Beth gets a lesson in what Wendy likes
Authors note: If you haven't read parts one and two, please do so before reading this.

Poking my head between the curtains before the show in the hopes of seeing Wendy just once, it felt as if being hit by a bolt of lightning when our eyes found each other. Her radiant smile was a blessing, it bolstered my confidence knowing that she was there to see me, but the only performance now on my mind was the one at her house later that night, just the two of us.

She raised her hand and wiggled her finger, gesturing for me to come to her. Obediently, I complied.

"Hi, Beth.", Wendy said in her throaty alto voice. "I'm kind of excited to see your show. I just don't know what to expect, though. My parents have season tickets to a theater downtown, and I've seen a couple of those shows...", she seemed to trail off.

Feeling a little self conscience as this would be the first time that Wendy and I have talked in public ever. "Wendy, I'm so glad you're here. I'm sure that our stuff tonight won't compare to the theater things you might have seen... b... but if you want..." attempting to make a joke, "I could try to explain it after the show tonight."

"I'd like that, and I could pick you up out in front of the school entrance when you are ready.", Wendy said almost seductively. I was caught in her spell.

"I can't wait. I'll see you out front.", suppressing an urge to kiss her. She took my hand and gently squeezed, then winked at me. She had dressed in a very subdued, elegant dress, but I was imagining what was underneath. I could sense my pussy becoming wet.

The performance tonight was better in some respects, and worse in others than last night. I stumbled over a few lines, improvising a little. Maybe it was because I was distracted by a beautiful brunette sitting in the eighth row center. Thankfully, no one else was thrown off by it.

After the show, my butterflies grew in size and intensity just thinking about meeting Wendy out front. I was a bit hesitant about leaving, as I felt nervous about others seeing me leave with Wendy. I waited until almost everyone had left, wondering if anyone would care about my leaving with Wendy.

I found her and made my way towards the car. I opened the passenger door, "Hi, Beth, get in." I'm pleasantly shocked when she puts her hand on my thigh squeezing as she moves up my thigh. "Your texts from today, well lets just say that I am anxious to get you home because I'd really love to kiss you right now." I laugh a little and put my hand on hers.

"I'd really like that, too.", but I don't because of prying eyes and wagging tongues. Wendy started the car and we were off. She turns in the direction of the country, away from town. The area around us is somewhat deserted, "Pull over, please."

"Everything alright?", she asks as she stops.

"No... I mean yes...", and I lean into her, our lips meeting in the middle of an electrical storm. Her left hand holds the side of my head. Still lost in our kiss, we didn't hear the truck coming until they were passing us.

"Woohoo! Lesbians! Yeah! Girl-on-Girl kissing!", the boys in the truck shouted. I pulled back, feeling like my soul had been torn open.

Wendy chuckled, "You'll get used to it. Guys do like seeing two chicks kiss and then some." She picks up my right hand, kisses my palm, and then places it over her left breast. This also has the effect of pulling me closer to her, and she kisses my lips softly. Just like yesterday, it is almost as if time stands still, and nothing else matters except the kiss.

She breaks off, "Let's go to my house. We'll have tons more privacy there. I promise.", and she depressed the accelerator.

Wendy pulled in the drive, and she was right about privacy, as her house was built in the center of a small grove of trees. And with all the new spring growth, it appeared to shroud the house from outside eyes. She opens the garage door, drives in and closes it behind us.

My heart is pounding in my chest, and when I catch her eye, we seem to fall into a kiss. My right hand automatically found her breast, the feeling of its weight filling my hand was amazing. I was massaging her gently, "I love you playing with my tits." And continues to kiss me.

"You know... I kind of like playing with your... tits...", hesitantly and anxiously, I say, "You know Wendy, I'm not really sure why I'm here with you... I mean, we're not really even friends... you know what I mean, don't you. That really didn't come out right..."

"Yeah, Beth, I think I do know, as I think I was there once myself. But I also think I know why you're here, and that's to play with my tits. I really want you to play with my tits. And the friends thing, that will come... or maybe not. I do know that you are beautiful, hot, and sexy as hell. The only reason why some of the other cheerleaders taunt you is because they are jealous. Maybe I could give you some ammo to throw back at them."

"Really?", I say in my head. She put me at ease with that vote of confidence, at least a little.

"Come on inside, I have something I want to show you.", flashing me her sly smile. We both got out of the car, and headed inside.

Once we crossed over the threshold, Wendy turns and pins me to the wall, pressing her lips to mine. She's holding my wrists tight against the wall, rubbing her body against mine, her hip grinding into my sex, and mine hers. It took me by surprise her sudden aggression, but it also filled me with a touch of desire. Her tongue was teasing me, pushing my tongue around in my mouth, almost as much as her body seemed to be pushing mine around now.

She stopped kissing me and lifted both my arms over my head, pinning both wrists to the wall with one hand while using her other to fondle my breast. "You know, Beth, I was thinking that it would only be fair that I got to watch you get yourself off yesterday that you should get to watch me masturbate now." She didn't wait for an answer, and kissed me passionately, releasing her clutch on my hands, and I wrapped them around her, pulling her to me.

Again, she pulls away. Taking my hand firmly, "Follow me!", and almost running, she leads me up the stairs, down the hall and into one of the bedrooms. She surprises me when she almost picks me up around the waist and launches me onto the bed. Landing facedown, I roll over laughing. She slams the door, strips off her dress over her head, standing before me in just panties and a bra with no shoulder straps. She kneels upon the bed, then straddles my stomach. She looks me in the eyes, reaches behind her back, then her bra just falls down around my neck. The sight of her magnificent tits is really turning me on, as she takes them in her hands, squeezing them, kneeding them. I reach up to touch them. But taking my hands pinning them together over my head, she leans down and kisses me, very forcefully, taking my breath away.

Sitting up she reaches for something under the pillow. "Now, B...", almost as if she was texting me, "I'm thinking you have two choices. One, you can leave, I will drive you home, and nothing more will be said. Or two... you may not like the second choice. I promise that I will do nothing that will leave any marks, but... I do like playing rough sometimes... I've heard theater people are more adventuresome and willing to try new things. You seemed very willing yesterday. Question is, are you a bit more adventuresome today. Now." Showing me the ropes she pulled from under the pillow.

My heart was pounding in my chest. "Can... I ask..."

"Yes, what do you want to know?"

"You... say you won't leave any... marks?"

Leaning down to kiss my lips, but stops just short. "It means that tonight I won't do anything that might require an explanation to mommy and daddy." Speaking slowly and with deliberate intensity, "No cutting... no burning... no welts... no bite marks... nothing to explain... But I will tie you... up... and do things to your body that will make your show yesterday pale by comparison." She licks my lips from each side, making them wet. "Don't get me wrong, B, you were hot to watch... and you lick pussy pretty good... but I want to see just how much heat you can stand." She pauses, but then continues, "Would you willingly fuck some stranger, or maybe your tastes go to sucking off more than one guy at a time? Maybe you want to be ravished by a wild bunch of lesbian bitches? Or, B... maybe you would allow me to tie your hands and legs while I give you my show I promised earlier, you know... the one where I masturbate for you while telling you about some of the things I like... some of the things I've done... you've got five second to make up your mind."

"Five", my mind is racing, will she stop if I ask?, "Four", do anything to hurt me?, "Three", do I take her at her word?, "Two"

"Y... yes... I'll do it.", and I feel my body go limp, but my heart is beating fast. I feel her lips press to mine, and I open my mouth to receive her tongue.

She snapped up suddenly. She grabs my hand and wraps the velcroe strap attached to one of the ropes around my wrist, then another around the other wrist. She turns 180 degrees around, and now has her ass just over my mouth. "We have to lose your pants." And she proceeds to take them from me, panties too.

"I can see that B is ready to play, her cunt is slick with wetness. I wonder if she can tell that I'm ready." Placing her fragrant cunt about a centimeter from my nose. Slapping my pussy, "Can you smell my pussy?"

"Yes, Wendy."

Slapping me once more, "Say Mame when you address me, cunt. Can you smell my pussy?"

"Yes, Mame.", I'm both taken aback and turned on by her sudden agression.

"That's better.", and she continued to wrap my knees with the velcroe. She then quickly stood up and threaded the ropes through some pulley clamps mounted on the bed posts. In my astonished condition I didn't know what to think, and I felt powerless to stop what was happening, or maybe I wanted this. "Now move to the center of the bed.", and she pulls the ropes tighter, my arms dangling from the ropes attached to the top of the posts, and my knees attached to the lower ones. This left me spread-eagle on the bed, my pussy totally exposed, and my blouse still on me, naked from the waist down. "I'm liking what I see.", as she firmly grips my breast and pinches my nipples quite hard, making me vocally grunt.

She grabbed a rolled up towel, and unrolled it in front of me, between my out-stretched feet. It had a couple things in it that I thought I recognized, like the two dildos, but the other things just looked like clips.

She also tossed what looked to be a remote for a DVD player on the bed. Climbing back up on the bed, "Lean forward, I'm going to sit behind you." This confused me, as she was supposed to be giving me a show.

She has one leg on each side of me, she also proved that she could reach all parts of my body with her hands. Grabbing the remote, she pressed a button, and dropped it. Wrapping her hands around me, pulling me back into her, "Make yourself comfortable, lean back, and enjoy the show."

The screen on the wall came to life, with a view of this room, a single chair in the middle of the screen. I could feel her hands caressing my tits as a Wendy walks nude onto the screen, sitting in the chair.

"Hi, B, guess by the simple fact you are hearing me means you've agreed to stay and play with me,", she's taking a rope and seems to be wrapping it around her left breast. "or more to the point, you've agreed to let me play with you. It's not often that we can be in two places at once, but thanks to digital technology, I can play with you while you watch me play with myself. Pretty cool, huh?" She has begun to wrap both her breasts using a figure 8 pattern around them. The real Wendy was running her hands just on the insides of my thighs, placing light kisses on the back of my neck.

"Just so you know, I'm not a sadistic bitch that wants to hurt you without a care, if at any time you want to stop, just say so, and I promise I will stop, well the live me will, the digital one will keep going until someone hits the stop button or the video comes to an end. Which ever occurs first. But do remember, if you ask to stop there is no chance of us continuing our relationship.", she tucks the ends of the ropes in under themselves. Real-Wendy was now massaging my tits squeezing them firmly.

"I should also mention that it makes me very happy that you stayed, I put in a lot of effort to make all these arrangments. Create a scene to get you here. It was pure coincidence that my family is gone. Picking up all my toys from my Mistress' house. Setting up all the recording stuff, and now I have to actually make the video." Real-Wendy was unbuttoning my blouse and playing with my tits.

"So, B, I'm sure you get the idea that I love sex, but walking in on you yesterday, well lets just say you are the best thing to happen to me in a while. Watching you make yourself cum really got me going. Also, by pure chance I got to watch you suck off your boyfriend at the Park. I think I can help you with that cock sucking thing.", she stops a moment to massage her bulbous bound breasts, her breathing is deeper and her tits rise and fall in sync. "I do like binding my tits like this. When they fill with blood, after they turn red, my nipples become extra sensitive."

In my hypnotic state, I say "mine are already like that."

Real-Wendy says, "So, my B's got sensitive nips.", wrapping her hands around my breasts firmly squeezing them pulling me closer to her, her breasts pushing back against me. All the while, digital Wendy continues to squeeze her breasts, which are now becoming write red. The contrast begin her tits and the rest of her skin color is quite apparent.

Digi-Wendy continues, "OK, B, you're probably wondering where I got my sex drive? I assure you, it didn't come from Wal-mart, the Church, nor was I molested in any other way. It started with a simple one minute video of a woman using only her mouth to give a guy a happy ending." The scene changes to what I assume is the video in question. A young brunette with shoulder length hair, her lips wrapped around some guys cock, and he was thrusting in and out about an inch or so. I could really tell I was enjoying this, but in some detached way. Real-Wendy has begun to unbutton my shirt.

The screen continues for another 40 seconds or whatever, the girl staring up at her lover the whole time. But at this point, the guy begins to shudder a few times, and his cum begins to leak out from the edges of her lips, and not in small amounts. Soon, the front of her dark blue blouse is covered in his cum, and yet her lips remain around his cock.

Digi-Wendy reappears, a fairly large purple dildo in her mouth, she removes it. "Pretty cool, huh. That video provided me with my first orgasm, and several to follow. I was 11 when I first saw that. So, do you think I looked at all like her? It's what made that video so attractive to me, While I don't look exactly like her, it was enough to make me into a young, nubile nymph. After that I took to kissing, I had several guys, and even one girl who wanted to make out with me. I found I liked using my mouth, but it wasn't until I was 12 that I gave my first real blowjob. Ronnie Jenkins, you might know him. I let him cum in my mouth, but I swallowed unlike the girl in the video. I like swallowing, less mess, and it's protein. No, seriously, it turns me on knowing someone experienced some pleasure that I caused. I sucked Ronnie's cock several times since. He doesn't go around bragging about it, he's totally cool about it. I've even fucked him a few times, but I'm getting ahead of myself."

Real-Wendy has my blouse open, and pulled it to the sides. Her left hand is massaging my bra clothed tit, her right is rubbing my cunt. She lifts her hand to my mouth, and asks me if I want to lick her fingers. I just nod and opened my mouth, eyes still watching Digi-Wendy rub the end of the dildo over her cunt, and then tasting it. I was really feeling dizzy with adrenalin, and I could feel my skin sweat. My arms were becoming heavy and started to tingle.

Digi-Wendy begins to insert the dildo into her sheath, "I lost my virginity...", stuffing the dildo a good ways into her vagina, she adjusts her hips so she can take more. I notice her tits are quite red now, and glissen with sweat. "...when I was 13, I gave it to the quarterback of the high school team and 17 years old, I was still in eighth grade. When his girlfriend found out, I got a reputation as a slut, and she got a broken arm. OK, I shouldn't have pushed her over that cement barrier. I can't think of any cunt who deserved it more. Shit happens." Her left hand was fucking her cunt, and her right was squeezing her taut tits quite firmly.

Real-Wendy was now rubbing a vibrator over my clit. "You're still a virgin, right?", whispering in my ear. "I mean, if you are, I don't want to take it from you with a dildo. That job should be done by a real prick, or however you want.", I nod that yes, i'm still intact, and I'm glad she won't force it from me. Or is she... nope, don't want to go over that bridge...

"My next significant moment was when I made a woman cum by licking her twat... That was Rhonda...", her breathing is becoming more labored, "...Jackson and I was 14, she was 17... She was Head Cheerleader, and I was a freshmen... who she saw me as a threat, my tits weren't as big... as they are now, but they were still bigger... than Rhonda's. But that didn't stop her from enjoying mine." The dildo was brought to her lips, and she succeeded getting about a third of it into her mouth. She fucked her mouth several times, then returned it to her pussy.

There were a few moments that my body shivered, almost a pre-orgasm. My arms now have fallen asleep, becoming heavy under their own weight. My bra was lifted up over my tits, and Wendy had begun twisting my nipples. I was thinking of running away, but I had nowhere to go, at the same time, I didn't really want to leave.

"My next milestone was a threesome with two guys. I was 15, and they were a year older. Both football players, you might know them, they only graduated last year, so I'm not giving their names. Mind you, this threesome came with a condition. I wanted to watch them suck each others cocks, but not just that, they had to cum in each others mouth. Sort of an insurance policy to keep them from bragging later. They fulfilled their part of the bargin in this very room, I did masturbated while they 69'd. The three-way actually happened the next day in the girls shower room, where I saw you yesterday. They both fucked me, and the one who wasn't fucking me had his cock in my mouth. Maybe not the best I've had, but the location was more of the thrill for me. The possibility of getting caught. Like I caught you. You really did give me a nice orgasm licking me, and I assume it was your first time, but you got the job done, and you really seemed to be into it. Your hand on my ass, nice touch." I don't know how she was keeping her composure, but she was still fucking her cunt and groping her tits.

And Real-Wendy was still running the vibrator between my pussy lips and over my clit. With her other hand she had a small vibrator that had a clip attached to it, and she was caressing my nipple with it. The feel of it and everything else that was happening, I felt my first intense orgasm rack my body, my hips bucking against the dildo in her hand.

When I come back to surreality, Digi-Wendy had already begun her description of her next exploit. "And she was showing me a couple pictures of me in the girls lockerroom with a cock in my cunt and my mouth. I knew I was had, but I was still turned on. She gave me two choices, one, she could tell my parents and let them deal with my 'slutty ass' (her words, not mine), or two, I could do as she told me and no one would ever find out about the lockerroom." Her on-camera body began to tremble a little. "God, B, you got me so worked up thinking you lasted this long...", she releases the dildo, which remains embedded in her. "Whew, need a moment."

Real-Wendy is now attaching the vibrator clips to my nips. The first one clamps firmly to my left nipple, as I draw in a sharp breath. She engages the vibrator and lets it fall, dangling from my nipple.

"So, this cunt-coach with the pix told me I would be her little whore, and that that Saturday I was to show up at her house, and we would go from there. I'm sure that you are experiencing how I was feeling. At the same time, it excited me not knowing what was to come." Her strokes with the dildo were long and deep, pushing it far up inside her, her other hand hugging her bound breasts, squeezing them quite firmly.

"I showed up at her house at the given time, and she leads me into her basement. For the next 15 minutes she explained what was to happen, what I was supposed to do, and reminding me of the consequences if I didn't play nice. She then told me that the six gentlemen who were going to fuck me for three hours, each paid $600 for the priviledge of having my 15 year old ass, both figuratively and literally. That night I lost my anal cherry, but in order to prepare for that she gave me an enema, a complete rinse. The whole time she was performing the cleansing, she fingered me, she licked me, and she massaged my g-spot."

She paused, "After three complete enemas, she deemed me clean. Then she proceeded to shove her tongue into my ass. When she finished licking me and masturbating, she told me that the first half hour was going to be me, blindfolded and masturbating. I wasn't supposed to know when the men were joining in until they actually touched my body. She instructed me that the blindfold was to protect the identity of the men who were about to fuck every single oriface on my body. She did a cunt check and said she was pleaded that I was so wet." She thrusts the dildo into her cunt forcefully, her legs now raised up, she's leaning back on the love seat. After ten or so thrusts, a fountain of liquid bursts from her and drenches her body, I noticed that her hair was wet in places with her cum. The dildo that was in her cunt is now between her lips, she also licked the sides of it. Her body still quaking from her orgasm.

Real-Wendy had long since attached the second nipple vibrator, and I noticed that my nipples were now tingling. I can't really say that I was enjoying this now, but later I would masturbate with the dildo that Wendy used on herself in the video, all while thinking of what Wendy was making me do. I was becoming a slut, just like Wendy.

"Wow, that was nice." Digi-Wendy sitting back up, the dildo in her lap, both her hands smashing her engorged tits together. "Whew, um, now... where was I? Oh yeah, gangbang, right. Let's just say, I've never been pushed to such limit before or since. Before the night was over, six men had their cock in every hole I own, with times having three cock in me at once, and they all came in my mouth, me swallowing everything. That night I went home with $3400 in my purse and a well satisfied mouth, pussy, and ass." She was now frigging her clit and at the same instant she was frigging mine. My feet were flexing up and down, as I felt the onset of my second orgasm. Wendy clenched my tit with her left hand, and fingering my clit furiously, pushing me over the edge. This orgasm was far more intense than my first. My head was now laying back on her shoulder, my eyes closed, but somehow I could still hear Digi-Wendy talking.

"My next year, my 16th, last year in fact, was spent in and out of bed with a teacher from school and his wife. While he had a nice cock and could make me cum with it, it was his wife who was the firecracker. A latino woman who loved my pussy. And I loved hers too. She never wore any clothes while sunbathing, so every inch of her body was evenly tanned, a very nice shade of brown. This was a nice relationship, we didn't indulge in any bondage or shit like that. She just loved sucking my cunt while I sucked my teacher. It was with her that I learned how to lick an asshole. Pushing the tip of my tongue just into her anus. During the whole year, I sucked his cock at school maybe a dozen times, I was with his wife alone about as many times, and with them both about 20 times. As a matter, I gave her a quick lick about two weeks ago, just for old times sake." Her fingers were still swirling around both hers and my clits, my body convulsing now and again, maybe just after-orgasmic-shocks.

"And so, my last tale (no pun intended) started during the Head Cheerleader competition. Ms. Robeson had gathered the three of us who wanted this, at her place for personal interviews. I'm not really sure if the other two understood what she actually meant by personal interviews, but it's meaning was not lost on me. When it was my turn, I was last (luck of the draw), I followed her into her den where we could have some private time. She told me she thought I was a smart girl and that she didn't want to beat around any bushes, and I was on my knees in an instant. I pulled her knees apart and under her skirt, she was sporting a naked, shaved cunt just waiting to feel my tongue inside her. After about five minutes, she announced that the interview was over, her breathing labored. She kissed my lips, sucking them as if to collect her juicy deposits left there on my lips. She also instructed me that as the new Head Cheerleader I was responsible for several things. One was to keep her satisfied, another was to find and groom my replacement, just as Rhonda Jackson had done with me. She told me of two Juniors that she thought would make excellent candidates. Within the week, I started seducing them. B, as it stands, you have a better shot at pleasing Ms. Robeson than those two dumb cunts. She told me to come back later that night, and we could go over a few thoughts, if you catch the drift."

She sits up fully in the video. Grabbing her tits. "You know, B, I would really love it if you were here right now to help me unwrap my tits. This is the moment when you could suck on my nipples while I frig my cunt." She pulling out the ends of the ropes, all while she looks directly into the camera and my eyes. With each layer she unwraps, her tits begun to return to their normal peachy skin tone. She also is emitting some audible grunts and sighs. She begins to massage them with one hand while the other continues undoing her bindings.

Once she has finished removing the ropes, she runs her fingers over her nipples, rolling her eyes back into her head, and squeezes both her magnificent breasts. "Oh, god." she picks up the dildo and jams it into her cunt. After several minutes of fucking herself and hugging her tits. "Ah, fuck B, you're making me cum!" Her first stream of squirt reaches the camera, and obscures part of the picture, two more streams eject from her pussy, the second hits her in the face.

Coming out of her euphoria, "God damn, B, thank you. And anyway... I hope you enjoyed my command performance, and I'm so looking forward to seeing you in person. I do so hope we become friends... good friends." She says with an up turned corner of her luscious lips. "Bye!", holding her hand up and waving her fingers, she gets up from the chair. And the screen turns blue.

The Wendy behind me wraps her arms around me, whispering into my ear, "Did you like my show?"

My head still swimming in its pool of lewd thoughts, she pulls my ear lobe between her lips. I close my eyes, turn my head to give her full access to my ear, and purr.

"Can I take that as a yes?", and I hesitantly nod.

"I did cum twice, so at least I know I was turned on by everything... Still have to process and take everything in..." I hesitantly ask, "Would you... untie me... please. I can't feel my arms."

Kissing my neck, "Sure.", quickly sliding out the side, standing, she undoes my right arm, which falls dead to my side, and then my leg. Running to the other side of the bed repeating the same for the left. I lay back against the headboard and pillows, close my eyes, and take in a few deep breaths. It does feel somewhat pleasurable to know my arms are regaining sensation. I feel Wendy place her hand on my pussy.

"Would you like to play some more... or should I take you home?", she quietly asks.

"Who could go home after that? I just... I mean... I don't really think I'm ready for some of those things that you mentioned... But if... we could just...", I stop.

"We could just...?", she queries.

"We could just... kiss and make out, maybe lick each others pussy. You know, things other typical teenage lesbians do...", she laughs which makes me laugh.

"Well, just so you know, I'm not typical, nor am I a lesbian. I'm bi, I do love sucking cock just as much as I love pleasuring a woman. And as far as myself, I'm more sub than dom, which would explain why it just felt so out of character when I slapped your pussy and demand you call me Mame."

"So can I ask you something?"

"Sure, anything."

"Why did you show me this stuff? I mean, we hardly know each other. Besides, you pretty much confirmed what my brother said yesterday." I seem to be rambling a bit.

"I don't really know. You're cute, you have a nice body, and you seem to be something of an exhibitionist. Plus you seem to be a natural at licking pussy, and I would love for you to lick mine many more times." She makes me blush.

Playfully I say, "If you play your cards right, I just might lick you tonight, maybe even make you cum."

Her hand back on my pussy, "Only after I lick your cunt, I do want you to sit on my face."

"Ah, fuck... shit.", I sit up.

"What's the matter, B?", she asks.

"What time is it? I forgot to call my mom. She's gonna be pissed. Where's my phone?"

"Your pants are by the side of the bed, otherwise it might be in the car.", I scramble down to grab my pants getting my phone from the pocket. "Shit, it's 11:15..."

"Just tell her that I took you out for a burger or something, and we just got home.", she stands up on the bed kicking the bindings off to the floor. I hit the call button, as Wendy spreads my legs then kneels between them.

"Hi, mom, sorry to call so late, we went out for something", and just as I say my next words, Wendy locks her lips on my cunt, "to eat." I gasp suddenly as I feel her tongue on my clit.

"Yeah mom, she's right here...", in a panic covering the phone, "She wants to talk to one of your parents!"

Wendy holds her hand out, "Hi, this is Ellen.", said in a slightly higher pitched tones. Her fingers start to fiddle with my clit, she lifts her arm over my leg, then uses her thumb on my clit. "Hi, Lyn, very nice to talk with you." Still holding the phone to her ear, she twirls her tongue around my clit.

"Yeah, they are going to be in bed by midnight. Come morning our family had plans to go out for breakfast. I hope that Beth can join us. We can have her home by around 2 in the afternoon, if that's OK with you." Returning her tongue for a couple firm licks.

"Great then, we'll have her home in one piece in the afternoon.", she hands the phone back, wraps her hands around my hips, and latches her mouth around my clit, gently sucking and tongues me.

"Mom? Yeah, I'll see you in the afternoon.", hanging up quickly. I release a loud sigh, and my hips automatically begin to swivel against her lips and tongue. After about 5 minutes of using her face, I cum for the third, but not final time tonight. We shared many kisses and several orgasms, and we fast asleep in each other arms.

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