The Trucker story continues, but we hear from Megan and how her life has changed.
Trucker's Life: Megan's Story

by Tanya Writer

Copyright© Tanya Writer 2013

This is a work of fiction for adults only. The characters and their actions are fiction and none of this has ever happened. The author does not condone or endorse any illegal activities written of in the story. This just a story, do not do this at home.

Chapter 1

When I got borned it was in Montana. I had a grandpa and he use to read me stories, it would always start with once upon a time. I ain't a fairy princess or nothing much like that, but I hope it ends the way he would tell it.

My mommy says they's from the south somewheres. That grandpa moved us up here after a tornado blew down they's house. Mommy an' uncle Dan was at school an' grandpa was at work, but grandma was at home. She had to hide in the basement in the storm. Grandpa said he would rather have the cold in winter than the hot in summer, just so long as they didn't have no more tornadoes, so they's moved up to Montana.

When I was borned mommy lived with grandpa an' grandma, but I don't remember grandma, she got dead when I was a baby. I do remember grandpa, he bought me some books an' he would read to me. He liked doin' it but mommy didn't. But before I started school he got dead too. He was killed in car crash an' my uncle Dan too. We lived for a year in the old house, then we moved up to uncle Dan's place.

They said I was old enough that I should be going to school, so they put me in first grade. Mommy didn't like school she said, that book learnin' ain't nothin'; it was my work that was important. When I got home from school every day I was to wash the dishes an' clean up the house. If I didn't I would get a whipping, I got them plenty, so I did as mommy said.

My birthday is in May, an' just before I turned 9 mommy said I was costing her too much money. She said I was a pig always sayin' I was hungry. She took me outside an' showed me a piece of ground an' gave me a big fork, a hoe an' shovel an' told me to clear the ground an' she would buy me some seeds an' I would plant them so I can get my own food.

I was doin' that when Mr. Schulz drove by, he saw me. He stopped an' asked what I was doin'. I told him I was making a place so I could get my food. He turned around an' drove back to our house. He went in, sometime after that I heard him an' mommy, I couldn't make out the words, but they was both yellin'. Then Mr. Schulz came out an' slammed the door an' got in his truck, an' drove off fast. Then mommy came out got in her car an' drove away.

A little while later he came back with his tractor an' a thing to dig with, an' he ran all over the ground I was suppose to work an' then some more. Then he went home again.

He came back later with some poles an' wires an' he had a little house. He put up the poles an' put a wire fence around it an' put the house inside it. He called Mrs. Schulz an' she comed over an' she had a big bag of feed, an' two chickens an' a rooster. (I knowed he was the rooster 'cause he had a thing on his head bigger than the other two.) Mrs. Schulz told me how to feed them an' put out water for them, an' they's mine to keep. She said to let them's eggs hatch an' I would have more chickens. I could even name them. I called the boy, Cat with the Hat, (even though I knowed he wasn't a cat), an' the others I called chicken 1 an' chicken 2.

Mrs. Schulz brought some other seeds an' showed me how to plant them. She told me keep the place free of weeds, an' to water it every few days if it don't rain.

When mommy got home an' saw what they did, she was mad, an' said I had to take care of it now, an' she wasn't getting anythin' else for me.

When Mr. Schulz heard she said that, he said he would get me things. They had a bunch of goats they raised an' they had milk an' made cheese with it, so they would give me some. Sometimes when they had too many kids, they would kill some an' they would give me some of the meat.

Every Saturday I would go over to Mrs. Schulz an' she helped me bake bread, an' she teached me how to cook. In fall she helped me to can my vegetables. She was teachin' me 'bout healthy foods.

Mommy didn't like what they done for me, but she said it saved her money so she didn't care 'bout it. She didn't like me costin' her money. She said she works hard for her money an' she don't get enough from Mr. Lewis so she needed to go an' work in the evenings. She would meet with men an' she would do stuff with them, an' they gave her money.

Then she got sick, the doctor said, she caught somethin' an' had to take pills everyday. She got them an' the doctor visits for free, an' they said I should see the doctor too. Doctor Fischer said I was fine. But he said that mommy was sick an' some day they might come an' put me in Child Protective Services.

When I turned eleven mommy said boys would be sniffin' around me soon. If I was gonna be havin' boys then I might as well get paid for it. She showed me a video an' told me that was fuckin', an' that guys liked to do it. They would even pay a girl to do it. She said that the guy puts his thingy in a girl an' moves in an' out until he was done an' that was all there was to it. I wasn't to do it with a boy unless he paid me to do it. She said guys like to fuck, an' girls should do it so they's can get money.

She said when I was fuckin' I should just lay still on my back an' open my legs for him, he would do the rest. She told me that she was going to find some men who wanted to fuck me. So they would pay her. She got me new PJ's, robe an' slippers, but I was only to wear them if a guy wanted to meet me.

She said before she found a guy to fuck me first she had to take care of somethin'. She had me get a carrot from my garden an' she cleaned it an' peeled it, then she put in my mouth an' said, “Get it wet, but don't bite it.” Then laid me down an' took off my underpants an' told me spread my legs. She open up my pussy an' pushed the carrot up inside me real hard. It hurt, an' I was bleedin' from there. She had me put toilet paper in a bunch in my underpants there an' leave it she said I'd stop bleedin' in a while. But she said to make a salad an' use the carrot after it got washed off, so I didn't waste it.

Chapter 2

I was home an' mommy was going out she was going to look for some men so she could get some money. She called me real nice, an' told me to get ready 'cause she found a man who wanted me. I took a fast shower an' had on my new PJ's when she came an' got me. We went back an' she said he was in a truck, I was to be nice to him an' do what he says 'cause he was goin' fuck me. I saw the video mommy showed me but I ain't never fucked before an' I was a kinda scared.

We got there he had a big truck that was so nice. It even had a bed in the back. The guy was nice an' he was cute too. Mommy got some money left an' us. He wanted to kiss, but I ain't never done that before. He showed me how, it was so nice, after I learned it. I was afraid that when he took my PJ's off he wouldn't like me 'cause I don't got any boobies like mommy does. But he said that he liked me fine. He showed me his thingy an' how to hold it an' move it. Then he told me how to suck on it. It wasn’t' so bad. Then he put his thingy in my pussy an' started movin', mommy never said it felt good to the girl. She only said the guy felt good. This was so good, I would pay him if he did it to me.

He told me his name was Gary, I liked him so much he was nice to me an' he fucked me real good. Since mommy might be going away anyway, I wanted to see if he would take me with him.

When mommy came in the mornin' Gary came back to our house I showed him my garden he liked it, said I had a green thumb. He an' mommy talked, they said I could go with him for the summer. Then I made Gary some breakfast. I called Mr. Schulz an' said I was goin' away for the rest of the summer, would he watch my chickens for me. He said he would.

It was really great riding in Gary's truck we could look down on all the cars an' it was sooo much nicer than mommy's car. He put on the radio with weird music, it was strange but I kinda liked it. He was tellin' me 'bout it, me an' 'bout a lotta people who made that music. I got to watch them take the stuff off his truck an' then we drove to another place an' put a big piece of a machine on it.

The next day we stopped at this place where the cowboys an' Indians had a fight, it was a lot of fun, I got see things an' Gary bought me some books. We even got matching T-shirts.

The best parts was at night 'cause Gary did fuckin' every night with me, I like that so much. He did it different ways each time. I liked it every way he did it.

He showed me how to touch myself, then he showed me how boys do it. When he did that his stuff came out. The first time I thought he was peein' on me, but he said it was cum, an' that is what happens when a guy is done, that's how he knows he's done. That's what guys put in a girl's pussy. Another time he had me suckin' on his thingy an' his cum stuff went in my mouth, He said it was OK to swallow so I did, but I think I like it better in my pussy then my mouth.

He was so nice to me, doin' the sex with me. I knowed how to cook better than at the places we stopped to eat , so I starting cooking for him an' me. He got me things to do cookin' an' let me pick the food from the store, sometimes we stopped at a farm where they selled fresh foods.

We was driving an' I could see the country, it was so nice. But sometimes there wasn't much to do but ride an' listen to the radio or somethin'. He got me a DVD player an' let me pick out some DVD's that I could take with me to watch.

'Cause I liked the fuckin' so much Gary stopped at a store that I couldn't go in, he bought me more DVD's only they's was of people fuckin'. Oh I liked them so much. All of them had men an' women fuckin' all the time. But each video had part where there was no boys in it. It was just two girls an' they did fuckin', just the two girls. I didn't tell Gary but I liked those parts so much, it made my pussy get itchy an' I wanted Gary to fuck me.

Chapter 3

We got to Gary's house an' I meeted his brother, then he said we would go with him an' his kids to a place. Wayne brought his kids named Billy an' Ellen.

The place we was going to was where they make candy, an' we got see how they did it, an' they had these singin' cows an' everythin'. Then we went on these roller coasters. I ain't never been on anythin' like it before, it was scary but lots of fun all at the same time. When we went up side down, I almost peed my pants, but Billy an' Ellen were doing it an' they was holding their hands up, so they wasn't holding on. I was holding Gary's hand. We ate there an' everythin', then we went home late that night.

Gary an' Wayne said we should take showers fast an' get into bed. I was supposed to shower with Ellen. We went into the bathroom an' undressed, she was cute she had a pretty face an' nice light brown hair that was longer than mine, hers was down past her shoulders. She put on this cap an’ kept her hair dry. I was looking at her, she had some boobies, not like me. An' she had some hair on her pussy, she was getting to be a big girl; that what mommy says happens when a girl gets growed up. I don't got those things so I guess I ain't growed up yet. Ellen looked at me but she didn't seem to pay much notice to my body. The next day when we was in the changin' room an' putting on our swim suits, I was naked an', I saw her naked again, I told her that I thought she was real pretty, she kinda turned a bit red an' then turned to me so I could see her full naked an' asked if I thought boys would like her. I said yeah that everyone would. She smiled an' then reached over an' rubbed my shoulder a bit an' said I was cute too. That made me happy.

We went swimmin' then. I was with Gary a long time 'cause I don't know how to swim. We rode the rides together we was sliding down slides into the water. Later I was doing it on my own. When I did it by myself, I liked following Ellen down, I liked seein' her butt, her bathing suit was kinda tight an' ya' could see a little bit through it, not like really to see somethin's but enough ya' tell a little 'bout her butt. It made my pussy a little itchy.

When the day was done, we didn't stay with them that night they went home me an' Gary went some other place. I told him that I liked Ellen. I liked Billy too, he was fun, so was Ellen, but she made my pussy itch looking at her. He said that it wasn't a bad thing if two girls did things together, I wanted to do things with Ellen. He said that it might give away what me an' him do.

The next day he had to go to talk to the people at his work. He got a new job! Then he told me that my mommy didn't want me to come back home, she was givin' me up. At first I was scared if I wasn't with mommy where would I go? But Gary said he would take me, I could live with him. He would be my guardian. He said he wouldn't be my daddy, because daddy's can't fuck their daughters. So he was still gonna fuck me! I was real happy.

Chapter 4

Gary took us over to this office, they told us of a lot of places to live. They showed pictures. Then Gary asked 'bout some land. They showed up us more pictures, then we went out an' drove around an' looked at some places. Gary asked a lot of questions. He said he would like to buy it, the man said it was an acre. Then we went to some other office an' Gary had to fill out a lot of papers. They said everythin' was K with him.

We lived in a motel for a few weeks while all the papers got done. Then Gary said that they would make a house for us. We went to this place where they make houses, they were kinda like uncle Dan had, but these was bigger an' much nicer.

They builded us a house, I had my own room, but I sleeped in the bed with Gary. He fucked my almost every night. We watched the fuckin' videos an' we looked at the different ways we could do it. Gary had gotten us more, I liked them, an' all them had a part with two girls fuckin' each other in them. I liked them a lot, Gary said he liked them too.

After we got in the new house, I called home to talk to mommy, when I said hello to her she hanged up the phone on me. When I called back she didn't answer the phone. I called Mr. Schulz an' talked to him an' told him where I was. He told me that he got my chickens an' Mrs. Schulz collected as much of my vegetables that she could. Mommy wouldn't let her over, and mommy had let weeds grown all over the place. But Mrs. Schultz had canned them all she could for me.

He said mommy had a bunch of men over at her place, now all the time, but he said they were the “worst sort.” He talked to Gary an' they was glad I was here with him.

Gary said that I could have a garden an' I could have chickens again, but I didn't have to if I didn't want. I liked doing the garden an' it gave us better food than the stores. We planned some places to have the garden we would have some fruit trees to, Gary would help me with them in the spring.

The place we ended up was an hour from Ellen's house. Gary said I could have sleep over with her some times. So I got to call Ellen, a lot an' me an' her talked a lot. She was really nice. But I couldn't tell her that she was sexy an' my pussy got itchy thinking of her. But Gary knowed that; one time we was naughty, I was talking to Ellen on the phone an' Gary was rubbing my pussy while I talked to her. He was even licking my pussy while I talked to her.

Me an' Gary was talkin' I was telling him how much I liked the two girl parts in the videos, so he got me some videos that was all girls in them with no boys in them. I liked them so much an' Gary did too. He got so hard when we watched them, an' my pussy was all itchy so he would fuck me. Gary told me not to say me an’ him was doing fuckin', but to say I done it with a boy in Montana, but not so say his name because he might get in trouble with his daddy.

Chapter 5

I started school at the end of summer. I was the new girl in school, so it was a little hard to make friends. But one nice thing Gary took me to the store an' got me lots a new clothes, dresses, pants an' shirts, even new underpants.

At school they already was making fun of me 'cause the way I talked. But I done good in math, an' history an' some of my other studies, even if I don't talk so good. The teachers said I was smart, I would do OK, they was nice. Gary got me more books to read. He was teachin' me to talk better.

I was in 6th grade an' we had exercise classes an' afterward we would take showers. All the girls got undressed, I got to see them naked. They weren't like the girls in the videos, they was more like me. I don't got no boobies or hair on my pussy, most of the girls didn't have any either, but some did have a little. I was looking at them an' they saw I was lookin' an' they started calling me a lezzy. When they found out that I didn't have a daddy an' my mommy gave me away, they called me other names too.

When they started calling me a lezzy they wouldn't be very nice to me. But a couple of the girls were nice to me, but they wasn't the popular kids, the ones everyone liked; they was the other girls; the ones the other kids made fun of too 'cause they didn't have nice clothes, an' they weren't rich as me an' Gary.

Those girls was the ones that was my friends. I was glad because in Montana I didn't got no friends, cause I had to go home from school an' do my chores an' didn't have time for friends, an' nobody came to our place.

I had three new friends: Kimmy, Jane and April, was all in the same homeroom, so we had some classes together, other we were apart for others.

The boys an' girls called Kimmy a lezzy too 'cause she had short blond hair an' liked to wear jeans. But most of the jeans she got were her brothers they couldn't wear no more 'caused they growed too much to wear them. Kimmy was short like me. But she liked to play the games with the boys an' she was good at football; they could never stop her when she had the ball.

I liked Jane, she was cute with light brown hair that was long. She didn't have no daddy so I knowed how she felt, which is why I liked her. But at least she had a mommy, enough though they didn't have a lot of money. I found out that they only had two bedrooms in they's house. Jane was quiet an' didn't say much in school 'cause the other kids made fun of her, 'cause she weared old clothes. I knowed how she feels 'cause I had to weared, only the clothes that mommy got me at the second hand store.

April was my other friend. She didn't do good in school. The teachers had to do extra work with her. April was in our grade but she was a year older than us. She had lots a trouble with school an' a few years ago they didn't let her go with the other kids into the next grade. She was taller than me with dark brown hair. She had boobies, lots bigger than Ellen. All the boys teased her 'bout them. Sometimes the boys would walk up to her an' and grab one of her boobies. But she didn't never say anything 'bout it, like tell a teacher. I liked seeing her naked, I didn't see her much that way, but I liked it when I saw it. She knowed that an' she let me look, she didn't care.

Chapter 6

When thanksgiving comed, I had some friends, so I was thankful for that. An' even though Gary wasn't in they's family any more, me an' him was invited over to Ellen's house for thanksgiving, 'cause me an' Ellen was friends. That was so nice of her mom, I was happy 'bout an' glad to see Ellen after we had talked on the phone a bunch of times.

When we went Ellen had invited me to stay the night. I sleeped in her bed with her. When we was in bed we was talkin' was talking 'bout boys. She was wantin' to kiss with them, an' she was askin' me if I done kissing with a boy. I remembered what Gary told me so I told her yeah that I done that in Montana. She wanted to know how it was, 'cause she never kissed before. I told her a bit 'bout what me an' Gary done, but I didn't tell her it was Gary I did it with. She wanted to know how to do the kissin'.

I told her that I could show her, an' so we was kissin'. We was just putting our lips together an' she knowed the ya' have to pucker them, but I was showing her how to rub our lips together an' I was licking her lips. She knowed 'bout tongue kissin, an' so we started trying that. It was nice to be in her mouth like that, I keeped thinkin' of the girls in the videos an' what they was doing, it made my pussy itchy. She was puttin' her tongue all around in my mouth it was good. I wanted to have mine all around in hers it was fun. We was doing it like me an' Gary did it.

I was getting' so itchy that I needed to rub it, I didn't care that Ellen saw me. She saw me doin' that an' asked me if I was playin' with myself. I was kinda embarrassed, but I told her the truth an' said I was. She said she done that too. She went an' locked her bedroom door an' turned on a light. She said we should take off our PJ's. I was happy to do that, I don't got no boobies or hair, but I liked her seein' me naked. I really wanted to see her naked again.

I told her that I thought she was very pretty an' she was sexy. She smiled at that an' said I was sexy too. I told her that I liked her boobies. She said I could touch them if I wanted. Heck yeah I wanted. I was feelin' them an' I wanted to be her baby an' I was gonna suck on them. She let me an' she was holdin' my head to her boobie. I was suckin' on it, an' I was doin' like in the videos an' was lickin' it an' kissin' it too. I was playin' with her other one with my hand.

She got so itchy that while I was suckin' on her boobie she was rubbing her pussy with her hand. I told her that I knowed somethin' else she might like. She said K an' I moved my head down an' made her spread her legs. It was so nice to be lookin at her pussy close up, she was even leaking stuff out of it. I reached out with my tongue an' was lickin' her an' I tasted her juice, it was good, I loved it. I was licking it all up, I could see why Gary liked to do it.

I opened her lips with my fingers an' I was feelin' around there on her. I found the place up on top that feels good. I was lickin' an' a suckin' on that. I was reachin' down an' rubbing my hand over her hole, for a guy's thingy. She was jumpin' all over an' she had to put the pillow over her face 'cause she was starting to make a lot of noise. Then she laid back an' an' said I done that so good, she never got a good feelin' like that before.

She wanted to do the same back to me. I let her, but I didn't let her do so much to my boobies cause I don't got nothing there, just flat little circles. I don't got no hair but Ellen said it was nice the way it is, an' she was kissin' around on me there. She said she never done this with a girl before. I didn't never do it with a girl either, I told her.

She started lickin' on my pussy, an’ it was great. She used her fingers on me too. One of her fingers slipped inside me an' it could go in, not like the way it couldn't go in her. Since she could get it in, she pushed it but she asked me, how come I didn't have my cherry. I told her what Gary said to say. I told her that she could put her finger up inside me if she wanted. I showed her how to do that on me. But I made her suck on my top bump in my pussy while she had her finger in me. I got the same feelin' I got when Gary was fuckin' me. It was so good. I knowed that me an' Ellen would be doin' this again.

Me an' Gary drove home Friday, I was telling him what me an' Ellen did. His thingy got hard. He drove faster so we could get home. As soon as was home he took me into our bedroom. We got our clothes off as fast as we could an' he was licking my pussy. He wanted me to tell him how Ellen done it to me, so he could do it the same way. He did just that, he was putting is finger up me an' was licking my bump but he was using another finger it was at my butthole an' it felt good there too as he was doin' the other stuff to me. The he laid on his back an' sat me on top of him, but I was facing away from him. I was goin; up an' down on his thingy. I loved the way he was filling up my pussy. He gave me that good feeling an' I knowed he got his, 'cause I could feel all wet inside me, so I knowed he comed in me. I loved to see it leakin’ outta me, poolin’ on his balls an’ belly. He said that if I liked sleepovers I could have them at our house with my friends.

Chapter 7

When we was having Christmas vacation Gary said I could have a sleepover. I invited Jane, she was glad to come over to my house. But it did mean that I had to sleep in my bed 'cause I couldn't sleep in Gary's bed when she was here.

She meeted Gary an' I made dinner, for us. Jane didn't know that I do the cookin' an' I clean the house for Gary like I did for mommy, but Gary is so nice to me 'bout it. (He helps me do the cleaning, and we do the shopping together.) She said I was a good cook, that is somethin' Gary says all the time.

We did our homework, I was helpin' her with it. She said I was so smart that I knowed how to do things she didn't understand. It was fun helpin' her. I liked her even more, an' she was so nice to me.

When it was getting' late he told us to get ready for bed. We went to take showers at first we was gonna go one at a time, but I said that we can shower together like at school. She said K an' we went in the bathroom. We taked off our clothes. It was nice to see her naked alone when the other girls ain't there. I was lookin' at her boobies an' she knowed it.

She said, “You like my titties?”

I said, “Yeah they's real cute, an' ya' got some, I don't got none.”

“Yeah, but I like yours anyway.”

“When we's in the shower at school I like to look at the other girls that's why they was calling me lezzy,” I said.

Jane said, “The girls at school aren't very nice, and they don't treat you very well. They do the same thing to me, because I don't have nice clothes like them. Even though you have nice clothes.

“It is OK to look at me if you want. Do you like to look at girls?”

“Yeah” I said, I kinda turned red then.

“I like it when you look at me. I never had girls look at me before. Do you like my body?”

“Oh heck yeah,” I said.

“Do you like to touch girls too?”

When she said that I was kinda embarrassed, but I said “Yeah.”

“Do you want to touch me?”

“Yeah, can I?”

“Go ahead.”

I was feeling her boobies an' I kinda surprised her 'cause I kissed her. But she kissed me back. I was feelin' her boobies an' we was kissin'. I was puttin' my tongue in her mouth an' she was pushin' it out so she could get hers in mine. We was standing there doin' that, then she reached down an' ran her hand over my pussy. That made me shiver, it was good.

I stopped kissin' her an' went to suckin' on her boobies. I put my hand on her pussy too. We was rubbing each other. She pushed her fingers in me. She got all the way in me.

“Who broke your cherry?”

“It was a boy in Montana,” I told her. I put my finger in her, she didn't have a cherry too.

“Who broke yours?”

“You won't tell anybody?”

“No I promise.”

“It was my brother Ralph. He and I did it two years ago and we still have sex.”

“Wow, is he good at it?”

“Yeah, he’s 13 so he knows a lot about sex. He knows how to fuck.”

“Let's hurry an' wash so we can get in bed.”

We washed each other really good an' then we runned naked to my room. Gary saw us doin' it an' Jane knowed we was seen by him.

When we got in the room she asked, “Your dad saw us naked, will you get in trouble?”

“I don't got no daddy, Gary is my guardian, I live with him, but he won't get me in no trouble.”

“Does he see you naked?”

“Sometimes, an' I seen him naked too.”

“Does he have a nice dick?”

“Yeah, it don't look funny or nothin'.”

“Is he married or have a girlfriend or something?”

“No it's just me an' him here.”

“Does he have someone to do sex with?”

“No. Hey would ya' want me to lick your pussy for you?”

“I haven't ever done anything with a girl before but I like you so much, Megan, and you are cute. If you' want I will let you do what you want with me.”

We laid down in my bed an' I got her on her back. We kissed more she was good at kissin'. We was using our tongues to kiss, and I was kissin' her neck an' behind her ears. She said Ralph didn't never do that for her an' she liked it.

I was feeling her boobies, I liked them. They was kinda hard and a bit soft at the same time. She didn't wear a bra at school but she could, they was growing real good. They was 'bout maybe a whole inch above her chest, they was spread around and area that was like if I put my thumb and first finger together that a circle area. Then I went down an' was kissin' them. She liked that. I started to suck on her nipples. They got big and stood up off the rest of her boobies. They was cute like that.

I moved an' was licking around her pussy. She had only a little bit of hair there. It was all up above her pussy crack. I licked around her pussy lips an' was licking her bump an' it made her get all wet there. I was licking up her pussy juice. I put my tongue in her pussy an' was licking more of it out of her. She was going wild an' sayin' things like eat me, an' wiggling all over the bed. I knowed Gary must have heared her.

I put my finger into her an' was licking her an' fuckin' her with my finger. She was saying things now like 'Ralph fuck me hard.' I knowed that Ralph wasn't here an' it was me that was fuckin' her so I done it harder like she wanted. She musta had her good feelin'. She was glowing kinda red an' a little sweaty, but she looked so cute.

When she was all done, I asked her to do it to me too. She said K but I had to tell her how to do 'cause she never done it with a girl before. She touched my boobies an' I had her lick then suck on them. She was nice and licked all around them. She said that she liked doin' that.

I pushed her down towards my pussy. She kissed around my pussy an' she licked around. Then I had her suck on my bump. It had got all hard an' I was leaking my pussy juice an' she licked up some of it. She put her finger into my pussy an' was fuckin' me with it. I got the good feelin', it wasn't as good as when Gary fucks me, but Jane didn't never fuck with a girl before. When she was done, she says that she liked doin' it we as much as with her brother.

When we was up in the mornin' I was makin' breakfast for me and Jane. Gary was up drinking coffee, he asked us if we had a nice night. I said, “Yes,” Jane just turned red. After breakfast Jane went home, but she did she asked if I wanted to sleepover at her house. I said “Yeah.” then she kissed me bye.

Chapter 8

When Jane was gone Gary told me that he saw us runnin' to my room. He said he liked seein' us naked that way. He asked me if I had sex with Jane, I told him the truth an' said yeah. He said that was K with him. He asked if I liked sex with girls. I told him that I did, but it was always better with him.

He took me in our bedroom an' laid down an' I spread my legs. Gary was so hard he just got on top of me an' stuck his thingy in me an' we did our fuckin', he did it hard and fast, just like Jane wanted Ralph to do it. He musta spurted a gallon of his cum into me. When we was done, Gary was holdin' me and kissin' me tellin' me how much he loved me. He said that he was glad that I enjoyed sex with him, an' he said it was sexy that I liked to do fuckin' with girls too.

When we was laying in bed, I was telling him what me an' Jane was doing. I told him 'bout what Jane asked 'bout him. Gary said that was K that she asked 'bout Gary's thingy. I told him 'bout Jane and her brother Ralph doin' sex together, an' Jane said that they was doin' it for two years, an' that Jane is 11 like me. I told him that she wanted me to stay overnight with her. He said that was K with him. He was asking me if I was goin' do sex with Ralph. I said I don't know. He said that if Ralph was only doing it with Jane then it was K with him. He didn't want me to get somethin' from Ralph, like mommy did from some man.

It was a wonderful Christmas, I never got presents before. Gary got me a set of books to read and a small stereo system with CD's an' music like what we listened to on the radio. It was so good, I liked it very much. I got some new clothes too, 'cause Gary said I was growing. I needed new shoes, the others was getting too small. Gary even got me some crop tops that matched my underpants.. Later we got to call Mr. and Mrs. Shultz to wish them Merry Christmas. They had sent me a package of my canned vegetables. They was happy to hear from me, an' they said they was happy to hear that Gary took good care of me. But they missed me, I missed them too.

A couple days after Christmas Jane had me over to spend the night. Before we went to bed she said we would have to sleep on the floor, 'cause she shared the bed with her brother. I said it was K if we all sleeped in the same bed, 'cause they didn't have but one other bed in the house, in the other bedroom, an' Jane's mom sleeped in it

Jane was telling me 'bout her family; she lived with her mommy, Della, an' had three older brothers. Jane's grandma got dead a long time ago when Della was a little girl.

Then Della was still living at home with Jane's grandpa, Floyd. They wasn't so rich, they had only a small house an' Della lived with, Floyd, her daddy an her sisters. They didn't got so many beds so the girls had to sleep with they's daddy. None of the girls got married, but they got babies anyway. They's all lived together until Floyd got dead. Then the girls all moved apart.

Homer was Jane's oldest brother, he was married now. He married they's cousin Betty. Then there was Elmer an' then Ralph, an' finally Jane. Her grandpa got dead when Jane was just born.

Before Homer moved out she use to share the bed with Jane's mommy. An' now Elmer moved into it, cause he an' Ralph use to have share the bed. She said her mom does fuckin' with Elmer, he's 17, an' when he moves out, in a year or two, then Ralph will move into her mommy's bed. She said her mommy does fuckin' with them so they become men. She will fuck with Ralph when Elmer moves on. So her mommy thought it was a good idea that Ralph was fuckin' Jane. She said she sleeped in the bed with Ralph since she out grew her crib. She said she was doin' it with Ralph since she was 9. But so far she was the only girl Ralph got to fuck, 'cause her mommy already has Elmer.

Me, Jane, an' Ralph got into bed. When we got in bed we was just wearing t-shirts an' underpants. Ralph was just wearing underpants. I was laying on one side Jane was in the middle and Ralph on the other side. We turned out the lights, there was just some moonlight shinin' in the window 'cause the curtains was only half there.

I was watching an' Ralph started kissin' Jane. Jane stopped him saying I was in the bed, with them. I said it was K with me if they did that. Ralph pulled off her shirt and he pinched her nipples a couple of times, then he took off his underpants an' made Jane take hers off too. He got on top of her. Jane was moving around to get him in her. It took only a minute an' he was in. He did his fuckin' her hard an' fast like she wanted me to do to her. It didn't take long an' he was done. Jane told him to go and wash, an' take 10 minutes doin' it.

When he was gone Jane told me that he was suppose to take that time so she could touch herself, 'cause he didn't always make her have the good feelin'. Then she had the time to do herself. I watched her do it. She just finished when Ralph came back in.

Ralph asked me if I wanted to do fuckin' with him too. I said Jane should decide because I was there to have the sleepover with. She said it was K with her, if I wanted. So I said he could do fuckin' with me. He wasn't hard yet so Jane sucked his thingy. I saw it he didn't have much hair around his thingy. It wasn't that big. Gary is huge next to him, he wasn't longer than 4 inches, and not very fat.

I took off my shirt and underpants. He didn't even kiss me much, or even very good. Then he put his thingy in me, an' he was movin'. He did it fast then after a couple of minutes he shook an' he was done. I didn't get the good feelin'. When he was done, I didn't feel wet inside like I do when Gary is done. Jane sent him to the bathroom again, to wash an' said to stay there for the 10 minutes again.

Jane said she would do me to make up for what Ralph didn't do for me. She rubbed my pussy for me. She used on hand on my bump an' the other hand had her finger fuckin' me. She twisted her fingers back and forth when she was puttin' them in me. Her other fingers was running circles over my bump. She did give me the good feelin'. But Ralph was not as good as Gary, an' I think that I will stick to Gary in the future. We all went to sleep after that.

The day before New Year, Gary's friend got everything done an' we went in to this court an' I told them I wanted to live with Gary, an' he said he would keep me. They had all the papers mommy signed an' the judge said I could live with Gary from now on. So we had a great New Year Day. I was Gary's now, it was gonna be a good year.

Chapter 9

When we was back in school it was nice to see my other friends too. Me and Jane were now special friends. When we was in the shower we would be next to each other in the showers that had all the shower heads, we smiled at each other. Kimmy saw us like that she smiled at me too more, and wanted to shower next to us.

After school we was walking home an' Kimmy asked me why me and Jane now shower together all the time. I told her that we was special friends now. She asked how we got to be such special friends, I told her that we had some sleepovers during Christmas vacation. She asked if I wanted to have sleepovers with her. I said it was K with me if Gary said it was K. She asked if I could come over this Friday, an' I could spend the night there. Gary said it was K with him.

Gary drived me over there, and told me to have fun. Kimmy had a mommy and daddy, an' four older brothers an' a younger sister.

They all played games in the yard, except her sister, Judy. We was playin' football it was me an' Kimmy an' her brother Charlie against her other brothers Harry, Mark, an' Fred. I never played games like that, it was so fun. It’s so nice to have friends. When the game was over Kimmy was climbing in a tree, she wanted to come up there too but I was afraid, she was high up there.

We came down an' went in the house. Judy was playing with her dolls, 'cause she is 9. But she was dressed in a nice dress an' her hair was all combed an' she looked so nice, an' pretty. She looked so different from Kimmy. Not 'cause of their hair color or anythin' 'bout they's face, you could tell they was sisters. But Judy was like a girl an' Kimmy seemed more like a boy.

Kimmy's mommy said we needed to get ready for bed. Kimmy took me in the bathroom with her, then Judy came in too. Kimmy said her an' Judy took their showers at the same time. She said we should all take one together like at school. I seen Kimmy naked, so I knowed that she had little boobies but she don't got no hair. Judy was like me she didn't have boobies or hair. We all got in the shower, it was crowded there. Kimmy said we should wash each other. She washed me an' I washed Judy, and Judy washed Kimmy. But Kimmy made it so we got our hands all soapy an' rubbed them all over each other. Kimmy spent a long time washin' my chest an' then she was washin' my pussy. It was more like she was rubbin' it for me. She said I should do it the same way to Judy. When I was doing Judy I got my finger between her lips on her pussy, and I rubbed her like Kimmy did to me. Judy opened her legs more when I was doin' it with her. Then she was doin' Kimmy the same way. We got out an' dried off an' put on our PJ's. When we was done with that they went out an' said good night to they's parents.

When we came back to they's room, Kimmy locked the door, she said it was just to be safe 'cause never check on them but just in case they do. Kimmy's side of the room had posters of sports people and things like that. But Judy's side of the room had flowers an' dolls an' pretty things.

Kimmy asked me why they call me a lezzy at school. I turned red, but I told her, “It's 'cause they say I looked at the other girls in the shower when they was naked.”

“Did you?”

I felt hot an' knowed that I was turning more red, I said “Yeah.”

Kimmy asked, “You liked seeing them naked?”

It was getting worse, but I told the truth, I said, “Yes.” Kimmy already knowed they called me lezzy, but she said it in front of Judy.

She said, “You know they call me a lezzy, too. Do you know why?”

I said, “I don't know why, but they are not very nice at school an' call lots people names.”

“They say that because I dress more like a boy and I like to play sports and do a lot of the things that boys do,” said Kimmy. “They use to just call me a tomboy, but now they call me lezzy, because I look at the other girls in the shower.”

“Ya looked at them too?” I wondered.

“Yeah, just like I liked looking at you in the shower just now. Did you like looking at me?”

I couldn't even speak but I hung my head an' just nodded yes.

Kimmy suggested, “If you want we can get undressed and we can look more.”

I was surprised that she said that, at first I didn't know what to think. But I liked to see her naked so after a couple of minutes I said K.

We started to get undressed, Judy was getting undressed too. When we was all undressed Kimmy said, “Do you want to see want to look close up at me?” Then she laid back on the bed an' spread her legs. I got down on my knees an' was lookin' at her pussy. She took her fingers an' spread her pussy open for me to see inside.

She said, “You can touch me.” I was touching her pussy and I touched her up on her bump. When I did she made a sound like air rushing in somewhere. I thought that meant she liked it.

Then she told me, “You know why else they call me a lezzy?”

I just shaked my head no.

She said, “You can't tell anyone. Do you promise?”

I said “Yeah.”

“They call me a lezzy because I am one.” said Kimmy. “I like girls. I like girls that dress up nice and have nice clothes and nice hair, girls that do really girly things.”

I said, “Ya mean like the things what Judy does?”

“Yes that exactly,” Kimmy nodded. “Judy likes girls who are more tomboyish.”

Was she saying Judy was a lezzy too? I was afraid to ask, but Kimmy must have seen it in my face.

She said, “Judy and I do lezzy sex together. Would you like to join us?”

“K” I said.

They's laid me down on Kimmy's bed on my back and they was both coming over an' lying next to me. They was kissin' me, they was using they's tongues too. I thought it kinda nasty to be kissin' Judy cause she was only 9, but I liked it. They was running they's hands over my body an' one of them got they's finger on my pussy an' was rubbing my bump. I liked that. If one person was kissin' me the other was kissin' my boobies, an' then they would change.

Then Kimmy made me move an' got down an' was licking my pussy. It felt good she licked around on the lips an' then she was puttin' her tongue inside. When she saw I don't got no cherry, she was putting her finger in me. He done it fast while she licked my bump.

Then before I knowed it, Judy was on the bed and she got over my face an' she sat down on me. I knowed that she wanted me to lick her. I could see her close up, she didn't got no hair or nothin' and her lips was small, but they opened up nicely. I was lickin' on her lips at first then I was puttin' my tongue in her too like Kimmy did to me. I could make my tongue like at small straight line an' put in her, she don't got no cherry neither. I was lickin' all around her bump and she started getting a smell 'bout her, that was tellin' me she was horny. I knowed I must have it too, 'cause I sure was. I was licking Judy an' then she got her good feelin'. It didn't take long after I gave her, it that Kimmy gave me one too.

I was tired out from that. But Kimmy wasn't too tired. She got up and got a thin marking pen, she put in her mouth and got the end all wet. I knowed was she was gonna do then, just like me an' that carrot. She stuck in her pussy. She was movin' in an' outta her pussy. Then Judy came over an' stopped Kimmy's hand. She started suckin' on the end that was stickin' outta her Kimmy's pussy, she got all wet. Then Kimmy kinda moved on her side an' Judy got on the bed. The moved they's legs so that they had one of they's leg between one of the other's leg. Then they moved close. Judy got her pussy over that marker an' it went in her pussy. So they both had that marker in them. They started humping together like me an' Gary do, when we fuckin. They was fuckin each other with that marker. I got horny watchin' that so I started rubbing my bump. I was watching them when I got my good feelin'. She got they's own right after that.

Now we was all tired out that me and Kimmy laid down in her bed. Judy went over an' unlocked the door an' then got in her bed. We all went to sleep after that.

Chapter 10

After that me and Kimmy was best friends too. Only April was still my friend but she didn't do nothin;' with me. I didn't think she done sex stuff. Her locker in the gym was away from me, Kimmy an' Jane, so she didn't shower with us. One day Jane was sick an' didn't come to school, I went over to where April's locker was, she I comed around the corner, I saw one of the girls from class come up an' ask to feel April's boobie, she just nodded her head and the other girl took the boobie in her hand an' felt it a bit.

After school I talked to her, I told her what I seen. She said that sometimes the girls come up to her an' wanna feel them, 'cause they don't got any boobies like her. She said the boys don't ask, they just walk and grab them. But she don't pay it no mind. She said that they don't mean nothing by it, they just wanted to know what they's was like.

I asked her if anyone ever played with them to make her feel good. She said no an' wondered if you could feel good by feelin' them.

I was getting' a plan, I had to ask Gary if it was all right. I wanted to have a slumber party at my house. I wanted to invite April, Kimmy and Jane, maybe we could have a fun time. When I asked Gary he said it was K with him.

We was going have it the first weekend of Easter vacation. On that Friday everybody comed over to my house an' we set things up in the living room. We all had blankets an' pillows. Gary got us a big pizza. He has a big TV an' we could watch movies an' we made popcorn to eat. Gary was there at first but then he went into his room, he just asked us not to be too noisy or stay up too late.

We watched the first movie that we put on while Gary was there, but when it was done, Kimmy went looking for more. She found Gary's naked movies. Everyone one wanted to put one on. I didn't tell them that it was one Gary got me when we was driving, last summer.

Kimmy didn't like most of it 'cause they was boys in it, but she didn't say that, I could just tell. Jane looked like she liked it, but I couldn't tell 'bout April, she just saw an' watched. When it got to the lezzy part of the movie, then Kimmy liked it more.

When they got to that part all the other girls were like quiet, like they didn't want to say anything 'bout two girls together.

Finally I said “That's different, what do ya think of that stuff?” Nobody wanted to admit to the others that they done stuff with a girl, I knowed they did 'cause I done it with them. They kinda didn't say nothing, “I said I like what they's doing.”

Jane said, “But they are doing lezzy together.”

I said, “Is it bad to do lezzy? Everybody already calls me a lezzy at school.”

Kimmy said, “I don't think it is so bad. They call me a lezzy too.”

“I don't think it's so bad what they's doing, who cares what others call me. I don't think it's bad to see it in the movie an' I don't think it’s' bad for a girl to do.”

Jane admitted “I didn't think that lezzy in the movie is so bad, I am not sure I would want someone calling me that.”

“Yeah but they call ya other names, like poor trash, they ain't nice names, but who cares? You ain't trash, ya is a nice girl an' prettier than me. Who care what others think, it's what ya think of yourself. If others call me a lezzy, so what. It don't matter to me, besides being a lezzy ain't so bad. Look at them, they's havin fun. Heck if they's gonna call me a lezzy I might was well be one, or at least I can have fun with a girl.”

Kimmy said, “But if you did lezzy things what would others say?”

“They wouldn't say nothing if they don't know. Only people who would know was the one I was doin' lezzy with. Ya all ain't gonna be telling them other people that I was willin' to do stuff with a girl.”

They all shaked they's heads no.

I said, “Ya all wanna try it? We just don't tell nobody what we done.”

Kimmy said, “I'll try it, they already call me lezzy anyway.”

Jane said, “OK I'll try it.” I knowed that they already tried it, an' Kimmy been doin' it a year with her little sister. But I didn't tell nobody's secrets.

We all looked at April, she just shrugged her shoulders an' said “OK.”

Jane said, “How we gonna do this?”

I said, “Let's make it a game.” I ran and got a bottle. I said “We are gonna spin the bottle an' whoever it points to has to take off one piece of clothes. Everybody K with that? But you gotta promise to go all the way an' take off all ya clothes. K?”

They's all said it was K with them. We done that an' April was the last one to get undressed cause she had a bra on an' we all didn't. We seen each other naked before so it wasn't much of a big thing. Then we keeped on playing with the bottle. I said, “This time when you spin it, who ever it stops on ya have to kiss her, a real kiss.” I spinned the bottle first an' it pointed to April, so I kissed her. We spent 20 minutes kissin' each other.

I said, “Ya all wanna do more?”

Kimmy and Jane said K so I turned out the lights. It was pretty dark, but ya could still see some. I said, “Who wants do it with who?”

Kimmy said “I'll go with Jane, if it's OK with you Jane?”

Jane said, “OK.”

I moved over to April an' laid down next to her an' asked her if she wanted to be with me. She just kinda nodded I was kissin' her. I ain't never felt her boobies before, they was big an' soft an' squishy, but ya couldn't mash em down too much 'cause there was a lot there of her. I started sucking on her nipples an' she was likin' that, her nipples got all hard. I moved down on her belly, it was kinda big, but she ain't fat just kinda big. She had a lotta hair on her pussy. I ain't never licked a pussy with hair like that before. It was hard to get my tongue on her lips there, but I done it some. I was suckin' on her bump an' all she screamed out kinda like me my first time. I was afraid Gary would come running out but he didn't an' the other girls looked over at us. But they went back to what they's was doin'.

Me an' April was talkin' she said she ain't never had something like that before. She said she don't play with no one, she just does it herself. She was playin' with herself since she was nine. That is when she got her first bra then, 'cause she was growing her boobies since she was 8. Even then she had some hair already. Now she has a C cup bra. She said she got her period when she was 10, and her mommy told her never to let anybody play in her underpants after that 'cause she was scared that April might get a baby.

April kissed my boobies an' sucked on them some, but my nipples don't get big like hers. I asked her to lick my pussy, so she done it. I had to help her 'cause she didn't do it so good. I was havin' her suckin' on my bump, I was fuckin' my pussy with my fingers. That was enough for me. I gived April a kiss an' I went to sleep, she did too.

Next mornin' I made breakfast for everyone, even Gary was up an' seen us all in just T-shirts, we didn't got no underpants on under them. We was eatin' an' I knowed that Gary knew that we's didn't have any on. He was tryin' to look, an' Jane was tryin' to show him without lookin like she was tryin', I knowed he seen her too. When they's left Gary was all hard from seein'g them that me an' him went back to our an' we was fuckin' He said that he would like to fuck Kimmy an' Jane. I said Jane might but Kimmy only likes girls. I told him before 'bout Kimmy an' Judy before.

Chapter 11

On Monday I was home it was the first day of Easter vacation, a man called asking for the guardian of Megan Wilson, I said it was Gary an' said he was at work. He said it was important that he talked to him right away. I gave him Gary's work number an' he called him. Then Gary called an' asked me to get him Mr. Shultz's phone number.

Gary came home a little after that sayin' he was takin' the rest of the week off, an' I need to pack some clothes, we was takin' a trip. He said to take my school ID an' he got my birth certificate an' we left next mornin'. He didn't say where we was goin' or nothin'.

We went to Philadelphia an' went to the airport. It was kinda exciting I didn't never go in an airplane before, it was fun. We flyed to Denver, I been there before when Gary was drivin' the truck. But then we got there, we changed to a smaller airplane an' went to Great Falls.

Then I knowed that we was goin' to Montana. I was worried that Gary was takin' me back an' was gonna give me back to mommy. I didn't do nothin' wrong. Why was he takin' me back? He said he loved me, he didn't love me no more? Mommy didn't want me back did she? She signed them papers an' the judge said I could stay with Gary. Gary was quite an' not sayin' nothin'. He didn't look very happy since he got home yesterday, an' he was makin' lots of phone calls where I couldn't hear what he was sayin'.

We got to Great Falls an' he got a car an' was drivin' back to my home. I was getting' more scared. We stopped at a motel near my old town. We got a room an' went in; he sat me down an' then told me that mommy got dead. I was all mixed up inside, I don't got a mommy no more? Was Gary givin' me away?

I didn't know what to think or feel, I just cried. But Gary held me. He said he was takin' care of things an' I shouldn't worry. He said he loved me an' would take care of me. That made me feel better, but I still cried for a long time. He just held me while I did.

The next day we went to Mr. Schultz's place an' I could see Uncle Dan's house. It was all burned up. They said mommy was smoking an' fell asleep and her cigarette made the house get on fire. She got burned up in the fire.

The next day they did a thin' for mommy, but the only people there was me, Gary, Mr. an' Mrs. Shultz, and Mr. Lewis. The did some cremation thin' of mommy. The next day we went to the graveyard an' we took this small vase with stuff in it that was all that was left of mommy. They opened up where grandpa and Uncle Dan was, an' we put in the ground with them. Me an' Gary was the only ones there. I was there to say goodbye to mommy.

When the house burned up it burned the front mostly, an' my room was in the back so it didn't go there. We walked around the house, mommy had gotten rid of most of my things, but some of my books, like “Hop on Pop” an' ones like that an' my fairy tales, was there, they wasn't burned or nothin', an' my posters on my wall of Kermit an Miss Piggy, that grandpa got me, was still there. Gary took them down an' we took them an' the books.

Then we spent the rest of the day at Mr. Schultz's. They said I'd grown an' was taller an' I was bigger too, like I was getting fat. Not really fat just not skinny like I was before. They said being with Gary was doin' good for me. They said they would buy Uncle Dan's place. Them an' Gary went to a lawyer's office Gary was signin' for me, 'cause he said it was mine now that mommy was dead. They was gonna put the money in an account for me, it was just mine.

I was happy to see Mr. an' Mrs. Schulz again, but I was sad 'bout mommy. Gary was tellin' me all the time, he loved me an' he would take care of me. We flyed home on Saturday an' got home late that night.

Early the next mornin' Gary got me up an' we was goin' to the church. He said it was Easter an' we was gonna go to the sunrise service. It' wasn't hardly light but they was having church. The preacher was sayin' how on Easter Jesus came back to life from being dead. He said that Jesus would raise the dead when He come back. So maybe I would see mommy, grandpa, an' Uncle Dan again. I felt better.

Chapter 12

Me an' Ellen had been talkn' on the phone a lot even when I was doin' sleepovers with girls from school. But Gary said for my birthday he would take me an' Ellen to Hershey Park again, that weekend. He even got us two rooms so that me an' Ellen could have a room to ourselves, Gary was next door.

I was 12 now, an' I was getting' some boobies, I wanted to show them to Ellen. She liked them, an' hers was growing more. She even had more hair, but I still didn't. After the park we got back an' we got naked in our room. I was suckin' on her boobies, we both liked that. Then she sucked on mine. It was nice to have somethin' to finally suck on.

I was lickin' all around Ellen's pussy, her lips was fatter now an' her bump got even bigger. I was lickn' it an' rubbin' her hole. She said I could put my finger in her hole. I did, she was having me fucker with my fingers I was suckin' on her bump at the same time. Then she got her good feelin'.

I asked her, “How come I can get my fingers in you now? I couldn't last time we was together at Thanksgiving.”

“You won't tell any one, will you?”

“Heck no I don't tell 'bout sex stuff.”

She said, “I do sex with Billy, please don't tell no one OK?”

“He puts his thingy in you?” I asked.

“Yeah, it is pretty good,” said Ellen, nodding. “He is kinda small but that way it didn't hurt much the first time. Besides he doesn't make any cum so I can't get pregnant from him. But I got some condoms from a friend, in case I met an older boy.”

“Wow Ellen you would do that with an older boy too?”

“Yeah, I would. I hope you don't get mad but I think that Uncle Gary is so cute, I wouldn't mind if he did it with me,” said Ellen. “You aren't mad that I said that?”

“No, I ain't mad,” I said. “You really would want to do that with him?”

Ellen said, “Yeah, you wouldn't mind?”

“It's K with me, but how to ask him to do it?” I said. “ You want me to ask him?”

I got off the bed and went to the door between the rooms an' opened it, I went it an' just told Gary that Ellen wanted to do fuckin' with him. He came back in the room. He asked Ellen if that was true, she was 'bout crying she was so red, but she shaked her head yes.

Gary said, “Ellen you can't ever tell anyone.”

“I won't tell anyone Uncle Gary, I promise!” she said shaking a little.

“Let me see you naked.” She took the blankets off her, and he seen her.

He took off his clothes but he wasn't hard yet. But I was kinda upset 'cause Ellen was gonna get two good feelin's an' I didn't get one yet. Gary knowed this. He said for Ellen to lay on the bed on her back at the edge, an' me to get up on her face. He said Ellen had to lick my pussy. He told her that if she told 'bout him, he would tell about me an' Ellen.

He was watchin' me an' Ellen, I could see him, that made him get hard. He took Ellen's condom an' put it on. Then he went over an' took his thingy an' put it in her pussy. I knowed that she was filled up from him, but she liked it, just like me. He was fuckin' her fast, then slow and movin' all around in her, she was feelin' real good I could tell. Sometimes she was forgettin' to lick me. But she did an' I got the good feelin's. Her an' Gary did too 'bout the same time. Then Gary got out of her, his condom was all full of his cum. But we all had a good time. Ellen said Gary was a lot better than Billy, but she could teach Billy how to do it, since now she knows how to do it, from a good fucker.

We slept in a little late an’ we didn't get to the Park early, so we didn't get to ride as many rides. But we had fun any way. We took Ellen home that night. When we was drivin' back, Gary asked me how I felt 'bout him fuckin' Ellen. I said it was K with me. Then he asked if maybe he could do it with Jane, I said it was K with me.

Chapter 13

On the last day of school I had Jane over for a sleepover. We watched movies with Gary. After the second DVD was done it was late an' Gary said to go get ready for bed. Me an' Jane went into the bathroom an' we taked a shower. We washed each other like we didn't do at school. It was nice touching her, her boobies was growing, an' mine was too now finally. I liked it when she washed mine. We was playing with each other an' kissin' under the water. We stayed that way until the hot water was running out. We dried off an' we walked to my room naked. Gary was there an' he could see us. Jane saw him an' she stopped an' turned to face him, so he could see her. Then she walked on to my room.

When we was in there, she said “He saw me naked.”

“Of course he saw you, you stopped to show him.” I said.

“Do you know, does he like me?” Jane asked.

I said, “Yeah he likes all my friends, you, Kimmy an' April.”

Jane said, “Do you think he likes sex with girls like us?”

“You mean girls our age?” I said. “ He could get in trouble if he did that.”

“I wouldn't tell on him, Megan.” Jane reassured me.

“Why would want him?” I asked. “When you got Ralph any time ya want.”

“I have seen Homer's dick and it is a lot bigger than Ralph's I was wondering if it is bigger would it be better. Gary must be bigger than Ralph. Megan you seen him naked, is he bigger than Ralph?”

“Yeah, I guess. I ain't never seen him hard, like I seen Ralph,” I lied. “C'mon let’s get in bed.”

We was kissin' in bed an' I could smell the pussy smell that I can smell when I was doin' fuckin' with Ellen. I knowed that Jane was getting' horny, an' I was too. I feeled her boobies, but she was pushin' me down, she wanted me to lick her pussy. I was wantin' to do that.

Her pussy was starting to get a little hair on it, but it was above the slit, and her lips were still hairless an' I liked lickin' them. I moved around so she could lick me too. I was using my fingers to open her lips an' had my mouth around her bump, she was tellin' me to fuck her. So I put my fingers in her pussy an' was doin' that for her. She was stickin' her tongue in my pussy and fuckin' me with it she was usin' her fingers an' rubbing on my bump. We both got our good feelin's 'bout the same time. I was tired and went to sleep quickly after we got them.

I waked up early an' had go pee. Jane wasn't in my bed. When I was done in the bathroom, I peeked in Gary's room. Jane was in the bed with him, they was sleepin'. I went back to sleep. When I waked up again in the mornin' Jane was in bed with me. She wanted me to think that she sleeped all night with me, but I knowed that she got up and went to fuck with Gary. I didn't say nothin' to her that I knowed that she done it.

When she went home, I talked to Gary. I said “Did you like fuckin' with Jane?”

“I thought that you knew that she was in with me, I was going to tell you if you didn't know,” said Gary. “You didn't mind that she came in to me? She was OK but she wasn't you. She came to me, just so you knew, I didn't go and get her or invite her into our bed.”

“No, I knowed that she wanted to fuck with ya, an' I told you it was K with me. I ain't mad 'bout it.” Then I smiled at him so he knowed that I still loved him.

He said, “Come here.” Then he kissed me, it got my pussy all itchy. I could feel him getting' all big an' hard. He picked me up an' carried me to our bed. He undressed me and then he pulled off his clothes. I wanted his thingy. I was lickin' it like he told me. It was like a ice cream I was lickin' up the sides an' takin' the top in my mouth an' sucked and licked on it at the same time. I got his thingy real wet, he knowed when I do that I want him to fuck me.

He got on top of me an put it in me, but he was gentile an' was kissin' me he was goin' slow an' deep at first, He was saying stuff in my ear, like he loves me. He was getting' faster, but it wasn't as deep. He knows that I like it that way slow then finish goin' faster. When we's at the end he goes fast and deep in me. I love that. We got the good feelin's at the same time, an' I liked the feelin' when he gets me all wet inside with his cum. He pulled outta me an' some of it was runnin' outta me.

He told me “We have to start being careful because you will get your period before too long, and I didn't want you to get pregnant. It might give us away. Besides you are too young to have babies now.”

I said, “If you want, I will give you a baby.”

He kissed me, said “I would love that Megan, but we need to wait. You know that when you are 18 you won't need a guardian any longer. Maybe then we can make some babies. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes Gary I would love to do that.”

Gary said, “I might have to marry you first Megan, you know.”

“Oh, Gary I would love that!” I cried. “I could be your wife.”

“In the meantime we need to get you to the doctor and he will give you a shot so you don't get pregnant for now,” Gary said. “Do you know has Jane gotten her periods yet?”

I said, “I don't know, but I don't think so. “

He said, “I used a condom with her any way just in case. But I didn't want to use condoms with you because I want it to be skin to skin when we are together.

I knowed that he wants it that way 'cause he loves me.

Chapter 14

It's past July now an' it's a year since I first meeted Gary, when mommy brought me to see him, so he could fuck me. It is so nice that I meeted him. I live with him in a nice place, an' I ain't hungry all the time anymore.

In late winter me an' Gary planted lots a fruit trees. In spring he plowed a lot of ground for a garden. It is growin' good, an' Gary helps me with it. I got the garden, but I don't just get to eat only from it. We go shopping every week. We'll have nice fresh vegetables an' fruit in fall.

I'm outta school an' me an' Gary take trips. He said he would show me the country. He was teachin' me more 'bout history. We go places to see stuff; like he took me to this place where they had a big fight between the blues and grays, not too far away at some place called Gettysburg.

Since it's summer I can have more sleepovers with my friends. I like doin' sex stuff with the girls. I wanted to do some things with April, but she don't seem to like sex much. Me an' Kimmy do sex all the time, we do it with Judy too. I do sex with Jane, but sometimes she tries to sneak into bed with Gary. But that is K, she is my friend. I am nice to her, sometimes I let her borrow some of my clothes to wear. I like it best when I can do it with Ellen. When she stays over with me, we all do it together, me an' Ellen, then her an' Gary. An' Gary an' me fuck all the time.

It is so much better than it was a year ago, before I knowed Gary. I am living happily ever after.

Author's note: This is Megan's story and it spoken in her words. It is the words of one who was raised by a mother who didn't care about her, or her education As a parent Donna was not well educated herself, and as she didn't care about education.

As a result Donna didn't speak proper English, as a consequence her daughter speaks the same substandard English. The spelling and grammar are effort to represent how Megan speaks.

The author does know how to spell and use proper grammar. “Misspellings and improper grammar are deliberate to render some of Megan's character.

As always thanks to my editor Nicknason for all his help and work.

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2015-06-23 02:17:59
Guys she's not a southerner until later in the story she's from Montana which is in the north she just grew up with bad English

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2015-06-23 00:30:49
Guys she's not a southerner until later in the story she's from Montana which is in the north she just grew up with bad English

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In general add more accent and less "dumb" I live in the deep south and have never heard anyone talk like this. I know a lot of backwoods people too.
"It's so nice that I meeted Gregory."
when in doubt remember that southerners are lazy speakers. "Meeted" is a pain in the ass to say. We would say. "It's nice I met 'em" "course I met 'em, ma!" Pleasure ta' meet ya'll." "Nice to meet ya!" How yeh' doin, little lady?"

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