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Jason and Stacy had just started going out and had been having a great relationship so far. They were so in love they were doing it almost everyday.
“OH FUCK!!!!” Stacy screamed as, her boyfriend Jason, made her squirt in a body shuddering orgasm, on his last hard and deep thrust into her tight pussy, hitting her G-Spot. Jason collapses on top of her after their mind-blowing night filled of drinking, getting high, and fucking.
“Another amazing night into morning, baby.” Jason says as he leans down and kisses Stacy passionately. They laid there for a few minutes then finally Jason said “C’mon babe, its time for school.” He pulls out of her and they both get up, get dressed and go get in Jason’s car. They pull up outside of school and the bell had already rung so they are late. He pulls into a parking spot and they both get out and head for class. In the middle of class Stacy gets a text that says I’M GETTING SO HARD! I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS MORNING! ;). Stacy smiled as her sweet pussy started to throb. She typed I’M GETTING SO WET THINKING ABOUT IT TOO. WE MIGHT NEED TO HAVE ANOTHER TRY AT IT! ;) and hit the SEND button. She put her phone back in her purse and went back to paying attention to her work. After class she checks her phone and a text from Jason reads WE JUST MIGHT ;) as he walks up and gives her a big passionate kiss that turns deeper into something stronger, it turned into desire. He walks her to class and then heads to class himself. Another text about 15 minutes into class catches her attention, Jason said I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER, ASK TO GO TO THE BATHROOM! ;). She does as the text says and heads out of the class room. She heads to the bathroom between Jason and hers class.
She barely turns the corner for the bathroom before Jason scoops her up into his arms and sticks her tongue down her throat. He kicks open the bathroom door and sets her down for a second so he can lock the door. Then he turns back to her and they start to make out, hot and heavy again, as he slams her up against the cold tile wall. He hikes up he skirt so its up around the top of her hips and undoes his fly. The next thing you know he’s fucking her harder and faster than in the morning. And in no time at all they both climax and are fixing themselves to make it look like nothing happened.
After class everyone was heading for lunch and Jason pulls Stacy aside and said "Hey, I had the idea to blow off the rest of the day and go to the beach or something, what do ya say?" She agreed to it and they ran out to his car and sped out of the parking lot. They were heading for the beach. Once they arrived at the beach they jumped out and ran for the water. After a few hours at the beach they jumped back in his car and headed back for Jason’s house. They got to his house and walked in, noticing that his parents weren’t home they both looked at each other with the same idea. They ran up stairs and straight into his room. They started ripping each others clothes off and finally he threw her on the bed and starts to eat her out and finger her viciously. It didn’t take anytime at all for her to cum. She sat up and in one sudden move she found her mouth on his huge 8” cock and started to suck him so hard and fast its almost hurt. He started to moan. After he exploded in her mouth he made her stand up and threw her on the bed, sliding her forward to the edge of the bed, and fucked her to the max. “OH BABY! Your pussy is so tight!!” He shouted as he started to fuck her so hard and so fast that she started to scream and claw at the sheets. “AHHHHH! YES! YES! FUCK ME HARD! FUCK MY TIGHT PUSSY, BABY!” She screamed. She started to climax and he kept slamming into her harder and deeper which sent her spiraling into a body shattering, squirting orgasm. He then got off by fucking her beautiful and perfect 38C tits and exploded his hot load all over her tits and she licked it all off.
When his parents got home they were sitting on the couch watching TV. And that is when they left. It was around 7:30pm when Jason took Stacy home after going to dinner and to see a movie. He walked her to the door and then left. A few hours later that evening, after her parents when to bed, there was a tap on her window, it was Jason. She opened the window and he climbed in. “What are you doing here?” she asked, concerned.
“My dad and I got into a fight and he kicked me out. Can I sleep here tonight?” he asked sweetly with a big toothy grin. She thought for a minute before she pulled him into a big embrace and placed a sweet and passionate kiss on his lips. “So I take that as a yes?” he asked smiling.
“Of course it a yes. How could I ever turn you away? You’re my boyfriend. And I love you!” she said as he kisses her again. They both climbed into bed and snuggled up close. They both laid there silent and drifted away into a deep wonderful sleep. They both had the same dream of them being together forever. They both woke up in the middle of the night smiling like idiots, made out for a little bit then snuggled up and drifted back into another deep sleep. They were perfect for each other.

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