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Rex had had a busy day at work. It started with one student sending around faked pornographic pictures of another student. When the complaints came in, it was Rex’s job as head of University IT to fix it. He had underlings that usually dealt with these things but some of the complaints were coming from professors, and from the university disciplinary committee. Some wanted the supposed student in the picture expelled, others wanted the person distributing the picture expelled. What made this even more difficult for Rex was that the student supposedly in the pictures was his new pet, Beth.

Beth’s ex-boyfriend Chuck had caused issues sending out the faked pictures of Beth with a dog. Looking at the metadata he tracked down where Chuck had edited it, actually Chuck had had someone else edit it up. The someone else said that he had been blackmailed into it which Rex believed.

The cleanup was a bit of a nightmare since the message name changed every time it was forwarded. He deleted it from the university’s servers and sent out cancel messages to external mail addresses. Most people don’t know about the function and most mail servers don’t implement it, but it was worth a shot. Finally he went to deal with the file sharing sites. Fortunately they tended to listen to DMCA take down notices and the “artist” was more than happy to sign off. He knew from experience that a couple of sites wouldn’t comply and they received personal emails that were part threat, part bribe, and part calling in of favors.

He was about halfway through handling everything when he got a frantic call from Beth’s roommate Eve. She had said instead of calling him Beth had run out. Eve sounded unusually worried about her roommate and a few simple questions allowed him to tease out that the two of them were more than roommates or even friends. Yes she had seen the photo and yes she knew it wasn’t real. She had actually been the one to report it. Rex decided to head right home.

When he got home he realized that it hadn’t been a minute too soon. Beth was waiting on his doorstep frozen to the bone. He hadn’t expected her to have that strong of an attachment to him. He showered with her to warm her up and then they had comforting sex and she went back to her dorm. Rex knew she would be okay with Eve.

He then went to his home computer and finished what he had started at work. Mostly the only thing left was letters to various disciplinary committees. He also set up a computer reminder to ruin Chuck’s life at a random interval every 5-10 years. It was almost 2 am when Rex got to sleep.

Rex spent most of the next morning answering requests for information about the prior day’s chaos. In between asking people if they knew what the state laws were regarding obscenity, bestiality and harassment, Rex found time to look over Beth’s pinterest. He had a good idea that she would be coming over that night and he wanted a surprise. A quick check of her class schedule and he figured she would be getting to his house at about 7.

When 7 o’clock rolled around Rex was home in his kitchen putting the finished touches on turkey schnitzel and fettuccine carbonara. The turkey was breaded and fried in butter while the fettuccine was served in a thick cream/cheese sauce with lots of crumbled bacon. As he set it on the table he heard his front door open.

Beth walked into his house wearing a long plaid skirt and a turtle neck sweater and a blue blazer. Without a word she undid the zipper at the side of her skirt and it slid off revealing her pussy, with its hair neatly trimmed into a runway. She gave it a quick rub, sliding her fingers between the folds, stretching it out as it were. She then took off her blazer and laid it on the floor. She lifted the white turtleneck over her head and tossed it onto the sofa, so she was standing in front of Rex wearing only a bra and a dog’s choke collar. She reached behind herself and unhooked the bra. It fell the ground in front of her leaving crease marks in her skin from where it was. She grabbed her breasts and squeezed them together and then pinched her rapidly hardening nipples and moaned.

“You have no idea of how good that feels.” She smiled then dropped to her hands and knees. Beth barked and walked on all fours over to Rex. Rex smiled at her as she nuzzled his crotch. He pushed her hair back; bent over and gave her a kiss on the forhead, “Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl?” He rubbed her hair and gave her a scratch behind the ears and she started to lick his face.

“Ready to eat?” he asked her and she barked happily. “Come to the table then.”

He went over to the dining room table and sat down and she sat on the floor next to him. He looked down at her and smiled. He loved it when they self trained. She rested her head against the inside of his thigh. Rex started to eat dinner. He would take a bite for himself and the feed her a bite to eat. She barked with joy at the taste of some her favorite foods.

After a few bites she began to sniff and nuzzle Rex’s crotch. He could feel his penis stiffen and grow against his pants. She looked up at him with pleading eyes. He smiled and feed her a fork full of noodles. She ate the noodles and then placed her mouth over his crotch and bit on his penis through his pants. She wasn’t biting hard and through his pants it was quite pleasurable. Rex was astonished, he hadn’t been surprised in quite a while and he couldn’t remember the last time a woman had shown him something new.

Beth started to twist her head back and forth tugging on Rex’s cock. Her warm mouth was starting to leave a wet spot on the front of his khakis. She adjusted her position and rested her arms on his thighs as she worked her head back and forth.

Rex reached down and grabbed her breasts, squeezing firmly then twisting her hard nipples. Beth moaned and tightened her bite. Rex started to moan and grabbed a double handful of her hair. Beth shuddered a bit and sped up her action.

It was a unique feeling for Rex. The fabric slid a bit and gave occasionally so it was fits and starts of stimulation. He was starting to feel the warm wetness of her breath through his pants. He knew he was getting close so he started to pull her hair back to get her off of him so they could fuck properly. When he pulled her hair back he could see her eyes close in pleasure.

“Come on girl, upstairs.”

He didn’t have to tell her twice and she was running crouched over to the staircase and then she scrambled up on all fours. When he caught up to her she was ready to be mounted doggy style, her pussy was so wet it was dripping down her legs. Rex grabbed a condom and shoved his pants down to his knees, and got down behind her. He quickly rolled the condom on and plowed into her.

Beth gasped at the sudden intrusion. She was so wet it took almost no force on Rex’s part as he filled her up. Rex pounded into her with a brutal need. She needed it just as much. She loved the felling of safety she had from him being in charge. Rex pulled a little bit on her collar. Not enough to choke her but enough to let her know it was there. With the other hand he grabbed her hair and pulled hard. Beth gave a yip of pleasure and could feel her pussy spasm. She started to orgasm and pushed back hard against Rex. When Rex felt her pussy clench down on his cock he started to shoot off.

The two of them climbed into bed together. Her mostly naked and him mostly clothed. Beth started to undress Rex. First she removed his shoes and socks, and then his pants and underwear. Finally she pulled off his shirt and rested her head on his bare chest. He took hold of her collar. She sighed contentedly.

The two of them lay there like that for a while. Beth reached down and pulled the condom off of his now limp prick. She looked at the cum inside and then slurped it down. She started coughing at the bitterness. “Non lubed condoms next time. I like the snack.”

Rex spanked her ass and she barked and then growled and then laughed. She bit one of his nipples and settled back down. He stroked her back and she played with his cock.

“This is nice.”


“I’m sorry I got you into so much trouble. I knew he would be jealous, I didn’t think he would be that jealous.”

“I had implied that we would have sex for the first time that night.”

“And then you spent the entire weekend with me.”

“And loved every minute of it.”

“Was your roommate jealous?”

“How did you know that we?”

“Eve was concerned about you when you ran off last night and called me. I could tell by the tone in her voice that you were more than roommates.”

“Well sometimes we cuddle, and I let her lick my pussy, but she isn’t nearly as good as you are.” Beth said as Rex’s penis started to grow hard. “She has this really hairy snatch and loves to have it licked. She was surprised when I told her you were better than she was. She even suggested that she try you out.”

“You wouldn’t mind sharing me.”

“I might like to see her in a leash.” Beth said with a smile. Rex rolled her onto her back and then gave her a long deep kiss. Their tongues danced and then Rex started to kiss his way down. He kissed her chin and then the hollow of her throat. He kissed between her breasts and then gently sucked on each nipple.

“I am not sure I would want to share this but I can tell you Eve would definitely enjoy this.” Rex continued to work his way down kissing her belly and then the top of her pussy. He worked his tongue around and then into her hole. After his tongue he slid a finger in the sensitive opening. He then started to spread her nether lips apart and teased them with his lips and teeth.

Beth moaned and arched her back, pressing her aching cunt into his face. Rex responded by sliding a finger up to her tiny clit. She had the smallest clitoris of any woman he had ever been with. It was a tiny bump covered by a small fold of flesh, but it was as sensitive as anyones. One touch and she was climbing the walls. He teased it and worked and Beth thrashed in pleasure.

Beth was barking wildly. She grabbed Rex’s head and pulled it back. “Fuck me! I need you inside me.”

Rex reached for another condom.

“No!” She shouted. “I want to feel you cum in me. You can do my ass again.” Rex adjusted his position and rubbed his cock with his fingers which were soaked in her natural lube. Then then worked a finger into her pulsing ass and it slid in easily. His cock went in without protest and he started driving into her. He pushed in and out savoring the raw feeling of flesh on flesh. Beth started to rub her clit and finger her pussy while he pounded into her.

At the top of one of his strokes when he was almost out Beth suddenly jerked popping his cock out of her ass. She deftly grabbed it and drove it into her pussy. Before he realized what was happening Beth had him balls deep in her vagina with her legs in a death grip around his waist. He cunt was spasming and there was nothing he could do to stop his impending orgasm. He shook with pleasure shooting cum deep into her. When the spasms died down she finally let go and gave a satisfied yip and started to lick his cum covered crotch. When she was satisfied that she had gotten all of the fluids she licked his face and smiled. Her hands were on his shoulders and her knees were to the sides of his hips. She was panting with her tongue out.

“Any plans this weekend?”


“So you can’t come over?”

Bark Bark!

“What are your plans?”

Beth rubbed a knee against his hip and waggled her ass a little bit.

“So I am the plan this weekend.”


“Up for a drive in the country?”


“A little B&B where I can show you off to like minded folks?”


Beth bent down and licked his face several times.

“Still hungry, girl?”

She quickly turned around and started to suck on his penis again. “Not that, real food.”

She hopped down off the bed and started to walk on all fours back down to the dining room. She had some issues negotiating the stairs headed down but managed it. Rex walked behind her. When he got downstairs he took a bottle of wine out and poured himself a glass and then poured her some into a shallow bowl. She smiled and tried to figure how to lap it up without getting her hair in it. Rex took a napkin ring and used it to pull back her hair. Beth lapped thirstily at the wine as Rex fed her and told her about where they were headed.

“The Bed and Breakfast is called the Kennel Club. Everyone who goes there has to be referred and it usually fills up quickly. My sister runs it so we can at least stay in the private part of the house. There will be a dozen or so pairs there, about an even split men and women. Friday night is a formal dinner so you will need a nice dress. Saturday night and Sunday is play time. So you won’t need anything beyond clothes to get there and back and the standard little black dress for Friday.”

Beth barked acknowledgement and Rex fed her another bit of turkey. He then refilled her bowl with wine.

“You will see other couples having sex, sometimes getting their pets to have sex in a sort of breeding program. Expect to get sniffed but nothing will happen beyond that if I don’t allow it. Would you want to have sex with some of the other pets, or perhaps owners?”

Bark... Bark Bark!

“We’ll take it on a case by case basis. Just sniff back if you are interested.”


Rex fed her some noodles. The cheese sauce had hardened while they were upstairs playing but it was still plenty tasty. The rest of the meal passed without much incident. Rex told her about his day, how he had taken time to check her pinterest and found out what she liked. He told her about some of the stupid issues that clogged his day and she broke character a few times laughing. Finally, Rex looked at the clock and realized that it was almost 10.

“It’s still only Tuesday and I’m sure you have homework to do. Let’s get you presentable.”

He led her to the living room and her discarded clothing and stood her up and slowly dressed her. First he gently rubbed each breast and then slowly kissed each nipple, gently sucking on it. He smiled as the pink nipples erected for him. He slid on her bra and then fastened it in the back and noted that he could still make out her erect nipples through the lacy material.

Rex kissed her on the lips and ran his hands down over the globes of her ass, squeezing and gently pulling it a part and running a light finger over her recently fucked ass. He knelt in front of her and nuzzled the fur of her landing strip, then finally licked a bit of his cum from her pussy. She was getting more and more excited as he went. He took her panties and lifted one foot into them and then the other. He kissed his way up her legs starting at her foot then her calf, knee, and inner thigh. When he reached her crotch he snugged the panties up in her pussy, spreading her lips obscenely around them and in the back he forced them up between her cheeks, giving her a wedgie that while it would be uncomfortable in half an hour but was deliciously stimulating now.

Rex then kissed her again and grabbed her ass. He then carefully stepped her into her jeans and pulled them up running his hands along her legs as he did so. After he buttoned and zipped them he placed a kiss on her belly and slid on her sweater and blazer. Now she was fully dressed she curled up on the sofa as Rex rushed to get dressed himself.

He picked up a leash and knew this was going to be a huge step for her, to wear the leash into public. It was a calculated risk. It was after 10 and there wouldn’t be many people out on the street. Beth walked over to him on all fours. He bent down and connected the leash to her collar.

“Stand up, we’re going out.” She stood up and the two of them walked out the door. It was a cool crisp night and as Rex hoped the streets were almost deserted. He picked a route with a lot of side streets and alleys. They had a few close calls but Rex maneuvered in such a way as to hide the leash. It was the only connection between them at that point. They walked in silence until they got to her dorm. Rex unhooked the leash and then Beth looked at him and kissed him firmly on the lips.

“I may bring Eve tomorrow night. Don’t worry though, this weekend is all us.”

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Whew... so glad he would never share her... because there is quite a lot of emotion between the two of them... just like there could be between Eve and Rex... but sharing like that would just ruin it completely... thank you for letting us know there is no risk of it being ruined like that...


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Can't wait to see what happemds


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