Hi everybody, my name is Jr., and this is the story of how I turned my little girl into my little whore

Anyhow, I was the father of a beautiful little girl named Aran, who was 13 going on 14 at the time. Unfortunately I have to admit, I really hadn't done my duty as a father for quite some time. I had quit spending time with her when she was still a todler, and had begun to ignore her more and more ever since. Then one day I noticed her again, in a different way.

We were going out as a family, and when she climbed in the car, last as usual, I looked back to ask her if she was ready and could have swore I could see her snatch up her short little skirt.

"Are you wearing any underwear?" I blurted out.

She turned beat red and stammered out "Y-Y-Yes, of course"

Her bright red face and inability to look at me told me the truth though. All the rest of the day I kept thinking about it. That sweet, untouched virgin pussy exposed for the taking. It was barely hidden under that little skirt too! If she sat down too quickly, like in the car, it would be exposed. I felt my dick begin to swell at the thought. No! I couldn't think like that! She was my daughter, me her father, these were bad thoughts! I had to get them out of my head.

For the next week or so, i completely avoided her, hardly even saw her. Whenever I was alone though... The thought of my beautiful little teen daughter came into my head, long brown hair, perfect little titties, smooth, flat, tummy, tight little ass, slender hips. HHHHMMMMM and that beautiful little pussy... NO! This was soooo wrong, how could I think of my own sweet little girl this way? Then again, how could I not? She was indeed a beautiful sight to behold. I found myself wondering about all the boys at school looking at her, lusting after her. I bet even grown men turned their heads when she walked by. The thought of men wanting my daughter made me very aroused, i wondered if she had any experience with men. My dick began to grow as I slowly stroked it, thinking of my gorgeous little girl being felt up. Her tight little ass cheeks squeezed in my big hands, as I sucked and kissed on her neck. The thought of her kneeling down and taking my cock out, holding it in her hand, licking it, then sucking it between her beautiful lips. I bet she had sucked cock, the little whore didnt wear any panties on family outings. I jerkined my dick furiously, thinking the whole time of my sexy, sluty underage daughter bent over the desk in front of me. Her tight little ass turning red from my spanking, face down until I jerked her head back by her long brown hair.... I exploded all over the place there, three, then four thick streams of cum shooting out of my cock.

Over the next few days I found myself masturbating think of my daughter four and five times a day. I couldn't help myself, those little shorts she wore around the house, and she never wore a bra at home, showing me her pert little tits and pointy nipples everyday. For about a month I was willing to leave it at that, just a fantasy, you know? A little sick, a little weird, but no harm done as long as it stayed in my mind. Then the little slut sealed her own fate.

I was at work, as was my wife and Aran was at school one day, a perfectly normal weekday I thought, until I got a call from the police. They said they had my daughter Aran for a charge of minor in possesion of alcohol and truancy, along with a young man, and a homeless man who had apparently supplied them with the alcohol. As I drove out there I grew more and more furious, that little bitch! I had to take a day of work because I couldnt trust that little whore to do something as simple as go to school? I was gonna teach her a lesson, when I pulled up though, thats what sealed the deal for that little girl, this next part is where she crossed the line from my little girl to my little whore. As I approached I could see she was clearly drunk as a skunk, but whats more is that the boy had been feeling her up at least! He clothes were in complete disarray, her shirt was pulled up and crooked, her pants were unbuttoned at the top. Her and her little boyfriend must have put on quite a show in exchange for that vodka. It was that moment right there that I stopped seeing her as my darling daughter and started seeing her as a little fuck toy for me to use, and thats just what I planned to do. After a short talk with the officer, during which he commended me for keeping my cool so well, and a warning to Aran about alcohol he released her to my custody. That was probably a mistake.

I put Aran in the car and started home I didnt say a word to her all the way home, I could see in her eyes that she was quite frightend of me and what I would do to her for this though.

At one point she meekly asked "Are you gonna tell Mom?"

Little cunt always did respect her Mom more than me, "SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH YOU LITTLE WHORE" I roared at her.

She sank into her seat and was silent for the rest of the ride home, crying softly to herself. When we arrived home, I stalked around to her door and yaked it open, reaching inside and jerking her out by the arm.

"OUCH DAD, you're hurting me" she squeeled.

" Not as much as I'm about to you worthless little slut, now get in the house" I calmly replied to her.

Her eyes filled with tears as she turned and slowly trudged inside. As soon as we were inside, I shut the door and locked it. Then I took two quick strides over to her and hauled her into my study, throwing her face first onto the deskI came up behind her, and ran my hands up her sides, roughly squeezing her little tits. "You like that don't you? LIttle whore" I told her with contempt in my voice.

"Dad, what are you doing?" she shreiked at me.

"Get your clothes off and get whats coming to you", I told her.

""No Dad, thats sick!" she screamed at me, "What's wrong with you?'.

I smacked her hard acrossed her face, sending her to the floor where she lay sobbing. "If you can be a little whore for that boy and that homeless guy you can be one for your Daddy, NOW GET YOUR CLOTHES OFF! Last chance you little bitch"

"N-n-n-o Dad, please....." she sobbed out.

I calmly pulled my belt off, grabbed her by the hair and drug her over to my easy chair where I jerked her tight little jeans down, exposing her perfect little ass. Then I hauled her up over my knees and began to spank her with the belt, hard. Over and over I beat her little ass until it was bright red. This had my dick rather hard, so I threw her facedown on the floor and stood over her and took my pants off while she lay there and sobbed. Once I was undressed I knelt behind her and pulled her up by the hair, jamming three of my fingers deep inside her pussy.
She screamed out loud and tried to pull away, but everytime I jerked her back by her hair again. Whether she knew it or not, she was fucking herself this way.

The whole time she pleaded with me, "please don't, don't do this daddy, please, oh God, please stop"

She began to cry hysterically when I knelt down and started talking into her ear. "See that you little whore, you dont even have a cherry because you've already shoved evferything around the house up that little pussy haven't you?"

She froze momentarily, "Yeah thats right you little slut, I know all about you shoving things up your pussy, and that little ass too. Like my screwdrivers, your hairbrush, your markers, Oh yeah, Daddy knows what kind of whore he has here, Now Daddy is gonna shove things up there".

I snickered at her, man was this possy tight, it was hard working my three fingers in there but it was beging to get really wet also. So I pulled up, and withdrew my fingers, pressing my cock up against her pussy lips.

"No please dont, please Daddy dont do it" she begged me. It did absolutly no good at all, I jammed all 8" deep down inside of that tight little fuckhole.

"Damn this pussy is tight you cunt, Daddy's gonna fuck it good, so tight and hot, and look how wet you got for your Daddy." I told her as I started to move my dick inside of my daughters 13 year old pussy.

She seemed to have given up the fight by now, so I just slowly fucked her, letting her pussy get used to the intrussion. Then I started to move faster, keeping her head pulled back by her hair steading pumping in and out of the cunt, seeing its juices get all over my dick while I kept up a steady rithym.

Then I decided to have some fun, I leaned up close to her ear and started to talk " Yeah you like that dont you, you little whore? How many boys have you lket fuck you huh? 5, 10?"

"No Daddy nobody she sobbed"

"Whatt!?" I exclaimed, steadily fucking her little cunt " You're full of shit you slut" then I started to pound the pussy, smacking her hard on her ass everytime.

"N-n-noo Daddy I swear, I never, please Daddy" She screamed out.

I fucked all the more harder after that "Little cockteasing slut you're gonna now, you're gonna be Daddy's whore, this is my pussy".

I quit smacking her ass so I could focus more on fucking her harder, I had grabbed ahold of both her hips by now and was pulling her into me as I slammed forward as hard as I could into her. Her pussy was starting to loosen up, as hard as I was fucking her I wasn't surprised by that really. The sight of her there on the floor, tears streaming, little titties boucing, legs spread for me drove me over the edge. I had to cum, real soon too. I pulled my cock out of her with an audible pop. There was alot of pussy juice on it, and a little blood, Oh well.

"Get up on your knees Aran" I told her. She must have realized resisting was stupid, because she complied.

"Y-y-y-es Daddy" She said and knelt in front of me.

"Tell Daddy your a dirty whore, tell you Daddy to cum all over your sluttly face"

"I'm a dirty whore Daddy, cum all over my sluttly face please Daddy" She said while I was stroking my cock.

Seeing her say that there on her knees, so beautiful, young and innocent, and a perfect whore. That did it, I came hard, one two three spurts of thick white cum shot out of my dick and onto my little girls pretty face, that drove two more out of me, onto her cheek and into her hair. I sat down as she sank down to the floor, and you may think it's over, but this is only the begining...

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2014-06-03 21:55:41
I love u but it isn't really real

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2014-04-10 04:50:16
Fucked up you sick motherfuckers.

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2013-10-17 11:00:04
The comments are hotter than the story. I love little girl pussy. Nothing better.

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2013-07-15 18:30:25
I have this real Naughty girlfriend. Named Jessica she is 26 yrs old and has A Daughter Emily that is 8 yrs old jessica us 5'0 90lbs Emily is 4'2 maybe 55lbs max. Well jesdica came home high on crack one nite I was. Furious! She was soo horny and Naughty she started saying ok fine! Then :punish me Daddy! And stripped. Naked. I Was savage fucking her the she screamed. IMG DADDY Stop! Ur hurting my baby Pussy .. then started saying. Ok then I want to watch U Fuck Emily Daddy! She went in got. Em and made her undtess and said. Emily ur gonna fuck Daddy Now! She rubbed astroglide on her virgin pussy and made Emily sit in my 9" cock I was soo turned on I flipped her over on her back and fucked her to the bottom of her uterus! Em jus screamed and said yes Omg daddy it feels sooo gooid Fuuuck Me! Then I cummed soo much it ran out her soo tiny Pussy $! Thank you Baby Em! Now ur a Daddys Girl!

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2013-07-15 18:01:06
My girlfriend is 27 and is 5'0 tall and 90 lbs with very tiny titties and looks like shes maybe 25 tops she has a real tiny daughter Emily thats 8 yrs old and about 4'2 and weighs maybe 55lbs max. I was. Fucking her crazy one nite cause she was soo high on crack and talking really Naughty to me! As she started cumming she started saying Omg Daddy. Its too Big Stop! I jus went crazy and slammed my 9" cock deep in her tiny Pussy! Then after that she was soo Horny she said. I Want to watch U fuck Emmy. Daddy! PLEASE! so she went in End room. Got her and brought her to me. I seen Emily Butt naked and she climbed in bed I wastesd no time I rubbed Astroglide on her soo very. Tiny Pussy. And soread her very tiny thighs. Wide. And and said Ok baby girl. Mommy wants Daddy to be ur first. Fuck! I Put it at the entrance of her Virgin. Pussy. And made Emmy watch as I slid all 9% of my fat cock get her tiny pussy! She started Screaming Android I pounded her and shhok and crued and screamed OMG YES

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