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Part 3 for my loyal readers. It takes a while to get to the sex here but if you’re just reading it for sex I’m sorry but I write porn with a plot.

I watch as my ‘mother’ brightens to my agreeing to spend time with her. All of us; Abigail, Bethany, Loretta and I; pile into her car and head off to take the girls to school. Loretta drops the girls off at the front of the school with the other students and Abigail smiles at me a little as she gets out of the car and heads to class.

“I do have a few errands to run,” Loretta tells me as we get out of the parking lot,” but we’ll get you to a mall today so you can shop some.”

“I want to get a tattoo,” I tell her from my hood, I’m wearing the leather jacket even in a hot Texas summer.

“I can’t let you get a tattoo, I’m already skating on thin ice with having you down here,” Loretta tells me while driving,” Besides you’re barely seventeen this year, you can’t get one till you’re eighteen.”

I shrug from my hood, money usually solves that problem with most things, Johnny taught me that one this spring. I relax in the car at Loretta’s first stop, some halfway house for teens. I nearly fall asleep waiting in the car when a knock at the window rouses me. It’s a girl a little older than me, kinda ratty looking white girl in some beat up clothes. I get out of the car and lean up against it closing the door.

“Are you Mrs. Delauter’s son,” she asks me.

“And why do you give a fuck,” I nearly spit the words out.

“Cause she’s been talking about seeing you for the past month, some of us wonder what the fuss is about,” She says walking away.

Wonderful, not only is Loretta a fucking saint to these girls but now I’m the biggest asshole on the planet. I get back in the car and after a total and hour Loretta finally joins me.

“Sorry you had to wait out here by yourself, one of the girls went missing in the building and we needed her to sign some paperwork,” Loretta tells me starting her car.

“Yeah, apparently I’ve got a fan club here,” I mutter back.

“Well I couldn’t contain my excitement for seeing you again after all these years,” Loretta says with some pride.

It’s a surreal feeling to be sitting next to her after all the years where I honestly thought she died somewhere and nobody noticed. I think that might have been preferred by me honestly cause when she said a few errands what she meant was ‘going to show you what a good person I’ve become so you’ll like me’. Another youth home and two rehab clinics later put us at just after noon with me still waiting to head to the mall and find a tattoo artist.

“I’m sorry this is taking so long. It’s the end of the week paperwork and check ins,” Loretta tells me as we leave the last place.

“I’ve got six weeks, this is one day,” I mutter.

“I know this isn’t what you were looking forward to today but we can go now if you still want to,” Loretta asks hopefully.

I let her drive where she wants which not surprisingly leads to Mr. Delauter’s workplace. It’s another stop in the parade of boring shit and I’m done. We both get out of the car but as soon as Loretta starts to head towards the office I turn and walk out of the parking lot and down the street. I’m not sure how long it takes her to realize I’m not there but I’m already at the first cross walk when my phone goes off.

“Guy where did you go,” I hear Loretta asking me over the phone when I pick up.

“Where did you get my number,” I ask her crossing the street.

“I got it from your father when you were coming down here, where did you go honey,” She asks again.

“I went to go do something else, I’m tired of wasting my time and being lead along by the nose,” I tell her trying to figure out where the hell I am.

“Honey just come back here and we’ll go to the mall or whatever you want to do I promise,” I can hear Loretta getting worried.

“Ummm, no done being lied to and force fed your crap,” I hang up the phone and continue walking.

I get another couple calls from the same number but ignore them, I use my phone GPS to figure out where

I am and where the damn high school is around here. It takes a minute but after the ‘out of normal area’ bullshit I get my bearings and head off.

The walk is hot and I almost regret coming out but after an hour of walking I finally hit school grounds. It’s about one thirty and I figure the classes will be till three so I calmly look around. Defiantly a football school, a lot of trophies inside and there is three fields all painted out for football with the best one having actual stadium lights and real stands for people to sit.

I do my wandering for about an hour when classes get out and I can see the students shuffling about for their cars and busses. A good amount of money here in the students, Johnny would make a killing. I leave that thought where it is when I see Bethany all decked in her summer cheer outfit, short orange and white skirt with a tight top and those damn shorts they wear over their panties. Her boyfriend if you wanna call him that is a black guy in jeans and a letterman jacket. I circle around them and keep just out of Bethany’s sight with my hood up.

Advantage of a new area is people don’t notice the jacket or that I’m wearing my hood up. It takes Bethany a little bit but finally she realizes she’s being watched and starts to do the whole searching the crowd looking for who could be there. I duck out of the area when her phone goes off and she says Dad.

Someone’s getting the troops together to try to mount a search. I head off across the campus and nearly walk past Abigail and some of her friends talking. Abigail’s on her phone but as soon as she hangs it up I creep up behind her and snake my arms around her waist pulling her against me.

“Who the fuck,” Abigail jumps away from me spinning around to see her ‘attacker’,” Guy how did you get here, you’re Mom and my Dad are looking for you.’

“Really, I’ve only been gone for a couple hours, I wonder what they’ll do after a few days,” I ask myself out loud.

I can see her friends wondering who the hell I am and what planet I came from; as soon as Abigail goes to make a call on her phone I snatch it away from her.

“What are you doing, I need to call your Mom and tell her you’re okay,” Abigail tells me reaching for her phone.

“Or we don’t call her and I get to have some fun here at the school with you and your friends,” I tell her looking at her two friends.

Both are Latino, one guy and one girl, the guy is about 5’8” and thin build in a white button up shirt and slacks, well groomed black hair. The girl on the other hand is 5’6” and a little chubby but in all the right places, c cup breasts in a tank top and capri pants, black hair done in a pony tail.

“He sounds worse than my brother,” the girl says eyeing me up and down.

“Abigail you should get a teacher if he’s not supposed to be here,” the boy says nervously.

“Really, get a teacher? Three days before the end of the school year and a teacher this close to not having to do shit for three months is going to just jump at the chance to deal with a teenager who isn’t even a student on campus,” I tell the guy staring from my hood.

I can see them back down a little when the girls look past me to someone else, I turn enough of my head to see six Latino males about my age of varying sizes but it’s the one dressed like the skinny kid that gets my attention the most. He’s about 5’10” and well built, sporting a black goatee and ponytail, dressed in a white button up shirt that’s open with a white tank top underneath and plain khakis.

“Who the fuck is this coming to our school and speaking to our women,” one of the scrawny guys spits out referencing me.

“He’s with my family, visiting my step mom from out of town,” I hear Abigail speak up from behind me.

“Hey Carlos, let me welcome him to our school,” I hear the scrawny one say again.

“Brother don’t he’s just new around here,” I hear the Latino girl behind me plead.

“Carlos man this fucker is eyeballing you man, let me teach him about shit around here,” I see the scrawny one ask again.

I watch Carlos shake his head at the scrawny guy but the dumbass still moves in. I let him place his left hand on my right shoulder, I bring my right arm up throwing his hand off and taking the palm of my hand deliver a straight shot to his throat. I watch his eyes go wide as he starts to gasp for air before grabbing his throat and dropping to his knees. I watch the others start to move but Carlos waves them off.

“Oh shit, Hector are you alright homes,” one of the hanger ons asks.

“I’m sorry, Hector is unable to answer your question right now but if you leave a short message or stay on the line he’ll get back to you as soon as he remembers how to breath,” I say out loud for everyone to hear.

I can see the faces of Carlos’s crew, either shocked or mad except for Carlos himself who is smiling. I watch him wave two of the others to Hector who help him up and sit him down in the back before he walks up to me still smiling.

“I like this guy, he knows how and when to fuck shit up,” Carlos says to his sister and boys before extending his hand to me.

I think for a minute and shake his hand and let him see some of my face, I can see he’s been through shit and knows how to deal with it too. I watch him take his boys and sister off towards one parking lot when I hear a newly familiar voice from behind me.

“Guy, what the hell do you think you’re doing,” Mr. Delauter yells at me from behind.

I turn to see Bethany and a couple jocks staring along with Abigail and her guy friend. I turn away from Mr. Delauter and start to walk away when he grabs me by the shoulder and spins me around to face him.

“You’re coming back with me you disrespectful little shit,” he spits out as he pulls me towards his car.
I can see the girls are already embarrassed by the situation and I don’t want to make any more problems so I let him drag me to his Mercedes and shove me in. I don’t even put my seat belt on and as the girls get in the car I can see the other student’s staring hard.

The drive back to the house is fast and quiet. As soon as we pull in and park I’m out of the car and through the front door and up to the room I’m staying in. I pass Mark Jr. and Loretta completely by without a word but I can see she’s concerned about what happened.

“Stop right there Gi and sit your ass down in the den now,” I hear Mr. Delauter order.

“No, you wanna say something I’m right here,” I reply pulling my hood back.

“First off I’m tired of the disrespect you’ve shown everyone in this entire house, second you run off and leave your mother worried then show up at my daughter’s school to scare and embarrass them,” Mr. Delauter yells at me,” and I’m done with it.”

“Okay, I’ll go pack,” I say calmly and start to head up the stairs.

“No you’re grounded,” Mr. Delauter tells me in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Wow, are you done? No I really want to know if that’s all you have,” I ask,” I was grounded when you put me on a plane and flew me thousands of miles away from everything I’ve known and loved. Now you want me to be grateful to you for that, are you really a fucking moron…”

What happened next I can only guess at but as soon as moron came out of my mouth Mark Jr. decided I was done talking and punched me in the side of the head. After that it’s a blur of me getting hit multiple times, high pitch voices and some deeper ones yelling at each other rounded off by crying and me being carried off to a bathroom.

I am pulled out of my coat and shirt and feel hands checking my face. After some peroxide on a new cut above my eye and some cotton in my nose I can see it’s Loretta patching me up. She’s shaken up and can’t even look at me. I stop her from helping me and push my way out of the bathroom. I can hear people arguing in the den when I push the door open Mr. Delauter and Mark Jr. stop and stare at me. My ribs hurt and my face is on fire but I still manage to just stare Mark Jr. down for a minute.

“You got your free shot in, now I’m going to take my coat and go upstairs, you figure out what you want to tell people cause I just got assaulted in your home and under your care by your son,” I tell Mr. Delauter still staring a hole in Mark.

“Guy please sit down and we can come to an understanding,” Mr. Delauter asks calmly.

“Understand this, your son is going to go to jail for assaulting a minor, Loretta is going to lose her visitation rights and I get to head home after being gone for about one day,” I tell him finally breaking my gaze off of Mark Jr.

“Listen you fucking punk, you sit down like my Dad said or I’ll finish kicking the shit out of you and you’ll spend six weeks in a hospital bed,” Mark Jr. growls at me.

I turn my gaze back to Mark and smile then hold my arms out so he can take the first shot. I can see him hesitating so I turn my back and wait for a minute. Loretta is there with a horrified look on her face. I turn back to address them both.

“You’re a coward and a bully, you cheap shot me and think I’ll just bow down for you,” I tell them both,” One in a courtroom and the other in a fight. I’m done here, and I hope your Daddy is a really good lawyer when you get to court over this.”

Mark Jr. storms out of the den past me and after a moment I can hear a door slamming shut. Mr. Delauter on the other hand is still offering me a chair to sit in and talk. I step in the room and close the door after me keeping Loretta out and sit down.

“Thank you, I just want to try to talk this out between us so we can all move on from here,” he tells me leaning forward.

“I plan to move forward and out of here,” I reply coldly.

“Listen, you want to get mad about being dragged down here then take it up with your father,” Mr. Delauter starts in,” Your mother has had a bad time these past few years, she’s been through all the rehab and counseling that you can take before you need counseling for the counseling. Now when she asked me to help bring you down here last year I figured there would be problems but I thought that you and your father were rational people who could listen to reason.”

“Okay now you are insulting me,” I stop him,” and you’re insulting my Father, you might wanna make a point before get mad and do something you’ll regret.”

“All threats aside your father told the courts that your mother was an unfit whore who had no place being around children,” he starts back in again,” All she wants is for you to try to see that she’s a different person now and maybe find some Christian values and forgive her. That’s why I agreed to have you down here in my home, not so you could scare my daughters and badger my wife.”

I let him finish before getting up calmly and exiting the den. I can hear crying from another room and decide I need some a council session with my people, more importantly my girls. Once upstairs I fire up the ol’ chat program on my phone and get Korinna, Katy and Mathilda on. I run over the whole situation with them. After the girls discussing it amongst themselves and me barely getting a word in edgewise it’s

Katy who says I should give Loretta a real chance to patch things up. Kori and Mathilda are skeptical about it but decide to leave the decision with me before wishing me love and signing off.

I rest up for a few hours on the couch in my room when I get a light knocking at my door. I don’t respond but I don’t really have to when Bethany comes in the room and closes the door behind her. I can see she’s got on a different night shirt but any underwear she’s got in is being covered by tight black leggings.

“Are you going to send my brother to jail,” Bethany asks quietly.

“Why shouldn’t I, he blindsided me in your home. And don’t pull a ‘well you hit Hector’,” I reply,” He came at me from the front and got off with a light warning shot.”

“I don’t care about Hector. My brother is really defensive about his family and you pushed him by insulting my Father like that,” I can see Bethany getting upset.

“Hey since we’re all asking questions here’s one for you, do you like that you get whored out to the football players,” I ask her suddenly.

I watch Bethany’s eyes widen like I just hit the mother lode. I thought it was a far off shot with all the guys hanging around but I hit the bull’s eye right on by her reaction. She sits down on my bed and starts crying a little. I get up and stand her up off the bed giving her a hug. I can feel her crying against my chest for a few minutes until she breaks her embrace and moves me to sit back down.

“I know you’re not the asshole my brother thinks you are but you are so damn scary and hot and sensitive and you notice shit and you make Abigail smile and,” it’s about as far as Bethany gets as she shoves me back on the couch suddenly and jams her tongue in my mouth.

The next few seconds are a blur of hard kissing, groping and moaning. I pull back hard cause I can’t breathe through my nose with the cotton and glimpse Abigail watching through a crack in the door. I start to say something but she gives me the ‘stop now signal’ and casually walks in the room. Bethany sees her and hops off my lap and backs away from me a few seconds before Loretta walks in the room.

“I didn’t know you girls were in here,” Loretta says walking in.

“Beth and I were just trying to talk to Guy but we’ll get out of your way,” Abigail says leading Bethany out and closing the door behind her.

“What did they want to talk to you about,” Loretta asks sitting down with me on the couch.

“The sucker punching jackass downstairs and me leaving I guess, didn’t talk much,” I reply.

“I’m not too happy about that either but I really want to talk to you about what happened today,” Loretta starts,” I just needed to get end of the week paperwork done then we were going to hang out and you ran off on me. I know you thought I was dragging you there to show I’m different but it’s part of what I do down here, Friday’s are just busy.”

“Whatever you need to tell yourself to make it better,” I reply with a little more venom than intended.

“I know you’re not happy here, I just want a chance to see who you are now and let you know that I’m not the piece of shit you remember,” Loretta says starting to cry again.

“Okay, you want to know me, let’s go over my life this past year,” I tell her as I begin to relay the events of the past year, from Heather and Derek to the girls and everything in between.

We sit and talk for the first time in years, I let her tell me about how she went around the country for four years all sorts of fucked up after the divorce. She tells me about how she met Mr. Delauter and getting sober nearly killed her. I show her pictures of my girls back home and she marvels at the little ball of destruction her boy has become.

“Do you really want to leave tomorrow,” she finally asks me.

“I don’t know, I miss my girls and family, I got ripped from everything and deposited in someonelses life and told make nice,” I reply,” I’m not that nice.”

“Considering you got Abigail to sleep with you in one night I’d say there’s some nice in you,” Loretta tells me smiling.

“Wait you know that,” I reply a little surprised.

“I don’t drink anymore which makes me a light sleeper, add that to hearing you two grunting in your room last night and the math becomes pretty easy,” She explains.

We chuckle about it for a few minutes before she tells me that dinner will be ready in an hour. I check my clock and see it’s only six in the evening. I decide to head back downstairs to Mr. Delauter’s den and see he’s got Mark in there again, both of them stop talking when I enter.

“I’m going to make this short, I’m going to try to be nice to everyone here but I’m not bending over backwards and kissing your ass,” I start with Mr. Delauter then turn my attention to Mark Jr.,” I get why you hit me but if you ever do that again I promise I will come back for you, I won’t stop, I won’t show any mercy. Do we understand each other?”

“Does that mean you’re not calling the police,” Mark asks simply.

“No it just means you’re going to be a great politician,” I reply chuckling.

I hear Mr. Delauter explaining to his son what’s going on with the situation but I don’t care what is said. I head back up stairs and knock on Bethany’s door, she answers and I see Abigail in the room with her.

“Okay, so here’s how it is, I’m gonna stay and try to give Loretta her nice time but you two need to know something. In six weeks I’m out of here, I’m not your boyfriend and I’m not going to stay. Can we all agree to that,” I ask them.

“Okay but you need to relax,” Bethany says sitting me down on her bed.

Abigail gets up and locks the door, then leans me back on the bed while Bethany undoes my pants. With less experience than I gave her credit for earlier Bethany finally pulls my cock out of my pants and gently starts sucking on the head.

“I’m amazed you got him in you Abby,” Bethany says before shoving half my cock in her mouth.

“One earth shattering orgasm and I couldn’t wait to feel it again,” Abigail says pulling her shorts off.

I take Abigail by the waist and position her over my face; I can tell she’s confused up until I bury my tongue in her pussy. Bethany on the other hand is jacking the base of my cock and bobbing her head on the rest. Abigail is gasping at my tongue on her clit and inside her pussy and Bethany is moaning on my cock as it bobs in and out of her mouth.

The scene must look hot as hell as I try to picture it in my head. Abigail on my face looking all sorts of cumming, Bethany’s head working my whole cock now with no gagging just sucking. I start circling my tongue around Abigail’s hole when starts shaking and clamps her legs on either side of my head and just holds it there shaking for a minute before rolling off. Bethany starts working even faster; I look down to see her pretty brown eyes staring at me expectantly. I’m so done with her stare that I rock back in orgasm; Bethany holds my hips in place with her hands and takes my whole load in her mouth. I relax and listen to my own breathing for a few moments before putting my cock back in my pants and sitting up on the bed.

“Okay, I think you’re calmed down enough,” Bethany says smirking.

“For now, I’m still gonna get me some pussy tonight,” I tell both girls.

“Let’s see if you can do both in one night. We’ll come to your room then you have to fuck us both,” Abigail says getting a wide eyed stare from Bethany.

“We’ll see if that happens,” I reply smiling.

I duck out of the room and head back downstairs and into the kitchen to watch Loretta cook, apparently she’s going for spaghetti tonight. We make small talk about some of the kids she talks to at the shelters.

Once we all get seated at the table things get creepy and quiet until Mark Jr. says he’s going to be taking a trip with some college friends. I think it’s bullshit but I keep it to myself as the girls ask all the standard questions. Dinner passes more smoothly than the rest of the day has, I hear the women folk plotting something I’m probably not going to like in the kitchen as I head up stairs to my room.

I decide it’s time to relax and for the first time use the giant ass TV in my room. I get a music channel on and text the girls to let them know what’s going on now that I’ve decided to stay. It’s another mixed response from all the girls but they are all happy to know that I’m not staying beyond the six week court appointed time.

I relax on the bed going through the TV channels for a few hours till I get I light knock on my door, I watch as Bethany slips in wearing nothing but a pink pair of panties and matching bra. I put the remote to the side and strip down naked as she gets on the bed with me.

“Abigail is out, she fell asleep and when I came to get her wouldn’t wake up,” Bethany tells me sliding up my side and stroking my cock with her hand.

I roll Bethany onto my lap and she straightens up then reaches between her breasts and undoes her bra. I reach up and roll her breasts around in my hands and get I light moan from Bethany. I trail one hand down and slide it inside her panties and feel I light amount of hair as I find her slit with my finger and rub gently.

Bethany is moaning louder as I keep working her breast and pussy with my hands, I’m getting hard. I slow down my hands to bring Bethany back to her senses; she stands up on the bed giving me a great view of her with the light of the TV at her back. I watch her pull her panties off and turn around giving me a view of her ass as she lowers her body back down. I let her straddle my hips as I feel her pussy rubbing against my cock. I grip Bethany’s hips with my hands and moan as she grinds the full length of my shaft.

“Can you hold out so I can cum first,” Bethany asks taking my cock and lining it up with her pussy.

I squeeze her asscheek a little and watch her slowly push half my cock into her pussy. Bethany is almost as tight as Abigail was last night but it doesn’t take as much effort for her to get most of me inside. Bethany keeps herself upright while riding my cock with short hard thrusts; she’s not letting half my cock out of her pussy.

Bethany stops bouncing and starts grinding and I can feel her pussy better, her ass is nice and meaty from all those cheer kicks and I get myself a good grip on them. I watch Bethany’s head rock back as she moans out her orgasm; I’m feeling good but not close so I take her start fucking her fast and hard from beneath. If I thought she was cumming before my fucking during her orgasm is making it harder as I feel her start soaking my balls. Bethany falls forward and holds herself up leaning away and bouncing her ass on my cock and with me fucking her pussy like this I start to feel that tingle in the base of my cock. I grab Bethany’s hips and slam my cock up in her pussy shooting my load as deep as I can. We lay there grinding out the orgasm when Bethany finally collapses forward and my cock pops out of her pussy.

“That… was… great…,” Bethany gasps from the foot of the bed.

“Yes it was, no offense but I didn’t think you’d be so tight from all the action,” I tell her rolling off the bed and heading for a towel.

“Well a great blowjob can keep me from having bad sex,” Bethany says smirking.
We clean up and Bethany gets her lingerie on and pushes me back on the bed. I let her crawl up on me and see her smiling.

“Tomorrow after you work out come by my room and give me some wake up fucking,” Bethany says licking my lips before she leaves.

I shut the TV off and pull myself under the blankets on the bed, day one all done and I’m just waiting for a less eventful day two.

I want to thank you all for the support. All real comments are appreciated and as usual there is more to follow.


2017-03-20 03:28:34
THIS guy is a complete savage

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2017-02-09 15:35:12
Breath is the noun. Breathe is the verb, well, except in this sentence. Good story, though.

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2016-11-16 14:42:02
Nice job keep it up

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Sorry, I'm a Brony. At the start of the story, in the intro when you said you "write porn with a plot" first thought to come to my mind was "you write porn with pony ass"?

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2015-01-19 14:10:51
Hey "COACH" - Mark Twain would never have published if editors had your attitude. Call me "Proofreader". Bad grammar and slang usage establish local color and help develop the characters. Zane Grey proved how absurd a story can sound when earthy characters talk like Harvard students.

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