Having stolen a hefty item of magic the elf rogue, Nyx goes to the underdark to elude orcish followers sure of the magical items power to save her.
Nyx heard the orcs nearing from behind, their unintelligible barks of furious anger. Nyx was an elf. She like most of her kind was a slender women with long wavy, and dark, red hair. Her solid brown eyes scanned the area as she caught her breath behind a large tree. She wore tight brown leather, her hair in a tight bun. Her breasts sat squeezed against her leather armor. With a dagger in one hand, a hand cross bow in the other. She had the thing these orcs were chasing her for in a leather pouch secured safely to her belt. She was a rogue. An agent of silence and thievery.
The item she stole originally belonged to an orc chieftain. One of the greatest of all the lands who was able to wage open war with the human armies of the land. He had a ring he carried with him always. With a magical blood opal he called “The ghost of grummush” at any time this great warrior was able to turn invisible to all. Great spells were not able to dispel the magical energies that concealed the folk whom wore it. Even a magical ability that allowed one to see invisibility spells would see but a faint outline of the wearer and also masked body heat. Only orc magic could see the wearer. On this day three orc clerics of Grummush and two sorcerers were on her tail. All knowing the spell that could see her clear at day.
The rest of them were orc warriors. She had already dispatched four orcs with her daggers in the pursuit of getting her hands on this object of worth. She herself knew a few spells. Ones that only benefited herself. Ones that silenced her own steps, ones to ward any magic in one area, to make any material mud, which included doors.
She looked forward seeing her target. A small dank cave that lead to another land of horror. A land called the underdark. A world that existed below the surface of the world. Every species there was a twisted horrific mockery of those above. She was sure to see one of the most dreaded creatures of the underdark, under-elven, or, the drow. Insidious malicious folk who hated surface elves and loved torture. A folk who lived in large cities of beauty that masked the true nature of the people, which was lies deceit, betrayal and oppression. A woman run society where men were inferior in every aspect.
The underdark.
A place where every living thing is extremely powerful and filled with enough vileness and hate anyone would be hard pressed to survive even a single night out in the blackness that is the underground carven of walls and ceiling of stone. This is where she would find what she considered safety.
Nyx darted through a bush as she sprinted to the cavern. She turned around as a fire ball flew by, only by her deftness she was able to dodge the fire ball. Barely as its heat turned her shoulder bright red. She scowled lifting her crossbow and firing it behind her. The cleric who fired the fireball at her suddenly ducked smacking another orc in the forehead with a sickening thud. The orc fell to the ground quite dead. She put her dagger between her teeth as she reloaded her crossbow only yards from the small cave. She made a sudden turn into the cave as she then carefully ran. She knew where all the traps of dark elf design were. She jumped and skipped across all of them. Everyone either deadly, or would horribly maim. She desired neither that day as she skillfully got past all of them.
She could hear the creatures behind her arguing in their own tongue. From the end of the cave where it made its first split into the bowels of this cave, she stood. Leading them as always were the clerics. They stared angrily as she gave them an evil smirk. The lead cleric pointed at her barking an order as he began another charge. He was the first to set off one of the traps. A sudden cloud of darkness immersed the orc followed by screaming and then, silence. When the cloud finally settled there were bones. And only bones left of the orc. The other orcs all looked in horror and shock. Terror filled their ugly faces at the vile magics. She gave another grin before turning around and running down the right tunnel. Nyx had these corridors memorized. She had spent a whole week doing so. The keen minded elf had an amulet allowing her to see in the total darkness as she navigated the corridors of the cave quickly. Orcs however had a natural ability to see in total darkness anyway.
She emerged from the hollow caves into the evil sub-world. In the distance was the sound of screaming. More than likely a monster about to dine on yet another captive. Nyx had heard of the beauty a drow warrior possessed and how deadly they were. Also about how many horrors they gave to captured folk of any race. Whereas she had never seen one, she had stumbled upon some of the carnage they would leave in their wake when did a dreaded surface raid. For an unknown reason they hated elves most of all, and elves hated them. She would be sure to give them a proper greeting if she saw one alone.
But it seemed it would not be a drow she would encounter this day. This day she saw two duergar (Dark Dwarf) and a Drae (Dark Human). The dark dwarf is exactly what you would expect. A black skinned dwarf that seemed a bit angrier than the rest of a dwarvenkin. The dark human was also what was expected. A very handsome male with sharp, yet kind looking features that made them charming and always full of talk. Pity this one was a male. If it were alone and female Nyx may have tried to seduce it. But she had no aspiration of that of males. No, she desired a woman.
Nyx decided to sneak past this lot and hoped they would not spot her. She knew of another cave nearby that lead to the surface. That was her main escape plan. She put on the ring of invisibility.
She kept running until she heard voices close to her. She immediately dropped. It was a drow patrol. She cursed her luck as the deadly drow warriors scanned their area. They all had sharp features, but were all extremely beautiful and elegant. The female in the group was an obvious spellcaster of some sort. A cleric judging by the symbol of a spider on her robes. She was buxom and beautiful. Almost a foot shorter than she. The drow, like all drow had long flowing white hair. Her shapely legs were visible and her skin was flawless. They tarried about for a while speaking in their own tongue that Nyx couldn’t hope to understand.
One pointed in her direction yelling as they all pulled their weapons.
She felt stiff as a board.
“How?!” she wondered, “I am invisible. There is no way they can see me!” She thought,
She suddenly understood. Behind her a monster gave a heavy breath. She looked around franticly for any kind of an exit. Then stood up and sprinted, seeing another cave nearby. Perhaps this was the cave she was looking for, but didn’t remember it being this close. She heard the sounds of battle. She looked over her shoulder seeing a drow being tossed aside like a ragdoll, when it hit the ground it splattered in blood. The creature was enormous and full of hooks. Then, Nyx didn’t know whether to smile or be frightened, the orcs had found the dark elves and were on their way to them now. Nyx entered the cave carefully, taking care not to make much sound in case of yet another invader inside the cave. She saw it was long and somewhat narrow but she did not venture very far for she used a spell to detect any signs of life inside the cave.
She found little except for bugs. She sat down taking the ring off and giving a hefty sigh. She still needed to get out of there. She would wait until the battle had passed over and then make a break for it with the ring on of course.
She waited for a full ten minutes when the drow priestess and another drow male ran into the cave. One spouted in the drow language sounding angry and almost accusingly at the male. The male said something back and shrank down before the mighty female. The female shouted something before pointing towards the entrance of the cave. The male nodded without hesitation and sprinted toward the opening. The drow gave a sigh sitting down, her back against the wall when all of a sudden her eyes shot open. Fear was in her eyes knowing someone was there. For she felt a sever with the magic she gained from Lolth, the evil and vile Spider Queen. The goddess of the drow. She was cut off from her magic. She knew it was an anti-magic field. She then saw an elf come out of the shadows with a crossbow trained on her.
“Do I speak a tongue you can understand?” Nyx asked in elven,
“Yes.” The drow priestess said in fear and innocence.
A façade that Nyx saw straight through. She had been around lairs all of her life. It came with the territory of being a rogue. She knew this drow was trying to play her.
“Please kind elf, do not harm me.” She said sounding scared. Her plump lips extended a bit.
“Do not play so coy and innocent with me, drow elf. I know you are a murdering monster.”
“What of you then you vile and wicked elf whore!” she roared. “What evil thoughts fill your vile head? Torture?!” she said angry and alarmed, but also frightened.
Drow from birth are raised to hate the surface elves.
“Take off your robe so I may see any weapons you could possibly have.” Nyx said keeping her cross bow trained on the drow. She did as commanded reluctantly. Under the robes she wore a black loin cloth and a black thin white sheet around her breasts. “Turn around and put your hands against the wall.” She commanded.
The drow was ever angry taking orders from an elf, and evil look of murder in her eyes. Nyx pulled a dagger cutting the drows loin cloth. She feasted upon the black skinned woman’s sexy slender frame. Her hips wider then her waist yet slender, her butt was taut and cute, yet her curves were irresistible. She licked her lips slowly seeing the roundness of her ass, her long shapely legs, and the curve of her back making an incredible arch. This was a woman she wanted. She continued to cut away the cloth around her chest. Exposing her perfectly shaped, round breasts.
The drow was confused in why this elf was cutting away the rest of her clothing. Could she not have just searched her. She listened to the elf move about and the sound of fumbling’s came. The movements stopped. Then she felt something at her rear. It was soft.
Nyx had pressed her hips to the drows carefully, gently, as her long nimble fingers slid over her waist and came around finding the drow slit. The drow gasped in shock, not expecting this. The drows response came in form of that of heavy heated breasts. The other hand came around and fondled her left breast, a dagger in hand. Nyx spun the drow around slamming her hard against the wall kissing her deeply, her tongue invading the drows mouth. The beautiful dark elf was at a loss feeling her soft fluent tongue enter her mouth and flick around. She tried to get away from it but could not deny the wetness that ached from her loins. She looked upon the sexy elf, her slim frame one of considerable desire by most males. Large breast with perky nipples, long soft legs, a round tight ass and a beautiful arch. The Elf was soft, her lips were soft, her breasts were soft against her own breasts. But this elf was beginning to get rough. For the elf’s fingers were rubbing her twat with increasing anger and ferocity. The drow woman began to moan in fear and pleasure. Suddenly the elf began to smack her untouched pussy that heightened the drow’s pleasure and her sense of pain a bit. She stopped kissing the drow preceding to kiss her neck. The other hand was grasping the drows ass and slapping it. Her tongue wiggled free upon the drow’s exposed neck, licking it slowly up and down as her finger made their way inside of the drow’s tender flesh. The drow moaned loudly as a wave of pleasure induced her body. She forced the drow to her knees being wet. Nyx told her lick exposing her pussy to the drows face. The drow looked at her with disgust. But she made no more argument when she felt the dagger at her throat. She came forward, tilting her head upwards. Nyx placed her extremely wet slit upon the drows mouth as she felt the drows tender, thin, but strong tongue begin at her flesh. Nyx moaned grasping her own breast with one hand and grasping a hand full of the drow bitches hair with the other hand, slowly rocking her hips back and forth on the drow’s face. Nyx moaned softly as an orgasm came quickly. She came one the drows mouth forcing the drow to swallow her fluids. The drow closed her eyes at it but made no effort to escape fearing the wrath of the surface elf.
“Slap my ass.” Nyx shouted in ecstasy. The drow gave her a curious glance as she licked her pussy, “I said; slapping my ass you dirty dark elf whore!” she cried as the drow gave her a love tap on the ass, “A lot harder than that bitch!” she roared rubbing her groin against the drows face furiously now. The drow in anger slapped the elfs ass. The elf moaned in pleasure. A smiled curled on her lips as she laughed in glee. The drow slapped her nice firm ass again and again relinquishing her anger upon the elf. It angered her more and more knowing she did was not causing any pain to the elf but she was getting pleasure from it. She suffered through swallowing three more of the elfs orgasms. But Nyx was insatiable. She wanted more and more as she threw the elf to the ground, her body facing the drows body, sitting on the dark elf’s face. She fell on top of the dark elf wanting to taste her enemy’s delicious fluids. She began to lick the drow’s pussy and suck on her twat. She placed her lips in further, her tongue deep within the drow’s slit and shook her head furiously as the drow came to a climax and screamed in an orgasm as Nyx licked up every drop of the drow’s tasty juices as she could. Loving the taste of them wanted more. Nyx ran her hands up and down the drow’s legs, her long fingers once in a while dug into her tender flesh causing a cry of pain but Nyx cared not for it turned her on more. Her hips rounded into the woman’s face cumming again as she cried out in an orgasm scream, slamming her pelvis against the drow over and over her fluids covering the drow. Nyx slipped two fingers into the drow’s pussy angrily fucking her tight pussy with the two fingers as the drow screamed her tongue vibrating rhythmic pangs of pleasure into her pussy. Nyx moaned openly and loudly. Nyx transitioned on her getting to the front of her opening lifting her legs with one hand holding them together. She had her dagger out and flipped it around, using the hilt to slowly prod the drow woman’s tight untouched asshole. Her tongue longing out to lick the drow’s wet pussy.
“Ugh!” The drow cried in torment and pleasure as Nyx slid the hilt of her dagger into the drow’s asshole fucking her ass with it, her tongue tasted the juices from the drow’s newest orgasm. Nyx pulled the dagger from the drow’s ass shoving it into the drow’s mouth.
“Can you taste anything you dirty filth!” Nyx said venom filling her words.
Nyx heard roars of creatures that were not orcs. Of larger, bigger, monsters. She looked to the disoriented drow who had a very small bit of blood leaking from her vagina. No doubt from the savage fingering of the elf’s long fingers with half inch long nails.
Nyx quickly gathered her things not even bothering to put them one she simply slid of the ring. She walked out of the cave as blood thirsty and certainly lustful forest trolls charged in her the cries of ecstasy. Nyx heard the female drow’s pleas and disgusted yelling the screamed became muffled hearing high pitched grunts from within.
Nyx smiled in relief as she walked away.

But her strategy had not worked without notice. The vileness of a abomination spied on her. The creatures long slimly tentacles slithered as it stood staring with malice. Large white milky eyes peered out seeing the young elf turn invisible. It used a spell of true seeing… nothing. It then used a different spell. A spell of keen smelling. It could easily smell her wet soaked pussy.
It started on pursuit.

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2013-07-01 22:08:03
Was that based on Drizzt Do'urden books or series like that? Really awesome do another one

The Midnight ShadeReport

2013-06-27 00:19:05
However it is quite common for a drow female to act innocent if they fear for their lives. This is actually quite common if you read the books. And the elf did see through that too,
“Do not play so coy and innocent with me, drow elf. I know you are a murdering monster.”
Nyx just found her sexually attractive.

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2013-06-26 09:37:47
Twat... way to use a word that kills the mood.
Also think you get drow andelf mixed up. Drow women aren't innocent and if they are... they're weak and enslaved. Haven't you ever heard of the drow pleasurehouses?
Think male mind/lust/mentality in female body.

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2013-06-23 03:12:50
really good but i hate it when you leave us hanging like that

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2013-06-23 01:53:57
Wow...beautiful!Haven`t read a good story on this site in a while,and this is a good story...a sequel if posible or even a series...keep writing,MASTER0586

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