Being a Youth Camp mentor to city kids had been a rewarding task over the years. These kids had parents with money or grandparents that had money. They had money but not enough time with their kids. I had my fun with some of the other mentors over the years with after hour parties and sex sessions. But having given up three weeks a year every summer for over 20 years and getting older the sex fun had dwindled to an occasional roll in the sack with one of the “butter” girls…(everything looked good butter face!)
Being a Youth Camp mentor to city kids had been a rewarding task over the years. These kids had parents with money or grandparents that had money. They had money but not enough time with their kids. I had my fun with some of the other mentors over the years with after hour parties and sex sessions. But having given up three weeks a year every summer for over 20 years and getting older the sex fun had dwindled to an occasional roll in the sack with one of the “butter” girls…(everything looked good butter face!) One had actually thought we were going to be a couple from that point forward and at the end of the three weeks of working together, she was ready to move in. That wasn’t for me. Single and free has always been my way of life. Even at 45 I have no problem with having female companionship when I want it at home.

One summer, a couple of years ago, one of the mentors became ill and so I volunteered to move down to the preteen group to lend a hand. I usually worked with the senior group simply because of seniority and the fact that I did get to life guard as well and some of those teen girls were nice to look at. Occasionally I got to grope a tit or ass when one was having trouble in the water or fell on the dock hurting themselves, but those were left to the younger mentors now. Anyway, having gone down to the preteen group, I would have never imagined how my week would change.

My position over the years with the camp had given me the opportunity to be in my own private apartment living quarters, small in size with just a shower and toilet room with a microwave, couch, and extra chair for an occasional visitor.

My first day with the preteens was pretty much uneventful, and I hadn’t really noticed over the years how cute some of the younger girls were. They didn’t make them that cute back in my day. Some of these girls were wearing B cups and pushing 32 to 34’s. Some of them looked more like teens instead of preteens. As I watched and started learning names a couple of them really caught my eye. As I tried to get to know them, I knew that they were still really immature for their ages. But one of the girls was really a cutie. She was about 5’ tall with short blond hair, very cute smile but not much in the way of a body at all. But that isn’t what caused the stir in my stomach later that night.

Her name was Carissa and she came up to me to talk while we were on the deck of the Mess Hall after dinner that first night. I asked her how she was doing and she said everything was fine. “I remember you from last year and the year before” she stated. “Really? I haven’t worked with the preteens before this week.” “I know” she said. “I watched you at the lake while you were life guarding the swimming area. I saw you pull that boy out after he hit his head on the bottom of the lake.” “Oh, I remember that kid” I said. “He was a clumsy fellow.” “Yeah,” she said. “He was a bit freakish too!” I laughed remembering his crazy faces that he made at all the other kids.

As we chatted I had to get the group together to take our evening stroll so I blew my whistle and gathered all the other kids up to split up the group into three and I always trailed everyone to make sure we got all the campers back to the lodge safely. After getting started I noticed Carissa wasn’t with her group, but standing beside me. Cathy, her mentor, came up and asked her what she was doing and she told her she wanted to walk with me and visit. I winked at Cathy and told her that it would be okay. Something told me that this was going to be a pleasant visit, but nothing prepared me for that first night or the rest of the week.

As we began walking she never left my side. Her inquisitiveness was cute and impressive as well. She wanted to know all about me and my past. I told her a little and asked her about hers. She had grown up an only child to a single mom. Her dad had moved out right after she was born and she had only seen him a couple of times in her 11 years. “He never calls or anything. I just think he doesn’t like me.” “What is there not to like?” I asked. “I don’t know” she said. “I guess I’m not as pretty as he wants me to be or something.” “What makes you say that?” I asked her as she looked up at me. “Well even when I have seen him he never gives me a hug or holds me. He never asks me anything about me and it just makes me feel bad.”

I told her that I was sorry about that even though there was nothing I could do about it. I reached over and gave her a side hug and she hugged me back. “Thanks” she said. As I continued to walk along with Carissa and as the walking path in the forest became darker as the sun set, she began slightly touching my hand as we walked. She had to raise her hand about 6” to make it hit mine because of the difference in height. I could feel her fingers wanting to take hold of my hand. My awareness of her attempts just to hold my hands made my cock twitch in my walking shorts. I was wondering why this was arousing me sexually and with an 11 year old girl. I couldn’t believe it but I knew if I held her hand and someone saw just that little bit of taboo from a mentor I would be dismissed, but when did my brain ever think much outside of my cock? Not often. My cock brain usually always won.

I reached out and took her hand and with another mentor just about 10 feet in front of us and she was a rule keeper. I whispered “We aren’t supposed to do this so if I let go don’t react. Do you understand?” She nodded and with that we went from holding hands to interlocking fingers. That was quite thrill to her I learned later.

As we walked and as it got darker she became a little bolder in her hand holding and I went along with it wondering where it would lead. I knew I could get canned from the camp that I had worked for years if I was just caught holding her hands and now she was putting our hands in my walking shorts pocket. Once the mentor in front of us looked back but I knew without his flashlight shining on us and with mine pointing in his direction he couldn’t make anything out. I slowly let go of Carissa’s hand and she let it fall by her side and the mentor asked about moving up to get on to some boys who were rough housing in front of him. “Sure, take care of it. I’ll be here and I’ll make sure we don’t lose anyone.”

About five minutes before the end of the walk I asked her if she was okay. She said she was fine but that she wanted to ask me something. “Do you think I am pretty?” “Carissa, it doesn’t matter if I think you are pretty, but yes. I think you are very pretty and cute too!” She squeezed my hand and put her other hand on my arm and played with my watch. “I think you are handsome,” she said. “Carissa, do you know that what you are doing and what I am allowing you to do by just allowing you to hold my hand could get me fired and possibly even get me into further trouble?” “Yes” she sated. “Do you want that to happen?” “No” she answered. “Then we have to keep this between us. You can’t talk about it with anyone. Do you understand that?” She smiled and said she did and we completed our walk and I released the kids to get their evening soda.
Carissa came over to me after getting her soda and sat down next to me. Abby, one of the mentors walked by and asked “Gotcha a little cling-on there have we Parker?” “Yep, right off the Enterprise.” I laughed. After Abby walked away Carissa said, “I want to come to your apartment tonight.” What the fuck I thought. “Carissa there is no way you can do that.” “Why not? After bed check our mentors leave and never get back till almost wake up time.” Things hadn’t changed that much after all since I left the cabin mentoring phase of this camp 10 years ago. The loft at the lodge was the make out spot and so it continued to be apparently.

“Carissa, I don’t think you need to do that.” “I just need you to hold me for a while, and then I’ll leave and I promise I’ll never tell anyone at all. Not even my best friend back home.” My brain was saying to shut this down right now but her beautiful blue eyes and tan skin, her just budding breasts and cute smile became impossible to overcome. “Do you know where my apartment is?” She said she did and said that from her window last year that she would watch me enter and exit every day. She said she had wanted to come over last year and have me hold her but that she just knew I would say no and it would hurt her feelings.
“Carissa, If my porch light is on when you look out tonight, don’t come. But if my bedroom light is on just come up to the door and knock twice. I’ll let you in after I turn out the light.” What the hell am I thinking? This is now gone from the risk of losing my position and job with the camp to going to jail. But as I said, my brain is not controlled very easily.

As everyone readied for bed, I showered and wanted so badly to jack off while the water ran down my back and poured over my head but I refrained not knowing what would happen. I turned off the porch light at 10 p.m. when the bed checks should have been done and started waiting. It was strange, I had been to the loft most nights when I was younger and I felt the same way now as I did then. I was horny for an 11 year old girl but I had no idea how far this would go and I knew better than to force anything. I never had forced anyone to do anything they didn’t want to do. So I had made up my mind that I would just hold her if that is all she wanted and if I got to cop a feel of her small ass that would be added bliss.

About 10:45 p.m. the knock at the door almost made my heart jump out of my chest. I turned out the bedroom light and moved quickly to the door. I opened and pulled her in quickly and shut all the blinds as I told her not to move. She was shaking. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was nervous so I quickly moved over to the chair and motioned for her to come and sit in my lap. I was wearing a pair of boxers with a bathrobe that was open in the front. She had on her long night gown, which was a little disappointing, and her slippers for getting to the swimming area. “No one saw me leave. I made my bed to look like someone was sleeping.” “Good idea” I said.

She climbed up in my lap and I began stroking her arm while I held her. “Is this okay,” I asked. “Yes” she whispered. “It is nice.” I felt my cock growing between us as she slid her nice round little ass over my hardness. I was trying not to show how excited I was but I began shaking and she asked what was wrong. “Carissa, this is new to me with a girl your age. I hope you understand that there is nothing going to happen in here tonight that you do not want to happen. I am not going to hurt you or make you do anything that you don’t want to do, but I have to tell you that I am sexually excited right now and if that bothers you we can stop right now.” “No” she said quietly, “I’m excited too!” “I have messed around with some of the boys at home, but never done much except to kiss and let them touch me through my clothes but my cousin and I were at his house once and he was playing with himself when I walked into his room to find him. I was surprised but excited seeing him pulling on his penis. He asked me if I had ever seen anyone do that before and I told him no. He let me watch for a while and I felt a tingle in my pussy while watching him. He let me touch and jack him until he spurted his juice everywhere. We did it a couple of times that weekend, but that was it. I have wanted to do more but I am scared to with some of the boys from school. That is all they talk about after they have messed with you. They tell everyone.”

My cock got continually harder and I was ready to explode already and nothing had happened. She asked, “Would you mind if I did that to you?” “Carissa, I told you that you can do anything you want to do.” With that she stood up in front of me and I helped her take my cock out of the boxers. “Why don’t you just take them completely off” she asked? I lifted my butt off the chair and slid my hands under the waist band and slid them off into the floor. Now I am not a hugely endowed man, I am 6” cut but some say a little thick. It has fun let me say that. She reached down and touched me for the first time and began slowly moving her hand up and down on my cock and I was about to cum when I asked her if she would mind me touching her. “Yes, please do. I want to feel you touching me. I reached around her and began to pull her night gown up over her head. She was completely nude underneath. She slipped off the slippers and as I got the night gown completely up I saw for the first time her beautiful little virgin hairless pussy with a nice sized clit standing at full attention. As I got to her top her titties were little and just budding. Small dark circles and little nipples. I was overcome with desire. I began looking into her eyes as she continued to stroke my cock slowly up and down. I moved her hair back behind her ears and took off her glasses and put my hands on her little face and kissed her gently on the lips and then as the kiss progressed it became longer and more involved until I felt I just wanted to suck her into myself.

Carissa pressed her body up to mine and I felt her tits on my chest and her breathing was becoming heavier. I explored her body with my hands and made her begin to moan while breaking the kiss and moving my mouth to her little twin peaks. I used my tongue to run circles around her nipples and then slid my fingers down between her legs and ran my middle finger up and down her slit landing on her clit and beginning to move it side to side. When I changed to my thumb on her clit and moved my middle finger and placed it inside her love hole she had her first orgasm. She came all over my hand and I sucked up her juice and shared it with her. She moaned as I began working on her clit again and then I picked her up and put her knees on my thighs and pulled her pussy to my mouth and began licking her to another orgasm. Her pussy was totally wet and juices were running down her leg.

I then began to move her to a sitting position as she had stopped pulling on my cock when I laid her back to eat her out. I looked at her and said, “Carissa, I want to fuck you.” She said, “I know, and I want you to do it.”
I slid her down on top of my cock and told her to take her time and just sit down on it slowly. I asked her if she knew what was going to happen and she said a friend of hers told her about losing her virginity.
She slid down over the head of my cock and I felt her hymen almost immediately begin to stretch. “Slowly,” I said. She moved up and back down on top of it and then up again. This time she came down a little harder and it busted through, although not to where I slammed up into her, but it broke. She almost fainted and reached up and kissed me again. This time she moved up and with tears falling down her face pulled her pussy up and began going deeper and deeper with every stroke. Over and over she pushed up and sat down until about 20 strokes into it I felt myself building for an eruption. I told her I was going to cum and reached up and kissed her passionately on her little mouth. My cum was filling her little pussy with my juices and was running out of her pussy and onto my cock and balls.

I was exhausted and so was she. I held her for what seemed like hours but when I heard the midnight bell from the clock I knew we needed to call it a night. We showered together and kissed a little more and she told me, “This is my night to remember and to never share with anyone but you. Thank you.”
I helped her out the door and watched to make sure she got back to her dorm. About two minutes later the mentors came out of the loft and headed to the dorms.

I couldn’t wait till tomorrow.


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