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Dad takes his realtionship with daughter to next level
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Well, maybe I had a little too much to drink. I had a hard day at work and
there is so much shit you can put up with. So what’s the big deal? I ask
Kelsey to get me a beer. She gives me that attitude. “Like Dad,
I have homework to do.” I call again and I don’t get an answer.
That’s bullshit. I go to her room and I find her on the computer
doing some crap.

“Kelsey, I asked for a beer?” I just got a look.
“Chill Dad.”
“OK, girl I think you need a little attitude adjustment.”
She just laughed.
“What’s so funny?” I grabbed her arm.
“Dad, what are you doing?”
I dragged her back to the front room and pulled her over my knee.
“Dad, are you crazy? I am too old for this.”

“Crazy, Crazy is me working every day and then coming home to this
Bullshit.” She was fighting me but I twisted an arm behind her back.
“OW, let me GO!”
I pulled down her shorts with one hand.

She was twisting and turning trying to get away but I had a good hold on her.
I looked at her ass staring up at me on my lap.
I realized I hadn’t seen that cute little rear end in a long time.

That is nice. Real nice. Smooth. Tight.

Her skin was a soft white with light freckles. He ass was nicely formed.
I could see her sweet pussy, so inviting.

“OOOWWWWE. Stop dad you will break my arm.”
“Quit fighting and I will stop twisting.”
Kelsey was sobbing, I looked at her face and I could see the
tears running down her cheeks.
She quit trying to get free and I loosened my grip on her arm..

“Now we understand each other. Stay still now. Take your medicine.”
“Dad you don’t have to do this, I’ll be better. I am sorry.”

SMAAACK. I let go with hard slap to her cute ass cheeks.
The ass meat jiggled and rippled back and forth.

“No Dad, STOP.”

“This is not right!”
“Dad, don’t do this, I am too old. “

Some redness started to appear and I could see my hand print on her flesh.
I ran my hand over her butt around the curves and then down over her pussy
and down her legs.

“Oh My God, Dad what are you doing. Don’t do this. Stop this now.”
Kelsey started to twist away but I grabbed her arm again and twisted it around
even tighter.
“OK OK OK stop it, stop twisting my arm .”
Kelsey stopped fighting and I wasted no time bringing my hand down hard this
time on her right cheek.

I only had on boxer shorts and a T-shirt and I was hard as a rock. My 10 inches
was fully erect. She was laying over my lap so my cock was up against the lower part of her
belly. I knew she could feel it. After her scream she was stammering.
“Dad, I am your daughter, you should not be like that. I can feel, feel it against me.”
I pulled up her T-shirt and then I pulled down my boxers so she could feel my 12 inches rubbing up against her belly. I moved back and forth across rubbing my dick against her.

SMAAAACK to the other cheek. She was getting redder with each slap.
This time I ran my hand right over her pussy. She didn’t say anything.
I could hear her whimpering. I shifted around so my dick was rubbing against her.
SMAAAAACK SMAAAACK Two hits right after each other. These were further down
on her legs to the inside. They were getting close and I am sure she could guess what was
coming. I ran my hand even harder over her cunt.

DADDY DADDY. Please I am your daughter. I Love you. I love you. Please don’t do any more

Kelsey hadn’t called me Daddy for many years. This just turned me on even more.
As she lay on my lap I pushed her legs a little wider. With about 1/4 force this time
I smacked her pussy.

“Your Daddy loves you Kelsey. This my way of showing you how much.”
“No Dad, No Daddy.”
“Yes sweetie, you are older now so I must show you how much.”
I gave her two more slaps between her legs. Her pussy was quivering.
I ran my hand over her now reddened crotch.
“Stop Please.”

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. Four of the hardest ass slaps yet.
I didn’t giver her time to recover. AgainI ran my fingers inside her pussy lips.
Then I ran my hand over her mound, back and forth.
“OH NO Dad, why are touching me like that. OH GOD, no, please.”
“Kelsey, you feel so good, I can feel you are wet.”

I lightly twisted her sweet pussy lips. She was so wet.

I hadn’t planned this. I was just pissed off at Kelsey’s attitude and was going
to teach her a lesson. When I saw her assets really up close, there was no
turning back.

I threw her on the couch. I pulled her butt up and pushed her head down.
Keep that butt up or else girl. I could hear her continued sobbing.
Her legs were quivering as I knelt between them. I spit on my hand and then on
her pussy. Her sobbing was incessant now and it was driving me absolutely wild.

I held her hips, admiring her butt. I ran my hand over and over, listening to her sobs.
I knew it would hurt more this way but I wanted to see her red ass when pushed my
cock inside her cunt. Her ass was up in the air, her legs slightly open, her pussy was inviting me.

I pushed the head of my cock against her slit. I rubbed up and down, back and forth.
in. It was no problem as I was hard as a rock.
In a moment I was started to push inside her.


“No Dad. STOP. “

I could feel I was the first. I pushed further.

“OH MY GOD. You can’t do this. Stop. I don’t want this. Stop.”
“What is this stop bullshit. Is that some crap you learned at one of those
Feminist lectures. “
“You want it, you know you do.”

Stop, no way you have to be kidding I thought. I had her ass in my hands. Everything
felt so right. So right, so tight. The only bad thing is I was so hot.
My cock was surging, I was quivering.
Damm, I didn’t want to cum so fast but I could not stop.
AHHHHHHHHHH I came almost right away. I kept pumping as long as I could.

I could feel my semen filling her insides. She could feel it too, the throbbing and then
…… She was crying. Dad, how could you??

I was shaking, I was soo hot. I was little pissed it happened so fast.

But then:
I couldn’t believe it, I was hard again almost immediately.
I turned her around so she was facing me. I lifted her butt up
on a pillow. Her cute pussy was up facing me with little cum squibbles dripping from it.

With her legs on my shoulders she was spread wide for m.
Sweetie, you ready for one more time.
“You Bastard!” “You’re NOT MY Dad anymore.
“OH come on, no need to be mean.”

To Be Continued

Anonymous readerReport

2015-01-07 22:53:12
Can you be my daddy

Anonymous readerReport

2014-01-03 02:57:56
Who the fuck gives this moron positive votes?
apart from other morons.


2013-07-29 04:53:13
As the other comments have said, this story has great potential, but the writing is poor. Negative rating.

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-15 03:35:37
poorly put together, but I gave it a positive rating for the hot subject matter, though it could be that it got me hot purely cos it made me think of my daughter who I've been dying to fuck for years.
she's 17 now and sadly I haven't got the balls to rape her like in this story, unfortunately it ended just as it got going,


2013-07-07 00:27:05
the writing really needed improvement, but the story itself was great! no vote i guess. im torn

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