My feelings take a turn.
“Have you ever kissed a guy before?” He asked while looking at me. For a moment I felt like he was joking and was about to laugh it off, when I saw his face and realized he was serious. “What? No man! I’m not gay!” I quickly responded with a feeling of horror struck in my gut. He smiled and turned away looking at the games spread out on the floor. He continued like nothing had happened. I all of a sudden became aware that I might have over reacted a bit to his question, but since he went on about the one game he haven’t played I pushed the question out of my mind. We talked more about up coming PS3 releases and when our favorite games for the future will release sequels.

It was almost dark that day when he left to go home. I was in my room again with the question he asked still stuck in my mind. I kept imagining him kissing me, making me feel even worse. I can’t have thoughts like this. If my father knew about this I would be disinherited and thrown out the house. I tried to push all my thoughts away and went to the bathroom to run myself a warm bath. Just I was about to get in I heard my cell make a tone which lets me know I received a message. I picked up my phone in my room and went back to the bathroom. I admired myself quickly in front of the mirror again. Looking and my washboard abs and thin trail of hair leading down my navel to my package. I need to trim again I thought to myself.

I got in the tub and completely soaked myself under the water, leaving only my head and hands above to stay dry. I unlocked my phone and saw Raymond messaged me. “Please meet me at the entrance of the woods around midnight.” I looked at the message in disbelief and thought what the fuck? Why would he want to meet me there at such a late time? “Why and which entrance are you talking about? It’s a forest not a shopping mall.” I quickly typed and send. Nearly 40 seconds later I got a reply. “LOL!! Sorry… I meant the entrance to the back of your house. The one we have been using so far. Don’t worry. It’s a surprise and you will find it pretty cool.” I looked at the message while having an inner debate of replying no or yes. I decided that as its still holiday I don’t have a problem with staying up late. “Ok cool. See you then.” I quickly typed and send to him. I then closed my eyes and relaxed in the warm water. My thoughts ran over what he might be thinking of doing. Hopefully he won’t recommend something dangerous or illegal. I can already hear my fathers voice in my head. I used my feet to open the warm water again and made the tub fuller. After some struggle I closed the tap again and was lying back against the tub thinking about what I could do tomorrow. My thoughts changed to my ex and I remembered the first time we had sex. It was in my dad’s car about 2 months before we started dating. She came on to me after one night our families were together discussing my fathers next rally call or something. I remember her looking at me the whole time and eventually we found ourselves alone outside on the patio. She quickly took charge and led me to the garage. Well as you can imagine, things were a bit hectic and next thing I knew she was riding my dick like no tomorrow.

I felt myself getting a hard on in the tub thinking about the sex scene. It was in a matter of seconds and I was hard as a rock made from steel. I moved my left hand and started slightly stroking myself. Being uncircumcised sure had its benefits. I could feel my balls hanging heavy under my dick. I haven’t had a jack off session in almost a week. I wanked a bit faster and thought about Christine riding my dink. I felt a moan left my lips and bit my lower lip in ecstasy. I moved my hips higher out of the water and picked up the pace. I can feel I’m edging myself closer and closer to my climax. All of a sudden Raymond’s face popped up in my head and he was sucking my dick with his full lips. I blew my load all over my ripped abs and bed license. I shot about 5 full loads of cum hard. Some even landed on my chest. I quickly regained myself and sunk my body under the water to wash the jizz away. I sat up straight and looked at the bath mirror in front of me. Did I really just cum all over myself with the idea of another guy sucking my dick? What the fuck was wrong with me? Raymond was my friend. Why am I having these thoughts?

I got out the tub and quickly threw a towel around my waist. Grabbed my phone and typed Raymond a message. “Sorry man. Can’t make tonight.” I send the message and turned my phone off. I dried myself up and went down to my parents to say good night. It was relatively still early, but I needed to put my mind offline. Hoping I would have forgotten all about this the next morning. Even though I wasn’t sleepy I fell asleep rather quick. I had a weird dream about a lion chasing me down a path with only one door in front of me. I was just about to open the door and get to safety when I woke up to a semi loud bang. Half awake I sat up straight looking at my door expecting some animal to barge thru. Another bang thud thru the room and I realized it came from my window. I got up and slowly walked to the window. “Robb! Open up man!” Raymond was silently yelling outside my window. “What the fuck man?!” I hushed back at him as I opened the window. “Get your ass down here. You have to come and see!” he said and moved out of view. I quickly grabbed a pair of sneakers, t-shirt and sweat pants out of the closet and put them on hoping Raymond won’t throw any more sand balls at my window. Waking my dad at this hour was just looking for shit.

8 minutes later I found myself walking towards the entrance to the woods. Raymond was standing there waiting for me. He was wearing his black hoody, jeans and baseball cap. “Come on slow poke. My grandmother walks faster in her sleep.” He said while half jumping up and down in the cold air. “Shut the fuck up bro! You have any idea how loud you are?” I said as I playfully punched him on the arm. He half grabbed me and pulled me in the woods. “I know how to walk. Simmer down.” I said and pulled away. He looked at me and winked. We then walked in further in the woods with me close on his trail.

We got to a small clearing and he told me to stand still. He pulled out a small glass holder in his pocket. It appeared to contain some small bug. He opened the bottle and put it on the ground. He instructed me to follow him to a nearby tree and told me to sit. He joined me and I looked at the bottle with a look of what the fuck on my face. “Why are we staring a bottle with a bug?” I asked while still looking at the bottle. “Sssshhh… You will see…” He said and folded his leg. We were sitting for about 20 minutes or so looking at the bug walking around the edge of the bottle. Out in the distance I thought a saw small light. I blinked my eyes so they can try and pierce the darkness. Then another light a couple of meters away from the first one. “Whoa! Are those… fireflies? I asked in disbelief. “Yup! My favorite bug in the world.” He said with a big grin on his face. In a matter of minutes about 45 green flickering bugs surrounded us. I have never saw anything like it before in my life. “My parent love collecting bugs and studying them. They have all kinds of different species of bugs. I stole this female from my dad’s collection. He will probably have a small fit if he knew.” He told me while moving his legs to be more comfortable. I was so mesmerized by the flickering bugs I hardly realized that our knees were touching each other. I slowly looked down and saw that his right hand was also placed on his knee. I all of a sudden felt like 300 moths were rain dancing in my stomach. Why do I feel these feelings when I’m with him? I’ve never experienced anything like this. Was I turning gay? Was I really going down that road? How can this be happening? These questions were running thru my head like some high way in my mind. I pulled my legs up and tight against my chest. I lowered my head on my knees and continued to look at the fireflies doing their dance for the female.

It was after 2 AM when we decided to head back to the house. We walked slowly and didn’t say anything to each other. The moon was somewhere behind the trees and shining thru like a massive torch. Thousands of stars were shining above our heads. There was a cold wisp in the air. I folded my arms and pulled them tight to my chest. My house was dark and loomed like a massive church against the dark backdrop of the sky, almost as old as the city itself. I stopped in front of my dark porch. “That really was a cool thing man. Thanks.” I said while looking at him. The moonlight was reflecting in his eyes and he turned his lips in a smile that could warm an ice cube. “And to think you didn’t want to come with.” He said while still grinning. “Yeah sorry about that. I … erm… My dad…”But before I could finish my sentence he moved closer to me. I knew what he was going to do. I could feel myself fighting against it, but somehow deep inside, my heart ached for it. All the inner conflict in me died and he kissed me.

Part 3 to follow. Hope you guys enjoy it. Please rate and comment ☺

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