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It had been two years since Tommy Ritter's father
died. Tommy was sixteen when the tragedy occurred.
While Tommy missed his dad a lot, it was no
more than his mom did. Their life had been
ideal--living in the suburbs, two-car garage, and
nice schools. Everything was just about perfect until
the accident.
Bob Ritter had been driving home from work late
one night when a drunken driver crossed the
centerline and hit his car head-on. He never had a
chance. The police said that the other car had
been traveling at almost one hundred miles per
The funeral was difficult for everyone. Bob and
Sue's relatives flew in from around the country and
were a big help to Tommy and his mother.
However, when the funeral was over, she and
Tommy had to go home and deal with the loss
alone. The accident changed their lives dramatically.
Tommy's mom, Sue, had to go back to work to
make ends meet and they had to sell their house.
However, in the two years since Bob's death, Sue
had done very well in her job and she had been
lucky in the stock market. She had purchased a
new house for her and Tommy, smaller than
before, but very comfortable nonetheless. The job
and investments provided enough money to enjoy life
and take an occasional vacation.
While the two years since the accident had been
financially stable, it was emotionally difficult. On an
emotional level, she and Tommy were still struggling.
They leaned on each other for support and therefore
had grown closer than the typical mother and
teenaged son.
Tommy Ritter became the man of the house
overnight, but he knew that he couldn't make up
for the loss of his dad to his mother.
Tommy was a tall, handsome and lean boy at 6'
1" and 175 pounds. He was bigger than most of
his classmates. However, while he appeared to be a
confident teenager, he was, in fact, very shy and
overly sensitive. Although, he had his dad's
handsome face and the bright blue eyes of his
mom, he wasn't comfortable with girls.
Tommy wanted to date, but every time he was
around an attractive girl, he would become tongue-
tied and embarrass himself. It was easier for him
just to avoid those situations. Besides, he almost felt
like he would be cheating his mom if he dated.
Now 18, Tommy had graduated from high school
with honors and had earned a football scholarship to
a local university. While he looked like the All-
American boy, he had never had a girlfriend. His
shyness was an incredible embarrassment for him.
The shyness was primarily the result of a slight
stutter that he had developed not long after his
father died. He had hid it successfully from his
mother so far and most of the time he could
cover it up. However, it tended to show up when
he was nervous and all too often, that was in the
presents of girls his age.
Sue Ritter was still a very attractive woman as well.
She was tall at 5' 7" with a well-proportioned
body. However, like most women, she was critical
of her body. She thought that her butt was too
round and that her breasts were too large. Her
tendency was to dress on the conservative side to
cover up her perceived flaws.
Sue had been desperately lonely since Bob's death.
Although, she tried not to lean on Tommy too
much, he seemed to be the only one that really
understood. She didn't have to explain to him how
she felt when she was sad, angry, or lonely. He
just knew. Sue thought that she could read Tommy
as well.
Out of sheer loneliness, Sue had tried dating.
Unfortunately, she hadn't met anyone that she really
liked or connected with on an emotional level or
for that matter, on a physical level. Sue still had
strong sexual desires. However, she needed more
from a man. She needed tenderness and
understanding first. Most of the men she dated
seemed to think that because she was a young
widowed woman that she would jump into bed at
the drop of a hat.
Tommy tried to encourage her to go out and have
some fun, but whenever he suggested that she find
someone, she would always tell him that he was
the only man she needed in her life now. It was
almost as if she would be cheating Tommy or
somehow hurting Bob's memory. While she knew
deep inside it was time to move on, she couldn't
let go of the past.
Now 36, Sue worked hard to keep the family
financially solvent. Her job as a public relations
executive was rewarding but time consuming. She
had to work 12 hour days and sometimes Saturdays.
Tommy talked her into wearing sexier clothes and
had even convinced her that she looked great with
short skirts and low cut tops. He told her that she
needed to show off her assets to get ahead in
business. It had worked on the business level.
However, her good looks also attracted a lot of
unwanted attention from men.
Whenever Tommy would tell her that she should
date, she would turn his comments around and say
he should be the one dating.
Sue was more concerned about her son's lack of
social development then she was about dating herself.
She wanted him to go out and have fun, yet he
would be home most weekend nights with her.

Chapter 1

One Saturday evening, Sue found Tommy sitting in
the living room watching TV as usual.

"Tommy, why are you sitting home tonight? Why
don't you go out with someone?" Sue said, sitting
down next to her son and putting her arm around
his shoulders. They had this conversation almost
every weekend.

"Come on Mom, give me a break. I don't need
to go out, besides, I'd rather be home with
you." That had been his standard response. It was
a lame excuse and they both knew it.

"Tommy, you need to have friends, you know...
girlfriends," Sue said in exasperation. Then she
looked at him seriously and said, "I'm worried
about you."

"You seem to do okay without boyfriends. Why do
I need girlfriends?"

"Come on Tommy, that's different and you know
it. I've already been married. Besides, I already
have a man. You!" Sue said, squeezing his
shoulder affectionately.
"Well, I have plenty time to date. Besides, I
already have a woman. You!" Tommy replied,
smiling at using his mom's own words.
Sue sighed in frustration. "Well, we're a fine pair
aren't we?"
"Mom, you're my best friend," Tommy said
seriously, snuggling into her arm.
"And you're my best friend too," Sue said,
hugging him again. However, she couldn't let it go.
"You still need to date. It's not healthy."
Tommy took a deep breath. "Mom..."
Tommy's mouth was opened but nothing came out.
His head fell back on the sofa and he closed his
eyes. His face seemed to color in embarrassment.
"It's nothing. Never mind," he finally said.
"Come on Tommy... please don't close me out,"
Sue said, turning his face to her and looking into
his misty eyes. "We've always been able to talk
about anything. Haven't we?"
Tommy had wanted to talk to his mother for a
long time about his shyness and the stutter but he
didn't want to burden her. Additionally, he felt
embarrassed talking to her about girls. Now that he
had finally gotten up enough nerve to bring the
subject up, he knew he had to continue. "It's...
it's just that I'm... I'm not so hot with the
girls. I'm too shy and whenever I get around a
nice looking girl I... I... I... get tongue-tied,"
Tommy said, his eyes unable to meet his mother's.
Sue was surprised but tried not to show it. She
had never heard him get tongue-tied before. "Now
wait a minute, you always say that I'm a nice
looking girl and you don't get tongue-tied around
"I'm serious Mom, I don't know what to do or
say around girls. I've only kissed two girls in my
whole life," Tommy blurted before he could stop
"Really?" Sue said in astonishment. My God, he
was 18 and he had only kissed two girls, she
thought. He must be a virgin! The realization
shocked Sue. Then a bigger problem occurred to
her. "You like girls don't you?"
"Mommmmmm! Of course I like girls," Tommy
said, now totally embarrassed.
Sue sighed in relief.
"It's just that... just that... oh hell... I haven't
even been on a real date."
"Wow Tommy, I had no idea!" Sue was unable
to hide the shock in her voice. "I've seen you
go out. You said you were going out with girls."
"I'm sorry Mom, I lied. I go to the library or
the mall. I just didn't want you to feel bad for
me. You have enough on your mind."
Suddenly, Sue realized that she had neglected Tommy
since his father died. She had been foolish to think
that she could read him. She had been so busy
mourning her own loss, feeling sorry for herself and
working on her career that she had missed all the
signs. It was obvious now that he was very sexually
immature. God, how could I have been so stupid?
she thought.
The two of them sat silently for a long time.
Neither one of them knew what to say.
Finally, Sue broke the ice with an idea.
"Tommy, what would you think about you and I
going on a date?"
"Come on Mom! Get serious!"
"I am serious. You're very comfortable around me,
so why don't we go out? You can act as if I'm
your date. I can tell you what you need to work
on. After all, I still remember what girls like."
Sue stopped when she realized that he might be
embarrassed to go out with his mother. "Uh...that
is if you wouldn't be too embarrassed to be seen
out with your old mom."
"God Mom, you're not old. You're the best
looking woman I know!" His face turned red as
soon as he said it.
"Thank you sweetheart, and you are the best
looking man I know. So why don't we two good
looking people go on a date?"
Tommy was quiet for a few minutes, thinking.
Maybe it would be good for her to go out, he
thought. Besides, she might get off his back about
dating. It could be a way for him to help her.
Suddenly, he liked the idea. "Well... okay... I
guess it might be fun," Tommy finally said in a
nonchalant tone.
"You don't sound that excited," Sue said with a
"That's not it," Tommy said quickly. But... but...
"What's wrong sweetie?"
"I don't... uh don't know about that stuff. I...
I... I... would... uh... you know, feel silly if I
messed up. That would be embar... embarrassing,"
Tommy said, a stutter in his voice.
"There's nothing you could do to embarrass yourself
honey," Sue said patting his leg affectionately.
"Come on, let's get dressed and you can take me
to dinner and a movie," Sue said, reaching to the
table and picking up her car keys and flipping them
to him. "You can even drive, lover boy."
"Mommmmm," Tommy said, his face turning red
again. However, underneath the embarrassment he
was as excited as he had been in a long time.
Twenty minutes later, Tommy was pacing around the
living room nervously, waiting for his mom. When
he saw her come down the stairs, he started to
say something but stopped in mid-sentence with his
mouth open.
Sue had on a tight, white pull over top that was
low cut, exposing the upper swells of her breasts,
and a short black skirt and high heels. She thought
Tommy would like the outfit since he picked it out
for her.
"What's wrong?" Sue asked concerned about the
look on her son's face. Suddenly, she thought that
she had made a big mistake.
"Mom, uh, uh, you look, look..." Tommy
stuttered trying to tell her how great she looked.
"I'll change," Sue said, turning to go back
upstairs fearing that she had gone too far in trying
to look young and "hot".
"No! You look beautiful," Tommy blurted out.
Sue turned back around smiling. "Why thank you
sweetie, I thought you were upset with what I was
"Wow Mom, I hope some of my friends see me
with you. God, they will be so jealous!"
Sue felt her heart swell with pride and love.
"Well, let's go make them jealous. For tonight,
why don't you call me Sue," she said with a
"Okay Mo... uh Sue," Tommy answered. "Sue,"
he said again to himself, loving the way her name
rolled off his tongue.
Tommy rushed to the car in front of his mom to
open the door to let her in. As she sat down,
Tommy couldn't help look at the expanse of her
thighs as her skirt pulled up. When he looked up
he saw his mom smiling at him. God, she saw me
looking up her skirt, Tommy thought. I can't even
do that right, he thought, mentally chastising
As he drove, Tommy kept glancing over at his
mother's legs. He felt a stirring between his legs
and was suddenly very confused.
Sue's skirt had pulled up her legs, revealing her
tanned thighs. She tried to pull it down but the
bucket seats of her car made that difficult.
Tommy drove to a small Italian restaurant that they
went to on occasion. It was quiet and intimate with
a genuine Mediterranean look. The tables were
covered in red checked table clothes and each had
an old wine bottle in the center with a lit candle.
There was even a violinist playing music.
Dinner went great and was very relaxing. Sue even
let Tommy have a couple glasses of wine. Sue
wanted to make him feel more grown up. He
certainly needed some confidence building.
Sue had quite a bit more wine than Tommy. She
felt a little tipsy but also warm and relaxed.
Tommy had no trouble talking to his mom. The
wine had loosened his tongue just a bit. Besides, it
wasn't like it was a real date, he thought.
They talked about school, friends, music, movies; all
the things that a boy and girl would talk about on
a date. Occasionally, Sue would point out things
about how he should act on a date. Like waiting
until his date had taken her seat before he sat
down or opening the restaurant door for her. She
tried not to be too critical. Not surprisingly though,
Tommy didn't need much coaching. He was a
natural gentleman, like his dad.
For a little while, Tommy truly forgot that Sue was
his mom.
Sue also forgot for a short time that she was out
with her son. He suddenly seemed so mature. His
pretty blue eyes sparkled in the dim candlelight as
he laughed and his face lit up like a candle when
he smiled. God, he was handsome, she thought.
Suddenly, Sue felt a little shiver run through her.
When dinner was over, Tommy escorted Sue out to
the car, opening the restaurant door and hurrying to
open the car door.
Sue was just a bit unsteady on her feet. She knew
that she shouldn't have had that last glass of wine.
When Tommy opened the door of the car, and his
mom slid in, he tried not to look at her exposed
thighs again. However, that was impossible. No
matter how hard he tried, his eyes went to the
dark area between his mother's legs. The light from
a street lamp melted the shadows and Tommy drew
in his breath. His mother's legs opened, revealing
the silky tops of her thigh high nylons, her smooth
thighs and then a pair of pale blue silk panties
hugging the pouch of her sex. She paused for a
second with one leg out of the car.
Tommy stood almost frozen, his eyes as large as
"Well, are we going to the movies or not?" Sue
asked, again noticing that her son was looking up
her skirt. Another shiver ran through her. Now Sue
wasn't sure whether the spreading of her thighs had
been an accident on her part or not. She felt so
naughty tonight. It was just a little innocent fun,
she told herself. The wine was making everything
seem all right.
Tommy's shocked face turned scarlet when he saw
his mom watching him again. Suddenly, he felt
ashamed of his behavior. If I do this to my own
mom, what will I do when I go out on a date
with a real girlfriend? he thought.
At the movie theater they got sodas and popcorn
then found a seat near the back row. Since the
movie had been out for a while, the theater
wasn't crowded. They practically had the theater to
The movie was funny and light, making them both
laugh. About midway through the movie, Tommy
carefully raised his arm and put it on the back of
the seat behind his mother, his bare arm touching
her shoulders.
Sue didn't miss the move and felt another of those
little shivers come over her.
At one point when they were laughing, Tommy
moved his arm until it was around her, his hand
hanging over her shoulder. His mom surprised him
by sighing and snuggled even closer into his arm.
Sue smiled to herself at her son's boldness. She
felt so comfortable and loved at that moment. It
had been a long time since she felt like this.
Suddenly, Tommy realized that his fingers were
touching the top swell of his mom's breast where
the soft flesh was exposed. He could feel his heart
begin to beat rapidly in his chest.
Sue felt the fingers but let them stay where they
were, as she didn't want to spoil the mood.
Besides, it was just innocent fun and probably an
accident, she told herself.
Tommy could no longer concentrate on the movie.
Almost without his control, his fingers began to
move lightly back and forth across the exposed swell
of her breast. The movement was delicate, almost
imperceptible. Still, Tommy could feel it. It felt as
though his fingertips were on fire. Stop it! he told
After a few minutes, Sue noticed his fingers were
moving. It was a sensual touch, almost tickling. It
could still have been accidental. When she felt goose
bumps spring up on her chest, she knew that she
should stop him. However, she didn't want to
embarrass him. He probably didn't even know that
he was doing it anyway. It was just an innocent
touch. However, the tingling she felt between her
legs wasn't so innocent.
Tommy's hand was shaking, as his fingers grew
bolder. The tips of his fingers moved further down
until they were just barely under the elastic of her
top. Now, there was no doubt about whether or
not he was touching her accidentally. He couldn't
believe how bold he was.
Sue's breathing increased. She wanted to stop him
but it had been so long since someone that she
cared for paid attention to her. The brain of the
mother was in a battle with the brain of the
woman; a woman that had missed intimate touches
for so long. Sue began to squirm in her seat.
Incredibly, she could feel her panties getting wet.
When she felt Tommy's fingers begin to move
further down, she reached up and grabbed his
hand, preventing any further movement. However,
she didn't take the fingers out of her top, but
instead held them where they were, almost pressing
them to her soft flesh.
Tommy breathed a sigh of relief when his mother
didn't chastise him. At one point, she let go of
his hand to reach for the popcorn in the seat next
to her. When she turned back, Tommy took the
opportunity to move his fingers downward again,
getting half his hand under the top before she
stopped him.
Now Sue held his fingers from the outside of the
top. Her own heartbeat had quickened.
Tommy felt like his heart was going to beat out of
his chest. His penis was now very uncomfortable in
his pants. He squirmed around, trying to find a
comfortable position. He couldn't very well reach
down and adjust himself.
Sue held Tommy's trembling hand tightly, knowing
that one more fraction of an inch and he would be
able to feel her nipple. In fact, his fingertips were
touching the large brown areola. She could feel the
hard nipples pulsing almost painfully. Now, her
breathing was as labored as Tommy.
The two sat almost frozen. When the tightness of
Sue's fingers lessened, she felt Tommy's fingers
begin to move downward again. She closed her eyes
and took a deep breath. She could feel the fingers
moving across the bumpy surface of her areola.
Then they split apart around the nub of her swollen

Suddenly, the lights of the theater came on.
Sue jumped as if an electric shock had hit her.
She quickly pulled the hand from her top. She was
trembling as she sat in her seat waiting for the
few people in the theater to leave. Finally, she
stood on shaking legs and moved to the isle.
As they left the theater, Tommy had to walk behind
his mother in hopes that no one could see his
Sue took a deep breath and sighed as she walked
up the aisle in front of Tommy. She wondered why
he lagged behind her. She glanced back and realized
the problem that her young date had. She had to
restrain herself from looking back at her son a
second time. Suddenly, it was like she was in high
school again. It brought back so many fond
memories with Tommy's father.
The ride home was very quiet. Tommy couldn't
believe what had happened in the theater. It was
like a dream. Damn, he practically had his hand on
his mother's bare breast and she didn't stop him.
Yet, he still felt embarrassed and like a cad. His
mom had been nice enough to take him out and
this is how he repaid her.
Sue couldn't believe what she had allowed to
happen either. Again, she told herself that it was
just innocent fun. After all, her son did need some
confidence building, she reasoned.
Tommy unlocked the door of their house, then
stopped and turned to his mom.
"Thanks Mom... uh Sue, I... I... I... had a
great time," a little nervous stutter showing up in
his voice.
"I did too Tommy, you are a great date," Sue
said sincerely.
Tommy stood nervously in front of his mom, his
hand's fidgeting at his sides. He almost had an
overpowering urge to grab her and kiss her. He got
control of himself and asked, "Uh... does...
does... a guy get a kiss on the first... first
date," Tommy blurted nervously. His heart was
beating wildly again. His knees felt like they were
going to collapse. When his mother didn't answer
right away, he thought that he had blown it.
"Well, probably not on the first date, but because
you were so nice I guess one kiss couldn't hurt,"
Sue said, her mind screaming No! No! The
beautiful evening, the date and the wine were all
working on Sue's resistance.
Tommy's heart skipped a beat. God, he was going
to do it he thought. He was really going to kiss
her. Suddenly, he was petrified.
"Well?" Sue said, her eyes closed, and her heart
pounding now. This was so wrong, she told herself.
"I really... uh... you know, I... I... don't
know how."
"Here," Sue said, bringing her lips to her son's.
His arms automatically went around her back. His
lips were hard and pressed harshly into his mom's
soft lips.
"Wait," she said and pulled back. "You don't kiss
with your lips like that. Wet your lips and let them
relax," Sue said in a motherly tone. Yet, this
wasn't a motherly act.
Tommy did as his mother asked. He felt her bring
her lips to his again. This time he relaxed his and
pressed into her soft mouth. Suddenly, he was very
much aware of her breasts on his chest, her soft
lips, and the smell her sweet perfume. His head
began to spin.
Sue moaned as her tongue slid into her son's
warm mouth. It was a reflex action and automatic.
She felt his tongue touch hers and a tremor ran
through her. For a moment, she was lost in the
sweet taste of her son's mouth. Suddenly, she
pulled her tongue out of his mouth. She had totally
lost control for just a moment. She pulled her head
back and took a deep breath, trying to calm
herself. "Now that was better wasn't it?" Sue said,
as innocently as possible, an uncontrollable quiver in
her voice.
"Great, let's do it again," Tommy said boldly,
pulling his mother to him again.
Suddenly, Sue could feel her son's hard penis
pressing into her stomach. She shivered with
excitement at the thought that she could still turn
on a young man. Wait, her mind screamed, this is
my own son. She knew that she had to stop this
before it got out of hand.
"No! Stop!" Sue almost screamed. Then she
realized it sounded harsh and, her tone softened.
"One kiss on the first date. Don't get greedy,"
Sue said pushing her son away playfully.
"Au shucks," Tommy said, with his innocent smile,
trying to cover his excitement and disappointment.
Then he turned serious. "God Mom, I had fun
tonight. Can... uh... can we go on a date again
sometime, please?"
"Well, I guess so, if you treat me real nice,"
Sue said, pecking her son on the lips one more
time before entering the house.
That night, Tommy lay in bed with his hard penis
in his hand, thinking of his mom. All his fantasizes
until now had been about girls at school. Now his
mom dominated his thoughts. He could still feel her
soft breasts on his chest and her soft skin under
his fingers. If he could have only moved his hand
a fraction of an inch lower in the theater, he
would have touched the nub of her nipple. Even
now, he could still taste her lips on his and feel
her tongue in his mouth. It took only minutes for
him to squirt his juice all over his stomach. He
jerked off three times that night.
At the same time, Sue lay in bed with one hand
squeezing the same breast Tommy had touched. Her
other hand was forcing three fingers into her
sopping hole. She climaxed over and over until her
fingers and the sheets were soaked with her juice.
Then, suddenly she burst into tears. God, what
have I done? she thought.
Susan Ritter cried herself to sleep that night.
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