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Steve meets the scream queen
It was early the next morning and Steve was leaning against the railing looking out over the ocean, he was still trying to get to grips with the new life he had been bundled into. Four days ago he was just a normal college student, soaking up sun during the summer vacation; he saved a young girl named Lily, whose father was Donald Goldstein, a multi-billionaire. Donald offered him a job and the terms was so good that Steve could not really refuse, the first day on the job he found out that his new job entailed him to find starlets, “buy” their “services”, basically they had to be a naked platter. Not only was this a shocker, but he also met his predecessor’s last “deal”, Lucy Lawless, of course he was thrilled to see the Xena and Spartacus star naked, but things didn’t end there, they ended up having sex in her cabin’s shower, like she said: “What happens on the yacht, stays on the yacht.”

He drained the last of his coffee and looked over his shoulder as footsteps approached, it was Donald, Donald came to lean against the railing next to him, dressed in khaki Capri’s, a blue golf t-shirt and brown loafers, Donald still oozed money, confidence and respect. The two of them stared out over the blue ocean for some time and then Donald turned to him,

“Do you have anybody in mind for next week?”

Steve nodded,

“I do, I’m just curious to know if you will approve of her.”

Donald smiled slightly,

“As long as she is famous and have been in at least one blockbuster, she will be fine.”

Steve arched an eyebrow,

“Lucy wasn’t in any blockbusters…”

Donald raised a finger,

“Indeed, but she is an international figure due to one role she played, that is enough. Just make sure they are famous Steve. Now who do you have in mind?”

“Jamie Lee Curtis”

Donald nodded,

“Not a bad choice, get it done.”

Steve nodded and Donald turned and walked away, Steve stared after him, wondering how the man’s head worked. He then shrugged and took the empty cup down to the galley, getting himself breakfast and after that he hit the internet, looking up contact details and any work Jamie could be busy with. Luckily it seemed like she was between productions at the time and he found a number for her agent, he used the number to phone and after a bit of haggling he got a meeting set for the next day.

The funny thing about being the problem solver is that you tend to search all avenues and resources available to sort out the problem. Steve was not known to do just this, instead he just set his mind to sort out a problem and for some reason problems just seem to sort themselves out. But then again, having billions in backing, it made his job a little bit easier. Two hours after his call he was on the Goldstein helicopter and on his way to Santa Monica for his meeting with the Scream Queen.

He landed three hours early for their meeting, he searched for an attorney’s office close to the meeting and found several, but only came highly recommended by most of the mentions, Sam&Steve attorneys at law. He phoned them, wanting to know if there was an opening for the day and as his luck would have it, he got an appointment within the next ten minutes. Being dressed in a suit like he was, he sure wasn’t going to walk there, so a short cab ride later, he made it just in time.

Adjusting his tie, he stepped through the double glass doors with the attorney’s logo on them, the reception area was spacious, neat and well furnished, he had to admit that the black leather would not have worked if there was no air-conditioning. The receptionist welcomed him with a smile, she was a cute brunette, petite and quite short even in heels, she escorted him personally to a door, knocked and opened it, Steve thanked her and stepped inside. He had a meeting with Sam Nelson, what caught Steve off-guard was the fact that Sam turned out to be a tall redheaded woman whose suit had to be tailored as the skirt accentuated her curves without being too obvious about it, her jacket hugged her middle, but flared out enough to cover her quite generous breasts, which of course hid behind a well tailored shirt, but Steve knew big breasts when he saw them.

Below that slightly curly red hair, two blue eyes smiled at him along with her red lips, her skin was flawless as far as he could see and if she did hide it under make-up she wasn’t using a lot. Her cheekbones was high and along with her narrow jaw, gave her an elvish look, or either how people think an elf should look like.

“Good morning mister Gordon, I’m Samantha Nelson, most people call me Sam.”

Steve shook her cool hand,

“Good morning ma’am, you sure have a very nice place here.”

She smiled again at him and moved back to her desk, Steve could not help but admire her ass as she moved back around the desk. She motioned for him to take a seat and they both sat down, he leaned back in the chair and managed to keep his eyes above her neckline, not that her shirt exposed anything, but it was clear that men would be looking.

“So how can I help you mister Gordon?”

“Well I recently gained employment from an employer, he has no problem with money and have urged me to gain temporary employment from very well-known ladies. Since this is a rather sensitive outing for these people I have wondered if there is any type of contract that could be written up to protect these ladies’ privacy and of course my employer should anything go wrong.”

The manicured eyebrows rose slightly and Steve wondered if he had said something wrong, instead she pulled a legal pad closer and started to write up something,

“These famous women, they are in public eye?”

Steve nodded,

“Very much, you can say public figures.”

She nodded,

“Celebrities then, this temporary employment, is it anything illegal?”

Steve thought for a while,

“Well to be honest I’m not sure.”

Sam paused and looked up at him,

“What do they need to do?”

Steve could feel a blush creeping up from under his collar,

“They are to be human platters.”

Another rise of the eyebrows,

“They need to lie naked, covered in food?”

Steve nodded,

“Well if you get somebody to agree to that and they go willingly it is not really outside the law…”

“They are also just there for a maximum of four hours, they are only seen by selected guests, no cameras or any imaging happens. It is all to keep this a secret and of course to keep the lady’s image intact.”

Sam nodded,

“So it is just for show, nothing else happens?”

Steve paused and Sam looked up at him again, her look rather hard for Steve to read,

“Well…nothing apart from just for show happens without her consent.”

Sam’s smile spoke volumes of what she deducted from the pause, Steve felt that she knew, but she returned her gaze to the pad and kept writing, when she was done; she slid the pad over to Steve.

“Read it through, it is a rough draft, but as it stands there, it will be a legal document.”

Steve read through the document and nodded, it was basically what he had in mind, it protected both Mr Goldstein and whomever they get to agree to go to the boat if anything should ever leak out. He slid the pad back to her,

“Can it be typed and faxed?”

He paused,

“All of it in discretion of course.”

Sam’s teeth flashed white behind the red lipstick,

“Of course Mister Gordon, it will increase the fee though to fax it.”

Sam shrugged,

“It doesn’t matter, this is something I’m sure Mister…I mean my boss would like.”

Sam considered him for a few moments, then called in her secretary, handing her the papers,

“Mister Gordon will give you a number, type it up and fax it through please.”

Compared to Samantha the secretary was a bit mousy, her dirty blonde hair tied back into a bun, the glasses and slightly baggy clothing gave her an air of inferiority. Steve gave her the number, which she scribbled down on the legal pad and headed through the door back to her office. Steve glanced at his watch, this was going much quicker than he had thought it would go,

“So Mister Gordon, you have me very curious now and since we are under attorney/client privacy I am very certain that you rest assured that what you say will be save.”

Steve fidgeted slightly,

“But I still have the right to not answer if I wish?”

Sam smiled and nodded,

“Of course, this is not a hearing of any sort. So Steve, may I call you Steve?”

He nodded,

“Aren’t you a bit young to be doing this kind of work?”

Steve chuckled,

“I’m sure I’ll be hearing that a lot. I figure that I am, but then again I’m twenty one, so not too young.”

Sam smiled,

“And what is your work capacity with your new employer?”

Steve scratched his jaw,

“I think it is called Personal Mediator.”

Sam blinked,

“You’re a problem solver?”

Steve nodded,

“That can be very dangerous if you are working for the wrong people Steve.”

Steve nodded again,

“I know, but I don’t think Mister Goldstein is a very dangerous man.”

This information clearly took Sam by surprise,

“You mean to tell me that you’re working for Mister Donald Goldstein?”

Steve wondered if he had perhaps said too much, but nodded to her question, she leaned back in her chair and just as she was about to ask something else the secretary came in, handing over a few sheets of paper.

“Thank you Sarah, it went through?”

The secretary nodded, Steve pulled out his cellphone, he was sure that Donald would have been informed of the fax already, he dialled Donald’s number, who picked up on the second ring.

“Yes Steve?”

“Have you received the fax I sent sir?”

“Ah so it is from you, I was just beginning to worry when they told me it’s from an attorney’s office. What is it about?”

“Well it is a document for the private functions sir, I noticed that we have no legal protection should something go wrong. Since I had some time before my meeting, I decided to ask some professional help on this.”

There was a short silence on the other side and Steve could hear pages ruffling,

“I’m impressed Steve, you’re setting a very high standard for yourself. Carl never thought about something like this. I will send this over to Burk&Bailey and let them place it under our documents, who are you meeting with over there?”

“Sam Nelson sir”

A chuckle came over the lines,

“I hear she is one of the best, from this it certainly seems like they’re right, I have been thinking of moving up from Burk&Bailey, see what you can organize for us over there.”

Steve nodded,

“Yes sir, I will do that.”

A sneaky thought came to mind and from Sam’s reaction to Mister Goldstein’s name, his idea might just work. He got up,

“Thank you ma’am, Mister Goldstein is pleased with your work, can I have a copy of those papers?”

If there was gears to grind, Steve was sure he would hear them move in Samantha’s head, she slid the papers over to him.

“I do hope we can work together again in the future Mister Gordon…”

Steve paused and looked at her, giving her a slight smile,

“Well since I do work for Mister Goldstein and this was basically a once-off, I doubt it, unless of course Mister Goldstein gets a notion to move away from Burke&Baley.”

‘Easy tiger, don’t over-do it’

He admonished himself, but it did seem that his lure had the desired effect, a whimsical look came over Sam’s face before she could hide it. She gave him a smile and from the few minutes he had dealt with her, he was sure this was no professional smile either.

“Well perhaps he could be persuaded by somebody who has seen the operation?”

Steve glanced at his watch and gave her a smile,

“I’m sure that can be arranged, but I have to get to a meeting. Do I just pay the bill at reception?”

Sam got to her feet, her blue eyes considering him for a few moments,

“Can we arrange a meeting to discuss this endeavour?”

Steve nodded,

“Sure ma’am, when do you have an opening?”

She quickly typed on her computer and scrolled with her mouse,

“Next week Tuesday.”

Steve was actually pleasantly surprised, the party was for the same day, so he could come in with the helicopter, meet with Sam and head back out. He just hoped that he could secure Mrs Curtis’ “services”

“That would be perfect, say around eleven?”

She typed a quick note and nodded, holding out her hand to him,

“It was good meeting you Mister Gordon, you can pay the bill at reception if you want or give her an address to send it to.”

Steve shook her hand,

“Thank you ma’am, I shall see you next week Tuesday then.”

Steve paid the bill, which was surprisingly low for the degree of work and headed out, he had an hour left before the meeting, he got a cab and gave the driver the address. Half an hour later Steve found himself outside a tall white house, with red tiled roof, straightening his tie and suit, he pressed the gate’s buzzer, he looked up at the security camera,


“I’m here to see Mrs Curtis?”

There was a long pause and then a click, a side gate swung open and Steve stepped through, he followed the paved pathway to the house’s front door, as he mounted the steps, the front door opened.

‘I am not going to get used to this am I?’

Jamie Lee Curtis stood in the doorway, she was dressed in black slacks and a loose jersey, her hair dyed her original brown, but still in a short style and she was barefooted. Well not what you would expect from a baroness, but he was not here to judge her.

“You must be Mister Gordon?”

Steve nodded,

“Yes I am.”

She studied him for a while, probably mulling over why he’s so young, then she stepped aside,

“Come in, you are early, but I’m sure that will not be a problem.”

He stepped past her and stopped inside, she breezed past him and he followed,

“I phoned around Mister Gordon, your employer is quite a name.”

Steve nodded at her back,

“Yes ma’am, I was quite surprised to meet him in person.”

She chuckled,

“You have to excuse me, we’re busy packing, my husband is away on business and I have to get ready to fly to New York later, I’m hosting a fundraiser.”

“Oh no problem at all ma’am, I will try and not take up too much of your time.”

They entered a room, the windows looked out onto a garden, the sunlight streamed in through the windows and comfortable sofas stood around a low coffee table on which a tray with coffee stood. Steve got himself a cup of coffee on Jamie’s insistence and they sat down to talk. Of course at first she flatly refused, she was topless In a movie and that still haunted her, to Steve it seemed like she would be chasing him out of her home any minute. Steve sighed and then a plan popped into his head,

“What if we offer very generous donations to your various funds and causes?”

This of course made her pause, her eyes narrowed slightly,

“How generous?”

Steve drained his cup,

“You give the names and the amounts and we will pay it.”

She pursed her lips and sat back into the sofa she was sitting on, Steve could see her mind was doing wild calculations,

“I can even offer to let you talk to a person who has done it, but it will be only between us as it is something a person would not like to boast about.”

She stared at him for a few moment,

“Any amount to every place I name?”

Steve nodded,

“And I will be able to talk to somebody who has been there?”

Again Steve nodded.

“Alright, but first I want that call, then I will make up my mind.”

Luckily Steve had prepared for this, he pulled out his phone and called up Lucy Lawless’ number, then he pushed the dial button. The phone rang for a while and then Lucy answered,


“Hi Lucy it’s Steve.”

“Ah hello Steve, didn’t expect you to phone me so quickly.”

Steve chuckled,

“Actually I need your help…”

“Sure, what is it?”

“I need you to talk to somebody.”

There was a slight pause,

“You’re trying to get somebody to do what I did?”


“OK let me talk to her.”

Steve handed the phone over to Jamie who still looked a bit dubious about it all, her eyes lightened up when she heard Lucy’s voice. She listened intently for a few moments,

“And that’s it?”

She listened for a few moments more and glanced at Steve,

“Yes he’s here…”

She gave a small smile,

“Ok thanks Lucy…no not a problem, I can arrange that…thank you, bye.”

She handed the phone to Steve, who saw that the call was disconnected; he slid the phone back into his pocket.

“OK Steve, I will do it, but I have three conditions, you transfer the donations today, you visited me as a fan and nothing ever comes out, I never want to hear or read about this ever.”

Steve nodded and pulled out the folded papers he had in his other pocket, he unfolded it and held it out to her.

“This is just a rough draft, but if you want you can sign a contract like this within the next two days.”

She leaned over, picking up a pair of reading glasses that lay on the lamp table next to her and slipped them on, reading through the contract and nodded when she was done.

“I would like that, you can send it to my agent, she will make sure I get it.”

Steve took the papers from her and slid them back into his pocket,

“I’m sure we can arrange that.”

He got to his feet, ready to leave, when Jamie spoke up,

“Close and lock the door.”

He looked questioningly at her, she was chewing on her lower lip,

“You heard me, close and lock the door.”

Steve couldn’t refuse the obvious order in her voice and did as she asked, when he turned to face her, she had already gotten up and stood close to him, her hands reached up to undo his tie, then she slipped off his jacket.

“Lucy told me everything and told me to take a chance if I got it.”

She smirked,

“Of course if you are praised so much by her, I just have to find out for myself.”

As she spoke, her hands unbuttoned his shirt, tucking it out of his pants and then sliding it off of his body, she assessed his bared torso and nodded slightly,

“Not too bad at all, now…”

She looked up at him a mischievous glint in her eyes,

“Let’s see if you were worth Lucy’s praise.”

Steve of course was flabbergasted, here he was, trying to convince a baroness to get naked for a party, one chat with a fellow actress and she was busy stripping him. What on earth was said? To his credit he actually got his bearings when she undid his belt and unzipped his pants. His suit pants, though it fit well, slid over his legs, leaving just his briefs between his cock and her gaze. He stopped her reaching hands and when she looked up at him, he gave her a small smile,

“This is hardly fair now is it? What about you?”

She gave him a grin and without a word pulled the jersey over her head, she was naked underneath,

‘She must have a very strict work-out regime’

Steve thought as he looked at her body, she was still as firm and trim as in her old movies, her breasts presented themselves proudly, her dark nipples visibly hardening, as she started to pull down her slacks, he quickly undid his shoes, pulling his socks off and stepping out of his pants. As he stood up he had to admit, she had one rocking body for a lady of her age, all firm and supple, but then again she could afford a personal trainer and work hard to keep her body that way. She paused for a moment and hooked her thumbs into the black thong she was wearing, involuntarily he thought of her bedroom scene in True Lies, but this view made him think much more about Trading Places, where there was a short topless scene.

As she eased her thong down, he slid his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs and pushed them down, his cock was already rising to the occasion and nobody could blame him at all. The way she had stripped off his clothing and stripped out of her own clothing, showed him that this will be more than just a good stare, she clearly wanted more and he was not one to disappoint a lady. He was quite surprised to see that she had a well-trimmed bikini cut, it was really not what he was expecting from her, given her status and age, but then again, she might as well be doing this for little meetings like this.

She stepped back to him, her one hand folding over his thickening shaft and slowly stroked it, her other hand reached up and he leaned in, his lips finding her neck to kiss the soft skin just below her ear. From the soft moan he guessed that she liked it. He placed his hands on her hips and slowly slid them up her back; her skin was velvety soft to the touch and the muscles firm. She arched her neck for his kisses, the moans increasing in volume just as the hand’s motions that were stroking his cock, by now he was hard enough for her to know that he was very ready.

Quite unknown to Steve, he had stumbled onto one of Jamie’s erogenous spots, her body pressed against his shuddered in her delight and even in this position he could feel her nipples harden against his body where her breasts pressed firmly against him. As his kisses continued she rolled her neck, allowing him to get to the other side of her neck, the fingers of one hand ran through her soft hair, short as they were, they still gave him plenty to stroke through. By now his cock pressed hard against her, very obvious and throbbing under the soft skin of her hand.

His other hand trailed down her supple spine and found the curve of her buttocks, stroking the soft skin with his fingers as he settled his hand over one buttock, giving it a gentle squeeze, feeling the firm muscles underneath, she really did look after her body very well. She gently pushed away from him, then pulled him down to her, her lips locking hungrily onto his, it was clear that he was not the only one turned on by this encounter, prompted by the words of another starlet.

Her tongue slid into his mouth and he met it with his own, they probed and prodded at each other, her body pressed up against his as much as she could. Still kissing, she moved backwards, drawing him after her, but when they got to the sofa she had been sitting on, she seemed at a loss at what to do. Steve on the other hand had lots of ideas, of course he had the advantage of numerous evenings watching porn, being a geek did not mean you were not human.

He slowly pulled his mouth from hers, their lips parting with a soft suction sound; she looked up at him, partly puzzled, but lust clear in her eyes and face. He turned her around and pushed her gently forward, she leaned forward, as she lost her balance, she caught herself on the backrest of the sofa. Grabbing her hips he pushed forward, finally getting the idea, she got onto the sofa, resting on her knees. Though far from experienced, Steve knew exactly what they both wanted and taking one hand from her hip, he guided his throbbing cock down, as the damp tip slid over the skin of her buttocks, she arched her back, pushing out her ass.

Steve ran the tip of his cock over the wet lips of her pussy, he was quite intrigued that she was so worked up, perhaps the baron did not entertain her as much as one would think. An impatient backwards thrust of her hips, reminded him that they did not have the luxury of time, nor a lot of privacy from the huge windows looking out to the garden. The tip of his cock dipped into the opening of her pussy and she gasped, a moan followed as he pushed forward, holding on to her hips, using his grip as leverage to push deeper into her. Her muscles contracted around his entering shaft, seemingly to pull him in deeper and this is what he did, pushed ever deeper into her.

He thought what a curious sight it would be from outside, since she was clearly highlighted in the sun streaming in. Her hands resting on the backrest, her dark nipples erect on her naked breasts and her eyes closed as her mouth worked out her soft moans of pleasure. The thought turned him on more than he already was, he pulled slowly back, her pussy trying to clamp down on him, even with the tightness of her walls closing down on him, the lubrication of her juices allowed him to slide back. He pushed forward again, harder this time, pulling her back by her hips until he felt the soft skin of her ass pressing against his groin.

He started moving inside of her, pulling back and thrusting deep into her, any admiration he felt for her near silence was swept up in the feel of her body rocking back against him, her teeth clearly clenched as her moans was muffled. He slid his hands up from her hips, there was no need to pull her into his thrusts, she was meeting them on her own, he covered her breasts with his hands, squeezing the soft mounds, her hard nipples easy targets for his fingers, rubbing and even lightly pinching them, she shuddered under the new sensations, leaning down, her face pressed against the cushion of the backrest.

He kept on massaging her breasts, pinching her nipples as he thrust his cock repeatedly into her, she twisted her head sharply to one side, he could see her teeth and realized she was biting into the cushion to smother her sounds, sounds which still reached his ears. As they moved together, meeting each other’s thrust with their own, her fingers clamped down on the backrest and he felt her pussy suddenly clamp down even harder onto his cock, releasing only momentarily before clamping down again, giving him no chance to even try and move. A few moments later the clamping of her pussy subsided enough for him to thrust deep into her again, by the third thrust he found that his groin slapped wetly against her ass, juices dripped from his swinging balls, as strange as he found this, he loved the sound.

After the brief interruption of his strokes, he was soon back into rhythm, this time the wet smacking sounds marked each thrust, finally releasing her breasts, he grabbed hold of her hips and basically held her in place as he thrust hard into her, quickly he could feel his orgasm building up, this prompted him to thrust faster, his groin slapping hard and fast against her ass as his cock pistoned repeatedly into the depths of her pussy. This made him approach his point of no return faster and just before he could pull out of her pussy, it clamped down on his cock again, keeping him in place as she moaned loudly into the cushion, he had nowhere to go and could not stop, his cum erupted from his trapped cock, she continued to moan as his cock throbbed, filling her with his cum.

They both collapsed onto the sofa, breaths racing as she basically settled into his lap, his cock buried deep inside of her. He knew that she knew he had just cum inside of her, he waited for her anger, but after a few moments of heavy breathing, she started to regain some of her composure, she hurriedly glanced at her wristwatch and slipped from his cock, groaning softly as it slipped out of her, he deemed it appropriate to ask for forgiveness,

“I’m sorry, I…”

She paused and turned around,

“Sorry? First time I hear that.”

He frowned,

“Well I…uhm…”

It seemed that she understood and a chuckle came from her lips, she turned and started to pull on her clothes,

“It’s fine, you really don’t have to worry about it.”

As she pulled up her slacks, she looked over her shoulder at him,

“You have to get dressed too, I’m sure that the staff would be close to finish packing by now.”

Her words set him into motion, he had much more clothing to get into and by the time he was getting into his shoes she was already dressed and stood watching him, a slight smile on her face as he shrugged into his shirt, sticking it into his pants after buttoning it and slipped on his tie,

“At least Lucy has good taste, that I must admit.”

Steve felt a blush washing over his cheeks, making her laugh softly, she moved to unlock and open the door, as he slipped into his jacket, she motioned for him to follow her,

“So I will be seeing you next week?”

He nodded,

“I have some business in town, so I will be coming in along with the helicopter.”

She was leading him towards the front door,

“Remember to send that contract to my agent.”

Steve nodded as she opened the front door,

“I will be very sure about that, the list?”

She gave him a small grin,

“I’ll send that when I get the contract, a deal is a deal.”

She stuck out her hand and he automatically took it,

“And that seals the deal Mister Gordon.”

He chuckled and left, the garden gate clicking open for him as he came up to it and he left the grounds, he glanced only once back at the house,


Was the only word he could think of.


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