Rachel and Sally are trained into submission
It was tough deciding which of the two girls I’d fuck first, but Sally won out. I had an idea that I could make her a totally submissive and obedient slave quite easily and wanted to start on the process.

I walked round to the end of the table where she lay, pinioned, face up. I bent down so my mouth was close to her ear. In as gentle a voice as I could manage, I told her that if she was a good girl and didn’t fight me and did everything she was told to do I wouldn’t let Carlos beat her, like he’d beaten her sister.

While I was talking I started stroking her lightly with my fingertips. As my fingers slid from her bare shoulders across her chest to tickle her nipples before moving along to trace the contours of her waist and hips, I started to kiss her gently. First I brushed her forehead with my lips and then kissed her eyes and cheeks before kissing her on the lips. The little girl didn’t respond until I told her that she needed to kiss me back. Fighting back tears she tried to kiss me, as her lips opened I slipped my tongue into her mouth. I could taste her fear.

I moved my mouth down to her unformed breasts and sucked on her tits as my fingers went between her thighs. With her legs tied apart she could do nothing to stop me. I sucked her nipples, feeling them engorge, as my fingers explored her slit and found the hard little knob of her clit. I did nothing roughly and, after a few minutes, I felt her beginning to get damp.

This was what I wanted; despite her fear, despite her innocence, her body was responding sexually. I started to slide a finger into the opening of her vagina and she stiffened. She whimpered and moaned. Then, as my fingers went only a little way I felt her relax. I could hear her breathing get faster and heavier.

I put two more fingers in and spread them apart so that they pushed on the walls of the cavity. I didn’t want my prick to hurt her too bad when I entered her. That way she was more likely to remain submissive and be trained more easily. Sally moaned and started to twist her hips in response to my fingers.

Looking at her face I could see that she was starting to flush as she became aroused by my touch. I asked her if she was going to be a good girl and she whispered “Yes, sir.” Her hips twisted more violently as my fingers penetrated deeper.

I asked her if she wanted me to eat her cunt and she looked at me with a confused expression; not understanding what I meant. I rephrased it. “You do want me to eat your cunt, don’t you?” My tone was threatening. The girl started to tremble and managed to stutter out a “Yes sir” before bursting into tears.

“That’s better” I said, gently; “You don’t have to cry. You want to be a good girl, don’t you?” She nodded her head in agreement and tried to stifle her sobs.

I stood up and took my shirt off. I wanted to feel her nakedness against my bare skin as I worked to arouse her further. Glancing at Rachel, where she hung helpless, her legs wide apart, I noticed that she’d recovered enough from Carlos’ rape to be looking at me with intense hate. I smiled at her, and told her not to worry; I hadn’t forgotten her. She tried to spit at me but her mouth was too dry.

Turning away from the older girl, I leaned my forearms on Sally’s naked thighs and enjoyed the cool smoothness of her firm flesh. Bending down I pulled the lips of her sex apart with my fingers and blew softly on the sensitive skin of her slit as it was exposed.

Sally gasped and Rachel started to scream at me. She called me a bastard and told me to leave her sister alone. I ignored her but, at the sound of her sister’s voice, Sally started twisting her body and crying hard.

Annoyed at the interruption, I turned to Rachel and slapped her across the face as hard as I could. The pain silenced her. I grabbed her by the chin and twisted her face to force her to look at me.

“You stupid bitch; don’t you understand that you’re our property now? We’ll hurt you bad every time you fight or don’t obey us.”

I pushed my hand up between her thighs. I could see her wince with the pain as I rubbed her cunt; it was still sore from Carlos’ rape.

It was just then that Carlos came back with my beer. “Sorry; Bro” he said “but I was on the computer and we’ve got a special order come in. Could make us a hell of a lot of money. I want to do some research to see if we can manage it. Could you finish up with my bitch as well as yours?”

As Rachel had begun to piss me off I was happy to take her in training too. I didn’t ask Carlos what the order was as I knew that he liked to research those things before we chatted. We don’t always pick up girls by chance like we did today. He is really good at finding girls that we can sell.

I unzipped my jeans, and slid out of them as Carlos left the room. My prick was already almost erect; aroused by what I’d been doing to Sally. I could see Rachel’s eyes get bigger as she saw the length of my penis and knew that, soon, it would be forcing it’s way into her little sister’s virgin cunt.

“That’s right” I said, taunting Rachel, as I gently rubbed my prick. “First I’m going to lick your sister’s slit and suck her clit until she cums and then my big, thick prick will slide into her. After I pop her cherry maybe I’ll rip her open as I go deep and hard. I like to shove as deep as I can before I finish.”

Rachel’s face turned white. “You fucking asshole” she screamed, “leave my sister alone.”

I laughed at her and told her there was no way I’d leave Sally alone. But I was willing to postpone it for a while so that I could teach her big sister a lesson. I told her that she’d got me wrong. I wasn’t a fucking asshole; but I was an asshole fucker.

While the girl was trying to make sense of that, I went over to a shelf where we kept stuff, and grabbed a jar of Vaseline. Standing in front of Rachel I rubbed the gel over the length of my penis.

“Now you see it; next you’ll feel it.” I said as I moved around behind her. I slipped one arm around her waist to hold her steady while I lined my rod up with her arse. To start with, I moved carefully to make sure I hit the wrinkled little hole right on.

As soon as I was satisfied I shoved harder. Rachel gasped as she began to realize what I was doing. Suddenly she regretted cursing at me. With a desperate, trembling, voice she begged me to stop. She said she was sorry and that she’d be good. I told her it was too late.

She screamed as my shaft forced it’s way into her anus. I could feel her sphincter muscles giving way and guessed that they were tearing. Her body hadn’t been designed for anything that big to push into her tight little ass.

The girl tried to pull away but, with my arm around her waist, I forced her back onto my rod. Her firm asscheeks pressed against my belly as I violated her. Her body twisted and turned in a desperate effort to get away but all that it did was to stimulate my erection. I could feel my shaft swell and penetrate deeper.

I started speeding up as I felt my climax approaching. I held her with both hands on her hips and rocked her backwards and forwards, feeling myself drill deeper into her. I grunted as I penetrated her with as much force as I could manage. Then, as my climax came, I held her tight against me as I felt my semen pulse into her.

Rachel’s body went limp, her screams stopped and all she did was moan softly. Now that the screams had stopped I could hear Sally crying hysterically. It would take me more time to calm her down before I fucked her. It was all Rachel’s fault and I hoped that she’d learned her lesson.

My prick relaxed and slid back out. I wiped it clean on a cloth that was nearby. I walked round in front of the girl. Her face, slumped forward, was covered by her hair. I grabbed her hair and pulled her face up so I could look in her eyes. Her face was pale and her eyes blank. There didn’t seem to be any fight left in her but I’d find out later if she had learned her lesson. “It’s your fault this happened to you.” I said. “If you’d been a good girl I wouldn’t have done that.”

I let go of her hair and her head slumped again. It was clear that she was only just conscious and it was the ropes that held her up.

Time to work on little sister, I said to myself, and walked over to the table. Sally was still crying hard; her breath coming in gasps. As she saw me lean over her, her eyes went wide with terror.

I put my hand over her mouth in case she’d start screaming. I pressed down hard to give her something to focus on. Then I started to talk, as gently as I could. I told her that I’d had to punish Rachel because she wasn’t being good and, as Sally had been good, so far, I didn’t need to punish her.

I could feel the girl trembling but, as I talked, she started to quiet down. When I was sure she was listening, I asked her if she was going to be a good girl and do as she was told.

She nodded her head. I took my hand off her mouth and kissed her. I said that I was glad; that I didn’t want to have to hurt her. I stroked her cheeks softly, rubbing the tears away.

Then I started stroking her body, working to relax and arouse her to the state that she was in before Rachel’s interruption. It didn’t take too long before I heard Sally catch her breath. She started to move her hips in response to my fingers between her thighs.

I put my mouth down to her groin and smelled the heady scent of an aroused girl. My tongue worked its way between her labia and licked her sensitive slit. She gasped and moaned as I worked my tongue deeper. I could taste her juices. I flicked my tongue in and out of her virgin hole and she moaned louder as her hips began to twist in response. As I opened my mouth wider and sucked on her clitoris she started to give short little yelps of excitement between the moans.

I switched back to shooting my tongue into her hole, reaching back to see if I could touch her hymen. Her yelps and moans got louder and, suddenly, her body started twitching as I forced her to a climax. She bucked her body for a full thirty seconds and I could taste the flow of her juices.

Standing up I looked down at her, as she lay spread-eagled on the table. Her body was flushed with the excitement of being sexually aroused. Now it was time for me to fuck her for real.

I leaned over her, resting my weight on one hand, as I guided my eager prick between her cunt lips and into her tight, warm, wet hole.

Sally was too overcome by the experience of her first orgasm to be aware of what was happening until my penis was firmly inserted. Holding myself steady, my two hands resting on the table either side of her slim waist, I began to rock back and forth.

I soon felt the tip of my shaft reach the fragile skin of her hymen. With a strong thrust, I broke it. Sally cried out as she felt the sharp pain, but then I heard her breathing change to gasps in rhythm with the thrust of my hips. It was obviously that the intensity of the sexual feeling was taking over her body. She had no thought of resistance or, I guessed, of regret. The feel of my prick in her cunt was giving her a new and unexpected pleasure. She had abandoned her body to the sensations I was forcing on her.

After having just buggered her sister I was able to take my time. I slowed the rhythm of my thrusts and enjoyed the feeling as my penis forced its way along her tight passage. Looking at her face I could see that Sally had her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open. From time to time she licked her lips between her moans.

I worked my way into her vagina just as far as I could go. I didn’t want to damage her. After ten minutes of build up I increased the speed of my thrusts bringing myself to a wonderfully painful ejaculation that made her cry out as she had her second orgasm in fifteen minutes.

The young girl lay on the table gasping as my prick shrunk and slid back out of her. A trickle of semen mixed with her blood followed. I unfastened her wrists and ankles and she didn’t move, exhausted by her new experiences.

Now I wanted to see if Rachel was broken or if she still had the desire to resist me. She was still slumped forward, held upright by the ropes tied to her wrists and ankles. I put my hand under her chin and felt no resistance as I lifted her face so that I could look her in the eyes.

“If you want to feel worse pain than you have so far, I can arrange it.” I said. “I’ll put fish hooks through your tits and hang you up until they rip free. I’ll break your fingers one by one. There’s a lot that I can do if you aren’t obedient. Now are you going to be a good girl and do as you are told?”

Looking in her eyes, I could see that she believed me. Slowly, as if it took all her strength, she nodded her head. I told her that I wanted to hear her say it. In a whisper she said that she’d do whatever I wanted.

I untied her ankles and then her wrists. She would have collapsed onto the floor if I hadn’t held her and lowered her onto her knees. She swayed slightly from side to side but looked at me to see what I wanted her to do.

“Suck it clean” I said, pointing to my prick. It was sticky with semen, her sister’s blood and cum and, probably some of her own blood from my recent rape of her arse. She reached out and took my penis in her hands; guiding it into her mouth. As I felt her lips close around it I knew that I’d beaten her. She would be a slave from now on.

After she had cleaned my shaft I told her to lick her sister clean too. Still on her knees, Rachel obediently moved over to where Sally lay on the table with her legs still spread open, invitingly.

When Rachel’s tongue slid between the lips of her sister’s cunt the younger girl gasped and started to moan with sexual arousal. I watched for a while, then told Rachel to stop. She sat back on her heels and waited, submissively.

I realized that I was hungry and decided to get something to eat and find out what had got Carlos so excited. I got Sally to climb off the table and kneel beside her sister. I told them to put their hands behind their backs. With some cord I tied Rachel’s wrists together and then attached them to her ankles. I did the same with Sally.

Knowing that they were secure and would be constantly aware of their helplessness, I left them there. I took Sally’s dress and panties to put in the washer. I grabbed Rachel’s clothes too, in case they needed to be cleaned.

I found Carlos in the office with the computer open and his burrito cold on the plate by his side. He looked up as I came in and grinned. “Bro, I think we’re on our way to make our first million.” he said. At my questioning look, he explained that we’d got a request to supply twin blondes to one of Jake’s clients in the Middle East. We’d been offered two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and three hundred if they were virgins. Any age between twelve and eighteen years old was acceptable.

We hadn’t had much experience with custom snatches and I wondered if it was possible. Carlos grinned again, “With the power of the internet at my fingertips I think I’ll be able to find what we need.” He went on the talk about the twins clubs that you could find and that he’d work from that. I hoped that he could find something not too far away as the logistics of transportation, feeding, etcetera were more complicated. He told me I shouldn’t worry so much and turned back to the computer.

After eating I went back down to the playroom. Rachel had collapsed on the floor but Sally still sat as I had left her. Both of them showed signs of the traumas we’d put them through.

I untied their ankles and pulled them to their feet. Rachel moaned in pain as I forced them to walk out of the room. I took them into the bathroom. Untying their wrists I told them to shower and watched as they obeyed. I couldn’t see any signs of resistance from Rachel as she and Sally soaped themselves; rinsed off and toweled dry.

I retied their wrists behind their backs, and took both of them into my room. I told Sally to get into my bed but had her sister lie on the floor. I tied Rachel’s ankles again. She lay on her side and I ran my hands over the curves of her body. With her swelling breasts and the curve of her hips and arse she was well into pubescence. It wouldn’t be difficult to find a buyer for her.

After all the exercise I was feeling pretty tired so I climbed into bed beside Sally. I lay on my side grabbed her and turned her onto her side so she faced me. I kissed her on the lips and she kissed me back. I ran my hand down her side and she gave a gasp of pleasure as I slipped my fingers between her thighs and started to explore her groin. Without being asked she rolled onto her back and spread her legs so I could rub her slit and tickle her clitoris. She moaned and licked her lips as my fingers started to probe her opening. I felt her starting to get damp.

Even though she was willing, I kept her arms tied behind her back. I like them better like that. I rolled onto my front and got the girl to get onto her knees and give me a good blow job. When I was hard I had her sit across me and she lowered herself onto my shaft. It was a fantastic sensation to feel her engulfing my prick like a finger slipping into a glove. As soon as her butt touched me I came; pumping myself dry as she gasped and squealed with pleasure.

After I’d come back out of her we both rolled onto our sides and fell asleep. In the middle of the night I woke up to the sound of Rachel sobbing, as she lay there on the floor. I recognized the sound of her total defeat. She realized that her old life had ended and her new one was out of her control.

The crying disturbed Sally, who moved closer and rubbed herself against me. I put my hand on her arse and she quieted down.

The next morning I was awake before either of my captives. I got up to make myself some breakfast and found that Carlos was already up and on the computer. He said he’d found a great twins group in Newtown, which was only two towns over from us. He’d identified a couple of possible sets of twins. The one that most interested him wasn’t active in the group for the last few years but it seemed that, as the girls were now fifteen, they’d started making friends of their own. It wasn’t that they’d moved away.

After I’d eaten I checked that the girls’ clothes were clean and dry. I even ironed the wrinkles out of Sally’s dress. I told Carlos I’d be taking photos this morning and asked if he’d be o.k. for the video in the afternoon. He said that he would.

I got the girls up, untied them and told them to dress. I gave them some breakfast bars and juice and spent the rest of the morning photographing them: dressed, semi-dressed and naked.

As well as the money we get from selling the girls, we also have a membership website (located in Albania!) that we have to keep adding new photos to, if we want the income. I try to get photos for various tastes. Some men (and a growing number of women) like girls who are tied up and frightened. Others like girls who look willing. I think some of my best erotic shots are of the girls when they’re half-dressed – a hint of innocence about to be defiled.

I had no trouble from either of them, and it was rather obvious that Sally wanted to please me and took pleasure in sexually explicit poses. Just the day before she’d been an innocent little virgin and now she wanted to be as sexually active as she could. I smiled as I thought of the change I’d worked with her.

In the afternoon we made a couple of videos. One we set up in my bedroom. We had the two girls lying on the bed reading comics when Carlos, wearing a mask of course, comes in with a gun. The girls act scared as they’re forced to undress and to let him use all three of their holes.

The second video was of the two of them making love to one another. Rachel wasn’t too excited but Sally got into it. I had Rachel overpower her sister, strip her naked, tie her up and assault her. I got some good footage.

We sent a few of the photos off to Jake and knew that he’d peddle them around. He took twenty percent of the sale cost and we didn’t complain. I think both Carlos and I enjoyed the hunt and capture more than the selling.

Usually Jake found a buyer within forty-eight hours so we didn’t have to worry about keeping our captives too long. We could focus on the next one. I thought of the twins and began to get excited. Carlos had done some more research and was confident that we could get them.


2016-09-02 10:53:09
Sell Rachel to the worst buyers and have then send in videos regularly. It would be a loss to let Sally go, maybe rent her out seasonally and have her assist capturing and training new slaves.

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Excellent story! Keep the 2 girls as permanent sex slaves to help with the twins. Maybe impregnate Rachel to add humiliation to the former feisty fighter..

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Anyways, time to write Part 3 please!

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Excellent story! Keep the 2 girls as permanent sex slaves to help with the twins. Maybe impregnate Rachel to add humiliation to the former feisty fighter..

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Good writing, and a very hot perverted fantasy, at leased I hope its only a fantasy. Looking foward to what happens with the twins.

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