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A slave, I never thought that I would ever referred myself to that word. Yet it seems to fit me so well, now I can’t imagine being called anything else but that. I was once someone never to fucked with but that is a distant memory. People looked up to me, I was there hope but when I broke they did to. My name used to be Nicole I was the top vampire killer and leader of humans but now I am slave number 1 I kill nothing and lead other slaves but my top duty is to please only one my lover and my master. I will start my story from the begging this is how I became a slave to the strongest vampire known.

“ Nicole he’s on the left side 5 feet from where you are”. David said thru the walky-talky. “I see him stand down”. I move from my hiding spot walking so the blood sucking fuck could see me, he looks at me and smiles. “ So young and stupid don’t you know not to have a stand down with a vampire”? “No I mom never taught me that one”. I said smiling. “ Hmph your face is so beautiful and you body I know your blood must taste even better”. The vampire runs at me and grabs me slamming me into a tree and laughs. “I be sure to make it quick sweetheart”. He says as he opens his mouth showing his fangs.

“Your right this will be quick bantered.” I pull a gun from my pocket and push it to the vampires head and pull the trigger making his head combust and blood splatters all over me. I drop to the ground close my eyes. “Finally, you were taking forever kid.” David says walking towards me. “ She has blood all over her you know how she feels about the stuff, how the hell are you only 16 and a better killer than us yet you don’t like blood again’? Clear said while helping me up. David picks me up and carries me to his car. “Your going to have to get rid of your fear of blood kid, what if your fighting more than one vamp and were not there to help you, once you ill one and see blood you drop and the other ones going to kill ya”. “Just shut up and drive me home.” I say while trying to control my breathing feeling the sticky blood all over my body.

David drops me off home and a run out the car to my bathroom and imminently turn on the shower. I quickly take off my clothes and hop in the shower and begin to rinse the blood off of my face and the rest of my body. I take my hair of of a ponytail and let it fall to the small of my back before wetting it. When I’m down washing up I turn off the water and rap a towel on my damp hair and another around my body (which doesn’t fit because of my D cup boobs). I look in the mirror and look at myself (I have blue eyes with a beauty mark under the right one lushes puffy soft pink lips with a piercing on my bottom lip) I grab the bloody clothes and throw them in the trash quickly before leaving the bathroom. As I walk into my room I finally notice it’s too quite. “Jacob!” I called out for my dog but no answer (I live alone with two wolves) I started to my whistling sound yet no answer. I walked in my room and pulled a gun from under my pillow and put a robe on.

“Who the fuck is my how and what did you do with my wolves?” Jacob comes out of the kitchen with his ears back and walks towards me I look at him and pet him and slowly walk towards the kitchen. I stop and quickly point the gun at Jacob. “You almost fooled me you fucking mosquito I kinda forgot some of you can shape shift, since you can I know you stronger than the average blood fucker”. “Smart girl I see you don’t have to be old to be wise”. He says before turning into his real form. As he changes I step back and gasp he was beautiful I never seen a vampire look like he did, he actually looked human in an inhuman way. You could tell he wasn’t human because of how beautiful he was. He had light purple eyes with long black hair, he had a nice figure and had a muscular build , he had a deeps six pack. Just looking at him stunned me. “ Do you see something you like love?” he said as my eyes slowly found their way to his cock which was about 10 inches long and 3 inches wide without an erection.

I quickly pointed the gun at his heart and glared at him. “ You’re an idiot walking into a house with a girl who was bred to kill blood suckers like you”. “I know all about you love I’m not dumb at all and you aren’t either so answer this question, how did you know I wasn’t your beloved mutt?” “ Jacob isn’t a dog he’s a wolf and he damn well know that he’s not scared of shit and would never walk up to me with his ears down and he makes sure he knows who is coming into the house I kinda figured something was wrong when him and Rocky weren’t at the door trying to slam it open to see who it was, and what did you do to them”? “Oh hush I didn’t do anything to them just put them to sleep for a while.” “I’m done talking to you fang fucker so good bye.” I said as a shot a wooden bullet right thru is heart. He looked at me with confusion. “Was that supposed to kill me?”

I back up eyes widen while I start to shoot at him again. He laughs at me and walks into the bathroom, I run into the living room and grab my shot gun and walk into the bathroom and shoot at him. As the bullets go thru is body blowing chunks off of him and automatically heals. I run into my room and grab a knife from off my bed and aim it at the door. When he comes to the door I throw it at him and he catches it. He now has a towel rapped around his waste and smiles. “I’m a whole other kind a vampire love I can’t die”. I look at him with a straight face and turn my head towards my window seeing the sun coming up I smile. “Your dead”. I pull the blinds up and let the sun hit his body. “Was that supposed to kill me?” Fear finally hits my eyes as he walks towards me un harmed. “What the hell are you ?” “ A vampire of course”. He grabs my hand and pulls me into him and grabs my hair pulling my head back. He licks my ears and smiles. I am an elite vampire. I was born a vampire not bitten my family is the creatures of vampires”.

I look at the knife still in his hand and grab it from him sticking it thru his neck. I watch as the blood seeps out of his neck and I scream. He drops me and laughs. “You stabbed me yet you’re the one screaming, I never heard of a vampire hunter being scared of blood, you are odd but very interesting love.” I look at his neck ass the blood slowly drips the the floor making me faint. When I finally woke up I found myself in big room of nothing but red in it. Red walls, bed, carpet, lighting just red. I turned to see Jacob and Rocky laying on the bed next to me still asleep. I quickly get up and see that I no longer have a robe on but I black tank top one size to small showing off my belly ring, I had on black skinny jeans with black combat boots and my hair was now in a ponytail. I turned to see a table with two pistols and a gun holder, a long sword with a red handle and a nice sharp blade, and about 12 daggers with there own holding slot.

I looked at the gear on the table with confusion, but remembered my encounter with the vampire. I quickly put the gear on and went to the door. I opened the door and before walking out I called Jacob and Rocky not knowing if they would responded but they woke up and quickly came to my side. I look out of the room to see a long hallway with a door at the end I walk towards the door looking back making sure nothing was following me. Ass I got to the door I hesitated before reaching for it and quickly look to my left seeing a shot gun and ammo I grabbed it and the ammo and opened the door two a crowd of screaming people.

I walked into the arena and it quickly got silent. Rocky growled along with Jacob and I knew that these were no humans. “There she is the great vampire slayer!” a voice said on a microphone. The vampires quickly hissed. I turned to the other side to look at the other people in the arena only to find out those were not vampires but human, I quickly spotted out David and Clear at the top and they had fear in their eyes. “What the hell is this!” I said in anger. “It’s me showing your human worshipers that you can be broken of course”. I snapped my head to the middle of the arena to see the vampire from my house.
“ You have killed to many of my people and have put to much faith into your peoples eyes. And the only way I can make them see they can’t fight back is to break you, so I brought every person from your town to this arena so they can see your nothing just like the rest of them”. Jacob growled and ran at him but was quickly slammed down to the floor Rocky snapped and quickly went at him and got the same fait as Jacob.

He laughed and threw them both at me slamming me to the floor. “My gift to you was not killing them, I guess they didn’t like the sound of there master becoming my little bitch”. “THE HELL I AM!” I said getting up. “ Listen up you will never break me believe it or not you fang fuck, your going to have to kill me because you will never break my will”. He laughed at me and smiled my can is Cashis not that you will ever call me that, its polite to give the person your fight your name though so what’s your.” “Mine is Nicole but you can call me the girl whose going to kick your ass.” “Mhm a girl with big breast and nice ass and a dirty mouth this is going to be fun.” I snap and quickly run at him throwing punches his way. I quickly hear people cheering my name.

He dodges each punch I throw with swiftness and grabs me slamming me to the floor I jump up and grab a gun and shoot at him he reflects them and laughs. “Is that all you got love?” I drop the gun and throw daggers at him which he catches and throws back at me I do back flips to avoid them and run at him again taking the sword out I cut him with is and kick him in the stomach. He looks at me and grabs my leg. I turn and hit him with my other leg and he quickly moves behind me and picks me up throwing me into the ground. I get up and start to breath heavily. “Aw is that all you got?” “Fuck you!” The people quickly go silent as I drop to the ground. “What the hell?” I say as I try to move but can’t. He laughs that look you gave me in the eye big mistake, my dear I can stun you with just the look of an eye.” I gasp as he walks towards me. “Do you give?” I spat in his face and look at him. His eyes change from purple to red as he picks me up by my neck. “I was going to be nice and breakk you in private but now your people will watch you break down.” He dopes me to the floor and raises his hand up making me stand up.
‘What are you doing to me.” “I’m about to mind fuck you love.” He says in my head so only I can hear. “Keep your mouth shut.” my mouth quickly closes and I can no longer speak or move. He smiles and pulls my shirt off. Cheers quickly come from the vampire side of the crowd and yells of anger from the human side. The humans quickly shut up and I know he has done what hie did to me. “Silence!” the vampires to die down and stay quite. He looks at me and smiles I’m going to enjoy breaking you. He winks and puts his hand on my right breast. I scream no in my head as tears roll down my face. He laughs at me and whips a tear from my face. “I haven’t even done anything yet I’m not going to hurt you I’m going ton show you pleasure, real pleasure from a vampire that’s how I’ll break you.

He lowers his head to my left nipple and lightly licks it then puts his mouth on it and begins sucking my nipple while he pinches my other nipple, I close my eyes as I feel the wetness start to slide down my leg. He bites on my nipple not enough to puncture it. He snaps his finger and I start to breath heavy and yell at him to get away from me. He knows that I and weakly fighting and smiles then slowly starts to kiss upwards to my neck and begins to suck on my neck. He moves one hand from my breast and pushes my legs open with easy. He rubs on my clit and I groan never feeling anyone touch there before. “You’re a virgin aren’t you?” “Yes” I moan out has he rubs my clit faster and as he kisses my neck. He laughs and puts a finger inside me making me moan louder he quickly puts another in a started to finger fuck me hitting my G sport I moan out again as an orgasm is about to hit and he quickly pulls his hand out and moves away from me.

I look at him with a pleading look and he laughs. “Did you want me to keep going love”? You know what I will keep going and finish you off if you say your mine after this”. “Never.” I look at him he smiles and walks behind me. “I’ll just make you sweat for it than.” I reaches his hand in front of me and puts a small vibrator inside of me I gasp as he pushes it deep inside me making me feel like I’d never get it out. I close my eyes as I feel the vibrator inside me teasing me making me want to come each minute its in me. I groans frustration. He picks me up and turns me to face the human side of the arena. “Look at your leader now she can’t even stand a vibrator being in her tight little pussy, and when she finally breaks you all will become slaves to these vampires just like she’ll become a slave to me”. I look at them trying to fight the sensation.

I feel the wetness seeping down my thigh and I don’t know how long I would last. He walked in front of me ans started to suck on my breast and pinched my nipples, he starts to kiss up my neck again untill he’s at my ear. “Just say you give and I’ll show you true pleasure”. “Please don’t make me do this.” “I’m not making you do anything it’s all you he says as he hand moves to my clit and slowly starts to rub it. I needed to cum badly and I couldn’t hold it anymore my pussy throbbed for it I felt hot tears run down my face as I knew I was about to let my people down. My will was broken and I knew that he had me at this piont. “I give please make me cum, fuck me please, I’m so sorry I can’t hold it “ I said as I looked at Daviod Clear who now had no type of hope in their eyes. Cashis laughed at me and turned to face the humans. “This is your leader and she always will be but she is my slave now”. He picked me up with easy and had my legs around his shoulders. He pulled the vibrator out and began to lap my pussy juices up like a dog. “Your so wet you dirty bitch, repeat after me slave, Lord Cashis said to claim your prize children”. I frowned and weakly reapted what he said”. Vampire quickly ran to the other side of the arena and picks up humans one by one a tear fell down my face but was quickly replace with moans as he began to suck and bite at my clit. I started to breathed heavy as an orgasm quickly came and he started to lick it all up.

I closed my eyes feeling my firat orgasm and when I opend the I was in the same room I was before. He smiled at me and threw me on the bed. “I don’t like virgins their not much fun when their in pain so we are going to make this quick but next time will be your test. He hovered over me undraped my jeans off then pulls his down show his erected cock. He kissed my neck again and pushed his cock into my clit making me have another orgasm just from the feel of his cock. I held on to him and felt a jolt of pain and pleasure as he forced his length inside me breaking my hymen. I scream out as he waited for the pain to subside. He started to slowly thrust in and out of me make be feel nothing but pleasure soon after. I was moaning anf grabbing his hair. “Please master fuck me harder”. He started to thrust in me faster making me orgasm once again.

He started to suck on my right nipple as he thrust in me I started to meet his thrust making me feel a sensation I never felt before. “ your pussy is so tight.” he moan out as he picked up speed I put my hands to his waste to try and make him slow down but he grabbed my hands and put them on top of my head. “It how I want it not you bitch”. he kissed my forcing his tongue in my mouth. Making a tongue war which he soon won. I moan out his name. Hearing me say his name he started to go faster he cock soon began to throb and I felt his hot cum spew inside of me sending me into another orgasm. When he went limp he pulled out of me and got up. “This is your life now to please me, you might not be fully broken yet but you will be now sleep”. As I looked at him I suddenly went blink and was asleep. Hear the words that I was his I knew I had to fight to get away from him but at this point did I really want to?


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