This is part of the Some Things Change series, but also apart. This version is viewed from the Point of View of Jane, one of the twin daughters from the original series, but that was from the viewpoint of the father. This series can be read on it's own as there is no crossover from one series of stories to the other as they run concurrently. ( More chapters will be added as and when they are written. )
Chapter 5

I couldn’t see anything, it was pitch black. There wasn’t any sound either, not a whisper. I clapped my hands just to make sure I wasn’t going deaf. The slap echoed off unseen surfaces. I rubbed my eyes, certain they must be blindfolded but my finger tips proved me wrong.

“Janet!, Janet! Are you there? Where are you? Daddy! Daddy!” Nothing, just echoes of my shouts. With hands outstretched I took tentative half steps forward seeking something, anything but just found empty air.

I must have been barefoot as the ground felt smooth, smooth as marble and just as cool. A breeze brushed my skin. I shivered. I brought my hands to me and felt nothing but my damp skin, slick and clammy to my touch. I crossed my arms over my breasts and rubbing my arms hoping to get some heat into me.

“Janet! Janet!.” My desperation bouncing back to me. I was scared, I didn’t understand what was happening. Where was I? Why was I here?

“Daddy are you there? Daddy help me! Help me! I don’t know where I am!

A tear fell from my eye and tracing the contours of my face and fell to the ground.

“ Jane? Is that you? I’m here with daddy, come on stop playing about.”

“ I can’t see you, where are you?”

“Jane! Jane!…

“Jane! Jane! Wake up, Jane” Wake up!…”

“What? Where are you Janet?”

“Wake up you dozy bitch, you were dreaming.” I opened my eyes, blinking in the sudden bright light and there she was. Janet. I launched myself at her, wrapping my arms around her and burying my face into her neck and pulling her in.

“ I didn’t know here you where, I couldn’t see you, I was so scared.” My heart was beating hard in my chest.

I felt her comforting embrace envelope me.

“I’m here sis, it was just a dream, just a dream. I’m not going anywhere, not with out you.” Janet’s reassuring tones were calming and serene and helped my heart was get back to an even keel.

I pulled back from our embrace and looked at Janet in the face, embarrassed but happy I found her again.

Then I punched her on the arm.

“I’m not a dozy bitch!” I said laughing and I ran off before she could punch me back.

“Hey!” she protested, rubbing the spot I hit.

“Last one in is a fart in a space suit.” I said from the edge of the pool and jumped in.

Janet had me pinned against the poll wall, I couldn’t escape I was too weak to even try, my arms and legs had lost ail their strength. I was even too weak to laugh any more, I was all laughed out. And certainly too weak to defend myself.

Janet was torturing my tickle spots as she calls them, with deft fingers they sort them out with pin point accuracy of a laser guided missile and she attacked with out mercy and revenge for the punch on the arm I gave her 5 minutes before.

“Stop…stop…Janet…please…I can’t take any more…” I said through heaving breaths as her fingers dug in under my ribs.

“Say your sorry, say your sorry Jane, say it and I’ll stop. I promise.”

Her promise was as fake as guy promising he won’t cum in your mouth.

“Ok, ok , I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” I pleaded. “stop, stop I’m sorry” I tried to look like I meant it, but failed.

“I don’t believe you.” then attacked the sides of my waist.

“Ahhh!!” I screamed as fingers dug in.

“OK. I mean it, I mean it, I’m sorry..” Trying to catch my breath.

Janet finally relented after a pinch to my ass.

I managed to turn around and rest my arms on the lip of the pool so as not to sink to he bottom. And waited for some strength to come back to my aching limbs. And my ragged breathing and a sudden hacking cough made me sound like a 40 a day smoker.

Janet was next to me a big cheesy grin on her face. I’ve seen that look on her face before, lots of times in fact and usually after she’s masturbated.

“What you thinking of sis? I asked.

“I think daddy liked my tongue stud.”
“Really, what makes you think that?” I asked, very interested.
“Just could tell really and he cum really quickly too.” smacking her lips.

We climbed out of the pool and each took a lounger.

“It was the way his cock kinda twitched or the extra little moan from daddy. But I think I’ll be keeping mine in. What about you Jane?”
“Don‘t know yet, I‘ve not sucked daddy off yet with it in”
“Talk of the pervert.” Janet said and sniggered.
“Janet!” telling her off. “Didn’t daddy say, we weren’t to wear clothes in the garden. Him included?” I said looking at daddy carrying over some drinks.
“Yes that’s right sis he did, he’s got clothes on, lets see if he meant it.”

We took our drinks and we took a long drink. It was cold and refreshing.

"Mmm, thanks daddy." We said. And daddy went to sit down.

"Daddy, what are you doing?" Janet asked him. "Don’t you know your own rule about clothes in the garden?" and we both laughed looking at each other and Janet winked at me.
"Doh!" daddy said the stood up and undressed.
"Is that better, you little sluts?"
“Yes than you daddy.”

He sat back down and finished off his drink and was about to stand up again. When I asked.

"Daddy, is your cock always hard like that? He smiled and looked down at it and placing his hand around it as if he was going to jack off.
"Only when I am near you 2 fuck dolls or I am thinking about you both. I’ve said already to you this is all your fault. The only other person this happened to was when I was with your mother. It‘s like looking at a clone of your mother when she was about your age, when I look at you two"
"You knew mommy when she was our age?" This was news to us both, we thought they didn’t until much later.
"Yes, I actually first met when your mommy was 14 and I was nearly 21."
"Did you fuck her, when she was 14?" Janet asked mater of factly.
"Yes I did baby, she loved sex and fucking and couldn’t get enough. So when I fucked you both it felt almost like I was fucking your mother."
The girls stood up and ran to me and hugged and kissed me.
"We miss mommy, daddy."
"Me too my babies." and daddy hugged and kissed us back.
And before Janet could say anything, I got on all 4’s and said to daddy.
"Fuck me daddy. Fuck me like you fucked mommy.”

"Fuck her daddy, fuck her good." said Janet once she sat down on another lounger and started to finger her pussy.

Daddy stood behind me and taking his cock on his hand I felt it being rubbed along my pussy slit and lips. Then with 2 quick grunts from daddy my pussy had swallowed his whole cock.

“Yes daddy, yes." I hissed. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

And he did, grabbing my hips he I pounded my pussy, I could feel the wetness building inside me.
"You like that you fuck slut, you like daddy fucking your tight cunt?"
"Yes, yes, harder daddy, fuck me harder." and I thrust my hips back matching daddy‘s rhythm.
"Yes, yes, yes, oh daddddyyyyyy, thaaats sooooo goooood."

I was having trouble keeping my arms and legs from collapsing and keeping me upright. They still felt weak from Janet’s tickling of me earlier.

Daddy must have noticed and said.

"Janet, Jane lie down next to each other." And he slowed his eager thrust to a stop and pulled out. I was disappointed and told myself off for not just getting on my back and have daddy fuck me that way instead of getting on all 4’s. But I gratefully collapsed onto my stomach then turned over and sat up next to Janet.

Daddy then with his legs either side of the lounger and his cock very close to our faces, ordered.

"Open your mouths" which we did. Mmmm, I thought, Daddy’s cum. And he started to masturbate over our open willing mouths.

Daddy’s hand moved swiftly over his cock slick with juices from my pussy, his thumb digging a groove along the top of it’s length and his thick fingers wrapped around his meat and meeting up at their tips.

His mouth was open and moving slightly, the tip of his tongue darting between his lips like a snakes.

With a slight twitch from his balls and a groan from his mouth, his hot gooey cum splashed my face across my mouth. Then daddy moved his cock slightly and aimed his second shot of cum over Janet’s cheek.

"Lick each other faces, clean off my cum."

I cupped her face as I set about Janet’s face licking and sucking daddy’s cum. Mmmmm, I love tasting daddys cum. I thought to myself. My lips were slick and slippery as they hovered the last of it into my mouth. I rolled it around my tongue I spat it into Janet’s mouth.

Janet rolled it around her mouth and swallowed, the her lips were sucking at the mess on my face, her soft wet tongue leaving a trail behind of saliva behind each lick. Then returning the favour I took her spit she gave me, a sweet mixture of cum and saliva, and swallowed.
Then pressing own on each others lips with eagerness, our tongues dancing around each other, each of them encouraging the other‘s to play.

Our intense but gentle French kiss.

As I ran my fingers through her long thick hair, we parted with a single kiss and I looked lovingly into my sisters beautiful brown big eyes.

I’m not looking in a mirror when I look at my twin, I don’t see my own reflection. She’s as different to me, as black is from white.
I see her eyes, so clear and brilliant. Her lashes so long, dark and thick, a perfect frame of contrast.
Her cute button nose, so adorable and sweet and just turned up at the end.
The cupid bow mouth, her lips full and luscious. Lips for kissing.

We kiss again.

“Hello, am I talking to the blonde girl in the blue bikini?”

Way to go daddy, talk about kill the mood. I say to myself as daddy’s voice cuts through our kissing. We pull away and roll our eyes at each other in slight annoyance and shrug then look up at daddy.

The short call ended as daddy took away the phone from his ear.

"Was that the girl at the window daddy on the phone?" We ask.
"Er yes it was."
"How did you get her number?"
"She told me."
"Call her back daddy."
"No, I’ll send her a text." And daddy taps out a message.
"If she wants to speak she’ll call back."
"What’s for dinner girls?"
"McDonalds!." We’ve not had that for while, I was thinking.
"Hah, ok, but you’ll have to get some clothes on, we can’t go out naked like this, " We laugh. "get showered and dressed you have 20 minutes, but remember, something sexy, something you bought today."
"Yes daddy."

We run into the house, our interrupted kissing forgotten about then head upstairs.
“What shall we wear?” Janet asks me. I think about it for a minute as we run up the stairs.
“Denim skirt and boots, no panties” I say. Janet smiles. “See ya in 20.” as I head through my door.

The shower was running, warming up as I tie up my hair so it doen’t get wet when I get in it. I check out my body in the large mirror above the sink, turning this way and that I see a nice tan forming on my skin. And no white bits either,no tan lines. Good.

With my hands on my hips and legs astride, the mirror is showing me a skinny girl with no hips as such, a flat belly and nothing that can really be described as tits.
I remember a boy at school a few months ago, teasing us both about our non existant breasts or “Titties” as he called them and saying they are “2 Fried eggs on a plate” Then Janet kicked him in the nuts and he cried off.

But he was right looking at my refelction and maybe he was actually being quite generous in his decription because fried eggs can be quite big if you use an ostrich egg.

I didn’t dwell on it as there wasn’t much I could do about it at 13 and stepped in the shower the water stinging my hot sunkissed skin.

With final tug of my boot, it finally slipped over my heel and I stood up and did a quick couple of stomps on the floor with both feet to make sure that were fitted on my feet ok and I stood in front of the full length mirror that was attached to the wardrobe. Fuck I thought, That is one short skirt. as I turned my back to the mirror and saw glimpses of ass cheeks and I hadn’t even bent over yet. And when I did, bend over, 2 ass cheeks and my pussy came into view.
This skirt really needs to be worm with undies or tights, I thought. And if I coughed and the skirt slipped more than an inch you would be able to see the top of my pussy!

I stood back up and faced the mirror. I had on a matching denim skirt that flared slightly at the bottom and a cut down sleeveless jacket in black. The jacket was just about big enough to cover my breasts from the front, with 2 buttons keeping it together. The arm holes were deep cut and if I had any sort of breasts above a B cup then from the side you would be able to see most of them.

And on my feet a black pair of cowboy boots with a 2 inch heel.

Janet would be wearing the same outfit but in white.

Daddy is so going to get arrested if a cop sees us together. I mused.

I gave my hair a final brush and went to Janet’s room. I opened the door with out knocking and entered. Daddy was there admiring Janets pussy as she had pulled then hem of her skirt up to show daddy she wsn’t wearing any panties. I did the same.

"You girls are so fucking sexy, the boys will be drooling when they see you 2." We smiled.

"Just as long as your happy daddy." We said.
"No fear there girls." he knelt down in front of Janet and licked her pussy and then gave it a quick rub with a finger, then did the same to me. I let out a gasp as he licked it. My pussy was on fire, when he finished.
"Thank you daddy."

I sat upfront with daddy and unusually for him he was keeping the speed down to below legal but that was probably to do with him staring at my lap and not the road.

Getting into the car with as much dignity as I could I sat down and the little amount of material that was covering me rode up and exposed my pussy and no amount of adjusting it or anything made much difference. I looked around at Janet and I saw her pussy wink at me for the same reason. Then looking at Janet’s face she winked an eye at me as well.

We got to McDonalds, parked up and daddy was adjusting his near hard cock in his pants and we went inside the restaurant.

It was quiet in there with hardly a soul about and we took a table in the far corner while daddy went an orderd the food.

Me and Janet sat across from each other next to the window then Janet bent down and looked under the table.
“I can see your pussy sis.” she said straightening up, smiling.
“I think every one for miles can see my pussy. “ I retorted.
“It was your idea to wear them sis.”
I shrugged.
“I don’t remember it being this short in the store when we tried them on this morning.” I said.
“Perhaps they shrunk.” Janet said, trying not to laugh.

I was tempted to punch her arm again, but daddy turned up with the food and drinks.

My cheeseburgers were delicious, the fries crispy and the milkshakes thick and creamy. Janet made stupid cross eyes at me while sucking on her straw so I tried to kick her and missed and hit the chair leg, which made her drop her cup which was a fair result.

We had just about finished and daddy’s phone beeped, he pulled it out and read the message.

“It was from the blondie.”
“Who?” we asked.
“The girl in the window.” and she showed us the text.

" Call me tomorrow after 9am” it read.

"Maybe she wants you to fuck her too daddy." I said.
"Maybe darling, what do you 2 think I should do? And remember to call me Jack when we‘re out"
"Sorry Jack." Saying Jack, instead of daddy was weird. But I gave it serious thought about whether daddy should fuck a some one he’s not net yet and knows nothing about. Plus what would happen to me and Janet would he still fuck us?

I didn’t honestly think anything would come of it with “Blondie”

"Yes you should fuck her Jack, as long as you still fuck us too that’ll be ok." Daddy smiled.
"Of course I’ll still fuck you both, you’re my little sex toys and I love you both."
"We love you to Jack." and I felt better about it.

We got up to go home and we both took daddy’s hand and walked out. I noticed a couple of guys a few years older than us that were staring at us, checking us out. I smiled at them and Janet I saw had lifted the back of her skirt up as we walked passed. Her little ass on full view. They both suddenly had daft looks on their faces as they followed Janet’s ass with their eyes until we were out of sight.

We got back to the car and Janet sat up with daddy, she turned around and winked at me, smiling then asked daddy.

"Jack, did those 2 boys want to fuck us, do you think?"
I saw his shoulders drop, maybe he hoped we didn’t notice them looking at us - fat chance.
"What makes you say that honey?"
" The way that they stared at us."
"Well girls, every boy at that age wants to fuck girls, it’s just natural. So yes they probably did want to fuck you both."
"Should we let them, then?" he thought about it and with a sigh, he answered.
"If you had asked me that 2 days ago I would have said definitely no and I would have killed any guy that tried to, but now I’m fucking you both it seems a bit like double standards. So now, at the end of the day the choice is yours. If you don’t want to you don’t have to no matter what the boys say or do, its your choice. Do you both understand?
"We understand Jack."
"There’s two more thing first though."
"What’s that Jack?"
"Well you both started your periods about 6 months ago, which means you can get pregnant and have babies because I am now fucking you both. So we need for you two to go on the pill and that stops you having babies, ok? I’ll call the doctors and get an appointment. And the other thing is if you decide to fuck boys then you must use a condom, just in case the boys might have an STD and you don’t want one of those, ok girls?"
"Yeah we know , we did that in sex ed classes." Janet said, in a mocking but deadly serious tone that daddy missed.

Daddy started the car and Janet looked round at me again and we gave each other a thumbs up.
Going on the pill was something we had been talking about for a few weeks, long before daddy was even having sex with us. But didn’t know how to bring it up with him. And as a bonus he has given us the ok to fuck guys too!! It’s been a good day.

The short journey home was in silence until we pulled up and we were getting out.
“Daddy, there’s a TV show we want to watch, is that OK.” we asked.
“Sure girls, I’ve got some things to do anyway.”

We jumped on the sofa and had the TV on the show we wanted to watch and daddy was in the garden tidying up. He wasn’t long and stood in front of us dropping our red shoes, stockings and 2 dildos on the seat between us and propped up the video camera and tripod against a wall.

“I’ll be upstairs , if you need me.”
“Ok daddy.” we chimed back and went back to our show, engrossed. It was one of those trashy pretending they are real soaps, we didn’t really like it but there was one guy in it that kept us watching. Our eyes never left the screen if we could help it, watching this hunk of beef with pecs on pecs and a smile that could make you swoon.

During an ad, I heard daddy call my name.

"Jane honey, Jane."
"Yes daddy"
"Come in to the kitchen for moment honey, it’ll just take a moment."
I rolled my eyes and went in.

He had her sit on a kitchen stool and had me hold a piece of paper in front of me that said. hello Kent , how are you? and had today’s date on it. Then took a couple of shots of me with his phone.
"Thanks honey, you’re the best." and he kissed me on the cheek.
The with the paper her went back upstairs.

“That was weird.” I said to Janet as I sat down.
“What is?”
I told her what I had to do and she said.
“He’s confirming something.” she replied.
“Confirming what?” Confused.
“Either you or maybe confirming he’s some how legit.”
“Me? Legit? - What?” Janet’s answer left me even more confused then before.

“Janet what the fuck are you on about?” She let out a sigh and a laugh.
“You’re not blond under your dark hair are you, do you secretly dye it dark or something?”
”Just tell me, tell me, tell me,..”
She sighed again.
“Listen very care-fully… I …shall…tell…you …..” she was being annoyingly slow.
“Tell me!” I shouted, getting pissed.
“Ok, ok, dummy, He’s very likely contacted a pedo or another guy that likes kiddie porn, probably this Kent guy or something right? I nodded “ And he probably sent him a few pics of you from the other night when daddy took those pervy pics of you. He also said that you’re his daughter, yadd, yadda. Still with me?” I nodded again. So… the pic he just took of you now….”
“Is to confirm it’s me and that he took them.” I finished Janet’s sentence for her. Now Janet was nodding her head.
“Fuck, no wonder daddy’s suddenly Quentin Tarrantino with the video camera. How do you know so much about kiddie porn guys and their habits.”
“Google., where else?”
“Why were you looking up..”
“Because I’m into kiddie porn!” she shouted, “Now shhsh I’m trying to watch the show.”

I shut up.

During an advertising break that seems to pop up every 5 minutes, I went to the fridge and picked out 2 soda cans, pressing one to my cheek to feel the cold and walked back.

I sat back down and handed Janet her can and we snapped the ring pulls open, took long pulls and let out long burps in unison and collapsed into fits of giggles.

“ Very lady like sis.” I said through tear streaked eyes
“You too, you…” Janet didn’t finish her words, she burped again.

We eventually calmed down, wiping the back of our hands over our eyes, wiping away our tears of mirth and laughter and settled back down.

“So daddy is a pedo then?” I asked Janet, it was more of a rhetorical question. But Janet answered anyway.
“Guess so sis. You can’t be shocked by this though, not really. He fucks us and you know he fucked mommy when she was 14 and now wants to fuck the blonde slut too. It‘s not really a surprise, is it?”
“I know, I’m just tying to get it sorted in my head.”

I woke up to daddy shaking some life into me, I had dozed off. Janet too, she opened her eyes and stretched her arms out wide and yawned. Then I yawned too.

"Come on you two get to bed." Daddy said. Janet stood up on stiff legs and yawned again. Picking up the pile of shoes and stuff and stood, passing a pair of them to her and left the room.

"I’ll be up in a few minutes to tuck you both in."
“Ok daddy.” and we yawned once more.

I remember climbing into bed, naked and trying to stay away for daddy’s good night kiss. But after 10 minutes… I was gone.

Chapter 6

I woke up to Janet’s warm smooth body pressed against me, an arm lazily draped over my hip. Her breath warm and moist on my neck. She must have sensed I was awake as she moved in tighter, snugly joined together.

“Morning sis.” she quietly said as her soft kiss brushed my neck sending a shiver through me and her finger lightly flicked at my nipple as she moved her hand to press me into her.

“Hey.” I said, slightly moaning. “This is nice sis. I could get used to this.”
“Mmm, me too. I’ve been here an hour just holding you, it took what little self control I have just not too do naughty things to you while you slept.” then she kissed my neck again.
“You should have woken me up.” I said turning my head towards her and raising hers her lips softly pressed down on mine. She slightly pulled back.
“You had another bad dream, you were shouting out daddy and it woke me up.”
“I’m sorry sis, I don’t remember dreaming or anything.”
“It’s fine, really. I just did the sisterly thing and held you and you quietened down.”
“I kissed her back.” thanks, I love you Janet.
“Love you too Jane. This is nice, but I have to kill the mood.”
“You need to pee?” I asked.
“I need to pee so bad, for like half an hour and if I don’t go now you’re gonna have a flood in your bed.”
I smiled.
“I need to go too.” and we separated and Janet sprang out of bed like a released coiled spring and headed for the bathroom. I followed her in and released a yawn as I went.
Janet was sitting there, her elbows on her legs and her chin resting on her hands.
“I can’t believe daddy is letting us have the pill.” she said while I started the shower.
“I know, brilliant isn’t it? I sounded excited as I said it. “And he more or less said we can fuck any guy we like, too.”
A wide smile spread across her mouth.
“Trouble is though sis.”
“What’s that?” I asked.
“We don’t know any boys around here.” and her smile had disappeared.
She stood up and wiped her self with some tissue, dropped it into the toilet and flushed.

We swapped places and copying the same pose Janet had, I drummed my finger tips on my cheek bones and thought about the problem.

A light bulb moment, as I remembered.

“New school Monday!” Janet had the same thought and we said the same words at the same time, smirking.

Janet had got into the shower and I finished off and flushed.
“Come on sis.” said Janet.” My pussy needs a wash.”

I stepped in behind her, Janet’s hair was lathered and she was rubbing her hands over her head, massaging her fingers into her wet and soapy scalp.

I pressed into her and wrapped an arm around her waist and brought my hand between her legs. She moaned as a finger brushed her sex and cupped her puffy mound. The hot water raining down her lithe body and was soaking her pussy and I so very easily I had my middle finger deep inside her feeling her silky, wet insides.
“Oh god.” Janet sighed. And her hands dropped from her head and pressed them to the tiled wall in front of her, leaning slightly onto them, pushing herself into me, insisting I don’t stop.

“Make me cum.” Janet whimpered.
“Shhh, just enjoy.” I said into her ear, nibbling at her lobe, gasped.
“Turn around.” Janet did as I asked, leaning back onto the tiles and instinctively opened her legs.

I knelt down, her wet and puffy sex mere inches from my face.

I lustily reached in and used both hands on the creases of Janet’s thigh and pussy and used my thumbs to open her pussy like a present. Janet gasped as I massaged her sex. I leant in and slurped at the wetness and her and probed her folds with my tongue, then sucked my sister’s lovely pulsing swell into my mouth.

Janet burst and a wave of pleasure flooded out from her pussy across her sensitive nerves What little control she had of her body was gone in an instant. Her body seized and spasmed as Janet cried out arching her back, her hands buried in my hair she pulled at the thick wet strands.

I suckled on her small hard love bud, licking hard and fast. Janet bucked her pelvis trying to force herself onto my frenzied tongue.

I could feel my own pulsating pussy and I took away a hand and urgently slammed 2 fingers deep into myself, using the heel of my hand to franticly rub my own clit. I moaned as my fingers slurped noisily in my pussy.

I kept eating greedily at Janet, hungry for her offerings. When in a chorus of screams and moans our orgasms exploded and sent us over the edge into blissful relief. Shaking as I pulled my face away from her sweet sex, and my fingers slipped from my wet and throbbing pussy Janet was breathing heavily and she slipped down the shower wall, her legs unsteady and not in control, her knees bending as she fell to the floor. We were buzzing and on a high, a high of sexual pleasure.

I got off my knees and sat, pulling Janet to me and cradled her. Her hair still soapy and smelling of apples.
The hot water still rained down and our senses returned to normal.

“Oh my god sis, where did that come from? Have you been practising with another girl? Fuck me sis.” Her voice incredulous.
“I thought I just did.” We smiled, to exhausted to laugh.
“Where did you learn that from?” she asked, sincerely wanting to know.
“The same place you learnt about kiddie porn…Google.” winking at her.

We finally crawled out of the shower, clean and soap free. Drying each other with big fluffy towels, drying and brushing each others hair. Then dressed in shorts and vest. Breakfast beckoned.

Janet had the coffee started for daddy and I pulled out ingredients for pancakes and a frying pan and set it on the gas hob. Janet was getting cereal, milk and a bowl.

“Jane?” Janet asked.
“Why do you insist on trying to cook?”
“What do you mean, trying, I can cook, pancakes anyway.”
Janet laughed.
“No you can’t, we both can’t cook for toffee. Mommy was the same. And it was from her we got our cooking skills from.”
“Daddy likes my pancakes.” I said unperturbed. Janet looked over her spoon of milk and Fruit Loops at me, raised an eye brow and the spoon disappeared into her mouth.
“He does.” And as if to prove a point I finished the batter and spooned some onto the hot pan.

Not long after daddy walked in, he didn’t say a word until he had taken his first hot sip of coffee.

"Morning babes" he said cheerily and kissed the top of our heads.
"Morning daddy, daddy you didn’t tuck us in last night." I said.
" I know , sorry girls I fell asleep on the sofa. I’ll make up for it tonight." and gave us a wink then gave Janet’s ass a squeeze and took a stool next to her.
I presented daddy with a pancake on plate and fork.
"Mmm yummy." he said, squeezing some maple syrup over it and he took a bite.

"Delicious." He said, chewing and took another sip of coffee.

"What are we doing today daddy?" I asked.
"Shopping again girls."
"Yay!" we cheered.
"Shopping for your new school on Monday."
"Boo" and daddy laughed.
"Books, stationery and gym stuff."
"And," he continued. "how about some new school outfits as well and how about new cell phones and an iPad each.
Our screams and shouts almost deafened daddy and Janet dropped her spoon in her still half filled breakfast bowl splashing milk over the table top. And we both rushed over to daddy with hugs and kisses.
" Can we go now daddy?" we asked excitedly.
"No not yet, let me finish my breakfast. Anyway you two are still in your PJ’s."

He had no sooner said this and we ran off back to our rooms.
“What shall we wear Jane?”
“You choose sis, I didn’t do so well yesterday.” I scoffed, remembering the micro skirt.
Janet followed me in to my room and going through a few drawers pulled out a nice pink mini skirt and a pink v neck top with thin straps. I nodded my approval. The skirt was still short, but not show your pussy short.

Janet went to her room.

I quickly changed and tied my hair into a pony tail. I sat at my vanity and put some lip gloss on, ran an a dark eyeliner over the edge of my eye lids and then a little mascara. Happy with what I saw in the mirror I bent over and put my pink sneakers on and tied the laces. And left my room.

I was sitting on Janet’s bed as she finished her mascara and put on her sneakers.

“Have you got panties on?” she asked.
“No I haven’t.” then she pulled hers off, a string thong. It wouldn’t have made much difference keeping them on really they were that small. She dropped it on the bed and we were off.

We found daddy on the patio.

"Is this ok daddy?"
"Very pretty in pink, girls." Daddy leered as we lifted out skirt hems and showed our panty free pussy’s.
Daddy waved us closer and licked both his index fingers and gently rubbed our pussy’s. We both groaned as they were still quite delicate from earlier.
"Who are my sex sluts girls?"
"We are daddy." We said through gentle groans.
He then pushed half a finger into us. I was still quite wet and it slipped it easily. I let out another groan then gasped as he pulled it out. Then sucked the damp finger, my juices were sweet.

"Good girls, but today you better put on some panties as I’m sure we’ll be going into lots of clothes stores and trying on stuff and it wouldn’t’t be a good idea for the sales lady to see your naked cunts when your daddy is with you. She will rightly I guess, get the wrong idea"
"Ok daddy." and we kissed him and went to put some on.

“Told you.” Janet said, after taking hers from her bed and coming to my room and put them on. I went through my knickers draw to find the same pair. I found them and stepped into them and pulled them up, adjusting the string comfortably in my butt crack.

“At least we won’t get cold pussy’s at the mall.” I said.
“True.” replied Janet, “But in these tops we will be showing plenty of hard nipples.” and gave hers a tweak through the thin material.

Daddy was still on the patio and we flashed our panties.
"Let’s go girls." He said approvingly, still looking at them.

Daddy parked up, the drive was quick and we spent the time, chatting excitedly about what we wanted and about our new phones and iPads we were getting. As the clothes were for school, we thought it better that what we bought wasn’t quite as sexy and revealing, just not quite.

"We’ll get all the boring stuff first girls, then you’ll have more time for the good stuff, eh?"
"Ok dad.. Er Jack." that suited us just fine.
We got that stuff as quickly as we could and we went to a coffee house after dumping our bags in the car.

Daddy had coffee and a bear claw and we had some ice tea and a doughnut filled with cream. Janet bit into hers and slowly chewed, a smear of cream at the corner of her mouth. I resisted licking it off her mouth and settled for a finger to remove it and then sucked the cream off it. Looking into her eyes and she back at me. My pussy had a little twinge, saying it was ready. I closed my eyes and thought of baseball, calming down and sipping the cold iced tea.

"Where to next girls, which store?"
There were so many stores we didn’t go to first time round, I thought. But we have more time today…

"Macy’s first!" was finally replied..
"Ok girls, you lead and I’ll follow with the credit cards."
"And carry the bags too and if we max out your cards we‘ve still got the card you gave me yesterday.” we said laughing and daddy joined in.
After looking around making sure no one was within earshot daddy leant in and in a half whisper said.
"You better get plenty of underwear for school too, unless your going to flash your cunts at every boy in class." and winked.
"Dad! We do that just for you, oh and the boy with the biggest cock in class." .
"Girls really." Giggling as we set off.

At Macy’s we knew where to go and with armful’s of clothing we went to the changing rooms. The same woman was there, the one that Janet gave an outfit back too while naked. She gave daddy an odd look when we said.
“We’ won’t be long Jack.” I don’t think daddy noticed but you can imagine what she was thinking. - What’s a guy in his forties doing with 2 young girls that run around the changing rooms naked. Fucking pervert.

She did look a bit relived when she saw we weren’t totally naked and she also smiled nicely enough though when daddy gave her a $20 for helping us out.
We shopped for ages, I think we must have gone in most stores and we had to take a few trips to the car and dump some bags

Daddy later wanted a break, so we showed him the coffee shop we went to yesterday and asked for hot chocolate while we went back to the car again.

While waiting for the elevator, a guy stood behind us he was quite old about daddy’s age. I could feel him checking us out, Janet could too and we glanced at each other and mouthed “Pervert”, silently laughing.
When we got in, he stood at the side of us, still staring at us. We looked at each other again, then we pulled our skirts up and pulled our thongs aside and rubbed our pussy’s. Janet then said.

“You like what you see?” He didn’t say a thing, just blushed. We straightened ourselves out and we stopped at our floor. On stepping out we turned around and shouted . “Pervert!” and ran off in hysterics.

We found daddy and sat down and we had a sip of our Chocolate.
“Mmmm thanks Jack.” we said.

“Your welcome, you girls sure now how to shop. Where’s next then.?”

“Bras and knickers Jack.” we said not missing a beat. “ And that should do it, we think.”

We went to a different one that yesterday as we had already bought what we wanted from that store. It was bigger and had lots more choices, colours and styles too. We felt like were 5 and choosing candy.

The Apple Store was last, we picked white for our iPhones and iPads and daddy spent some time filling out forms and daddy even got himself an iPad too. Finally were back in the car.

We dumped all our bags in the family room and daddy ordered pizza for a late lunch. We excitedly sat down and started to open bags as if it was xmas morning and ripping off the wrapping off our presents. We pulled out our new clothes and sorting them into two plies, one for me and the other for Janet. The pizza arrived quickly and we ate on the patio. I didn’t realise how hungry I was until my first bite and I ate several slices of the pepperoni.

We were soon back with our bags and daddy had the empty pizza boxes in his hands ready to be out in the trash when he asked us.

“Girls how about a little fashion show for your daddy, let me see what my credit cards bought today?”
We rolled our eyes at each other, but we couldn’t say no to him, not really. We were grateful for everything he did for us.
“Ok daddy.” Daddy smiled.
“Thanks girls. I’ll film it as well.”

He set up the camera when he came back from the trash cans and when he was happy with the set up he turned on some lights and sat down on the sofa.

“Let’s get this over with Jane.” Janet whispered to me, when we had our back to daddy. “And we’ll wear different stuff too.” I nodded in agreement.

We started with pants and blouses, then he clothes got skimpier and sexier with plenty of low cut tops, tight fitting shorts, and skirts. Daddy must have liked what he saw as he saw as took off his pants, his cock had gotten big and was uncomfortable cooped up.

He was slowly and gently stroking himself as we changed to underwear, and he had us so some sexy poses, rubbing our hands over each other and kissing. Bending over naked while we changed and rubbing our pussy’s, Daddy and us were getting hot, especially Janet.

We finished with a black lacy set, the bra was small and the panties high cut and showed a lot of our butt cheeks. We bowed when finished and daddy clapped.

We then jumped onto the sofa, showering daddy with kisses and hugs.

"Thank you daddy"

Janet had straddled daddy, pushing daddy’s cock into his belly and grinding her self into it and raising her butt and slowly rubbing her pussy along his length and threw her arms around him pulling her self in tight to him.
Janet slid back slightly as her hand wandered down to his fully fat cock gripping it at the base and slowly slid her hand up and down along his length. Daddy had hold of her hips, his fingers kneading her his eyes closed and his breathing became loud.

"I’m gonna fuck you daddy." she hissed into his ear and raised her butt and pulled the already damp material away from her hot wet pussy and her nectar spilled out and Janet gasped. Daddy was holding his cock and Janet’s sweet pussy was ready to be entered.

She slowly lowered her self onto daddy’s cock and the head popped inside and disappeared. Janet let out a deep growl, primeval almost and lowered her self down. Daddy let out a slow moan as his sensitive manhood recorded every millimetre Janet’s tight and soaking pussy slid down on it. Sweat appeared on his top lip and he licked at it.
I stood behind Janet and pulled her bra away from her tits, exposing them for daddy and cupped each one in my hands I kneaded them softly and flicked a thumb across her hard nipples.
I bent to her ear.

“Let him fuck you, you’re a sex toy to him, fill your wet and willing cunt with daddy’s fat hard cock. Be a good slut for daddy.”

Janet threw her head back and let out a another moan as her sex was full and stretched wide with daddy’s meat. She couldn’t take any more, there was none left to take.

“Make daddy cum, make him fill your cunt.” I whispered to her ear. And I gripped her nipples, rubbing them between finger and thumb. Then pinching and pulling at them then let them snap back. Just to do it again, each time harder.

She lifted herself, daddy’s cock slowly sliding out, glistening with Janet’s copious juices that was flooding from within.

Her rhythm quickened and her head was bobbing side to side, her eyes closed , mouth open and breathing hard and fast.

Daddy had her hips again, he was lifting her up and dropping her down, and his cock hammered home like a nail in a soft board. Little squeals from her throat matched her cunt taking daddy’s cock to the full, getting louder and louder and their fucking intensified to a near crescendo of orgasms.

Daddy was straining, his face screwed up with effort and sweating.

"I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum." He groaned. He was very near to the climax.

Janet still quickened up, desperate for own orgasm and sweet release.

With a last desperate thrust daddy was so deep and he let out a final long, deep groan as he shot his seed deep inside Janet’s seething pussy.
With a long scream, her own orgasm shook her body and I gave a final pull and twist of her nipples and let them go.

Janet threw herself around daddy, she planted hard deep kisses on his responding mouth. The they were spent as their bodies slumped, Janet climbed off daddy, thick slurping sounds from her cum soaked pussy was lifted off daddy’s fat rod.
She collapsed on the seat next to him and her breathing was hard and rapid. And daddy’s just the same.

The sight of his cock, slick and wet and still hard and throbbing was too much to bear. I knelt down between his legs and took him in my lips. The tender head, made him flinch and he took a quick intake of air that hissed through his teeth.
I took the length in willingly in my stretching mouth, his cum and Janet’s juice’s were nectar. My tongue hungrily lapped the fluids and my stud dug into the tender flesh and daddy’s cock jumped and danced in my mouth.
I let it go from my mouth with a final lick of the delicate head.

I raised my face, my tongue circling my mouth lapping the stickiness around from my lips. I wanted more.

I moved in front of Janet, she was leaning against the arm her legs spread and her feet near her butt. This was not to be gentle and loving, I just wanted her cum, her juices.

I bent over her pussy and clamped my mouth around her mound. Janet squealed as her folds were penetrated and probed for her wetness that lay around and in them.. My mouth sucking and kissing the nectar down. Her head was flaying , side to side and her eyes were closed, shut tight. She whimpered as my tongue found her shiny pink love hole, drawing out any liquid it could find and I drank my fill. And I came up for air, panting slightly, my tongue once more following the contours of my own mouth and lips. With a final satisfying smack of my lips I crashed onto the sofa and gave daddy a passionate kiss.

Me and Jane decided to have a dip in the pool and lay out and catch some sun and we left daddy to his thoughts.

We didn’t stay in the pool long, just long enough to dunk each other a few times, Janet was feeling a bit tired. So we climbed out and laid down on a lounger and got that sun we wanted.

I wasn’t sure how long we were sunbathing for, but I felt hot and thirsty so I cooled off in the pool, then went to the kitchen for a couple of cold cans of soda and I pressed the cold metal against my cheek. Oooo, that feels nice I thought and an idea flashed across my mind.

Janet was asleep, her head lolled slightly to the side, her arms at her side and her legs were slightly spread. A placed my can on my lounger and sat next to Janet. I double checked she was asleep and with a mischievous grin on my face I quickly pressed hard the ice cold can against her pussy.

“Aaaahhhhh!” Janet screamed, sitting up and very suddenly awake.
“You bitch!” she hollered at me. I let go of the can and bolted in hysterics before she had to chance to get up and catch me.

“That’s for calling me a dumb blonde.” I called to her from the other side of the pool. “And, “ I added.”for tickling me too.” and I stuck my tongue out at her. I was almost doubled up with laughter and clutching at my sides, tears streaming my face.

“I actually said “dummy.” Janet wasn’t impressed, but laughter is contagous and a smile spread across her face and I saw her trying not to laugh and rubbing at her pussy, trying to get some warmth back into it.

“Bitch.” she called out. But there wasn’t any malice in her tone.

After I had calmed down and just about stopped laughing, I slowly edged my way back to my lounger and gingerly sat down keeping an eye on Janet for any retribution she may have had planned. I even kept my can of drink at arms length to open it just in case she had shook it or something and would get covered in sticky soda.

Janet looked angry,but her mouth was twitching fighting back laughter.

“How’s your pussy?” I asked.with a smirk on my face.
Janet tried to smack me but I leant out of reach and her face creased into a smile.
“That can was freezing , sis.” and made a big show of crossing her legs.

Daddy came into the garden later and was sitting on the empty lounger with a beer in hand.

“Whatcha been doing daddy?” we asked. Daddy took a pull from his beer and told us.

“I’ve been talking to blondie. You know the girl at the window. Her name is Kelly, she’s 14. And tomorrow…” daddy took another pull from his beer. “I will be going over to her house and maybe fuck her.”

I wasn’t sure what to say that, so I din’t say anything. But so much for me thinking nothing will come of this.

"Are you sure it’s ok? " daddy asked. "You both don’t mind me fucking her."
Yes, I thought. "No dad, really we don’t mind."
"She might even go to the same school as you as she’s only a year older than you both. So your daddy might be fucking a future school friend." he seemed pleased with himself.

This confirmed it, daddy was definitely a pedo but who else underage has he fucked.

"Apart from mommy and us, have you fucked any other school girls?" Jane asked.
"Yes, I have." And daddy told us about mommies 2 friends.

I met up with your mommy again the following year after I graduated , her parents had gone away for a week leaving her on her own. We rarely got dressed or left the house for the whole week where she loved us fucking in the back garden in full view of any neighbour looking out a window. The following week would be last week I’d see as I moved away to start a new job and it would be 4 years until I saw her again although I didn’t know that at the time. And on the last day at the beach she had brought 2 of her friends from school, Alice and Heather. They were all the same age then, 15. Both were hot and sexy, and within 20 minutes of meeting we had an orgy in the dunes. After a couple of hours we all got dressed and went back to the beach swam in the ocean for a while then rested up for an hour then headed back to the dunes and did it all over again.

"So mommy didn’t mind you fucking them then and they were her school friends?"
"No she didn’t, not at all and they were her best friends I think" daddy added.

Daddy ended the conversation by stretching out on his lounger, finished his beer and closed his eyes.

Janet was right last night about daddy being a pedo when she said - It‘s not really a surprise - But… but… fuck it I didn’t really care, not at all. So get over it.

Daddy shook us both awake.
“Come on girls shake a leg and get your bags upstairs and stuff put away.”

I sat up rubbing my eyes and Janet did the same.

Me and Janet stuffed as many of our clothes as we could into as few bags as we could so we only had to make one trip, but we still looked like pack horses as we headed for the stairs laden down and struggled with them all.

“Dinner is in an hour.” daddy called out as we passed him.
“Ok daddy.”

We eventually made it to my room and gratefully dumped them all on my bed and blew out our cheeks with relief and rubbing my hands to get some feeling back into them. Then we set about our task. First by splitting the clothes into whose was whose. Then pants, dresses, skirts, undies etc, then tried to work out how we were going to get them all put away.

We needed more storage, our wardrobes, closets and drawers were already stuffed full but we shoe horned them all in then grabbing up arm full’s of Janet’s stuff we took them to her room an did the same with hers as well.

We sat down pleased with our efforts and daddy stuck his head around Janet’s door.
"Looks like rain girls and it’s gone cold too, so get something on we’ll be eating inside."
"Do we need panties daddy?" We asked.
"Up to you girls" then he was gone.

After a quick shower I dressed in shorts and t shirt and so was Janet when I met her leaving my room and we made our way down.

"That was soo yummy daddy"
"Thanks girls. Ice cream?"
Then we both let out very unlady like burps.
"Girls really" daddy said tongue in cheek.
"Maybe later daddy, we’re so full."
"Mmm me too." Patting his belly and belched."
"Daddy really" we said mockingly. And burst in to a fit of giggles.
"Come on help me clear up and then I’ll get your new phone and iPads sorted and working for you."
And in flash we had everything cleared away
"Ok, get your phones and pads and I’ll need your laptops too." In no time at all daddy was working on my phone as I excitedly hovered around waiting.

“Thanks daddy.” I said as he handed me my phone, I jumped onto the sofa and started to see what everything did, pressing the screen, swishing things across the screen with a finger. Janet was soon sitting next to me doing the same. We were happy and excited with our phones. The daddy handed us our iPads and we did the same with them too.

We thanked daddy as he left the room. We made calls to each other, sent texts and emails and added Aps just to see what they did.

We were still playing with our phones and pads, when daddy said he had something to show us.

“When I was speaking to Kelly earlier I asked her to take some pics of herself, some naked pics.” and daddy handed us his phone.

She had taken a lot of pics of herself and in all of them she was naked. In some she was fingering herself, some she had a small red dildo in her pussy and the last one she had a finger in her ass. We sat wide eyed looking at them all.

"Wow daddy she really wants you to fuck her doesn’t she? I said looking up at daddy.
"I think so baby."
"And you just asked her to make these pictures and she did?
"Yep I just asked and now I‘m gonna ask you to take your clothes off Jane and lie down on the floor because I‘m gonna fuck you."

I smiled at daddy, it was unexpected but I was happy.

"Yes daddy" and I started to get undressed.
"What about me daddy?" asked Janet.
"Get undressed and when Jane lays down on the floor, you then kneel over her face and squat down on her mouth like you did when you sat on my cock, but don’t suffocate her, ok? And Jane lick out Janet’s cunt ok?"
"Yes daddy."

I was soon on my back and Janet had her pussy grinding my mouth and facing away from me, my arms were wrapped around her thighs.

I felt daddy pick up my legs and spread them apart as he knelt between them and dropped my legs onto his shoulders and leaning forward he placed his hands on floor either side of my body almost folding me in half , lifting my ass of the floor. My pussy there for the taking.

I felt his manhood at the pussy and with a couple of stabs with it, to find my hole then he pushed in and didn’t stop until I had taken the whole of it inside my sex.

Janet was riding my mouth with her very wet pussy, my tongue and stud rubbing at her puffy folds, she was moaning. I could smell her muskiness from her ass it was so arousing, as I tried to breath.

Daddy then fucked me, there was no other word for it, it was rough and caveman like as his rock hard cock abused me.

"Jane you’re a slut a fucking slut. Your daddy is fucking you and your licking your sisters cunt. You a worthless little fuck toy and you deserve to get fucked. I should get some winos in here and let them fuck you too."

I let out a throaty growl as the feelings of being willingly abused by my daddy and sister began to overwhelm me. I was a fuck toy, their sex toy, I loved it. A tear left my eye, I was so happy.

Janet’s pussy was soaked in my spittle and copious amounts of her nectar flooded my mouth and tongue. I greedily swallowed, sucking at her for more.

"Squeeze and twist her nipples hard Janet, make the slut scream."
Daddy shouted at Janet.

I could imagine Janet smiling as daddy told her what to do with me, with my tits.
"Yes daddy" and roughly grabbing a nipple in each hand she twisted them so fucking hard I screamed in pain, even with a cunt on my mouth it was loud.
"That’s it baby, keep twisting them." my screaming grew louder and daddy’s fucking got harder and even harder.
"Yeah baby, I’m gonna fill your cunt with cum."

And with a final deep push of his cock in my cunt, he cum. I could feel it splash the walls of my pussy. He quickly withdrew and told Janet to get off me and finger my cunt. She let go my nipples and after she climbed off my mouth I drew my hands over them to protect them from further pain.

I was crying, a mixture of happiness and of my nipples screaming from my sisters harsh twists and squeezes.

Daddy moved out from between my legs and they crashed to the floor, to weak to do anything else.
Daddy then sat over my chest and hands, lifting my head off the floor towards his still hard cock he ordered.
"Open your mouth you cum slut!"

Janet moved in between my fallen legs and with 3 fingers at the ready she pushed them in my cum slick pussy. My sex offered no resistance as her fingers disappeared and I let out a satisfied murmur as they slid in me and probed and stretched my tunnel.

I opened my mouth and daddy’s cock slid over my tongue and it hit the back of my throat, I gagged but daddy didn’t care and with a combination of daddy abusing my mouth and him moving my head over his meat he fucked my mouth.

He mercifully didn’t do it for long and with a grunt he took his cock out of my mouth and jacked off. I spluttered, as saliva dripped from my mouth.

Janet was working her fingers in and out of my sensitive hole, I could feel my crotch jump from each thrust of her fingers in me. She was also busy with her own pussy and had 2 fingers buried deep in her own. Her thumb flicking at her clit she arched her back and a moan escaped her lips.

Another couple of pumps from daddy’s fist tight around his cock, he blew a load of cum over my mouth and face with a satisfied grunt. Daddy was sweaty, his eyes full of lust and madness.

Janet was drinking from my pussy, sucking up daddy’s cum and her own hand lost between her legs. I could feel a squeal from her mouth clamped on my and wet puffy mound as she had her orgasm. Working her crotch onto her hand. With a lick on my crack she sat up, her mouth wet and she licked her lips.

"Lick clean the slut’s face Janet." ordered daddy.
"Yes daddy."

And in a swift movements daddy stood up and Janet bent over my face she licked and sucked the cum off my face. My tears mixing with daddy’s gooey ejaculation. Occasionally spitting at my face to debase me and humiliate me. She brushed my protective hand away from a breast and pinched my nipple, I arched my back and squealed.

Then she took daddy’s cock in her mouth she sucked him clean.

I was breathing hard, my tears had stopped and I felt used but I still felt happy.

Daddy had taken Janet’s hand and lead her out of the family room. I heard the downstairs bathroom door open. Curious I stiffly got up from the floor and followed.

Standing in the bathroom door, I saw Janet sitting of the floor of the shower cubicle, she had daddy’s cock in her hand and he was peeing all over her face and hair.

I smiled as I said. Now who’s being humiliated? I thought.
"That’s it daddy, piss all over her."

He peed for a while, her eyes closed shut. The pale liquid streaming in down her body and splashing the floor. Daddy stopped, and Janet stood up, wiping her eyes. She was soaked and dishevelled, some of her long dark hair was plastered to her face with daddy’s pee.

I probably didn’t look much better.

"Jane come here and hug and kiss your sister." I hesitated for a second then slowly walked over to Janet as daddy stepped out of the shower.

I held her around her waist and kissed pee soaked lips. I could taste daddy’s pee, it was warm with a sharp taste I couldn’t define. I didn’t dislike it

"Good girls, my perfect sex slaves. You better shower before you leave." And he walked out.

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Good story, could be a little more descriptive at the sex scenes but very good work, keep it up and waiting for next chap

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