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A shy trainer gets dominated by her Pokemon
Samara was only six years old when she found a small Pokémon called Shinx. The Shinx had hurt its foot and the child picked him up and brought him home to her mother. In Samara's town they didn't have a Pokémon center so the girl and her mother wrapped the Shinx's paw in bandages and nursed him back to health. Soon The Pokémon was back on his feet but he didn't want to leave Samara so her mother let her keep the happy little Pokémon.

Samara was now fourteen with short blue-black hair and golden amber eyes. She was petite and even her breasts where tiny. She wore glasses she had ever since she was little, a navy blue tunic and a white skirt with an olive green jacket. Samara was never the one to speak up much she was just she shy girl.
But with her sweet little Shinx who had evolved into mostly silent Luxray. Soon after she found Luxray all those years ago she found out that her Pokémon could use telepathy to talk to her. Though he doesn't talk as much as he use to while they walked side by side.

She looked off one side of the road and saw a lake just down a trail path. The water in the lake seemed to glitter as the sunlight shone off of it. She stopped walking entranced by the soft sounds of the waves and the sparkling lights.

"Samara why did you stop walking?" A deep male voice sounded in her mind as Luxray walked back to her.

"Oh.. Luxray.. Sorry I saw this lake and isn't really pretty?" Samara said as her voice was almost a whisper.

"Yes very nice. Would you like to stop for lunch then?" He asked her, nudging her arm to help snap her out of the trance.

"Yeah can we eat by the lake shore?"


The two walked down the little path towards the lake. Samara rested her hand on Luxray's back and they walked in silence till they reached the shore. Some Starley heard them coming and flew up into the air all around them causing Samara to shriek. Taking action Luxray roared and his fur became charged with electricity and he let lose a thunder bolt. The attack crackled next to the flock and they flew off shrieking.
"Samara are you hurt?" Luxray asked turning to her

"No, I'm fine thank you Luxray" She said as she petted his head. "Now let’s go have some lunch"
Samara Set out a blanket and took out of her bag a bowl and a container. She set down the bowl and poured Luxray's Pokémon food into it. She then started to prepare her lunch which was dried meat and berries. Samara couldn't wait to get to the next town to have actual food that was not dried out.

"Luxray Lunch is ready" She said

The large Pokémon came bounding from the forest and slowed as he neared Samara. She smiled at him as Luxray ravenously ate his meal and finished it within two minutes. Samara shook her head as she munched on some berries Luxray walked over to her side of the blanket and laid down putting his head in her lap.

Samara mindlessly stroked his large furry head and he closed his eyes enjoying her hand stroking through his fur. Luxray fell asleep with the soft sound of the splashing waves and her hand petting him. Samara finished her meal and laid back and fell asleep herself.

Luxray woke up to his master still sleeping peacefully. Then as he was going to move his head he smelled something that moved his nose to the source. The smell aroused him and it came from between Samara's slender legs. He sniffed at her cute pink panties, Luxray was getting overly aroused. He shouldn't be getting this hard, this was his master but that didn't stop him as he licked at her panties.

Samara squirmed some then settle back down and Luxray lick again. There was a slight taste of what he smelled but it was being blocked by her underwear. Luxray lifted his head up and saw he had pushed her skirt up to her waist and the hem of her panties were showing. Luxray grabbed the hem with his teeth and ripped them off her. This woke Samara..

"Luxray what the-"

"Don't move" He said cutting her off

Luxray lowered his head and licked at her most private of areas parting her. Samara gasped and tried to push his head away but the Pokémon wouldn't move. He licked again his tong slipping slightly into her hot little hole then up. She moaned blushing bright red and looking down at Luxray.

"Lay back Samara"

"What are you going to do to me?"

Luxray huffed the pushed her down with his paw she fell back to the ground with her legs splayed wide and her most beloved Pokémon between her legs lapping at her sex. Luxray started to thrust his long tong in and out of her pussy making Samara cry out and writhe. Luxray kept doing this and he felt his cock getting harder and coming out of his furry sheath.

"Luxray we shouldn't be.. Ahhh~ doing this" she said between moans.

Luxray replied to this by thrusting his tong deeper into her lapping up the sweet juices coming from his master. Samara started writhe and buck and he felt her body spasm squeezing around his tong. She gasped and moaned loudly as she came for the first time in her young life Luxray ate at her pussy drinking the flood of liquid that came to his mouth.

"What was that?" Samara asked as she looked down her body to the Pokémon still licking between her legs.

"I'm not sure, but I am going to mate with you. You have me very aroused" His voice growled into her mind.
"Wait! Wha-"

Luxray Just rolled her over onto her stomach “Lift you're hip or I'll do it for you". Samara lifted her hip slowly and Luxray mounted her quickly. He started to hump her but his cock wouldn't go in her, then he slowed down and arched his hips some and his large cock sank into her.

Luxray started to thrust into Samara hard and tore right through her hymen. She screamed but Luxray Kept thrusting her tight pussy squeezing around his pulsing cock. Soon her whimpers of pain became moans of pleasure as the feel of something being inside her like this. . Luxray was grunting and his cock grew inside of her and pushed against the inner most part of her.

Samara moaned then gasped as a large bulbous thing pressed against the entrance of her wet hole. "What is that?" she asked looking back at him. Luxray just gave a low growl and thrust harder against her and then the large thing started to widen her pussy. She moan loudly as it stretched her pussy so much that Samara though she would tear in half. But the swollen bulb of Luxray's Cock popped into her and he buried himself deep within his master tight hole.

Luxray thrust more and more his knot swelling bigger until he could no longer move. Then he stopped as a hot rush of liquid exploded from his cock. Samara cried out in pleasure as his seed filled her womb and any space available. When every last drop of his sperm had spilled out of his cock Luxray gave a satisfied grunt. He got off her and tried to slip his cock out of Samar but he was stuck.
"Luxray can you not get out of me?" she ask

"No when I knotted you with my cock it would ensure that none of my cum would spill out. So I'm stuck like this for a bit" He said breathing heavily.

"It feels really good inside me, you're um cock that is" Samara said blushing a bright red.

"Yes and if feel wonderful being buried so deep within you" Luxray said and looked back at his master. She was beautiful and sexy with his cock stuck deep within her, He had to stop thinking of her of he would never slide out of her tight squeezing pussy. He moaned with the thoughts racing through his head.

After about fifteen minutes Luxray was able to slide out of Samara. She moaned and laid down to look at her Pokémon who slowly walked up to her. He lowered his head to hers and Samara gave him a quick kiss which shocked Luxray at first but in the end he loved her and now had her as a mate. His life couldn't have gotten any better.

"I love you Luxray" Samara said shyly

He was wrong his life just got better "I love you to Samara

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