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next two chapters of my story. i recommend reading the first two chapters first
WARNING: the following story contains underage and preteen sex and is completely fantasy. if you dislike or disagree with underage sex, then don't read the story. names have been changed for privacy reasons. This is a work of fiction for adults only. The characters and their actions are fiction and none of this has ever happened. Any places mentioned, had nothing to do with this story nor do they endorse anything mentioned herein, or have any knowledge of their being mentioned in the story. The author does not condone or endorse any illegal activities written of in the story. This just a story, do not do this at home.

CHAPTER 3: Things Take A Turn For The Worst

well, i could say that i found my one and only lover. the next two weeks after that party had changed my life. we were in blissful puppy love, doing everything together. i could say everything was great. the faces of the people at school when they seen me and her walk through the halls together, hand-in-hand, was priceless. we were the talk of the school until something else came up to gossip about. i still couldn't convince her to let me drive her home. you know, you'd think id be able to meet her parents, right? wrong. there was something she was keeping from me, and i just couldn't seem to figure it out. so i decided to put that to the back burner for a bit and focus on more important issues. i don't know how it happened, but we seemed to of stopped talking as much and there was something wrong but she kept admitting that she was fine. so, one day, after school i came up an idea to follow her bus to her house and talk to her in private at her home. so, i followed the line of buses as it pulled out of the school parking lot, blue diesel smoke rolling everywhere. i had memorized her bus number, so i followed it as it turned, being sure to keep a few cars between me and the bus. as the bus would stop and go, i would always look for her when kids would get off the bus. but, as i followed the bus back onto the main road, i realized that it was empty and that she was no longer on and that i missed her. so, i flipped a U-Turn in the middle of the road, tires squealing as i did. i backed up, dumped the clutch and roared my 300ci. motor as fast as it could go, leaving a nice set of black marks on the road. i sped back the way i had come, slowing down at the places the bus stopped, searching for her as far as i could see. as i drove, i remembered one of our phone calls where she described her house as being nice, with a light blue exterior and white window frames, with a tire swing and a nice, lifted red suburban in the driveway. i looked and looked and..... THERE! there was the house, with a young kid in the front yard, playing with flowers in the grass and Julie hanging up laundry on the clothesline. i slowed and pulled into the gravel driveway, rocks crunching under my tires. the sound of a vehicle approaching made Julie turn around, and when she saw it was me, she said something to the little girl, who i now realized as her little cousin Jennifer that i have met a time or two, and Jen ran into the house.

i slowed to a stop and set the parking brake as i got out and stood at the hood of my truck as she approached me looking madder than a nest of hornets. before she could say anything, i just simply said "get in the truck." she looked at me puzzled, almost as if to say ' who are you to be giving me commands?'. so, i repeated my self, saying "get in the truck..... please." she hesitated at that, trying to read the blank expression on my face to tell if i was really serious. she got the fact that i meant business when i walked around, opened the door, and looked at her with the same blank stare as before. she slowly, cautiously got into my truck and i shut the door behind her. her eyes followed me as i walked around and climbed in, waiting till she buckled before jamming the stick into reverse and flooring it, throwing rocks and dust as the meaty mud tires struggled to get traction on the loosely packed gravel. the tires squealed again as they hit the blacktop of the road and i braked hard, threw it into first, and sped away, flying through the gears till i got to fourth. keeping it at a steady 55 mph, not a single word was said as we drove, except she stared at me the entire drive with a wild look. it wasn't a mad look, wasn't sad either. it was fear. it hit me as i drove that my actions had scared her, as i had promised her that i would never hurt her. i cursed under my breath, slowed to a stop, got out and threw the front hubs into the 'locked' position, returned to my truck and threw it into four wheel drive. we drove another mile and a half in silence except for the roar of the engine and the deep rumble of mud tires on asphalt. i slowed as a dirt turnoff came up, and i swung a wide right turn onto a back country dirt road. i rolled my window up, and suggested she do the same but she ignored me. dirt soon turned into mud, and because i was doing a steady 2100 rpm in third gear, she was getting coated in no time. she quickly rolled up her window, but the damage was done, her white tank top had black spots all over it. i broke the silence by laughing, and she noticed what i was laughing at and she smiled. we came up to a clearing and i slowed down, whipped the turn and power slid into the grass, which had her sliding into me and giggling. i wrapped my arm around her and she snuggled into me as i headed back the way i came, being sure to go through every mud pit and hole i could find. by the time we hit the road, my truck went from gunmetal grey to mud black, only the windshield was clean enough so i could drive.

doing the 35 mph speed limit this time, we took our time driving and were laughing like nothing had ever happened. we went to my place and 'washed' my truck, which included her getting soaked revealing she had no bra, and her nipples were visible clear as day, she made me a nice soap wig, and she teased me quite a bit as i watched her soap up my truck. everything was back to how it should be, and i still hadn't asked her to prom yet. as day turned to night, her parents called and said that she had to come home, so i told them id drive her home. as we climbed up in my truck, i looked in those mesmerizing green eyes and said to her "baby, prom is in a week and a half. i was wondering, would you want to go with me?" she gave me puzzled look, and said "Hmm... let me check my agenda." she looked around my truck, as if she were thinking, then she smiled at me and said "i would love to go, but i don't have anything to wear to it" she said with a slight frown on her face. i smiled at her and said "don't you worry sweetheart, you just go to that dress shop in the next town and get anything that your heart desires, and ill handle everything else." she leaned over, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, obviously happy with the answer. i kissed her back, started the truck, and pulled out of the driveway onto the road with her tiny body snuggled up against me as we hit the road.

Chapter 4: What Happened...? Where is She?

as the week dragged on, i found it increasingly harder to keep my sanity. with all these options and opinions that she wanted me to take care of, i just answered truthfully and gave the occasional nod with 'yes dear' after it (after all, that is men's secret weapon in relationships). she obviously knew what i was doing, so it wasn't that secret, but effective none the less. she and i drove into the next town, lets call it Redmont, and we went into this little dress shop packed with other girls getting their last minute stuff for prom in two days. as she did that, i would walk over and sit with the other handful of guys and shoot the breeze and talk about general stuff; the occasional girl would come over and ask her boyfriends' opinion on something, and of course, we would all give an answer. it was ok, and two hours later we walked out of the place hand in hand as she told me all about her dress, how it fitted her perfectly (which i have to agree) and that she had to go pick up her dress tomorrow after school. i agreed and we drove home, and as i hit the main road going into town i suddenly remembered something. i looked at her and said "Honey, there's a slight problem." "slight problem to what? slight as in don't worry about it or what?" she asked. "well", i said, "i have to work late tomorrow, and i won't be home till 6-ish, and the shop closes at 5:30, so i won't be able to take you. do you think your brother or a parent can take you?" she looked a little disappointed, but nodded and said "yeah, i can ask someone. it won't be a problem." i apologized, and kissed her as we pulled into her driveway. i set the parking brake and we kissed goodbye, only it wasn't no ordinary kiss. we were french kissing, getting into the moment as we were feeling each other up; my hand was cupping her breast and playing with her nipple as she begun to moan. i played with her boob while she rubbed me off, pressing and rubbing and grabbing my dick through my blue jeans. we were really going at it, but she stopped me saying she really had to go. as she hopped out of my truck, she gave me this devilish grin before she shut the door. i watched as she moved in front of my headlights, spun around, popped her boobs out of the top of her shirt and teased me for a second before putting herself away and walking back to the house rubbing her ass and looking back a few times. meanwhile, im sitting here in my truck with my jaw on the floorboard a hard on, and surprised that she had all of a sudden gotten daring, or maybe she was just really horny, one or the other. as i started to put the truck in reverse, i happened to look in the window, and there i saw Jennifer, her little cousin. i started thinking 'oh man, did she see us the entire time?' but pushed the idea aside as i backed out and drove home with a smile, a hard-on, and a half a tank of gas.

the next day came and went by agonizingly slow for Julie. she couldn't wait to get out of school and go get her prom dress. each passing second seemed like a minute, and every minute an hour. she jumped out of her seat at the end of every class in order to make it to the next to make the day go as fast as possible. she couldn't wait to surprise Johnny with the beautiful dress she picked out. it was a beautiful royal blue dress, that showed off her every curve with a little cleavage, sparkling beads that shimmered in the light like stones in a flowing stream and ended at her ankles with a thin band of silky blue ribbon. the material was as soft as new born baby skin. she would do her hair and make it all flowing, curls and waves all over with a flower to top it all off, and she had some sexy lingerie she had hidden from her parents, a blue lace bra with black designs on it and a blue thong with the same designs. they were brand new, as her friend had gotten her them before she had moved, and never had a reason to wear them. seeing as how prom was tomorrow night, she had to make sure everything was done today so she had the time of her life tomorrow. her brother agreed to drive her, obviously happy to get out of the house for once in a while. finally, as the final bell rang, she practically ran to the bus to get home. the moment she got in her front door, she dragged her brother out of his room, and after he showered and got dressed they proceeded to go to Redmont. she felt as though they weren't going fast enough, and after checking the speedometer, she sorta flopped back into her seat for the 'agonizingly' long ride. he brother looked at her, scoffed, and said 'whats a matter with you?' Julie shook her head and said 'nothing, i just want to get there before the store closes.' Steven just smiled and shook his head. 'listen, little sister, i understand that its your first prom, but just calm down, take a deep breath, and relax. trust me, it helps a lot.' she nodded, took a few deep breaths, and smiled saying 'thanks bro.' he nodded to her as he turned out of a blind turn onto the main road. neither of them saw it coming......

Johnny was thinking that maybe he could catch Julie at the shop, but he doubted it. he was running late as it was. as he drove along he popped his Chris Young CD in and started listening to his music as he drove along in thought.......

Julie felt like she had just gone ten rounds with Boxer Mike Tyson, she couldn't feel anything except for a burning pain in her left leg. as she started to get her bearings, she realized three things when she opened her eyes: one, was that she was still in the car, but couldn't move. second, was that she was on her side. third, was that her brother wasn't sitting next to her anymore. there was glass and blood and car parts everywhere. she was still disorientated, felt like the whole world was spinning around her. she heard a voice, it seemed pretty far off, but she could hear it. she could just make out a figure of a person, and they were talking to someone, but she couldn't hear if the were talking to her or someone else.but her attention was drawn away from that as she felt something warm run down her leg. she touched it, it was actually really warm. she brought her hand up to her face, and she realized what the fluid was. it was HER blood! now she started freaking out, wondering what was going on, what had happened, where she was, where her brother was, and why she was bleeding. the voice she had been hearing cleared to be a man's, and he was telling her to stay calm, that help was on the way. he told her that she had been involved in a car accident with a semi, and that her car rolled three times before coming to a stop on its passenger side, and that she was badly injured and he didn't know where her brother was. she remembered hearing the faint sound of people talking and sirens growing louder, then everything went black..........

johnny was driving along, singing along to the music when he came up on a back up of traffic. so, sit in traffic he did. traffic would move and then stop, it continued this way for twenty minutes till he could see the causer of the back up. there was fire, police, and ems on scene of what appeared to bad a car accident. it looked like a red suburban got chewed up and spit out by the wrecked log truck on the side of the road. he thought about it, wasn't Julie in a suburban? he pushed the idea out of his head, thinking it couldn't be her. as traffic started flowing again, he passed the accident and his heart just stopped. there was Julie, unconscious as they were trying to cut her out of the SUV. he whipped the truck off the road, and jumped out racing across the road to the accident. he started fighting with firefighters and police, trying to get to Julie with no luck, he ran to the fire chief screaming 'what happened here?!' and 'Where is she?!'. the chief told him that she had been involved in a bad car accident, that they had pulled out in front of a fully loaded semi carrying a trailer full of tree logs. the man driving the SUV wasn't wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the car and was found dead 60 yards back on the side of the mountain where the car first rolled, his neck broken. johnny couldn't believe it, he went around to the other side of the fire truck, and stood there and stared in disbelief. for ten minutes he sat there, watching through teary eyes as they cut Julie out of the mangled SUV. finally, when they were able to free her from the wreck, they put her on a back board, onto the gurney, and into the rig she went. johnny fought through firefighters to get to the ambulance, he looked at the EMT and asked if he could go, that she was his girlfriend. the EMT refused to let him come, but told him that she was being LifeFlighted to the trauma center 60 miles away. the ambulance sped off, with a police escort ahead, and johnny raced back to his truck to meet his girl at the hospital.


constructive criticism welcomed, also may consider ideas on what you think should happen next, and if this gets positive votes and stays above 90% positive, then ill write and post up chapters 5 & 6

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