The blonde destroys the last of the beach studs
Locking the door to the master bedroom behind her, the blonde steps back into the living room, barefoot, her skimpy lingerie leaving almost nothing to the imagination. She gazes for a moment at her prey. Only two left now. The surviving studs are sitting on the sofa, engrossed in their video game, their verbal interactions more muted now than when they were part of the larger original group. Suddenly aware of the blonde’s presence, they look up from their game. “You boys still playing that silly game?” she queries sweetly, sauntering seductively towards them. “I know something a lot more fun that you could be doing.” Both studs drop their gaming consoles and rise to their feet at the blonde’s approach, the fever of competition now overwhelmed by the rising fire of sexual arousal that begins to consume both horny young males. “Just look at this mess you’ve made!” she good naturedly chastises the two young studs, looking down at the tortilla chip fragments and empty soda cans strewn on the coffee table. “Get this out of the way!” she commands, indicating the table that stands between her and her men, and the two studs swiftly comply, moving the table off to the side. Stepping up to the studs, she looks down laughingly at the huge bulges now straining for release from their confining swimwear. “I think you guys are ready for a different kind of game now!” “Yeah, we are,” replies the taller of the two studs, yet another tanned, handsome blonde with straight hair and brown eyes. “Well, why don’t you boys both just get naked, so I can see what I’m going to be working with here,” the blonde urges them in a sultry whisper. Shirts and swim gear quickly end up in a pile on the floor. The blonde’s eyes feast on the two perfect specimens of adolescent manhood now standing resplendent before her. I’m going to have a lot of fun with both of them, she enthuses to herself. Reaching her hands out, she grasps both rock hard young tools and begins to slowly stroke them, looking deeply into both pairs of eyes, first the brown eyes of the taller stud, and then the blue eyes of his shorter friend. “You’re both such big boys,” the blonde purrs appreciatively, silently appraising both tools at over 8 inches. The taller stud is just a little bit longer and thicker, she muses, but his friend is no slouch either.

“Let me see what you both taste like,” she says, dropping to her knees. The taller stud throws his head back and emits a deep groan as he feels the beautiful blonde slut take his love wand in her mouth down to the root. “You taste good, baby,” the blonde assures the well hung boy before slipping his friend’s tool in her mouth and savoring the oily precum that has already begun to leak from the fleshy beast of the shorter stud. “You’re yummy too, sweetie,” the blonde looks up worshipfully into the blue eyes of the shorter stud. “I don’t know which one of you I’m going to fuck first.” “You could just fuck us both together,” offers the shorter stud. With his blue eyes and curly hair, he’s almost a carbon copy of the cocky football player that I just killed, muses the blonde. “Well, I’m not going to do that,” counters the blonde in mock astonishment. “What kind of a slut do you think I am?” Getting back to her feet, and standing before the two studs, she ponders for a moment. “I know what! Which one of you is older?” “I am,” the taller stud readily volunteers. “I’m 17. He’s 16.” “Okay, it’s settled,” the blonde declares. “I have to fuck you first, because you’re older,” she declares decisively, looking lustfully into the brown eyes. “You have to wait your turn,” she says almost scornfully, turning her gaze to the younger pair of blue eyes. Grasping the erect tool of her 17 year old stud, she leads him towards the bedrooms, and beckons her equally erect backup stud to follow. Passing the master bedroom, she cautions, “Not in there. They’re all sleeping in there.” The two lust consumed studs miss the sinister undertone in these words, not realizing that their three friends, as well as another boy, will never wake from the sleep that now enfolds them behind the closed door they are passing. “We’ll go in here,” she tells her 17 year old, and standing in front of him, she turns the knob to the second bedroom with one hand, while reaching behind her, she keeps her other hand firmly on the stud’s erect love knob. Looking over her shoulder at her naked, erect 16 year old, she maintains her scolding tone. “You go in that other bedroom down the hall and wait for me in there, you little slut,” she orders. “And you better not cheat by jerking yourself off! I want that load you’re saving up for me!” The door to the second bedroom closes behind the blonde and her 17 year old, as the naked 16 year old pads down the hall to the third bedroom, his stiffened love pole bobbing in front of him with each step.

“Oh, baby! I want you to fuck me so bad!” the blonde implores her 17 year old lover behind the closed door of the second bedroom. Her lips seek out his, and they exchange a passionate kiss. His tongue reaches deep into her mouth and entwines itself with her eager tongue, even as she continues to slowly stroke his stiffened love pole. The blonde is almost overwhelmed by the passion she has kindled in her adolescent lover. Breaking the kiss with a gasp, she again begs the stud, “Fuck me! Fuck me!” Slipping the teddy off her shoulders, she lets it drop to the floor. After more prolonged kissing, the blonde lays back on the bed and spreads her legs. The young stud inserts his tool, and begins to thrust. His strokes are quick, deep and powerful, and soon the blonde is moaning loudly in ecstasy. Running her hands up and down his back, she exhorts him, “Deeper! Deeper!” The grunting stud begins to sweat profusely as his thrusts increase in tempo, propelling the blonde into a screaming orgasm beneath him.

Sitting naked and erect on the bed in the third bedroom, the 16 year old stud can hear the cries of passion coming from the room next to his. He’s fucking the shit out of her, the young stud enthuses, and it’s my turn to fuck her next. The waiting becomes increasingly difficult as the carnal cries of the blonde become louder. The stud’s erection gives him no peace. His throbbing pole demands release. I don’t want to waste it, he thinks, reflecting on the huge load now swelling his balls and increasing in volume with each passing second as more and more sperm cells divide and subdivide. I can’t help it, he tells himself, and drops his hand to his rock hard tool. Just as long as I don’t cum, he assures himself, his hand slowly trying to appease his insistent erection. He hears one last piercing scream from the blonde, followed by silence, and knows that soon it will be his turn.

“You were so good, baby!” the blonde enthuses, as she lies in the arms of her 17 year old stud, his load deep in her pussy. Taking some time for post-copulation cuddling with her stud, she looks deep into his unsuspecting brown eyes and fixes his features in her memory. This is how I want to remember him, she muses. Not the way he’s going to be tomorrow morning. I just want to spend some time with him now she reflects, almost tenderly. And I want to keep that other little slut waiting for as long as I can, she laughs mischievously to herself. Continuing her quest to learn more about the sexual history of her blonde studs, she breaks the silence and asks, “Have you ever fucked more than one girl at a time, baby?” “Not all at one time. But I did fuck three girls at a party once. And another one sucked me off,” the stud replies in a casual tone. “No way!” the blonde exclaims, giving him a playful little shove. “How did it happen?” “Well, this chick was giving head to all these guys at the party, so I let her blow me, and then I started talking to another chick and then we started making out, and then we just went into one of the bedrooms and fucked, so she was the first chick I fucked that night” the stud begins his narrative to the aroused blonde. “Did you use a condom?” the blonde asks. “No. I never use them unless the chick makes a fuss about it, which none of them ever do,” the stud replies, giving the answer the blonde had hoped for. “So, what happened next?” she asks expectantly. “So I get done fucking the first chick, I mean I’m not counting the one that blew me, and we go back to the party, and I start talking to this other chick, she’s the second one, and then she just whispers in my ear ‘I wanna fuck you’ so I took her in the bedroom and I fucked her,” the now tired stud continues, suppressing a yawn. “What about the third girl?” the blonde presses him for the conclusion of the lusty tale. “Yeah, so I get done with the second chick and go back to the party, and I meet up with this chick I know from school. And we always wanted to hook up and just never did. So we start talking and we ended up in the bedroom and I fucked her twice. So I came five times that night,” the stud concludes in a now groggy voice. “You’re getting sleepy, baby,” the blonde gently whispers to her young stud. She slips out of his arms and slides out of bed. “I’ve kept your little friend waiting long enough,” she says with a giggle. “You get some sleep and I’ll be back for you. I promise.” She leans over and tenderly kisses the young stud on the cheek. The boy has already drifted off to sleep as the blonde shuts the bedroom door behind her.

The blonde opens the door to the third bedroom, steps inside and shuts the door behind her. A lamp is burning on the nightstand next to the bed, and on the bed is the 16 year old stud. Sitting propped up with a pillow, with his legs stretched out in front of him, his love tool is in his hand. “What did I tell you about playing with yourself, you little slut?” the blonde scolds him in a now familiar tone. “I didn’t shoot my load,” the stud offers apologetically. “Did you hear me? I mean, with your friend, just now?” the blonde asks. “Yeah, I did,” the stud replies with a little smirk. “What’s that smirk for, you little slut?” the blonde says scoldingly. “So you heard me fucking your friend. And you knew you were going to be next,” she continues in an accusing tone. “Well, yeah,” the stud replies, breaking into a broad grin. “You dirty little slut!” the blonde exclaims. “Stand up!” she orders. The young stud complies, getting out of bed and standing naked before the blonde, his love soldier standing stiffly at attention. “Look at this dirty cock,” the blonde sneers, taking the rigid tool in her hand and slowly stroking it. “So, when was the last time you had sex, you little slut?” “Some chick blew me last night,” the stud confesses. “What do you mean, some chick?” the blonde interrogates him scornfully, still keeping a firm hold on his tool. “I don’t know. Just some chick I met on the beach,” he responds. “Well when was the last time you got pussy?” the blonde persists. “Last Saturday,” the stud replies readily. “From who?” the blonde queries. “My girlfriend,” replies the young stud. “Well why aren’t you with her tonight?” the blonde asks. “She’s away with her parents,” the stud offers, almost apologetically. “So, your girlfriend is away and you get head from some girl you don’t even know last night, and now you want pussy from another girl you don’t know. You really are a little slut!” the blonde exclaims, giving the young stud a stinging slap on his ass. “I don’t know what I’m going to do with you,” she says in a tone of mock exasperation, looking into his blue eyes, even as he maintains the cocky smirk on his face. “I guess I‘m just going to have to fuck you,” she finally concludes. “Get back in bed!” she orders the stud, giving him another smack on the ass. The stud complies, and gets back into bed. “Sit up, just the way you were before,” the blonde orders, and the stud props himself up with a pillow again.

“This dirty cock needs to be punished,” the blonde scolds him, climbing into bed and straddling the young stud. Slowly, she lowers herself onto the rock hard tool, and savors the feel of her well lubricated pussy sliding down onto and engulfing the young love pole. She begins slowly rocking herself on the stud’s tool, and he reaches out and puts both hands on her hips. “You better not cum too soon, you little slut,” the blonde moans, as she begins to increase the tempo of her downward thrusts. “Put my tits in your mouth,” she orders, and the stud, pushing his head slightly forward, takes one of the luscious titties in his mouth. The blonde moans with pleasure as her young slut ever so lightly indents her nipple with his teeth. She is now bouncing up and down on the stiff young tool with a vengeance, and the stud reaches up and grabs the bouncing tits, squeezing them with all his might. “Don’t cum! Don’t cum!” the blonde gaspingly exhorts him, as her body rises and falls, her greatest desire being to prolong the carnal pleasure of both. The young stud grunts, his body rocked by each of the powerful hip thrusts of the blonde, as he tries to will himself to hold out. He manages to delay ejaculation for 15 minutes until finally, he can feel the spasms deep within his balls and knows that nature can no longer be denied. The blonde moans loudly as she achieves orgasm, and the stud can finally feel the last powerful surge below. “I’m cumming,” he gasps. “Yes!” the blonde moans. “Yes! I want that load in my pussy!” The young stud’s thick white DNA paste, teeming with hundreds of millions of thrashing sperm cells, blasts deep into the blonde’s temple of Venus, there to join the genetic raw material of the four other blonde studs. The boy groans with pleasure as the blonde still straddles him, his tool spurting again and again, depositing its massive load into the welcoming pussy.

“Alright, get up!” the blonde abruptly orders. The bemused young stud complies and stands before the blonde. “You fucked me pretty good, but you still need to be punished, you dirty little slut” the blonde informs him in her accusatory tone. “Punished? How?” the stud asks, the cocky little smirk still on his face. “Get down on your knees!” the blonde commands sharply. Meekly, the stud complies. “There’s just one way to punish a little slut like you,” the blonde intones, stepping behind the naked, kneeling young stud. The boy senses no danger; by now he’s used to the blonde’s hectoring tone and just doesn’t take it seriously anymore. The blonde wastes no time dropping the dark plastic bag over the young stud’s head, and quickly follows up with the nylon cord around his throat. Dropping to her knees behind the stud, she pulls the cord tight around his throat. A sadistic smile lights up her face as she is treated to the choking sounds emanating from beneath the stud’s dark plastic shroud. The familiar pattern is repeated, with the stud’s hands reaching up for the nylon cord in a futile attempt to save himself. The blonde slowly, relentlessly tightens the cord, and the twin forces of strangulation and asphyxiation begin to destroy yet another young life. The stud’s clawing at the cord becomes even more frantic, and also more futile, as life giving oxygen is brutally denied him. “This is what you get for being a dirty little slut,” the blonde purrs into his ear through her clenched teeth. The boy’s breaths become more rapid and labored, and after an intense, but short struggle, the blackness in the opaque plastic bag shades into the unrelieved blackness of eternity. The blonde knows that she has won her latest victory when a sudden shudder runs through the studly young frame and the hands drop limply from his throat. The stud’s entire body goes suddenly slack and his head droops forward. The blonde slowly lowers the stud’s body to the floor, lays him out on his back, and stretches his legs out. She notes with satisfaction that his tool is still completely erect. Stooping down beside him, she places the palm of her right hand flat on the dark plastic over the stud’s mouth, and then takes the thumb and forefinger of her left hand and pinches the plastic over the stud’s nose, ensuring that no oxygen will reach the boy’s brain. “You’re not coming back, you little slut,” the blonde admonishes the dead boy. With the palm of her hand, she can feel through the dark plastic that the boy’s mouth is open and that he is already dead, but she must be sure. After about a minute, she gets up, satisfied that the stud will indeed, not be coming back. She takes one last look at her handiwork, and then saunters to the door. Locking the door behind her, she leaves her little slut’s corpse lying on the floor, the black plastic shroud still over its head. Now only one blonde stud survives.

The 17 year old stud wakes to the pleasurable feel of an eager tongue sliding up and down the length of his rock hard tool. Slowly beginning to shake off sleep, he reaches out his hand and caresses the silky soft blonde mane of his beautiful lover. In a voice still heavy with sleep, he murmurs, “Did you fuck him?” “Yeah, I did,” the blonde replies, briefly slipping the tool out of her mouth. “I took care of him good,” she adds, before going back to her oral work. The stud lays his head back on the pillow and just enjoys the erotic ride. The blonde plunges her head up and down again and again, her mouth suctioning the rigid young tool. The stud lets out an occasional groan of pleasure as the pressure in his balls continues to mount. The blonde’s hand massages and caresses the scrotal pouch, source of the genetic nectar that is her favorite treat. It isn’t long before the blonde’s oral assault achieves the desired result. She can feel the hot, white genetic milk splashing into her mouth as the stud groans deeply with pleasure. She swallows the treat eagerly, savoring this last genetic legacy of her five dream studs.

The first feeble rays of dawn are just beginning to dispel the darkness in the bedroom. The blonde lies awake in the arms of her 17 year old stud, who has drifted off to sleep yet again. Everything about him arouses her senses; the warmth of his body, the sound of his beating heart, and the feel of his breath on her body. Even more arousing is the thought that she will soon take all of these things from him, that she will completely annihilate this young life that is now at her mercy. When she is through with him, he will no longer draw breath and his heart will be stilled. Gradually, the warmth will leave his body, and he will grow cold and stiff. She will leave him behind without a second thought, having taken everything from him, and she will continue to walk the earth, delighting in every breath she takes. She presses her body against the reason that the stud must die; his penis, once again stiffened with a nocturnal erection. The irresistible force, which she herself does not understand, is stirring in her depths again. He is male, and therefore he dies. She could kill him very easily as he sleeps, but he must be awake to die, so that he is fully conscious that she is the one who is destroying him. She is in no hurry. She allows him to enjoy his last earthly sleep without interruption, savoring his still living presence one last time. Gradually, he begins to stir again. Groggily, his eyes begin to open.

“Good morning, sweetie!” she whispers. “Morning,” the young stud replies in a voice still heavy with sleep. “You were so good last night,” she coos. “Better than all of your friends!” “I bet I was,” the sleepy but still cocky stud replies. “You guys really do everything together, don’t you?” the blonde asks, caressing the stud’s bicep with her hand. “Yeah, I guess. We’ve known each other practically all our lives. It’s going to be weird when we go to college,” the stud replies. “You mean you’re going to be separated?” the blonde asks, a tone of alarm suddenly gripping her voice. “Well, we’re probably all going to different schools,” the stud responds. “Well, I don’t think you guys should ever be separated,” the blonde responds in an earnest voice, suddenly freeing herself from the stud’s embrace and getting out of bed. “Come on!” she exclaims, grabbing the still groggy stud by the hand. “Let me take you to be with your friends!” “They’re probably still asleep,” the stud protests, even as he allows himself to be pulled to his feet. “I got a better idea,” he offers, taking his erect tool in his hand and extending it to the blonde. “No!” the blonde replies, almost frantically. “You need to be with your friends! Let me take you to them!” “Okay. Let’s go,” the stud replies with a yawn, shrugging his shoulders. He is just about to put his hand on the doorknob when the blonde, standing behind him, suddenly exclaims “Wait!” Now what? thinks the naked stud, his hand outstretched towards the door knob.

He is brutally answered by black plastic that blots out the light and a brutal backwards yank that chokes the breath out of him and rocks him back onto his heels. Using all her strength, the blonde begins to pull the stud backwards, away from the door. Recovering from his shock, the stud fights back, painfully gasping for breath and straining his entire body against the backwards pull. His left hand goes to his throat, and like all of the other studs, he futilely claws at the strangling cord. His right hand reaches frantically and blindly for the doorknob. If only he can grab the knob and open the door, he can tumble into the hall, taking his beautiful killer with him. This will throw her off balance and enable him to break free. The blonde begins to feel the wetness surge below, as she hears the gasping coming from underneath the dark plastic, and watches the straining hand, desperately reaching for the door knob. Time is the stud’s enemy in these seconds that seem like hours. Sweating profusely underneath his black plastic hood, he begins to feel lightheaded as oxygen famine begins to cloud his brain. His agony intensifies as the killing cord cruelly cuts deeper into his throat. “I’m taking you to your friends,” the blonde purrs into his ear, in an evil tone. His mind racing now, the stud is just able to process that all of his friends are dead, and he will soon be joining them. Summoning all his strength, he makes one final lunge for the doorknob. The balls of his feet hit the floor again, almost throwing the blonde off balance, and the tips of his fingers just touch the knob. Quickly recovering, realizing that all is at stake, the blonde gives a savage yank on the cord. One final agonized gasp emanates from the black plastic as the stud has the last breath throttled out of his body. His legs give out, his arms give one last convulsive flail and his body begins to sag to the floor. Now almost in a frenzy, the blonde pulls the cord even tighter. She allows the body to slowly descend to the floor, even as she increases the pressure on the ligature. She orgasms as she feels the cord bite ever deeper into the stud’s throat, and with her victim now on the floor, lets out a loud cry of ecstasy. “Yes! Yes!” she exults. She has truly achieved the ultimate orgasm. Kneeling beside the stud’s corpse, she now almost tenderly places her hand on the black plastic death shroud. Running her fingers down to the stud’s mouth, she can feel, though not see, the dead boy’s tongue hanging out of his mouth. Also unseen by her are the thick globs of saliva clinging to the inside of the black plastic bag. Sliding her hand down to the stud’s erect tool, she caresses her lover’s wand one final time. The beautiful killer has achieved her objective. All five of the blonde beach studs have been destroyed.

Saturday morning. Six boys now sleep within the walls of the beach house. The blonde catches only a few hours of sleep, but this is more than sufficient to recharge her batteries. Her adrenaline is surging. Thrilled with the results of last night’s carnage, she is anticipating tonight’s feast of male flesh. The main course will be the shy young boy from the beach, with his reddish brown hair, light freckles and blue eyes. But why not have an appetizer? the blonde thinks to herself. I’m meeting my sweet boy at 6 o’clock tonight, and it’s 2 now. She steps into the beach house’s sun room. The room is large and empty, with nothing in it except for a pair of her tennis shoes. They’re getting new furniture for the sun room, she muses. That’s how I got such a good deal on this place for the weekend. If I can pick up another guy, I can bring him in here, she decides, walking over to the huge windows and closing the vertical blinds. There is also is one other crucial preparation that she must make. By 3 P.M. the blonde has readied the beach house for its next male guests.

The 17 year old blonde stud groans with pleasure as the lascivious female lips kiss the base of his rigid, straining tool. The blonde, clad in a thong bikini, is on her knees in the now shady sun room. It’s 4:30 P.M. and standing before her is not just one naked, erect stud, but two. Easy pickups from the beach. The blonde now slips the stiffened tool of the second, dark haired 16 year old stud into her mouth, while continuing to slowly stroke the blonde stud’s crank. Both studs are well equipped, with the dark haired boy sporting a 7 inch love pole. His blonde friend has a 7.5 inch tool with a thick, bulbous head and with precum already seeping from its slit. Finding horny teen boys looking for action isn’t even a challenge in this town, the blonde thinks, as she suctions more rigid man flesh into her mouth. This’ll be a piece of cake, she muses. I’ll just tie them both up and strangle them before I meet my boy, she decides. The stroking, sucking and deepthroating continues relentlessly, and soon, the inevitable occurs. The two orally tormented love snakes can endure no more. Alerted by a deep, orgasmic groan from the blonde stud, the blonde quickly leans her head back and opens her mouth wide, just in time to catch the first thick jet of hot sperm, blasted forcefully from the throbbing tool. The blonde stud’s love nectar pools on her tongue, even as the dark haired stud’s tool erupts in its turn, propelling its own white hot lava into the wide open mouth at high velocity. This first shot by the dark haired stud splashes on top of the white reservoir already donated by his friend. Composed of millions of thrashing swimmers, the new load surges with tidal force into the first one. Produced deep within the dangling pouches of the two adolescent boys, two DNA codes are blended together, as millions of confused sperm cells, the product of two different sets of testicles, begin swimming in the same genetic pool together. Meanwhile, millions and millions more gametes are forced out of the two pairs of balls, propelled up the rigid pipelines of flesh and then blasted into their depository, adding more and more of the white slime that will nourish the blonde’s lust. The love weapons of both young men spurt again and again, and as the white tide rises higher in the blonde’s mouth she begins to wonder if their orgasms will ever stop. A ninth spurt from the blonde stud, and he can finally feel that he has shot his load. Still pointing his tool at the open mouth, there is a lull as the dark haired stud spurts for his eighth and ninth times. The blonde stud’s tool now belches a tenth and final time, a weak stream that splashes into the still open, waiting mouth. The dark haired stud’s tool spurts a tenth time, blasting out only a few watery drops of seminal fluid. Two more watery spurts, almost a spray, with droplets of genetic material splattering the blonde’s cheek and a stray one landing on her arm, and the dark haired stud is also finally spent. Still on her knees, the blonde looks up into the eyes of her two young studs. Keeping her mouth open, she swishes her tongue back and forth, thoroughly blending the sperm of both boys into a genetic cocktail, as they watch, mesmerized. Still maintaining eye contact, she tilts her head back and closes her mouth. The studs watch as the blonde’s throat contracts twice, and with two gulps, she forces the gooey, slimy mess down her throat, dispatching the teeming hundreds of millions to their destruction in her belly. “Yeah!” “Fuck! Oh, yeah!” the two studs vocalize their approval. Remaining submissively on her knees, the blonde opens her mouth and displays her empty maw to the two boys. “All gone!” she announces triumphantly, and bounces to her feet.

“You really know how to suck cock!” the dark haired stud offers appreciatively, even as the blonde reaches into her shoulder bag, lying on the floor next to her tennis shoes. She turns again toward her studs, still standing there with their lingering erections, sperm slowly oozing from both of their tools. “Here,” she says, tossing a nylon cord to the blonde stud, while holding another in her hand. “Tie him up with that and then I’ll tie you up,” she orders. She’s made similar requests of her victims in the past, and has never met any resistance. She doesn’t expect any today. “I’m not tying anybody up,” the blonde stud snorts in contemptuous disbelief. “Come on! It’s just a little game! You had your fun, now I’m going to have mine,” the blonde counters. “Yeah, well, you’re just lucky we let you blow us,” the blonde stud sneers. Feeling her anger rising, the blonde replies in a firm tone, “I’m not going to ask you again. Tie him up!” “Fuck you cunt!” the blonde stud snarls, his voice dripping with contempt. Already in a fever of excitement at the impending double kill, the very sound of the denigrating c word instantly obliterates all of the blonde’s carefully mastered self control. Her rage, her hatred for all things male, surges with tsunami like force, bursting the dam of composure.

With a cry of fury, she whips out a high kick with her right foot, aiming for the blonde stud’s face. The stud quickly bobs his head back, thus avoiding the full force of the kick, but not quickly enough to avoid a glancing blow to the chin. Stunned by the hit, he drops to the floor. Rooted to the spot in disbelief, the dark haired stud has no time to react as the blonde delivers another savage high kick. This second kick is a swinging one, with the blonde pivoting on her left foot, and delivering the blow with her right. The blonde’s heel catches the stud squarely in the throat. Unlike his friend, the dark haired stud absorbs the full force of the blow. Delivered with power and fury, the kick smashes the stud’s Adam’s apple and collapses his trachea. Thrown backwards by the force of the blow, the young stud is flung to the floor on his back. Writhing in agony, he begins loudly and vainly gasping for breath as slow suffocation begins cutting off the oxygen to his brain. Convulsively, he begins clawing futilely at his throat with his hands. As the tortured gasping grows louder, the blonde is satisfied that she has dealt the dark haired stud his death blow. I’ll just let him die slowly, she decides. Now regaining a modicum of composure, she calmly walks over to her tennis shoes, even as the blonde stud begins to come back to his senses. With her back turned to the two studs, she calmly slips her pretty little feet into her shoes. I started this, and I’m going to finish it, she resolves to herself. But, I don’t want to break a toe doing it. She turns around just as the blonde stud gets to his feet. “You fucking cunt!” he snarls, and immediately the blonde delivers a running kick to his midsection. Struck square in the stomach, the breath kicked out of his body, all goes black again as the blonde stud doubles over and drops heavily to the floor once more, this time face down. Breathing heavily, her adrenaline pumping, the blonde stands in readiness over the prone, naked male. Come on, get up again, she thinks to herself, her blood lust enflamed by the loud, agonized gasping of the dark haired stud. Coming to once again, the blonde stud painfully starts to raise himself from the floor, bracing himself up with both arms. Uttering a loud cry of rage, the blonde delivers a brutal kick to the stud’s left side, catching him square in the rib cage. This ferocious blow cracks two ribs and literally flips the stud over, throwing him onto his back. With the blonde stud now crying out in pain, the beautiful executioner delivers a running kick to his right side, cracking another three ribs. Vainly trying to shield himself, the stud painfully turns himself onto his left side, his back facing his gorgeous killer. Firmly, the blonde puts her foot on the stud’s shoulder and slams him down onto his back again. As her victim howls in pain, the blonde taunts him, “So, I’m a cunt! So, I’m a fucking cunt!” she cries out in fury, hammering two more kicks into his side, even as the dark haired stud lets out one last, long tortured gasp. It is now time to aim for the head. “So, I’m a fucking cunt!” she repeats, delivering a brutal kick to the blonde stud’s right temple. Two more rapid kicks to the temple, and suddenly, woman’s fury is spent. Abruptly, the blonde realizes that the room is now silent. She glances over at the dark haired stud. His mouth open wide in agony, his arms, resting on their elbows, are upraised, the hands clutching at the air, frozen in death as he made one last vain, convulsive grab for his throat. She now looks down at the blonde stud. His eyes rolled back in his head, his mouth slightly open, the blonde stud is now deep in a coma, rapidly dropping into the unending darkness of death. A thin trickle of blood is beginning to flow from his right ear. To the blonde’s satisfaction, both young studs are still fully erect. The final blow must now be delivered, and it must be personal. Slipping the deadly, beautiful feet back out of their shoes, she stands triumphantly over the blonde stud. She positions her right foot over the stud’s throat, and then slams her heel down full force directly onto the stud’s Adam’s apple. The insult to womanhood has now been fully avenged. Female has once more triumphed over male. It is now just after 5 o’clock. Turning her back on the two brutalized corpses, the blonde locks the door to the sun room behind her, and prepares herself for her rendezvous with her boy.

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I hope not! It's well written and always stayed fresh and new. I hope to read many more episodes.

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2013-08-08 06:47:14
Will this series end with the protagonist finally getting killed. If not then let me know so I can have an alternate ending to this story typed and ready to put up


anonymous readerReport

2013-07-23 08:23:02
Sweet, can't wait! This chapter seemed much more vivid and intimate than the past chapters. Definitely a great direction!

Lord of MayhemReport

2013-07-23 00:07:04
You'll have to read Part 4 to find out! Believe me, the killing is far from over!

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