Carissa is ready for night two of her new found fun at camp.
The next morning started as usual except for the great sleep I had after being with Carissa the night before. The morning wake up call was made and breakfast would soon be served. I walked down to the mess hall and grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to do some paper work for the mentors.
Before I knew it the place was buzzing with activity. Campers came in from all the dorms and were lining up to get their meal and mentors telling them the usual, “Don’t cut…quit running…quit yelling!” Typical morning so far and no one looking at me strangely, but I did have something keeping my head on a swivel watching for unusual whispers or conversations going on.

Bailey, one of the female mentors for the preteens walked by and asked if I was still going to be working with them today. “Yeah, I will probably work the whole week with you guys!” She smiled and said, “Good, you are better suited for what these kids need. They need a father figure in their lives.” As I stated a lot of these kids have one parent and are usually ignored by them most of the time. Money brings a lot of “things” to the kids but not the attention that they needed on a regular basis. I enjoyed that part of my summer job.

When I got up to go and get another cup of coffee I looked over at the line of campers and saw Carissa getting her tray and heading to a table with three other preteen girls. All of them were cute and all seemingly about the same size as Carissa. And Carissa didn’t stand out as a knock out by any means but held her own in shape and sweetness.

I immediately felt my cock begin to grow and quickly sat down and began watching as a very animated conversation began at Carissa’s table. I began to worry about her saying something to the other girls about our time together the night before. Sweat beaded up on my forehead and it started getting hot in the mess hall, or at least to me it was getting hot. I watched her and the other three girls giggle and smile as I drank my coffee. Not once did Carissa look over at me and when a couple of the senior boys walked by, I realized that they were giggling about boys and not our experience from last night.

As breakfast ended I caught Carissa’s eye and she smiled and quickly raised her eyebrows letting me know she was okay with everything. That was a relief to know that it wasn’t going to be between anyone else but us. My mind was at rest.

The rest of the morning activities began as I watched from my perch on the deck which was atop the main building where I could see the recreation area and sports areas. There were two of these areas. One was for the seniors and one was for the juniors. The mentors had them exercising and running around then taking breaks to rest. That is when I got the call on my radio from Bailey. “Can you come to the ropes course area, we have a little problem.” “I’ll be right there” I said.

Climbing down the stairs at a rapid rate I wondered what it could be. I knew it wasn’t an medical emergency but rather something to do with discipline due to the protocols we had in place for those situations. As I neared the landing of the stairs Bailey had two little girls by the wrist and was heading my way.

“These two were arguing and Jessie called Lacy a name and then began to cuss me out when I got on to her about it.”

“Jessie, what name did you call Lacy” I asked?

“I called her a bitch, because that is what she is. She snuck out of her dorm last night and met one of the guys at the bath house and I was mad about it.” That was a little disconcerting as campers could be sent home for that offense.

“Why did you call her a bitch?” I asked.

“She didn’t take me with her. We made a deal that we would go together.”

This was getting more interesting by the minute. It seemed that Lacy met a kid at the bath house to make out with her and Jessie was supposed to go with her. Lacy was one of the more endowed preteens at camp, as was Jessie, and they didn’t have trouble attracting the boys. We talked for a few more minutes and then I asked the question, “Did anyone else know about this?” “Just the boy I met,” Lacy stated.

“Okay, here is what we are going to do. You are both to go to K.P. duty at lunch and dinner. After that we will see what happens. And no more sneaking out, do you understand me?”

They walked off as Bailey stood there looking at me. “Yep, you may be too much like a Father figure to some of these girls.” She laughed and said, “You and I would have gotten along just fine when I was those girls ages.” Bailey was a very petite young woman about 21 or 22. Strawberry blond, freckles and a nice petite set of tits, probably 34 b. One thing that stood out was her ass. You could sit a glass on her ass and it would almost stand up without her bending over. I had noticed her a time or two since she arrived earlier that summer. I smiled and said, “You think?” “Yeah…you are cool with the kids and you don’t go overboard with hounding them with the rules and regulations. The discipline fit the crime this time. I like that about you.”
I told her thanks and that I thought she was doing a good job as well. As Lacy and Jessie walked away I couldn’t help but notice Bailey’s gaze hanging on to them and then she stated, “Those two are going to make someone happy someday.”

“That is the truth, but don’t you have a boy friend.” She continued staring at the two girls and said, “We broke up. He couldn’t handle not being with me for the summer so he dumped me. Anyway, he was immature and wasn’t very good in bed. How about you? Do you have a girlfriend?”

“I have a woman I see back home, but it isn’t complicated. We have a good time. She has her career and I have my time. We strive not to let our feelings over ride the sex and fun. She has a guy she sees occasionally besides me and it is okay.”

“Nice set up. I might have to look into that” she quipped.

“Not bad, gives me room to branch out a little and not feel like I am cheating on anyone.”

“So, how long since you have seen her?”

“A month.”

“A MONTH?” she challenged. “I can’t handle that for sure. Hell, what do you do when you get the urge, you got someone here you are seeing?”

“No, I usually take care of things myself.”

“Well, if you get tired of Rosey Palm and her five sisters, let me know. I might be in for a little fun after hours.”

“Girl, you are on! But, I’ll let you know when. What time do you usually go to the loft?”

“After the girls are down and most of them are asleep.”

“You’ll have to wait until you get those two ‘bitches’ asleep before stepping out for the next two nights.” I reminded her.

“I know. But we can make a date for Thursday night if you want.”

“It’s a deal” And as I said that she winked and I felt myself getting excited to nail this little titan petite morsel of life. I watched her ass in her tight gym shorts walk across the rec area back to her brood of little preteen girls and get back to the exercising and games.

As I turned around, there was Carissa. Standing across a volleyball court with a gleam in her eyes she made me understand that she wanted to come over and talk to me a minute. I nodded and she smiled and ran over to me.

“What was that all about?” she asked.

“Nothing much, two girls arguing over sneaking out last night and one not telling the other.”

“I heard that Lacy was messing around with a guy from dorm 2. I guess it was true.”

“I don’t know how much messing around they were doing but they won’t be doing it anymore this week after hours.”

She reached out and touched my hand and then quickly dropped hers back down to her side. “Can I sneak out tonight?”

“You have my permission, just be careful. I can get you out of trouble for sneaking out, but if they catch us together, I’m cooked.”

“I know. I am not saying anything to anyone, but I will say this, I can’t wait!”

The next five hours passed without incident, which is always good for someone in my position. There was talk of the loft at the mentors table and who all was going. As we finished dinner, Bailey walked by and asked, “Are you heading to your apartment after dinner. I have a twenty minute break due to me and I was thinking that….” She smiled and I instantly got the rising in my cock that was ready for action. “I am. Would you come and see me, I have a lady and her sisters that need some rest.” I stated knowing that I had not jacked off but gotten to spew my cum into an 11 year old the night before and would be looking to do so again tonight after hours.

As I walked back to my apartment I made eye contact with Carissa and knew she would be by my side as we had the evening activity still to come, but that was an hour away.

Bailey nearly beat me to the door of my apartment. I had just closed it when I heard her knock and let me know it was her. “Come on in” I said. She let herself in and was undressing before the door shut. She dropped her uniform top onto the floor exposing her small breasts and her curvy waist. I immediately came out of my shirt and shorts allowing my cock to be exposed which she instantly grabbed and went to her knees.

This girl knew what she was doing. Spitting on my cock to lubricate it she began giving me one of the better blow jobs I have ever had. She took me all the way in and began bobbing up and down as I stood there in sheer enjoyment. She ran her hands up my legs and onto my ass and then brought her hands between my legs and spread them apart. She licked her finger and began massaging my ass with her wet finger and inserted it up to her first knuckle. Her movement and mouth were in perfect rhythm and I was building up a load. She felt me getting close to climax and pulled away and blew on my cock to cool it off. She stood up and for the first time I touched her small little breasts and her perky nipples. I was taken aback as to really how petite she was and then she slipped off her gym shorts and thong and moved in for another kiss.
I lightly moved my mouth to hers and slowly inserted my tongue into her mouth and as we twirled them together I picked her up and moved her to the bed. I laid her down and began kissing her neck while lowering my hand between her legs. She spread her legs out and I began gently rubbing her clit. Not a word was exchanged during the whole series of events but one thing was for sure, we were both enjoying each other’s body. I continued rubbing her clit as I moved my mouth to her neck and then down to those perky nipples on those little titties. Circling her nipples with my tongue I continued working on her clit as she began a rhythm with her hips of back and forth. As I moved my mouth down to her belly and then on to her left thigh she was beginning to moan. I moved over and began licking her clit and inserting my tongue into her beautiful strawberry blond trimmed pussy bringing her to her first hard cum. She was the first girl I had been with that actually spewed her cum and it was all over my face and chest.

As I began to bring my cock to her pussy she pulled me down and began licking her cum off of my chest and face. I slipped my cock inside her and she was so tight that I couldn’t believe she was as sexually active as she seemed. I thought for a moment I had plugged her ass instead of her pussy and had to check to make sure. It was her pussy and it was tight and wet.

I pumped in and out of her for what seem like minutes but I know I didn’t last that long. She came another time and as she did I exploded a load into her and pumped her full for another minute or two. We kissed and cuddled for a minute and she said, “I’ve got to go. I’m going to be late.”

“We can’t have that,” I stated and she began to put her clothes back on. “That was great. I had a feeling you would be good in bed. I didn’t know it would be this easy.”

“Easy is my middle name. Now, go take care of those girls and are we still on for Thursday night?”

“You betcha!” she stated walking out of my apartment. With a wink she was gone.

Thirty minutes to shower and get ready for the evening activity was all I had so I had to make the best of it. Tonight we were going to be having a capture the flag game on the rec field and I would be posted on my perch after it all got started.

“Hey,” came the call from Carissa. “are we not going to be able to sit together?”

“Not really, but don’t worry, I’ll see you a little later.” I winked at her and she smiled heading to where her meeting place for her dorm was.

The game went on without incident and Dorm 4 had more captures than anyone else and was declared champions. They all celebrated and Carissa walked by me and said, “See you later!” I smiled and watched all the mentors gathering their campers up and getting them into their dorms.

I walked across to my apartment and sat down and opened a beer and relaxed doing some paperwork for the end of the day. Lights out signal was given to the camp and about an hour later the mentors would be heading to the loft and I would be expecting a knock at the door from Carissa.

It happened about 45 minutes after lights out. A faint knock and as I opened the door Carissa was already coming out of her night gown and my cock didn’t waste time coming to full attention.

“I fingered myself from the time I went to bed till the mentors left. I am so horny I can’t wait to feel you in me.”
I reached down and cupped her budding breast in my left hand while holding her head with my right and kissing her softly on her lips as she pushed my boxers over my ass and down to the floor. She immediately began stroking my hard cock and as the passion for this little girl ran through my body, I wanted to ram my cock into her little girl pussy and suck on her little tits. She held on to me with what seemed like extraordinary strength. I slipped the head of my cock into her pussy and began slowly pumping in and out of her in short strokes opening her up little by little. As I hit my stride with her holding fiercely now with her arms around my neck I shoved my hardness deep into her and when she moaned in pleasure she came with as hard a climax I can imagine a little girl having. When she squeezed my cock in her cum soaked pussy I exploded my load four to five times into her. It was so unlike any fuck I had had. I thought Bailey was tight, but Carissa’s just plucked virgin pussy was tighter than anything I had ever had. I finished cumming and slowly proceeded to stop and just let her pussy pulsate on my softening cock.

She reached down and held my cock as it was still inside her and said, “That feels so weird to know you are inside of my body and it feel so good.”

“You are so fucking good to be so fucking young. Your little budding breast and little nipples and fucking tight pussy, I don’t know what I am going to do when you have to go home on Saturday. Fuck! Shit! I am not looking forward to that.”

“I know. But I don’t live that far away. It only took two hours for us to get here.”

I knew that after pulling her records and attained her address. Don’t think I hadn’t check that out already. I was planning ahead.

My cock continued to soften and as she held on to it she said, “One of the girls at my table at breakfast was telling us that she actually sucked her uncle’s penis, cock, whatever you call it.”

“Cock is fine.” I stated. “When did she suck it, I mean, before they fucked or was it after.”

“I don’t know. Before I think. That is what he got her to do first after playing with his cock through his pants. She was horny and let him catch her naked. She left her bedroom door cracked enough for him to see and she began fingering herself on her bed knowing that he was going to be walking by. She said that he wouldn’t touch her, so I guess they never fucked at all. I’ll have to ask her about that tomorrow. I know he walked up and watched her cum and while she was fingering herself she reached up and started jacking him off? Is that what they call it? Anyway, through his pants. He pulled out his cock and spewed his cum all over her as she laid their naked. She said he made her take his cock in her mouth and lick the rest of the cum off. Do you like to have your cock sucked before or after…I would like to try that if you want sometime.”

“I like it anytime Carissa.”

I pulled completely out of her pussy and stood up helping her to sit on the edge of the bed. I took my cock and put it up to her mouth and she took it in and began bobbing and sucking. She wasn’t as proficient as Bailey, but it was good.

“My cum is on your cock too isn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes, and you are doing a great job of sucking my cock. Keep going.”

My cock grew back to where I was building up another climax. I began kneading her budding breasts and tweaking her nipples while her head was bobbing back and forth. I laid her down and reversed myself into a 69 on the bed and began licking her slit and clit. She began bucking and sucking harder. As I pumped up and down into her mouth and licked on her delicious pussy juices and drank them in, I began to really fuck her little mouth. I tried to slow down but I just couldn’t. She gagged a little and I pulled out to give her some air but then I slammed down again into her deeply. I took my finger and plunged it into her pussy and wet it as much as I could. Her juices were flowing down her crack and I moistened her ass hole with it and inserted my middle finger all the way inside her ass. She immediately came and allowed more of her juices soak her crack. As she came in a bolt I shot my load down her throat and allowed her to drink in every drop I could.
“Carissa, I hope that wasn’t too much for you. I didn’t scare you did I. I just couldn’t stop.”

“When you were licking me down there and you put your finger up my hole, I couldn’t keep from cumming. I was so ready. I love the taste of your cock and your cum. Can we do it again?”

How do you tell and 11 year old that, “Hey, I have already came three times today.”

“Carissa, we have all week. We need to be able to save something and have something to look forward to. This is just Tuesday night. I’ll see you tomorrow night. Also, tomorrow night’s activity may be fun. We are going to watch a movie. I’ll try to save you a seat.”

I kissed her and we showered and I got her out just before the midnight bell. It was a night I would never forget, but one I would want to repeat again and again.

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