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I woke up Sunday morning, wondering if it had all been a dream. As I walked to the bathroom, I saw the tuxedo hanging in the closet and knew it was for real.

We never discussed what time things would get started. I thought I'd wait an hour before calling. In the meantime I thought I'd check on flight arrangements and try to book a seat on the same flight as Melissa when she went back.

I checked her flight itinerary and noticed it was still under her married name. Her divorce had just become final a few weeks prior as well as the change back to her maiden name. I called the airlines to see if there were seats available and if so get seats together. I explained the situation to the ticket agent that passenger Melissa Brewer and myself and gotten married unexpectedly over the weekend and asked if it was possible to get seats together. She informed me that there were no seats available in coach but did have two together in first class. I told her that would be fine and gave her my credit card info for the seats. When she told me the cost it sounded kind of low for 2 first class seats. I asked the agent and she told me that she was only charging for my seat and had given my new wife a complimentary upgrade.

"Thanks very much," I told her. "You don't often hear of airlines doing things like that these days."

"You're very welcome sir," she replied. "I hope you and your new wife choose to fly with us in the future. Please pass my congratulations to Mrs. Graham. Oh, one last thing sir. Mrs. Graham's ticket will still be listed as Melissa Brewer since I am sure she hasn't been able to get her identification changed yet."

"That's a good point," I said. "Thanks again."

I then proceeded to pack for the next few days although there wouldn't be a need for many clothes. I also laid out a second set of clothes to pack for the trip with Melissa to Georgia.

Feeling kind of hungry I finished of the fruit Melissa had bought a few days earlier and cleaned out the refrigerator of anything that would spoil over the next few weeks.

I was just getting ready to take a shower when I heard my phone ring. It was Melissa's phone number that came up.

Picking it up I answered, "Hello."

"Good morning Shawn," Amy replied.

"Hi Amy how are you today?" I asked remembering what Melissa had told me she had been doing the night before.

"I got most of my tensions relieved enough to have a good night's sleep," she said openly. "I had some real special dreams about you and Missy. Remind me to tell you about them when I come back to visit."

"Ok, I will. What time should things be ready to go?" I asked.

"We're thinking about 10 o'clock. Don't be your usual self and get here real early otherwise Missy might have to stay couped up in her room," she instructed.

"I'll call when I am on my way. I have one stop to make first after I leave here. Don't forget you need to come down to meet me to get Melissa's present," I reminded her.

"I bet you really just want to have one last quickie with me," she teased.

"You are soooo bad Amy."

"Shawn, you know that is one of the thing's you've always loved about me," she said coyly.

"I'll see you in awhile Amy. Goodbye," I said as I hung up the phone. She was right though I always did admire how she would say what was on her mind.

I went ahead and took a shower and got dressed. I finished straightening up the apartment to kill some time. Finally knowing I wanted to make a stop I left.

I stopped by the Marriott hoping to leave my suitcase so Melissa would not see it when we left our parent's house later and catch on that we weren't going back to the apartment.

The hotel staff was very receptive and insured me they would put my suitcase in our room before my arrival. I was also able to take care of all the check-in details as well and they went ahead and programed a key card with the code they would be changing after the current occupants left. Finally I asked if they could have a dozen red roses and champagne in the room prior to our arrival.

It was about 9:15 when I arrived at the house. Before I took the tuxedo out I looked around making sure none of the neighbors were watching. Dad met me at the door already dressed in his best suit.

"Good morning Son, how are you doing?" he asked.

"I don't know why but I'm kind of nervous," I responded. "Sorry I forgot to call to let you know I was on my way."

"Oh that's okay," Dad said. "We figured you'd get here about this time anyway. Will the downstairs bathroom be alright for you to change in? The women have pretty much taken over the entire upstairs."

"That's fine. Can you let Amy know I'm here? I have something I want to give to Melissa before the ceremony."

"She told me about that. I can take it up if you want. She's finishing up styling your sister's hair. You'll see shortly but she is even more radiant than her first marriage."

"Thanks Dad, but I'd rather have Amy do it."

"Okay, you better start changing," he advised. "Amy should be down in a few minutes."

I took my tux and headed toward the bathroom. I was just starting to put on the bow tie when I heard a knock on the door.

"Are you decent?" Amy asked.

"Yes, but why ask? You'd come in even if I wasn't," I answered.

"Probably," she said as she walked in. "It's not like there is anything you have I haven't seen before."

I turned and looked at her. She was wearing a nice blue dress. Her hair was in a french braid. "You look beautiful Amy," I told her.

"Thanks," she told me. "Wait until you see Missy. I look like a street whore compared to her."

She noticed I was shaking a lot and having trouble with my tie. She came up behind me and I felt her body press against mine. Reaching around me she proceeded to tie it for me.

"What's with you anyway? You're as nervous as your sister," Amy asked.

"Just the usual jitters. Worrying if I'll make her as happy as she had hoped."

"Shawn, I know you both well enough to say that things will be even better than either of you hoped. I am jealous of the love that Missy and you share. Now what is it you wanted me to give to her?"

I reached into the carrying pouch that the tux came in and pulled out a box and handed it to her.

"I think that this may put the final touch on getting her ready," I said proudly.

Amy looked at me for approval to look inside.

"Go ahead..."

"My gosh Shawn it's perfect. It sure beats the something new I had in mind. I better take these up now."

Before she left she gave me a friendly kiss on the cheek and smiled.

"When you're done you need to transfer your dance song to Missy's phone and hook it up to the stereo. There is a folder for wedding music so just transfer the file and don't peek. Her phone is in the living room."

I followed her out and took care of the phone hookup. I went ahead and tested it with a song from another folder. I noticed the time. It was almost 10 o'clock.

Mom and Amy both came downstairs. Mom showed me where to stand so I could see Melissa as she came down the stairs. Amy went over to start the music. Dad took his a place near the stairs to escort his daughter the few steps to where I was standing. Amy started the music.

When the traditional 'Here Comes the Bride' began playing Melissa appeared at the top of the stairs. She paused briefly as we both looked at each other.

She looked like a Greek goddess about to descend from Mount Olympus. Her long hair was curled and pulled back behind her ears which were highlighted with diamond earings. Her gown was sleeveless with a plunging neckline. A diamond pendant centered in her cleavage . She was carrying a bouquet of flowers that looked like the ones we had planted together the day before.

She ran her hand quickly thru her hair and and over her ear and then looked down at the pendant and then back at me mouthing a 'thank you' acknowledging my first gift to her. She then started down the stairs her blue eyes staring into mine the whole time.

As she reached the bottom she took Dad's arm and walked toward me. As she took her place facing me Dad kissed her on the cheek and took her hand placing it in mine.

The music transitioned to Pachelbel's 'Cannon in D' playing so quietly it was almost subliminal.

Amy spoke first, "Melissa and Shawn, Mr. & Mrs. Graham... I have the honor to be with you here today and witness my best friend Melissa and the man she loves make their vows to each other. I have known both Melissa and Shawn since we were kids. I know their love to be true and that they will have the strength to overcome the obstacles that all couples sharing their live's together face. May society one day look upon them and realize that true love has no boundaries. Shawn and Melissa would you now please share your vows with us."

Amy took a step back and stood next to our parents. I turned to Melissa as we looked deeply into each other's eyes we repeated in part the vows we took the night we confessed our feelings to each other.

"Melissa, I love you... I always have. I love you as my sister, but I also love you as a man loves a woman. I held that inside for many years. I promise to never hold anything back from you again. I will always be there for you as we live our lives together. I will love you forever as your husband."

"Shawn, I love you... I always have. I love you as my brother, but I also love you as a woman loves a man. I held that inside for many years. I promise to never hold anything back from you again. I will always be there for you as we live our lives together. I will love you forever as your wife."

Mom and Dad then stepped forward. Dad handed me a ring and Mom handed Melissa a ring. I had not thought ahead about what to say. I looked at Melissa and could see she was thinking the same but we both knew something should be said.

Taking the lead Melissa put the ring on my finger and with her eyes told me to do the same.

Melissa then found the words, "May these rings symbolize our love and commitment to each other. The same love and commitment our grandparents shared for over 60 years. They have blessed our union by passing these rings on to us."

Our vows completed, we embraced each other as our lips came together in a slow and tender kiss.

When our kiss ended we looked toward our parents. They stood there for a moment. They both had tears in their eyes. They then came toward us and we exchanged hug and kisses and offered their congratulations.

"Why don't you both stand by the fireplace so I can take a few pictures?", Dad told us as he briefly went to get his camera. Returning he took some with us in the various poses we had seen in other wedding photos.

When we were done Dad put the camera down.

Amy then picked up the camera. She looked at our parents and told them, "Let's not forget to get of the bride and groom with their parents."

Mom and Dad joined us while Amy took a few shots.

"I don't think these will make it into the family album that sits on the coffee table," I said with a chuckle.

There was a quiet round of laughter. "Maybe not but I have an idea where we could put them to enjoy them privately," Mom said. "Also we should probably have your Dad develop them personally."

Dad had always enjoyed photography and still shot using film not wanting to accept that digital photography was now equal in quality.

Amy then went back to start the music. "Are you two ready for your first dance?" She asked. "You both chose very nice songs. I had a hard time deciding which to play first so I am just going to select random and see which plays first."

As the music started I recognized the first song was the one I chose which was "In My Dreams" by REO Speedwagon. We danced together for the first time as husband and wife. She hinted that her song had a very similar theme. When it came on I recognized it as "Dreaming of You" by Selena. All too soon the music faded away.

"Well the guests for the cookout should be arriving soon so we should probably get changed into some less formal clothes," Dad announced.

Melissa looked at him with disappointment in her face. "Daddy, what about the traditional father & daughter dance?" she asked.

"Don't worry sweetie, I'll make it up to you," he told her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

I could see in his facial expression that there was something else going on. Melissa looked at me confused. "Don't be sad... Mom and Dad are up to something. I just don't know what yet."

I saw Amy coming down the stairs. "Shawn, I moved your clothes up to Missy's room so the two of you can change in there. Just try to behave yourselves until tonight. I don't think your parents would appreciate it if you met there guests smelling like you just fucked each other's brains out. I would understand though if you couldn't keep your hands off of each other though. You both look irresistible today," she said winking at both of us.

We went to Melissa's old room. After we entered she closed and locked the door. She stood in front of me sliding the straps of her gown off her shoulders revealing she had not worn a bra. She proceeded to slide it down and stepped out of it and laid it on the bed. She was totally nude.

I looked at her with wonder in my eyes. Knowing what I was thinking she responded, "Since the gown straps were an off the shoulder style I would have needed a strapless bra. I didn't have one so I decided to go without." She cupped her breasts adding, "Besides these are still firm enough to go without. As for the panties, I didn't have time to go buy a special pair."

Stepping toward me she took the lapel of my tux in each hand and pulled me into her. "Thank you for the diamonds sweetheart. I love them, but not anywhere close to how much I love you."

With that our lips met in a much more passionate kiss than the one we had after our vows. After the kiss ended, Melissa proceeded to remove my jacket and hung it back on a hanger. As I started to remove my tie she stopped me.

"Let me undress you dear. As she proceeded to strip me naked she told me, "I've wanted you in my room like this since I was fifteen. I want you so badly now, but I know we can't. I am going to get you back here like this someday when Mom and Dad are away for the day. We're going to make love in every room in this house except their bedroom," she said in a seductive voice.

With that she dropped to her knees. Taking my dick in her hand she licked slowly from my balls to the head. She kissed the head softly and got up moving to get dressed.

"Keep that thing under control until tonight," she told me. "Remember snip... snip." Smiling she took her fingers and moved them like the blades of a pair of scissors opening and closing. I had a feeling that private joke she started the day before was going to be around for a long time.

After we got dressed we went down stairs.

Our parents were putting out snack trays. Melissa asked what we could do to help.

"Amy went to get some ice, so could you get the cases of pop and beer from the garage and take them to the patio?" Mom asked.

Amy got back as we were carrying the pop out. Together the three of us loaded the coolers with the drinks. We then helped with all the last minute preparations including setting up a makeshift bar.

As the guests started arriving the usual greetings and pleasantries were exchanged. Melissa, Amy, and I mingled amongst the crowd. Sometimes we were together and sometimes apart. Most commented on how nice it was to see my sister and me getting along so well again.

Once it appeared that all the guests had arrived, Dad asked the three of us to go around and make sure that everyone had a drink. Dad always started the cookout with a toast.

Speaking loudly Dad said, "We'd like to thank you all for coming to our annual Memorial weekend cookout. As I am sure you all know by now, I like to take a moment to honor those who lost their lives while defending our freedom. Without them and those who served with them, we may not have the freedom to get together as we have today."

Raising his glass high, he toasted, "To those who have sacrificed! Let us never forget them."

The guests all raised their glasses and said in unison, "To those who have sacrificed!"

After everyone had drank to the toast Mom addressed the guests.

"I would like to add my own toast this year," she started. "As some of you may know we were considering that this would be our final Memorial weekend cookout. I am happy to say that is not the case. Melissa, Shawn, and their good friend Amy have been a tremendous help in preparing for this very special weekend."

"As I am sure you have all noticed," she continued "Shawn and Melissa have put aside the things that have kept them apart all these years and have both volunteered to help with the cookout in the years to come."

A light round of applause came from the guests.

"I am also happy to say that Melissa has decided to move back in town," Mom announced. "Now this is the most surprising part. Shawn and Melissa are going to get a place together so they can be together and support each other as they both rebuild their lives following their divorces. Melissa especially wants to help Shawn build his self confidence up so he can join the rest of the world and not be alone. Shawn in turn wants to make up for all the years that he missed being the close person she could look up to with trust and admiration."

Mom raised her glass and said with pride, "To Shawn and Melissa! May they both find true happiness in their future."

Raising their glasses again they replied, "To Shawn and Melissa!"

Melissa and I looked at each other with astonishment. Acting like siblings I held my sister's hand and she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek as the guests looked at us. Acknowledging the toast we smiled, nodded our heads, and mouthed 'thank you'.

Putting his arm around Mom, Dad again spoke, "Before I get back to the grill, Margaret and I would like to add a new tradition to the cookout. We thought it would be fun to have a little dancing to some nice music to welcome in the summer. It seems that now a days that dancing is reserved for the most formal events like black tie dinners, weddings, and things like that. What do you think? Should we give it a try?"

As the guests voiced their approval, Mom asked them, "We do have one request though. Since we are celebrating a very wonderful change in our relationship as a family. We ask that the first dance be just for our family. Shawn and Melissa will you join your father and me while we dance?"

Amy must have known about this because she had disappeared into the house and switched on the outdoor speakers for the stereo and turned on some dance music.

Melissa and I walked together to the patio area where our parents had already started dancing together as the guests looked on with smiles on their faces. We began dancing with each other for the second time that day. Because we had an audience this time and also due to the upbeat tempo of the music we kept an appropriate distance apart.

Melissa was smiling from ear to ear as we danced. She looked at me saying quietly, "Can you believe this? Mom has made this almost like a wedding reception without the guests even realizing it."

Knowing Melissa's earlier disappointment about not having a father & daughter dance together, I led us closer to our parents. Looking at Dad I asked, "Change partners?"

"That was the plan all along," he said with a smile. We continued the dancing with Mom and I dancing together and Melissa and Dad dancing their dance.

As Mom and I danced, I couldn't help but ask her, "Mom, we both thought you would accept that we felt a much stronger love than a brother and a sister, but we never imagined you doing this for us. Why"?

"Son, there are so many reasons, but the main one is we recognized that you really meant what you said. It was like looking back in time to when we told each other's parents of our wish to marry. We know how much joy that having a ceremony and reception brought to us. Having those memories to look back on is wonderful. We wanted you and Melissa to experience that as much as possible."

"Well Mom, I don't think you could have made it any better. Thanks," I said giving her a kiss.

Explaining further she told me, "I spent a lot of time thinking about it last night I could see how the two of you could fall in love with each other. Think about it... Children inherit a lot of their traits from their parents. both emotional and physical. Shawn you are very much like your father and your sister is a lot like me. So in a strange way it makes sense that the same things that attracted your father and I to each other exist with you and your sister and you developed the same kind of love for one another.

"I never really thought about it like that before, but you're right," I said. "When you think about it that way it makes me wonder just how many other sibling couples are out there."

"It's hard to say. They would have to hide it the same as you and your sister will have too," Mom said. "Many have probably had those feelings but allowed society's view to suppress them. You and Melissa however are both very strong willed. When you believe in something you go for it. I noticed as you both told us your feelings that neither of you mentioned that you let society's beliefs hold you back but more your respect for one another and once that was out in the open your respect of mine and your father's feelings."

"Enough of this talk," Mom said firmly. "Enjoy this day and go dance with your lovely bride."

As the song changed Dad motioned for the other couples to join in. Melissa and I danced together again. Mom and Dad were also in each other's arms. I felt a light tap on my shoulder and turned to see Amy.

"May I cut in?" she asked. Melissa nodded her approval and I turned to dance with Amy. To my surprise she turned to Melissa and began dancing with her. They both made those girlish giggles.

Amy looked over her shoulder and said, "I should be able to fit you into my dance card for the next song."

I stepped back and watched everyone as they danced it really was a wonderful sight. You could see how much the guests enjoyed it. I know they suggested dancing more for the benefit of Melissa and me, but I could see it was going to be a popular tradition for the new cookouts.

As the song came to an end Melissa and Amy danced their way toward me.

"Your turn Shawn," Melissa said to me.

As we started dancing, I asked, "So what were the two of you plotting?"

"It wasn't like that. It was just girl talk," she told me. "I can understand why you might think that though. I have been pretty forward this weekend I guess."

"So what's going on with you?" I asked. "You never did tell me what is going on with you and your husband."

"I don't want to go into details right now. I'm too happy with what has happened between you and Missy. I have to tell you Shawn when she told me how you confessed your love and desire to be together again I was shocked. Not because she is your sister, but because you had the courage to tell her. I've never been so proud of you. I know now why things didn't work out with us. Missy and I are a lot alike. You thought being with me would be close to being with her."

"Yes, at first," I confessed. "I am sorry about that. As I got to know you better i discovered there were differences. Those were the things that made me love you most. It was hard for me to put an end to things because I did love you. I was worried though because there were times I imagined it was Melissa I was with instead of you. I began to worry that I might slip and say something. Then not only would I loose you but Melissa as well. I didn't want to hurt the two women I've loved the most in my life."

Amy looked at me with awe telling me, "Shawn I love this new person you've become being able to express your feelings. I'm glad we finally had this talk."

"So am I Amy." Looking toward the grill I noticed that my parents and Melissa were busy getting ready for Dad to start grilling the food. Amy followed my gaze and saw them too."

"Let's go help them," Amy suggested. "Otherwise I might start dry fucking you while we dance. You used to like that." With those words she started grinding her crotch into mine for a few seconds before breaking away.

I gave her a playful smack on the ass. She turned and played the innocent girl.

"Did I do something wrong sir and deserve a spanking? Maybe you should do it here so everyone knows what a bad girl I am." she said trying to keep a straight face. She failed though and we were both laughing as we reached the grill and offered to help.

Together the five of us got all the food together. Dad always prepared a variety of things on the grill. There was a choice of chicken, burgers, hot dogs, sausage, and even mixture of grilled vegetables.

As usual the food was great. Before the guests finished eating Mom came up to us and said, "I could use some help with the cake inside. Better get your dad too." She winked at us and went into the house.

I saw Dad was going from table to table. He probably was making sure everyone had enough to eat and if he needed to grill some more food.

I shouted toward him and got his attention, "Dad! Mom needs your help with something inside." He nodded his acknowledgment and excused himself and followed us inside.

Mom had put the cake on the dinning room table. It was a large flat cake with white icing. As we gathered near the table Mom came down the stairs carrying a small box. She set it on the table and looked around before she opened it. She pulled out a wedding cake topping piece and set it gently in the middle. She retrieved a second item from the box and handed it to Melissa and me. It was the cake cutter.

"Those are from the your father's and mine wedding," she told us. "I'm sorry it can't be more traditional. but we all know why."

Together Melissa and I cut the first two slices. I went first deciding to not do the traditional smashing it the bride's face, but simply offered it to her and let her take a few bites. Melissa did the same but after I took one bite she pulled the opening of my golf shirt and dropped the remaining cake inside and smashed it against my chest. Everyone laughed and I noticed Dad had taken a few pictures to catch the moment.

"That's payback for dropping the ice down my top at the zoo the other day," she informed me. She then gave me a kiss and whispered in my ear, "I'll clean it off of you later with my tongue."

Mom cut a few more pieces of the cake and wrapped them and placed them in the freezer for our first anniversary.

Amy then announced, "Mr. & Mrs. Graham thanks for having me as an unexpected guest. I want to spend some time with my parents so I need to get going." She walked over and gave them both a polite hug and kiss.

"Oh, Amy... With everything going on it didn't occur to me to have you invite them over," Mom said apologetically. "Please consider both yourself and your parents welcome for all of our cookouts. I'll call them tomorrow and talk to them. Thank you so much for your help with everything."

"That would be great Mrs. G. It was my privilege to help and be able to share this with your family. I'll be sure to let my parents know of the invitation and you'll be giving them a call. Depending on how things workout I may be a regular and join in helping to get things ready from now on."

Amy's parents had always came to the cookout since she and Melissa became friends. They stopped coming after Amy and I had split up. I made a mental note that the next time Amy was in town that Melissa, Amy, and myself go to visit them and make sure that knew we were all friends and that they should start attending the cookout again.

Dad took Mom by the arm telling her, "We better get this cake out to the guests before they start looking for us."

I think Dad sensed that Amy wanted to say her goodbyes to Melissa and me in private since she had directed the goodbye to them and not us.

After they left we walked Amy to the front door. Turning to face us she said, "I am so glad to see the two of you so happy. Melissa, you've always been my best friend but I think now that the two of you are a couple we should open up our group and three of us be best friends."

Melissa nodding her head said in agreement, "You're absolutely right. You make sure that you call us as soon as you know what you want to do." Looking at me she said, "I'll fill you in on things later. Okay dear?"

"Sure," I agreed. "Amy whatever it is that's going on you have our full support and we'll help you in any way we can."

"That's good to know, but I want the two of you to get settled into your new life together before I bear all my burdens upon you," Amy said.

"Hey! I already told you timing is not an issue. Especially now with the three of us being best friends," scolded Melissa. "That even means if you wanted to make the break with Tom right this second. Shawn and I would put our plans aside to be there and support you."

"I know that Missy," Amy replied. "You two have some serious lost time to make up for in these next few days. I wouldn't dream of interrupting." She paused and added, "I think it would be fun to watch though. Do you think you could make a video?

"You are so bad girl," Melissa responded.

"I know but I know, but you both love it," Amy said with a smile. "Let me give the bride and groom their good luck kiss and I'll be on my way."

Melissa opened her arms to embrace Amy. Instead of giving her a quick kiss, Amy wrapped her arms around Melissa and kissed her firmly on the lips and didn't pull back. Melissa seemed a little shocked but only for a few seconds and closed her eyes and started kissing back. It turned into a short make out session with their hands exploring each other's body.

Amy broke the kiss and turned to me and gave me the same passionate kiss she gave to Melissa. I couldn't help but to kiss her back as well. As soon I as she felt bulge in my pants she broke the kiss off.

"Wow, you two kiss almost the same way. You sure you didn't at least make out when you were growing up?, she asked rhetorically. "Not that either of you would need any help but I wanted to play a small part in warming you up for tonight. Have fun you two. Love ya both..."

With that Amy left. Melissa and I looked at each other and picked up with each other where Amy had broken things off. We were all over each other. If it had not been for the sound of someone coming in from outside, we probably would have consummated our marriage there by the door.

She looked at me with lust in her eyes. "Shawn, I don't know how much longer I can wait. Can we find an excuse to leave?" she asked.

"I think so. I need to use the bathroom real bad. I'll catch up with you outside.", I told her.

"Oh honey, if you're going in there to jerk off I am coming too. I'll suck it nice and dry for you," she said almost begging.

"No it's not that, if it was I'd take you up on the offer," I said. "I really do need take a leak." That was only partly true.

"Ooookay," she said with disappointment. "I'll meet you outside in a few minutes."

I went to the bathroom and took care of business and then called the hotel.

"This is Shawn Graham, my new wife and I have booked the bridal suite for this evening. I just wanted to see if it will be ready sooner than 5 o'clock, " I told the woman who answered the phone.

"As a matter of fact, housecleaning just contacted us to let know it was ready," she informed me. "I was just about to reprogram the locks to match the keycard you already have. If you can give us about 30 minutes notice of your arrival we'll have the champagne on ice and in your room. Housekeeping already put the roses there."

"Sounds good," I told her. "Is there anyway I can text or email when we are on our way? Staying in the bridal suite tonight is a surprise for my wife so it may be difficult to call."

"We can do that, just give me you're email or phone number to text and I'll send you a message and when you are ready just reply and we'll have the champagne put in your room," she told me.

"One more thing. I read that you have a digital music system in the room. Is it possible to send you the audio files for two songs and have them preloaded?", I asked.

"We already have a wide variety of songs newlyweds would want to enjoy. What are the songs you want?"

I gave her the names of the songs from our dance along with the email address to message me.

"I know we have 'In My Dreams' that is a very popular request," she informed me. "The other song, 'Dreaming of You', I know that song but I am not sure if we have it. If we don't I am sure we can get it and we'll load them into the system before you arrive."

''Thanks so much for your help, I just got your email and will reply when we are on the way."

"Your very welcome sir and congratulations," she said as we ended the call.

I rejoined Melissa when my dad came over to us saying loud enough for those nearby to overhear, "There you are Shawn. It's getting close on time for you to take your sister to the airport to catch her flight. Why don't you go get her luggage into the car while your mom and I say our goodbyes."

"Yea Dad, you're right. I'll go get her bags then," I said going along with the story. I got Melissa's things and loaded them in the car.

I returned as Melissa was saying her goodbyes to our parents. We walked out to the car together.

As she got into the car she spotted the envelope I had left on her seat.

As we started down the road, she asked, "What's this?"

"Open it and find out."

She opened it and smiled wide saying, "Oh Shawn, what a thoughtful gift. Lifetime memberships to the zoo for each of us!" She leaned over and kissed me. It was then she noticed that we weren't heading toward my apartment. "Where are we going?, she asked.

"I thought we should stay someplace nicer than my...," I corrected myself continuing, "nicer than our apartment."

"I know the apartment is small, but it is going to be our home until we find another place. I really don't mind us spending our wedding night there. All that matters is being with you. In some ways just getting a hotel room is a little less romantic."

She made a good point and if it were just an ordinary room, I would agree. I remembered her disappointment that her ex had only gotten them a room at a budget grade hotel for their wedding night. She obviously wasn't thinking of us staying in the bridal suite at a nice hotel.

"I hadn't thought of that. Maybe you're right. I'll tell you what if you don't like my surprise when we get there, we will just go home."

"Okay, it's a deal. You know you're two for two on surprises today. I can't imagine the third one being wrong." She then said quietly, "I feel so bad that I didn't have a chance to get you anything special for today."

"Melissa... just the look on your face and in your eyes when you ran your hand thru your hair to show your thanks this morning is something that will be with me forever. The zoo memberships don't count since they are for both of us."

"I'm going to think of something special to give you and when you get it I'll know by the look on your face and in your eyes as well," she told me. She then noticed where we were on the highway and asked, "Are going near the zoo?"

"Yes, we'll be going by the exit," I answered

"Can we stop for a little bit? We don't have to stay long. I want to spend a little time together where we shared our first real kiss."

"I'd like that too," I told her.

We exited the highway and headed toward the zoo.

We presented our passes to the girl at the gate.

"Our newest lifetime members, welcome!", she said. "These passes are temporary. Will you have time to get your permanent IDs today? It shouldn't take long. If you swing by the administrative building, we just need you to fill out some contact info and get your picture taken. They'd probably be ready today or you can just have them mailed."

"I think we'll take care of it today," I told her. "Just tell us how to get there."

She turned looked at us saying, "Even better I'll get you an escort." The girl picked up a microphone and paged security to the front gate. As we saw the guard approach, it was the same guard from the other night."

The girl said to the guard, "Dan, these are the Grahams. They are now lifetime members here. Could you take them to the admin building so they can get their ID cards?"

The guard recognized us. He looked at us asking, "The Grahams? You two got married?"

Melissa answered by holding up her left hand showing him the ring while smiling from ear to ear.

"I'll be damned. Well congratulations. Come with me and we'll get you fixed up. Hey that couple I was telling you about they're here today. You should meet them. They're lifetime members as well."

Melissa said, "We'd love to meet them."

The guard took us into the admin building and to the ID section. We took care of the paperwork and had our photos taken. They said they should be ready in about 45 minutes.

"Mr. & Mrs. Graham if you'd like to meet the Spencer family I believe they're over at the snack bar. I'll introduce you," the guard said.

Melissa said, "Please call us by our first names, Melissa and Shawn. We plan to visit often so there is no need to be so formal."

"Okay, we like to think of our lifetime members as part of our family here. Please call me Dan," he informed us.

As we approached the snack area we saw a couple probably in their late 20's and their two children that Dan had previously mentioned were 7 and 4.

Dan introduced us, "Wayne and Angie, I'd like to introduce you to Shawn Graham and his new wife Melissa. They are the couple I was telling you I met the other night at closing. Shawn and Melissa, I'd like to introduce Wayne and Angela Spencer, she prefers Angie though. Shawn and Melissa got married since I met them Friday night."

They stood up and offered congratulations. Wayne and I shook hands while the ladies hugged even though we had just met them.

Wayne pointed at their two children saying, "Those are our kids Mike and Shawna. Mike likes to show off to his little sister when we come here that's why he insists on sitting at their own table."

I almost slipped and told him that Melissa and I were the same way when we came here as kid's, but caught myself.

"So when did you get married?", Angie asked.

"This morning," Melissa told her. "We had a rather informal reception. When we got in the car to go to our hotel for the night, which he won't tell me which one, he had an envelope for me with lifetime passes to here for each of us. Since this is where our true feelings toward each other finally came out we thought it would be nice to spend a little time here on our wedding day."

Angie cooed, "Oooooh that is so romantic. Dan said he met you at sunset bench that's what I like to call it. Wayne and I got married there. Our anniversary is tomorrow. What a coincidence we got married Memorial Day weekend as well."

We all exchanged small talk until their kids said they wanted to get back to seeing the animals.

Melissa and Angie seemed to hit it off pretty good and I had a surprisingly easy time talking to Wayne. The ladies exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and promised to get in touch.

"They seem like a nice couple," I told Melissa.

"I know, I hope we become friends with them. And their kids they remind me so much of the two of us when we were that age."

"Yes, I know. I almost slipped and said that. I need to start thinking a little more about what I say. You know we're going to have to come up with a story about how we met and stuff."

"Let's tell the truth, that we met as kids, lived in the same neighborhood, and that our parents were very close friends. We can just leave out the fact that we lived in the same house and we have the same parents. Also that as teenagers we sort of drifted apart, but over the past six months we renewed our friendship by phone and email. When we got together finally we came to realize we were in love and had been for some time. See there is no need to make up anything, we just leave out a few details."

We saw Angie walking back toward us. I looked around thinking she may have forgotten something but didn't see anything that could be hers.

"I know we just met and everything," she started to say, "but I was wondering if you both knew where you were going to live yet?"

Melissa responded, "Not really, Shawn's apartment is really too small for two of us and I'm moving back from Georgia. This all happened so fast we haven't had a chance to look yet. We've still got to arrange to move my things here."

Angie reached into her purse and pulled a card out then wrote something on the back.

Handing the card to us she said, "There is house across the street from us that just went on the market Friday. I wrote the address on the back. You should drive by and take a look. If you think you're interested the realtor is a friend of mine give her a call. Wayne and I would really like to get to know you and I just have this feeling we have a lot in common and would be great to have you as neighbors."

I took the card from her and said, "Thanks we'll check it out."

I got up and took Melissa's hand. "Let's go for a walk," I said. "What do you think? Would you want to get a house?"

Melissa said, "Yea, I would like that. I've been living in a house for the past 10 years. You never got a house even when you were married. If you're uncomfortable with the idea, we could probably find a nice townhouse."

"Hmmm.... I don't know a house sounds so permanent," I said and then paused. "Which is why it sounds perfect. I'll even build the white picket fence."

As we walked toward the sunset bench as Angie called it, Dan walked up to us.

"It looks like it's going to be a beautiful sunset tonight. It' as special day for you so if you're planning to stay and enjoy it, I'll make sure you have have privacy and arrange for the security cameras to be shut off. You can stay as long as you like, one of the perks of being lifetime members. Just swing by the security office next to the admin building when you're ready to leave," Dan said.

"Thanks Dan, but Shawn has a special surprise for me as far as where we are staying tonight. I'm kind of anxious to find out what it is," Melissa told him. "Besides today is more about a new sun rising for the two of us. There will be plenty of sunsets for us to enjoy in the years to come."

"I understand," Dan said with a grin. He reached into his pocket and handed me our permanent ID cards. "I thought I'd save you the trip back to the admin office. We're still open, but I'll do my best to let you have some privacy."

As he turned and left us alone, he said with a laugh, "Just try to keep it rated PG-13."

Knowing we probably wouldn't be staying much longer, I took out my phone and sent the reply to the hotel. I told Melissa that it was just an automated status change message from the computer network at work.

Melissa and I sat down on sunset bench. "So Mrs. Graham what would you like to do while we are here?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"Well Mr. Graham, I would like to make out with my new husband," she told me.

With that we embraced each other and our lips came together in a tender yet passionate kiss. As things got more heated we broke our kiss. It was time to get to our room.

When we pulled into the parking lot, Melissa noticed where we were staying. She turned to me apologizing, "I'm sorry honey, when I realized we were going to a hotel, the memories of my last wedding night came back. That's why I thought just going back to the apartment would be more meaningful. I should have known you wouldn't make the same mistake. I hear that the rooms are very nice here."

Not wanting to bring up those memories any further, I thought back how much I wanted to go knock the shit out of her cheap ass husband for doing that to my little sister on her wedding night.

I got out of the car and went to the passenger side. Opening the door, I took her hand and as she stepped out of the car.

"I'm starting to get used to you doing that for me and I really like it," she said giving me a quick kiss.

I walked to the back of the car and retrieved her luggage from the trunk. She looked at it and asked, "Don't you have an overnight back?"

"I dropped it off this morning, they even went ahead and checked us in. We can go straight to our room."

When we got to the door I set her luggage to the side and pulled the keycard from my pocket. I unlocked the door and pushed it open.

Melissa's jaw dropped open as she began to ask, "Is this the bri...." Before she could finish I picked her up cradling her in my arms and carried her into the room. While I did Melissa started to plant quick kisses all over my face, head, ears, neck and anywhere she could reach.

After I let her down she immediately went exploring while I brought her luggage in from the hall. I already had an idea what it was like from the pictures on their website. It was layed out more like a small apartment. There was a living area with a large screen TV and loveseat. I spotted the sound system I had read about and walked over to check it out. The two songs I had asked about were at the top of the playlist. You could select the speaker configuration to a specific room. On the adjoining wall was a gas fireplace with a very plush rug in front of it. Opposite to the TV area was a small dining table. The champagne I had requested was in an ice bucket centered upon it. Two champagne glasses each with a white ribbon bow tied around the stem sat beside it.

Melissa called for me from the bedroom which was separate from the living area with the bathroom adjoining it. When I walked in Melissa was sprawled out on the bed her fingers twirling her her hair. It was a king sized four poster bed with sheer white canopy. The roses I had requested were on a small table beside it.

Sounding like a little girl she asked, "Can we get a bed like this? I've always wanted one. I'm not to old to be a princess am I?"

I moved to join her but she quickly hopped out . "Not so fast Prince Charming," she said as she walked over bending to smell the roses. "They smell so nice..."

She walked in to the adjoining bathroom and I followed. The pictures on the website did not do it justice.
The shower was probably about five feet by five feet square. It had dual removable spray/shower massage heads. There was also a separate overhead spray system that I remember seeing in some movies that would be more like standing in a light rain. Next to the shower was a nice jacuzzi tub large enough for two.
Opposite the shower was a dual sink and mirror with a small sit down vanity table at one end. The toilet area was hidden by a half wall.

As we both walked back out to the living area, I remarked, "Let's just have a house built like this. We could just make it bigger and add a kitchen area."

"Can we have some champagne?" she asked when she noticed it. I went over and poured us each a glass and joined her as she sat down on the loveseat.

"Let's just keep it simple to start. We'll find a nice cute house in a quiet neighborhood where we can make friends as a couple. If we go building a dream house right away I'm worried that it would be more of a retreat from everything for you. You've done very good at coming out of your shell for the past few days."

Hesitating she asked, "Shawn, can I talk to you as your sister for a bit so I don't sound like a nagging new wife?"

"Of course you can Sis," I told her. I started to see how our dual relationship could work to help keep our love and respect for each other strong.

"When we were young, before we understood our true feelings for each other, you were friends with some of the other boys and even some of the girls in our neighborhood. Many of them actually looked up to you as kind of the leader of the group. You had a group of friends to hang out with and so did I. At times both of our groups got together and it was great as well. It didn't take anything away from our relationship. I know that person is still inside you and it's good to see him coming out again."

I wasn't sure how to respond to that and it showed.

"It's okay Bro you don't have to say anything," she said. "I really think a becoming friends with the Spencers will be a good thing. I have those same feelings that Angie said about us having something in common. I don't know what it is but I just have this gut feeling it is something unique and I want to know what it is."

"You know Wayne and I do have some common interests like watching Indy car racing and fishing. It would be nice to do some of those things with someone else. You've always been better at reading people than I so I'll leave it to you to try to figure out what it is we all have in common. Maybe we should put Amy on the case, she reads people like a book. I think she had us figured out as well, at least subconsciously."

I noticed we both had emptied our glasses so I took them to refill them. As I was filling the glasses, I asked, "We don't have to talk about it now but what the hell is up with her? She's always been open with her feelings but this weekend, shocked the heck out of me."

As I handed Melissa her glass, she responded, "That's okay we can talk now. I have to confess I was a little nervous when we got here. I don't know why because we've done so much sexually already except make love, but I still am nervous."

"I know what you mean," I said in agreement. "I'm kind nervous myself."

Melissa smiled and snuggled up to me. "I didn't mean to change the subject so getting back to Amy. She seems to be experiencing a resurgence of her sex drive. I can relate because I am as well. I am lucky because I now have you to take care of me and the many years we've missed to make up for it. For Amy though it is much harder, her husbands sex drive has become almost non-existent. It is only compounding the problems they already have. She is out going and wants to do things and just be a couch potato. She's been trying to get things heated up sexually but nothing seems to work. He even turned down her offer to have a threesome. She's ready to give up. The final straw was last week."

She paused to take a sip of her drink and continued, "She's also wanting to experience being with another woman which is one reason she suggested the threesome. So last week she invited a girl from work home to have a drink and just talk to her about her feelings. The girl is a lesbian. When Chris got home he blew a gasket accusing Amy of having an affair with the girl and everything. That really hurt Amy deeply because despite how bad things were going she would not cheat on him. She knew it was over at that point."

"It sounds like maybe she should hook up with a younger guy or something," I suggested.

"That's kind of what I told her, but she didn't think that was the answer. When she came back to town this weekend she wanted to do two things. One was to try to rekindle things with you. The other was to for her and me to experience having sex with each other. Now with the two of us being together she wants to respect that. She still has those desires Shawn. In order to respect our new relationship she wants to have a threesome with us. What do you think?"

"Wow that sure shifts the weight of my being nervous about us tonight," I said trying to lighten up the atmosphere. It's kind of hard to consider since right now all I can think about is being with you."

"I know exactly what you mean," Melissa agreed. I've got to be honest though Shawn, I've often thought about it and if I were to be with anyone other than you it would be her."

"They say one of the fantasies that every guy has in common is have a threesome. I guess I fall into the category of every guy. Up until a few days ago it was you I fantasized about. So if I were try to imagine having a threesome now it would only be with you and Amy."

Looking out the window we noticed the sun was setting. "If I'd have realized we were going to talk so long we could have stayed and enjoyed the sunset at the zoo," Melissa stated. "Shawn, I've already told Amy she could stay with us once we get settled into someplace."

"Now that I know her situation, I'd have done the same thing and it has nothing to do with her desire for a threesome. She's important to both of us and it is the least we could do for her."

Melissa got up and leaned over to kiss me. "You're a good man Shawn, I am a very lucky woman to have you." She looked around and walked to the phone when she spotted it. She picked it up and dialed a number. Speaking into the phone she said, "Yes this is Mrs. Graham. How quickly can you send up another bottle of champagne to the bridal suite? Wow, that quick? I see. No I don't think we'll be needing another later. Thank you."

Turning to me she said, "They already had a bottle on ice for us in case we wanted one, they should be up in about 5 minutes. I think it's time for the sun to rise on our new life together. Why don't you find some nice music for us to dance to and wait for the champagne while I change. I'll let you know when I'm ready."

"I saw they placed my overnight bag in the bedroom, let me grab it real quick."

We walked to the bedroom together. We turned to each other and kissed for a few moments before she went into the bathroom closing the door behind her. I grabbed my bag as I heard a knock on the outer door. Melissa said, "Close the bedroom door behind you please sweetheart."

I opened the door and let room service in so he could swap out the ice bucket and empty bottle with a new one. He looked at me asking silently if he should open it. I nodded for him to do so. After he opened the bottle he picked up the used ice bucket and headed for the door. I gave him a tip and he thanked me and left.

I went over to the sound system and found some soft music and turned the bedroom and bathroom speaker systems on. I created another playlist which included our two dance songs that I would switch to when she told me she was ready.

I changed into a pair of silk boxers. I figured Melissa might want some more champagne since she had ordered it, so I filled a glass for each of us.

"Shaaaaawn, I'm ready," Melissa said from the bedroom.

I switched the playlist to the one I had prepared, picked up the two glasses of champagne, and entered the bedroom.

The light in the room were dimmed and I could barely make out the form of Melissas body thru the canopy of the bed. Slowly one leg emerged . When it was exposed to her thigh she slid the other one out. With both legs exposed to her thighs she rolled over and backed out slowly her bare ass now visible. Melissa backed up off the bed and turned toward me.

She looked absolutely stunning. Her hair was freshly curled and pulled back behind her ears just as she had worn it with the wedding gown. She had taken one of the roses and put it her hair. As my eyes moved lower I could see she had on the third outfit I had bought her, the black fly away babydoll top. The diamond pendant shone like a beacon resting in her cleavage drawing my eyes to her breasts.The fact that she did not have much of a tan made your white breasts clearly visible thru the top. Her nipples were already so hard they actually pulled the top away from her skin. As my eyes moved lower I noticed the diamond stud navel ring had been removed from her navel. Thinking back she was not wearing it when she removed her wedding gown either. She wore nothing else. The wet lips of her pussy glistened in the small amount of light there was in the room.

She stepped toward me and took the glass of champagne from my hand replacing it with her own hand.

I offered a toast, "To us... for overcoming our fears so we could be together thru eternity."

We both drank the whole glass and then set the glasses down on a nearby table. As Melissa wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled our bodies together I could feel the wetness between her thighs.

Knowing I could feel her excitement she said, "I had to leave them off because the got so wet when I put them on they didn't feel comfy, besides it will make it easier to dance with you in a special way."

The timing couldn't have been better, as if on cue our "In My Dreams" started playing. As we started dancing Melissa said, "I knew you'd find a way to play our songs tonight."

As the song progressed, Melissa's hand reached thru the front of my boxers she wrapped her hand around my hard cock and pulled it out the front. There is a part of the song that goes, "...and we climbed and climbed and at the top we fly...", when that part started playing Melissa lifted a leg and started wrapping it around me. Just like in the shower the previous morning my hands lifted her up and she wrapped both legs around me. This time however I lowered her slowly onto my cock. Her body seemed to spasm in a series of mini orgasms with each inch entering her. When I was fully inside her body erupted in the most intense orgasm I ever saw a woman experience. Her eyes looked like they were going to pop of of the sockets. Her pussy contracted so quickly and tight it seemed to suck the cum from my balls as I shot my load deep inside her. The strangest part was we were almost totally silent when we came together. At most maybe a small whimper or gasp of breath.

Despite cumming I remained hard inside of her. As we both came down from the emotional high of our orgasms, the music switched to Melissa's song, "Dreaming of You". Melissa started to sing the song to me. I lifted her up and down just a small amount to the slow rhythm of of the song. At the same rhythm she started to contract then loosen the grip of her pussy on my cock. As the song came to an end she was practically screaming the words as she gasped for breath as we both came together for a second time.

Afraid I would soon drop her I moved toward the bed and laid on my back with her on top of me. The smell of roses was heavy in the air and looking at the bed I saw why. She had pulled the petals off of the remaining roses and scattered them on top of the comforter. As we laid there recovering our lips met in a slow tender kiss which probably lasted thru the next 3 songs.

When I made up the playlist I programed it to select random songs once the first two had finished. A rather upbeat song came on which I remember seeing Melissa and Amy dance to when they were around seventeen. With the sound of the music revitalizing her she rose to her knees and started to kind of dance to the music my cock still inside of her. As she gyrated and swiveled her hips my semi-hard cock came back to life. Her hands cupped her breasts and she played with them while dancing on my dick. Although they aren't quite big enough, Melissa lifted her breasts toward her mouth and moved her tongue as if the were licking her nipples. I couldn't believe it as I felt a third load of cum ready to erupt from my dick. She seemed so intense on putting on a little show for me that I don't think she was ready to cum yet. Wanting us to cum at the same time again my fingers found their way thru her bush and started rubbing it at the same pace of her gyrations. As the song reached a climax so did we.

Both of us exhausted she rolled off of me and snuggled up to me. I looked at her and told her, "Melissa, none of the fantasies I've had throughout the years have ever been remotely close to what we just experienced."

"Neither have mine," she said still trying to catch her breath. Once she did she propped herself up on her elbow and stared deep into my eyes. "Shawn, I've been thinking about something. When you call me Melissa it just sounds so formal. I know we are both trying to stop referring to each other as Sis and Bro as we have all these years. I still want to be able to do that from time to time in privacy. So instead of calling me Melissa, maybe you should just call me Missy?

I pulled her head toward mine and gave her a soft kiss on her forehead. When our eyes met again, I told her, "Missy, I would be honored to be to call you that. You were talking earlier about finding that special personal gift. You just gave it to me."

As we both layed together we drifted off to sleep for a short time. We didn't exchange our usual goodnights because the night never really ended. We would wake up throughout the night to enjoy each other.


Author's Note: This was the final segment of Melissa's trip home for the holiday. I wish to give them some privacy for the remainder of their nights together in the bridal suite.

I've left things open for at least two sequels. One is obvious, when Amy comes to stay with them. The other one is very subtle and I wish to leave it as a surprise.

As Shawn and Melissa settle into their new life together, I am going to continue work on another story I had started before this one.

'Sis Comes Home for Memorial Day' was originally intended to be a one part story that I wanted to write and post to get some feedback on my writing skills. Obviously it developed into much more and I truly enjoyed writing it.

Thanks for the very nice comments and positive reception this story has received.

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