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A quickly written short story, inspired by the antics of a friend...
Jamal was slightly resentful that his boss had put him on an entire month of overnight shifts. It seriously inhibited his social life. But his one consolation was working with his lovely coworker, Liza. Only a few other people were in the large four-story building during the night shift, all working in other offices upstairs. A couple of cleaning guys lurked around, too. When nights were slow, as they often were, Jamal and Liza would talk casually about a variety of topics, like books and movies, never anything too serious. Jamal sensed his petite, curvy, friendly -- and also married -- coworker was flirting with him on occasion. She'd sneak in little touches, like a brush of his arm here or a squeeze on the shoulder there, and Jamal would find ways to reciprocate this touch. Her fingers quickly brushing or rubbing on his skin always brought fast palpitations to his heart and the stiffening of his dick!

It was a typical Tuesday night. Liza breezed through the door, a typical bright grin on her face as she sashayed into the office. She was in her mid-twenties, barely 5ft tall, weighing 120lbs, with a voluptuous hour-glass figure. Her long, wavy, brown hair hung halfway down her back, streaked with blond highlights. She wore a tight-fitting, buttoned-up white shirt, her white D cup bra vaguely visible beneath it. Her ample cleavage peeked out of the shirt, the cross on a silver necklace nestling into the crevice between her glorious tits. A short black skirt clung to her hips and shapely backside. Nude-colored pantyhose and black high heels completed her outfit. Pearly white eye-shadow brought out the green in her blue-green eyes, and she was bronzed from spending days at the pool and beach.

"Hi Liza," Jamal said. "Always good to see you," he said, smiling and meaning it.

"Hey Jamal," she said in her slow southern drawl. He loved how sweetly she said his name.

She patted him on the shoulder and walked onward to her desk. Jamal caught a whiff of her perfume as she passed by, the smell of night blooming flowers. He always had to restrain himself from growing a massive erection when she was around. For the next hour they exchanged random conversation here and there. Liza had worked her way over to Jamal, sitting on his desk with her legs crossed as they discussed some local news. Jamal fought to keep his eyes on hers rather than the gleaming silver cross between those marvelous, heaving tits. Her skirt crept upward while she spoke. He admired her taut thighs, ever struggling to maintain eye contact. His gaze went back to her cleavage as she continued talking in her slow southern drawl. Suddenly she stopped.

"What is it?" she said, looking down to where Jamal was staring. "Oh, oh this?" she said, gesturing at her chest.

"I uh, well, um, uh, I..." Jamal stammered, tearing his gaze away.

"You like it?"

"Huh? Uh, um, yeah..."

"The necklace? I just bought it," she said with a smile. "Glad you like it."

"Uh, yeah, sure, sure, I like the necklace," he nodded, in reality staring at her cleavage and pondering what her nipples looked like beneath her silky white blouse and bra.

Despite his best efforts, Jamal knew his dick was growing in his trousers. He shifted in his chair, trying to hide it. But his bulge was quite large and obvious, as Jamal packed a nearly 11" meat stick! Liza's eyes were immediately drawn to it! It brought a throb to her pussy -- indeed the sight of his virile prick yearning for her sex turned her on! A wet spot began forming in her pantyhose. He finally looked up at her, embarrassed, his eyes meeting hers. She was lost in his dark, sexy face -- the chiseled jaw with a thin strip of dark facial hair, those thick lips, the rich hazel eyes. Then her stare went back to the bulging tent in his pants now pointing right up at her! His cock looked huge, from what she could tell! Her lips parted in awe.

Suddenly she got up off Jamal's desk, her eyes still on his crotch. She cleared her throat. "Ahem, yes, well then..."

"Yeah," Jamal said, awkwardly reaching for some folders to cover his bulge.

"Why don't you meet me in the men's room in five minutes. If you want," she said, with a wink. This time her fingers grazed his package as she walked by, making him gasp. Liza gasped, too -- at the feeling of the thick shaft in Jamal's pants!

She quickly left the room and headed down the empty hall to the bathroom, her heels clicking loudly with each determined step. Her heart pounded fast. She'd never cheated on her husband before, but indeed she'd developed a crush on her coworker Jamal over the last few months and she was finally ready to act upon it! Would it be an unrequited lust? She paced in the bathroom, the mirror reflecting a woman practically in heat, she was so eager for cock! The minutes seemed like an eternity. Her breathing slowed, and she began to think he wouldn't come.

The bathroom had a couple of shower stalls in it. Liza went over to one, opening the curtain, and then she sat down on the plastic folding shower bench, taking her head in her hands. Her long waves of hair fell over her shoulders. She pondered what she was doing here, had she made a fool of herself? Suddenly the bathroom door swung open. She jerked her head up, her heart skipping a few beats. Jamal stepped inside and looked around. He saw the open curtain and walked over to the shower stall. There she was, sitting there staring up at him and smiling sexily. Jamal couldn't believe he was doing this -- he considered himself a good Christian man. But he couldn't resist the temptation that was spread out before him. He kept a calm composure, although his own mind and heart were racing.

Then Liza reached up and began caressing his package through his trousers. Jamal sighed, letting his head fall back at her touch. His erection began growing again. Liza's eyes widened as his cock sprang to life right in her face -- it felt thick as a soda can! Jamal couldn't help himself. He pulled Liza to her feet and began kissing her passionately. They traded tongues in a heated embrace, her ample tits pressed into his muscular chest, his huge dick stabbing into her thigh with her leg up on the bench. It was the culmination of the pent-up sexual anxiety that had been growing between the two coworkers for weeks now; it was about to reach an explosive head! His hands impatiently unfastened the buttons of her silky shirt, eager to behold the treasures underneath. Beautiful soft tits overflowed from a lacy D cup bra once the shirt was torn off her back. Jamal stood back a moment, appreciating the sight. He then dove in, kissing down her neck to her chest, pulling her breasts free from the bra.

Each supple orb of flesh was adorned with a dusky rose colored nipple. Jamal eagerly sucked and nibbled each one, making Liza moan softly in his ear. Her breasts overflowed in his hands, so soft and tender. She was enveloped by his warm breath and the heat of his strong body. Her eyes closed, small gasps and moans falling from her parted lips. One of Jamal's hands ran down her curves to the waistline of her skirt. Liza felt him tug on her zipper, yanking the skirt down and letting it fall to the tiled floor. He kissed a trail from her pillowy tits to her abdomen, making her shiver and break out in goosebumps. She reached a hand out against the shower wall to help keep her balance, letting him savor the smell and feel of her silky skin. Then Jamal laid her onto the bench and started pulling on her pantyhose, slowly peeling them off as if removing wrapping paper from a precious gift. He inhaled the aroma of her sex. Beneath the pantyhose she wore a moist, white lacy thong. Jamal tugged it down her hips to reveal a perfectly bald pussy mound.

His eyes marveled at the plump mound with the little slit between her taut thighs. Jamal parted her legs, opening up the pink petals of her pussy gash. Her cunt flesh glistened in the light, already wet and engorged from her arousal. Jamal shook his head, amazed by the glorious pink pussy he beheld. He got down on his knees and started eating her delicious cunt for all it was worth, noisily slurping up and down from her clit to her asshole and back again, his long fingers poking into her tight pussy and rubbing on her little clit button. Liza tried to stifle her moans. Her heels fell off her feet and to the floor with a loud thud; her toes were curling with ecstasy. Jamal enthusiastically devoured the gash presented before him. His tongue parted her pussy lips; he penetrated her hole with his tongue a few moments, in and out, in and out, and then he ran his tongue all along the rippled flesh of her labia. He savored every morsel of cunt he possibly could.

Liza pulled on her big nipples,gasping, feeling an orgasm growing inside her. But before she could cum, Jamal took his mouth away from her gash and got to his feet. Her pussy sparkled in the light, coated with saliva, her pussy-lips folding back into themselves. Liza watched as he pulled his zipper down and finally unleashed the nearly foot-long monster from his pants! Liza gasped. Her pussy twinged at the sight of the magnificent beast he was packing. It was undoubtedly the biggest cock she'd ever seen -- longer and thicker than some people's forearms! He took his shaft in hand, his large mushroom shaped cockhead an intense purple color. Liza swallowed, her eyes on the giant prick, watching a glob of pre-cum leak out of it. Jamal gave his dick a few pumps and pulled Liza off the bench. He lustfully pushed her up against the tiled shower wall, rubbing his hand over her peach-fuzz covered asscheeks as he stepped up behind her. She was so petite that he could fit an entire asscheek in each of his large hands.

Liza closed her eyes, feeling the cold tile against her nipples. Then she jumped as she felt Jamal's cock press into her ass from behind. His hands caressed her curves, cupping her breasts and then roving down to her hips. He took her hips in hand, his meat poking into her asscrack. His muscular body closed in on hers, towering over a foot taller than her and weighing over 100lbs more. She swallowed hard, closing her eyes. He kissed her shoulders and the back of her neck, his cockhead now slipping lower, now poking into her slit from behind. Liza moaned softly, the hot cock resting at the entrance to her sex. Jamal braced himself, her hips in hand, reading to plunge deep, deep inside her.

He wanted to savagely tear into her, diving into her cervix in a single stroke, but he could feel the resistance of her tight cunt as soon as he began pushing his cockhead into her cunt-lips. Liza's mouth fell open, a whimper falling out. She turned her head over her shoulder, watching Jamal's massive fuck-stick enter her hole. He gritted his teeth, feeling her tight pussy walls choking the big head of his cock. His knuckles were turning white on her hips with the effort of stuffing his big black prick into that tight pink gash. Liza let out a yelp that echoed throughout the bathroom, the thick meat seeming to rip her apart! His balls were nearly the size of her fists; they jiggled with his fervent efforts. Only his cockhead and an inch of his shaft were inside her now -- there was so much more to come! Liza swallowed hard and closed her eyes. She was trying to choke back tears!

Jamal continued to hold her tightly, again bucking his hips at her. Liza braced herself against the shower wall. Jamal grunted, thrusting a couple more inches of his steel-hard shaft further into her hole. Liza let out another shriek. He stabbed his prick deeper into her gushy walls, her hot sex swallowing his pole. Half his cock was inside her now. He thrust hard again, and she screamed sharply. It was painful, but it was an intensely pleasurable pain! One of Jamal's hands flew up to cover her mouth. He slowly continued thrusting, now almost completely inside her. She whimpered into his hand.

Just then the bathroom door swung open. Jamal went still over her back, holding her close. They both looked up and suddenly there was one of the short Asian cleaning men holding his mop with his jaw wide open! Liza gasped. The cleaning man looked down and saw the shaft of this tall, muscular black guy buried inside this petite little white girl, her tits smashed up against the shower. Then the cleaning man nodded and smiled, giving a thumb's up. He'd heard the screams and just wanted to make sure nobody was getting hurt.

"Tight pussy, haha, tight pussy, big cock," laughed the cleaning man. "Good for you."

With that, the little Asian man turned and walked out of the bathroom. Liza looked back at Jamal and giggled. He grinned, then he suddenly slammed himself hard into her. She let out a loud yelp that turned into a moan, her pussy walls now stuffed to the brim with Jamal's powerful meat. He closed his eyes, sighing, savoring the feeling of her soft, hot flesh enveloping his raging tool. His prickhead seemed to reach into her very core. Then he began thrusting faster, building up a steady pace inside her tight cunt. Rhythmic slapping sounds filled the bathroom, mixed with Liza's moans and Jamal's grunts. He kept his hands on her asscheeks, holding onto her tightly as he thrust.

Jamal fucked her steadily against the shower wall for several minutes. Then, with his hands on her hips and his cock still inside her, he backed up and sat down on the shower bench. Liza's pussy remained impaled on his pole from behind. He let her bounce up and down on his prick at her leisure, his eyes on her pert asscheeks and the delicate curve in her back, her long hair whipping around as she rode the thick cock. She moaned, pinching her nipples hard. The shower bench creaked beneath their combined weight. Jamal found himself moaning, feeling the tight pussy rising and falling upon his thick shaft. He reached in between her legs, pulling her against his chest, and rubbed circles on her clit.
"Yeah, ughhh, yes, yes, oh shit, oh shit, yes, fuck that's good, oh my God, so fuckin' tight..." he grunted in her ear through clenched teeth.

His hand still on her pussy mound and his dick still inside her, he lifted her off the bench and bent her over to fuck her doggystyle. She was so much smaller than him, he could easily lift her up and move her around. Her tits slapped noisily at her chest with each sharp thrust. Jamal built up a manic pace in her pussy from behind, his balls smacking loudly into her flesh. She could feel his cockhead inside her womb, his prickhead reaching to her cervix. Liza closed her eyes tightly. His fingers reached between her legs, continuing to rub her clit while he hammered her steadily. She held onto the bench tightly to keep her balance, now feeling her entire body tingling, waves of ecstasy now crashing over her. Again and again, Jamal plunged his prick in and out, into her cervix, balls pressed against her, only to nearly pull out and then slam savagely back inside her.

Liza shuddered, feeling her climax breaking, her body nearly collapsing to the floor. Jamal kept his arms around her waist, feeling her body going limp beneath his. She let out a long moan, her eyes shut tightly. Jamal felt her pussy walls spasm around his raging meat and knew she was orgasming. Her pussy convulsed around his shaft, making Jamal moan with her. She panted breathlessly. He held her tightly, knowing his own climax was imminent. Liza's orgasm subsided with a final gasp. She opened her eyes, her body reduced to a melted puddle of flesh beneath Jamal's strong frame. Jamal maintained his athletic pace, thrusting his hips steadily, his cock buried balls-deep inside Liza's womb. His balls were tightening. He slammed into her hard one final time and went still.

She felt his massive shaft pulsate inside her tight hole. Then the hot jets of sperm spurted into Liza's cervix, Jamal's nuts unloading a copious amount of semen directly into her womb. Liza gasped -- her husband hadn't cum in her pussy for so long, she'd forgotten all about birth control! Jamal was groaning and clenching her hips tightly now, tossing his head back and bucking hard. His cock couldn't possibly go any deeper. She closed her eyes, feeling his prick throb and ooze its remaining spurts of cum into her unprotected womb. He was gasping breathlessly in her ear, overcome with his intense climax. It seemed his ejaculation lasted a full minute, his cock throbbing wildly the entire time. His semen filled the entire length of her pussy canal -- she felt it sloshing around inside her!

Jamal's cock didn't seem ready to deflate. Because of his odd schedule at work, it'd been a long time since Jamal had been with a woman. Thus he masturbated often and had impressive stamina. He was now hyper-aroused. The overwhelming smell of sex, of Liza's inseminated womb, pervaded his nostrils. He kissed Liza on the shoulder, his giant tool still raging hard. Liza felt him continue thrusting slowly in and out of her cum-filled hole, surprised that his erection was still going! He kissed her neck and pawed at her soft breasts, then cupped her pussy mound and played with her clitty, gently penetrating her inundated cunt, allowing them both to catch their breath. She put her foot up on the bench, letting him slowly take her from behind at his leisure. It seemed his massive prick only grew harder and stronger!

Then he pulled her aside and sat himself down on the shower bench with her still on his lap, attached to his cock. He let her bounce up and down on his cock from behind again for a few moments, but then he lifted her up and spun her around to face him, his dick never leaving her hole. Liza gasped, straddling his strong waist, impaled upon his raging fuck-stick. Their eyes met in a heated gaze. She bent down and they began trading tongues passionately while he bucked his hips, thrusting up at her inseminated womb, his hands wandering all over her body, feeling every inch of her smooth skin. Liza gyrated on top of him, grinding his meat even deeper into her hole. She moaned into his mouth. Her toes began curling again, and she knew another climax was growing inside her hot pussy!

Jamal's cock noisily penetrated Liza's cunt, his sperm deposit lubricating the length of her hole now. His cum was so deep and her pussy so tight that the semen wasn't even dripping out of her yet. She gripped his shoulders tightly, her head falling to his chest, her body collapsing upon his. He continued thrusting up into her cunt through her second powerful wave of orgasm. Liza moaned steadily into his ear, never feeling so full before in her life! Jamal moaned with her, keeping up a steady pace. Skin slapped noisily against skin. Her pussy squeezed his cock hard. After she'd finished orgasming, Jamal put his arm around her back and got to his feet, lifting her up. Liza squealed, wrapping her legs around his waist, her fingernails digging into his back. Jamal continued to bounce her up and down on his pole while standing and holding her up. His balls bounced around wildly, slapping loudly at her thighs.

Liza lifted her face to his while he fucked her, kissing him passionately. He continued bouncing her on his prick and walked a few steps, cock never leaving her hole, until she felt the cool shower wall against her back. With one hand around her waist and the other holding her leg up, Jamal continued hammering her hard while she was up against the wall. He buried his face in her soft, pillowy tits, licking and sucking them as he thrust rampantly. Liza moaned steadily; never before had she felt so completely and utterly fucked! He nailed her up against the wall for a few minutes, then he carried her out of the shower stall and over to the bathroom sink. She leaned over the counter and let him plunge his prick in and out of her cunt from behind while she watched their rutting reflection in the mirror. Both were slick with sweat. Her cheeks were flushed, her long hair tangled, her mascara starting to run. They both watched her tits bounce hypnotically in the reflection. Her lips were parted, his hand pulling her hair back hard with his forceful thrusts.

Jamal drilled her pussy manically until he finally collapsed on her back, pressing her hard into the edge of the sink. His cock throbbed again, shooting more ropes of cum into Liza's already inundated pussyhole! Liza gasped, feeling the big prick pulsing once more inside her womb. She could feel jets of hot cum adding to his previous load, and she watched his reflection in the mirror as he orgasmed inside her again. His eyes were closed tightly, his neck muscles taut, his mouth agape. He gripped her hips tightly, ejaculating until his balls were totally empty. His eyes opened, the final drop of sperm spurting into her womb, his gaze meeting hers in the mirror. He stayed inside her a minute longer until finally his cock began to deflate.

He pulled his prick from Liza's tight pussy with a noisy sucking sound. She gasped as the massive fuck-stick was torn from her cunt. It was glazed with semen and pussy juice from cockhead to balls! Liza couldn't help herself -- she squatted down and began licking his cock clean. After his prick was cleaned off, he walked over to the shower, retrieving their clothes. Liza grinned as he pocketed her lacy white thong. She put her shirt and skirt back on, except now her shirt was missing two buttons and she had no underwear on beneath her pantyhose. The cum was finally starting to leak out of her tight pussy as they prepared to leave the bathroom.

Jamal left first, making sure the hall was clear. Liza joined him back at their desks a few minutes later. Their breathing was returning to normal. Jamal shook his head and grinned as Liza walked by and patted him on the shoulder. He caught another whiff of her perfume and shuddered. She settled down at her desk, acting like nothing happened. A few minutes later, she turned to face Jamal. He looked up at her and smiled. She returned his smile, and then he watched as she sat back in her chair, facing him, and spread her thighs open. Underneath her short skirt, he could see the entire crotch of her pantyhose was covered with his semen. His cock twinged.

Suddenly, the night shift just got so much more fun!

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