This is part of the Some Things Change series, but also apart. This version is viewed from the Point of View of Jane, one of the twin daughters from the original series, but was from the viewpoint of the father. This series can be read on it's own as there is no crossover from one series of stories to the other as they run concurrently. ( More chapters will be added as and when they are written. )
Jane’s Story

Chapter 1

I’m so happy we were finally moving house, since mommy died I hated living in the old one it wasn’t the same without her. I miss her, I miss her not getting me up in the morning, making breakfast and driving my and my sister Janet to school, then picking us up…But that was a long time ago. Daddy makes a good mommy, he takes care of us now. He even left work to look after us properly even though for a long time me and Janet were

Me and Janet can’t wait to get there, it has a pool and we have our red bikinis on under our clothes. So we can jump right in, daddy said it was ok, as he was going to be busy anyway and we’d just get in the way.

“Are we there yet daddy?” Me and Janet asked.
“No girls, not far now.”

Me and Janet are identical twins and 13 years old, we look exactly the same and everything. We even sometimes speak at the same time and say the same thing, even ask the same question at the same time. We don’t do that when we are talking to each other, that would be weird.
“Are we there yet daddy?” Me and Janet asked.
“Yes we are.” and me and Janet clap our hands.
“Yay! At last.” we shout and get out of the car.

Daddy takes ages to open the door.
“Come on daddy, hurry up.”

The house is big with lots of rooms. It will take ages to walk around it.

Daddy finds the right key and unlocks the patio door, me and Janet take off our shorts and top and run to the pool, excitedly jumping in and we start splashing each other and pushing each under the water.

“Nice pool, isn’t it?” Janet asked.
“Brilliant, so much better than the old local pool where we used to swim?”
“Yeah defo.” and Janet pushed me under the water.

I see daddy bending over and lifting a box. Janet sees him too, we wave but he doesn’t see us and walks off.

“Do you think daddy has a nice bum Jane.” Janet enquires, a serious look on her face.
“Janet!” and I push at her. “you shouldn’t be looking.”
“You looked too, I saw you.” I blushed a bit, I could feel it.
“No I didn’t.”
“Well what?”
“Has daddy got a nice bum or what?” Janet asks again.
“Yes, I think so, don’t you.”
“Yeah, me too.”
“We see daddy’s bum all the time, when he has no clothes on, why did you ask about it now?” I ask Janet.
“Don’t know.” Janet replies coyly.
“Liar, liar, liar, Janet likes daddy, Janet likes daddy.” I sing the words at her, mockingly.
“Shut up, so do you.” and she pushes me under the water and I grab at her bikini and pull them down and swim away while Janet tries to pull them back up and chase me.

We’re in the pool along time and daddy asks what we want to eat.
“Pizza daddy.” we say.

Daddy is walking over to us a few minutes later with towels in his hands.

"Come on girls the pizza will be hear soon and any longer in the pool and you’ll look all wrinkly like a prune. "
We finish slashing about and get out of the pool and daddy puts a towel around our shoulder’s.

"Come on lets see the pool house, then you can grab a shower in there.” And me and Janet run over but have to wait while daddy finds his keys unlocks it and enters and walks to the bathroom at the back, while we take of our bikinis, leaving them on the floor.

Daddy calls out to us and we walk in giggling because I tripped over and we find hooks for the towels. Daddy had already turned the shower on and it was a bit steamy and we got in and stood under the hot water.

As soon as daddy had left Janet turned to me and asked.
“Did you see daddy’s willy through his shorts?”
I giggled. “You saw it too?”
“Yes. It was big , bigger than normal anyway.”
“I know, much bigger than Timmy’s too, remember when he showed us his willy, when we showed him our pussies. Timmy’s was tiny in comparison, even when he masturbated and shot his sperm out. And the other boys too, they were all smaller than daddy”
“I know, why do you think it became so big?” Janet asked in conspirital tones.
“Don’t know, we were naked, could be that I suppose.”
“He sees naked all the time, it’s not been a big deal before, why now do you think?”
“Don’t know, maybe he’s horny?” and we burst into laughter.
“Horny for you Jane.”
“No, you.”
“Daddy wants to put his willy in your pussy Jane.” and as she says that Janet places a hand between my legs and pushes me against the shower wall and we kiss. My hands go to her ass cheeks and she slips a finger into my pussy and wiggles it around until my pussy tingles and I feel so good.

Even though me and Janet are sisters, we have played with each other for a while now, nothing more than kissing and playing with each other’s pussies, things like that. We have had boyfriends too, but not had sex with them, we just masturbate them or give a blow job. Sometimes they will masturbate and cum over us. The boys on the swim team, always want to see our pussies and masturbate over us, like Timmy
Daddy doesn’t know though, we do tell him most things. But not that.

When we stop kissing I ask Janet.
“Do you really think he wants to have sex with me .. Us?”
“Don’t know Jane, but if he did, what would you do?”
I giggled nervously. “Let him.”
“Me too.” said Janet.

We finished our shower and dried ourselves, but we couldn’t find our bikinis so we went indoors to find daddy and wrapped the towels around our shoulders.

We couldn’t see him anywhere so we shouted up the stairs.

"DAD, where are you?"
"I’m up here, you both OK?" daddy replied.
"Where are our red bikinis gone, have you got them dad?"
"Er yes I was gonna put them in the wash."
"It’s ok we’ll wear them again, it’s warm out here so they will soon dry out and we can eat the pizza out here too."
"Are you sure you don’t want dry ones." he said as he rushed down the stairs, bikinis in hand.
"Nah it’s ok"

Daddy came downstairs with our bikinis just as the door bell rang, we took them off him and ran outside and put them on and sat down on some chairs that didn’t belong to us, but were comfortable.
Dad had the pizzas in his hands but looked like he was daydreaming or something.
"DAD!" Wake up, pizza we’re hungry"
"Oh sorry, miles away there." And he put them on the table, we were starving and quickly started eating.

Daddy had a weird look on his face, like he was really thinking about something or he might have had wind.

Chapter 2

We all sat there for a bit, I was full, the pizza was yummy.

Daddy still had the weird look on his face and it didn’t change for a little while. Then out of the blue.

"Ok girls, there’s loads of boxes that need unpacking in your bedrooms and they won’t unpack them selves, get to it."
"Oh dad! Can we just go in the pool for a bit, pleeeaaase?" We gave daddy our best wide eyed looks of pleading, but only when we want something from him, like clothes or make up.

He thought for a second.

"Ok, just 30 minutes, then unpacking and you have to make your own beds, deal?”
We put on happy smiley faces and gave daddy a big hug and a kiss.
"Thanks daddy!" we shouted. "Will you come in the pool too, it’s great?"
"Nah, I’ve got a lot to do." Then daddy changed his mind. "Sure why not, why should you two just have fun. You two jump in, I‘ll be there shortly, I just need to find my swim shorts."
"Yay!!" and they ran off and jumped in the pool. We were making lots of noise and splashing about when daddy suddenly jumped into pool and we tried to splash him. The daddy started to swim towards me.
"I’m gonna get you!"
I screamed and tried to swim away, but daddy caught up with me and hand a hand around my waist and pulled me towards him and I struggle to try and get away and his hand touched me almost like the way Janet does sometimes and he then pushed me under water.

I saw daddy’s willy! It was very hard and very long and just inches from my face and outside his shorts. Then it was gone as daddy had been pushed under water too.

For the next 10 or 15 minutes we all splashed and played in the water. Daddy’s hands were every where, between my legs, my chest, my ass. Janet’s too.

I don’t think it was accidental.

"Ok girls that’s enough for me, you can stay here for a bit longer but I’ve got lots to do."
"Aww dad."
"Sorry, I’m off to get a shower then do some unpacking.”

The daddy got out of the pool and we to the pool house, saw his willy again. Swinging as he walked off.

We played some more for a while, then we got out. I picked up my towel which was dry enough to use again. Janet went to get some clean ones and quickly headed inside the house.

I was walking towards the bathroom in the pool house, I thought I heard my name being called.

"What did you say daddy?" I asked as I took off my bikini.
"Nothing important Jane, Have you got a towel there Jane?”
"Yep." I smiled at daddy and handed him my towel, dropped my wet bikini on the floor and got in the shower.

"Where’s Janet?" daddy asked.
"She’ll be here in a sec."

Janet got into the shower, letting the water run over head. I moved around behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist and gave her a squeeze and kissed her neck.

“Daddy’s still here.” whispered Janet, And we giggled.
We quickly showered and were just about to get out.

"Don’t be long girls." Daddy said.
"We won’t dad."
"Got a deal for you two." he said. "If you both get all your boxes unpacked tonight I’ll take you both shopping tomorrow, how’s that?"

We shouted and screamed with delight and ran out of the shower and hugged daddy tightly.
"Thanks daddy.” and we kissed him on the cheek and started to dry ourselves. And daddy picked up our wet bikinis and turned off the shower.
Daddy still had a weird look on his face.

“Come on.” Janet said. “Let’s go.” and she squeezed my ass cheeks.

We ran into the house, there was no sign of daddy. He’s probably in his room, with his boxes.

And hard willy?”

We ran upstairs into my room and closed the door behind us.
“Lick my pussy Jane.” and she stretched out on my bed, I got into position over her pussy and I licked it, all the way up from near her anus to her clit.
Then with a stabbing motion I pushed my tongue in to her tight, dark and wet pussy hole.
“Fuck yes, deeper.” and she reached down and grabbed the back of my head pressing me into her pussy.
“Deeper.” she hissed. I did as asked and she lifted her hips in and up and down motion with the intentions of taking more of my tongue inside of her.
Janet’s breathing changed and was becoming more urgent. It wouldn’t long before she came and I wasn’t going to let up until she shot her gooey pussy juice over my tongue. I began massaging Janet’s clit.

“Fuuuuck yes, yes.“ Janet panted through clenched teeth and she had her ass in mid air.

“I’m gonna cum, don’t stop, don’t stop.” I had no intention of stopping and worked my tongue as deep as I could and pinched her clit between 2 fingers.

“FUUCCCCKKKK” Janet had her hand over her mouth to stifle her scream and I felt her hot sticky pussy juice flood my tongue. I lapped all I could and swallowed and went back for seconds as her ass fell to the bed. And I licked inside her pussy some more, collecting it in my mouth. Then bent over her mouth and she opened her lips, I spat into her mouth. She closed her mouth and pushed it around with her tongue savouring the taste and swallowed.

“Oh sis.” Janet said through deep long breaths and pulled me down and we kissed, our tongues searching out her pussy taste.

We pulled apart and got off the bed.

“Boxes.” we said.

I had finished off emptying all the boxes of clothes, bed linen and other stuff that has been collected by me over the years. And on a made bed right in the middle of a pile of pillows is my Old Brown Bear, it’s a bit tatty and missing an ear. But mommy bought it for me a long time ago and I love it.

I flattened the empty boxes and left them to one side. I didn’t know yet where daddy wanted them.

I went to drawer and pulled out white shorts and short vest and laid them on the bed to put on in bit after I’ve had a shower. I was a bit sweaty and looking down my still naked body, a bit shiny too.

Janet burst in. Wearing the same 2 items of shorts and vest, I had chosen.
“All done” she said.
“Yeah me too, just about.” and I did a quick scan of my room. My hands on my hips.

Janet closed the door behind her and sat on the bed.

“Back in bit, just hopping in the shower, bit sweaty.” I said.
“Mmmmm I can see..”
I stuck my tongue out at her and hit the shower.

“Hey Janet,” I said as I pulled on my shorts.” In the pool this afternoon, was it my imagination, but were daddy hands a bit you know…“
Janet smiled.
“Over friendly?” and we sniggered.
“Yeah, they were everywhere, my ass, chest, between my legs. I was sure he was trying to get a finger inside me.” my voice barely above a whisper.
Janet sniggered again.
“Me too.” "Did you see dad’s willy in the pool?"
"Yeah," I replied. "It was so big and hard! Did you touch it?" Our heads were very close and we were whispering.
"No, I was scared to. Did you?"
"No,I was scared too but I wanted to, I’ve never seen daddies willy hard like that before"
"Me neither." Janet confirmed. “but it was out of his shorts in the pool, and sticking straight out. And when he got out of the pool it was just swinging”
“He defiantly wants to have sex with you Janet .”
“No you Jane.” pushing her.

Then there was a knock on the door and daddy walked in.

"Finished unpacking yet?" he asked.
"Yes dad, we’re both finished, see." And we pointed around the room.
"Good, well done girls. Just grab the empty boxes and leave them in the garage will you then bed it’s getting late and you both don’t want to miss our shopping expedition tomorrow."
"What can we get dad?" We asked.
"Anything you like girls, as much as you can carry." We were so excited, we love shopping and we ran to daddy and gave him a hug and a kiss. Daddy had his hand on my ass and squeezed it.

"Come on, empties, garage, bed." And Janet ran off to her room and I picked up the flat boxes and left my room following daddy and Janet to the garage and dumped the boxes.

Me and Janet then ran off back to our rooms.
"I’ll be up in a sec to tuck you in." dad shouted.
"Ok dad."

Janet kissed me on the cheek.”
“Night sis, see you later.”
“Night.” and I went into my room.

I set my alarm and climbed into bed, laid on my back and pulled the quilt half way up and closed my eyes and dozed off.

I felt it before I woke up, there were fingers on my pussy. They were daddy’s fingers, Janet’s fingers are smaller and softer, these were bigger and slightly rougher. Daddy was fingering my pussy! I could feel them rubbing me and sliding his fingers up and down. It was good as Janet’s fingers when she touches me. I was getting excited by my daddy’s fingers on my pussy.

I was awake now, but I kept my eyes shut and tried not to blink.
I heard a rustling sound from daddy’s shorts, I think he pulled his willy out and masturbated it. I could hear the slap of hand on his willy and his breathing became a little heavier.

Daddy was still rubbing my pussy while he masturbated, I wanted to open my eyes and look at him, so he could see that I wanted him, wanted him inside me.

He stopped masturbating, then my top was being pulled up my chest. I don’t really have any breasts, just tiny bumps really. Then daddy started to masturbate again.

Daddy’s wasn’t fingering me any more. Don’t stop, I wanted to say. But then his fingers were back, just the one and it was wet and it was between the folds of my pussy.

Fuck it was nice, so nice I moved a bit. Then it all stopped and daddy left my room after he pulled my quilt to my chin.

Come back daddy, please.

I heard daddy knock on Janet’s door then close.

I sat up, holding the quilt to my chin and tried to listen for any noise from Janet’s room, I strained my ears, nothing not a sound.

Don’t have sex with Janet first, don’t have sex with Janet first. I repeated the mantra over and over.

Let me be the first please daddy, not Janet. I’m rarely jealous of Janet, but this… have sex with me daddy. I whispered at the wall.

I heard Janet’s door close, I quickly laid back down and closed my eyes again. Daddy might come back.

He did, I heard my door open and then close again and my quilt was pulled down to my feet. Then nothing for a moment until I heard his shorts rustle again. I assumed daddy was taking his willy out, but then my bedside lamp was on I tried not to blink.

What I thought was daddys willy being pulled from his shorts was in fact it his phone, because I heard noise of pictures being taken. I heard daddy breathing hard but I was nearly holding mine when my legs were being pulled apart and my white shorts were being pulled down my legs and they were gone.

My pussy was naked and on show. Fuck me daddy, fuck me. The thought was loud in my head, so loud I thought daddy might hear it.

More pictures were being taken, I lost count how many. Fuck me…

I hard daddy’s shorts being unzipped and fall to he floor, yes daddy fuck me.

My pussy was on fire and it wasn’t even being touched.

Daddy was near my face and the phone took another picture, and another.

Suddenly, something was pushing down on my bed between my legs and now something else pushing down on the edge of the bed. Yes daddy was getting on the bed, he was going to fuck me. I could have cried with happiness. My pussy was tingling in anticipation.

But he didn’t move , daddy didn’t fuck me. I heard him with his cock in his hand, he was masturbating , his breathing was ragged.

Daddy let out a quiet moan and I felt something wet and warm hit my pussy, right between my pussy lips and run down to my ass. Daddy must have cum, cum on my pussy.

Daddy got off the bed and then my lips were wet as something wet hit them, something a little slimy, more cum maybe. I wasn’t sure, but probably.

Then nothing stirred, until daddy pulled his shorts back on and pull my quilt over me and left softly closing the door behind him.

Why didn’t you fuck me. Daddy?

I licked my lips, the salty taste hit my tongue, mmmm cum, daddy’s cum. I licked my lips until it had all gone and sat up.

Daddy had left my light on, so I could see that my shorts were at my right foot and my legs were still spread and my pussy still had daddy cum on it. Not all of it had run down to my ass and dripped off in to a cool wet pool I could feel with my ass cheek.

Like a greyhound out of a race trap and using 2 fingers I roughly squeezed them through the folds of pussy lips and pushed them into my hole.
My whole body shuddered with pleasure, my pussy on fire, and slick with my own juices and daddy’s cum. My finger was now just as wet and I hungrily sucked on my it. My body shuddered again knowing I was tasting daddy’s cum and my pussy too.

I had to tell Janet. I stood up and removed my top and dropped it on the bed and quietly opened my door and left my room, Quietly closing the door behind me I tip toed to Janet’s room and opened the door and stepped in.

Janet was asleep and slid under her quilt and moved over to her. She was on her side with her back to me.
I snuggled in close , she was warm and I wrapped an arm over her body , cupping a breast and shook her to wake her up.

“Janet, Janet, wake up wake up. I’ve got to tell you something, come on wake up.”

Janet stirred ad moved her hips into my crotch and woke up.

“What is it?
“I’ve got to tell you something. What daddy did in my room, what he did to me when he thought I was asleep.”
“What?” That caught her attention and she turned over to face me. Her hand resting on my hip.
“Are you naked? She purred.
“Yes I am, listen” and I told her everything. From start to finish.

“Why didn’t he have sex with you?”
“I don’t know, I was willing him to, I really wanted to, you know.”
“My god, our daddy is a pervert.” and we quietly laughed and giggled.

“And it definitely was his cum on your lips and pussy?” she asked.
“Yes it was, if your quick you can have a taste before it dries.” and I took her hand from my hip and spreading my legs again for the second or was it the third time tonight, I pressed it to my pussy. And Janet easily slid a finger into my still damp pussy worked it around. I let out a little moan of appreciation , then she tasted the offering from her finger.

“Mmmm.” she liked it, then had seconds. .

“Why, all of a sudden.” Janet enquired.” Do you think that daddy suddenly said we could go shopping and spend lots of money? He’s never done that before”

I thought about it.
“Guilt at wanting to have sex with us maybe.”

I was on my side facing away from Janet and her body was pressing onto mine and I was gently grinding my ass into her. Her arm lazily draped over me and her hand was lazily rested on my breast.
“What do you to get?” I asked her suddenly realising this was going to be a mega shopping trip.

We each told the other all of our wants then fell asleep.

Chapter 3

Janet shook me awake.
“Come on girl, shake a leg, shopping day! Let’s wake daddy up.” she excitedly said as she put her shorts and vest back on.

I quickly jumped out of bed.
“Just a sec sis.” as I left her room to put mine back on as well.

Jane was waiting for me and we ran up to daddy’s room opened his door and jumped onto his bed.

"Come on daddy, time to get up, we’re going shopping! Yay!"
"It’s too early girls, the stores don’t open for another hour." Daddy said through bleary eyes.
"No, get up now, now daddy come on." Jumping over daddy.
"Ok, ok I’m getting up, I’m getting up. First things first girls, showers and get dressed and get ready, you know you both take ages. Go on scoot."

We jumped off and ran back to our own rooms. I turned on my shower, undressed and stepped in. I had a nice long shower, letting the warm water flood over me. While washing my hair I thought of what I was going to buy.

Lots of new underwear, lots. I like my underwear. Thongs and tiny panties mostly. I like short skirts too or dresses and pretty colours. Pinks and yellows.

I was drying my hair with a hair dryer and running a comb through it. It was almost dry. I was just wearing a black thong and Janet came into the room. She had the same thong on as me, but had a matching bar on as well. My bra was on the bed.

She had some clothes in her hands and held them up.

“Which one?” she asked, holding them up for me to see. A red mini skirt, black leggings and a white blouse.

I switched off the dryer.

“Dunno sis, you choose. I’ll wear what you don’t.”
“Oh your no help, I’ll ask daddy, I can’t make up my mind.” and she ran off.

I switched the dryer back on and finished off my hair.

Where the hell is Janet? She’s been gone ages. Did she make up her mond about what to wear? I was thinking.

I checked her room, it was empty. So I set off to daddy’s room.

As I got to the top of the stairs, I heard Janet say something that made me rush to his door. It was closed.

"No daddy, no one has fucked me yet."

What did she say? What was gong on? Nooo, she better not be having sex with daddy. I gingerly opened the door just a crack.

The scene before me slightly shocked me and aroused me too.

Janet was on her back, she was wearing the blouse and skirt which was messily around her waist. Her thong was on the floor and daddy was kneeling between legs, masturbating.

Nooo daddy, that should be me. I was saying to myself.

Daddy was talking.
"Good girl, I’m glad you’re still a virgin because that means I will be the first one to fuck you, I will be the first man to put his cock in your cunt. I know you want me to, I know you want me fuck you Janet because you said you wanted to touch my hard cock and when a girl says that she wants to be fucked so you and Jane wants your daddy to fuck them. It’s the same if you wear sexy clothes like you have on now, your telling guys that they can fuck you. So when you wear sexy clothes for me and sexy slutty underwear you’re telling me to fuck you, to stick my cock in your tight slut cunt and fuck you until you beg for me to stop. You’re telling me to fuck you aren’t you Janet, Janet beg me to fuck you, tell me you want my big hard cock in your slutty young tight cunt. Tell me you slut!" daddy was shouting.
"No daddy, no." Janet started to cry.

Yes cry you bitch, I thought, not very sisterly but I was jealous of her.

Daddy continued to talk.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you, you know you’re a slut, you dress like a slut. You’re dressed like a sex doll and sex dolls are only good for fucking. Tell me you’re a fuck doll you slut and want me to fuck you, NOW"
"Dad…Daddy, f.f.fuck me, fuck me." it was a whisper.
"Say it louder."
"Fuck me daddy!!" she shouted the words between sobs.
"No , you don’t mean it, I’m gonna fuck Jane instead, I know she really wants to."

Yes daddy fuck me. I was begging him to change his mind and fuck me.

"Noo daddy , please fuck me , fuck me, I really want you to. Put your cock in my slutty cunt and fuck me. FUCK ME!"


"Good ok, slut, spread your legs wide apart." she did.
"This is going to hurt Janet the first time always does."

I couldn’t see properly what daddy did next as his back was to me, but he moved between Janet’s spread legs and he had his cock at her pussy, then pushed his ass and all of his cock disappeared inside it.

"Aagghhh" Janet then screamed very loudly and daddy was having sex with Janet.

"That’s good slut, mmmm your cunt is so tight. Tell me you’re my fuck toy Janet, tell me I can fuck you when I want and where I want." Daddy’s voice sounded mean.
"Yes daddy, I want you in my cunt always, I will always dress sexy for you daddy, oh daddy , fuck me, FUCK ME!" Janet was still crying, then she wrapped her legs around daddy.

The scene before me, was horrible and sexy, I was getting hot and I felt my pussy between my legs. I was getting wet, I could feel it through my thong. I gasped as my fingers brushed my pussy lips. I forgot about my jealousy towards Janet, I just wanted daddy to have sex with me too.

"I’m gonna cum in your cuuunt!" Daddy said loudly, then he moved slowly in and out her a few times then pulled his willy out and sat over her chest.

"A good fuck toy daughter has to suck her daddy’s cock clean, now open your mouth." Daddy must have put his willy in her mouth, because he then said.
"That’s it, now lick and suck it clean of my cum, mmmm yes that’s it." And I heard some slurping sounds.

I pushed the door wider and what happened next changed my life for ever.

"Daddy, fuck me now!" daddy’s head spun around and looked slightly surprised
"Daddy, I’ve wanted you to fuck me since you fingered my cunt last night and cum on me. I pretended to be asleep." I said smiling.
"I nearly did, Jane, I wanted to, I wanted to so bad. Do you want to be my sex toy too then?"
"Yes daddy, please fuck me too, fuck my cunt."

" Come here then." I went to him and after he had taken his willy out of Janet’s mouth , her stood up.
"Kneel on the bed with your ass in the air and your face over Janet’s cunt and lick her cunt, taste my cum." I meekly did as daddy asked and moving my head to Janet’s pussy I licked and sucked my sisters cum filled pussy.

Daddy stood behind me and pushed my legs apart and I felt daddy’s hard willy brush my pussy. Yes daddy, yes fuck me, fuck me. Silently urging him on. Then he pulled my panties to one side and pushed all the way deep into my pussy.

I let out a muffled scream of pain, my mouth still clamped to Janet’s pussy. It hurt, it hurt a lot, but it also felt like heaven, I was so happy that daddy was going to fuck me and he did

"Get your tongue deep in her cunt Jane use your fingers to finger fuck her cunt as well. Really fuck her cunt , fuck your slut sisters cunt. " I did as daddy ordered, I had 3 fingers deep inside her soaking wet pussy and Janet was groaning lustily.

"Girls, just to let you know, every time I fuck you or you 2 put on a lesbian slut sex show for me I’m going to video it, so make sure you always have the sluttyest underwear on or none at all and wear sexy short and skimpy clothes too. You can get all you need when we go shopping and there is a sex shop I want to go to as well as there’s lots of sex toys to get."
"Yes daddy" me and my sister were becoming his sex slaves.

Im not sure how long daddy was fucking me but suddenly I could feel his hot cum soak my already wet pussy, filling me up. This was bliss, I thought, daddy fucking me.

Daddy pulled his cock out of me and ordered me to suck his cock clean , I got up and turned around sat on the edge of the bed and opened my mouth willingly and he pushed his fat wet cock into my mouth. His hands were on the back of head pulling my mouth onto his throbbing cock.

I was chocking as daddy’s cock hit the back of my throat but I didn’t try to stop.
"Janet, put 3 fingers in your sisters cunt and finger fuck her. I heard daddy order Janet and she got off the bed and knelt down beside me pushed my legs apart and pushed 3 fingers deep in my pussy.
I tried to scream, but couldn’t. I was being treated like a slut by my daddy and sister, turned my pussy to jelly and I felt to good. And the cock in my mouth I sucked and licked with gutso.

"Mmmm that’s you 2 sex sluts, you both have a lot to learn about sex and fucking but it’s gonna be fun. There’s something else too, every time you go into garden or the pool you must be naked, the same for me too. No clothes in the garden." Daddy ordered.
"Yes daddy" Janet said and smiled and daddy let out a deep groan and shot his cum into my mouth and fucked my mouth a few times more and pulled it out.

"Swallow it slut, swallow my cum." Daddy shouted so I did.
"Good slut. I’m gonna take a shower now then we will go shopping. You 2 get dressed but no underwear or bra and wear short skirts, both of you and a tight top and don’t shower I want to smell sex on you. Go on scoot be ready in 10 minutes"

I smiled, I was happy so very happy. Daddy had fucked me. I stood up and we both left and ran to our rooms. We didn’t speak but at my bedroom door, Janet pushed me against the wall and pinned up against we kissed hard and desperately.

I took out a mini skirt from the wardrobe, slipped off my soaking wet panties and sticky with cum and my juices and put the skirt on and then I put on a white skimpy top. Ran a brush through my hair and applied some make up. I could see my nipples poking through, hard and erect. I gently touched one, I flinched. Sensitive too.

I was grinning ear to ear, my pussy was tingling and on fire and when I stood up I felt something dribble down the inside of my thigh and with a finger I swept it up and licked it off. Mmmm daddy’s cum.

As I put something on my feet, Janet came in. Similarly dressed and tidy.

“How are you Jane?” she asked.
“So happy. You?”
“Same, sis.” and we hugged. “Come on let’s go downstairs.”

We were drinking a glass of water when daddy came in to the kitchen.

"Very slutty girls, now turn around and bend over and spread your legs." We did as asked and daddy came over to us. He then put a finger insdie Janet’s pussy. She moaned, closing her eyes. He then did the same to me and let out a moan too, as disappointed when he took it out.

"When we’re out don’t call me daddy, call me Jack."
“Ok Jack.” we said, it didn’t seen right to daddy that, it was funny and we all laughed.

Daddy took out his wallet and handed to a wide eyed Janet $500 and then he handed me a credit card, giving me the pin number and told me not to lose it and buy what we liked, but make some of it really slutty.

On the drive to the mall, me and Janet held hands all the way not daring to let go. We kept quiet and didn’t say a word. Not really sure what to say anyway.

When daddy parked up and when we got out of the car, daddy said to be back at noon an we’d go for lunch. Daddy kissed us on the lips and our asses a squeeze and I looked longingly at my daddy, wanting him to throw me over the hood of the car and fuck me again.

And me and Janet walked into the mall.

The cool air-conditioning, blew across my pussy, it felt cold on the dampness between my legs. I shivered slightly. My nipples were so hard as well from the air conditioned coolness.

“My pussy’s cold.” I whispered to Janet. “Look at my nipples.“ She sniggered.
“Mine too, pussy and nipples.”
“Where too first?” I asked.
“No idea, we have about 3 hours but I need something hot to drink, hot chcolate.”
“Good idea.” and we headed towards a coffee shop, we saw a few stores down.

“This place is massive.” I said while stirring the chocolate and marshmallows that were floating across the surface.
“I know, 3 hours isn’t gonna be long enough.” I nodded in agreement.

We both had our legs crossed, Our pussy’s were still cold. Our short skirts had ridden high up our thighs and we were getting some admiring glances from boys and pervy old men.

“Should we give them a flash?” Janet giggled in my ear. “Give some old guy a heart attack.”

I snorted some hot chocolate through my nose as I took a sip.

“Maybe later.” I winked,and cleaned myself up.
“Sexy, sis, very sexy.” giggling as she handed me a napkin.

We hit Macy’s, with the time we had left, we thought it best to hit a big store and then if we had time find a boutique or 2.

Me and Janet are not the tallest or biggest of 13 year olds, we’re barely 4 feet 10 in our stocking feet and just weigh 85lbs, so adult clothes ,even the smallest sizes are too big for us We did try some adult stuff on, but we looked like Hobbits wearing Gandalf’s spare robe.

Janet said, she got a funny look from the sales lady when she went and handed back a dress to her, butt naked. It was a good thing I wasn’t drinking chocolate.

We headed to the girls section.

We got loads of skirts, dresses, tops, blouses, janes, pants, leggings, stockings, shoes, sandals, the lot. And everything in-between and in all different colours.. Some of the skirts and some of the dresses were very short and some of the tops were long enough to wear with out skirts or pants, just. Oh and new make up, too.

But we were disappointed with the underwear available to us. So laden down with bags, we left to find a lingerie store.

We found a Lana Jane lingerie store and went in. A very nice sales lady helped us with our bags and headed walked around, picking up everything V strings, thongs, hip huggers and bras of all different shapes and colours.

The sales lady not batting an eye as pranced around the changing room, in a mix of nakedness and in sexy underwear. We bought everything that fit and looked sexy on us.

We could barely walk with all the bags we had and couldn’t carry another thing. As we fought with our bags to an elevator, stepped in and hit the button to take us to the floor with the same coffee shop we went to before for another chocolate. We still had over an hour to kill.

We stupidly got off on the wrong floor and the elevator swished away, while waiting for it to return Janet had noticed to store that did pirecings nearby and wandered over to it.

“Janet what are you doing?”
“Come here look at this.” I half staggered over, bags banging against my legs and saw all the different types of piercing and studs you could get from photos taped to the window.

Janet was looking at the studs you can have for your tongue, some looked huge others were a lot smaller as I peeked over.

“We should get our tongues done.” Janet decided.
“What! No. daddy will go mad, any way we are too young.”

Then a voice from our left and asked how old we were.

We both followed the voice and saw standing in the doorway a girl of about 18 or 19, with long purple and pink hair. A leather jacket over cut down vest and leather pants and big heavy looking boots.

She had piercings all over her face, eyebrows, lips, her nose. A one girl mini iron mongers.

“16.” Janet lied. I looked at her with wide eyes and looked back at the girl at the door.

“What are you after?” the girl with the piercings asked.
“Tongue studs, just small ones.” Janet said. What’s she doing, I thought.

“Hmm,” the girl said, knowing we weren’t 16. “ It’s your lucky day girls, my boss is out, if he were here, he’d make you sign forms and shit, and have your mommy here. 50 bucks each and I’ll do it for ya.” And she beckoned us in.

“No Janet.” I hissed at her. The Janet whispered into my ear.

“Imagine sucking daddy’s cock and running the stud over it, it’ll send him wild, at least that’s what Debbie Renolds told me at our old school. Go on you really want to.”

We stepped into the store and gladly dropped our bags.

“Will it hurt much?” asked Janet.
“Nah, “replied the girl, “just sting a bit. Don’t drink anything hot for a few hours and you’ll be ok. Use an antiseptic mouthwash for a few days as well. If after a while you don’t want it anymore then just take it out and the hole will heal after a few days.”

“Ok, “ said Janet and handed over a $100, we’ll both have one.”

Sitting down with cold sods with ice, I tried not to play with the piece of metal in my tongue. It didn’t sting a little bit, it hurt a lot. I shrieked when she did it, not the type of shriek when I finger myself, but a proper pain shriek. So I took a sip of the soda and sucked on a piece of ice. It helped a lot.

“Ya big baby.” Janet teased. “it didn’t hurt.”
“Yeth it did.” I answered back, slightly lisping. An I sat and sulked for short while.

Finally out of my funk, I said to Janet.
“Do you think daddy will like it, the stud I mean on his willy.”
“Debbie Renolds big sister had one and she told Debbie that her boy friend did, he loved it. Anyway if he doesn’t just take it out like she said. And don’t call it willy anymore, daddy says it’s called a cock.”
As she said “cock” 2 boys walked by and winked, grabbing at their crotches. Laughing as they walked on and probably deciding which one of us, the one on the left or right they would fuck first.
Janet flicked them her middle finger.

“Don’t you remember, he was telling you to suck his cock, not his willy.” then we both fell about laughing at the sudden absurdity of it all.
“Oh,!” Janet said remembering something else. Your pussy is now your cunt.” Holding her stomach and tears streaming down her face.

We regained our composure and finally stopped laughing, I even forgot about my sore tongue.

“It does feel a bit weird though, “ Janet said leaning over. “ but daddy did fuck us this morning.”
“Were you scared?” I asked.
“Yes a bit, I did cry a little, but daddy was quite frightening, his voice changed, the things he said to me . He said it was all our fault , because daddy heard us saying we wanted to touch his cock, which meant we wanted to fuck him and because we dress in sexy clothes and also, because we were virgins.”

“It’s all true though isn’t it, we did say those things and I guess our clothes can be a bit tight and short and part from our fingers in each others pussys or is it cunts, we are - were virgins. Ok it’s not really our fault but we did want this to happen. It just happened very quickly.” I said in all seriousness.

“Yeah I guess so. And he does have a nice big cock too.”
“Ye she does.” I said smiling.” We can’t tell anyone about this, Janet, “I continued, suddenly serious again. ”No one. They would take daddy away, we’d have no one, no house, no pool, nothing.”
“Plus, “ Janet added.” It was fun this morning.”

We got back to the car a little early and daddy strolled over not long after, he had a couple of plain bags in his hand that looked quite full of something or something’s and opened the car for us and we got our bags stowed into an already full car of groceries.

Janet sat next to daddy and leant over and they kissed and I saw daddy’s tongue slip into her mouth.

"Thank you dad.. Jack we have loads of surprises for you when we get home." and she looked over her shoulder at me and we giggled.
"Can we just go home and forget lunch?"
“Sure.” he said

We got to my room and dumped all our bags on the bed. We stripped off and tried out some of our outfits and the decided to on what we were going to show daddy. I then dug around the bags for our new makeup and we made or faces up, brushed our hair and left it loose.

Janet gave me a peck on the lips.
“Ready?” She asked. I nodded and we headed downstairs.

Daddy was in the family room , the TV was on and he had also set up the video camera. Daddy looked up at as and we stuck our tongues out to show him our new studs.

“Is this slutty enough for you daddy?” We asked.

"Fuck me girls, you both look like the sexiest fuck dolls I ever saw." Daddy turned around and switched on the camera and turned the lens towards us both.

All we had on were a pair of stockings and red high healed shoes and nothing else.

"Kiss each other, really mean it, smear that slutty lipstick." We turned to face each other and with my hands around her waist and Janet’s were either side of my face. We kissed, mashing our lips our tongues flicking around each other, eyes closed. I pulled Janet close to me and feeling the top of her ass.

Daddy interrupted us.

"Let’s go outside by the pool girls." We broke our kiss and walked out arm in arm.
"On your way, drag one of sunloungers over to the pool."
"Ok daddy."

The lounger was made of wood and was heavy, but had 2 wheels to make pulling it to the pool easy. We set it down.

Janet laid down on it and I was at herside standing up but bent over and we continued our kiss and I cupped one of her breasts.

Daddy came out with the camera and set it up so it was looking right at us.

"Girls, I have 2 little presents for you." pulling out black , 6 inch dildos and handed one to each of us. We giggled seductively as we played with them in our hands.
"Use them in your slut cunts, just do what comes naturally to yourselves and each other. I‘m just going to watch.” Daddy ordered.

Janet scooted over and I laid down next to her while daddy got a chair from the patio and set it down by them camera and took his clothes off. Daddy’s cock was as hard and big as it was this morning. Standing straight up. Mmmm I thought, just fuck me now daddy.
"You see what you 2 sex sluts are doing to me, this is all your fault.” he said pointing to his cock.” It’s your fault I had to fuck you earlier and your fault you are going to abuse your cunts with bit’s of plastic and make each other cum. So be good girls now make me happy and let me see those dildos in your cunts"
"Yes daddy, we know it’s our fault and we’ll make you happy." And we smiled. Daddy sat down.

We sat up a bit on the lounger and spread our legs, the lounger was wide so we the room. Daddy’s eyes went our pussys.
I brought my dildo to my mouth and sucked on it making it slick as slick as my pussy already was. The dampness between my legs made it easy to push the dildo in with ease and my pussy took the whole length. I gassped.

"Yes, that’s it sluts, now start pumping them hard." daddy urged.

I started slowly, enjoying the feel of the hard back plastic ,but soon I quickened my pace as my pussy relaxed, I let out a few moans of contentment and soon it was all a blur as my hips bucked and lifted and my head rolled from side to side. I heard Janet shout a long fuck sound at that tipped me over the edge. And with a final push of the dildo, meeting a push up from my hips and I screamed as my orgasm erupted through me and I felt my juices run down to my ass. I left the dildo in me, it felt too good to take it out.
Seconds later Janet too, screamed through her orgasm
I was out of breath I felt hot from the exersion.

Just when I had just got my breath back, daddy said
"Suck on your dildos girls." I pulled mine out, the squelching sound told me how much I had cum and I brought it to my mouth taking it and while savouring the flavour of my juices. I pulled and twisted a nipple, enjoying the sharp pain, then twisted it sharply causing me to whimper.

"Janet, turn around and get on all four’s, ass in the air. And Jane use your dildo in her cunt, abuse your sisters cunt." A few seconds later Janet was in position.
"Jane before you use your dildo on the slut, lick her cunt taste her and get your tongue sticky." It didn’t take me long to bury my tongue deep in my sister’s pussy, lapping at her soaking wet pussy. Fuck it tasted like honey, sweet and sticky. I dug in deep, pulling her ass towards me. Her flowing juices and my lips rubbing at her made her pussy lips red from my lipstick. I was hot and very randy and I wanted to fuck her good, wanted to get back for her fucking daddy before me.

"Good slut, now fuck her cunt, lose that dildo force it all the way in so I can’t see it anymore bury it deep." Janet screamed as I almost lost my dildo in her pussy and I kept pressing down on her but it wouldn’t go any deeper and janets ass was moving about as if trying to escape the pressure I was putting on the dildo.

The red mist descended

"Does it hurt Janet? Yes good, cry you slut the more you cry the more it’ll hurt." and then I slapped her ass cheeks hard leaving a red mark.
"It’s your own fault you fucking bitch, it should have been me that daddy fucked first not you!" I was was shouting. I had one of her tits in my fingers and roughly twisted the nipple. Janet screamed in pain.

Daddy was standing over Janet.

"Open your mouth, slut. He said and with his hands holding her head, he fucked her mouth. I heard Janet gagging and retching but daddy continued his forceful movements from his cock to her mouth.

Yes daddy fuck her mouth and I’ll fuck up her cunt, mumbled to myself and sharply stuck 2 fingers in her above the plastic dong.

I heard daddy’s breathing harden and with a single thrust he buried one last time into her mouth and he cum.

"Drink it down you fuck toy, drink my cum." He demanded of her.

Janet was still retching and I saw cum drip from her mouth as daddy pulled out of her mouth and wiped his wet cum covered cock over her face.

I had removed my fingers from her pussy, but the plastic remained. Then Janet’s arms and legs gave way and she fell on her front and burst into heavy racking sobs and the dildo slipped out of her pussy.

Daddy bent over and kissed Janet on the head.

"It’s ok baby, it’s just sex." And he looked at me
"Fuck me daddy, stick your fat cock in my cunt." I asked.
"No, not now, maybe later. Get yourself and Janet cleaned up and we’ll have some lunch.”

I could have cried myself when he said no.

Daddy turned off the camera and went inside.

I sat down next to Janet, she was still tearful, but the sobs had stopped. Her afce was buried into the lounger. I place a gentle hand on her head and kissed her crown.

“Are you ok Janet ?” I saw her head nod and heard her sniff. She slowly raised herself and sat next to me and we tightly hugged while I stroked her hair.

“It’s ok sis, it’s ok.”

We separated and she faced me. Her eyes were black like a panda. And there were still smears of cum around her mouth.

“You look a mess sis.” and she snorted a laugh and I gave her a kiss on the lips and flicked my tongue to taste daddy’s cum.

“Come on,” I said, “let’s get in the pool.”

We kicked off our red shoes and stockings, leaving them in a pile of the ground and jumped in along with the 2 dildos. The cool water felt refreshing against my hot skin, I scooped up handfuls and splashed my face, hopefully cleaning it. Janet had the same idea.

Janet looked human again, rather than something big and furry from China.

She also was back to normal in no time, it takes more than a rough face fuck and pussy bash to get her down for too long and we were back to shouting and screaming, dunking each other.

Daddy appeared from no where and was waving at some one or something.

"Who are you waving to daddy? I asked.
"The neighbour in her bedroom window, come and see girls." So we got out and standing next to daddy we waved at the someone in the window. She waved back at us. I couldn’t really tell what she looked like, she was too far away. I could just make out she was definitely a she, and blonde. That was it.

"Daddy! Did she see us earlier having sex!" Janet exclaimed and looking up at daddy with a slightly worried look on her face.

"Don’t know baby, she might of. I don‘t think it‘s anything to worry about though. If she was gonna tell anyone or the police they would have been here by now."

"Lunch in 15 minutes girls." Daddy said as he walked off, we jumped back in the pool.

“Do you think she saw us?” I asked Janet.
“Probably depends how long she was there for, but the house is not that close, how much could she see?. Too late too worry about it now” and her arm hit the water sending a sheet of water over me. I screamed and chased her.

We got out when we saw daddy getting the table ready for lunch.

“We’re starving daddy." We said, sitting down dripping wet. Daddy had made sandwiches of 4 different fillings and a bowl of chips. I hungrily stuffed a ham salad in my mouth, followed my some chips and munched away.

After lunch , daddy had pulled another 2 loungers next to the pool where we had moved the first one too.

Me and Janet had picked a lounger each and lay down on it and daddy sat on the spare.

"Let me put some of this sun cream on you first before you get comfortable girls." Good idea I thought, as the sun was hot. And we got up.

I was first and daddy covered me all over with the cream, making sure my ass was evenly covered in cream and then switching to my pussy he even dipped a finger in my pussy. It took me by surprise and I let out a groan.
I laid down on my lounger and looked over at Janet as daddy lathered her in sun cream, and heard her moan as daddy’s finger probed her pussy too.

"Before you lay dawn sweetie, put some cream on my cock." Janet smiled and took the sun cream bottle. Daddy lay down on the lounger and Janet kneeled down beside him, squirted some cream on to her hands and gently massaged it into daddy’s growing cock.
"Mmmm that feels good baby."
"I love your cock fucking me daddy, it feels so big." she said smiling.
"I love fucking you too baby, your cunt is so tight and small. Better stop now baby any more rubbing my cock and I‘ll cum."
"Ok daddy." she stopped then leant over and kissed his cock head. She stood up and went to her lounger and laid down closing her eyes.

I looked at Janet, and felt the guilty twinge of jealousy again.

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