and walk towards Sam. Again, but not quite so obviously he watched her all the way back.

“Brr, it was cold” Sam saw the wet material was clinging to her body, her small nipples were pushing out. He averted his eyes.

“Told you” Sam managed to say. Kim had pulled out a towel from her bag and had it around her shoulders and sat down.

Sam closed his eyes. Why I am I here? What am I doing? He asked himself. Nothing, I’m not doing anything. I’m just sitting here minding my own business. I’m just at the beach on my own, enjoying the sun. I’m not doing anything, just looking, just looking. It’s still legal to look. And Sam blew out his cheeks and opened his eyes.

“Are you from around here Sam?” Sam closed his eyes again. don’t talk to me. “Hello, earth calling Sam I am.”

“Oh sorry, yes, across town, but I’m at college, just home for the break” A new record for Sam. “What about you Kim?”
“Just over there” she said, pointing to the entrance of the beach”The row of houses doen the street. Sam nodded, he kne the ones.
“Where are your mommy and daddy?”
“It’s just me and mommy, she’s at work.” she replied.
“Oh ok, does she know you are at the beach?”
“Yeah she does.”
“Did your mommy tell you about not talking to strange men. Like me.”
“You don’’t look strange Sam I am” she said screwing up her face while she looked at me.
“Thank you Kim, but it’s not wise to speak to strangers on your own with out mommy.”
“I know that, but I have to call mommy 2 times a day when she is at work so she knows I’m ok, “ and on pulling out a watch and looking at the watch face she continued” I have to go now and call her, bye Sam I am.”
“Bye, bye Kim.”

And she was gone. Sam was both sad and happy.

Chapter 5

The next 2 days Sam got back to his comfort zone of spying and taking photo’s, Sam even had a nice relaxing wank from the safety of his spot.
Keep the girls at arms reach, thought Sam. There was no sign of Kim. Sam assumed she was at school.

Sam missed out Wednesday at the beach he had some stuff to do and he wanted to go to the hire out the dark room at the local camera store too and develop the rolls of film he had taken. They also had computer and negative scanner which I used and put the photos on floppies.

The following day Sam was packing his camera away and had decided to go home, it was quiet on the beach and he hardly had taken a pictures.
He stood up and was just about to walk off,when he saw movment to his left way along the top of dunes. He couldn’t tell if they were walking to wards him so Sam quickly got back down and out of sight.

After a few moments he lifted his head up but he didn’t see anyone, but thought he should wait a few minutes more so settled back down and even took his book out and read a page or two.

“Hello Sam” said Kim. Sam jumped out of his skin, nearly dropping his book.
“Kim, hi what are doing up here?” Sam looked up and saw Kim with her hands on her hips.
“Nothing, what are you doing up here?”
“It’s quiet up here, I like it. I read, “ Sam said,lifting the book up as if proof. “ and er.. It’s quiet.”
“”You can see nearly all the beach from up here.” said Kim.
“Yeah I guess you can.“ Like Sam didn’t know already.
“Do you have any water, I’m thirsty.”
“Sure., where’s your bag?” Opening his ruck sack, he pulled out a bottle and handed it to her.
“I left it at home. Is that a camera I can see?” As she peered into the open bag. Fuck, thought Sam.
“Er, yes it is”
“Let’s see.” she asked.
Sam put both hands in to the bag, taking the camera and long lens and twisted the lens off and pulled out just the body.

Sam’s heart was beating fast, a mixture of Kim finding him in his spot, seeing the camera and the little bright yellow bikini she was wearing, it was really to small even for her. Sam’s cock was letting him know it liked her bikini, liked it a lot.

“That’s a funny camera” Sam allowed himself to smile.
“There’s no lens on it” his hand diggin around his bad and pulling out the smaller lens. He attached it.
“See.” and he held it up for her to see.
“Take my picture then.” and Kim made some exaggerated poses.

Sam knew he should have said something, Something like. Sorry no film or, anything. Anything other than…
“Ok.” and took off the lens cover and brought the camera to his eye and hit the shutter button.
“No wait. I wasn’t ready.” and she put the bottle of water on the sand. She made a pose.
“Ok, ready.”
“Smile.” Kim grinned in to the camera.
Sam took the picture.
“There we area all done.”
“No please take another.” and Kim stood sideways on, and put her thumb into the waste band of her bikini bottoms and pulled them down a few inches and thrust her hip out towards Sam.
“Come on take my picture Sam.” Sam although reluctant did as she asked.

This is a bad idea. This is a bad idea. The words were bouncing around his head.

They were still bouncing around his head when Sam said to Kim.
“Take your bikini off Kim.” Sam expected Kim to run off and tell her mom, there was a bad man in the dunes.
“Ok” she said. “When, now?”
“No, come closer first.” Kim stepped closer she was just 3 feet from Sam.
Sam put the camera back to his eye.
“Ok , now.”

As Kim started to pull off her bikini, Sam took some pictures.

Her flat chest came into view as she lifted her bikini top over her head and Sam licked his lips. And when she pulled down the bottoms an stepped out of them and he saw her smooth hair free pussy. Sam without thinking put a hand in his shorts and squeezed his cock.

“What are you doing Sam?” Kim asked when she saw Sam’s hand disappear.

Still a bad idea Sam. He thought.

“I’m playing with my cock, Kim, do you want to see?” and before she answered Sam had taken off his shorts and showed her his fat hard cock and wrapped his hand around it. Kim looked at his cock and just stood there.

Very bad idea Sam.

“ Do you know what sex is Kim?” Kim nodded her head. Yes
“Good.” Sam put his camera down and picked up Kim’s 2 bikni halves and put them in his bag.
“You can have them back, soon.”
“What are you doing?”
Sam stood in front of Kim.
“When we have had sex , you can have them back otherwise you will have to walk home naked, do you understand?” Kim nodded.
Sam knelt down and pulled Kim dowm on to her back and pushed her legs apart. Bent over her with his knees between her legs, put a hand over her mouth. He straightend out his legs and shifted up her body a little so his cock was at her pussy.

“Don’t move.” and Sam pushed his cock inside her.

Kim screamed, but the hand over her mouth had deadened the sound. Sam could feel a lot of resistance when his cock was in just few inches, But he pushed even harder and felt the resistance disappear and Kim screamed once more.
Sam, with clumsy strokes, fucked her.

“This is your fault Kim, “ Sam whispered into her ear. “ you shouldn’t talk to strangers at the beach and wear skimpy bikinis, then take them off to have your picture taken. Your mom is going to be so fucked off with you, if she finds out Kim. She’ll be so mad when she finds out you let a man fuck you too. Do you want me to tell her, Kim? Tell her you have been a very bad girl?” Kim shook her head, no she didn’t. “Ok I won’t then, but you have to be nice to me Kim and let me fuck you tomorrow or I will show your mom the photo’s of you naked as well, ok?” She nodded a yes.

It didn’t take long for Sam to feel like he was going to cum and with a couple more of quick deep thrusts in Kim’s tight cunt, he cum insdie her then quickly withdrew,
“Don’t scream.” Kim nodded, her eyes were moist with tears. He took his hand away and kneeled astride her hips , he jacked off a few strokes and cum, his white sticky love juice splashed her chest.

Sam quickly picked up his camera, then her positioned him self and had his cock in her cunt again and snapped off a few pictures. The moved up her body and positioned his cock over her mouth and snapped off a few more making sure Kim smiled. The last 2 pictures were of Kim holding his cock near his cum that was on her chest.

“Don’t forget , I will tell your mom and show her all the pictures I’ve just taken if you don’t meet me here tomorrow at 1o’clock.” It was just whisper in her ear. Kim mumbled an ok and burst into tears.

Chapter 6 and more to follow.
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