how i made Sophie mine
Before reading this text, you should know two things:
- first, English is not my mothertongue (i hope you will excuse my grammar, some weird sentences and maybe a lack of vocabulary)
- second, the first third of the story is (which is about 6 word pages) about building up the story... you've been warned

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Chapter 1: I cannot wait
Sophie is a sweet young girl of 23 years old. But she is also a married women and the mother of a sweet baby girl. As you expect, her husband and she have financial difficulties, and all the more since the man of the family cannot find a job. As for her, I knew the moment she walk in my office for a job interview that I would hire her. I had never seen such beauty and never have again since I met her. She has a petite figure, an appealing ass, a thin waist and breast almost too large for her, almost. She is a brunette with long hair which fall at the end of her back and a naïve face with stunning green eyes. On a common woman, her legs would be gorgeous but they were not good enough on her compare to the rest of her body, unless when she wore heels – which she did for the interview.
When I hired her as one of the seller in my shop, I had no other thought than treating my eyes, and only my eyes, for a feast. It had been clear during the interview that she was deeply in love with her husband and I did not even had to make a move to know that she was the faithful kind, and I was ok with that.
I realized how tight she was on money because she always brought her lunch to work and never afford to buy a coffee or a drink in one of the stores that was around mine. I surely could have been helping her but there is one thing that I love more than women and it is money. I might appear as a nice guy, which I do not think I am, but I am certainly not a generous man and I have never met someone who thought otherwise. I had treat myself a nice show for my eyes but since she was a little bit clumsy with the customer, I saw no reason force myself to help her more.
Unfortunately for both of us, my lust for her grew stronger each day I was seeing her at work. Within 9 months, I wanted her in my bed. I struggle with this immoral thought, and let it grow stronger. After a year, I knew I would not find any peace of mind until she gives herself to me. This is what I wanted, what I decided. I did not want to share a bed with her, or have sex, or take her. I wanted her to give herself completely to me. It had to be her choice, her only choice. And I would make sure she would lose the little she had if she kept herself from me.
I remember that the night I decided to make her mine, after masturbating furiously for the third time in a row thinking about her, I regained the patience I had lost. Every day at work for the last month had been a constantly battle with myself to not rape her but the day after that night, I was in control because I knew that eventually I would make her do everything I wanted.
As I was thinking on how to reach my goal, a lot of ideas came to my mind, but none of them was a solution for the biggest problem: how to get rid of the husband? I knew I wanted to become in Sophie’s mind the boss who had to take tough decision but support me trough hard time. I knew on the other hand that I will be responsible for the hard time I will help her go through. She will be in my debt, and what was a better way to tackle the issue than in a financial aspect? But in all my scenarios, there was this unknown variable: the husband. He could find a job, or find an answer that would be different than the one I wanted. Worst, he could see through me and this was a hell of a risk. In the end, I decided to let this matter unsettled and tackle step by step my plan.
I began with my first step during a staff reunion on a Monday morning.
“Ladies, I would like to discuss with you of an important matter. I have looked this week end the results of past year and I have realized that this shop loose almost $2,000 a year because of stupid mistake. I’m speaking about putting a wrong price on a product, making a mistake when cashing customers … I think you realize that this is a lot of money. The kind of money that would allow me to recruit one more seller during summer. Or the kind of money that could be part of a productivity bonus at the end of the year – I must say that this idea change the mood in the room. I am truly sorry that some of you make this kind of mistakes and I have been long enough in this business to know that it is consider as normality. I do not anymore. I have decided that I will reimburse myself from your mistakes on your personal payroll. Ladies, please let me finish. I know that this seems harsh but I expect of you to know how to do your job. At least half of the money the shop will earn from this will be redistributed among the two sellers who have done the fewest mistakes during the year.”
Needless to say, this decision encountered strong reactions among my staff. Nobody was happy to know that they would have to pay for their mistakes. But nobody was surprised that I would not tolerate this kind of lost (I am known among them as uncle Scrooge). In the end, they were pretty happy and surprise to know that at least half of the money I will take from them would go back to them (unexpected from someone as me). The week that followed was pretty hard for everyone.
As I said earlier, even though Sophie was a sweet girl, she was clumsy. I knew my decision would have much more impact on her than anyone else in the staff: she was the only one with a child and an unemployed husband, the one who did the most mistakes, the only one who could not leave her job for such a reason (she had no education and I was her first employer: how would she have find another job if she had resign for such a “bad” reason?). That is why she was the only one who did not complain at all. For the month that followed, I spoke about her as the example to follow: she knew she had a few chance to be among the two employees with this new bonus and yet she did not complain because she knew my decision was fair. As she was quiet about her private life, nobody except me realized what the real reason for her silence was.
With time, my decision ended to be accepted by everyone. But I also realized that for the time being, Sophie could not afford to lunch at work anymore. I act as I did not realize it.
My next move has been to decide that the shop will no longer be open from 9:00 to 18:00 but from 8:00 to 20:00. I justify this new decision with a simple reason: I wanted it open on hour during which almost nobody work. These 3 extra work hours changed everything on my staff. I proposed them a new simple system. The best seller of the month will decide first her schedule for the month to come and the worst last. They could choose the schedule they prefer with one condition: working at least two hours in a row. In the end, everybody was happy with this new decision: everybody had what they wanted (shorter weeks or betters working hours)… except from Sophie. She was always worst seller of the month and had nothing to bargain with the other to have better days. She ended up working 6 days a week, from 8:00 to 11:00, 12:30 to 15:30 and 19:00 to 20:00. This means she had to be at work at 7:30 to prepare the opening and would end every day at 20:30 after the closing. Stressful working hours was also responsible for more mistakes and so, less money. Moreover, this kind of day did not allow her to take a second job and was excluding her from her family as she lived at one hour of car drive from the shop.
These two apparently small and objective changes had a tremendous effect. Sophie was exhausted, under stress and, as she confessed to me one day, was facing for the first time problems in her marriage. To paraphrase her: “her marriage was holding on because she was the only one to earn money”. These changes also had a positive impact on my shop. So much that I decided to change it just a little bit: the lights, the colors of the wall, not a big deal. But at the end, I had to close my business for three weeks. Three weeks without salary for my employees. When she heard this, Sophie came to me.
“Boss? I don’t know how to say it but… I have to quit.”
I was so shocked I could not speak for a moment.
“What… why?”
“I am really sorry, but I cannot afford three weeks without salary. I realize how much you did for me and the disappointment I must have been. I really tried my best but I really need the money.”
Not as bad as I was afraid. On the contrary, it is perfect, just what I wanted.
“Look Sophie, I do not want to let you go. Nor you or I will gain anything from this. With the economy crisis, it might take you a while before finding a different job. And I will have to search for someone else and this cost a lot of money. I know you have not done your best lately but if I was really dissatisfied with you, I would not wait for you to resign. I would have fired you, you know that. Can’t we find a solution here?”
“I’m sorry, we can barely keep the head out of water with my salary, my husband and I. I know that we won’t make it a week without my salary. I have to take the risk and search for a new job. I’m sorry.”
She was about to leave, I felt that this situation could turn out to the best or the worst for my plan. I had to play it really well.
“Wait a minute. I mean, your husband did not find any job?”
“No… he… he can’t work.”
“What happened Sophie?”
“I’m sorry, I can’t tell.”
“Look, I can’t help you if I do not know what is happening. So tell me.”
“He got busted for selling drugs and has been assigned to residence for 6 months three weeks ago.”
I could tell she was about to burst I cry.
“I can lend you money for the three weeks to come!”
“You… you do not give money to people.” She was giving me the strangest look ever. Obviously, she was wondering why a cheap man would give money to a girl like her.
“No, no I do not give money to anyone. I lent it. With a preferential rate and a confidential clause. I lend you what you should have earned during these three weeks with a 2.5% rate of interest per week. You take this time off to rest and relax, come back to work, don’t do any mistakes and pay me back little by little every week. What do you think?”
At that moment, I was really hoping that she would not realize how much was 2.5% per week. Even though, she did not really have any choice. She ended up accepting my offer, with her word that she would not talk about it to anyone, especially her husband (“you understand, I do not want to be the cause of any jalousie in your marriage”). I also made her promised that if she needed any more money, she would go to me.
I think this was one of the best day of my life: her husband was trap, she was away from home from 6 in the morning to 10 in the evening, she was owing me money and I would make sure she would never be able to pay me back. I think from this point, I could have waited. But my patience was going to an end, and I wanted to assure the fortunate grip I had earned on Sophie.
During the second week of the renovation of my shop, I went one night to the house of Sophie, well her mobile home actually. I hide myself and waited for the small family to fall asleep. Then, I siphon off half of the petrol from the tank of a car and I slashed one of the wheels. I was expected a call the next day but I never received one.
At last, I prepared my last move for the reopening of the shop. Again, it was during a staff meeting. With the new look of the shop, I wanted also a new look for the staff: heels, black skirt and white shirt. The same evening, Sophie was in my office. Again.
“What do you want Sophie?”
“Boss, I won’t be able to afford the new uniform…”
“How so? You had for three weeks more money than what your are used to, no?”
“It is true, yes. But I had to use most of the remaining money to replace one of the wheels of my car. I do not even have enough money for the week to come.”
I sighed. Think. And decided to lent her more money, with the same rate.
“I would like to ask you one last favor boss…”
“What is it?”
“I am really ashamed to ask you this, but could you please wait a little bit before I reimburse you?”
“What do you mean? Why?”
“My husband borrowed money from the kind of person you do not want to molest and I would really like to pay them back as fast as possible”.
This was an expected turn of event. I agreed to give her the time she needed, warning her that her debt will go bigger each day with the interest rate. It seemed that she did not realized by the time how huge was my rate.
For a week she did not make any mistakes at work. After that, the stress and the fatigue came back. It did not took even one month to see her in my office, crying, begging for more money. Her stupid husband had dealt once more drugs and was now in jail. She had to pay a “rent” for his protection but did not even had enough to pay back the first debt. She was not scared, she was terrified and hopeless. Most of all, she made it very clear that she was ready to do anything to get my help. This was quite a success for me: she was still a faithful woman but ready to take a step aside if necessary. But as I said, I wanted it all: I wanted her to give herself and not let herself get taken.
Eventually, I finished accepting to help her. Without any kind of “retribution”. The hardest time in my life to keep my cool.
“You seem surprise Sophie… why?”
“I didn’t expect you to help me without any king of… retribution.”
“Like sex?”
“Like sex.”
“I would really like to be strong enough, hold to my moral and say to you “no” but I cannot resist to a woman like you… except if it make me feel like I raped her. Unfortunately, this is how I will feel. I don’t know if I will have the strength to reject you another time though.”
I was finally where I wanted to be. I just had to wait for her to give herself.
I paid her debt, which was quite substantial. My plan ended up by costing more than I had expected. It had been two year since I had met Sophie and she was from a baby step to be mine. One week later, she was again in my office.
“Boss, I need my full pay from now on.”
“This is out of the question.”
“With my husband in jail I need every penny.”
“Maybe, but this is not my problem. My problem is to maintain justice of treatment between my employee. And I think I have been kind enough with you. When do you count on paying back your debt?”
“I am sure you can find a personalize treatment to maintain justice between me and my coworkers. I will be eager to suffer any kind of punishment you can think about when I do mistakes. And if I have all my pay, I could begin to pay you back.”
“First of all, I would be happy to find a more personalize way to punish you but as I said, I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to. Second, with that system you will pay me back with my money and you should know that I am not stupid enough for this.”
“Sir, with this system you would not force me to do anything I don’t want to. If it happens that I want to leave, we will just have to go back to the old system.”
“You know what? Let’s do it. But if we do it, you will not have the opportunity to go back to the old system as you say. If you ever want to leave, you will have to resign.”
“In that case, if I can’t go back then you can’t put it in. I know I can endure anything, except maybe for being an unfaithful wife. If I cannot back down, I do not want this kind of guilt. As for you, I’m sure you will find a way to enjoy yourself without this… detail. You may even find a way to make it enjoyable for both of us. Take it or leave it.”
I assumed this girl was stupid but I realized at that moment that she only lacked sense of money. I took the deal.

Chapter 2: the fun begin
Here I was, craving for two years to own the gorgeous Sophie. And when I was about to reach my goal, she proposed me a deal that was exciting me beyond belief. Whenever she would do something wrong in my shop, I could punish her the way I want. This was perfect… well almost. She had put one condition to our deal: “to not put it in”. I decided that I would make her regret this condition. I would be merciless, make sure that she needed to be punished and prove her that my imagination was superior to hers.
The very next day, she made her first mistake under our new agreement. And it was not any mistake. She simply forgot to cash one item from her first customer. At 11:00, as she was ending her first shift, I asked her to meet me in my office.
“Do you have any idea why you are here Sophie?”
“No sir”
I showed her the video of her mistake taken by one of the security camera of the shop.
“This is a mistake even a child would not make. Are you a child Sophie?”
“No sir.”
“But you surely act like one. This is why I think a child punishment fit the situation. Don’t you think? Come on and lay on my laps”
“I wonder if you have the same reaction for every child you punich, boss.” said Sophie, looking at my rock hard crotch.
As she was laying on my laps, I could feel my dick pressing her belly. I put my right hand on her back and gently let it slide to her ass. I have always been a little bit disappointed by every ass I have seen. They usually look incredible in skirt or in pants but are not the same without. When I grabbed a handful of this one, I knew it will be the exception to the rule. Even with the skirt still on, I could feel the softness of the skin and a promise of a firm body. Her breath was now heavier and her body was gently stroking my dick, exciting it even more than it already was. With my left hand, I hold one of her shoulders, to make sure she stayed stable. I whispered: “when this end, you will remember me to correct your insolent mouth”.
And then, I began to spank her. I must confess that this was not the kind of foreplay spanking. It was the kind given by a very angry father. I wanted it to hurt her. I wanted to release two years of sexual frustration in this act. At the seventeenth stroke, my arm was exhausted and I could not feel my hand anymore. She was doing what she could to not scream in pain. I stopped to take my breath and then said, as if I was realizing an obvious fact.
“Am I stupid Sophie! When you spank a child, you do it with a bare ass, isn’t it? What do you think Sophie?”
“Not necessarily boss.” She whispered, crying in silence.
“Well I think it is necessary for very bad children. And you have been a very bad girl.”
Really slowly, I unzipped her skirt, to reveal a not so sexy panty. At least, her ass was really appealing with the marks from my hand.
“So, for every dollar you made me loose, I’ll give you one spank, 24 in total. How much has it been yet?”
“I have no idea… 15?”
“It is not a guessing game Sophie. Let’s start again. This time, count out loud and do not do any mistakes if you don’t want to begin again.”
And so on until, once again, the seventeenth. Her ass cheeks were red. You could even guess de form of my hand on them.
“WAIT! Please wait boss… I can’t take it anymore. Let me rest, please. Just a minute.”
I welcomed that pause. I was out of breath, my arm was tired and I could hardly feel my hand. So, I gave her one minute of rest, rubbing her back gently, as you would do with your crying baby. Then, my caresses went to her ass, in a way you should not do with your crying baby. My hand slipped between her legs and coped her pussy.
“Sweet Holy Mary! You are soaking wet Sophie. You are enjoying this, aren’t you?”
I began to rub her clitoris gently with two of my fingers. All her body language changed. She began to relax before getting tense again. Quickly, she was moaning loudly.
“Oooh… mmh, yes. Yes… YES! I… I… I am cumi…”
Clac! I began once again my spanking, ready to finally end this.
Clac! If she wouldn’t let me “put it in”, I surely would not grant her an orgasm so easily.
“Ni… Nineteen!”
“Oh Sophie! I told you we would begin again if you ever make a mistake. And between seventeen and nineteen, you have eighteen…”
“But boss, there is one I did not count!”
“Yes I know. But if you didn’t count one you should have known it wouldn’t count at all…”
“This is unfair!”
“Unfair? THIS IS UNFAIR? Let me remember you that at the beginning, I just wanted to help you to get through 3 weeks without work. Now, you did not even have begin to pay me back, i had to rescue you and your dealer of a husband from other creditors, I pay you more than you worth and you would not even let me fuck you. And what will happen when you will finally learn to do your job correctly? I would not even have the pleasure to punish you anymore. So, EXCUSE ME if I want to enjoy the most of our little agreement. So please tell me about justice. Pretty please.”
During all my speech, I furiously massaged her clitoris, bringing her once again close to a climax. Once again, I stopped before it happened.
“Now get up. Don’t bother with your skirt, you won’t need it. Oh noooo, my dear, I won’t let you finish yourself. Put your hands behind your back and spread a little your legs. I don’t want anything touching your pussy…”
The view was fabulous. Her pussy was not entirely shaved but really appealing. Her legs were wet from her juice and her ass were perfectly shaped, offering themselves to me thanks to her heels, as red as an apple. She was breathing heavily, half from pain and half from unsatisfied desire. For a minute, I was on my knee, breathing gently on her pussy lips, keeping her as hot as she was a moment ago but without finishing her. I then stand up and grabbed roughly her ass. She made an indescribable noise, between the moan and the scream.
“I am tired of spanking you. And you do not give sufficient attention to this kind of punishment. I will find another way to teach you to not let customer leave without paying for their product by the time you have your lunch break. Meanwhile, you will stand there, without moving an inch, until you resume to work. I want to be sure that you cool off before leaving me and I don’t want you to finish yourself in the toilet.”
I was now behind her, I put my crotch, still in my pants, between her ass cheeks.
“Why do you think I asked the staff to wear a uniform?”
“So that customers will recognize us?”
“Yes, but why heels, a skirt and a shirt?”
“Because… Because you want us to look sexy in a respectable way. You are hurting me boss.”
“I know Sophie. You are right. I want my staff to give a sexy image to everyone. Considering your new position, that concerns also what you wear under your uniform now, do you understand?”
“Yes sir, I think I do.”
“So, next time I see these kind of underwear on you, be prepared to be punished.”
“Was there something else?”
“I… I don’t think so sir.”
“You don’t think so or you are sure?”
“I am sure.”
I went to sit on my office, still hard, and begin to work, letting her, in shirt and heels standing in front of me, waiting 12:30 to go back to work. Even if I had not come, I enjoyed myself more than any time I had sex so far. I worked until 12:30 without saying anything. Before letting her go back to her shift, I said:
“So, to be clear: I still have to punish you for the 24 dollars you lost, I have to rectify your arrogant mouth from when you compared me to a pedophile and I have to make sure you will not forget to remind me what I asked you to in the future. I really hope you will not make any mistake by 15:30, even though I would enjoy it very much. You can go to work now.”
While I was speaking, her face turned almost as red as her bottom. This had been the perfect morning: I had set the rule, showed her who was in control and changed one mistake into three. Most of all, I was sure now that I could punish her any way I wanted. As she was putting back her skirt, I said to her:
“Your husband is a really fortunate man to have a wife as sexy and dirty as you.”
“He doesn’t know this aspect of me sir.”
Wow! This was quite a pleasant shock. I let her go while I was thinking about how I would rectify her misbehavior.

Chapter 3: 15:30
At 15:30, Sophie was in my office, again. I had prepared myself for a visit and I was ready. At first, I wanted to take things slowly, enjoying my new power on my employee and assuring her submission. But after the morning I had with her, I had the feeling that she would be more submissive than I had thought and I could not wait anymore. I had her tell why she was in my office and this time, she had it all right: finishing correcting her for letting one customer go without paying, make sure she would not be arrogant anymore and make her understand that when I would ask her to remind me something, she should not forget anything. But I wanted to play with her mind a little more before satisfying me with her body.
“Is there any more reason for you to be here Sophie?”
“I don’t think so.”
“Well, let me help you to be sure. Have you done anything wrong during your afternoon shift?”
“No. I don’t think so… it’s just that…”
“Well, I’ve done something but I don’t know if it is ok or wrong.”
“You’ve been here long enough to know what it means to do your work right. If you have done something wrong you should tell me but if you haven’t, I am not interested in what you have to say. There is a point in your life where you should know the difference between right or wrong sweety and you should have reached it at your age so take a stance.”
She was at that point facing a dilemma. Maybe I had caught her doing something wrong in which case she should have better confessed to avoid a double punishment (for her behavior and for hiding me things). Maybe I did not know anything – which was the case – and I just wanted to trap her. Would she take the risk of zero punishment or would she preferred the solution with one?
“I just had to make a personal phone call. For my baby son. But it was not more than 5 minutes!”
“You amaze me Sophie. Up until now, I would not have considered this a mistake but obviously I was making a mistake on my own, we both agree on that now. You are so right! At work, you should be working, not taking care of personal matters. You have your own time for that! But, I should be fair and show you my gratitude. Because you made me realize my mistake with your confession I will forgive you this time, but just this time (you should have seen her pretty face when she realized she just had created a new rule for her to follow, priceless). Now, before beginning your first punishment, do you want to take any of your clothes off? Be assured that this is not a tricky question. We will stay in here this afternoon and I am sure you will be able to perform what I will ask you with your clothes on or not. If you want to keep them on, you can always decide otherwise during your little exercise.”
“In that case, I would rather keep my clothes on.”
“As you wish. Please put these on, in your back.”
I had thrown her handcuffs I had bought earlier in a sex shop. Not the sexy kind but more like the one the police have. I was standing up in front of a chair.
“I will begin by correcting your arrogance. For that, I want you to suck me off.”
For a second, she stand still, looking at me. Then she realized I would not help her in her task and that she would have to take my pants off herself. She came to me, presented me her back and tried to grab my pant with her hands. I seized the opportunity to slap almost gently her ass, just to know how sensitive she was after our morning session. She almost fell from pain and surprise. She looked at me and realized that if she wanted to give her ass a rest, she would have to keep it away from me. Once again, she came to me. But this time, she felled on her knees (which is not that easy with a tight skirt that fell slightly above the knees and with heels), she looked me in the eyes, looked at my crotch – still soft, and began to unbutton my pants with her teeth. She was obviously lacking experience and with her hands restrained, she was easily off balance. I could feel her breast softly caressing my jeans and my penis twitched just by this thought.
When she finally managed to unzip my pants, I was already half hard. She had to rub her face against my penis during the process and the sensation of power was a real turn on. By now, only my boxers were in the way. She bit them to pull them down. With its new freedom, my cock got a little bit harder and went straight into her eye. She looked at me, smiled and went directly into eating my balls, both of them. She knew what she was doing.
She sucked at my balls until I was rock hard. Then licked my shaft up to the top, kissed several time the head and finally realized one of my biggest dream. She took the first stroke half of my dick into her mouth and had a way to play with her mouth that was opening the gate of heaven for me. She played with my dick a few minutes before I was at the edge of a tremendous orgasm. Just before reaching the point of no return, I pulled out and asked her:
“Tell me Sophie, are you wet now?”
Her face turned red.
“Yes I am sir.”
“Good, very good. It won’t take long before I came. For this time, I will let you decide if I will came in your mouth or not. No trick this time, you just decide.”
She smiled at me and took my dick in her mouth, but without touching it. I could feel her warm breath on my cock; she then licked the top of it with her mouth and stand up slowly, rubbing all of her body against mine. When her breast barely touched my penis – you have to remember that I was sitting on a chair – I could not control me anymore.
My orgasm hit me with a tremendous force and my sperm reached the top of her chest and her throat. For a minute, I was not able to breathe anymore. During that time, she was standing up, facing me, my semen running slowly between her breasts, marking her white shirt.
When I finally get control of myself again, I said to her:
“Well, you performed very well. Now, I should tell you that I hope you will not be arrogant again but this would be lying to you. Now for the next ones to come, I have come up with a system during your second shift. It was not perfect until you sucked me off but now that I can again think with my head, I think I have figured it off. It’s obvious that my punishments must be kind of fair and you should know what to expect for every mistake you do. Since this morning, I think it’s obvious I will spank you for every dollar you lose and you will be responsible to keep track of what I owe you, so don’t do more mistakes with your counting. For every task I ask you to do but you forget to perform, I will try to find what I will call a “memo”, just a way for you to not forget anymore. For your arrogance, I will humiliate you to remind you that you are beneath me. Is that clear so far?”
“Yes sir.”
“Now, we have our new little rule of taking care of issues not related to work during your shift. We have to find a punishment that fit such a behavior. Since work is not the place to take care of personal matter, I think I will correct you by bringing you a correction in a place that is not fit for you to be punished. For an example, I could punish you in the room you share with your own husband. Can you recapitulate for me?”
“Yes sir. You will humiliate me if I get arrogant. You will spank me for every dollar I lose and I will have to count. You will find a way to remind me what I have to do when I forget something and you will punish me in a odd place when I do something else than working during my shift.”
“Exactly, and two last rules for now: the first one is your right to negotiate. If you ever find one of my punishments too much for you, you can ask for something else.”
“Thank you boss.”
“The second and last rule is that when I tell you to stop negotiating, you have one, and just one, last chance to talk your way out. Are we clear on this one?”
“Perfect. If you ever do something that I did no expect with these rules, we will add one. So tell me now, what do I still have to do to you?”
“You have to spank me 24 time and make sure I won’t forget to tell you what you asked me to.”
“First, let me take those handcuffs off. Now, take off your skirt, put your arms on my desk and wave your butt at me. We will end right now what we started this morning.”
For the second time in my day, I was able to admire the perfect round, fit ass of my employee… as well as her grandma panties.
“Didn’t I tell you this morning that you should not wear these underwear at work anymore Sophie?”
“Yes sir, but it is not like I can create new ones from nothing. I have to go home to change my underwear.”
“For the week to come, you won’t wear any to remind you that rules are absolute and that there is always a way to respect them.”
CLAC! I began to spank her.
“Ouch! One…”
“Are we clear now on your clothes?”
“Yes sir. Huuuu… Two.”
This time, it did not take long for her skin to show some kind of irritation. When I ended, my cock had recovered from her blowjob. Since I had not put my pants on, I was as dressed as Sophie: just the top on. I leaned on her back, my cock pressing against her butt, and whispered in her ears:
“If I remember correctly I still have to punish you for this morning, when you forgot to remind me something. What could I possibly do to you that will remind you not to try to fuck with me?”
Sophie began to sob when she felt the head of my penis pressing her anus.
“Oh please, don’t do that! Please! I… I… It is just that I never… And since… it hurt so much. Oh my god, please don’t. I know I can’t…”
I had finally reached a new critical point in my plan to own Sophie. Up until then, I had helped her and never asked her to do anything she did not want to. It was obvious she had been aroused by everything I did to her that day but I wanted to make sure that she would not follow the rules when she want but always.
“Spread your leg”
I took a step back to look at her. Her legs were perfect in heels and her ass was taunting me. I had to make her ready for me, even more if it was her first time. I coped her pussy with my hand and wet three of my fingers. When I began working my fingers on her ass, she took the first one without any complain. I had to push a little bit roughly to get it in but this was the point, getting her ready for more. At the second finger, I heard her moaning from pain. At the third, she begged once more for me to stop. After more than a minute preparing her for my entry, I freed her from my hand and at her biggest surprise, I went to sit on my chair instead of forcing myself into her.
“You know what Sophie? I’ve never wanted to force you to do anything. You came to me yesterday offering me this new system of management with your own free will. It appears today that it is much more that what you can endure. If you don’t want to go on feel free to go.”
“Thank you sir.”
“But if you pass the door of my office without receiving any kind of punishment, I expect to find your letter of resignation tomorrow. I already grant you your full paycheck whatever you do. I will not consider your well being anymore: if you don’t want to endure your correction, you do not worth to be one of my employees anymore. Now if you decide to stay, be aware that I do not want any bargaining from you on this one.”
We both knew at this time that she still had one last chance to offer me another way to correct herself but we also both new I would not accept anything. In the end, she returned to her position, her hands on my desk and her ass offering itself to me.
“Look, I’ll let you lead the way for the first stroke.” I said, placing myself behind her.
I put the head of my penis on her anus and I waited, my hands holding her hips. I could feel her humiliation of not only letting herself getting fuck in this ass but also because she will fuck me with her ass. The first two tries did not work. For the third one, she changed her position in order to hold onto the desk with one hand and ensure with the other one the success of what she intended to do. She then proved to me the strength of her will: with one long movement I was all in. She did not take it slowly, accommodating herself to the invasion but made it clear she wanted it to end.
For a moment, I did not move but enjoyed the view and the warm feeling of being in her. I then slowly began to fuck her, increasing bit by bit the speed and the strength of my strokes, trying to hold on this moment as long as I could. Strangely, I could feel the behavior of Sophie changing too: at the end, she was moving with my rhythm – I don’t think she realized it though – and her groaning was not only from pain. Do not misunderstand me, she did not enjoyed it… but she showed signs that she will at the end.
When I exploded in her, I thought it would never end and I could feel her ass milking my prick in a reflex.
My mind went blank for a minute and when I regain consciousness, I was sitting in my chair, looking at Sophie who was putting her panties. I looked at the time: she was due to work.
“You should go back to work” I said to her, looking at a stain on her shirt from my semen.
As she was going out of my office, I was not even hiding my smile. I would wait half an hour before following her, just enough time for her to realize her mistake but I knew she would not. I was already seeing myself looking at her shirt; making loudly a remark on if it was necessary to make a rule for everyone to come to work clean. Then, as she would realize what this was really meaning, I would come closer to her and whisper in her ear: “didn’t I tell you no underwear for a week?”
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