I am sharing mg true story. Hope to win your comments
Singaporean girls are mostly shortA few more times over the next 2 months where I learn and upgraded my skills in sex but lost contact after I got my second bf.
This is my first post and I hope you guys can comments and encourage me to share more and carry on postings..and small breast.
My dad is a pure Singaporean while my mum is a Indonesian Chinese with Portugal grandfather. Due to that I am lucky to have fair skin, adorable smile and nice complexion. My name is kristy. Standing at 1.64m and have a satisfy firm breast of c cup. With some good exercise I manage to keep myself to 32 c 24 32 nice figure.
I am never a traditional asian. I love to venture. My first sexual experience was when I was 13 watching the first porn with my cousin. I was still very innocent then. Masterbating was the only thing I know. Using fingers, boosters and sometime vibrators were my only fantasy.
It was not long before I had my first bf kenny. He was like me a virgin. He was a local Chinese and with well athletes built. We never had real sex as both of us were too inexperienced. We did some kissing and he would finger my trimmed pussy and lick my errected nipples. He was too timid and traditional to try more.
I lost my virgin at 13. While with kenny but not to him. It was his cousion birthday party that we attended. The birthday boy was Andy. He was 21 standing at a good 1.83 m tall . He was had nice body firm mussles from his canoe training.
Once I saw him I was so attracted by his tight vest which reveals his sexy chest. Almost instantly I could feel my nipples protruding out of my silky white tube and moisture in my g strings under my mini skirt. Fantasy was running but in my mind I knew I am not the one as ICould see that there are many girls flirting with him.
So I turned my hotness to kenny instead. I did dirty dancing with him. Moving up and down my bf and feeling his errected dick on my butt and pussy. Sticking my breast to him to enjoy being rubbed by his body. Moisture from my pussy turn to liquid. It was not long before I feel wet. Real wet that never before. I need to touch my pussy. I pulled him away to a quiet corner and start kissing him.
Who will guess he choose to answer his phone at this point of time. Frustrated I walked away and wonder around the house and pass a bedroom with door half ajar. Andy was lying down on his bed. Drunk I guess. I gather my courage and went in and locked the door. Looking at him I fell why not? If a guy can make the move why not a girl. He was sound asleep. I move myself on top of him. What am I doing? I cant clear my thoughts. I want him! So badly.
I shyly gave a peck on his face. And to his lips. Then there's reaction. He was half awake and kissed me back. He was such a good kisser that we were frenching for a good 10 mins at least. He starts to be more sober. Kristy. .. andy called softly. He slowly squeeze my breast and massage them. Kissing me from lips to neck. Licking every parts and making me every reason to get so so wet. Ahh.. I gave a soft moan. He removed my tube easily and instantly licked my nipples. ....mmmm... ooo. I cant stop moaning. Before I knew it he had removed my mini skirt and touching my pussy.
I just Got lost and did not know what to do.. I never been touched so much. I squirt and cum for the first time in my life. Arhhhhh.... I held him tight to me. Bitting his shoulder in the process. He removed his tee. Lick me he said. I obediently followed. Nipples too he command. Its bit strange to me for first time but seeing him enjoy I just proceed more and enjoyed myself.
He undress me completely and removed his jeans exposed his 7 inch long dick. First real dick I seen life.
Lick it. How I stupidly asked. He showed me by licking amd sucking my fingers. Do the same kristy. The taste was bit fishy but I did like the aroma. He skillfully turned me into a 69 position. Giving me the virgin oral sex. I was so high I could hard suck him and ended up mmmm ooo arhh. Lick lick suck and arhhh ohhh. Its so nice. His dick just harden and my pussy was covered with his saliva and he pin me down. Licked my legs and opened my legs.
I am a bitch I must admit. I pulled him close to me and shyly say fuck me please.
Without second thoughts he inserted his dick into my pussy. Ahhh. I screamed. It was pain. Blood. But after a few trust I felt what heaven is. Playing with my breast while trusting me in missionary position. Arh ah. Yesh. Andy faster. I was enjoying myself. After about 10 mins he flip me over and thrust me in doggie position. In out in out. I cum again during that. The thick dick was making me wild.
He then lay down and ask me to do him cow boy style. With his guidance,I was able to squat on top of him and enjoying myself after a few inexperienced movement on top. I steadied myself and move faster. Ohh yes. Yeah . He sat up and licked my breast. We lock our licks again and I was moving even faster.
Before I can react, he pin me down and we are again in missionary. fuck me more. I screamed. I am now just like a porn star. Enjoy all I could never imagine. Fuck me more more. Holding him tightly I cum again. Waterfall I call that cum as I wet his bedsheets as well. He gave me a good few more thrust and took his dick out stroking in front of my face. Open your mouth. I curiously did and he insert his dick to my mouth. I was still ignorance of what is happening next. I suck him a few times and... blup. He cum. My mouth was full of his cum. Some licked out and were on the bed and my breast. He smiled and say its ok dear. U enjoy dont u. I slutly smiled back and nod my head. Now lick and clean my dick he instruct. I anxiously followed and lick him dry.
We rest for a while and it was not long before I asked him for second time. Not so fast dear. I need to recover. Next time babe. We bath together and he make me cum again in the small bathroom with another good licking oral sex. I cant believed how many times I cum a night. I quickly left his room and joined back the party and looked for kenny.
He was drunk with his friends.
I broke up with kenny shortly as my appetite for sex can never be satisfied by him.
As for Andy. We of course meet up

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FvYoQa Enjoyed every bit of your article post. Really Great.

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You should read what you write. It was a good story but it was also kind of confusing. But overall good story

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