Mabel cant fuck and do homework at the same time
"Dad I got homework," Mabel protested.

"Homework don't buy wide screen Televisions, now get off over Fred Johnson's and give him a Blow Job"

Life was not all harmony in Entwhistle household.

Tanya had left home and was doing six months for drug dealing,

Dan was in Dartmoor for GBH

Mother Erica was sectioned and in Psychiatric hospital

This just left Mabel as sole Breadwinner since her birthday when Dad Fred chucked in his job as part time cleaner at Ancoats road public conveniences to be Mabel's manager and protector as she made her way into the entertainment business, or started pimping her out as Prostitute as local folk had it.

Mabel did not mind the job, in fact she quite liked it but she did need to get her homework and you can't do that with some Old Age Pensioners Prick down your throat.

"No I don't do over 60's discounts, I ain't Stagecoach,"

Shouted Mabel, as she slammed the door of his flat.

"What's up lass," Mabel looked up to see Norman Heckaslyke staring at her.

"He wanted it half price," she explained.

"That's not reet," he sympathised

"Fuck off Norman, you ain't getting a freebie, you ain't getting nothing without a bath,"

"What's up Mabel," he said as his prick stiffened, "Come on you can tell me,"

"Dad keeps taking bookings so as I can't get on with homework," she said.

"So move in wi me"

"Caravan round back of pig farm on Stancombe Moor is not my idea of living,"

"I could move back in wi ma," he offered.

Mabel looked at him, there was no doubting he were a handsome bugger but she felt she could do better than a pig minder.

Norman looked at Mabel, she were clever lass, if only he could afford the plastic surgery, he liked big tits but hers were ridiculous, and that hooked beak of a nose, yes if he had twenty Thousand pounds to spend she could look all right,

But sod it, he thought, you don't look at mantlepiece when stoking fire doest tha.

Norman wandered off, thinking. he were good at thinking, bad at doing but good at thinking, and as he checked the cash bag the Arkwright Gang had hidden in his Caravan after holding up Boggisthorpe Colliery wages office and before they was arrested and he put plan in motion.

Norman were good at drawing, technical drawing, he had CSE grade 5 in tech drawing, and he sat down at his table and drew.

Next day he were round at Entwhistles, "Morning Mr Entwhistle"

"She gone to school lad, you best hang around and see if she can manage a quickie at break," he said.

"No it ent that, my bike saddle gets wet when I calls round, could I rent your garage to keep it in,"

Fred stared, talk about thick, "No I don't think so"

"I'll buy it then"

"It would have to be a thousand pound"

"Done!" Norman handed over the cash.

Fred was gob smacked, but he had cash to buy the twenty four inch LCD television in his hand.

"I'll get key"

Garage were at very bottom of the garden accessed by back lane, Fred bought Garage, as a kit Asbestos roof and walls with a reinforced concrete frame, he had built it, knocked down some walls and then realised Back lane were only five and a half feet wide, too narrow to get his car down.

Norman explored his purchase, electric light, electric points for heater, and only half the place were full of junk and scrap.

He spread out his drawing and started to measure.

Folk had summat new to laugh at as Norman rode up and down from Hardware store with eight foot lengths of four by two and sheets of plywood as large as eight by four,
He fell off quite often but his determination and stupidity saw him through, and finally it were done.

"Fred, can I hire Mabel for evening," he asked.

"All evening," Fred replied cautiously.


"Fifty Quid, and have a bath"

Mabel came home,

"Get down Garage young Norman's paid,"

"I hope you made him have a bath,"

"Cheeky bitch, gerrof down and make him send out for take away save us cooking."

"Norman, what are you up to," Mabel asked as he opened the door.

She stood amazed, a full height partition blocking off the far end at the mid point, red lighting, chairs, six chairs three each side, red carpets, a fan heater, red patterned wallpaper and a strange hole in the partition with a step in front and a separate adjustable step behind.

"What the fuck is this"

"Its for you Mabel" he said proudly


"Look through hole,"

She peered through the hole. there was a computer screen, mouse, shelves a desk, a keyboard,

"I don't understand," she said

"Put your arms through," he suggested

She put her head and arms through and Norman slid a section down enclosing her waist, he turned the Radio on loud then left the shed walked down to the other door, about two hundred yards or so as he had to go via back lane and round through front door and out back door of house.

"See you can hardly hear racket," he explained

"But what is it for and can you let me out?"

"Its obvious, you can do schoolwork, while your being fucked," he explained triumphantly.

"Oh Norman," she gasped.

"And ter face won't put folk off, hang off, I"ll go round and show you."

Mabel was playing Solitaire on computer when she felt strong hands removing her skirt, Pantihose and Knickers, something pressed against her vagina easing between the lips of her vulva and slowly began a rhythmic humping motion, waves of pleasure swept over her then the horrific realisation, sperm erupting inside her, he had not worn a rubber, she realised she could not see what was happening behind her, and he had recovered and was entering her again.
He felt different, of course he was wearing a rubber this time, he was less urgent, he came, she felt relief that the condom retained his cum, but he was hard again, this was ridiculous,

After a bit she got bored and went back to the computer.

"How's it going?" Norman asked as he walked in.

"Norman, if you're here whose prick is in me"

"Dunno," he admitted, "There were a queue"

"Oh my god how many?"

"I sold fifteen tickets"

"Oh great," she said.

"Get on with yer work,"

"Go and get my bag then"

He found her school bag and handed it to her.

She started to work,

"Sod off Norman you are putting me off," she said and she got stuck into her algebra just wriggling her hips every now and again so punters didn't thing she were asleep.

Norman went in to see Fred.

"I'll book her for next five nights," he said handing over five fifties.

"Thee must be made of money," Fred said pocketing the cash.

Greg Lane was last customer.

"Gee lad tha's certainly got right idea, tha can imagine her's beautiful wi that great beak hid." he said which set Norman thinking.

Next day Norman had a further plan

Next night, Friday she struggled with Algebra and serviced another fifteen punters and when the last went Norman got her some fish and chips. By now he had cleared a gap round the Garage so he did not have to go through house,

A late comer,

"Can thee fuck and eat at same time"

"Yeah go on"

And Norman took another fifty quid.

The finished their snap.

"You heard about cruel to be kind, will you believe me if I hurts thee a bit to help thee"

"I don't know Norman"

He dialled 999 from the house, "She smashed her face real bad, send ambulance"

He returned to the Garage with a hammer, and waited, the Ambulance approached siren wailing.

"Sorry chuck" he said as he hit her nose as hard as he could with hammer, she screamed and passed out.

Ambulance man met him in passage by front door.

"Bloody hell what a mess"

They loaded her in the Ambulance and Norman grabbed his bicycle and followed pedalling furiously and arrived as they carried her into casualty.

"How did it happen?"

Norman answered "She fell down stairs,"

"And landed on a hammer, yes lad I know how ugly she were and I don't blame thee" the Doctor was reassuring.

"A word lad"

The doctor took him aside.

"I'll make her look OK for three hundred, good for a grand or you can have her back like her were for free."

"Better make it a grand, Could you do one like this, he produced a photograph from a magazine,"

"Twelve hundred"


He went to see her

"You Bastard, why do it, I wanted a proper face lift in Poland, its six hundred quid, now you fucked it for me."


"You better hope he does a decent job"


The orderlies fetched her and he waited by the bedside until they chucked him out because he smelled so bad.

She was home within days and back being shagged because no one could see her face,

She kept bandages on for a week and then she went down Hospital on cross bar of Normans bike.

He stood by the bedside as the doctor peeled off the bandages, "Fooking hell lass you're beautiful!" he exclaimed and except for the scar and two black eyes she were.

"Nobody never said that before," she said, "Not Yorkshire folk, them southerners will say owt to get in yer knickers for free."

"Mabel," he said awkwardly, "I thought I could chuck me job in and help out full time."

"Oh Norman," she said, "What cut another hole so queers and that can fuck thee up ass?"

Norman thought about it, it had to be better than looking after pigs, "No, I thought we could make some porno's, I could be your manager."

"What Hollywood!" she cried.

"Leeds," he said, "We could be back be kicking out time at Mosque of a Friday."

"But what about school?" she said.

"I dunno," he said.

"No you keep job," she said, "Maybe I'll meet a handsom rich stupid southerner as will want to marry me."

"Dream on lass," he said and smiled, and she smiled, "Fuck, your beautiful!" he said in shock, "When you smile."

He reached out and pulled her panties down.

"Excuse me," said the Doctor.

"No, Norman's first," Mabel said as she spread her legs, "And its seventy five quid now."

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it is my impression that the author was attempting to have this story based somewhere in the south. I also believe that they are not from the US, the story plot was interesting, the language needed a lot of work to make it flow correctly, most likely a first attempt, no is perfect first time out

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Oh my god. I can't stop laughing. WTF is this. Why is this written in old english? Were you possessed by the ghost of Charles Dickens?

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