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Chapter 3

The workweek was very busy for Sue. She had to
work late several nights and she brought work home
with her. Tommy had the playbook from his new
school to read, so they didn't have time to talk
about the events of the weekend. Neither of them
knew what to say to the other anyway, so it was
a good time to assess their feelings.

Sue felt guilt about what happened. It felt like she
had taken advantage of her son's innocence.
Tommy was concerned that his mom would be angry
with him for pushing her too far. Although, she
didn't act upset and their conversations at the
dinner table seemed normal. Still, he felt juvenile
for not controlling himself and squirting in her face.
Yet, she had left his sperm there, refusing the
offer of his shirt.
On Friday evening Tommy got up enough nerve to
ask his mother if she wanted to go on another
date. He feared the worst when Sue said that they
had to talk.
After a quiet dinner, Sue asked Tommy to join her
in the living room.
Here it comes, Tommy thought.
Sue patted the sofa next to her when she saw
Tommy start to sit in a chair across the room.
She took a deep breath and looked into her son's
eyes. "Tommy, I feel bad about what happened last
"Mom... I... I... uh..." Tommy started to
"Let me speak," Sue said taking her son's hands
in hers. "I'm sorry about what happened at the
lake. A mother should never do anything like that
with her son. I had too much to drink but that's
no excuse; I was totally out of line. I, I..." Sue
began to cry.
"Mom, God, you have nothing to be sorry for. I
was the one that started it, I should be
ashamed," Tommy said, hugging his sobbing mother.
Tommy held her for a long time before he felt like
he had to say what he was feeling. "Mom, I...
I... have to tell you that it was the greatest
experience of my life, no matter whose fault it
was," Tommy said, lifting his mother's tear streaked
face. "I never, ever, want to hurt you... or
make you cry." Tears began to fall from his eyes.
"Oh Tommy, I love you."
Tommy brought his lips to hers in a loving and
tender kiss. When he pulled away, he held her
face in his hands, using his thumbs to wipe away
her tears. "I'll try harder to control myself," he
"And so will I," Sue added, and a little smile
crossed her face.
Tommy smiled back and said jokingly, "But you
have to remember, I'm just a horny teenager."
Sue raised an eyebrow. Suddenly, she broke out
laughing. Tommy joined her, almost falling off the
When Tommy stopped laughing, he looked at his
mother with that smile of his and said, "How
about another date?"
"You're incorrigible," she said.
"I know. That's why you love me. Another date,
"All right, but you have to promise to behave,"
Sue said lightly.
"I promise," he answered excitedly.
"Wait a minute. There have to be some rules."
"Alright," Tommy answered, ready to agree to
anything. "Give me the rules."
"I don't know all of them but most importantly,
we have to control ourselves. Things have gotten a
little out of hand so far."
"Does behaving mean that you can't teach me
more about girls and guys and stuff?"
Sue was quiet for a minute. She knew she was on
very dangerous ground. Her rational brain was
screaming for her to stop all this. Yet, her
emotional side was winning. Finally she spoke. "No,
but it does mean that we have to know when to
stop. When I say 'stop', that's it. You have to
stop whatever you're doing, as hard as that might
be. Do you agree?" Sue could feel excitement begin
to course through her.
Tommy thought he was going to scream. He wanted
to jump for joy. This was beyond his wildest
imagination. He calmed himself and said in a
controlled voice, "Fair enough, you're the boss.
Tomorrow night then?"
Sue took a deep breath and said, "Tomorrow
The following evening, they went out to a late
dinner and came back home. Tommy didn't try to
kiss her or take advantage of the fact that she had
drunk a few glasses of wine. He was a perfect
gentleman except that he did try to look up her
Sue just looked at him when she saw his eyes and
said, "Behave." However, overall, she was
impressed with his control and, strangely, just a
little disappointed.
It was an unseasonably chilly June evening, so
Tommy started a fire in the fireplace while Sue
when upstairs to change. Then he went to the
kitchen and got a bottle of wine and a glass for
his mom. He brought a coke back for himself and
put some soft music in the CD player. He lit
several scented candles around the room.
He was sitting on the sofa when Sue came back
down. She had put on a pair of sky blue silky
pajama pants and top. The blue in the outfit
matched her beautiful eyes. Tommy whistled in
appreciation as he handed her a glass of wine.
"Would you care to dance?" Tommy asked. "I'm
not that good but I'm a quick learner."
"Great idea! But I thought you didn't know how?"
"I don't," Tommy smiled sheepishly.
"Alright, I guess this is a good time for a lesson
then," Sue said taking a quick drink before putting
her wine on the table. "Your father had two left
feet but he tried hard and was going to take
lessons before he..." Sue's voice trailed off. She
stepped forward and took her son in her arms,
placing her head on his shoulder.
Within seconds, she realized that he needed some
major work. She pulled back and smiled at her
son. "You definitely need a lesson," she said with
a laugh. "Now the first thing is, DON'T STEP ON
"Ah Mom, I know that," Tommy responded.
They danced for the better part of an hour. Sue
taught him how to hold a girl and how to move
smoothly around the room. Tommy was a fast
learner and got the hang of it very quickly. Finally,
they tired and sat on the sofa together.
"That was great Mom, thanks."
"You're welcome."
"Mom, can I ask you a question?"
"Anything dear."
"Well, all... all the boys talk about things. You
know, girls and things. They... talk about... you
know... oral sex."
Oh here it comes! thought Sue.
"I... I ... was just wondering if girls really like
to do that... uh you know." Tommy began to
stutter a little, as he became nervous with the
frank question. Suddenly he stopped and his face
flushed. "I'm... sorry, I shouldn't ask a question
like that."
"Of course you should ask. How else are you
going to learn," Sue said, feeling suddenly like a
Her response calmed Tommy's nerves so he
continued. "I know there are a lot of girls that do
it, but do they really like it? I mean... you know,
like the taste?" Tommy was only being partially
facetious with the question. The boys in school all
talked about it but he was curious to know if
women really liked.
"Well, I think a lot of girls like to do it. Your
dad and I..." Sue stopped, not wanting to get
too personal. "I'm sure there are lots of girls that
like it, but I'm not sure they really like the taste.
I guess it's like Scotch, you have to acquire a
taste for it," she said and smiled. "I think the
thrill of doing something like that for someone you
love is what I like." Sue paused for a second to
let him absorb that. Then she added, "Girls also
like to have it done to them, it's a two way
street you know."
"Really! I mean... I've seen it in movies but I
thought it was just for show," Tommy said, truly
"Of course they do. Don't be so self-centered,"
Sue said almost in anger. Then her tone softened.
"A man should be just as willing to use his mouth
on a woman as having it done to him. A man
that is good with his mouth will have a lot of
girlfriends." Sue laughed a little self-consciously,
feeling a little thrill go through her groin at the
As Tommy sat there thinking about that, he felt his
already hard penis begin to pulse. It did sound like
fun. "Mom," Tommy said, then hesitated.
"Mom, since you are my teacher about dating girls
and stuff, would you tell me... uh tell me
about... about... you know the oral sex stuff.
I... mean... how does a girl do it?" Tommy asked
taking a big chance. He figured his mother would
see right through his farce.
Sue sat silent for some time. She held her
wineglass in her hand and stared at the wine,
swirling it around. She felt that old thrill go
through her. "Tommy, I think that's going a good
bit too far."
"Okay, I just thought I'd ask. Can't hurt to ask,
can it?" Tommy said trying to act like it had all
been a joke.
"No it can't, but let me think about it," Sue
said putting her glass down on the table. She
leaned over to Tommy and brought his lips to hers.
She had wanted a kiss so bad tonight. Tommy was
being too much of a gentleman.
They held each other, kissing passionately for a long
time. Finally, Sue felt Tommy's hand on her silk
covered breast. It's about time! she thought. Sue
moaned into her son's mouth as he squeezed her
soft breast. Then, she surprised Tommy by reaching
up and slowly unbuttoning her pajama top, all the
way down the front as their lips stayed locked
together. Then she pulled the top open and pressed
her naked flesh to her son. They moaned into each
other's mouths.
Finally, when they broke away, both of them were
breathing hard. There was fire burning in Sue's
Tommy's eyes were wide as he looked down at his
mother's naked chest. He bent his head and started
to kiss down her neck when he felt her hands on
his cheeks.
Sue held Tommy's face in her hands and looked
into his eyes. Oh hell, she thought, I can't resist
this boy. Still staring into his eyes, her hand
moved to his crotch and rubbed gently over his
penis. It was throbbing and stretched down the leg
of his shorts. Sue gasped as her hand wrapped
around the shaft. She squeezed him, working down
the cloth-covered protrusion. It felt huge.
Deep inside, Sue's brain was screaming... Stop!
Then Tommy felt his mother's hand move to his
belt. His heart began to beat wildly.
Sue pulled back and used both hands to open her
son's shorts. Then she slid off the couch and onto
the floor between his legs, her blouse flapping
carelessly open. She reached up, grasped the waist
of his shorts, and pulled on them. Tommy sat
wide-eyed looking down at his mother.
"Give me a little help, will you?" Sue said.
Tommy came out of his trance, lifted his butt off
the sofa, and let his mother strip his pants and
underwear over his bare feet.
Sue sat back and gasped again. Her son was now
naked from the waist down and his raging erection
was throbbing in front of her face. She studied it
for a second time. He had cum so quickly in the
park that she didn't really get to see it that well.
His penis was beautiful and perfect. It was longer
and thicker than his father's, with blue veins
bulging on the sides and a perfectly mushroom
shaped crown. Sue slid her hands up his thighs,
moving forward until she was inches from his penis.
She looked on in wonder at his equipment. Slowly
her hands took hold of the shaft, gently, almost
like it was fine china.
Tommy moaned and bucked his hips.
"Settle down, we don't want you to go off too
soon. A good blow job should be slow and
sensual," Sue said, bringing his leaking cock close
to her lips.
Tommy almost climaxed from his mother's words
alone. "A good blow job," she had said. He
began to tremble all over.
Sue shot her tongue out, flicking it across the head
and tasting his sweet juice.
Tommy moaned again.
She used her tongue to lick around the head,
teasing the sensitive skin where the head and shaft
met. Sue was being very careful not to over excite
him. She knew from last weekend that he could
cum very quickly.
Sue took the head into her mouth, gently sucking
it, then using her teeth to put a little pressure
around the edges. Sue loved oral sex. She was one
of "those girls" that liked the taste. It had been
one of her favorite things to do to Tommy's father.
And, she was very good at it too. Tonight, she
used all of her skills to work her son to a peak
and then she would back off, keeping him on the
edge for a long, long time.
Tommy stared in amazement as he watched his
beautiful mother worship his cock. She seemed to
be in a world of her own. He watched as her
tongue licked him and then her mouth sucked him
inside. He would moan each time she would take
the shaft deep into her mouth. Several times, he
began to throb, near orgasm, but his mother would
squeeze tight at the base until he was under control
again. It was the most incredible feeling he had
ever felt.
Sue worked on him for over a half-hour, literally
making love to his penis. However, she knew that
Tommy couldn't take much more. The truth was
that she couldn't take much more either. She now
wanted him to cum as bad as he did; she thirsted
for his sweet juice. It had been a long time since
she had tasted sperm. Sue had acquired a taste for
cum years ago.
Tommy wanted to thrust his hips up at his mother
in the worst way, but he sat still, letting her take
the lead.
Sue wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft
and held it tight as she pulled her head back and
stuck out her tongue, flicking the tip. She looked
up at her son who was still staring wide-eyed at
her. Then she closed her eyes and put her mouth
over the head of his penis. Her hand moved up
and down several times rapidly. That was all it
Tommy thought his head was going to explode. He
yelled loud enough for the neighbors to hear and
his hips lifted off the sofa.
Sue's head moved back in surprise at the force of
his ejaculation but kept the head in her mouth. The
hot cream hit the back of her throat, choking her
momentarily. She swallowed just in time for another
blast to enter her mouth. She was ready this time
and swallowed it down rapidly, waiting for the next
shot. It came quickly, filling her mouth to over
flowing. She tried to swallow it all but it was just
too much. It dripped from the corners of her
mouth and ran down to her son's balls. As his
sticky white cum dripped from her chin, Sue felt
that familiar tremor in her pussy. Suddenly, she
took a huge swallow and began to climax. She
bucked her hips as her vagina throbbed. She lost
control for a moment and stopped sucking. As her
mouth filled, she quickly realized she had to
Tommy thought he was going to die. He had never
felt anything so intense. He couldn't believe that he
was sitting here on his sofa, squirting cum into his
mother's mouth. And, she was drinking it! He
could hear her struggling to swallow it all. Now he
knew that his mom was right; some girls do like
the taste.
When he could cum no more, Sue released his
depleted penis and moved her tongue down to his
balls to clean up what had spilled from her mouth.
Tommy was lying back exhausted. When he opened
his eyes, he saw his mother's pretty blue eyes
staring up at him. Her lips and chin were coated
with his white cum, but she had swallowed most of
it. Tommy couldn't resist; he reached down and
pulled his mother up to him.
Sue was surprised when Tommy brought his lips to
hers; they shared a very wet and intimate kiss.

Both Tommy and his mom realized that the ice had
been broken and that there was no going back. The
best that Sue could hope for was to control how
far they went. However, she knew that that was
going to be exceedingly difficult. After all, she had
her own needs. However, she na‹vely thought that
if she could keep him satisfied orally then he
wouldn't try to push it further.
The following morning she was in the bathroom in
her bra and panties getting dressed. It was Saturday
and she wasn't going into work for a change. She
saw Tommy looking into the bathroom through the
slightly opened door. With a sigh, she turned and
looked at him.
Tommy smiled and pushed the door open. "Good
morning Mom," he said as he stepped into the
"Good morning sweetheart." Sue kissed his lips
quickly and turned back to the mirror to put her
makeup on.
Tommy stood behind her and wrapped his arms
around her waist.
She saw him looking over her shoulder at her thinly
dressed form. Her nipples began to harden under
her thin beige stretch bra. Then she saw his hands
slowly moving up her stomach and over her rib
cage. When his hands reached her bra-covered
breasts, his lips touched the tender area of her
neck. A chill ran through Sue and she whispered,
"Tommy." However, there was no admonishment in
her voice and she didn't say stop.
Slowly Tommy pushed his fingers under her bra. "I
want to see your breasts," he whispered. When his
mother just moaned, he boldly pushed the bra up,
letting both breasts pop free. "Oh God," he
moaned when he saw her large breasts in the
mirror. His hands covered the soft flesh and began
to knead them like cookie dough.
"Tommy," Sue moaned again, rapidly losing control.
She could feel her son's hard penis pressing into
her panty-covered buttocks. Her own hips began to
push backward. With a deep breath, Sue spun
around in Tommy's arms. She saw him smile and
as he bent to kiss her lips. Instead of giving him
her lips, Sue slid to her knees. Quickly she
unsnapped his shorts and pulled them down. She
gasped when his penis sprung out and hit her in
the face. He hadn't worn any underwear.
"Oh God Mom," Tommy moaned as his mother
took his penis into her mouth and began to suck.
His hips began to move back and forth, forcing his
penis to the back of her throat. He watched as
her face showed the pleasure she was getting from
sucking him. Tommy was rapidly reaching the point
of no return. "Mom," he hissed. When she didn't
respond, he said it louder. "Mom!"
Sue groaned around her son's penis and looked up
at him.
"Mom... can I fuck your ti... breasts?"
Sue opened her eyes wide in surprise. God, he
was so much like his father. That was one of his
favorite things to do. Slowly Sue pulled his penis
from her mouth. She looked up at Tommy and
smiled. Then she kissed the swollen head lovingly
before sitting up on her knees until his penis was
between her breasts. She reached behind her,
unsnapped her bra, and dropped it to the floor.
Then she took a bottle of cream from the counter.
Without a word, she squirted it between her breasts
and then closed the mounds around him, imprisoning
him in her soft flesh.
"Ohhhhhh!!!" Tommy moaned as the warm flesh
enveloped him. He watched in excitement as she
began to move her breasts up and down, her
mouth catching the head when it reached her lips.
Tommy knew that he wasn't going to last very
long. This was just too wild. His hips began to
move quickly, forcing his penis between her breasts
so rapidly that she couldn't catch the head in her
mouth any more.
Sue held her breasts tightly around her son's penis,
looking up at his pleasure filled face. She saw him
grimace and knew that he was close.
"Oh God Mom... I'm going to... ohhhhhhh...
cummmmm!!!" Suddenly, Tommy's penis throbbed
and shot a huge string of juice into the air, hitting
his mother's chin and running down her chest. Then
another blast hit her and then another, splattering
across her chest. It kept coming until there was
nothing left but a slow trickle.
When the last drop was squeezed out, Tommy
staggered backward. He saw his mother looking at
her cum-covered breasts. Then he watched her begin
to massage the thick juice into the soft skin.
Sue was lost in her own world for a few minutes.
When she realized that Tommy was staring at her
she stood up. "I have to get dressed now, so
give me a little privacy please."
"Uh... okay," Tommy said.
As soon as Tommy was gone, Sue closed the door.
She pulled her panties down and began to
masturbate with one cum-covered hand. She used
her other hand to caress her juice-covered breasts
until a strong climax roared through her.
Finally, Sue sighed and dressed, pulling the bra
over her still wet breasts. Strangely, she felt less
guilt now. It seemed that each time got a little
easier. That worried her.
The following evening, Sue and Tommy were
scheduled to go down the street to a neighbor's
house for a graduation party. Sue was dressed in a
low cut black cocktail dress. The dress exposed a
lot of her breasts and required a bra.
Tommy moaned about having to wear a tie but
when he saw the way his mother was dressed, he
shut up. His eyes stared at her exposed chest.
"Wow Mom!" was all he could muster.

"I'll take that as a compliment," she said with a
laugh. "Let's get going."
Sue and Tommy walked down the street to the
Wilson's' house. It was a large home with stone
pillars in front and a circular driveway. In the
back, they had a large pool with manicured
hedgerows for privacy. The house was the largest in
the neighborhood and was almost out of place.
However, the Wilson's were nice people and fit in
well with the community.
Shirley Wilson greeted them at the door and hugged
Sue. She kissed Tommy on the cheek and invited
them inside. There was already a crowd of people
inside the house. Within seconds, several women had
Sue in a conversation. Tommy smiled and wandered
around the room. He knew many of the kids but
not too many of the adults. There were a number
of teenaged girls that came up to Tommy but he
spent little time with them. He kept his eye on his
Once in a while, Sue would look around for
Tommy. She would smile when she saw him looking
at her and then make a face, indicating that he
should mingle with the girls. When he would shake
his head no, she would purse her lips in
Sue had consumed quite a bit of wine in the first
hour of the party. Every time her glass was empty,
someone would give her another glass. Soon, she
was feeling the effects.
The next time she looked for Tommy, she saw him
near the sliding glass door leading to the pool.
When she caught his eye, she saw him make a
motion with his head for her to join him. She had
a feeling he was up to something so she shook her
head no but smiled sweetly. For the next few
minutes, every time she saw him, he would motion
for her to follow him. Finally, she gave in and
walked toward him.
"Let's go out and get some air," Tommy said,
leading his mother out the open slider.
It was a beautiful moonlit evening with a cloudless
sky and fireflies flickering their mating calls. Tommy
and Sue walked down the sidewalk, past the
hedgerow. When they reached the end, Tommy
pulled his mother to the other side. He quickly
pulled her into his arms and brought his lips to
"Tomm... mmmmm..." Sue moaned as she tried
to protest. This was very dangerous, she thought
but was unable to dissuade him as his tongue
pressed into her mouth. Soon, Sue gave up her
protest and melted into Tommy's strong arms. She
felt his hands sliding down her bare back and
across her dress to cup her buttocks.
Tommy pulled his mother's groin to his and let her
feel how excited he was.
Sue moaned again and pressed back.
"God, I needed that," Tommy said breathlessly
when their lips parted after a long kiss. "Every
time I looked at you I wanted to rush over and
kiss you."
Sue could feel her head spinning from the kiss and
the wine. She brought her lips to his for a second
kiss that lasted even longer. She worked her tongue
into his mouth and felt him immediately capture it
with his lips. She moaned as they pressed their
lower regions together even harder. His hands
cupped her buttocks under her tight dress, squeezing
the supple flesh in his strong fingers.
One of Tommy's hands slid around and then down
to Sue's naked thighs.
"Tommy," Sue said as she felt him slowly moving
it up her leg. In spite of her admonishment, her
legs moved slightly apart. "Oh my God," she
whispered as his hand reached her vagina.
Tommy moaned as his fingers felt a woman's private
parts for the first time. He could feel the swollen
and wet lips under his searching fingers. Then a
finger found the dripping hole.
"Tommy, Tommy, please," Sue pleaded as if she
couldn't stop him. A slow moan escaped her lips
as his finger slowly slid into her body.
Within seconds, Tommy's hand was dripping with his
mother's sex juice. He moved his finger in and out
of her warm hole, loving the feeling of her slick
inner flesh. Quickly, before she could protest, he
added a second finger. He heard her moan again
and her hips pressed down, taking both fingers all
the way inside.
Sue had lost control. Her hips began to work up
and down on her son's fingers and her head was
spinning wildly. It took only a few more thrusts
before she began to tremble.
Tommy was a little surprised as his mother began
to shake. Suddenly, he realized that she was
climaxing on his fingers. He smiled and worked
them into her harder, creating a loud sucking sound
in the otherwise quiet night.
When Sue stopped shuddering, she almost collapsed
into Tommy's arms.
Tommy looked over the hedgerow and saw that they
were still alone. He placed his hands on his
mother's shoulders and began to gently push
downward. "Suck me," he hissed, as she went to
her knees.
Sue head was still foggy as she settled to her
knees on the cool grass. "Tommy, this is crazy,"
she said as she looked up at him, her eyes still
sparkling with fire in the moonlight. Yet, even as
she spoke, she was opening his pants.
Tommy kept looking back across the hedgerow at the
house to make sure no one came outside. He
turned back in time to see his mother take his
penis into her mouth. "Ahhhhh!!!" he groaned
as her talented mouth took possession of his hard
Sue moaned as well as she tasted the sweet flavor
of his penis. She felt Tommy's hands on her head.
She let him direct her head back and forth. Then
she began to move her hand back and forth, trying
to bring him off quickly. Even in her wine-fogged
brain, Sue still knew that someone could come upon
them at any time.
Fortunately, it wasn't going to take long for Tommy
to cum in his mother's mouth. However, suddenly,
he wanted something different, something really nasty.
He pulled back, his penis coming out of his
mother's mouth with a pop.
Sue looked up at him in surprise. Then she felt his
hands on her shoulders pushing the straps of her
gown and bra down her arms. "What are you
doing?" she whispered in panic.
Tommy didn't answer as he pushed her straps down
until her breasts were free from the bra. He
pointed his penis downward. "Jerk me into your
bra," he whispered excitedly.
"Good God Tommy, no!" Sue exclaimed in protest.
Still, she grasped his penis and began to masturbate
him. She jerked on his penis in rapid motions, her
hand moving in a blur.
"Yes, yes," Tommy moaned as his legs tensed.
Sue was breathing hard again. She couldn't believe
what she was doing but it was turning her on
nonetheless. When she heard Tommy moan, she
directed the head of his penis into one cup of her
bra. She shivered as she watched his thick white
juice splatter into the cup. When several squirts had
coated the inner liner of that cup, she moved the
head quickly to the other cup. Soon, both sides
were coated with Tommy's thick discharge and it
was running down, pooling in the middle.
Suddenly, there were voices coming from the house.
As the voices grew closer, Sue quickly pulled her
top back up, pushing her breasts into the wet
material. She moaned as Tommy's hot cum coated
her nipples. Then she helped Tommy get his penis
back into his pants. Just as they stood up and
stepped from behind the hedgerow, Shirley Wilson
and a friend walked by.
"Oh that's were you are," Shirley said. "I told
Marge that I saw you go outside with Tommy."
"Uh... yes, Tommy... uh and I needed to get a
little air."
"Well, come with me, I want Marge to tell you
about a community project that she's working on."
Tommy watched as the two ladies led off his
mother. He smiled. God if they only knew! he
Sue followed the two women back into the house.
She could feel her sex juices filling her panties as
her breasts swam in her son's juice. She could
even smell it and hoped that no one else could.
She knew that she would have to escape them soon
and find a bathroom to take care of her own
renewed desires

After the episode at the party, Sue and Tommy
gradually became comfortable with their new
relationship. Sue still knew it was very wrong but
she no longer chastised herself for it. It was what
her son needed right now she rationalized. It was
their little secret.
They both grew very casual about how little they
wore in front of each other. It seemed to Sue that
Tommy was always stopping in to talk when she was
getting dressed. It never took long for Tommy to
show that he was interested in more than
conversation. Sue rarely protested.
Each morning he would stop by as she dressed for
work. Within seconds, she would have his penis in
her mouth. Then a minute later, she would be
drinking his sperm. Most evenings it was a replay.
Sue was actually disappointed when they missed a
morning or evening. She almost felt like she had
become addicted to her son's semen.
Sue was in her bathrobe after her shower one
morning a week or so later. She had just taken
her panties out of the drawer when Tommy tapped
on the door. Sue told him to come in.
"Good morning Mom," Tommy said brightly as he
sat on the bed.
"Hi sweetie."
"What's on the agenda today?" Tommy asked
watching his mother closely.
"Well, we have a lot of yard work to catch up
on so I think we had better stay home and get it
"All right, if we have too," Tommy said in mock
Sue untied her robe and dropped it from her
shoulders, standing naked unashamedly in front of
"God, you're beautiful," Tommy said sincerely.
"Thank you," Sue whispered. There was no longer
any embarrassment at being naked in front of him.
As she bent over and picked up her panties, she
saw his eyes staring at her breasts as they swung
naturally below her. She took her time pulling her
panties up, beginning to enjoy the show. As the
silky panties crossed her thighs, she turned her back
to him and heard him gasp.
Tommy had an erection before he walked into the
room but now it was throbbing in the tight confines
of his shorts. As his mother went to get her bra,
he pulled his zipper down and freed his shaft from
its prison.
It was Sue's turn to gasp when she turned around
and saw him holding his erect shaft. Every time she
saw it, it looked bigger, she thought. She
swallowed hard as she stood frozen, holding her bra
in her hand and watching him slowly move his hand
up and down. In all the years she was married,
she had never seen her husband masturbate. While
she had asked him to on occasion, he had always
refused. He said that he would be too embarrassed.
It was obvious that Tommy didn't have that
Tommy watched his mother's face as she watched
him masturbate. He found it an incredible turn-on
to have her watch him. "Do you like watching me
masturbate?" Tommy asked breathlessly.
It took a moment for Sue to answer. Her throat
was suddenly dry. "Yes," she choked out in a
hoarse whisper.
"Then sit down and I'll show you how I like to
do it."
Sue backed up until she sat in her vanity chair,
her eyes never leaving Tommy.
Tommy stood up and slowly stripped off his shirt.
Then he opened his shorts and began to pull them
down. Suddenly, he turned until his back was to
his mother. Like a stripper, he slowly pulled his
shorts below his buttocks. Tommy was as surprised
as his mother at his boldness.
Sue sat fascinated as she watched her son strip for
her. Tommy had been just a little boy the last
time she saw him completely naked. He certainly
wasn't a little boy anymore, Sue thought as his
shorts fell to his feet and he kicked them away.
She scanned his naked body from behind. His
shoulders were broad and rippled with muscles. His
waist was narrow and his hips jutted out from all
the strenuous training. However, his buttocks were
his best asset. They were rock hard and perfectly
shaped globes. His thighs were strong and lean
without an ounce of fat. He could be a male
stripper, Sue thought.
Slowly, Tommy turned around. His penis was now
pulsing and there was a long strand of clear liquid
hanging from the tip. Tommy began to stroke
himself again. More of his clear juice bubbled out,
stretching in a silvery string toward the carpet. "Oh
God Mom, I'm getting close," he warned. Tommy's
hand moved rapidly up and down until his thighs
tensed. When he was ready to squirt, he held his
hand under the head. Suddenly, he began to pour
the contents of his balls into his outstretched hand.
Sue watched in excited fascination as her son
climaxed into his own hand. She saw his hand fill
with his sperm and begin to spill over the sides.
With a moan she dropped to her knees and quickly
licked the cum dripping from his palm. As soon as
Tommy was done, Sue turned his cum filled hand
to her mouth.
In another similar incident, Tommy caught his mother
just as she was ready to go out the door to
work. He brought her to him and kissed her
"Tommy, my makeup," she protested as he kissed
her lips, then her face and neck.
"Suck me!" he said like a command.
Sue moaned and moved quickly to her knees in
front of her son. She set her briefcase down and
took his penis into her hand. She heard him groan
from far away as she caught a drop of dripping
juice on her tongue, following it with her mouth to
the swollen head. "Mmmmmm!" she moaned deep
in her throat as she sucked the head into her
Tommy grasped his mother's face in his hands. As
his hips began to move back and forth, he could
see the head of his penis sliding in and out of
her mouth under her cheeks. He pressed his thumbs
to her cheeks and felt his shaft as she sucked it
deep into her throat.
Sue sucked Tommy until she could tell that he was
getting close. She was ready to drink his sperm
when she felt him pulling on her shoulders. In
surprise, she let him slip out of her mouth and
she stood up. She let Tommy's lips capture hers
without protest now. Her makeup could be fixed
As their bodies pressed together, Sue could feel his
erection pressing against her stomach. She moaned
as their hips began to move against each other.
She knew that she was going to have a wet mark
on the front of her skirt. When she felt Tommy's
hand move down to push her dress up she began
to shiver. However, when he grasped his penis and
pushed it between her legs she said, "Tommy,
no!" Suddenly, she realized that she was lucky she
had her panties on. It was the only thing
preventing penetration. Sue almost sighed when he
didn't try to do anything else. She wasn't sure she
could have stopped him.
"Oh God Mom!" Tommy moaned as he moved his
hips back and forth between her warm thighs. He
could feel her sex lips pressing down on the top of
his shaft, the gusset of her panties rapidly becoming
soaked with their combined juices.
When Sue was certain that Tommy was near
ejaculation, she pushed him away from her.
Tommy thought that she was going to go to her
knees and suck him again. However, he was
surprised when she reached down and pulled the
crotch of her panties away from her sex. Then for
just a second, Tommy thought that she was going
to let him penetrate her.
However, Sue had other ideas. She took Tommy's
penis and situated it between the wet crotch of her
panties and her dripping sex lips. His penis was at
an odd angle, pointing downward. That made Sue's
sex lips split apart and cover the shaft with her
wet and swollen flesh. She slid her panties back
over her lips, trapping his penis inside the silky
material. Then, she began to move back and forth
again, massaging him with her swollen lips. She
knew that Tommy wouldn't last long.
Almost as soon as he felt her blood filled lips on
his penis, he groaned and his penis lurched,
spewing his thick cum onto the gusset of her little
red panties.
Sue's climax wasn't far behind. When she felt her
vagina being sprayed by her son's semen, her legs
shook and her body went into convulsions. If Tommy
hadn't been holding her, she would have collapsed
to the floor.
When Tommy felt his mother's body stop shaking,
he staggered back in exhaustion.
Sue found it difficult to focus her eyes. She backed
up unsteadily and leaned against the front door.
When she could get her breath again she shook her
head. God that was close, she thought.
Tommy smiled at his mother with exhaustion on his
face. Then he pushed his now soft penis back into
his pants and said, "Have a nice day."
Sue picked up her briefcase and opened the door.
As she stepped out onto the front porch, she was
suddenly very much aware of her sodden crotch. For
a second, she considered going back into the house
to clean up. A naughty thrill went through her as
she walked down the sidewalk to her car. Sue went
to work with her sex lips swimming in Tommy's

Sue was sitting at her desk one evening, still in
her white blouse and blue skirt that she had worn
to work. She was thinking about her and Tommy's
relationship as she did quite often. She had done a
lot of soul searching during the last few days. Their
relationship has progressed well beyond anything she
could have ever imagined. So far, it had been
limited to oral sex and a little masturbation. The
nagging question on her mind was where did they
go from here? It was getting more and more difficult
for her to control things. It had been so close the
other day.
It seemed that almost every time they were
together, they couldn't keep their hands off each
other. He would touch her or kiss her and that
would start it. She would respond and things would
get out of control from there.
"Hi Mom," Tommy said, coming into the room
and sitting down.
"Hi Tommy. I thought you were going to the ball
game with Joey?"
"I was but he has a cold and cancelled out."
"I'm sorry."
"It's okay. I'd rather be home with you."
Sue looked at him and shook her head. "What am
I going to do with you?" she asked rhetorically.
"Love me," he said with a big smile and opened
his arms to her.
Sue put down her pen and then walked over to sit
on Tommy's lap. She kissed his lips and then
snuggled into his arms. Suddenly, she felt so
protected in his embrace.
"Mom, you... uh... we have... uh done a lot
of... you know... things," Tommy said hesitantly.
Sue was silent, wondering where this was going to
"You said... uh... you said that it was selfish for
a man just to take and... and not give back."
Immediately, Sue knew what was coming. It wasn't
like she hadn't expected it. However, she that what
he was going to ask was a big step.
"Will you teach me... to uh... you know... do
oral on you?"
Sue was silent for a long time. She could feel her
heart beating hard in her chest. There was a
tremendous struggle going on in her head. On one
hand, she had done so much already, what was
the difference if she let him do it to her? On the
other, she knew that it would be taking their
relationship to a new level. However, the thought of
having his mouth on her was incredibly exciting. So,
what would be the harm? Who would know?
"I... I don't know Tommy," she said reluctantly.
"Let me think about it."
Tommy felt a thrill of excitement go through him.
Every time she said that, she came back and did
what he wanted. "That's fair," he said and his
hand moved up to caress her breast.
Sue could feel his erection pressing into her
buttocks. With a sigh she slid off his lap and knelt
between his legs.
Tommy smiled and opened his pants. He reached
inside and pulled out his swollen erection. When Sue
went to grab it with her hands, he grabbed her
wrists, holding her hands away. He lifted up slightly
and slid the head into her mouth. He watched his
mother suck him for a few minutes and then, with
his penis still in her mouth, he stood.
Sue backed up and let Tommy stand in front of
her. She knew what he wanted when his hips
began to move back and forth while he held her
arms over her head. He wants to fuck my mouth,
she thought. A moan escaped her stretched lips as
she let her son use her mouth.
When Tommy let go of his mother's hands, he
grasped her head. He was happy to see that she
let her arms slip idly to her sides. Tommy's hips
continued to move back and forth as he pulled her
head toward him. He heard his mother choke and
eased up but then he felt her move forward,
forcing him to the back of her throat again.

For some strange reason, Sue suddenly felt very
submissive. It wasn't like her to play that role.
However, at the moment, it felt right. She moaned
submissively and let her son pound into her mouth.
As his movement grew more rapid, saliva began to
drip from the corners of her stretched mouth.
Tommy's legs were spread wide and his knees
slightly bent as he moved rapidly in and out of her
mother's willing mouth. His fingers were curled
tightly in her hair as he moved almost violently in
and out. It was a strange feeling of power to
Tommy. He was in control.
Within seconds, Tommy felt his balls begin to
tighten. He was ready to climax far too soon.
Suddenly, Tommy pulled away from his mother. He
let go of her hair and grabbed his shaft at the
base. He was going to try to stop the climax like
she had taught him. However, when he looked
down and saw her face looking at him expectantly,
he knew that he couldn't hold back any longer.
Sue's breath was coming in great gasps. Her eyes
were opened wide as she stared at her son's
quivering penis as she sat back on her haunches
and waited.
Tommy could feel his sperm backing up as he held
his penis tightly at the base. Suddenly, he bellowed
and eased the pressure on the base. His sperm
flew out with such force that it arched across his
mother's head, landing in her hair. The next blast
hit her directly in the face, splattering on her
forehead and dripping to her cheek. Then another
blast hurtled toward her.
Sue closed her eyes and squeezed her thighs
together as her own climax began. Her sex lips
throbbed with pleasure as she felt her son's juice
continue to cover her face. She held her face out
to the spray as if she were in the shower, loving
the warm liquid.
Amazingly, Tommy's climax seemed to go on and
on, covering his mother's face and splattering on
her white blouse and skirt. Finally, as his climax
dwindled, his legs weakened and he fell back into
the chair. Through hooded eyes, he saw his mother
scraping his cum from her face and putting it into
her mouth.

At the breakfast table the following morning, Tommy
brought up the inevitable question. "Mom, you said
you would think about what I asked."
Sue looked at her son and smiled. "We'll see,"
was her only commitment. Sue had made up her
mind but she wasn't ready to reveal her answer to
Tommy yet.
'We'll see,' Tommy thought. That's as good as
yes. He couldn't control the smile that crossed his
Sue and Tommy decided to go to their favorite
restaurant that night. As always, Tommy was ready
early, waiting at the door for his mom. When she
came down she was wearing a very short skirt with
high heels. However, on top, she had on a dark
sweater that buttoned down the front with a white
blouse underneath. The top looked like something
that a schoolteacher would wear. However, the skirt
looked hot. Tommy was curious about her selection
of clothing but decided not to say anything.
When Sue got into the car, she made sure that
she carelessly spread her legs, giving her son a
clear view of her shiny pink panties and the creamy
white skin above her thigh high stockings. Once he
was in the car, Tommy was bold enough to reach
over and place his hand on her thigh. He drove
with one hand and used the other to slide her
skirt up so he could see her panties. Sue let
Tommy's hand move up until he reached her
panties, stopping him only when she thought he was
being distracted from driving. She grabbed his hand,
leaving it on her thigh, and gently told him to pay
attention to the road.
Sue and Tommy got their special table in the back
of the restaurant, giving them the privacy that they
wanted. The two chatted until the waitress took
their drink order. When she left, Sue said she had
to go to the ladies room. Several minutes later she
returned and stopped next to Tommy. She held out
her hand, indicating that he should open his hand.
She placed a piece of balled up material into his
hand and sat down.
Tommy looked at his mother with raised eyebrows
and then opened his hand. He felt his penis lurch
in his pants when he saw the silky pink balled up
material. It was his mom's panties. Suddenly, he
saw the waitress out of the corner of his eye and
quickly put the hand holding the panties below the
table. He didn't know if the waitress saw what was
in his hand but he did know his face was as red
as a beet. His mother just smiled at his obvious
After they had ordered dinner and the waitress was
gone, Tommy pulled his hand from under the table.
He looked at the tiny pair of panties and saw that
the crotch was soaked. Not even thinking, he
brought the crotch to his nose, inhaling deeply, his
eyes on his mother all the time.
Then Sue watched with shock as Tommy casually
opened the crotch and brought it to his lips.
He kissed the wet material and then made a show
of sticking out his tongue and licking the gusset
from one end to the other.
Sue sighed deeply and closed her eyes as a shiver
ran through her.
Tommy's penis was now fully erect. It was his first
taste of his mother's sex juices. He felt his hand
trembling as he forced himself to ball the material
up and put into his pocket. Then he reached down
adjusted his penis in the very tight confines of his
Sue suddenly realized that Tommy had one-upped
her. However, Sue wasn't done yet.
When dinner was served, Tommy and Sue ate in
silence, looking at each other with loving glances.
About mid-way through the meal, Tommy saw his
mom look around the restaurant. Seeing that no one
was close by, Sue reached up and began to
unbutton her sweater. Tommy thought she was
starting to get warm. When all the buttons were
undone, Sue pulled the sweater away from her
chest. Tommy was shocked to see that the blouse
was totally see-through; he could see all of his
mom's firm breasts with her hard pink nipples
pushing through the material. Tommy could no longer
concentrate on dinner. His thoughts were on the
fact that his mom was sitting across from him
naked under her clothes and that he just might get
to eat her tonight.
"Mom, can we go?" Tommy asked, his food only
half eaten.
"I think that is an excellent idea, besides, I think
I owe you a lesson."
Tommy's penis throbbed in his pants and he jumped
up and practically pulled his mother out of the
Driving home, Sue took off her sweater and sat
next to her son with only her see-through blouse
covering her chest. Tommy was going crazy trying to
keep his eyes on the road.
Sue knew that it was dangerous to tease him this
way when he was driving. However, she had been
thinking about what she was going to let him do all
day and it was driving her crazy with desire.
It was difficult for Tommy to keep within the speed
limit as he rushed home. He had barely come to
a stop at the house when he jumped out of the
car and ran around to open the door for his
mom. As Sue swung around, he got a close look
at his mom's exposed vagina. His eyes opened wide
in shock when he saw that she had no pubic hair.
The normally soft blond hair was all gone, leaving
her lips smooth and shiny. Tommy stood frozen
looking between his mother's legs. Now his heart
was pounding so loud that he thought she might
hear it.
When Sue made the decision to let Tommy eat her,
she decided to shave herself. His father loved her
that way. As she got out of the car, she stood in
front of him with a wide smile. "What's the
matter sweetie," she asked, knowing the answer
already. She smiled, realizing that she had the
upper hand again.
"Uh... uh... nothing," he struggled to say.
Sue turned and walked toward the house, still
It took a few seconds for Tommy to realize that he
was standing on the sidewalk alone. He hurried up
the walk and followed his mother into the house.
"Tommy, get me a glass of wine and bring it to
the living room for me please," Sue said, turning
to go into the living room.
Tommy rushed to get the wine, shaking so bad that
he nearly broke the glass. He tried to steady his
hands as he walked back to the living room. He
saw his mother sitting on the sofa waiting for him.
When he handed her the glass, his hand was
trembling so much that the wine almost spilled over
the top. He didn't notice that his mother's hand
was shaking as well.
Sue took a large drink of wine and patted the seat
next to her.
Tommy sat down without a word. He was afraid
that his voice wouldn't work.
Sue sighed and said, "Tommy, this is a big step
for us. I know that you have wanted to ea... uh
perform oral sex on me for a long time. Frankly,
I've wanted it just as much, if not more. It is
one of the things that I miss most about Bob. He
was very good. Your father... your father and I
used to do that all the time. In fact, the first
time was on a sofa just like this in his mother's
house. It was so crazy because his parents, your
grandparents, were sleeping in the next room. We
did many crazy things," she added as her eyes got
misty and she stopped talking.
Tommy reached over, took his mother's hand, and
sat silently, waiting for her to continue.
"I'm so confused sometimes Tommy. What we've
done is so wrong but... but I can't resist you. It
could be so dangerous for both of us. It's all so
"Mom... uh... we don't have to do."
"Shhh," Sue said and placed her fingers on
Tommy's lips.
Sue stood up in front of Tommy and slowly began
to unbutton her blouse. She shrugged it off her
shoulders and paused, letting Tommy look at her
large breasts so close to his face.
Tommy could see her excitement as her chest moved
up and down with her rapid breathing. His own
breath was beginning to come in short gasps.
Slowly, Sue began to pull her skirt up her thighs.
She paused for a second when it was just below
the level of her crotch, teasing Tommy. Then she
pulled it to her waist and a little moan of
excitement escaped her lips.
Tommy gasped. He had never seen anything so
exciting in his young life. On display in front of
him was his mother's very wet and swollen sex.
There wasn't a speck of hair anywhere on the
surface, from her navel to her thighs. The outer
lips were so smooth that they were almost shining.
The inner lips were protruding and there were
strings of her sex juice hanging precariously, ready
to drip to the floor. Her thighs, all the way to
the tops of her nylons, were sparkling with her
When Sue saw that Tommy was ready to grab her,
she pushed him back. "Wait," she said and turned
to walk over to a comfortable chair. She left her
high heels on and her skirt pulled up around her
waist as she sat in the chair. Then she lifted her
legs and threw them over the arms of the chair,
pushing her sex out at her son in an obscene
Sue crooked her finger at her son and said in a
breathless tone, "I think the best position for you
is on your knees between my legs."
Tommy jumped up and hurried over to his mother,
his eyes never leaving her displayed sex.
"Take your clothes off first."
Sue watched as Tommy stripped in record time,
throwing his clothes on the floor in his haste. Then
she looked at her son's totally naked body. Her
eyes traveled up and down his body, settling on his
pulsing erection. God, he's going to drive the
women crazy someday, she thought.
Tommy fell to his knees between Sue's legs and
brought his mouth very close to her swollen and
leaking sex. He put his trembling hands on her
thighs, forcing them further apart, intending to dive
"Just a minute, sweetie," Sue said, putting her
hands on her son's shoulders to hold him back.
"You need a few lessons in the female anatomy
before you EAT ME," Sue said, emphasizing the
words "eat me".
Tommy sat back and watched as his mom spread
her legs even further apart. As he looked on with
wide eyes, his mother used her fingers to open the
pink lips. Tommy felt his mouth begin to water. He
could smell her excitement and see the juice
bubbling in her open hole.
"You see this little button here?" Sue said, pointing
to her clit. "This is the center of a woman's
sexual arousal. It is very sensitive and needs to be
treated with great kindness. I will tell you more
about that in a minute. Down here are my outer
and inner lips." Sue stretched the inner lips apart,
letting him see how flexible they were.
"The outer lips are not as sensitive and can be
handled a bit more forcefully. However, these," she
said, fingering the inner lips, "can be quite
sensitive. Look how wet they get when I get
excited." Sue tried to keep her voice calm and
appeared to be very matter-of-fact in her
deion. However, on the inside she was burning
up with need. Watching the wonder and excitement
in her son's eyes was almost more than she could
Tommy could see the thick juice now trickling out of
his mother's hole. He could feel his own penis
pouring juice out as he waited for her to let him
eat her. He was breathing through his mouth now
in an attempt to get enough oxygen. His head was
spinning like he was falling from a great height.
"Inside the hole is where the cock goes and is
very receptive to a soft tongue." Sue began to
breath very hard as she forced herself to continue
the deion. "Ohhhhh!" Sue moaned when her
finger brushed against the sensitive clit. "As I... as
I showed you before, this... this is my... my
clit," Sue said, spreading the lips wide and letting
the tiny nub peek out, her hands shaking with
Tommy focused his eyes where his mother was
pointing. He was fascinated by the smooth piece of
flesh between her lips. It almost looked like a
miniature head of a penis.
"My clit is... is... very sensitive. When I'm this
excited, even a little touch can send me off. It's
very swollen now. Be very gentle with it, please,"
Sue said, almost delirious.
Tommy knew most of this stuff from high school
biology. However, that had been a big joke with
none of the boys paying much attention. Now,
watching and hearing his mom talk about her sexual
parts had him shaking with desire. His eyes never
left her sexual parts as she began to use her
finger to massage her spread lips.
"Ohhhhh Jesus!" Sue moaned, closing her eyes in
He watched in amazement as she put first one
finger inside of herself. Then she added a second
and a third until all three fingers were inside her,
almost to the last knuckle. When she pulled them
out, they were slick with juice.
Sue held her trembling fingers up to her son.
Tommy's mouth closed around all three fingers,
sucking loudly. Was it him or his mom that moaned?
The taste was like nothing he had ever tasted
before. It was thicker and much sweeter than the
little bit he had tasted on her panties.
"I want you to put your tongue right here
Tommy," Sue said in a shaky voice, pointing to
her spread open hole. "It's time for you to
practice your lesson. I want you to eat my juicy
cunt. I need your tongue so bad, please, please,
EAT ME NOW," Sue said, suddenly losing control
and almost screaming.
Tommy quickly bent forward, his mouth inches from
her dripping lips.
Sue placed both hands on the sides of his head,
trying to pull his face into her steaming crotch.
Tommy resisted, now the one torturing them both.
With his face an inch from her dripping lips, he
breathed in deeply; her wonderful smell excited him
tremendously. Then his tongue came out to touch
the slippery lips. He heard his mom moan, as his
tongue touched her sex for the first time. Then his
tongue brought the taste into his mouth.
Sue watched her son swallow her juice and moaned.
She grasped his head again, her desire back under
control for the moment. "Gently, gently, lick around
the lips," she instructed, moving his head with her
Tommy let his mother move his head around, his
tongue stretched out for her pleasure. Suddenly, he
wondered why his friends talk about this in gross
terms. He found it a beautiful and intimate act. He
knew instantly that he would love it for the rest of
his life.
His mom didn't need to hold his head any longer
as Tommy began to use his tongue and lips on his
own. His mouth covered her hole and he began to
suck the swollen lips inside. Then he bit them
gently and then used his tongue to lap across the
wrinkled surface.
"Ohhhhhhh, that's it, that's it, suck them, suck
my lips. Oh my God, I can't stand it. Suck me,
suck Mom's cunt," Sue screamed almost
incoherently. Then, she began to buck her hips into
his face. She pulled his head up slightly, his tongue
making contact with her swollen clit. Her legs shot
up and wrapped around his neck, imprisoning his
mouth in her wet flesh.
That was all she could stand. Suddenly, she let out
a long wail and went over the top, shuddering and
screaming as a tremendous climax overtook her. She
pulled the poor boy's head hard into her convulsing
vagina, almost smothering him in the process.
Tommy didn't mind at all. His face was inundated
in his mom's juice. Her lips were spread on his
face, spreading her slick juice from his chin to his
forehead. It almost felt like his face was buried in
a juicy watermelon.
"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh my God
Tommmmmmmmmyyyyyy!!!" Sue's hips were pushed
up in the air and she was almost on her back on
the cushion of the chair.
Tommy let his face be used for his mom's
pleasure. He pushed his tongue deep into her
convulsing hole and the slick walls inside her vagina
quivered around it.
Sue's climax went on and on. Each time she
thought she was done, Tommy would hit a new
spot and bring her to a peak again. She thought
she might pass out as her heart pounded and she
gasped for breath.
Finally, Sue's body began to relax with little tremors
still running through her. Then, she had to push
Tommy's face away from her now sensitive sex lips.
She had never had a climax as good or one that
lasted as long. Her body felt like a limp rag. She
was slumped on the chair; both legs still wrapped
around Tommy's neck. When she looked at her son
kneeling between her legs, there was a silly grin on
his face. His face was literally covered with her
"My God, I had forgotten how good it felt to be
eaten," Sue gasped when she could talk again.
"Tommy, you just gave me the best climax of my
life. Thank you... thank you, you were wonderful.
I love you so much," Sue said, looking into his
eyes lovingly.
Tommy sat back on his haunches, smiling like the
cat that ate the canary.
"Come here and let me take care of you," Sue
said, pulling Tommy from his kneeling position.
Tommy jumped up and stood next to his mom,
bringing his dripping penis close to her mouth.
"God, I love this cock," Sue said to herself as
she brought her son's swollen penis to her face.
As she held his shaft tight, she could actually feel
his wildly beating heart though his penis. When she
squeezed she saw a large clear drop of liquid
bubble out then run down and across her fingers.
She closed her eyes, bringing the head to her
mouth. She and Tommy moaned as her lips circled
the swollen head. The head filled her mouth as her
lips squeezed the shaft. She held it like that,
sucking just the head. Her saliva flowed, coating the
head in her warm mouth. She almost forgot about
Tommy as she lost herself in the excitement of
sucking him.
Suddenly remembering that her son was attached to
this incredible penis, she pulled away and looked up
at him. Then she said in a whisper, "I am going
to suck your cock Tommy. Your mom wants to suck
all the juice out of your balls. Do you want me to
suck you? Do you want your mom to swallow all
that delicious sperm? Tell me, tell me you want me
to suck you until you squirt into my mouth."
"Yes, yes, please, put it back in your mouth,
please suck it," Tommy moaned at his mother's
nasty words.
Sue took his penis deep into her warm and wet
mouth again, making loud sucking noises, which
were intended to let her son know how much she
loved sucking him.

Tommy couldn't take much more. He had held off
as long as possible. It felt like an explosion in his
head as chills went through his body. His body
tensed and his hips pushed forward. It almost felt
as if it were happening in slow motion when his
penis throbbed and a huge load of cum began
traveling up the long shaft. He could feel it rushing
to be released.
Sue was prepared for it this time. She moved his
thrusting shaft back slightly so she could take the
first strong squirts into her mouth and not her
throat. Suddenly, her son began to spew like a fire
hose, filling her mouth over and over with his thick
sperm. Sue swallowed each shot and sucked for
more, her hand pumping up and down rapidly.
Incredibly, the thrill of her son's sperm squirting
into her mouth excited her again. Sue felt her sex
lips quiver and another little climax shook her.
Eventually, the flow slowed and then stopped. Sue
continued to suck hard, trying to get the last few
precious drops.
Finally, Tommy pulled away and staggered over to
the sofa and fell, gasping for breath. He saw his
mother still on her knees, smiling at him. There
was not a drop of his cum on her face anywhere.
She had swallowed it all.
It was a night that both mother and son would
remember forever.
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