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This is my first story leave a rating and a comment telling me where I should take the story. None of this ever happened as far as I know; any coincidences are just that and are not meant to be true in any way. If you have any Ideas on where to go feel free to drop it in the comments thx! I will definitely continue this once again tell me ideas and hints.
Chapter 1
Bill was the average 17 year old junior high school kid about 6’2’’ and weighing about 225 lb. He was the star player on the football team(plays QB) and managed to keep a 3.5 GPA or higher most of the time. Amanda was a beautiful girl of 17, a junior in high school, leader of the cheerleading team and had a sculpted body with nice curves. She had 36C breasts and a big bubble butt. Amanda and Bill had recently broken up after Bill had beaten the shit out of one of Amanda’s friends for hitting on her. The break up was horrible timing because Bill had the state championship coming up soon. He did not want to disappoint his father. Let me step back a little Bills father was the state senator and he was counting on his son and his support. They lived in Dade County, Florida. Bill and Amanda both went to Barbara Goleman High School. Friday came upon them at last and Bills head was definitely not in the game. At halftime, he had nine incompletions 3 interceptions and they were losing 7-28. Even worse, during the half time Bill saw Amanda as she was walking back from her halftime performance. Bill said “Hi.” She looked at him and just said simply “Go to hell dickwad”. This was not good for Bill as he was already feeling like shit for what he did to Sean. At the end of the game, they lost being destroyed with a major loss of 14-49. Bill had 7 interceptions 12 incompletions and an astonishing 13 sacks. His self-esteem and his life were not going very well. Later after Bill got home and had a 20-minute yelling match with his dad, Bills phone rings, its Amanda. He looks at it once and throws it across the room. After he puts the battery back in and checks if its ok, he gets a call from her again. This time he answers it, “What the fuck do you want?” Bill says, “I was just calling to say sorry, you were just trying to be nice during half-time. Amanda says “Well you sure showed that today” Bill retorts “Well you can accept an apology great can’t you.” Bill hears Amanda hang up. He tries to call her back to apologize but she wont answer he throws himself on the bed and falls asleep. The next day at school Bill try’s to talk to Amanda all day but she keeps avoiding him. Finally after school he catches her and asks if they can sit and talk for a minute. They go behind the school building for privacy. “Listen on the phone I know I was an ass yesterday but I’m sorry I...” “Stop I get it I was a bitch at the game you were obviously defensive” Bill leans in and kisses Amanda even though Amanda knows she should not she kisses him back. Bill starts to undo her shirt but Amanda stops him. “Wait we can’t I don’t think it’s a good idea” Bill gets some composure; “Yeah I’m sorry I’ll talk to you later” he quickly starts walking away. Amanda calls to him “Hey, call me again sometime!” Two days later Bill finally gets the balls to call Amanda again. “Hey its Bill how’s it going” “Ok I was just about to “handle” some of my own “private business”. “Oh well maybe I’ll call back later then (Bill is surprised how open she is after they broke up).” “Perhaps I could come over and we could “talk” in person. “I would LOVE that”. When she shows up Bill is only in boxers sitting in his room. Amanda walks in and the first thing she notices is the massive hard on hidden beneath the thin boxers. They waste no time Bill takes Amanda’s shirt of and starts playing with her beautiful tits. “Oh my how I have missed these” He starts licking her areolas and biting the nipples playfully “Oh dam I forgot how good you are at this” Amanda gets on her knees and takes his boxers off, getting a huge face full of inch thick 11’’ cock. She starts licking the tip and using her tongue to lick the sensitive underside. She takes 5 inches into her mouth and starts to struggle but after about 3 minutes of playful dick sucking she manages to get about 8 and a half inches down. “Holy shit babe, I swear to god you’re the only girl who can suck a cock this good.” They get in to a 69 position and she’s taking about 9 and a half inches now as he swirls his tongue around her clit and laps up her aromatic pussy juice. “ AGHHH , I.. I’m cummingggg!!” As he shoots five thick ropes of hot cum in her throat she starts to squirt in his mouth. “FUCK I forgot you were a squirter, thank god you taste good sweety.” They’re both spent and Bill says she can sleep over if she wants. ( Bill starts to think to himself “OH FUCK OH FUCK what did I just do) The fall asleep covered in each other’s sweat and juices. (Amanda is thinking, “I’m in so much fucking trouble but it was worth it”) They go to school the next day and everyone is wondering why the fuck are they being so friendly to eachother didnt they jsut get into a big fight. Everyone soon realizes what happened and some people arent too happy especially Sean.
End for now
I’m not sure where I’m going to go but I’m definitely going to continue Rate, Comment, and tell me where you think I should go! Big conflicts could happen between Sean and Bill. Tell me what you think!

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2013-06-21 20:30:58
First of all you need to put paragraph every so often, its really hard on the eyes reading it like you have

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