Entry number 2
This is part 2 , it would be best to read Part 1 first as it will explain how we got to this point in their relationship and the hold the male has over the girl.

Entry number 2

Mommy and daddy had to go to work again today, but they made me a nice breakfast. I had lots of pancakes and maple syrup and orange juice with those little bits in it. Pancakes are much yummier than cornflakes.
Before they left, mommy made sure my new phone had all her phone numbers and I was to call her at lunchtime just to let her know I was ok.
Mommy said that Julie said that I could go next door and have lunch there and Julie would let me know when I could go around. Mommy kissed me goodbye and left. Daddy as usual didn’t say a word to me.

Yesterday when I was with Eddie, my new boyfriend, he said that Julie would be home today. That made me sad, I do like Julie a lot but if she was there then me and Eddie wouldn’t be alone and he wouldn’t have sex with me and that’s what really made me sad.

Eddie had sex with me 3 times yesterday, I was so happy I skipped all the way home. I didn’t tell mommy or daddy as I promised to and I won’t tell Julie either when I see her later. I didn’t want to get into trouble like Eddie said I would. But I can’t wait to tell my friend Jane on Monday at school, she will be so jealous of my boyfriend and my new phone. She hasn’t got a phone yet or I would call her and tell her.

When I was in bed last night, I kept thinking of Eddie and how funny he is and how much he loves me and how much I love Eddie too. And how many times he had sex with me too, Eddie said the more times he has sex with me, means that he loves me more and more. I got a funny feeling between my legs and I had to touch it, my pussy Eddie said it was called. I was so wet I thought I peed myself and my panties and I panicked and checked my bed for pee on it, it was ok my bed was dry. But I went to the bathroom and got some tissue to dry myself. I hoped my panties would be dry in the morning or mommy would be mad, but it was ok because they were.

When mommy and daddy left I switched on the TV and watched Hannah Montanna, I think she is a good singer and I think she is funny too. I have her poster on my wall above my bed and sometimes I imagine singing with her and dance around my room with my hair brush singing into it.

I heard a knock on the back door and Julie call my name out. I went out to see her. Her belly gets bigger every time I see her even though she said she’s 3 months away from her baby popping out like a cork,

She said hello and that she was going to the store with Eddie and asked if I wanted to go too with them and when they get back they would have some lunch.

I smiled because I would see Eddie and I said I would go with them but I had to turn of the TV and find my purse. Julie said just come around when I was ready and then they would go. Julie went home and I ran to my room and got my purse and switched off the TV and went to Eddie’s house.

I knocked on the door and Julie opened it then Eddie and Julie came out. I smiled at Eddie when he came out but he didn’t smile back but he said hello and got in the car
Why didn’t he smile at me? I thought I had done something wrong and he didn’t like it. I was worried he didn’t love me any more.

But we went to the store and Julie bought me an ice cream when we left. Mint flavour with chocolate, it was yummy. But Eddie didn’t say anything to me at all in the car or the store, I felt so sad but I was sure I had done something wrong.

When we got back I helped with the bags of shopping and Julie made some cheese burgers and salad and we ate in the garden. Then I remembered had to phone mommy, I didn’t say I was sad because of Eddie because she would be mad at me, so I just said we went shopping and just had lunch and some ice cream at the store and I was ok. Mommy said they would be home at 5 and I could have anything I wanted for dinner.

We sat in the garden, it was quite hot and sunny so Julie said I should change into my swim suit it might be better. So I went home and changed into a blue and white 2 piece swim suit I have and came back.

When I saw Julie she was mad about something and arguing with Eddie in the kitchen. I was going to leave when Julie came out and said she had to go to work but I could stay here if I wanted to. But because Eddie was mad at me for something I said it was ok and I would be alright at home and thanked Julie for lunch and the ice cream.

I was sitting in my garden on a chair with my feet in the paddling pool and playing a game on my phone and I saw Eddie come out and lean over the fence and call my name.

I didn’t want to go because I thought he was still mad at me and he was going to tell me off. But he was smiling and I said hello and he called me over again.

I went to the fence but I must have looked unhappy because I asked me what the matter was. I said I thought he was mad at me for something an didn’t love me anymore. Eddie said he wasn’t mad at me and to come into his garden and he would tell me something.

I went in and sat next to him in the chairs. He said he was sorry because he didn’t want me to get into trouble with Julie. He said that because I couldn’t tell her about him loving me so he had to pretend that he didn’t like me any more as well so she wouldn’t guess anything. But he did still love me a lot. Then he kissed me and said I looked very sexy in my 2 piece swim suit.

This made me very happy. And because he was sorry I could have some wine too. So he took my hand and we went inside.

We sat down in his TV room next to each other and Eddie handed me some wine in a paper cup. I was thirsty so I drank it all down and Eddie gave me some more.

Eddie turned on the TV and we watched a game show and I snuggled into Eddie, I was very happy. When I finished my second wine, I told Eddie about what happened in bed when I was thinking about him and me and I thought I peed myself. Eddie thought it was funny. He gave me some more wine and said that when 2 people love each other and the girl thinks about the man their body gets excited and sometimes it gets wet. There’s nothing that you can do really to stop it. It just happens.

Eddie asked if I was thinking of him now and loved him. I nodded that I was and did love him and he asked if he could find out by seeing for himself to prove it was true. I said it was ok and Eddie took my swim suit off me. Then he put his hand between my legs where my pussy is and he said I was very wet so it must be true.
I was so happy.

Then Eddie said that he will now show how much he loves me and will now have sex with me like he did yesterday. I’m so happy I give him a big hug and kiss him.

Eddie tells me to sit on the edge of the seat because he has a surprise for me first. So I do that and Eddie stands in front of me and takes his pants off. Then he tells me to pull down his shorts, so I do. I’m excited.

And Eddie’s cock is near my mouth. He then said to make it easier and less painful for me when he has sex with me, sometimes it helps if the girl licks the man’s cock and makes it wet and slippery and if he cums. I didn’t know what that meant so I ask him and he says the white stuff that comes out of it is called cum and that helps stop the pain when it comes out of it when it is inside me. If it does comes out then just rub it over his cock so it will hurt even less when he has sex with me.

So I lick it all over and make it very wet. Eddie makes a noise from his mouth when I lick it a lot. Then Eddie says I should hold it with my hand and move it up and down while I lick it. So I put my hand around it and move it up and down like he says and lick it again.

Then Eddie’s cock does cum and it goes all over my mouth and my tongue. And Eddie says to put my mouth over the end of his cock so the cum will go over it. I open my mouth as big as I can and try and put Eddie’s cock in it. It’s very big and it is difficult but he says to try my best, I can always practice later and get more in my mouth.

I do get some of it in, but not all of it but Eddie looks happy.

The he says I should now lay down and he will have sex with me, so I get on my back and Eddie gets between my legs and holds my legs wide apart and lifts my bum off the floor and Eddie’s cock them goes all the way in my pussy, it doesn’t hurt because of all the cum on his cock from my mouth. And then he has sex with me after a few minutes he cums again but this time in my pussy.

I love Eddie so much.

Eddie says he is tired but still wants to have more sex with me, so if I want to help then Eddie will lay on his back and I can then sit on his cock.
I want to help and let Eddie have more sex so he gets on his back and Eddie holds his cock straight up and I put my pussy over the end of it and Eddie says just to lower myself onto it until all of it is inside me. I tell him it hurts this way but he is sure it will be ok when he cums in my again. So I go all the way down. I moan a bit and so does Eddie. Then Eddie says to put my hands on his chest and that will help him have sex with me and once I do that then move my pussy up and down on his cock.

And when I move up and down his cock, I suddenly feel funny between my legs where my pussy is and I nearly faint because it feels very nice and I feel all tingly. Then Eddie cums again in my pussy. Then I hug Eddie and tell him I love him.

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