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Hanna and Lucario
Hanna walked into the Gym Confident with herself that she would do her best. Lucario was also sure of himself but more confident that they would win. Hanna looked up at Lucario and smiled then walked towards the arena so she could challenge Brock to a Pokémon battle.

Out of nowhere a tall dark skinned man came running up to Hanna grabbing her hands and pulling them to his chest. "This must be my lucky day to have the delight to have met a beautiful dame as you! Please tell me you'll agree to a date with me!" He said looking Hanna up and down. Hanna blushing and leaning away from the strange man.

"I'm sorry sir but um I'm here to challenger Brock the gym leader a Pokémon battle" Hanna said laughing nervously.

“That’s great news! Because I am Brock" He smiled "How about if I win then you'll go on a date with me?"

"What if I win?" Hanna asked as Lucario's Voice gave an angry remark.

"Well then you get the gym badge! And you will have the choice on whether you want to go on a date with me or not" Brock said winking at Hanna.

"Don't do it Hanna" Lucario's voice snapped in her brain. She just looked up at him and smiled. His heart plummeted knowing she would agree.

"Sure Brock you're on"

The two moved the either side of the Arena and the mediator stood between them and explained the rules. "This is a three Pokémon battle. One Pokémon per round. Whoever has the most points will be victorious". The mediator walked to side at a safe distance and the Battle was on.

Brock threw his first Pokeball and Geodude came out. Hanna smiled and said "I Trained for this gym so I hope you're ready to lose!” Hanna threw out her Pokeball and her Starmie was released.

"A Starmie. Ah so you want no challenge? "Brock said teasingly at her.

"Let's just say I brought the challenge to you!"

Brock laughed loudly then he told Geodude to use rock blast. Large boulders were thrown at Starmie but the Pokémon swiftly dodged them. Then at Hanna's command Starmie used water Gun and hit Geodude right in his face. Brock's Pokémon didn’t stand a chance.

His next Pokémon was Golem. Hanna called back Starmie and Let out Grovyle. Soon the battle was on once again. Hanna lost the second round and soon they were at their Pokémon.

Hanna brought back Grovyle "You did great" She whispered to the Pokeball. "Lucario you ready?" She asked him. Her face had was smiling but there was some fear in Hanna’s eyes.

"Yes" was all he said as his lanky form walked into the arena.

"All right here's my last Pokémon" Brock said as he chucked one of his Pokeballs into the air. Out came Onix who towered over Lucario.

Hanna Gasped as she stared at the enormous Pokémon. Lucario didn't flinch as he saw the Onix. He kept his ground as both the Onix and Lucario stared each other down.

"Think to me to Keep Brock on edge, ok?" Lucario said to Hanna.

"Sure" she said back "When he attacks doge then use brick break"

Onix used bind but Lucario dodged the swirling rock trying to encase around his body. And when he reached his the large Pokémon’s head and used brick break. The Onix shrieked throwing his head back flinging Lucario back into a wall. Hanna screamed and ran towards him.

"No! Hanna stay where you are, I am ok" Lucario said as he emerged from the rubble.

Hanna stopped where she was as Lucario ran toward the Onix. The blue power of a sphere forming between his paw and forced it towards the Pokémon. The ball of energy sliced through the air and hit the Onix right between the eyes. The Pokémon Groaned and slumped onto the grounds.

Hanna ran to Lucario and wrapped her arms around him hugging herself close to him. Lucario put an arm around her shoulder and Hanna helped him limp to where Brock was waiting. He smiled at the two and held out his hand. Hanna lifted her hand up and Brock placed the stone badge in her hand.
"Thank you" She said smiling up to him.

Brock grabbed her wrist and pulled her up against his chest. He bent down and Kisses Hanna forcibly. She gasped and tried to push away from him, but Brock didn't budge and kept kissing her. Then the gym leader was forced off Hanna and to the ground.

Lucario had pushed Brock away from his master. Lucario's voice cut into Hanna's and Brock's minds with sharp angered filled words. "Do not touch my master you piece of filth. Hanna does not belong to you so you do not get to kiss her like that. Touch her again and I will Kill you" To show that he was serious Lucario stepped on Brock's throat and slightly pushed down.

Brock rolled over and coughed when Lucario lifted his leg. "God, I'm sorry it was just a kiss" Then he looked up at Hanna then looked at Lucario. "Telepathy, nice"

"Let’s go Lucario" Hanna said and helped Lucario out of the gym and to the nearest Pokémon center.

After they got out of the Pokémon center Lucario's Right foot was wrapped in bandages. He had sprained it from being thrown into the wall. Nurse joy told them when they got back to the hotel that Hanna should put ice on Lucario's leg. Hanna looked up into Lucario's face and saw that he wasn't in too much pain.

“Were almost to the hotel Lucario Then you can rest. Also.. Um... Thanks for saving me back there when Brock forced himself on me"

"I will always protect you Hanna. You are my mate are you not?" His voice said gruffly into Hanna's mind. She smiled up at him and thought back to him 'I am yours'.

Together they reached the hotel and walked up the stairs and into their room. Hanna helped Lucario into bed and propped his foot up under some pillows. "I'll be right back I'm going to get some ice" She said to him and gave Lucario a quick kiss.

Hanna left the room and walked down the hall to where the ice matching was filled up a pail then hurried back to her room. Hotels always made her nervous, even more so when Lucario wasn't with her. Quickly she opened her room door and shut it behind her letting out a large sigh.
"Is everything all right Hanna?" Lucario asked.

"Yes it is I just get nervous being outside at hotels alone." She said smiling over at him.

Hanna put ice in a baggie then wrapped the cold baggie with a washcloth and gently placed it on Lucario's ankle. He flinched some from the cold then settled back. Hanna started to Undress and Lucario looked at her as she slipped her shirt off revealing her creamy white flesh. A black bra and her Lacey black panties were exposed as she took off her pants.

Lucario started to feel himself get very excited that the tip of his cock poked out of his furry sheath. As Hanna took off her bra and her breast showed their swollen beauty Lucario groaned. And she looked at him. Hanna smiled as she noticed his red cock partway out of his sheath.

“You can't possibly be thinking of mating in the shape you're in" She said slipping off her panties.

"It would help ease my pain"
“Hanna giggled and climbed on the bed and kissed his soft warm belly "And how would you be able to mate with me with your hurt foot?"

Lucario looked down at her and thought about what she said. "I don't know"

"I do" Hanna giggled and kisses his belly again then sat up. She stroked his cock fully out of its sheath then she slowly lowered her mouth over his cock sucking it gently. Lucario moaned and gasped as she started to bob her head up and down. Hanna licked up the shaft of his cock and let her tong play at the tip of Lucario's cock. This made him moan and put a paw on her head. Hanna lick and suck his cock.

"Oh Hanna that feels so good Aaahh~" Lucario's voice was growling deep with lust.

Hanna sucked him for a few minutes longer the she came up and looked at his face. Lucario was breathing heavily and his cock was now a purple-ish red he was so hard. Hanna smile kissing the tip of his cock then she straddled Lucario his cock touching the lips of her pussy.

"Please" came a growling voice in her head.

Hanna smiled and slowly lowered her hips down and Lucario's cock entered her deeply. They both moaned in pleasure as Hanna started to ride his cock. She rocked her hips back and forth and would do little circles so that his cock would bury deeper into her. Moaning Lucario placed his paws on Hanna's hips and she started to bounce up and down on his cock.

"Oh Lucario!" Hanna said as the tip of his cock was pressing slightly in and out of her cervix as she bounced. The more she bounced and rocked her hips the bigger his cock would grow.
Lucario's hands flew to her breasts and Hanna squealed in delight as his paws roughly plaid with her soft skin. He rubbed her nipples and squeezed her breasts together Hanna loved it and moved her hips faster. Together the two let the lust rush through their bodies, and soon Lucario's knot was large and bulging against Hanna's Wet little hole.

Lucario's hands went from her breasts back to her hips to help get his knot into her. As Hanna grinded her hips against the throbbing knot Lucario pressed his hips up and pushed her down. With the help of Hanna being so wet the knot popped right into her pushing his cock into her cervix widening it and it made Hanna moan loudly as her orgasm filled her body.

She pushed her hips down more grinding against Lucario's cock making it go as deep as possible. Then Hanna Just rocked her hips back and forth until his claws dug into the skin at her waist and Lucario howled. His seed spilled into Hanna's womb and they both moaned. Hanna was breathing heavily as she looked at Lucario.

“Your leg hurt anymore?" she asked

"No not at all my mate"

She smiled then laid her head on his chest from exhaustion. Lucario brushed his paw over her hair, down her back then rests on her cute little but. He squeezed her ass and Hanna giggled. He squeezed more and she wiggled her ass. This made his Softening cock inside her harden again and Lucario groaned.

"Sorry" Hanna said softly into his fur.
A little later and Lucario was small enough to slip his cock out of Hanna. She rolled over and snuggled up against Lucario. He wrapped an arm around her and kissed her head lightly. She looked up and smiled at him.

"I wonder if you have been impregnated with my pups yet.' Lucario mused aloud
"What!?!" Hanna shot up and looked at Lucario. "You mean I could get pregnant from Pokémon sperm?"

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2015-11-08 22:22:53
I liked it but could have enjoyed it more if I had known that Lucario was a dog and I guess Hanna was a young girl but I still don't know what Brock was man or beast. What ever it would have been great if they both (Lucarino & Brock) had got to fuck Hanna, with the deal being that Brocks cock was twice the size of Lucario's but she love Lucario but loved also getting fucked by that big cock, Man or beast..

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Loved it!!!! Pokemon rock! Keep up the great stories!!!!!!!!

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pardon my language but all of you ass's who don't have anything nice to say need to shut the fuck up and let those of us who actually enjoy reading the stories as they are do so!!

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Lucario was ruining that butt!!!


2014-05-06 05:11:22
Love these stories. Though if it was me, in that shower part, I'd have begged for it then and there. Being dominated is fantastic, and knots are a wonderful bonus.

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